now i can't stop drawing them


Some Fantastic Beasts’ sketches from my twitter


some rwby volume 4 doodles! was going to add more qrow pictures to this set, but then i ran out of time and motivation ;;

@seungchuchuweek Day 2: Clothing and Fashion

Outfit swap? Outfit swap!!

I was trying to make Seung-gil look like he’s a little embarrassed, but still having a good time but instead it just looks like he’s giving Phichit bedroom eyes lmao oh well

my-one-love-is-music  asked:

I love your JayTim art so much. It's beautiful and every time you post something new I get so excited and my heart is so happy with the caring glances that they always give each other and the desire that's always present in whatever scenario you choose to work with. I love your art style and recently learned that I can't look at your drawings when I have alcohol in my system because they make me literally cry happy tears. Please never stop creating because I love your work so much. <333333333333

THANK YOU SO MUCH sweetheart you have no idea how much this message means to me!! I’ve been always love jaytim because just by drawing them i feel so relieved and joy, and now knowing someone love my works like this just makes everything even better!! You deserve all the love bless you<3<3

i still can’t fucking draw thomas fucking hamilton to save my fucking life but  here’s @ebilafan‘s sketch requeeeeest!!!! (plust miranda because who would give up the chance to draw bedhead miranda?? not me!)

You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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MC: And you two can stop by whenever you want to see her, alright?

Saeyoung: MC, you are an angel! ★

Saeran: Seriously, thank you. You’re doing me a huge favor by taking her off our hands.

Saeyoung: *pouting*

MC: Hehehe.



may have gone overboard, but seriously his hair are the real deal!

I heard you like AUs in your AUs???? 

  • Me: I should draw one of the other Silmarillion characters today. I haven't drawn Finrod yet, I'll do him.
  • Me: *draws an elf*
  • Me: *makes him beautiful*
  • Me: *erases one hand*
  • Me: FUCk. Might as well draw Fingon, too.

Spent more time than necessary (and more time than I will openly admit) on this last night  but I’m quite pleased! Better late than never eh @memorieswarm ?

anamelissa22  asked:

Ok I think no one notice the double paladin tatto on the Lance's wrist He literally have klance on his wrist forever

@anamelissa22 EEeek! You noticed it! Yeay! <3 First the tattoo was intended to be on his wrist because he wanted his time as a paladin of both lions to be a constant part of him. But then I gave him the gloves and now the tattoo has this sweet ambiguous Klance feeling to it and I love it. (And yeah, because many stated/asked in the tags: those are Keith’s gloves. Totally up to you guys why he has them.)

gregfahlgren  asked:

Brian, lately with all the horrible shit happening in the US right now, I've been finding it hard to get any work done. I have Patreon posts to write, a novel to edit, and drawing lessons to do, but I can't get going. I can't stop thinking about how bad things are getting for you guys. I feel helpless to stop any of it from happening. I want to work, but I just can't. Do you any advice for me on how to deal with all this?

people have written entire great novels in nightmare prisons, with bombs dropping around them, in insane inhumane situations…

you can sit down and get to work. turn off the tv.  we literally might not be here tomorrow. finish what you started.

and if you can’t…  write about that!

(you knew I was going to say something like this :) )

anonymous asked:

I was wondering how much time you spent on practicing gesture drawing and art stuff in general cause that's the only explanation I can find for your art?? Being so good??? Your poses are the mOST EXPRESSIVE ADKFgfje I sometimes come back to your blog to look at the same pictures n they get even more interesting every time! Thank you for all your dynamic poses, heartwarming comics, memes :^) and ofc ocs! Your enthusiasm and love for them is so contagious I can't stop thinking about them now nngh

UGHDFG THANK YOU???? i actually dont do a lot of gesture drawing?? well i mean i guess i do, but that actually comes a lot from observation of my fav artist and real life motion!!! my two cents is always opt for the more expressive gesture!!!

and thank u for loving my ocs ;;;___;;;


Vanoss and Del have been together a while,
one day child!Evan just pop out for no reason…
hope u like this (°ཀ°) I can’t stop………..   in Pixiv

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wait I was going through your tram references and realized that walker is actually shorter than evgenia and now I can't stop laughing because it just makes him suddenly less threatening somehow.... please draw them standing next to each other I need to see it even if it's technically impossible

to be fair evgenia and her brother are giants, but yeah, he does look a lot less imposing when he’s not standing next to slaoui.