now i feel like a derp

Sooo life update for y'all

I got my birth certificate!!!!! Rip dead name, stay dead. I can finally get my passport so I can one day escape this hell hole.

This is like….huge step for me. Like nowhere to I ever again have to appear in documents as male. Tho now my dad is just awkwardly a Sr. with no explanation XD but fuck him lol.

And I should be seeing a surgeon soon to get details about surgery. After feeling really stagnant, I’m finally taking more steps in my transition, coming up on my 4th transiversary in January 😋

Also v excited to visit @septemberfallsaway up the in the great white North, land of maple syrup and stupid fucking Celsius. This next month cannot go fast enough.

Umm….yeah that’s pretty much it. Stand by for pics of the two sets of armor I made for me and my roomie for Halloween! I put entirely too much time into them XD


Meme Taehyung - A Moodboard 

EDIT: A Jungkook edition is now up!


Well now, dating this little shit right here would include:

  • first of all, laughs for days
  • you won’t have a moment to feel sad when you got Ong by your side
  • see what i did there *shoot*
  • he would crack a joke in the most inappropiate moments 
  • and sometimes it would be annoying cause he can’t keep quiet and keeps making derp faces and embarassing you in public
  • but you love him anyway cause he keeps making you smile
  • Like literally all the time 
  • you want him to share something with you? “buy your own yo”
  • “seongwoo it’s just one minute, please give me the mirror a bit”
  • “It’S jUsT oNe MiNuTe, PlEaSe GiVe Me ThE mIrRoR a BiT”
  • but he ends up sharing eveything with you, it’s just that he enjoys teasing you and seeing you flustered so much 
  • but really, your smile is the most precious thing for him 
  • he would like watching you as you get your make-up done and most likely would start commenting on it
  • “i don’t think the shade looks good on your skin” 
  • and you’d be like “are you kidding me seongwoo?! i spent 40 minutes on this” 
  • “i’m just saying, you know, it’s not my fault” 
  • and when you slap him he would give you a backhug and kiss your neck while staring at you both in the mirror
  • “you’re lucky you have a hot boyfriend, babe”
  • “fuck you seongwoo” 
  • “you sure you can handle me?”
  • i feel like he would love showing you off to his friends
  • like “you see her? yeah, she’s mine, that’s my girl.” 
  • pet names would be a common thing and besides the usual “babe”, “honey” he would call you something funny or stupid 
  • like “cupcake”, “honeybunch”, “dumbass”, “muffin-top”
  • you would always bug him about how much time he spends with daniel and how he should just date daniel instead of you
  • “well maybe i should, daniel honey here i come” 
  • and then he would start coming back into the room dramatically 
  • “what is that? did I hear someone call for a handsome prince?”
  • and a tickle/pillow fight would emerge and you would end up on the floor with him pinning you down while smirking 
  • he would kiss the tip of your nose before forcing you to say he is the most handsome guy you ever met 
  • and you will spend half the day on the floor cause you wouldn’t admit it and he needs to hear it from you 
  • fights wouldn’t happen often and they are short-lived all the time
  • but sometimes you would get insecure since he is so handsome and so many girls are trying to flirt with him 
  • and he sees it immediately and calms you down
  • “babe, I am jinjja, daebak, real, heol, wanjon in love with you”
  • and you would laugh cause gosh he’s so amazing 
  • always holds you close with one hand resting on your waist and giving glares to anyone who dares to give you a second-look
  • he would be really well-mannered when meeting your family 
  • complimenting everyone so they are all just “aww, such a handsome young man with such good manners”
  • but then he would just do a dumb shit in the middle like
  • you asking “daddy can i get the salt?” 
  • and he also reaches for it as everyone stares at him 
  • “oh… i thought she said darling, my bad” 
  • so he laughs it off cutely and no one suspects a thing
  • but under the table he probably has his hand on your thigh and is creeping up higher and higher 
  • until he finally reaches your core and decides to tease you by massaging it quite a bit 
  • while he maintains eye-contact with you and tells your mother how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you 
  • and then he would do that stupid move of dropping his fork under the table just so he can give a quick kiss inside your thighs
  • “oh this little thing, it fell so far away. maybe Y/N can show me where the kitchen is to get a new one?” 
  • and when you get to the kitchen he would kiss you hungrily while finger-fucking you just to give you a taste of what you will get tonight 
  • I think  he has some experience + rather high stamina since he dances
  • i honestly think he would be one of the best at oral
  • lots of tongue work and wet kisses all over your private area and thighs
  • loves hearing your moans and you putting your hands into his hair pushing him against you 
  • would be a tease even in bed; kissing and licking you anywhere and everywhere but on your sweet spot 
  •  usually dominant but with a shade of laziness here and there  
  • would like it if you took charge from time to time and just try to dominate him
  • he would smirk from undearneath you while you kissed his neck and chest
  • “you look so sexy like that, babe” 
  • would love it if you ride him as he gets to grip your hips and chest
  • i think his favorite positions would be: you on top, reverse cow-girl, face to face and missionary 
  • he wants to be able to hold you, kiss you and basically just feel you next to him
  • a vocal one in bed, especially when receiving 
  • so expect dirty talking, moans, your name being called as well as your pet names alongside stuff like:
  • “god you’re so tight”
  • “my princess is so wet already” 
  • “oh my god, you’re making me crazy Y/N” 
  • i think he would be into light bdsm and leather 
  • also would like it if you got all dolled up for him with red lace lingerie and garter stockings even though the clothes would be on the floor in less than a minute
  • it would make him go crazy seeing you like that

Damen is like… 2 seconds away from getting punched in the face.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AU BECAUSE IT’S PERFECT. Except I guess Damen is more like Gaston rather than Belle lmao. Shows up to a the castle to slay the beast, but didn’t expect the beast to start talking (or be wearing clothes tbh). Meanwhile, Nicaise and Co. (who have been turned into various furniture/objects) are like LAURENT THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BREAK THE CURSE GO WOO THIS MAN.

I was gonna write fic of this, but I am le laze.

So I’ve been having this idea of trying to do my own “Season 2″ for tftbl. First attempt at a new design for Yvette. (Her anatomy is kinda weird here, derp.) I’ve already drawn Aug’s new outfit a few times by now so that’s not really new. And then just trying to practice Sasha and Vaughn (and not using very good refs).

The plan was to have Sasha and Vaughn as the protags, but I feel like I’m also gonna be making Aug a protag too. >.> And Yvette’s gonna be with them so its like the new 4.


Talking with @keybaes, I mentioned I liked the idea of a Dark Elf Riku, which sort of went into discussions of a fantasy AU where he’s a Drow and Lea is a Tiefling/Demon. 

These are somewhat rushed and in the end I don’t think they look much like themselves =u=¿ but it was fun to draw and explore AU possibilities for them ^^

  • Jimin: (sings)
  • Me: damn...!!
  • Jimin: (dances)
  • Me: omg stop!! Look you're stressing me out
  • Jimin: (breaths)

-What is up my Cranky Crew? It’s Ethan from CrankGameplays, and today I’m here with my brother!

~Hey guys! I’m BubblegumPlays.

-And we’re playing Portal 2 together!

More cranky twins! I did something a little different with this one, too; a friend of mine and I played co-op together, and I just recorded, hoping some ridiculous antics would come out of it. We managed to deliver. I had to completely redo these after Photoshop crashed and didn’t bother to try and restore anything, though >:(

I also threw a couple of my growing headcanons into this, mostly dialogue wise (in YouTube caption-esque format, click the pics to see ‘em!), ‘cause the more I work with these edits, the more ideas I get. I’ve decided to name the bubblegum boy Alex, ‘cause for some reason, I feel like the name works, and his fictional channel is bubblegumplays.

Tagging @markired and @derp—-ekho-did-a-derp ‘cause they both like these ^^ (seriously, thank you for enjoying my edits! I wouldn’t have kept doing them otherwise)

Got7 Reaction: Trapped in an elevator with their crush

Hello! I recently found your blog and I really love it so far~ Therefore I’d like to ask for a reaction: Could you write a Got7 reaction when they are trapped in an elevator with their crush and they have no signal? (It would be awesome if you would do it)

Hellooo~ Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it :) P.S. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE WOW I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH <3 


Originally posted by j-miki

I feel as if Jinyoung would be slightly panicked in the situation. I mean really who wouldn’t be whenever you are stuck in such a small place without any way to get help? But, I feel like since his crush was there, he would try to maintain is calm aura and ask you if you were okay, keeping small chatter as a positive in a “poor” situation (really lowkey happy it is you with him).


Originally posted by imjaebumisdaddyasfuck

I was really torn between him having a sweet reaction or him having a derpy-meme reaction because honestly he’s a bit of a meme, but I decided that in this type of situation he may start off as awkward-derp-meme thing and end up becoming super bashful and sweet. So, for JB, I think he would end up doing a similar reaction to this gif. He would look at you upon realization of the situation and sort of just give this cute chuckle, “Well… looks like we’re stuck for now.”


Originally posted by ithadtobeyouforever

I feel like Youngjae would be hardcore fangirling (boying? I consider it all fangirling, sorry) on the inside which would make him just do an awkward laugh and possibly embarrass himself in the situation. Probably tries to keep a conversation but flips out whenever the elevator randomly starts moving again, convinced that the elevator was dropping to their death. 


Originally posted by memeslutbutt

CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW ATTRACTIVE HE IS HERE GOOD LORD YOU ARE NOT EVEN MY BIAS GOODBYE JACKSON Anyways, Jackson would probably be stunned and just do that cute obnoxious laugh of his before making light of the situation by flirting his life away with his crush.


Originally posted by blueberryhouse

Mark would probably be the most calm in this type of situation, in my opinion at least. He’d probably just say something sort of like, “don’t worry, someone will realize and get it fixed. Wanna play games or tell jokes til then?” and like after like an hour or two of being stuck with his crush, he may just break down and ask them on a date but blowing it off as “a celebration” that they lived. I don’t know sorry I am blank on Mark rn 


Originally posted by jongdabae

If you are confused as to why this gif, you will soon understand why. Pretty sure this kid would switch from his cute, sassy maknae self to a more sensual, flirty maknae type upon realizing what type of situation they were in. I mean, it IS basically life and death, or at least it seems like it. This cutie would just flirt until they were saved and then become bashful again, a bit red, and probably hiding away from his crush for the rest of the day. 


Originally posted by tanjhent

Again, I was torn to pieces trying to decide what route to take because BamBam is literally so extra *but all of them are so idk why that’s an excuse*. Anyways, I feel like he would probably realize it was his chance to actually make a move on his crush while they were all alone and stuck together for who knows how long. So, he would get that sly little smirk-y thing he’s doing in the gif with a laugh and start making his moves. 

(I do not own any of the gifs; credits to the original owner/s) 

92. “You’re so clingy, I love it” (Jungkook x Reader)

Genre: fluff
Word count: 1095
A/N: To the anon that requested this, forgive me for taking so long! School is such a bitch sometimes~ Enjoy babes, I love me some feedback  :D

In one of the rare mornings Jungkook didn’t have to compete the Sun in rising, they had an opportunity to wake up together. Quite a lot, actually, she has thought that the cold side of the bed her fingers reach in the morning was destined to be banished.

It was a delight when it was.

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chipplington  asked:

Uhhhh I like the way you draw. A lot. Aaaand I hope you have a good day. Nothing else for me to talk about. Well. I like your art. A lotto. So. ❤️❤️❤️ have a great day.

Awwwww thank you so muchhh ARGH ;v; i feel really fucking bad i don’t upload so much anymore now..

You have a wonderful day as well ^-^! 

WoW RP peeps... care to help?

So.. I feel like such a derp even asking. But I have been really interested in the in-game rp aspect of wow.. for years now. Unfortunately my anxiety and fear of making silly beginner mistakes and getting my pixel ass reamed has kept me away from even trying. I have been writing post by post paragraph rp since 2003ish and rp is something I am very passionate about

Long story short.. I miss wow. I really really miss my wow babies and I would love to make some new rp friends. Would any one be willing to give me like a faq breakdown on what and what not to do and recommend some addons that could be useful?

Please and thank you in advance :p

OMFG. Imagine this.
The Derp Crew-
elemental/superpowers au.
Tom’s creates electricity and heat.
Smarty can feel emotions/manipulate them.
GaLm is Smarty with animals.
Chilled is ice and cold (duh!).
And Ze is nature and greenery.
Wouldn’t it be PERFECT!

the little cute everyday headcannons are limitless.

-they’ve lost all their chargers cause Tom just charges all their stuff so if someone comes over and asks for a charger they freak out
-I wonder why Ze loves ice skating?
-aaaaaaand… Chilled still uses the wall. He is teased relentlessly by his fellow derps for it
-Tom loves playing pranks by (lightly) putting electricity on their stuff so when they touch it it shocks them and they hate him SO MUCH for it
-the original Bolshevik (the tdc household cat) loved to attack members of the house by jumping on their laps and their keyboards while they’re playing and every time, GaLm knows it’s gonna happen but he never says anything, he just gets this look and if you spot the “look” you have maybe a second before the cat gets you

and my brain also came up with some pretty nsfw ones, I’m surprised. exquest you are such a bad influence (but i love it anyways keep going). I’m multishipping trash (cough cough exquest again) so there’s a random assortment of pairings down there, including polyderps because fuck yeah polyderps.

-while tom is more gentle and loving in bed with Smarty sometimes if he’s in the mood he’ll shock him (lightly, he did like ten hours of research to surprise his boyfriend safely) and Smarty will come in like two seconds
-the shocking leaves little marks that John adores
-one time the boys planned a surprise for Smarty, they tricked him into opening his mind to their feelings (he has to close it out it gets overwhelming) and they all were so dirty and horny that he literally was feeling the lust of five people at once no one blames him for coming in his pants right there
-Ze once lost control of his powers in bed and the plants in the room grew a foot. To this day no one has let him forget it or keep plants in the bedroom
-when chilled and tom fuck if it gets really intense the combo will produce steam and they’ve set off the smoke detector three times like this.

I’m in the middle of writing an elemental au fic, and I love this idea SO MUCH. if y’all like this HC thing I might (I mean I probably will anyways but it would be nice if you liked it) do another, but that’s it for now!
And feel free to send me all of the HCs you have for this (or just TDC in general). We must fangirl over this incredibly cute idea together

//Because Hiro needs love and attention and tiny albino cuddles. He has that silicone skin covering on his mech arm because I FUCKING HATE TECH DOODLES.

Have some Hiro and Tanaka. Hiro belongs to @okamiinii. Tanaka’s mine.

Don’t repost or reuse. Feel free to like and reblog, though. It makes my heart happy since I’m experimenting with styles right now and really want to know if this is any good or not.

Ze is Chilled’s Wife

Chilled: I thought this was what you wanted, Ze

Ze: Well, I thought you would fly that one guy into everyone else or something…

Chilled: No, no, I thought this was what you wanted from me. I try to provide for you, but you don’t feel like you want…

Ze: *mocking him with a laugh* I try and provide…What am I, your wife?

Chilled: Maybe? I don’t know

Chilled: You do clear up sometimes. You did pack my luggage for me when I was sick, which was really nice.

Ze: I..did that man! *realization*

Chilled: I was fucking throwing up, man!

Ze: Now, I don’t think I touched any undies… 

Their expressions though

Ze’s Video and Chilled’s Video

My First LARP

Since starting this blog I’ve been getting at least one ask a fortnight from people who want to start LARPing and aren’t quite sure how, or people that feel too inadequate to even give it a go. My advice is always, of course, that LARPing can be for anyone, and everyone has to start somewhere. If you don’t know where to start, obviously finding your local LARP is the first step. A quick google search will surely lead you somewhere, has a fairly decent database, and most LARP groups will have some form of online presence, i.e. a Facebook page. If social interactions give you anxiety (I totally understand this) you can introduce yourself from the safety of your keyboard before committing to trying-not-to-feel-like-a-derp irl.

So you’re off to your first event and you’re still scared as hell? Take a friend! There has to be someone, somewhere in your life that will act as your social backup and go along with you, even if you owe them 10 favours after. I dragged my friend Natalie ( along for support and now she loves it as much as I do. Of course there were times in the first 2 months when I went by myself and hid behind my phone (would not recommend as I know it hindered my making friends quicker), but having the courage to just say ‘Hi, I’m new. What’s up?’ to a stranger can go a long way. Your conversations will include, but are not limited to ‘how long have you been LARPing?’, ‘what’s your character like?’, ‘tell me about your armour/weapons/fighting style?’ and ‘what do you do outside of LARP?’. Most of the time people will be more than happy to talk about how much effort they put into their craft. You’ll be making friends in no time.

Now you’re stuck for what to wear and you think you’ll look silly. Would you like to know where I started? It looked something like this:

And to be honest it took me a little while before it started getting any better. The next level of kit was basically all from thrift shops and the tabard I made after that was incredibly basic and embarrassingly the complete wrong colour. A couple of bodged sewing attempts later, some bracers (not pictured), a few pieces of cheap chain and a borrowed leather chest piece and I started looking a little more on point. (This photo was taken a good 9 months after I started attending Swordcraft.) 

When it comes to sewing your own costumes, I recommend starting basic, having patience and remembering that practice make… er… good enough. Your character will always be evolving, your skills improving and your tastes changing. I started out with a ‘I want to be a female Faramir!’ mindset, and well, you know where I’m at now. There are tons of online tutorials and free patterns available to download. A simple tabard, a belt and a cloak can go a looong way. 

You want to start buying stuff? Before you make any monetary commitments, please, please, please try out as many different kinds of weapons as you can first. LAPRing can be kind of an addiction and loads of people will own more than one weapon or spare pieces of armour they will most likely let you borrow or try out. I’m telling you right now, and all of my friends can back me up, LARPing can be extremely expensive if you let it be. On the flip side, my brother-in-law has been LARPing for 6 months without spending a single dollar on weaponry. My warband has more than enough spare equipment to use that he doesn’t have to buy his own. My first (brand new) LARP purchase was the Calimacil Magnus II, about 3 months into starting Swordcraft, and two years on she’s still going as strong as ever. 

Eventually the people that you LARP with will become your friends, and sometimes even your family. I’m not saying I’m a LARPing expert in any way at all, but I do love it more than almost anything. The best advice I could possibly give you is to just give it a go - you never know the amazing places it could lead you. Try not to worry too much about looking stupid, or about what other people might think of you. Just be nice, stay a bit humble (aka don’t be a dick head) and remember that it’s a game, and games are meant to be fun. Good luck guys! And maybe see ya on the battlefield some time. x


I’ve been watching far more gintama than is healthy lately which is weird since i almost never watch anime. But i like this one a lot and it’s rare that i fall in love with all the main ensemble of a show equally but wow all the yorozuya feels ;;

+bonus shinpachi being a badass bc i have a gigantic soft spot for overlooked average derps with good hearts and unexpected sword skills he reminds me a lot of rory williams actually