now i dont know if he says place or face

anyways isak has been studying out on the balcony for like an hour now and even is Impatient alright, he misses isak, but its probably his fault too that isak decided to go outside instead as evens staring got too bothering and isak couldnt concentrate,,,so with a dramatic sigh even gets off the bed and pours water in a glass which he brings isak outside,putting it down on the table next to isaks books and when isak sees even he closes his laptop with a thankful smile and puts it on top of the books, and even sits next to him with his arm around isaks shoulders and theyre watchin the stars and then isak buries his face into evens neck ,tired, and kisses him there but his lazy smile turns into a smirk and he whispers against evens skin, “you know, we’ve never done it on the balcony” and even almost chokes on his own spit and moves so isak is looking up at him, “you. seriously wanna have sex right now here?” and isak starts caressing evens collarbones, “you dont?” and even looks to the side, “i mean…..” then shakes his head,placing his hand on top of isaks, “isak no..its…yeah..and also thats…..yeah” and isak snorts, “you literally didnt say anything against it, that was lame” then even starts to slide his fingers gently up on isaks arm, “hm i was just about to jerk u off but calling me lame? ehh now i dont know” and isaks head snaps up, lips close to evens, then he smiles and snuggles closer to him, “i didnt say YOU were lame, i only said your excuse was lame” but even pulls an unsatisfied face, his fingers now wrapped around isaks bicep, “still, wasnt very nice of you” and isak rolls his eyes but bites his lip and wraps his arms around evens neck and its a lil uncomfortable with his body kinda twisted but well. and he starts kissing evens jaw, “forgive me, youre so smart,” then his chin, “and creative” and when he stops, even uses his other hand to cup the back of isaks neck, “go on then” and isak chuckles but then drags his lips along evens skin, down to his neck, “youre also very hot” then his collarbones “and im so turned on right now” and even groans, tightening the grip on isaks bicep then he lets go, his hand traveling down isaks chest, his voice just a whisper, “are you” and he feels isak nod, and he lifts isaks shirt to rub at his hipbones before he starts kissing isaks neck and brings his hand to the front of isaks sweatpants and when he feels isaks breath hitch, warmth hitting the back of evens neck, a shiver running down his spine, he reaches under his pants and is now palming isak through his boxer and his kisses become sloppy and he feels so hot,even though he was kind of cold when he walked out a few minutes ago. and isaks fingers are just burning marks into evens back, and when even finally holds isaks dick, isak kisses him hard, almost leaving him breathless and isak only slightly fights the urge to thrust up into evens hand. even opens his eyes and lifts his head, letting isaks fall onto his shoulder,and he catches a shooting star from the corner of his eyes and his heart feels silly but then he kisses isaks cheek and his hands start to move faster and he lives for isaks moans next to his ears. when he’s finished and isak is panting with his red bitten lips hanging open, he adores isaks pink cheeks and the slight frown between his eyebrows, trying to catch his breath, for a while, then he smooths it out and kisses him softly and with a light pat on isaks stomach he stands up, stopping at the balcony door, “you coming?” and isak opens his eyes to look at him all cocky, “i JUST did” and even rolls his eyes, throwing his hands up with a grin, “no i mean……inside….to sleep” then isak acts like he didnt understand at first, “ah right” and with a smirk he stands up too and even helps him with his books and laptop and they have a quick shower where isak reciprocates evens very kind gesture, before climbing into the comfy warm bed

The customer is king

Word count: 1349

Genre: Fluff

Summary: So you’re a waitress in a café and Pip works with you and then an old lady happens. Tell the world I slayed this summary.

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Au: modern coffee shop

Warnings: Swearing, Kisses,

Note: Reader is clearly female in this one. I really enjoy writing Philip, and I really needed this so. Yup. I also am toying with a part two of this, but. oh well. Maybe, if y'all like it. Also. Asshole philip is something I really need in life, yet fail to write. Sorry for this being so short. idk. Also get it it’s called King’s café because Philip studied at kings college!!

Being a waitress as the “King’s café” was more adventurous than you first thought, as you applied for the job. Your Boss, Mr. Adams, was an arrogant asshole, but the person that kept you here was your colleague, Philip. He was a handsome, young guy and also a huge bitch. But you could live with that fact, because you enjoyed his presence. Now you were working here for almost two years, and you two had already gone through so much trouble, most of them because of overly disrespectful customers. But as Mr. Adams always put it: “The customer is king.” Even if they complained about the coffee being two degrees too hot, or the amount of whipping cream on their waffles being too high.

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Madi and Silver Thoughts

First and foremost, way to start my OTP. I like this. It felt authentic and necessary to show that closeness they built up last season immediately payoff. Some can say Joadi was rushed but I think its a natural progression. Some people know each other for years and one day “see each other” and its epic and grand but that’s just ONE instance of a love story. Sometimes you meet someone who makes you feel everything missing in your life and believes in you and your worth above all else. This from a woman who is also kind, strong, and puts her people before all else. Someone who syncs with you. Thats Silver and Madi’s tale.

I don’t devalue Flint and Silver’s friendship at all…but I think Flint and Silver ultimately have the same goal for different reasons. I feel Silver and Madi are for their people whereas Flint has always wanted vegence for what was done to HIM and that can make him shortsighted when it comes to the risks and who he would need to sacrifice to achieve his aim.

Silver is expendable to him in that way. When it comes to his fight with England. Madi and Silver want Nassau to be free, for it to be a home.

Thats much more important now since Im going to throw this out there and predict he and Madi are already married. Hence her playing with a ring that looks hella mannish. Her men also referred to John as “ sir” which, as a free man, a sign of deference. It shows John’s place among the Maroon people.

Which is why on the beach ( man that scene was great. Madi’s face was just so tragic. It conveyed the depth of her and Silvers relationship) with Flint saying what he said didnt relate to Flint admitting to any romantic feeling because I just dont think he KNOWS. The way he says, “you formed a friendship, even,” indicates to me that he is out of the loop.

It’s further proof later when he sorta forgets Madi is in the room or that after Silver she’s the second most powerful force in their alliance.

John and Madi in every sense of the word are the King and Queen ( in her own right) of this new group of people. Did Flint really think he would get 200 slaves to join him without her? AND she knows the treasure location?

Sidenote: Was it not amazing how she LET Flint and Billy show their colors and hands swinging their dicks at each other and only when she saw the victor of the pissing contest that she decided to speak up?

Other sidenote: Madi looks at Flint like he’s that drug addict best friend of your husband. You know they tight and been through some shit so you respect it but you know deep down they trouble and will only hurt your boo. Love her protectiveness of John. And John.fucking. loves. it. No one has been in his corner and only his corner without a hidden agenda ever.

Ok, this is officially a ramble so other things I loved was Silver holding Madi’s hand. She has two bodyguards and he has a whole hella lot of men to be looking after but he chooses to get her off the boat himself. Awww.

The way he looked at her when the BE started to attack. Awww

His struggle…damn! I almost lost my shit. I know out of everyone he survives but this shit is certainly about to change him. And his Queen is holding down the fort.

Ive only watched it twice but I am so ready to watch it again and here everyone else’s thoughts.

Lastly, the minute he’s back on deck he rushes to Madi’s side. And that “hmmm” was def wife speak for “ whatever you say baby, Im listening but I got my eye out”

Tony had always been gay for as long as he could remember ,after dating Ryan and Brad he started feeling more and more things for someone and that person  being Clay Jensen. The two had known each other for a while and after the tapes he only wanted to be there for his friend.  The two had sat at tony’s house all day when tony pulled up the idea of a walk.

Clay looked at tony with a confused expression “are we talking the kind of walk i want to go on or the kind of walk where a rock gets dropped on my face-” he then chuckled.

Tony laughed “come on i didn’t mean to do that-” he laid his head on the wall looking at clay with a soft grin. He loved this man more than anything now and would do anything for him to know. He was about to say something when clay’s mom called cutting him off.

While he was on the phone with his mom tony took a sharp breath and got the things they needed for the walk. His mind in a million places.

“Mom dont say ointment… “ clay sighed “mom i have to go bye -” he hung up “sorry-” he sighed and  followed him outside .

“Don’t be clay “ he threw his bag over his shoulder and started to walk to his car. “You don’t have to say you’re sorry every single time your mom calls -”  he said with a sweet ,calm voice  one that made clay smile. As he walked with clay down the road he took a deep breath “clay …i have something to tell you-” he stopped walking. “I know this is hard to hear from a friend but listen to me … i love you clay jensen …i love you more than my cars , more than my tapes….” he watched clays face turn from confused to a smile. “And i know you might not want to see me ever again but it’s how i feel…i want to be able to hug you and call you my boyfriend-” he admitted “know i can walk away and never come back or i can stay with you and we can go on a walk -” he looked down at the ground. Clay being taller than  tony , but not by much pulled him into a hug “if its all the same to you tony …I’d like to go on that walk -” he held the others hand in his .  “id like that very much clay -” he smiled wide walking with clay.

Scottish Gothic
  • Up on Arthur’s Seat, little teeth chatter in little coffins, hidden in the crags. They cry and gasp and knock on their lids, but no-one hears them anymore. They miss their brothers and sisters.
  • The pillars in George Square start growing. No-one quite knows how, or why, but they stretch a thousand feet into the sky now. The statues are out of sight, barely black specks against the grey. Atop those starry distant plinths, something is moving.
  • You are almost lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the train until you begin to notice the signs on the stations never quite match what the over-head announcer says is the next stop. It gets worse the further you go until both are nothing but gibberish. “Here, what’s the right way to pronounce Milngavie?” you ask your companion. They open their mouth. They unhinge their jaw. The Void speaks.
  • A boulder stands on the slopes of Glencoe. It has stood there unmoving since the glaciers carved it out of the ground. If it had eyes, it would weep. If it had a mouth, it would scream. Oh god! God, the things it has seen!
  • They say if the Duke of Wellington is wearing his cone, all is well in Glasgow - but his proud head is bare tonight and none dare to go near it. Copenhagen snorts and stamps restlessly. All is not well. It might never be again.
  • The Old Man of Storr slumbers, but for how much longer?
  • You stare boredly out the window of the lounge in your Fort William youth hostel. It’s raining again. “Does it ever stop?” you wonder aloud, tapping the glass. The proprietor’s son overhears, “I don’t know,” he says, “I’m only twelve.”
  • The Wicker Man screams as it burns. “Green wood,” they say, laughing, smiling as they dance, “Just the sap boiling.” They dance faster, harder, smiling and smiling and smiling, but what sort of sap begs god for mercy?
  • You pull over on the Rest-and-be-Thankful. An ancient wind howls down the glen, hungry and vengeful, biting at your back. You must keep moving. You can never rest. There is little to be thankful for.
  • It’s midnight in Irvine, and a man steps out of a broken telephone box. His Burberry cap is pulled low and his trackies are tucked into his socks. “Gonnae tap us 10p furra bus, pal?” as asks. You place a coin in his skeletal hand. “That’s no enough,” he says. You give him your wallet. “That’s no enough.” You give him your phone. “That’s no enough.” Your palms are sweaty and a chill runs down your spine. The moon moves from behind a cloud; there is no face beneath the peak of his cap, only teeth. You think you know now what might be enough.
Works Every Time

I was wondering if you could do (more Jiyong smut I’m so sorry omg) a scenario where he’s been at the studio all day, he’s stressed out and irritated. So when you come to visit him he asks you to try to be quiet and just let him work. But you’re worried, and bored, so you come up with another way to put your mouth to good use?? >.< To maybe help him relax? Maybe dom!Ji? It’s up to you~ And thank you again. <3

AN: Guess who’s birthday it is!? Only the most adorable and most fabulous @just-let-me-be-your-lover !! :D She sent in this request ages ago and me being the terrible writer i am decided i’d finally get around to doing it for her for her birthday! ^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY! (I hope this isn’t too rubbish! and i’ll even post the other one in a bit!) ^3^ Love you loads!! <3

Kwon Jiyong Smut

‘Hey Ji, I-’


You frown at the noise he makes as you walk into the studio to greet him, pausing at the door to let out a sigh before walking into the room and closing it behind you, shuffling over to the sofa at the back to set your things down before gingerly making your way over to your boyfriend.

You stand behind his shoulder as you watch the timer on the screen in front of him tick down to the end of the track he was playing, knowing the routine by now that you had to let him focus whilst he was listening to music, because if you distracted him mid-way through a song he’d get cranky.

When he huffs in annoyance at whatever was bothering him with the song he’d been playing and he begins to pick and readjust it with the cursor on screen, you sit your hand on his shoulder to let him know you were there, feeling him relax beneath your touch and smiling when he removes his headphones.

'Hey, Jagi- Look I know I said i’d be done, but-’

'Jiyongie, I brought you some coffee.’ you murmur bringing the cup out from behind your back that you’d carried up from the canteen and handing it to him as you lean down to drop a tender kiss on his cheek.

'Thank you, Jagi, but-’

'Have you eaten today?’ you ask, ignoring his attempts to tell you to leave, knowing that’s what he was trying to do from the way he’d turned to you and kept glancing to the door and seeing the bags under his eyes that indicated he was tired.

But you also knew that he was stressed, and when Jiyong was stressed he was the worst composer- unlike when he was writing, during which time stress always helped him think better. You knew that he needed to relax if he was going to get his work done like he wanted to, and as you looked at the tense set of his shoulders and the firm grip of his hands on the armrest of his chair, you knew exactly how you could help him do so.

'Not since lunch, but-’

'Well I brought you a punnet of fruit anyway, cause I thought that might be the answer. Why dont you come and sit with me and-’


You raise your eyebrows at his outburst as you look at him, seeing him watching you with a frustrated expression, his gaze boring into yours angrily.

'I need to finish this composition before the end of the night otherwise i’m going to be in a load of trouble with Yang! And I can’t do that whilst you’re flitting around and trying to feed me- so can you just sit down and be quiet?!’ he insists, gesturing obviously to the sofa, but you dont pay him direction any attention, walking towards the door instead and keeping your eyes locked on his.

'Ji, you know im just trying to help.’ you murmur quietly, smirking slightly when you slide the door lock into place before rounding on him.

'Yes, Jagi, I know, but I have to finish-’

'And you know you dont work as well when you’re stressed.’ you say, coming to a stop before him and reaching out your hand to lay it on his chest, but he catches your wrist before you can, forcing you to look up at him and see the scowl that was on his face.

'Y/N, I need to finish this. Whatever you want to do is going to have to wait. Now can you please-’

'Sit down.’ you cut him off, your voice having grown dark at the angry words he was spitting at you, and you can see his expression grow wary with the change as he obeys your order, keeping his eyes locked on yours as he relaxes back onto his chair.

'Jagi, please-’

'Ji you always get so worked up when you’re composing, stressing when the slightest thing is wrong…and you know as well as I do that you dont work well when you’re stressed….So let me help you relax.’

You finish on a whisper, only taking your eyes off of his when he nods, before slowly sinking to your knees in front of him and letting your hand slide down his chest to the belt on his jeans, the quiet, yet sharp intake of air you hear him take making you smirk as you realise he’d figured out just what you meant about ’relaxing’.

'Jagi, we’ll get caught-’

'Only if you make a sound.’ you say quietly, grinning up at him as you undo his trousers and pat his leg to get him to shimmy them down his thighs slightly, before you get to work.

He’s already panting in excitement as you pull his length from his boxers, smirking when you find it already growing to be semi-hard and stroking him a few times before leaning over his lap to take him into your mouth. You’d only meant to lubricate him, but when he lets out a quiet moan you cant help but stroke your tongue over him teasingly, drawing out a couple of whimpers from him which makes your stomach flutter and between your thighs grow warm.

'Jagi, I’m sorry I shouted at you before.’ he mumbles when you sit back for a moment, having lubricated him well enough that you could stroke him with ease, keeping your eyes on his length as it grows fuller in your hand, and smirking slightly at his breathless apology.

'Its okay, Jiyongie…I know you’re just stressed. Which is why i’m going to do this.’ you murmur quietly, glancing up at him momentarily before leaning over him once again and taking him back into your mouth, beginning to mouth and suck at him immediately and feeling overly satisfied when moans instantly spill out of his mouth and you feel his hand come to hold the back of your head lightly.


You hum around him at his moan of approval, stroking him slowly as you move your head in time with your hand, flattening your tongue along the underside of him and flicking it through his slit with every backwards stroke, indulging yourself in every hiss and whimper that left his mouth in response.

'Fuck, fuck fuck fuck, please Jagi…’

As soon as he said 'please’ you knew exactly what he wanted, slowly reaching your hand up to join his on the back of your head as you continue to hollow your cheeks around him, and helping him curl his fingers in your hair as your way of telling him he could do what he wanted, knowing he got a kick out of being able to control you on him.


You could feel the tightness on the back of your head where he was gripping your hair so tightly being mirrored in your core, the need to grind on something causing your hips to buck as you begin to feel him push you further down on him, his needy whines indicating that he wanted you to take him fully.

You paused momentarily to pull back from him so that you could take a breath, spitting on his tip before taking him back into your mouth and moaning as soon as Jiyong forces you down onto him, his head hitting the back of your throat immediately and you have to dig your nails into his thigh to keep from gagging, relaxing your throat so that you could swallow around him to add to the sensation of him being all the way down your throat, before hearing him curse and pull you suddenly back off of him. You gasp as drool hangs from between your lip and his member, watching him with a sultry gaze before mirroring the smirk he sends you and repeating the same process of taking him into your throat, having him force you to bob your head a few times this time, before feeling his legs tense beneath your hand, the action revealing he was already close.

'Jagi, dont make a mess.’ he pants as he continues to move your head on him, and you feel your lungs begin to burn where you couldn’t breathe, but you knew you had to wait it out so that he could finish, making your movements quicker to speed things along and swallowing hurriedly when you feel him twitch in your mouth.

He shouts as he comes, holding your head forcefully into his groin to make you swallow his cum, and you end up having to rip his hand out of your hair when you start gagging around him, your need for air being too great and forcing you to push yourself off of him.

You collapse back onto the floor as you gasp in lungfuls of air, the need that had appeared between your legs trying to penetrate your thoughts as you focus on breathing and swallowing down the remaining cum in your mouth, but when you look up at Jiyong all of those thoughts disappear anyway as you take in the way he laid awkwardly back in his chair, his eyes closed peacefully and his hands laying lax on the armrest as his length lies limp in his lap.

You push yourself up from the floor once you’d got your breath back, smirking at your boyfriend as he exhaustedly opens his eyes to see what you were doing, and keeping your eyes locked on his as you wipe the edge of your mouth where you can feel some of his spunk drying. You walk smugly back to the sofa at the back of the room after straightening your clothes, sitting down normally and pulling out your phone as you try to ignore the dull need aching in your core, glancing up at him momentarily and smiling smugly when you find him still staring at you in amazement.

'Do you feel less stressed now?’ you ask casually, watching him finally stand up to tuck himself back in and right himself before grabbing the coffee you’d brought him and downing half of it in one go.

'Jagi…I feel the least stressed i’ve ever felt in my life.’ he responds, sounding almost dazed as he turns to you to shoot you a grin, before he shakes his head and looks back at his computer, cracking his knuckles and getting back to work.

Half an hour later the two of you are riding home in his car, Jiyong finishing the song in record time and demanding that you went home with him afterward, which you were all too happy to agree to. You chuckle to yourself as you watch him drive, admiring the bright smile that had appeared on his face as soon as he’d finished the track and congratulating yourself on a job well done as you mutter to yourself under your breath.

'Works every time.’


Rundown of Bill’s AMA


Things to take away from the AMA:

  • Stanley is indeed named Stanley
  • Dipper has an embarrassing first name
  • Bill seems to have a serious grudge with the CIA
  • He doesn’t procreate but he considers the 7 deadly sins his “children”
  • He’s over 1000 years old
  • He once had a family
  • There are two Stans (Stanley and Stanford)
  • When asked if he was once a human being, he referenced his time in Dipper’s body.
  • “Stanley made enough mistakes without my help!”
  • Gompers may have once been “not a goat”, considering Bill likes him “better this way”
  • the guy on the other side of the mailbox in the woods is a “real blabbermouth”
  • Stan’s tattoo means “watch your step” at least for Bill. This may clue in to what people already guessed; it’s a ward to keep out Bill Cipher.
  • When asked about Dipper needing to be cleansed to be rid of Bill for good and wondering if Bill still has a connection to Dipper, Bill replied with saying that religion isn’t real and to have “pleasant dreams”.
  • Bill knows Slenderman, stating that he used to not be so slender.
  • The tapestry of Bill has been around a while, made by the natives of Gravity Falls.
  • Bill makes a “weird” pass at Wendy’s mom by quoting a Fountains of Wayne.
  • Going by the above, it can be assumed that Bill Cipher is, indeed, the invisible wizard.
  • Bill has a lot of nasty things to say about Time Baby. They aren’t on good terms.
  • “Tad Strange” is confirmed as a character by Bill, who calls him a “real square”.
  • Bill exists in a state of quantum uncertainty.
  • Bill can see all alternate realities of himself, making those AUs essentially canon.
  • Bill concedes to a loophole in his design, stating that he is in fact, not all powerful, but he dresses to try and achieve a “promotion”.
  • Chicks dig psychopaths, and his fan girls should make a throne for him in the Nevada desert. 
  • Bill hates puns.
  • AND MANY MORE IM SURE but these seemed like the “most important”.
Jared Leto Joker x Reader |part 1|

| first off: this is my first joker imagine so hopefully its okay!! hope you all like it!|

“LET ME GO YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!!!” (y/n) screamed as she was rolled down the hallway of the Arkham Asylum buy countless guards. (y/n) was crazy. as crazy as they come. She was almost as well known as the king of Gotham himself. The Joker. (y/n) had always been fascinated with his work and always admired his insanity and twisted sense of humor. After the explosion of her old school the Bat finally caught her. Now here she was in the same building as the crazed king of Gotham The Joker. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING YOU PRICK?!” she yelled at a tall man with a needle in his hand. “I’m keeping you safe dear. Now just relax.” the man said. (y/n) felt a stick in her arm and slowly began to drift off.

(y/n) woke with at startle as the intercom was blasting quite loudly. “Lunch time. All inmates please report to the commons. Top Vault inmates, please wait for you guards to bring you to the top vault lunch room.” The woman said. She sounded like a nice woman. (y/n) would be sure to leave her alive when she got out of here. A few minutes later (y/n)’s cell door opened. A large man stood there. “Get up kid. Its lunch time.” he said. (y/n) did as she was told and slowly walked out of the room and down the long narrow hallway. “You outta be exited kid.” The large man said. “Why would I bee happy about being stuck in this hell hole?” (y/n) asked. “Your a Top Vault inmate. That means your in the same schedule as that psycho The Joker or whatever he calls himself.” The man said. “I hear you give him a run for his money.” he added. The man came to a stop at a large metal door. He placed his thumb on the scanner and it opened. Another man was waiting on the other side. He was just as large as the last one but he didnt look as mean. The man placed shackles on (y/n)’s feet so she wouldnt run. “Go get your food, sit down, eat, and get out.” her guard said. (y/n) was the only one in the room. she grabbed a small tray of food and sat at a large table in the corner. She observed the table a few minutes before eating. There where so many things written on the table but only one stood out. It was a large skull with a jesters hat with the words ha ha written all around it. After a few minutes of eating (y/n) heard a loud bang and something fall outside the large door that led to the long narrow hallway. The door opened to reveal a tall man in a pair of Arkham sweatpants and a plain white shirt entering the room. He was quite a handsome man. He was tall and pale. He was quite built and had bright green hair. He walked slowly over to the table that held the trays and grabbed one. He turned to find a seat and looked directly at (y/n). He walked slowly towards her and sat directly across from her at the table. “Now clearly you are new here but this is my table doll.” He said pointing to the skull drawn on the table. He pulled his shirt collar down to reveal a tattoo of the exact same skull. “Congrats buddy but im comfortable and I dont think I wanna move just yet.” (y/n) said with a fierce attitude. “Feisty little doll huh? We dont get many girls in the Top Vaults. Tell me, what are you doing here?” He asked. “Who’s askin?” (y/n) remarked. “Why you dont know who I am? Im the king of Gotham. Im the joker Sweetie.” he said with a large smile on his face. (y/n) had never seen the joker before. She had only heard the great stories from her father. So this was the King of Gotham. Not bad. “I’m (y/n). I was just havin fun in Gotham and some stupid bat threw me to the cops and well, here I am.” (y/n) said. “Ahhh I always did like Batsy! And now hes brought me a new toy!” He said smiling and laughing at his own words. “I’m not here to be your toy.” (y/n) said taken by his words. “ Tell me sweets, what do you say to makin a run from this joint?” he asked. “You know your way out of here dont ya?” (y/n) asked. “As matter a fact puddin I do and im only takin one person with me. So what do ya say Doll? How bout we light this place up and leave with a bang?” he asked. “I think it sounds like fun!” (y/n) said with a devilish smile on her face.

Chapter 27: Falling In Place.


“What does he want, now?” I groaned as I took my phone out of my creme colored Michael Kors purse. Chris had been blowing up my phone left and right and I know that I was posing him off because I kept reading his messages.
Not even gonna lie, I hate that like just leave me on delivered or something. Reading someone’s message without replying is so disrespectful, but I don’t care cause Chris pissed me off. Plus, he does it to me all the time so he shouldn’t be mad. I’m gonna block his number if he keeps playing. 

“What he do to you?” Ty asked as he sat down next to me in the backyard. Since I didn’t have class today, I decided to show up to Ty’s party. Besides all the bs, it was popping. Everyone you could think of was here. 

“First, he keeps pressuring me to have his baby but Ty I gotta finish school first. Then, were always arguing about that because he doesn’t get it. It wouldn’t be fair to me if I have to be a stay at home mom while he’s has this successful career. So that’s what we’re always arguing about, and while we were arguing today he told me smd.” I explained as Ty looked shocked about the last part. 

“Did you beat his ass?” Ty asked as I shook my head no and he gasped. August had made his way over here and sat down next to Ty as he listened to our convo. I guess he was waiting on Ty. I heard they’re supposed to be doing a project together. 

“Nah, Christina pulled me back.” I frowned because I really wanted to get Chris for that. Ty mumbled a ‘damn’ because he loved hearing stories about when I beat up Chris, I don’t know why. 

“Gotta go, my wife calling me and shit.” Ty said with an aggravated sigh as he got up to go back inside, leaving August and I in this awkward position.
“Remember me, Bliss?” August smiled at me as he folded her arms over his chest which was covered in tattoos. In high school we used to talk all the time in class just as friends, but we fell off. No I’m not trying to be his friend again because I know it’ll upset Chris. 

“Yea.” I said, being dry so he could get the hint to just keep the convo cute and short. 

“So you still single?” He asked, causing me to widen my eyes. He knew damn well I wasn’t single. He be seeing Chris and I around all the time. Why else would I always be around Chris if we ain’t together? 

“Nah I’m with Chris, you knew that." 

"Nah I didn’t, I thought he was with Raye to be honest. They made for each other. I kinda knew but I still wanted her anyway. I actually miss her ass but I had to break up with her, she cheated on me, I was hurt. A nigga  He said making me frown a little bit. I wonder what made him think so. 

"I’m sorry..” I mumbled, not really wanting to get into the topic of cheating. It brought back too many horrible memories. I’m really trying to move on from it. 

“Bliss? What you doing here?” I looked up and saw Chris, causing me to roll my eyes. His main focus was on August. He was probably wondering why I was talking to him. He’s actually a cool guy, to be honest but I’m not trying to hear one of Chris’ bitch fits.

“What do you mean what am I doing here? The fuck does it look like? Having a tea party?” I spat, trying to have an attitude since I was already mad at him for what he did earlier. He had clenched his jaw cause he hated when I talked to him like that, but I didn’t care. I noticed him pray to himself and I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t because I had to keep this mad act. I give into him all the time. 

“Bliss baby, can you please drop that nasty ass attitude of yours so I can apologize to you." 

"I’m waiting.” I said as I stood up beside him. 

“Alright baby, I’m sorry for saying that shit earlier. I was just pissed and I know, I had no reason to be. I need to just accept the fact that you ain’t ready for a baby and let you get your career started. I won’t pressure you no more, I promise. You forgive me?” He apologized as he moved behind me to wrap his arms around my waist. I ignored him and just smirked.

“I said, you forgive me?” He asked in my ear as he gripped the shit out of my crotch area. Since I ignored him again, he chuckled in my ear and before I knew it he threw me over his shoulder. He had walked in the house and all you could hear was my screaming for him to put me down but he didn’t pay me no mind. Once we got to a room, he shut the door behind him and threw me on the bed. 

“I’m bout to make yo ass say you forgive me.” He said with an evil smirk on his face, that actually made me really scared and nervous. This was the wrong day to wear a sundress without panties. 


“Mommy, Don!” Amarie yelled eagerly as she jumped up in my bed, causing me to groan. I got home super late last night and I was tired. I didn’t have an appointments today which was good, but I wanted to sleep. 

“Baby, mommy’s t–” Don cut me off and pushed me back down on the bed so I could proceed to my nap. What would I do with out Don? He’s the real MVP.
“Get some sleep, I got you. We’ll be downstairs.” Don assured me as he slid out of bed and spun Amarie around in the air before they both left my room. 'Aw'ing’ at the cute little moment, I wasn’t even that tired any more because I was already woke. I might as well go down there with them. Naah, they’re probably bonding I’ll stay up here and mind my business. 

I went to the bathroom to take care of all my hygiene and that took about 30 minutes. When I was down, I went back into my room to watch Home because that was one of my favorite kid movies. While I was just getting into the movie, I heard Amarie and Don coming up. 

“Here squirt, we made your favorite.” Don said, coming in with Amarie on his back and a tray full of breakfast in his hands. I glared at him for calling me squirt in front of Amarie but then smiled at the thought of them making me breakfast. They’re so sweet, what would I do with out them? 

“Aw, I love you guys! Thank you so much.” I thanked them as I gave both of them kisses on the cheek. Amarie being the sweetie pie she is, she had a huge grin on her face. She loved kisses. Don handed me the tray and Amarie sat by me, staring at my food causing me to laugh. 

“Want some?” I asked as she quickly nodded. That’s another thing about her, she loves food just like.. never mind. Since they put an extra plate on my tray, I gave it to Amarie and started giving her small portions of my food which was really good. 

“My two favorite girls.” Don grinned as he squeezed his way in between us. Amarie mugged him for almost knocking her food down, and it was the funniest thing ever. He pretended like he was gonna cry so she started apologizing. These two make my day every morning. 

“What are we doing today?” Amarie asked as she put her now clean plate back on my tray. Don had stood up and took my tray downstairs, leaving Amarie and I by ourselves. 

“Wanna go to the mall, then Cheesecake Factory?” I asked Amarie as her eyes lit up. Those were her two favorite places. She loved to shop and eat. We spent almost every week at the mall and going out to eat. I couldnt say no to her, t was so hard because she’s so cute. She’s never reallygave me a hardtime, she just whines sometimes.

“Ok mall it is, go get ready in you room baby.” I smiled at her as I patted her on the back before she left my room skipping. On queue, Don came in brushing his hair with no emotion on his face. I swear, he doesn’t even have to try. 

“Where y’all going?” He asked as he pulled me by the strings on my shorts. I stared into his forest green eyes and fell in love. His eyes gets me every time. He noticed me become speechless so he pushed me down on the bed and hovered over me. 

“Huh? Oh, were g-goi–” He cut me off by dying of laughter causing me to shake my head at myself and laugh too. Before I knew it, he picked me up and took me into the bathroom before shutting and locking the door. “Cant even get ya damn words out, strip and bend that ass over. You know how daddy like it.” He demanded and I did just as he said. 


“Mommy, look at Freckles!” Amarie shouted as I was looking in mymenu. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion until I saw what she was pointing at. I sucked my teeth and let out an unnecessary sigh when I noticed it was Chris. Why was he even here? Out of all places? IO really dont wanna talk to his nosey ass. 

“Freckles, right here!” Amarie yelled at everyone looked at her and Chris. Chris smirked and made his way over to our table to sit next to Amarie. Why did Amarie have to be so nice?

“Hey Ri, how you been?” Chris greeted her as she held her arms out for him. He chuckled and hugged her tight like his life depended on it. It was kind of cute to be honest. It made me feel a little bad. Chris started whispering something in Amarie’s ear and Amarie nodded and looked at me.

“Mommy Freckles said he’s sorry, can you forgive him?” Amarie said as she did her infamous puppy dog face and started battering her eyelashes. Now, I couldn’t say no. I see what e did there, he’s actually being smart for once.

“Ok Chris, I forgi–” He quickly cut me off by coming over to my side to hug me and place kisses all over my face and tell me how much he loved me. I started to get butterflies, I dont know why. Chris aint gave me butterflies since we firststarted talking. Even Amarie started smiling at us.

“I swear, I wont disappoint you anymore Raye. Now let’s eat.” Chris said and just in time the waiters came for us to order. Once we were done ordering, were started joking around with the bread and butter. 

“You got a lil bit of nut on the side of yo nose Raye. Let me get that for you.” ” Chris joked, referring to the butter we were eating. He liked it off of my nose and Amarie started gagging because she thought it was nasty.

This is the first time we were actually bonding in years. 


“Can you please go get my yellow folder in my closet?” Raye asked me as I nodded. I had fun spending time with her and her mini clone at our little “sleep-over”. Amarie was giving me baby fever even more. Raye’s lucky as hell, I wish I had my own daughter. 

Lifting myself up off of the bed, I opened the doors to Raye’s walk in closet and spotted the folder asap. When I tried to get it, a medium sized basket fell down causing me to curse to myself. Kneeling down to pick all the papers up, I had to hurry and grab one paper back because it caught my eye. The first thing I seen was Father: Christopher Maurice Brown and Mother: Silver Raye Lovins. It is certified that Amarie Aria Brown.. And that’s all I had to read to get heated as fuck. 

“When the fuck was you gone tell me that Amarie was my daughter?!” I screamed at Raye as I stood up in front of her. She had this fake ass confused look on her face that pissed me off even more. She knew what the fuck I was talking about. 

“Bitch don’t play dumb!” I yelled, furious as I threw the birth certificate at her. Why would she keep something so important from me? No matter how fucking bad I treated her, that’s something you should tell somebody about. That’s low as fuck of her to do. I just lost all respect for her.

“Chris, cal–” She tried to say as she stood up and tried to walk over to me but I pushed her away from me. I don’t wanna be no where near her lying ass. I specifically asked her who the father was and she could’ve just said it was me. She had all these opportunities to. 

“I have a fucking daughter and missed all these years of her life because of you! She doesn’t even know if she has a daddy or not because bitches like you like to keep secrets! I can’t fucking believe you!” I yelled as she clenched her jaw and stood up in front of me. 

“You know what? I am not here for your bullshit ass tantrums, Chris! I tried to tell your stupid ass a thousand times that  I was pregnant, but your ass was too fucking whipped to care! Don’t come up in here and act like this is all my fault, cause it’s yours too! Maybe if you hadn’t acted like a fucking asshole that night I tried to text you, you would’ve known! That night we had sex, I actually wanted to work things out with you. My feelings were extremely hurt because I gave myself up to you for nothing and you treated me as if I meant nothing to you! I wanted nothing else to do with you too, but since I found out I was pregnant I had to talk to you anyway! But what did you do? You didn’t listen! So don’t sit here and act like I’m the only one in the fucking wrong! You’re full of shit Chris, get the fuck out!” Raye yelled as her eyes started getting glossy. 

I didn’t mean to make her cry, but I’m mad as hell too. Yea, she was right I didn’t listen but when I fucking asked her who the daddy was she could’ve told me. Ain’t no damn excuse for that. 

“Alright Raye come here, I’m sorry. We both was in the wrong.” I apologized as I calmed down a bit. I sat down on her California King bed. She flicked me off and stood in the same position she was in, causing me to groan. 

“Raye get yo stubborn ass over here and sit the fuck down!” I spat as Raye sucked her teeth and stormed over to the bed before roughly sitting down next to me. 

“We’re you even gonna tell me if I hadn’t looked in your closet?” I asked as I sat Raye on my lap and she buried her head in my chest. She better not start crying now. 

“No.” She said plain and simple as I clenched my jaw. I had to quickly count to 10 and think about Amarie to prevent myself from beating her ass. Once I was done, the room grew silent as I just stared down at Raye. “So how we gone tell her?” I asked as I started playing with her hair. 

“AMARIE!!!!” She yelled making me scrunch up my face because she was loud as fuck. Immediately, Amarie came running in Raye’s before she stopped in front of us. I wonder if she heard us arguing. 

“I was watching tv.” She whined, causing me to smile at her. I couldn’t believe she was mines, I’m bout to spoil her to death. Raye’s gonna hate me. 

“Girl, don’t start that whining.” Raye warned, getting all in mommy mode. That shit was lowkey sexy. I could get used to this. 

“You wanna meet your daddy?” Raye asked as Amarie wore a confused look on her face. 

“You said I don’t have a daddy.” Her face turned into a frown. I wanted to slap Raye dot even telling her that. Not saying she’s a bad mom, but what kind of mother tells their child that? 

“Um, he came back!” Raye said with a smile on her face as one slowly started appearing on Amarie’s.  I’m guessing she always wanted a daddy. 

“Weally? Where?” She asked excitedly as she started jumping up and down. I guess I’ll take it from here. Even though Raye should be the one to tell her. 

“Me, I’m your daddy.” I said as she gave me all her attention. For a few seconds she just stared at me, shocked. Then after a while, a smile was plastered across her face and she jumped on me. She was squealing about how 'her daddy was freckles’ and thanking Raye for telling her. 

“Daddy, let’s go do something!” Amarie yelled as she grabbed my hand and led my towards the door. 

“Chris, it’s her bedtime.” Raye groaned, because she already knew that I was gonna spoil baby girl. She deserves to be spoiled. Tomorrow, I’m taking her all out. Just me and her. 

“Nah, let me take her to my house. I’ll bring her back tomorrow afternoon. You’ll be fine, go call Don so you can get some.” I assured Raye as she threw a pillow at me. She know that’s what she was about to do anyways. It made me a little jealous, I don’t know why. 

“Get some of what Daddy?” Amarie asked as she swung her arms from side to side, battering her long cute eyelashes. 

“When nobody’s around, Mommy and Don like to play a game-” Raye cut me off by throwing another pillow at me. Im trying inform our baby early so she can already know. 

“Chris, she’s 3 not 13!” Raye sucked her teeth as she shook her head at me. I smirked at her and she just waved me off.

“Why can’t you and mommy play that game?” Amarie asked, making me think really hard about the question. I wasn’t about to lie to her like Raye. 

“Because mommy hates Daddy and Daddy has a girlfriend.” I answered as Raye gasped. She does hate me for that shit I said to her. If it wasn’t for Amarie at that restaurant earlier, I wouldn’t even be here right now. 

“I don’t hate you, Chris. You just make me so mad and that shit you pulled a few years back really hurt my feelings. I actually still love your stupid self, I always will. You were like, my first boyfriend.” Raye explained to me with a smile on her face. I thought I’d never get her to open up to me again. When she said those 3 words, no homo, but a nigga got butterflies. 

Walking over to her side of the bed, I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her on the cheek. “I love you too, alright. I’ll make sure to keep Amarie as safe as possible.” I assured Raye as she sighed then nodded. I could tell she was real stingy with Amarie. 

“Here, I already have a bag packed for emergencies.” Raye said as she handed me a Burberry duffle bag full of everything Amarie needed in it. This girl loved her some Burberry. 

“I love you this much, mommy!” Amarie cheesed as she spread her arms the farthest she could spread them. Damn this moment was too cute.
“And I love you this much baby, come give me a hug and kiss, and don’t forgot to say your prayers before you go to bed.” Raye said before her and Amarie exchanged hugs and kisses and they started whispering stuff in each other’s ear. They did a little handshake before Amarie ran back over to me.

“Alright bye, I’m gonna blow up your phone to check on my baby Chris!” Raye said to me as we all made our way down stairs. Amarie and I left out the front door and Raye stood there and watched us. 

“Daddy, you got money.” Amarie sang, as I strapped her up in the front since this was my lambo. Good thing I had a car seat and my house wasn’t far away. I had furrowed my eyebrows, cause I was wondering where she got that from. She probably heard Raye say that shit. 

“Yea baby girl I do.” I chuckled as I shut her door and made my way to my side of the car. When I started the car, we both started singing the songs that played on the radio until we got to my house.


“What a beautiful chocolate woman, hahaha.” I said in a girly tone as Bliss answered the door causing her and Amarie to laugh. When she noticed Amarie’s laugh, she stopped laughing and smiled. She loved kids, that’s I want to have one with her. 

“Who’s this?” Bliss asked, looking up at me confusingly. I didn’t know how to tell her or what to expect. 

“Amarie go sit in the living room real quick.” I told Amarie as she nodded and skipped inside the house. I’m pretty sure she’ll find it, it’s not that hard. 

“I hate even thinking back on this night but you know the night I… cheated on you.” I sighed as Bliss nodded, looking down at her feet. I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for this, I didn’t know. 

“Well I ain’t use a condom and she got pregnant so when we got back together, she tried to tell me but I ain’t wanna listen cause I didn’t want you to break up with me. And remember that day she showed up to my house? She tried to tell me then but I still didn’t listen. So today, even though I shouldn’t have been at her house, I was trying to apologize for some disrespectful shit I said a few years back and I was in her closet and I saw Amarie’s birth certificate and it had my name on it, so I showed Raye and she told me she was mines. And I know she mines because when Aug came back she was 6 months pregnant, 6 months prior was when I cheated.” I explained as Bliss blew air out of her mouth. 

“Well, congratulations! You finally got the daughter you’ve always wanted. Nah, but I’m glad you told me.” Bliss said with a sincere smile on her face. Thank God, I thought she’d be mad. 

“I love you so much, Cocoa Puff.” I said, calling Bliss by her nickname. Since that was her favorite cereal and she was brown skin, I gave her that nickname. She be saying that’s her stripper name and shit. 

“I love you too, Banana.” She said as I pulled her in a hug, and started playing in her new short hair. It looked good on her but a nigga gotta really have a tight grip on that shit in the bedroom. 

“Go introduce me to me your daughter!” She said as I quickly pulled away from the hug. Playfully pushing Bliss back into the house, I locked the door and made my way into the living with Bliss. My house was pretty big, I hope baby girl doesn’t get lost one day. 

“Ri, this is my girlfriend Bliss.” I told Amarie as Bliss waved at her. Amarie waved back but she still looked confused.

“Bwiss?” She attempted to announce. 

“Just call me Cocoa, baby.” Bliss laughed as she looked down at Amarie who had a big smile on her face. She must’ve loved meeting new people, or she was already starting to like Bliss. Everybody loved Bliss. 

“Ok cocoa, let’s watch a movie!” Amarie said as she dragged Bliss onto the couch. “Come on daddy!” She said as she patted on the couch to a spot next to her. Quickly putting in Skrek, I grabbed the remote to press play before I sat next to Amarie.  I sat her in my lap as I wrapped one of arms around Bliss. I didn’t even know that I was staring at them for a long time until Bliss started repeating parts of the movie.

“No, not the gumdrop buttons!” Bliss said in the same time as the Gingerbread man, causing Amarie to burst out in giggles. I’m glad that she likes Bliss.
My life is complete, I got the daughter I’ve always wanted, the best girlfriend ever, and a successful career. But I feel like something is missing…