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First off, I'm so happy I found your blog. Your art is amazing and it inspires me to work on mine. :) <3 I am uncertain how your request box works, but I hope you don't mind if I can request a Tikki & Plagg drawing in a Noragami AU. Thank you so much!!

I’m going to be forward with you and say that I only watched the first episode of Noragami, but thankfully @philsterman01 helped me out on pitching ideas! 

Based off of this photoset


Probably gonna regret this later, but I wanna keep up with drawing and paintings as much as I can while working on projects and commissions on the side. So I’m gonna try and incorporate daily doodles/drawings ( If time and energy permit it ), even if they’re the most simplest and messiest things I can come up with on a whim when I’m not polishing and working on other goodies! Kinda wanna experiment and do some personal studying, all that fun stuff :’) 

Y’all can follow my twitter for these said daily doodles/drawings however, because chances are I won’t post the singular daily stuff here, but rather post them as a giant photoset when there’s been enough created for a tumblr post! 

For now you can just enjoy this super random Lunafreya, I want to draw her in a bunch of different clothing and outfits, her wardrobe seriously needs more to it!


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Five)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

RTD: Do you know, I’ve always wanted to ask you, David.  When you get a script what do you do?  From scratch
DT: I read it.
RTD: Yeah, but…
DT: I just read it to read it the first time.  And then I’ll read it and I’ll usually mark it up, which is literally just underlining my bits
RTD: Yep yep yep
DT: Which is the first stage of learning it, I suppose, and then you just read it again and you go over certain scenes.  Depending upon how much time you’ve got, whether it’s a script that you’ve had a few weeks in advance or whether it’s one of the ones that creep in at the last minute
RTD:  [laughs] Like they do
DT: …for whatever reason.  Sometimes you have to sort of just buckle down and start learning specific scenes if a schedule is in front of you…
RTD: Do you have to learn it according to the schedule
DT: Yeah, you do.
RTD: Sort of going, “Right, all of the UNIT scenes are first so I’ll learn those first”
DT: Yeah, yeah
RTD: That’s hard, isn’t it?
DT: Well, it’s easier than just learning it chronologically, because you’re just kind of keeping up with the schedule as it comes
RTD: Because it always strikes me, and actually everyone always says this, that you come to read-throughs incredibly prepared.  Do you, or are you winging it?
DT: Weeellll, it’s somewhere between the two, I think.  I think probably as the years have gone on, I enjoy winging it a bit more
RTD: Right
DT: Because I think it can be a bit more… sometimes you can over-prepare things, I think.
RTD: Yep
DT: and I think when we started I think I probably, sort of, would come to the read-through having practiced
[ RTD & SL laugh ]
DT: having made some decisions.  As time goes on it’s better sometimes to… especially when you’re meeting actors for the first time and responding to what they do for the first time, if you’re less… Because the first read-through, you’re sitting there thinking… and everyone… all the BBC bods come up from London… and we did three scripts!  We did The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, and School Reunion in one day and I’d never read The Doctor out loud before
SL: [ gasps ] How frightening!
DT: …and there’s all these people, all these bods coming up from London to kind of… and you’re just sitting there thinking, “I’m going to get sacked!”
RTD: [ big laugh ]
DT: That’s all you’re thinking.  So you’re very precious about it, and I think as time goes on you begin to feel slightly more confident of your position, and you think, well, it’s more interesting, actually, to maybe be a bit looser with it.  A bit freer with it.
RTD: And when do you learn the lines?  Is it late at night?  Is it first thing?  
DT: Just as you go.  Weekends a lot… you know.
SL: Because you are extraordinary.  I can say, I’ve worked with you now virtually solidly for four years - on Casanova and then on to this…
DT: Yeah, yeah. That’s true, that’s true
SL: …so I have seen HOURS of television with you
[ DT & RTD laugh at how she dragged out the word “hours” ]
DT: Hours of it!  
RTD: Sound a bit happier about that!
SL: Hours of Russell’s great writing!
[ waiting for the laughing to die down ]
SL: No! What I’m going to say is, I think in all that time, in all those days and all those lines, I think you’ve probably fluffed twice. You know, it’s extraordinary, you are extraordinary.  
RTD: That’s cursed it!
DT: Yeah!
SL:  No! You really are - at learning your lines
RTD: You are, that’s true
DT: It’s the homework, isn’t it?  You’ve got to do the homework.
SL: Well, you say that but you know some people don’t.  It’s brilliant - you are a great leader by example.
DT: I think you’ve got to. I think we’re in such a privileged position, and I don’t want cameramen standing around waiting for me to remember my lines, you know?
RTD: But also it is a skill of yours, actually.  Actors who have learned their lines, who’ve done all the work, can fluff on the spot
DT: Sure, and sometimes we all do, yeah
RTD: Yeah, but you do it less than most.  Now we’ve cursed it - it will all just go to pot!
DT: Yeah!  Tomorrow’s going to be a really long day!
RTD: Never speak about it out loud. 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

Additional parts of this photoset: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ]
The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ]

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“#can he take lessons from Nicky on how to not start fights or something” ha ha ha hey hey hey remember. when. when that was a thing.


….I don’t actually have a good response. 

Prom & Hospital Replies

Replies to my most recent comments. I’m going to write a Pixel Rust update now, but if I have time once I finish and post that then I will try to do some more. But in case I don’t get around to it, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on (and liked!) my stuff, and I apologize for not being more consistent about responding. Your feedback means the world to me, and I sincerely feel so blessed by your support. <3


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OOC: Hello again! Sorry for the random message, but I was having a really rough day the other day and your Post with Vani being nude and Ven getting all blushy gave me a much needed laugh. :) I'd like to give you a present as thanks but I can't draw! XD I can however write a good story! Are there any Ships you really like? :)

ah, you don’t have to make any present—it’s really okay! I’m glad you liked my recent photoset, I guess it’s really funny (lmao i laughed my ass off) all what I wanted was to bring joy to this place and I’m happy to see that’s happening right now.

buut if you insists, I can actually tell you my ships.

my moment to talk about ships has come!! jkjkjk.


ah well…it’s really tough to choose which ship I love the most….mmh

I don’t know…………

i mean, it’s not like they like each other or something….

i am crying this is too hard

ok i think i love vanven, yes, i love them.

Just a Few More Replies (*^^*)

Now for the rest of the story comments! Replies for @lyrea​, @maramaja06​, and @thesimperiuscurse​ beneath the cut!

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Hi! I was scrolling through tumblr on my phone and caught a glimpse of a gif based post, with Sherlock and Irene and him mentioning a case for Nero to work on and him being on a date with Rosie. Before I could see past the first couple gifs my phone went funky and now I can't find it. I'm sure I saw it was you who posted it/shared it and wondered if you knew which one i am talking about and can help me find it again so I can see the rest. Thanks!!

It was actually a photoset! Hahahhaha
If I am not mistaken, it’s one of my crack adlock photosets

You can see more shiz like this if you go to my AU tag…

maegmariel replied to your photoset “The newest timed quest updated today; back to the battle challenges….”

If you’re still having problems getting them to spawn, rent a chocobo and go on top of the stone arches

Aaaaaa thank you!  I keep forgetting that we can explore properly on our birbs now so I didn’t even think of that.  

So there you go anyone else struggling to spawn them!  They are on the big stone arcs, and don’t worry about falling off mid battle you do get warp points for them.  

Now I am going to explode with happiness because of getting to go against the Dread Behemoth again MY PRECIOUS FLUFFY PUPPER LET ME DESTROY YOU ♥♥♥

macfarlanelove replied to your photoset “Chapter 24 A/N: Let me know what you think.  The kiss was amazing….”

I love this chapter. So well written, I love how she’s slowly letting him in.


Thank you!!! Her opening up is really the theme of this and the next couple of chapters. They have gotten over their first “fight”, and now have to figure out how a relationship actually works. Part of that is opening up, and being their for each other. Because he’s no longer protecting himself and his feelings from her, he can be her sounding board. As they say it takes two to tango. He’s surer in their relationship potential, therefore he’s less, for lack of a better term, restrictive with his love. That leads to her feeling comfortable and opening up, and that is a positive spiral. Yay for positive spirals!!!

The new chapter / Tell me what you think

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omg! It felt so much longer than a month?

holy shit i KNOW it feels like an eternity but im BACK BBY have fun getting rid of me now assholes

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Bby Vincent is graduating omg!!! ��

im gonna CRY he’s so OLD and he’s gonna be OLD and he’s LEAVING jade behind :’(

@sirensimmer replied to your photoset “jade: i can’t believe u guys are graduating tomorrow.  graham: i can’t…”

im so blessed to have ur quality content back in my dash thx

this?? is so nice??? i honestly didnt expect ppl to care when i came back but im blushin and sheddin a tear thank u bby i love u


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They’re beautiful! Hope you had a great spring break with them

We had a great week, other than the bickering. It’s amazing how many little squabbles 6 & 4 year olds can get into. Hahaha!

goatkibble replied to your photo “Sorry for my absence. It’s been busy around here with birthdays (my…”

Awwww, gorgeous family! I bet you wish they would stop growing so fast though :P

Thank you! I really do. It seems like yesterday that the oldest was just a baby and now they’re both in school. :(

soloriya replied to your photo “Sorry for my absence. It’s been busy around here with birthdays (my…”

cuties ♥ :)

Thank you!

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She is pretty in both versions :D This is the charm of sims 4 - sims look good even without make up. With sims 3 it’s not that easy :/

Thank you! I agree that it’s harder to get them to look nice in the sims 3 with just the game content. I do like the ability to manage the transparency of the makeup in sims 3, though. I think it makes it a little easier getting the makeup to look more natural. I wish that sims 4 had that option.