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im so here for a pokemon au omg what pokemon types do u think each paladin would use??

Oh man, haha I feel like this is going to get pretty long.  But I definitely see all of them having a type of Pokemon they prefer, but ultimately having a fairly balanced team.


  • His starter was a Torchic, which has since evolved into a Combusken. (Lance used to make fun of how small and cute Keith’s Torchic was before it evolved).  Keith and his Combusken spar together every morning.
  •  His second Pokemon was a Ponyta, which followed him home one day and he couldn’t bear to shoo her off.  Keith absolutely spoils her - when she eventually evolves they go running for the sake of running together.
  • The first Pokemon he ever caught was his Scyther - she’ll never evolve into a Scizor because Keith refuses to give her away/trade her, even knowing he would get her back
  • Keith hatched his Honedge from an egg that he’s had since he was a kid - Keith has a very strong attachment to his Honedge since he’s one of the only clues he has about his mother.
  • When Keith lived out in the desert, he caught a Trapinch, which has since evolved into a Vibrava.  They often sunbathe together.


  • Lance’s starter was a Totodile, who is a total ham.  While Lance loves his Totodile as he is, Lance was frustrated that Keith’s starter evolved before his did.  Totodile is totally Lance’s wingman when he tries to pick people up.
  • Lance’s second Pokemon is a Milotic.  When he was a Feebas, Lance absolutely pampered him with little regard to other people’s comments on his Feebas’s appearance.  It’s little wonder that Milotic evolved so quickly.
  • He also has a Rufflet.  Much like Lance, it takes a while for him to mature, but he’s extremely loyal, if prone to picking fights with Pokemon much larger than himself.
  • Lance was initially terrified of his Caterpie as much as he vehemently denies it, but he quickly grew on Lance to the point that Lance soon let his Caterpie ride on his shoulder everywhere.  With careful nurturing (Lance was very afraid of his smallest Pokemon getting seriously injured), his Caterpie has grown into a beautiful Butterfree.
  • Finally, Lance’s last team member is a Vulpix - he received her in a trade with a stranger, and both he and Allura coo over how adorable she is.  She’s very young and not yet ready to battle, but she’s a very enthusiastic learner as Lance trains her.


  • Shiro is the only one with a fully evolved starter - in his case, his first pokemon is a Typhlosion.  Despite his intimidating appearance, Shiro’s Typhlosion is very motherly and nurturing towards Shiro and the rest of the crew.
  • Shiro also has a Gengar, which he returned with after his disappearance.  It loves to play pranks, particularly on anyone who messes with its trainer. 
  • Shiro also has a Mimikyu - while it freaked everyone else out at first, Shiro immediately befriended it without hesitation, even going so far as to help it fix up its disguise (nobody had the heart to tell either of them that Shiro’s lack of artistic skills was evident)
  • His Metagross is the most serious of his Pokemon and seems to be constantly stressed out by everyone.  It definitely loves Shiro and the structure and patience he provides.
  • Lastly, Shiro’s Salamence is an absolute terror - he constantly seeks affection and doesn’t seem to notice how much larger he is than everyone else and is constantly knocking things over with his enthusiastic tail sweeps.


  • Hunk’s first pokemon was a Bulbasaur, and is almost always out of his pokeball. Bulbasaur often helps out Hunk, using his vines to reach things Hunk needs, and is very protective of his trainer.
  • Hunk’s second Pokemon is a Munchlax, which wandered into their camp when Hunk was cooking and befriended Hunk after being fed.  
  • Hunk’s Onix is large, but gentle.  While she doesn’t get to come out of her pokeball very often, she always enjoys cuddling with her trainer and his friends.
  • Hunk’s Teddiursa is definitely the most aggressive of his pokemon, and is fiercely jealous of anyone who spends time with his trainer - Lance has been the recipient of quite a few scratches .
  • Hunk’s Lairon is the most friendly of his pokemon, and is always herding the younger ones around.  


  • Pidge’s starter was a Rowlet, which loves to perch on Pidge’s shoulder as she works.
  • She has a Joltik, which might as well not have a pokeball for all the time it spends in it.  Her Joltik loves to help, and often will often scurry into little nooks and crannies that even Pidge’s hands can’t fit in as needed.
  • Pidge has had an Eevee since she was very little, like the rest of her family.  Her Eevee hasn’t evolved yet, but eventually will turn into a Leafeon.
  • Like Pidge, her Sableye has an eye for shiny things, and even helps Pidge find parts for her inventions.
  • Pidge’s Rotom is constantly inhabiting Pidge’s new inventions and tends to hover around her while she works. 
  • Lastly, Pidge has an Shieldon, which like Pidge is small, but very tough.  He’s constantly trying to prove it by head-butting the other Pokemon and picking fights.

FEifらくがき16 | Moto

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How about child gajeel D7

I tried to change the style a little so now it looks more like a pre-teen than a child. Oh well.


my only question is: are Metalicana’s scales edible??

s i l l a g e | pt. one

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 5,366 words.

Warnings: Some filthy smut.




the scent that lingers in the air, the trail left in the water, the impression made in space after something or somebody has been and gone.

When the term soulmate comes to mind, it is often associated with the general ideas of romance, of fairytales and happily ever afters. It is blended with a scene of two inevitable lovers seeing each other for the first time across the room, maybe at a library basked in the warmth of a fireplace, or a cafe with an atmosphere tainted by the strong aroma of grounded coffee beans. They lock eyes, one smiles and raises an eyebrow in a silent hello, interacting without voice, just the smallest of gestures and expressions. Then, one lifts their hand, not in a wave, but rather to lay it softly on their own forearm where they ever so gently squeeze the muscle – and suddenly, across the expanse of distance that separates them, they are connected by the sensation of the touch blossoming over the same area of muscle on the other being, who remains with their hands unmoving in their lap, as if it were of their own doing.

All at once, their two separate worlds come together, the sun and moon align, the flowers over in the cracked vase bloom, once wilted petals flourishing, and the birds dancing across the windowsill start to sing in melodious harmony. They are connected, the two strangers, in pain and pleasure, they are one – experiencing the sillage, the impression made in space after something or someone has been and gone, but through the physical sensations that grace their body. Soulmates.

So when she meets him, bloodstream laced with the intoxication that only vodka can provide, ordering the largest bowl of miso at two in the morning from Sumo, the local ramen shop that is a hotspot for clubbers after a heavy night of consuming too much liquor – the last word that comes to mind when she stares into his glazed over, drunken eyes is soulmate.

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i feel like it’s been too long since i’ve had a happy work story so here’s one

we have a border collie who comes in during the week now and he’s the absolute cutest. apparently he doesn’t usually warm up to other people but he loves all of us that work there and literally launches himself at us every morning

tl;dr i start most of my days with flying hugs from a border collie and it Heals me

Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesn’t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesight—he can see like twenty blocks away—or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesn’t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesn’t understand why this year it has to be different.

“Is your mom a veterinarian,” Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghao’s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table “It’s vegetarian.

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Ravi – Chained Up (The Show)

Blood Relations Part 11

Originally posted by got7kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 - Extra, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

Α/Ν: Next part everyone!! It’s a little late, and probably the last time I’ll update in a while, cause of exams. If I find the time to write I will update, so please wait patiently!!! thank you and sorry!! Enjoy!

Words: 5133

Pairing: Jaebum/Reader

Summary: after last night you decided to stop hiding things from your friends…

Previous Part: Part 10 extra

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SHIPS + Aesthetic: Fitzskimmons (for eclectictsunami)


eat the basil q u i c k l y

Who’s up for hcs of matsuhanaiwaoi as babies?


  • Out of all of the four, he was the one that cried the most
  • There is at least one album filled with hundreds of pictures of him wearing cute outfits
  • Hajime is with him wearing matching outfits in like more than half of them
  • Every time he went to the beach he’d start crying because he absolutely hated the sand and sea water
  • He always played with his older sister and would cry his eyes out if she left to go to school or go out with her friends


  • He was seen either pouting, smiling, laughing or crying his little heart out
  • Hajime was tied for the biggest crybaby with Tooru for a while
  • His mom took so many pictures of him and Tooru playing, eating and taking naps together
  • He cried a lot when he was a baby, and he finally stopped when he turned 4. He stopped outright crying as he got older but he’d still shed a few tears. He actually cried for the first time in years when Seijou lost to Karasuno
  • He caught his first bug when he was two. It was a butterfly, which was cute until he started catching gross bugs like beetles, cockroaches and spiders. Showing them to his parents wouldn’t end well, but they don’t tell him to stop
  • When he first showed one of the gross bugs to Tooru he started crying. It scared the bug away and Hajime started bawling because his cute pet bug was gone forever


  • Chubby cheeks, chubby cheeks everywhere
  • His mom has at least five framed pictures of him sleeping on his face, cheeks squished and drooling
  • He looks like an angel when he sleeps, but he’s loud and probably screams when he’s awake
  • He was a happy kid but he cried sometimes, and he had so much energy that his parents found it a challenge to put him down for a nap
  • He was constantly falling down and getting injured, poor boy
  • Every time a relative came by to visit they’d coo over his cute cheeks


  • Cute chubby baby. He cried the least of them all
  • This boy ate with his face
  • He was the least fussy out of all of them. He didn’t care what he’d eat, as long as it was edible
  • He even started chewing on his toys when he was either hungry or teething, his parents had to get him a new stuffed bear when he ate some of the stuffing from the last one
  • Most of his pictures are of him eating, and he looks like a cute little hamster with his cheeks stuffed full of food
  • Too bad his stomach was too tiny to take in a lot of food, he’d throw it all up and cry afterwards. That’s like the only thing he cries about
  • When he goes out to a park or the beach he is found eating the grass or sand
  • He didn’t make too many noise as a baby and he didn’t say his first word until he turned 3

gifs of sooyoung smiling

With A Side Of Company- Cisco Ramon x Reader

Prompt: The reader is sick at home and Cisco swings by to take care of her.

Words: 1185

Warnings: Reader takes pills (for her cold) 

A/N: I love writing Cisco, he is so beautiful. Happy Readings! 

Y/n’s POV

I wrap the soft blanket around myself and lay down comfortably in my couch. I placed my computer on my lap and log into my Netflix account to watch season 2 of Daredevil. I called Caitlin this morning and told her about my cold and she insisted I stayed at home till I got better.

I heard a faint knock on my door and contemplated on whether I should open it or not.

The knocking got louder and louder so I pause the episode and get up to open the door. I swung the door open ready to lecture whoever it was on how it was rude to continue knocking but my heart skipped a beat when I saw who it was.

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33. Your name’s Harry, silly

Previous one shots || It’s just a number || Wattpad

~Writing in 3rd person POV is hard… I apologise if I left ‘my/mine/me/I’ somewhere on accident.~

“Is mummy home yet?” – asked Maya, their 5 five-year-old, rubbing her eye in attempt to wake up, her bunny tagging along, being held with her other arm.

“Mum’s coming back Sunday morning, love.”

“I thought today is Sunday!”

“Oh, no, it’s Saturday, Maya.”

He scooped her up before showering her with kisses. Harry knew she was missing Y/N and that these last few days were hard on her. This is her first time being away from the children for more than a day so she isn’t taking it too well either. But work is work and sometimes some trips have to be made. She was contemplating passing the role to someone else but Harry made sure to convince her not to. She’s worked hard and deserves the spot. These last 3 days he’s seen how hard it is to look after both of them alone and he’s never admired his wife more. She’s stayed alone with them many times while he’d been recording or touring.

“One more day, riiight?”  - she asked, burring her head into Harry’s shoulder, clutching her stuffed toy.

“Yes, tomorrow when you wake up, mummy’s going to be here.”

“I miss her, daddy.”

Harry sat down on the kitchen chair, placing her softly onto his lap. He moved her hair off of her face, whipping her tears away as well. Her small, pink lips were pouted and her eyes red and glossy. Seeing her like that was breaking his heart.

“You know what we’re going to do? We’ll call mummy after you’ve had your breakfast if she doesn’t beat us to it.”


“Don’t we talk to her every day?”

“That’s true.”

“No more crying, okay, sweetie?”

“No more,” she sniffled.

He kissed her forehead before taking her upstairs to change form her pyjamas. She told him how she can wash her face on her own which she did manage. Her attempts in reaching the towel made Harry laugh. She was so stubborn and cute, standing up on her tippy toes, then jumping a little once she realised she can’t reach it but she wasn’t giving up. She even pretended to be mad at Harry for a few minutes because he helped her take it. Then she insisted on brushing her hair all alone because she was a big girl. That hadn’t lasted long ‘cause she got her brush stuck in her hair.

“Want some help?”

“I can’t move it, is it stucked?”

“It’s not stucked baby, it’s stuck. And yes, looks like it. Let me try to get it out of there.”

Harry brushed her hair and then put it in a small bun so she isn’t hot, a few strands that are shorter than others falling out.

“Now that you’re all done let’s go and eat breakfast, alright?”

“Are there any poppy seed rolls from last night?”

“You really like those ha?”

“They’re so yummy!” – she exclaimed, rubbing her tummy.

“I think there are some left, let’s go and check.”

She ran down the stairs straight to the kitchen cabinet waiting for Harry to open the small basket where the poppy seed pastries were placed last night. Thankfully, there were some left because Harry couldn’t run to the bakery: his other little one was still sleeping.

“Xenia usually doesn’t sleep this long. Whenever I am sleeping she wakes up really early and starts crying and then I can’t sleep anymore, and you know, daddy, sometimes I dream I have wings or that I’m with the Power rangers, and I’m the red one, but because she wakes me up I can’t continue those dreams even though I really, really want to. So sometimes I’m mad at her. I should wake her up now, because she does it to me all the time, but I’m a good sister. It’s hard being older, daddy. You have responsibilities, I have to tell her stories and rub her nose and then she’ll giggle, but I can’t do it all the time so she starts crying again, she doesn’t think of me… maybe I want to watch a cartoon but I understand because she’s very little and how long do I have to wait before she says my name?” - she ranted on, emphasising the I’s and me’s. 

“You really can talk, Maya. She doesn’t wake you up in purpose, she’s a baby. And today you woke up a lot earlier than you usually do, it wasn’t even eight. I’m surprised.”

“Well, I like sleeping, dreams are fun. You can fly there, daddy.”

“Flying is amusing, isn’t it? Now eat your rolls, here I wormed them up.”

Once Maya dug into her plate of deliciousness Xenia’s cries were heard. Harry made sure Maya will be fine on her own before running up the stairs to his younger daughter.

“Good morning, princess,” he cooed as he picked her up. “No, no crying. Daddy’s here, love.” He started rocking her slowly and in a matter of minutes she has calmed down. He slowly placed her onto the changing table, and squatted down to reach the nappies from the drawer along with the wet wipes and baby powder.

“Hey, hey I haven’t gone anywhere. Shhh, we have to change the stinky nappy.”

He slowly took her small PJs off and then changed her and cleaned her up. When he was about to place her on the floor so they can slowly walk to the kitchen she protested, pulling onto his leg.

“Someone’s not so happy they woke up,” he said lifting her and placing her on his hip before going down. Xenia smiled once she saw Maya sitting downstairs, moving her hands towards her sister as to show Harry she was there.

“Yes, say hi to Maya, baby.” Xenia mumbled something which caused Maya to giggle.

“Hi to you too, silly.” - she giggled.

Harry sat Xenia in her chair, securing her. He then put her Bebelak to heat up. She  must be hungry. Once he turned around he found Maya trying to feed her with the rolls.

“No, no, Maya. She can’t eat that.”

“But poppy seed is small, see?”

“She’s too young to have that still, love. She has her milk and grounded biscuits for now. Speaking of milk, do you want some in your tea?”

“I already put it in on my own.”

“I told you not to move until I bring her down, Maya. How did you reach it?”

“I climbed on that chair.”

“Next time you wait for me, okay?”


“What did you do?”

“I spilled some on the carpet. I’m sorry; I’ll help you clean it up.”

“No you won’t, I’ll take care of that later, I have to feed Xenia. Just next time call me okay? You could’ve fallen and hurt yourself.”

“I’m sorry,” she said looking down at her plate.

“It’s fine now, come on, eat your breakfast. You need energy.”

“I’m full.”

“What? You haven’t eat anything, come on love.”

“Let’s call mum now, I’ve finished.”

“Babe, your plate’s still fool… Eat some more and we’ll call mum.”


While having a hard time feeding a giggling Xenia, Maya impatiently awaited to call her mum.

“Come on, Xenia, open your mouth baby. I know you like this, say ‘ah’… see, tasty, right? You had better eat it before I take it. Um, Maya, come answer the phone, it’s probably mum, and my hands are sticky.”


As Harry continued to feed his baby, Maya talked to her mum, telling her everything they’ve been doing since she was away. Even though she calls her every day she has something to tell her, always remembering some small details she forgot to mention before. Harry only had a chance to talk to her for three minutes or so before she had to go to a meeting but he hadn’t forgotten to mention their phone sex from last night, telling her he loved her and how they all missed her.

“Daddy, what’s phone es- e - ex?”

“Eavesdropping isn’t polite hun. And it’s some term used in economy, it’s a boring thing.”

“Why did you use that last night?”

“How much did you hear?”

“That you had that last night, you just said it on the phone! Tell me, I’m not little!”

“I was paying bills online, so I called your mum for the code, and that…procedure had to be done. Now, pass me the wipes, I need to clean your sister.”

I placed Xenia down, as she took a few steps towards the corner of the living room in which their toys were placed she fell, giving up on walking and deciding to crawl around.

“What shall we do, dad?”

“Want to watch a cartoon?”

“No, I wanna play!”

“Play what? Don’t get angry? Monopoly?”

“I was thinking hide and seek…”

“Hunny, Xenia’s too small to hide on her own.”

“But I could hide and you two could look for me.”

“Do you wanna play?” – Harry said in a baby voice to his small one, scooping her up in his arms.

“We’ll count ‘til ten, M.”

He turned around and waited for her to hide assuming she’ll hide behind the big armchair in the corner as she did when she was smaller. This has always been her favourite game, though she was never too keen on being the one looking for others, enjoys being the centre of attention.

“Come, I’ll help you walk, hold my hand, love.”

Harry bent down, holding his daughter’s hands up as they walked to the armchair. Xenia liked this game instantly, giggling, moving her tinny legs as fast as she could in excitement. She was saying something, probably trying to call for her sister.

“Let’s look in here…oh, no, where could she be?”

He let go of her hands allowing Xenia to go on her own for a bit. She was walking straight to the kitchen, having fallen a few times on her little bum but not giving up. As Harry was looking at her amused she was trying to locate her sister, moving in a circle. After a minute or two her smile faded seeing that she couldn’t find her so easy and she started crying. Harry placed her on his hip and rocked her a little, murmuring about how he was going to help her find Maya. So he started calling for her in a sing-a-like manner causing his baby girl to giggle and pull onto his shirt.

“That Maya, the master of hide and seek. How are we gonna find her, love? We’ve looked everywhere in the house”

Harry’s words caused Maya to muffle a laugh. His playful manners kept them both entertained. He saw where she was hiding as soon as they entered the kitchen, behind a large, green flowerpot behind the terrace door.

“Did you hear something, Xenia? I thought I heard someone laughing…hmm…Have we checked the balcony? I don’t think we have, love.”

“There’s no one there,” said Maya, trying to pull off a scary voice.

“I think I’m gonna have to see and check for myself.”

Harry slowly walked to the terrace door and Xenia squealed as soon as she saw her older sister.

“Didn’t the ghost scare you?”

“There was a ghost?”

“Yes! He told you I wasn’t here.”

“Well he seemed very friendly so I thought I should take a little peek.”

“He didn’t, dad!” – She protested – “He was very scary and mean!”

“We must be very brave then, don’t we, Xenia?”

“She doesn’t know what you’re talking about,” Maya crossed her hands. She was obviously jealous that Harry’s been carrying her around like he carried her before.

“Come on now, don’t be rude.”

“You’re always holding her!”

“Well she is little, but I’m there with you, I just can’t carry you. You’ve grown.”

“I’m not that grown up, daddy.”


“Maya, put that biscuit back in the jar. Don’t think I didn’t see you.”

“But I’m hungry!”

“You’ll have lunch in about ten minutes, after that you can have some of those.”

“Not fair…”

“Well, I think it’s a pretty good deal, what about you Xenia?” – he asked her, lifting her a bit more, the help support her on his side. It wasn’t an easy task preparing lunch with them two. Xenia would start crying if he puts her down for too long, so he took advantage of the few minutes she does stay calm crawling around to chop whatever he had to since while holding her he is limited on his right hand only, after all.

“F-,” he stopped himself on time, after he spilled some hot soup onto his hand while mixing it on the stove. Then he switched to the veggies that were steam cooking, he only had time to shake the pen before he had to move the sauce of the hob before it has boiled over.

“You’re gonna have to be on your own feet for a few minutes, love. Maya come play with her for a bit.”

“No. You won’t let me have a biscuit before lunch.”

“Maya, don’t be so stubborn…”

She gave in, entertaining her younger sister while Harry dried out the spaghetti and then poured the sauce over and then mixed it all together. He threw the pot into the sink before quickly getting some plates.

“I poured you some soup. I’m going to take Xenia to bed for her nap and you be careful with it, it’s hot. Are you going to be okay?”

“Don’t worry; I won’t spill anything I promise.”

Thankfully Xenia drifted off in less than five minutes so Harry was able to return downstairs to check on his other one. Harry was hot, sweat forming on his forehead and the back of his neck, some from the heat of being behind the stove some of constantly going up and down the stairs and roaming around the house. He found Maya about to finish her plate of soup, so he took the vegetables and spaghetti out for her to cool a bit.

“Don’t burn your tongue, slowly,” he remarked.

“This is delicious, daddy.”

“Glad you like it. Hey, don’t chew with your front teeth. Agh, you put too much food in your mouth…”

“I haven’t, I’m hungry!”

“Then why are you moving the vegetables away?”

“I don’t want them today.”

“But you want to grow tall and strong?”

“That I do.”

“Then you need to eat those greens, come on, you like zucchini and tomatoes.”

“But I won’t have space for the biscuits in my tummy,” she tried to convince him.

“Let’s compromise. We have to go grocery shopping today, so if you eat the veggies you can buy a new toy.”

“We have a deal, daddy.”

As Harry was putting the forks and spoons into the dishwasher he heard a crashing sound. He turned around to find a broken plate by Maya’s feet. He was quick to come to her and she was already tearing up. He got worried thinking she had a cut.

“Are you okay? Where does it hurt?”

He lifted her up in his arms carrying her to the living room. He sat down with her on his lap.

“No, no tears, love. Let me see a smile, come on. Did the sound of the ate breaking scare you?”

She only nodded clutching to his shirt. They cuddled there for a bit before she was all smiley again, playing with his hair and face. Harry kissed her nose and cheeks, happy to have her content again.

“I didn’t break it on purpose, daddy, I wanted to help you and it slipped.”

“I know you didn’t. Just next time leave it to me, we don’t want you to cut yourself, do we?”

“No,” she said shyly.

“Did I give you that biscuit?”

“Not yet.”

“Let’s go take it then, shall we?”

“Yey! Dad?”


“Would you carry me there?”

“Of course.”

He has been doing his best to give them equal amounts of attention but because of the ‘carrying’ incident he felt as if he failed. The truth was that Maya was feeling a little lost with her mother being absent for the last few days.

“Daddy loves you, you know? A lot.”

“I love you too,” she curled her small arms around his neck as he carried her for the promised biscuits.


“No, Xenia, don’t go towards the socket. Maya, have you decided?”

“Yes, I’m going to wear the red one.”

Xenia was entertained on the floor with Maya’s stuffed bunny. Harry dressed her and brushed her hair.

“Dad can you make braids?”

“Not really, but dad can do topknots and pony tails.”

“Then put it in a pony tail. Take that big hair tie with a bow, I love that one.”

“Okay, you’re good to go. You can put the flats on, on your own. Now let’s dress Xenia.”

“Don’t forget to change her nappy.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

“Ew, daddy, that smells!”

“Shh, don’t be mean.”

“What’s my bunny doing on the floor?”

“I gave it to Xenia to hold while I helped you change.”

“Well we have to teach her that this bunny doesn’t belong on the floor. He’s a special friend.”

“We will, we will.”

Harry took Xenia and then stuffed his phone and wallet in his pockets. Maya took his hand and they went towards the car. He secured his youngest into the baby car seat and the made sure Maya has her seatbelt on.

“Dad, what are we going to buy?”

“We’ll see as we pass the shelves.”

“Where’s your list?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Mummy always makes a list, you think you should’ve?”

“Dad has a different…buying technique.”

“Does involve the es-e-ex?”


“You know that method for paying? Do you use it to pay in the supermarket?”

“It’s used rarely.”

She remembered it…he thought. Well he’s in for some fun once Y/N gets back…. In ten minutes they arrived. Of course the belts on the baby seat somehow got stuck. He stayed for extra ten trying to free his little one as Maya laughed as if she were watching a play.

“Okay, help me out here, Maya. Press the top button. Good now let’s go find a trolley with a children seat so I don’t have to carry Xenia all the time inside.”

“Can I sit in one?”

“You’ve outgrown those, you can’t fit. You’re going to get your legs trapped.”

“Can I help you push then?”

“Be my guest.”

Xenia was calm, hasn’t cried since she was too busy looking around her, taking all the people and groceries in. Her small eyes roaming the big place. Maya found her facial expressions amusing as Harry put groceries into the trolley.

“Dad you didn’t get apples!”

“We’re yet to arrive to the fruit section.”

“When will we get to the candy section?”

“After the fruit.”

“I’ll hand you milk bottles.”

“Be careful not to break them.”

“I always am,” she said proudly.

Once they reached the candy section the struggle begun. Maya would’ve put everything in the stroller, literally.

“Maya, you don’t even like that flips, place it back. We’ve taken enough food.”

“But I may change my mind or Xenia can try it? It has funny shapes.”

“She’s too little to eat it. Come on, back on the shelf.”

Once everything was paid, Harry and Maya pushed the trolley with bags to the car’s boot. The supermarket was on the bottom floor of a shopping centre which had a little playing area for children inside that caught Maya’s eye. Harry at first said they didn’t have time but gave in since he figured the kids could have a bit more fun.

Maya was quick to make a few friends to play and run around with. As he kept one eye on her he helped Xenia go down a slide. After spending a good hours there Xenia was beginning to feel overwhelmed and hard to keep from crying. She was probably getting sleepy, Harry realised. He called for Maya so they could leave but halfway out of the mall Xenia refused to be carried. She wanted to walk. Harry held her tinny hands in his as he made sure his elder daughter stayed right by his side. Too late he realised he made a mistake. They went by a pet shop and Maya was instantly glued to the shop window.

“Maya, we have to go, Xenia’s sleepy and she has to eat before she falls asleep.”

“Can we just take a peek? Please, please, daddy?”

He could never say no. Right as he nodded his head she run inside to the little black and white kitten she laid her eye on through the window. The change of environment kept Xenia awake and curious since she never saw so many little, furry creatures around. Maya set on a small chair placing the kitten onto her lap. She couldn’t stop patting it and rubbing its belly. At that point Xenia wanted to touch the kitty but Harry was resistant. He remembered he had the wet handkerchiefs with him so he let her touch the small animal. Xenia couldn’t hide her amusement. She even tried to pick her up. Harry squatted down, placing her on his thigh as to clean her hands so she doesn’t put them in her mouth after having petted a cat.

“Daddy, can we please take her home?”

“I don’t think so Maya.”

“But look, even Xenia wants it. It’s so small, can’t do any harm. Look how cute it is.” She lifted the kitten to Harry’s face. He was trying to fight it but he knew it, one pout and they were buying the cat. And that’s what they did. Along the way they got the food for her as well, and a sleeping pillow. Yeah, it was a she. Maya named her Fluffy.

“Your mother’s going to kill for not having run this with her first.”

“She’ll love Fluffy!”

“I’m sure she will.”


“Alight, sleep time, princess.”

“But I’m not sleepy…”

“Than what shall we do?”

“I’ve an idea.”

“Do tell. And where’s Fluffy?”

“She’s asleep on her pillow in the corner. And I was thinking we could go to your and mama’s bedroom, since you have a big bed and watch Sponge Bob.”

“I’m fine with that. Have we left the kitty some water and milk by her pillow?”

“We have. Now off to the bedroom! Catch me if you can!”

Her laughter was what he lived for. He wasn’t paying attention to the cartoon he was looking at his daughter, a spitting image of her mother. She even had her laughter. Though, she had his curls.

“You’re not hungry, are you?”

“No, daddy, I’m full! Watch, now Patrick’s going to get a nose but he won’t like smelling things. That’s so funny, watch!”

Then it was when Xenia’s cries were heard through the baby monitor. Harry tried singing, rocking but she wouldn’t fall asleep. He decided to carry her to his room. He laid down besides Maya who was holding her bunny tightly. He placed Xenia onto his chest. She nuzzled towards his neck and placed her little thumb into her mouth, the body warmth making her drift off. Maya came closer and placed her head onto his left shoulder; bring the bunny along as well. Soon they were both sleeping peacefully. Harry carefully got up to take Xenia to her crib. He covered her with a thin and soft blanket so she doesn’t get hot during the night and get a sweat-rash.

After he left the dim light on, and played some lullaby-like songs so her room’s not deaf, he left. He was surprised to find Maya up on the phone talking to her mum.

“Dad, mummy wants to talk to you. She’s coming tomorrow around 11,” she announced enthusiastically.

“Mummy don’t talk to daddy too long, I want him to read me a bedtime story.”

And they didn’t, a few minutes later Harry hung up since it was getting late and Maya needed to sleep.

“So which story should I read?”

“Read Pinocchio tonight.”

“Alrighty, let me get it from the shelf.”



“Why did mummy say >>Hi, Harold<<? Who’s he?”

“That’s me, sweeties.”

“Your name’s Harry, silly!” 

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the hell does it means when you get super dehydrated at random when it’s not even hot, when you aren’t hangover, ate no salty food etc. 7 water bottles a day like?? my body needs to get its shit together

Present-Me has to trust Future-Me’s ability to get things done. You can’t solve all problems at once. Sometimes you have to pass the buck, to your future self. I find it helpful to compartmentalize the time frame of different problems, it’s stressful to try and worry about all things all the time.