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Yesterday me and my mom were talking about if everyone viewed God as their "father." I mentioned to her that some refer to God as "She" or "They" , but she thinks that most people do that to be politically correct, and that because the Bible refers to God as the Father, it would be an offense to God to call God anything else. I personally love the idea of referring to God as "Them", but I don't think my mom would agree. Do you have any rebuttals/ways to introduce her to it?

Hi there! A lot of people respond similarly to how your mother did when they first are introduced to the notion that God might be called more than “Father,” more than “He.” Hopefully with time she’ll get it a little better. 

Here’s a passage from God’s Tapestry: Reading the Bible in a World of Religious Diversity about a not-dissimilar conversation between the author, W. Eugene March, and their mother (for the entire passage, see this google-books link):

‘ Some years ago I received an unexpected phone call from my mother. She was clearly agitated and thought I would share her concern, a theological concern. She was agitated about the language that had been used in fashioning a prayer to God in a study book that she and other women in her congregation were using.

…The issue was a prayer on which feminine metaphors were employed to describe God’s love for Israel. Wombs, labor pains, and nursing at nurturing breasts were used in a prayer to God. When Mom and her Bible study friends read this prayer, the explosion was not pleasant. And not surprisingly, an unofficial ‘denominational’ publication circulating widely in her congregation fanned the fire of my mother’s zeal to denounce perceived heresy.

It took me several minutes to get her calmed down enough for us to talk reasonably. When I did, I asked her to read the offending prayer to me. As she did, I recognized the clear influence of Isaiah. I said, “Hey, Mom, that language is straight out of the Bible.”
She said, “It is not!”
I said, “Yes it is!”
“Is not!”
“Is too.”

Finally, I asked her to get her Bible and we had a long-distance Bible study of some selected verses from the book of Isaiah:

For a long time I have held my peace,
I [God] have kept still and restrained myself;
now I will cry out like a woman in labor;
I will gasp and pant. (Isaiah 42:14)

Can a woman forget her nursing child,
or show no compassion for the child of her womb?
Even these may forget,
yet I will not forget you. (Isaiah 49:15)

Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad for her,
all you who love her;
rejoice with her in joy,
all you who mourn over her –
that you may nurse and be satisfied
from her consoling breast;
that you may drink deeply with delight
from her glorious bosom.
For thus says the [Holy One]:
I will extend prosperity to her like a river,
and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing stream;
and you shall nurse and be carried on her arm
and dandled on her knees.
As a mother comforts her child
so I will comfort you;
you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. (Isaiah 66:10-13)

After she had read those verses, there was a long pause, and then she said, “When did they put that in there?” “It’s been there all along,” I replied. “Well,” my dear mother continued in a somewhat subdued tone, “why didn’t anyone ever tell me?”

“Why didn’t anyone ever tell me?” That is one of the questions that prompted this book. There are so many misconceptions about what the Bible does and doesn’t say, so much ignorance among otherwise well-educated, capable people. In my experience, the people in the pews are often well ahead of the clergy when it comes to the matters that really count in the way we order our daily lives and structure the communities in which we live. Their attitudes are usually based on what they recognize from their own experience of life. But they need knowledge about the support the Bible can offer and encouragement and permission from their leaders. They often think that what they believe must be heretical or offbeat, since no one assures them otherwise. ’

[end passage]

God exists beyond human language; They will surely not be offended to be called by a variety of terms. God has been called mother and midwife and Woman Wisdom for millennia, in Hebrew scripture before Jesus was born as well as in the earliest of Christian communities.

So when it comes to the fear of causing offense over different words for God, whom are we scared about offending? God? or other humans?

Here’s a post that talks about why we might call God other things beyond “Our Father” (we can keep calling them our Father as well!)

Here’s another post with similar stuff, including links to Bible passages. Because the Bible certainly does call God father, but also mother, and midwife, and rock, and light, and so much more. Lots of gendered language, lots of abstract and non-anthropomorphic language. The more variety we use, the closer we may get to just how big God is.

Here’s a post arguing that God is a woman, God is nonbinary, God is trans. (This one might be a little bit beyond what your mother’s ready to embrace right now, so I’d save this one for her for much later or just enjoy it for yourself.)

And our whole God beyond Gender tag contains even more stuff! Good luck helping your mom explores this. God is so much vaster than our human minds can fathom, but starting to explore many ways of thinking of Them helps. 

The Haus door opens and closes, slamming like it hasn’t been properly closed, just dropped. Bitty turns off his music.
“Hello?” He calls out. “Nursey? If you came back for your sweater you’re too late, Lardo’s wearing it.”
Bitty waits for a moment, his chemistry homework abandoned on the kitchen table. He checks under the towel on the counter and sees that the bread is rising, mostly. Bitty’s never been the best at bread, which is unfortunate, because it’s cheaper to make than buy at the store and he spent all of his grocery money on stupid food, like butter and bagel bites.
You can not survive on butter and bagel bites for two weeks. Bitty has tried.
“’cues me.”
Bitty turns around. Standing in the doorway to the kitchen is the new manager, Ford. She’s carrying a bookbag as big as she is, a Samwell sweatshirt, and a very large water bottle filled with what looks like energy drink.
“Can I study here?” She asks. “My dorm is filled with criminology majors. They’re everywhere. I think my roommate has a project? Nobody told me. Now I have algebra homework because I’m in one of those like, baby math classes for people who scored low on their math ACTs, and I don’t have a place to study where I can drink my Monster in peace.”


Dear Hye Jung,
I’m writing this letter in case something happens to me. I can become disabled, or die during the surgery. Even animals don’t abandon their offspring. I wonder what’s wrong with your parents. That’s also your fate, though. At least you got lucky with me. It shouldn’t happen, but if I die, you can keep my savings. It’s now in your name. Study with that money. The people I envy the most are educated women. My back hurts, so I can’t write anymore. 

From Grandma


sooo i’ve been getting plenty of anons asking about what markers and pens i use for my lettering, so here’s another mini stationery haul for you,,,

from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. artline - artline stix brush markers (my fave, 10/10 great for everything)
  2. zebra - mildliners
  3. tombow - dual tip brush markers
  4. uni-ball - signo DX 0.38 black pens (another fave, just don’t drop it)
  5. pentel - black and grey calligraphy pens

i’ve arranged the supplies according to what i’ve used in each section of the spread!!

+ i track #nahstudies tag me so i can see your posts ₍ᵔ·͈༝·͈ᵔ₎

Slytherins Aren't That Bad

thomas jefferson x reader

prompt: you were a new hufflepuff who was very quiet and kept to herself. you weren’t the best witch and often practiced when you were alone and no one was there to watch you. well, at least you thought you were alone.

a/n: i never write any tjeff fics and i love harry potter immensely so here’s some tjeff harry potter fluff. for anyone who doesn’t know their spells, accio is a summoning spell and expelliarmus is a disarming spell. 


“Accio book!” You commanded, swishing and flicking your wand sharply in the direction of the book stack sitting across from you.

The only movement you received was a slight rising of the book placed on the top of the stack, the pages fluttering ever so gently only to sputter and revert back to their original position, not a single action afterwards.

You groaned, placing your wand beside you and rubbing your face tiredly as you let out another huff of frustration. You were hopeless, completely and utterly hopeless. You were never passing this class let alone any quizzes or exams thrown your way. Hours spent in this corridor alone practicing spells that didn’t slide off your tongue the way others so effortlessly performed were all gone to waste.

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The Negotiator: Teaser

Quiet. He was always quiet as if he was taking each and every word said and analyzing thoroughly before speaking.

It was no surprise that you always found him right on Jackson’s heels. Someone needed to balance out his brute force and Youngjae was the perfect man for the job.

It was him that attempted peaceful talks with rival syndicates and potential clients before Jackson stepped in to “persuade” them, should they disagree.

The Negotiator, his position was as important as the rest, if not more so. Fear can only inspire people to do so much before plotting to rebel against the authority.

Now he was here, sitting in front of you as he studied your face for any signs of distrust.

He smiled awkwardly, raking his hand through his hair before speaking.

“If I tell you something… Can you keep a secret?”.

MOODBOARD BY SHAN CAUSE SHE ROCKS!!! @kpopfanfictrash ❣️❣️❣️


2016 was a hell of a year

Fuck politics and jobs and apocalyptic internet uprising
I did a couple big feature films, a couple wonderful indies, a couple small roles in projects I believed in… I fell back in love with the thing that made all the bullshit worth it

I lived outside of contract

I got the back of my head shaved for $5 in Albuquerque.
I fell in the kind of love that made you realize you sometimes never fell out of it
I realized the importance of my emotional health
I realized the sensitivity of my mental health
I watched my favourite person write her living will and made peace with the inevitability of death
I gained more respect for life

Can I give you some advice? I earned it myself.

Don’t smoke. Everyone that smokes cigarettes will tell you not to start.
Stop biting your nails.
Stretch everyday.
Call your grandma. Whomever you have now that’s not conveniently close but still contactable, contact them
Shout. Just do it. Whenever.
Trust yourself.
Be alone. It’s really uncomfortable sometimes and that’s when it’s important.
Celebrate the people that inspire you.
Study the ones who intimidate you.
Write love letters.
To yourself, to God, to your dad or mom or best friend or someone whose heart you hurt. Tell people how you feel.
Don’t drive if you think you’ll have ONE drink.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been up and running around since 6am. Drop your car off before your 4pm coffee because maybe you want a glass of wine and to take a walk, and police are hungry
Thank people for their service. Maybe you hate the military, but an elderly man in a veteran hat spent months with no communication in a ditch writing a monthly letter to the woman he loved, and she spent months waiting by the mailbox. He probably had to burn leaches off his body with cigars he never smoked just to return to her lips alive and scared and damaged but free
Say thanks.
Pray. There’s no way to do it wrong.
Write. The more you do, the better you get
It’s not about getting better
It’s about being genuine
What else?
Oh yeah.

Love them. It’s scary. You feel bitter. You’ve been hurt. Love. Love hard and brave and choose every day to fight for freedom, redemption and celebration
Every day should be the holidays it you do it right

Love Me Harder - A Remus Lupin Imagine

I tried, love! I guess it could have been more angsty but I am in such a weird mood right now (like I am so tired and it’s raining outside and…well)… Hope you like it anyway! 


You walked past Remus as he was shaking his head in despair.
‘What’s going on?’ you asked your friend.
'Those two’ he said, pointing at Sirius and James. 'They managed to get themselves another detention.’
'And you’re surprised?’ you laughed.
'Each time I think they wouldn’t so something sillier, they manage to lower my expectations!’ he said, amused.
You looked at a very angry professor McGonagall as she was pointing to them while shouting loudly.
'It’s just routine, Remus’ you said, patting him on the shoulder.
He swinged himself away roughly.
'Sorry…’ you muttered with a concerned expression.
Each time you would try to get closer to him, he’d be reluctant. Like you were some kind of decease. It made you sad everytime, especially because how you felt about him.
You always cared for Remus, he had always been a great friend. But you couldn’t help yourself fighting what you felt for him. That year especially, any time you’d see him in class or in the hallway, while eating or in the corner of your eyes, you would feel a burst of pure joy in your stomach. You guessed your feelings had deepened for him.
You learnt about his secret at the beginning of the year. It didn’t matter to you. He was a werewolf, so what?
It just made you grateful that he trusted you enough to tell you.
Sometimes you believed that he liked you too. The way he would smile to you. And especially the way his eyes would sparkle each time you’d enter the room. But it was always shut down by him distancing himself from you all of a sudden.
So you didn’t know on which foot to dance with him anymore. You just knew you desired him so much.
'I guess I’ll study without them tonight’ he whispered as the two boys were following professor McGonagall away.
'I can be your studying partner, if you want’ you suggested.
His face changed expression. He looked worried.
'Nevermind’ you added.
'No, I guess I could use a friend right now’ he said, trying to smile to you.
He nodded. 

You followed him to the library. When you entered the room, you quickly saw that there was no place available.
'I guess we’re not the only one who had the same idea’ you said, eyeing the library from right to left.
You looked at Remus.
'How about we go in your dorm?’
His face became stiff again.
'Come on, we’ll be in peace! With those two clowns away for the night…’
Remus scoffed.
'I guess we could do that.’
Pleased, you both walked to the boys quiet room.
You jolted to Remus’ bed and sat on it, taking your books out of your bag. Remus stood still in front of you, looking embarrassed.
'So, we start with what? Potions? Maybe transfiguration?’ you asked him, trying to erase the sudden tension in the room.
You saw Remus staring at your neck and he quickly shook his head.
'Sorry. Erm. I think we should start with herbology’ he said, sitting next to you.
You nodded and considered him for a minute.
'Are you okay Remus? You seem a bit off… if you don’t want to do this, I can leave you alone…’
'No!’ he shouted, surprised by the high tone of his voice. 'It’s fine… it’s just…’ he said, closing his eyes. 'There’s a full moon tomorrow and I’m a bit all over the place.’
You pouted.
'It’s okay, I understand. Do you need to rest instead of studying?’
'Maybe just for a couple of minutes…’
You sighed. At least he was honest. You got up to leave the room.
'Y/N?’ he said, as you were about to disappear behind the door. You turned away.
You heart jumped. He wanted to be with you.
'Are you sure?’ you asked, hesitant.
He answered by opening his arms. You joined him and laid beside him. He wrapped his arms around you tightly.

You smiled, hidden in his arms. It was the first time for a long period that he allowed himself to be near you like that. You closed your eyes, enjoying the moment. And especially fighting the desire you felt burning down there.
You couldn’t help it, feeling his warm breath in the hollow of your neck made you weak. You slowly turned your body to face him.
'Is this okay?’ you asked, longing into his green eyes.
He smiled. You slid your finger on the scar that crossed his face. You thought he was going to push you away but he just sighed of relief.
'And this?’ you asked, while running your hands down to his chest.
'Y/N…’ he sighed, stopping you.
'I just want to take care of you…’ you said, pushing your head closer to his.
He closed his eyes and you pressed your lips on his. You didn’t know how he would response. But he kissed you back, first faintly but he deepened the kiss quickly. You moaned as he pinned you to the mattress and pressed himself on you.

You couldn’t believe what was happening, it made you feel like you were slowly erasing the rest of the world from your mind.
You searched for his skin through the fabric of his shirt, feeling some bumps from time to time on his stomach, bumps made of irregular skin patterns caused by the many scars all over his body.
He slowly pulled your shirt up and started to kiss your belly with pure lust. His body was becoming heavy on you and your breathing was becoming difficult.
'Remus…’ you whispered, but he seemed completely lost.
You tried to push him a little, just to be comfier but it looked like your efforts were vain.
Unanticipatedly, a shock of pain crossed your body.
'REMUS!’ you shouted as he suddenly stopped. He looked at his hands, he had scratched your waist.
He sat immediately straight on the bed, panicked.
'I’m so sorry’ he said, shaking his head.
You looked down, it wasn’t that bad. You sighed. There was going to be a full moon the next day, you knew where it came from. It was not his fault.
'Hey’ you whispered, trying to kiss gently his neck. But he stood up and started pacing in the room.

'I think you should go, Y/N. I’m so sorry I hurt you, I swear, I’m never going to forgive myself for that.’
'I’m okay, Remus, really! You didn’t mean it!’
You tried to smile but he wasn’t looking at you anymore. You got up and joined him, touching his arm so he’d stop moving.
'Remus…’ you said, trying to find his mouth again.
He stared into your eyes.
'Kiss me’ you asked, longing for him more.
His eyes widened.
'Are you mad? Don’t you just realize what I just did? I hurt you, Y/N! I knew it was a bad idea…’
'You didn’t mean to! It was just an accident, please-’
'An accident? You call this an accident?’ he said, showing the long scar he had on his stomach. 'You want to end up like this?’
'Come on Remus, you’re exaggerating.’
'Am I?’ he shouted again, looking away from you.
'Damn it Remus! Why is this always like that with you? We take a step away then we take two steps back!’
He shrugged. 

'Why are you always letting me in a little bit just so you can shut yourself the minute I get there?’ you added.
'I don’t want to hurt you! Don’t you see? When I told you what I was, I thought you were going to leave it. That you were going to see what I am really and that it would drive you away.’
'Clearly, it didn’t!’ you answered, shocked.
'What would it take, to make you go away Y/N? Cause I can’t help but want you, but I can’t be with you. I can’t be with no one.’
You threw your hands in the air.
'Stop with this nonsense!’
He became angry. Like you never saw him before. His eyes were all black now.
He clenched his teeth.
'Y/N, what is in front of you, it’s not a man, it’s not a boy. It’s an evil creature that could kill you in a second. It’s a total monster that does not have any pity for anyone or anything. It’s an affliction I have to live with. But you do not have to. Let it be. Leave me alone!’
'So you think that avoiding me and pushing me away is going to do it?’
He didn’t reply.
'Never’ you added. 

Super Junior...5AM thoughts...

I can’t believe it’s been two years. It feel like just yesterday Siwon left and now he’s back. Waow! Everyone came back so fast. 

The longest I’ve had to endure was Kangin and Sungmin. That is probably because they never updated their social media a lot during their service so I never saw their faces much. At one point, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I missed Sungmin so much I cried to myself. I just wanted him back. The closer it got to his discharge date, the more impatient and restless I became until pictures and videos were uploaded of him walking out with a huge smile on his face. I was so happy that day! :’) (then some people ruined it for us both)

With Sungmin back, I took a huge sigh of relief and didn’t get emotional over the other members being gone (mostly because they still made a few posts here and there when they were on vacation). Now, I look at Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s discharge date…2018 and 2019…and I pray that time flies by. 

I was busy with university when Siwon, Donghae, and Eunhyuk left so maybe that’s why it feels fast. Plus, the group was on hiatus and I decided that this was my change to give me studies and life all the focus it needed because I knew it would be a mess once again when they made a comeback. 

Now, Siwon is back and we only have two more members to go. :)

It was so hard seeing Kangin leave since he was the first one, then Heechul and Leeteuk. One by one…but after Leeteuk came back I was at peace. It became routine and I just wanted them to go and get it over with so they can come back sooner. I respect their duty to participate in this mandatory service and I am proud of them for completing it. But, you can’t disagree that it did cause some struggles in the fandom - especially at the start. We got through it though.

And now they’re almost done!!!! 

Nobody (Part 4)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: I think just a few curses in this one

Words: 2633-ish 

A/N: I have a hard time writing Bucky.  Hope it’s okay :/ 

Bucky’s POV

One moment Bucky was running with a living skeleton on his shoulder and the next he was laying on his back in a mound of snow, completely winded; his gun and the girl had skittered away.  The Hydra thug who had tackled him loomed over his head and aimed a kick at ribs. Bucky rolled the side and blocked the blow away with his metal arm.  The thug groaned as his shin collided with vibaranium.  Taking the man’s distraction to his advantage Bucky hopped to his feet and hit him with a bone crunching front kick to the chest.  The thug crumpled to his knees and with a furious whirr of his arm, Bucky swung back and cracked the man across the jaw.  The impact sent several teeth flying and the Hydra agent was out cold before his face hit the snow.

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I’ve come to a point of wondering why is it that I’m super friendly when I talk to some of my followers and yet super done with the others.

I dislike the fact that I have to treat people with such different attitudes because I really really want to be nice to everyone haha :(

And I realised all those who annoyed me have certain characteristics of infringing on my personal space and anonymity so I came up with this list of pet peeves. As long as you don’t commit any of them below, I won’t bite 😘💋

THANKYOU ALL FOR READING IN ADVANCE (it’s a bit long haha) and your patience with me i seriously appreciate every one of my followers that doesnt fall into the above category, those who have been consistently chatting with me thus far and are super accomodating of my lack of responses at time, my intimates buyers, people who give me life advices and encourage me about As and life and tumblr ❤️❤️ Cherry loves y'all!

But As is seriously getting more daunting day by day so please understand that I am left with no choice but to come up with this list of pet peeves so that I can better manage my time and tumblr in general. With this, I also announce that kik will strictly be for business from now on so that I can reply my buyers fast plus filter the below 5 types of jokers from buyers without wasting too much of time trying to identify them 🙄


NOTE: if i ever sound annoyed or called anyone stupid below, please note that I am referring to a teeny weeny minority of the nsfw male population and that I am usually a lot nicer and less angsty because I believe majority of y'all here are still gentlemen ❣❣

1. My followers’ and my own anonymity over any thing else
2. My personal space
3. My time (considering I am taking As this year)
4. Nice people that I can talk to that don’t peer pressure me 😁
5. Encouraging (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM BEING CREEPY OKAY), accommodating and understanding chat buddies (because i reply at the speed of a snail) 😊😊

1. Asking for my personal information
Don’t ever try to entice me with your “good looking” body or face or dick or worst of all, your personal information because And 好心你啦, to those people who say “tell me your school/ where you stay/ show me your face and i will tell/show you mine”. Can you please get it across your brain that you’re the one who 主动 came to talk to me and logically speaking, I didn’t even know you existed till then, so you are more likely to be interested in getting my details than I am in yours so this is not even a fair trade at all? And I’m jinja not interested in anything to do with you 🙃🙃 Seriously, please reflect in your brain before you say such stuff because you just sound more stupid to me and tbh, I don’t have much tolerance for stupid people.

2. Being creepily clingy
You need to understand that I am a human being living my own life, NOT YOUR TOOL THAT CHATS WITH YOU WHENEVER AND HOWEVER YOU LIKE. I am on tumblr to join this community, make friends and save up money for my future expenses through my intimates sales, NOT HERE TO SATISFY YOUR DESIRES/ NEEDINESS/ LONELINESS. So please please don’t send me weird clingy texts like “why are you online”, or pagro me by spamming me texts when I didn’t even reply you. go talk to siri or those robotic messaging apps if youre that desperate

3. Compliment vs disgust
I like people who tell me “Hi babe, you look hot” because hi gentlemen, thank you and I like you too! 😊 But if you send me consistently drag every single word that you say like “babbbbbbeeeee can i askkkk youuu a questionnnnnnnn” with eery emojis like “😜😝😛😚”, you are on my radar of being disgusting. Tbh these texts are endearing if youre my friend and I know you, but excuse me: idek your real name, your face, your personality and has been talking to you for less than a day, DONT SEND ME STUFF LIKE THAT LEH it seriously just degrades my impression of you

4. Time wasters
I told y'all i dont have much time so if youre going to text me stuff like “can i ask you a question” x1000 and ask me boliao questions like my school, personal info, or “how often do girls masturbate/ how do girls masturbate” LET ME TELL YOU THAT IM NOT YOUR WIKIPEDIA and that every girl is different and seriously I’m not the best person to answer such questions.

5. Fwb/ sexting
Nonononono. If you think you can start by playing nice and I will soon be head over heels for you that I go out with you/ have sex with you: scroll up to the things that i value and then fuck off (this is so rude of me but omg dont test my patience)

6. People with horrible language

I don’t discriminate against people who can’t english very well okay!! but please, at least make sure you’re being coherent with your sentences because I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU OTHERWISE. I got people sending me stuff like “would he rear ido you” okay you’re trying to say “would be great if i could have sex with you” but omg 🙄🙄🙄asdfghjkl

7. Too fast into the action

I don’t open up to people easily in real life so all the more i wont on tumblr, hence if you start a convo with “can i smash you”, “let’s meet up i want to know you better”, “eh go play LOL with me now!” stop overestimating yourselves 🙃 i dont even have time to meet my friends because of studies so why would i want to go out with you/ game with you. And mind you, this is after I politely rejected saying “Im not really free to game now” and “I am not comfortable with meeting tumblr people offline” GET THAT SIGNAL WILL YALL 🙄

8. will add on when theres more things that annoy me

Peace out,
🍒 (sorry, thank yall and love y'all once again!!)

melins  asked:

can you make something like cheeky bird but at the same time something diferent i hope you understand this)

Teasing and distractions
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••SORRY I DID NOT PROOFREAD
You’d been studying for hours now, you had a huge test tomorrow and you couldn’t help but to stress about it, it was worth 15% of your grade so you had good reason to be stressed. Fionn had been sweet most of the day, leaving you to study in peace, he even brought you lunch so you didn’t have to interrupt your study time. It was getting pretty late at night now about 10 PM and Fionn had had enough of being away from his girl all day, he knew how you were, you always stressed about tests but you’ve been studying for this one for days, he knew you would ace the test but not if you kept stressing and over studying the way you were. Fionn was getting antsy and really all he wanted to do was cuddle with you and watch a movie, he knew what he needed to do, he needed to try and distract you.
“Babyyyyyy…. Don’t you think you’ve studied enough? I think you should relax now, you can’t do well if you over study and don’t relax”.
Fionn whined as he walked over to the couch you were working on and laid his head in you lap while pouting. You sighed looking down at the cuddled up boy who’s head was now in your lap.
“Fionn, you know this test is huge for me I can’t, no matter how much I want to snuggle with you”.
Fionn sat up, bottom lip poked out and head rested in hand.
“Ok well I have to cut you off at some point so I’m gonna go hop in the shower and when I come out we’re watching a movie and cuddling for the rest of the night”.
The boy was stern in his words and you knew he meant business so you agreed without argument.

After Fionn was freshly showered he walked out of the bathroom into the living room to check and see if you stopped studying and started relaxing which of course you hadn’t.
You heard Fionn clear his throat, you didn’t even know he was in the room,
“30 more minutes Fionn I swear and then I’ll be…”
You looked up to see Fionn standing in the room, towel laying low on his hips, hair wet and messy, water dripping down his toned body, and his smell he smelled so good and fresh. Fionn let out a light chuckle
“ Looks like something got your attention, do you see something you like?”
“I…I uh.. would you just go put some clothes on I need to concentrate”.
“So you cant concentrate with me like this?”
“Fine I’ll go put something on”.
Fionn came back and you glanced at him for a second, using everything in you to tear your eyes from him. Fionn went and put something on only that something being some sweatpants that laid low on his hips and that’s it. Fionn swooped his long leg over your head and sat behind you on the couch, with you in between his legs. You could smell him even stronger now and it was killing you.
“Love you said you’d be done when I got out”.
“I know but I just want to make sure I’ve got it all”.
Fionns hands were on your hips rubbing circles on them with his thumbs, his hands running down to your bare thighs, you were only wearing one of his button ups and a thong. Fionns mouth was now right by your ear,
“Please baby I want you, I need you”.
It was hard for you to turn him down when he used that whiny begging voice.
“20more minutes and I’ll be done”.
Fionn ran his up your thigh and under the shirt, lightly gliding his fingers over the top of your panties. He has now moved your hair away from your neck and is leaving light, soft, teasing kisses down your exposed neck, his finger now rubbing your clothed clit and you can’t help but moan a bit and throw your head back with closed eyes at the sensation. You can feel him smile against your neck, nipping it once,
“Mmm princess, doesn’t sound like you want to continue studying, sounds like you want to do something else”.
“Fionn, stop teasing me”.
“Are you going to stop studying?”
You don’t answer him leaving him to take this further, to tease you more until you can’t take it anymore. He goes back to attacking your neck with his mouth, his free hand wrapped around your throat pulling your neck at the perfect angle to expose it to him more so he can get to your sweet spot.
“Princess I can tease you more, I wasn’t even trying, this is trying”.
Fionns fingers are now under your panties rubbing hard slow circles on your clit while he’s nipping and leaving wet kisses on your neck.
“Oh look at that princess you’re already soaked. Did that get to you the way I looked when I was fresh from my shower? Did I look fuckable to you?”
You couldn’t hold in your moans any longer not with the way Fionn was working on your clit.
“Fionn, I’m done studying I promise just more… more please I want your fingers inside me”.
He doesn’t hesitate to insert one of his long thick fingers inside you pumping it on and out and quick pace while he still works on your clit with his thumb.
“Please Fionn don’t stop that feels so good”.
“Fuck princess I can feel you clenching around my finger, your so bloody tight and tense, you needed this I can tell, let it out let all the tension out”.
Your now a moaning mess and you don’t think it can feel much better than this but Fionn squeezes a second finger inside of you and curls his fingers just right to hit that one little spot deep in you that drives you over the edge.
“Is that it baby girl, is that the spot?”
“S-shit f-Fionn don’t stop, please don’t stop, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard, your gonna make me cum so fucking hard”.
“I’m not gonna stop baby girl, your pussy is so wet and warm, fuck I need to feel you around me”.
You’re now calling out Fionns name as you cum around his skilled fingers, eyes rolling to the back of your head and toes curling. You pull Fionns hand from your center and turn around, straddling him and grabbing his face, giving him a passionate and intense kiss, your tongue exploring his mouth.
“Here baby girl, you wanna taste yourself?”
You grab Fionns hand and take his fingers in your mouth, lapping up your juices and moaning.
“I need you inside me Fionn, now please, I wanna ride you”.
“You want to be a good girl and ride me?”
You shake your head yes and you work to get his sweatpants pulled down, releasing his hard cock from the tight pants. He hisses at your touch on his sensitive length as he unbuttons the rest of your shirt throwing it across the room. You line him up with you and slowly sink down on him as you both groan at the feeling. He was stretching you to were it burned just the right way and he was so deep you swore you could feel him in your stomach.

Fionns head was laid back on the couch with his eyes closed and bottom lip in between his teeth, brows furrowed. You begin to grind slowly on him little moans leaving both of your mouths.
“Fuck princess you’ve got to stop for a second or else I’m not gonna last, I’ll explode right here”, Fionn whimpered while looking up at you.
“Ok baby”, you say as you place you lips on him gently kissing him.
You start moving your hips again the both of you feeling pleasure from the amazing heat and friction being created.
“Oh my god Fionn your so deep you feel so good”.
You’re now bouncing up and down on his cock, he takes one of your nipples into his mouth lightly sucking and nipping at it.
“F-fuck Y/N please don’t stop I’m gonna cum if you keep bouncing on me like that”.
You’ve now sped up, Fionn slapping and grabbing at your ass as he whimpers and bucks up into you. Your screaming out his name as your orgasm creeps up on you without a warning and your seeing white spots, but this orgasm feels different, more intense and it feels like the longest one ever.
“Fuuuuck baby your making me cum, I’m cumming so hard”.
Fionns now whimpering and you feel him cum inside you as his cock twitches.
“Fuck princess you squeezed me so bloody tight, look at you, I think I made you squirt”.
You’re sensitive and your legs are still shaking from your orgasm, you look down and can see the liquid covering you and Fionn.
“ I’m sorry”.
“Sorry? Y/N that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen”.

“Yea. But I think we should both go take a shower and then I’ll get us some tea and cookies, you could use some sugar after that”.
“Only if you promise a round two after the cookies and tea”.
“Only if I get to eat your cookie”.
You laugh at Fionn and slap his arm as you head to the bathroom to get cleaned up. And to think you were gonna give that up to study.

So, you’re not going to help me study?

This is a University Yuri!!! On Ice AU with the pairing of Phichit x Chris. They’re roommates, and while Phichit wants to study Chris has… other plans.

So… hello. This is my first time doing one of these, so I hope it’s okay…

This goes out to my dear internet friend @mochigiygas; without her this wouldn’t have been made, so thanks dude! Hope you like it!

Here goes nothing…


“The answer has to be… sixty” Phichit typed it in proudly; it had taken him at least twenty minutes to reach that conclusion on his last problem.

The computer did not care though, and marked it as wrong… again.

He really could not afford getting it wrong another time, since he only had three tries… with that in mind, he sighted deeply and decided to take a break; he took his phone and checked social media.

A picture of Seung with his dog, a picture of Leo and Guang getting ice cream, a picture of Yuuri with his Russian tutor Viktor… who was the only reason as to why Yuuri took Russian, and finally, a picture of his boyfriend (and roommate) Christophe in some frat party. He tried to heart it fifteen times. Saying Phichit liked Chris was the understatement of the century; he was completely in love with him… They’ve been roommates for two years, but only started to date a year ago when Christophe had asked him out. Phichit was deeply captivated by his boyfriend’s smile, his voice, his hair, his eyes, his jokes, his charming way of being, the way he always knew how to cheer him up, how he always knew what he liked, his hands…

Suddenly the calculus homework and upcoming exam came back to his mind and made him get to the problem at hand.

A couple of seconds later, the door opened.

“How’s the hottest boyfriend doing?” exclaimed the cheerful Swiss, giving the Thai boy a kiss on top of his head.

“Frustrated… I cannot get over this calculus problem” Phichit turned to face his perfect boyfriend with a smile.

“Did you not tell me those problems were due on Monday? it’s Friday”

“Yes… but the exam is on Monday too, so I thought that if I got this quickly done, I could study”

“Awww, sweetie, what was one of the first things I told you when they paired you up to live with me?” Chris smiled.

“I’m top?” the younger boy blushed.

“I keep telling you I was referring to the bunk beds, you pervert” the older man smirked and continued “What I was thinking about was when I told you to always take Friday’s off… I was very lonely in the party you know… plus, you missed Yuuri getting drunk and confessing his love to Viktor”

“Ah! You have to be kidding me! I’ve been waiting for that to happen for months!” the Thai boy sighted.

“I know… that’s why I recorded it”

“Ah! You are the best!” Phichit got up and hugged him quickly, proceeding to get back to his chair.

“Don’t you think I deserve something a bit… bigger?” the Swiss put his hands on his boyfriend and massaged his shoulders.

“Thank you very much Christophe… now I’ll go back to my homework” the younger boy shrugged off the older one’s hands. He had vowed to finish this homework quickly so he could go and immediately study for his exam, he was not getting distracted.

“Are you serious?”

Phichit started to solve the problem again on his notebook.

“Yes. This is my last problem and I’ve been at it for almost an hour… as much as I would like to thank my Greek god of a boyfriend properly, this Calculus homework needs to be done”

“You think I look like a Greek god?” Chris whispered into his roommate’s ear.

“I… uh… homework” was all Phichit managed to say as he felt warm all over. Had he just let something like that simply slip out? While he did Calculus?

“You know… I could be Hades and you could be my Persephone…” the older one whispered as he gently bit the younger man’s ear.

“You know, I have a Greek Mythology exam on Tuesday! Mythology is amazing! I’m studying for that later!”

“I think you’re amazing…” Chris started to kiss Phichit’s neck.

“Christophe… I seriously… h-have to do this” Phichit was forgetting what one plus one was at this point.

His roommate stopped and stood straight. He let out a small sigh and gently pushed Phichit on his chair, away from the desk.

“Honey, seriously I need to- “

“Shhh, a second, please” Chris stood in front of the computer monitor and grabbed the younger one’s notebook. He stared intently at the monitor and then the notebook, occasionally scribbling something. No more than three minutes later, Chris typed in the computer and pressed enter.


Phichit rapidly got up to check the screen.

“Christophe, that was the last one, I really couldn’t afford to get it wr- the answer was five?” the screen was lit green.

“Mhm, you just mixed up the formula by elevating the wrong numbers, sugar” the Swiss gave his boyfriend a peck on the cheek as he pointed to the notebook.

“Ohhh, I see, so simple… thank you so much! Now I can get to studying! Can you help me though? Since you’re an apparent math genius?” the Thai smiled warmly, but his roommate just looked exasperated.

“So, we aren’t going to role play as Hades and Persephone now?” Chris got a bit closer to him.

“N-No! I-I have a Calculus test!” the younger blushed deeply.

“Don’t you have a Greek Mythology test? I can help you with that” before he knew it, Phichit had his back against the wall as his boyfriend got closer.

“T-Tomorrow… right now I’m going to study Calculus”

The older one sighted and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, placing his head on his neck “I’m sorry… I just really, reallyyyy love you, you know? You can go and do your Calculus homework in peace… I’ll wait; tell me if you need anything, okay?”

Phichit just smiled lightly; ever since he decided to take a second semester of Calculus, he would go out less, so that included less dates with Chris… his lovable boyfriend was patient though, he never got mad and he always ended up understanding when Phichit was truly busy, even making up dates in the small room just so the younger one didn’t have to go out and waste too much time. He couldn’t be more thankful for having a great roommate and an even better boyfriend.

Christophe looked up and smiled, kissing his boyfriend on the nose. Phichit wrapped his arms around the elder’s neck and softly kissed him on the lips; Chris smiled and immediately kissed back, pulling the Thai closer.

After a few seconds, they parted.

“I love you too… if you want, you can help me study for Calculus… and Mythology” Phichit gave his boyfriend a small peck on the lips.

“Of course, I’ll help you study…” Chris looked into Phichit’s eyes mischievously.

Phichit giggled “I mean it” he kissed his boyfriend again, slightly playing with his hair; Christophe pulled him closer, as if it were even possible.


In the end, Phichit got a B on his Calculus exam… but, he did ace his Greek Mythology exam.

Si estás a mi lado, enciendes el sol

Day 2 is here and ths is my weapon of choice… Thanks to the lovely Bianca @from-red-string for proofreading. 

PSA: this prompt made me think of the song You Are The Moon by The Hush Sound. It doesnt have much to do with my actual fic, but you’ll thank me later if you check it out ;)

Ficday 2: “You’re my roommate and it’s way past midnight and you’re talking about how the moon must feel insignificant because it borrows light from the sun and this is all very interesting but will you please shut up and go to sleep”.

“Damn it, bro! I love you and all, but can you shut up for a minute?”

Luna gets up pretty quickly from the couch, her pink slippers lighting up every time she takes a step. She hears Gastón’s loud voice coming from the entrance of her apartment, followed by Nina’s. “Luna, are you still awake?”

She is about to answer when she hears another voice; quieter, but equally familiar. Luna quickens her steps and finds the three of them in the kitchen. Nina’s by the fridge, pouring water into a glass while Gastón stands beside Matteo, who is sitting in the counter with a loopy expression and his left arm wrapped in a cast. Gastón spots her first, a scared smile on his face. “So you are awake! How was your day? Did everything go alright with you presentation?” The fake cheer in his voice almost makes her afraid to ask what happened. She does, anyway.

“Cut the crap.” Her voice sounds sleepy to her own ears, it’s way too late to be dealing with this.“What the hell happened to Matteo’s arm and why is he just sitting there looking like he’s high?” She gestures to the boy in question. Matteo is apparently murmuring something to himself and his eyes look lost, he hasn’t even seen her yet.

Nina lets out a nervous squeak at the same time Gastón mutters “That’s probably because he is.”

Luna resists the impulse to hit her head against a wall. “I thought you guys were just going to watch Star Wars at your place?” She turns to Nina, hoping her friend will give her some answers. Matteo still looks like he’s not even there.

Nina bites her lip apologetically and bursts out “I’m so sorry Luna! I was out and had no idea!” Nina’s outburst seems to finally snap Matteo out of his trance. “Luna! what are you doing here? I thought you had to study.” He looks around and seems to notice his surroundings for the first time. “Hey! This is our apartment! When did we get here?”

Gastón gives him a tight-lipped smile and pats his cheek. “S'alright, bro. How’s the arm?” Matteo shakes his head before answering, “Doesn’t hurt as much as it did before.”

Nina hands him the glass, telling him to drink up. Matteo smiles gratefully and gulps down the water as if he hasn’t had a drink in ages.

Luna is getting madder by the second; how is it they just expect for her to be calm about this when they won’t tell her what’s up? She had been studying for her exam when she got Gastón’s text that said not to worry and that they would bring Matteo home late; no other explanation. She’d been worrying since that moment, of course. That had been three hours ago; now it was half past midnight and all she’d gotten from them before they decided to barge into her apartment was another text, this time from Nina, saying that things were slow at the hospital and that they would see her later.

Well, now is later and Luna still hasn’t got any freaking clue what’s going on.

“Screw you all!” Her friends freeze in their place, terrified expressions on their faces. They have known her long enough to know that an angry and sleep deprived Luna is someone they don’t wanna mess with. “Can anyone tell me right now what the actual hell happened?!”

Matteo and Gastón look at each other and Nina buries her face in her hands, Luna just keeps glowering at them with her arms crossed. Gastón seems to be the bravest and grabs at his hair before answering her. “Look… we decided to take a little break between Episode IV and Episode V and Matteo here wanted to play football.-” The boy sends him a dirty look “-So we played in the living room and accidentally broke a vase…”

“You broke the vase my mom gave me for Christmas?!” Nina gapes at him, her hands shaking at her sides. Matteo winces and Gastón just looks at her apologetically, “Sorry honey! Really! I thought you didn’t even like that vase!” Nina glares at him, “But it was a gift!”

Luna is losing both her mind and her patience. “Who cares about that stupid vase! I want answers!” Nina looks down embarrassed and Luna feels a little pang of guilt for screaming at her friend; she is probably innocent in all of this, anyway.

Gastón sends his girlfriend a contrite look before continuing, “As I was saying, the thing fell and there were shards all over the floor. My bro here, the neat freak, didn’t only sweep the shards away but mopped the living room floor. It was kinda wet, but we kept playing until this idiot-” he looks pointedly at Matteo (who seems a little more lucid) “-slid and fell on his arm.” He glances down at his wristwatch, “That was about 4 hours ago. We left for the hospital not long after, Nina met us there. We waited a lot and when the doctor finally came, they took some X-rays and told us Matteo had broken his arm. We went for tacos after he was released and then we came here.” He nods, satisfied with himself for being able to sum it all up.

Luna’s glare still burns through his skull. “If it is about the tacos, don’t worry, we brought you some!” He smiles, a little unsure as he gestures to a takeout bag sitting on the counter beside Matteo. Nina rolls her eyes discreetly and Matteo winces again (Luna wonders if it is because his friend is an idiot, or if it is the pain… Maybe it’s both).

She’s really out of patience now. “Why is Matteo high, Nina?” Her friend looks down and plays with her sleeves,“He’s not really high. They gave him something for the pain and it made him a little loopy. It’s a common side effect of many painkillers, actually.”

“Ugh! But you’re fine, right?” Luna directs her gaze to Matteo, who still looks a little out of it, but not as much as when he first came in. “I…I think so. It hurts a little, but it’s better now”, he looks down at his injured arm and then back at her, as if seeing her for the first time. “You had a big presentation today, right? How did it go?” He tilts his head with curiosity, and he looks so adorable in that moment, she can’t even be angry anymore. It happens every single time. She can never stay mad when he’s looking at her with those beautiful brown eyes.

She sighs; her anger is gone, leaving only exhaustion behind. “It went well enough, chico fresa. I’m glad everyone’s okay, I was worried.”

Nina lets out a breath and reaches toward her with a hesitant smile, “I’m really sorry for worrying you, we knew you were studying for your exam tomorrow and didn’t want to disturb you.” Gastón also gets closer, his arms outstretched for a hug, “Yeah, sorry Luna. We should’ve let you know what was going on but I was actually pretty freaked out. Can you forgive me for letting your roomie get hurt and accept our peace offering of tacos al pastor?”

She’s way too tired to be even a little resentful… and tacos sound heavenly right now. She accepts Gastón’s hug and hears Nina sigh with relief. When she pulls back, she glances at Matteo, who is looking at her with an affectionate smile and her heart melts a little.

The tacos they brought were pretty good. She ate them in the kitchen with Nina while Matteo and Gastón settled on the couch, the latter determined to finish Episode V before leaving for his own home. The couple now says their goodbyes and she closes the door behind them. She returns to the living room to see Matteo laying on the couch, staring right at the tv, which is paused on the movie credits. “I thought you were asleep already. It is pretty late and you seem like you need ten thousand naps”.

He turns his head to look at her, “I do feel a little sleepy, but I want to talk to you.” “About what?” She asks softly, going to sit on the couch beside him. He drags himself to lay by her side, resting his head on her lap. Her cheeks are going red, she’s pretty sure of it.

It is so surreal, being so close to him. They’ve lived together for two years now, ever since she first started college. Matteo had lived in a small apartment with Gastón during their freshman year; but then Nina and Gastón moved in together, and Matteo couldn’t pay the rent of the place by himself (His dad is still pretty adamant on not giving him a cent). She’d been planning on moving out of the Benson mansion -where her parents still live, now that it is hers- for a while and when she got accepted into the same college as Nina, Gastón and Matteo; she’d asked him if he’d like to look for a place together. It had been a little awkward at first, considering their history, but their bond is too strong to be broken and living with each other has only strengthened it. They are so different and yet so alike, they work side by side in harmony and couldn’t be happier about it.

The only moments in which she doubts if being roommates was a good decision are moments like this one; being so physically close and having to hold back her feelings for him. She never stopped loving him, not really; she doesn’t think she ever will. But things had changed between them at the ending of her junior year of high school; after she discovered she was Sol Benson. She’d had too much in her mind at the time and no time for a boyfriend. They broke off things between them but stayed friends. Matteo had given her space for a while, pulling away from her; until they both realized that they couldn’t handle the distance. They’d started hanging out as much as they could, trying to mend their relationship and they turned whatever they’d had before into an unbreakable friendship. Still, she’s never been able to stop wishing for things to turn back to they way they once were. She misses kissing him, telling him she is in love with him, getting to call him her boyfriend. She’d tried dating other guys, but Matteo is the only one her heart beats for; no one else will do. At least she has the small blessing that Matteo has stayed single since he first started college. He went on dates sometimes, but she’s never had to put up with a long-term girlfriend; she’s never even gotten to meet any of the girls he’s been on dates with. Nina always tells her that the fact that neither of them has had a relationship that lasted more than a couple of dates since they broke up must mean they both still love the other, but Luna doesn’t want to hope only to get her heart broken. So she never says anything and just hopes he doesn’t notice how much she wishes he was still hers.

Right now, Matteo grabs her hand and pulls it to rest on his head, meaning he wants her to play with his hair; he does that a lot. “I’m really sorry that I worried you. I forgot to tell the guys to call you to let you know what happened; it hurt a lot at the moment and I was pretty distracted.”

“It’s okay,” Luna says softly,“I’m just happy you are alright. I didn’t know what to think when I got Gastóns message, and then Nina texted about a hospital; I got worried you’d been in an accident or something.”

He snuggles closer to her, “I know, and again, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll never forget to tell you if something is wrong again.” He takes her hand that isn’t in his hair and kisses it; her heart tries to jump out of her chest. “Thank you for waiting up for me, I thought you’d be asleep. You have that big test later today, remember? Actually, I think it’s time you go to sleep.” Matteo looks up at her with concern.

“I know, but I couldn’t sleep without knowing if you were alright or not.” She hesitates before adding, “Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep until I make sure you do. I don’t want you staying up late after the day you’ve had.”

He gives her a soft smile. “Hey, what about we both sleep here on the couch? I really don’t wanna get up and walk all the way to my room, and that way you’ll make sure I actually get some sleep.”

She lets out a choking sound she tries to disguise as a cough. It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve both slept on the couch, but the idea still makes her flustered and nervous. Sleeping next to him is always torture. “Uh, okay, I guess” Matteo grins at her and she does her best not to regret her decision. He lifts his head so she can stand up. “I’m just going to get us some blankets and pillows.” “Sure,” she hears him call after her.

They are both already laying on the couch; one on each side of it, to Luna’s relief and regret. She brings the blanket up to her chest and looks at the night sky through the window. Matteo is apparently doing the same because she hears him say to no one in particular, his voice already sleepy, “I bet the moon must feel pretty insignificant up there, having to depend on the sun in order to shine. I mean, she’s so small and he is so big! I don’t really want her to feel bad.”

Luna tries to hold back a chuckle. The meds they gave him must be really strong. “Matteo, that’s very nice of you and all, but I’m pretty sure the moon feels pretty good about herself. Just close your eyes and go to sleep already!” She murmurs fondly.

He yawns loudly and she hears him shift a little. “I hope she does, really. You’re named after her, that should make her feel honored enough. You’re as beautiful as she is.”

She freezes for a moment, not knowing what to think about his words. He’s half asleep and high on meds, after all; he probably doesn’t know what he’s saying. She risks a look at him, sitting up to see his face in the dark; he’s already asleep. Luna lays back down and sighs. She tries not to hope he meant it, but it’s futile. She’s in love with him and there’s nothing she wants more than for him to return her feelings. Usually, she would do her best to drown her thoughts of him, but it’s late and she’s tired; so she lays back down and hopes for sleep to take her soon, not before whispering as soft as she can, “You make the moon and all of the stars in the sky look bad, Matteo. None of them shine as bright as you.”

realtalk w/being an older artist… several years ago, i’d be that person who’d get a pang of ‘aaaaaa’ every time i saw an artist way younger than me doing better than me, but there’s so much you don’t consider when taking into account someone’s talent

like maybe they have a better attention span (as someone with adhd, my slow improvement has been a struggle). maybe they’ve had a more profound influence from their teachers. maybe the way we learn is different. maybe their method of teaching themselves is either more intensive or went back to a traditional sense of learning (whereas i just draw and draw until i level up and use online tutorials as reference, as opposed to say, going to actual art classes and having peer support)

i suppose whenever i got that pang, it was less about being jealous of someone’s ~inherent talent~ and more like feeling i’d lost time in meandering and not studying more and i should be way more caught up by now. but i think it’s really important to make peace with your past growth and focusing on what you can do now that you’re aware of it.

Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo shamelessly stolen Prompt Request: “me and your roommate share a class together and help each other study weekly and you’re an annoying twat who thinks its funny to keep interrupting us and wait what do you mean they’re running late? no im not waiting here alone with you for two hours are you insane” au 

@theflowergirl: I’m so bad at titles sometimes, so this one doesn’t have one. unless you can come up with something lol <3

EDIT: Now posted on AO3

The water fell with a splat on her carefully written notes. The ink bled into the paper and the words blended together, making it indecipherable. Soo looked up to glare at the man leaning over her shoulder, Wang So. He held his drink high over her, his eyes perusing over her work, and she watched as the condensation drip, drip, dripped onto her papers, onto her hand, and onto her shoulder. The cup tipped perilously in his hand and more water threatened to descend upon her notebooks. “Are you serious right now? You’re getting my notes all wet.”

He looked down at her notebook, saw where the pages wrinkled with moisture. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize,” he said. He took his shirt and wiped the sides of the glass, leaving uneven and dark wet spots across it.

She rolled her eyes, trying to push him away as he came over to dry the table with the hem of his shirt. “Obviously you didn’t realize or my notes wouldn’t be soaked right now. Can you just leave me and Baek Ah to study in peace? We have an exam coming up.”

He chuckled. “Right, Baek Ah is studying peacefully alright.”

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