now i can stalk him on twitter

social media sentence starters.

“ are you stalking that guy’s/girl’s twitter again? ”
“ i really want to upload these pictures to instagram. ”
“ my instagram pictures are all in black and white. it’s my aesthetic. ”
“ hey, do you want to follow me on twitter? ”
“ i stalk my favorite celebrities on their twitter’s, don’t judge me. ”
“ do you want to follow me on my tumblr? ”
“ i added you on facebook, how come you didn’t add me? ”
“ my tumblr blog sucks, but that’s okay, so do i. ”
“ you seriously update your status too much. ”
“ i have a facebook page, you know, if you wanna add me. ”
“ have you seen the new update for the app? it’s terrible! ”
“ are you gonna give me your kik or not? ”
“ i don’t use anything other than to talk, so. ”
“ do you want to text me sometime? ”
“ if i give you my number, are you going to text me? ”
“ facebook is for old people now, i never get on there. ”
“ follow me on instagram and i’ll follow you back. ”
“ do you remember myspace? we should bring it back. ”
“ haven’t you ever tried tumblr before? it’s pretty wicked. ”
“ i have a blog, i’m an avid blogger. ”
“ are you stuck reading in those forums again? ”
“ google literally always jumps to worse conclusions at my questions. ”
“ i think i have just been catfished. ”
“ how come you never like my pictures? not a single one? ”
“ i went through and liked all your stuff on facebook. ”
“ you want to follow me on pinterest? i love that thing so much. ”
“ i’m addicted to pinterest these days, sue me. ”
“ facebook told me to write on your wall, i did, literally. ”
“ do couples really have joint accounts on this thing? ”
“ i can’t help but stalk him/her on their twitter and facebook! ”
“ my thing to do is reblog and like stuff and watch netflix. ”
“ the internet is so much fun! why didn’t i come here a long time ago! ”
“ internet world is crazier than the real world. ”
“ i wish i had a better wifi connection right about now. ”
“ i need a new texting app to you, any ideas? ”
“ we should facetime later, i am totally up for it. ”
“ hey, facetime me real quick if you can. ”
“ stop calling me on skype, you have my number! ”
“ can you give me your skype maybe? for later? ”
“ skype won’t let me login, what the crap! ”
“ i have way too many accounts for way too many sites. ”
“ who makes a fake facebook account? isn’t that old? ”
“ snapchat me because i’m bored and need a friend! ”
“ all i do is laugh whenever i’m on snapchat. ”
“ i live for the snapchat filters! ”

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Bts reaction to their girlfriend having the name Batgirl and she cosplays as her for kids? Ty!

(I assume you mean having the same name as the character, Betty/Barbara)

Jin didn’t really get it until you told him how much the kids loved it. It made him want to try cosplaying sometime.

“Of course my Jagi would be good with kids.” “Does this mean we can cosplay as Mario and Peach sometime? You’d be the most beautiful princess.”

Suga is glad you have something to do while he’s not there, but he might be a little surprised by it. He’d definitely admire your hand made cosplay. 

“I didn’t realize you were this big of a nerd, baby.” “Did you make this yourself? Wait, you can sew too??”

J-Hope is very excited that you make kids happy, now you’re both balls of sunshine. You didn’t ask him to be, but he’s now you’re biggest cheerleader for cosplaying.

“If you every want to do more cosplays and I will help however I can!” “Can I take pictures next time you wear it? What?! You just look so pretty!”

Rap Monster probably noticed the name thing before he even knew you cosplayed as her. Whenever you repaired an old cosplay or made anew one he’d hang around and watch you work.

“Darling, why are you so cute?” “Let me know if you want help. What do you mean you don’t trust my sewing skills?”

Jimin low-key wants you to show him your costume. He doesn’t want to embarrass you though so before he asks, he stalks your sns for pictures.

“Jagi? Can I…would you mind showing me your costume?” “Come here and take selcas with me for Twitter. Everyone needs to see how cute you are.”

doesn’t understand how you can be this cute and you’re good with kids? Clearly you’re perfect for him.

“Can you cosplay for me sometime?” *you show him* “You look so cute! Now I know why kids love you~”

Jungkook is trying not to loose his mind over you basically being a superhero. It makes him want to try cosplaying too.

“That’s like, insanely cool???” “This is gonna sound weird but…would you show me how you made this? I want to try it…”

I do not allow reposting or translations of any of my work.

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Apparently Cm not only made that comparison picture on twitter, she also did it on her Instagram stories, I don’t understand why she is so obsessed with Cole, can’t she just stop and leave him alone? She’s so unnecessary and now Cole got hate for something he didn’t even do, it’s ridiculous. I mean people are being childish about it but CM should stop with the obsessive behavior too. It’s a good thing Cole has thick skin and ignores the hate.

Like I said, she’s an obsessive, creeper bitch who stalks and sexually harasses her co-worker. And for any fake Brazilians racing to tell me how it’s because you guys are soooooo passionate and speshul, noooooo….then she’d do this with everyone, she only pulls this shit with Cole

It Started With a Follow *Luke Hemmings One Shot*


My phone sat in my back pocket while I chatted with some friends during lunch. It was a few days until the last day of school. We would be graduating in a matter of days and I was excited. There was a loud ping from my pocket and I jumped slightly not realizing my ringer had been on all day.
“You better turn that off,” my friend says from the other side of the table. I give her my signature, ‘no shit,’ look and pull it out of my pocket. It’s a notification from twitter, probably just some random from school following me because we go to the same school. I turned the ringer off and clicked the little note. I’m alerted to seven new followers and at quick glance I see that I was right, random people from school. One image catches my eye however and I can’t help but feel my heart beat quicken. The icon is familiar and when I look at the name on the list of followers I’m convinced it has to be some sort of joke.
I clicked on the picture of the blond boy with amazing blue eyes and his profile pops up little blue and white check and all. I start to shake slightly looking up at my friends in disbelief was I dreaming. I had to be Luke Hemmings didn’t really follow me. “What?” my friends start to ask repeatedly, while I sit there like a fish out of water my mouth opening and closing rapidly as I try and think of what to say. I’m in complete shock and I don’t know how to get out of it. Part of me wants to run around screaming and jumping, hell I would even break out into song if I wouldn’t get in trouble.
“He followed me!!” I shout once I’m recovered enough to speak.
“Who?” they ask.
“Lucas fucking Hemmings that’s who!” I answer back still bubbling with excitement. I start bouncing in my seat and the girls look at me like I’ve gone bonkers. They roll their eyes not understanding why I care so much. They like 5SOS but they don’t love them, they don’t fawn over their every move and they don’t twitter stalk them hoping for a follow from at least one of them. They start to laugh while I ramble on in a fangirling frenzy.
“Why don’t you dm him can’t you do that now since he follows you back?” (Y/F/N) asks turning to me. I freeze I can do that now, I start typing away on my phone avidly hoping he reads the message, “I’ll take that as a yes,” she chuckles.
I spend the next ten minutes of lunch typing away and erasing because I don’t want to sound crazy-stalker-fan-ish. I finally decide on a simple, “Thanks for the follow, I love 5SOS you are amazing,” I slip my phone into my pocket knowing he wont message back that fast.
The rest of the day I’m beaming from the excitement of him actually following me. When I got home later that day I checked my phone seeing if I had a reply. I hadn’t actually expected to have a reply so when I clicked my DMs and there was nothing I just threw my phone down on the counter and searched for something to eat. With a snack in hand I couldn’t help but find myself drumming my fingers against the counter my eyes trained on the phone on the counter. I was nervous what if he did reply would I know what to say. I didn’t want to waist this opportunity I mean how often do you get the chance to actually talk to a celebrity you admire and love.
I sighed to myself loudly and tossed my trash. I picked up my phone and let it fall into my pocket. I threw myself on the living room couch and watched something trying to get my mind off the potential conversations we could have. I lost myself in a movie and completely forgot my phone was even in my pocket. I felt the vibration and pulled it out thinking it was a text or maybe my mom calling to tell me she was bringing something to eat.
My heart pounded as I realized it was a DM alert. He had actually messaged me back. I clicked the notification with shaky hands and then my eyes scanned over his message. “Anything, for a beautiful girl like you,” there was even a winky face with the nose and all. Was Luke Hemmings really sending me a flirty DM. I seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven, or I was asleep living a cruel, cruel dream.
I had one chance I had to flirt back and quick because he might still be on. “I’m sure you say that to all the girls Mr. Hemmings,” I said using the same face he did. My heart pounded and I prayed he would reply soon.
I locked my phone because I couldn’t bare to stare down at the messages waiting for his reply. A minute later my phone buzzed indicating that he had messaged back. I was still a shaky fangirling mess but he didn’t need to know that. “But if I did I’m sure you would see the screen shots some where,” he had a point girls screen shot their DMs for less than this.
“Well then don’t I feel special,” I replied smiling like a crazy person.
“You are,” he had replied faster than before. I found myself messaging him for almost two hours, I wasn’t even sure if I knew where they were at the moment so it could be the middle of the after noon, midnight, or any other time wherever he was. I got my answer a little later when he told me that he was heading to bed but that he really wanted to talk again and that he would message me again tomorrow. I had told him good night and then laid there going over our conversation again. At some point it had started to get slightly sexual which I hadn’t expected because it’s Luke but I didn’t care either damn he was hot. I’m pretty sure what we were saying was borderline sexting. I think I would have to leave that part out when I talked to my friends about this.
The next day he had messaged me as he said he would but I was in the middle of class when I got his message. With out the teacher knowing I had managed to text him the whole class period. We talked about tour and everything and how it was to travel. At one point I was feeling brave, “It must suck being a teen age boy and being surrounded by all those girls, nothing you can really do about it.” He had told me how he didn’t get to talk to many girls and hadn’t actually been with a girl in any way for a while now.
“Yeah sometimes my hand isn’t enough,” he replied. I felt a blush hit my cheeks was this really turning into some kind of sexting? Was I really sexting Luke Hemmings? Was I really sexting in class with Luke Hemmings?
“Maybe, you just need a little more motivation,” yep I was.
“Are you offering?” he was being cheeky I’m sure if I was there with him I would see the smirk on his face.
“Maybe after school,” I sent him my now signature winky face. I’m pretty sure if we had this conversation face to face and with all the winks it would look like we had an eye twitch. He apologized for me being in school and asked if we could talk later. I assured him that we could talk now but he told me I should focus on school. I couldn’t help but shake my head at him but I told him I would talk to him later.
The rest of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about what we talked about. Could I really help him with his… um… issue. It’s Luke Hemmings, and while I may not have much experience in this area I’m not an innocent little girl either. I found myself searching through smut tags on Tumblr thinking about what it would be like to be the reason he comes. To know that I got him so riled up and he had to release and then was a panting most likely flustered mess.
By the time I got home I was rather horny myself. So many look alike gifs and so many detailed stories. I needed him even if it was only in text. I sent him a message, “How about we pick up where we left off?”
He messaged back a few minutes later, “I’ve got a few minutes,” complete with winky face and all.
“Good, because I’ve been thinking about you all day, you wouldn’t believe the things that some fans write,” I replied.
“Trust me I’ve seen it, they have high hopes.”
“So you see my dilemma,” I replied quickly.
“So it‘s your hands that need the motivation now I see,” he was teasing.
“Don’t tease me damn it.”
I decided to turn the conversation myself, “The last one I read said you’re pretty talented with your mouth.”
“Did it now, what did it say exactly?”
“Well, first you teased the crap out of her then you took her on the kitchen counter.”
“Sounds about right, I can be a tease,” he replied. I knew it, I knew he was like that.
“I totally called it,” I replied smirking.
“So if you called that then you had to of known that while I love to tease I am also a giver, I always make sure the girl is pleasured.”
“Of course, how else would want to return the favor,” I replied.
“So after, I’ve done my beast to please you, ran my hands all over that body, thrust deep into you with my long fingers, ate you out right making you come several times in a row, after I teased you relentlessly how would you repay me?”
“Well the obvious of course. I’d have to use my hands make sure then, of course I’d have to use my mouth, I’d probably try to fit it wall but I’m sure I couldn’t to I’d end up needing my hands still,” my heart was racing and I could feel the arousal building damn if I wasn’t horny before I sure as hell was now. “I would definitely have to keep eye contact with you because I would just love seeing how you’re head lulled back and your eyes would shut tight.”
“Fuck, I wish I had more time to talk to you, but I have to go, but we will continue this later,” he replied. Damn it, just when it was getting good.
“Fine, I guess I’ll let you go,” I replied using a winky face. He sent back a smiley face and I threw my phone to the side.
After the first time it started happening more and more. I don’t think there was really a time when we weren’t being at least slightly sexual. We were constantly talking and he was becoming something more than this guy in a band I loved. He was closer to a fuck buddy if anything and we have never actually done anything.
“So we have a show coming up near you,” he had said one day.
“Don’t remind me, tickets sold out so fast I couldn’t get any,” I replied sullenly.
“Well I can’t get you tickets, or I would but I was hoping that we could meet up or something, we are going to be staying over night in a hotel. I would love to meet you in person.”
He just asked me to meet up with him. I really wanted to say yes but I wasn’t sure if I should. I mean I know who he is, it’s not like he’s going to turn out to be some forty year old man or something, but did I really want to do this. I did, “Where are you staying?” he gave me the address and told me to tell the front desk my name and that I was there to see him. He said he would arrange it with them ahead of time and that they should give me the room number and I would be able to meet him upstairs. We talked for a while after that ending things the same way we always did, both of us mildly satisfied and tired.
I counted down the days and didn’t tell anyone about it accept for, (Y/F/N) because I needed her to be my alibi for the night. I didn’t tell her about what we talked about I just told her that we had been talking and he wanted to meet up, I also didn’t bother telling her that I was going to his hotel because that would of just resulted in a lecture about safe sex. She was like a mom sometimes but I knew she would cover for me.
The night of their show he messaged me to tell me what time I should go to the hotel and what time they should be back. He told me to just wait in his room for him so that’s what I did. He never fully said what this was about but I knew it. I’m sure part of him did want to meet me because he liked me but I know another part of him was expecting a hook up but I didn’t really care.
I got to the hotel around the time when he told me to and I checked in with the front desk. They gave me a room key and I found myself in an empty hotel room waiting for a guy who a few months ago was just a picture on a screen and a voice in my speakers. I couldn’t believe I was going through with this but this has been a secret fantasy of mine for a while now.
There was a noise from the door a little later and Luke stepped in his back to me. He was talking to someone in the hallway and I guessed that it was one of the other boys if not all three. He told them good night and then shut the door before turning around. His eyes locked with mine and his face softened. He gave me a smile and stepped closer to me, “You came,” he said stepping closer again his arms out for a hug.
“Why wouldn’t I?” I questioned hugging him.
“I was afraid you would back out,” he said his face not too far from mine. I could feel his breath on my lips and my eyes traveled up his face from his lips to his eyes. He leaned in slowly and his lips met mine softly. He was hesitant I could tell, something told me he hadn’t done this before and that made me feel better at least I would know I wasn’t just part of some list. His kiss became more confident when I kissed back and my arms found their way around his neck. I pulled him close to me pressing my body against his. He was still slightly sweaty from the show but I couldn’t bring myself to care really. He was here in front of me for real. This wasn’t a dream this wasn’t a fantasy, and this wasn’t text on a screen. His hands slipped under my shirt and he trailed a hand up slowly. His finger tips brushed the bottom of my bra and went back down. He wasn’t trying to rush me.
He started to walk me backwards to the bed and I felt him lift me up before he placed me down on the fluffy blanket. He hovered over me and his lips left mine. They found my neck and he kissed all over it sucking on a few parts. My breathing was slightly labored and my head was spinning a little. My hands roamed his body pushing his shirt up so I could feel his bare chest and back. He slipped it over his head, his lips coming back to mine once he got it off. I could feel the pressure from his lip ring as he kissed my lips. His tongue came out and pressed against my lips waiting for entrance. I parted my lips slowly and let him take the lead. His hand found the back of my head and he pressed my face closer to his the kiss full of heat. I could feel my body start to burn with desire waiting for him to do something more.
His hands finally found the end of my shirt and he pulled it over my head. His lips kissed down my neck again and down between my breasts. He got to the top of my jeans and then looked back up to admire the sight in front of him. He gave me a light smirk and his fingers popped the button on my jeans. He slipped them off of me and let them fall over the side of the bed.
“Just like we talked about,” he said referring I was guessing to the first time we talked sexually. His fingers looped into the sides of my panties slipping them off letting them lad with my jeans. I had squeezed my legs together now feeling slightly exposed. He pulled my legs apart and smiled up at me. His hands ran down the insides of my thighs parting my legs further. His fingers came down on my clit his thumb rubbing slow circles.
My head fell back and I couldn’t help but let out a low moan. His other hand came up to my entrance and with two of his fingers he rubbed my center. I could feel the increasing wetness move onto his fingers as he played with me, “So, wet,” he spoke his voice low and raspy from the show. Slowly I felt a pressure at my center and I knew that he was letting his fingers slide into me. My head fell back and a whimper left my lips as I felt myself stretch.
He worked his fingers deep into me like he said he would. He curled them slowly hitting my g-spot every time. I gripped the sheets as I felt myself getting close. My legs were almost shaking as the pleasure took over. His fingers sped up relentlessly not stopping even after I was finished. I was a panting mess trying to get words out, “Oh, shit Luke, I-I need you to st-stop,” I managed out. It felt so good it hurt and I didn’t think I could take it again, and that was only the first.
“I know you can take it come on, one more,” he spoke not stopping his movements. I felt his lips inches from my clit that he had thankfully stopped rubbing. His tongue swiped over the sensitive nerve bundle and my back came off the bed as a shot of pleasure went though me. His lips and tongue worked my clit while his fingers assaulted my g-spot. I could feel it building and it felt so good but it felt like it was too much. I truthfully didn’t think I would come. I didn’t think it was possible it felt like I had hit a wall and it wasn’t going to come.
He sped up again and then slowed down and he did this over and over. I could feel the edge right there and I still wasn’t sure if I was going to come. My legs started to quake and my breathing was hard. Then it all came down. My eye lids flashed white and a gasp fell from my lips. My legs shook and my center contracted around his fingers tightly. “Holly, Fuck, Luke,” I moaned a light giggle slipping past my lips as I couldn’t believe how good it had felt. His fingers slipped out but he didn’t move from his spot. He tilted his head up to look at me smirking before he slipped his fingers past his lips tasting me for the first time.
“Hmm, Sweet,” he spoke smirking. He lowered his mouth and I wanted to stop him but the look in his eyes told me I wouldn’t be able to. His tongue swiped against my overly wet center and my head fell back again. Fuck, this wasn’t going to stop, but I wasn’t sure I wanted it to.
His tongue worked against my center slipping past my folds hitting some of the spots I didn’t know would feel good. I hadn’t really had this done to me before, the one time it did happen it didn’t really feel good, I don’t even think I came, but this, this definitely felt good. This felt amazing. I could feel his lips and his lips ring as he sucked on my clit. This time I could feel my orgasm coming fast. It wasn’t the same long build as the second one but it was still amazing. My stomach tightened and I was no where near quiet. It crossed my mind for a second that what if one of the boys heard us. Did he tell them he was having a girl over.
I was pulled from the thought by his tongue slipping deeper into me and my legs tightening around his head. I forced them apart not wanting to hurt him. My hand found his hair running through it messing it up for sure. My hips came off the bed grinding my center against his tongue. The tightening ball in my stomach released and my body shook, “Oh fuck,” I moaned trying to pull him off of me not wanting him to continue. It felt amazing but I wanted him now.
He pulled back smirking at me. His lips were shiny with my release and he swiped his tongue against them. I pulled him to me kissing him deeply tasting myself on his tongue. I let my hand wander down and pulled his pants open. He took them off and threw them to the side. I unhooked my bra and he threw his boxers with the rest of the clothes. He picked something up off the bed and tore it open. He pulled the condom out of the package and I watched him slide it down his length moaning at the contact. He leaned back over to me and kissed me.
Like before I could feel the pressure of him against my center and he entered me slowly. I gripped him tight one hand in his hair the other digging into his back. He worked his hips slowly his head falling to the crook of my neck his moans causing his breath to fan over my heated skin tickling it slightly. His pace quickened and I could feel him insanely deep. His hips ground into mine and I rocked mine up to meet his, “Oh shit, keep doing that,” he moaned thrusting into me hard.
He was falling out of rhythm and I don’t now if it was because he was close or just because it felt good. I pushed him slightly and rolled us over so I could be on top. I kissed him once before I started moving, I sat up rocking my his and bouncing a little. Leaning back placing my hands on his thighs I could feel my clit rubbing against him while I felt him deep inside me. My breathing was loud and I was starting to get close again. His hands found my hips moving me faster. I fell forward bracing myself on his shoulders feeling the tightening in my stomach as I neared climax again. “Fuck you feel so good,” Luke spoke thrusting up into me.
“Shit Luke I’m so close,” I cried feeling it coming hard again.
“Let it go, come for me (Y/N),” he spoke in my ear doing all the thrusting again. I felt the pleasure wash over me again and my body shook. I held my self up as best as I could while he continued to thrust into me. I moved my hips trying to get him there. With a quick thrust upward he came his hips shaking as he released everything. I fell limp on top of him panting and giggling to myself. “What?” he asked sounding amused.
He rolled us over and slipped out of me. “I can’t believe we just did that, I can’t believe that I just had sex with Luke Hemmings,” I said truthfully.
He let out a chuckle as he tossed the condom and threw on his boxers, “I know you’re honored,” he joked tossing me his shirt. I rolled my eyes and slipped the shirt over my head. We crawled under the blankets and curled up together. When he was fast asleep I was still awake. I couldn’t help but want to stay but part of me told me I should just go. It was better if I left because then there was less of a chance of me being seen by the other boys.
When I finally decided to leave I got dressed and then wrote him a note. I placed it on the night stand with the room key. I kissed his forehead and turned around leaving him there.

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Robyn, I am confused and maybe you can help me out. The post with the article about Stalking Styles is going around and everyone agrees that that's disgusting and wrong. (I agree 100%!) But how is that different to us discussing his whereabouts and his homes? We can pinpoint where he was seen and have all an idea where he actually lives, at least the area. How are we different? This thought puts things into perspective and I wonder what I'm doing here. Help?

Hiiii I haven’t actually seen the article, but judging from the title I think I will pass.

The difference is that no one actually knows where Harry’s real home is. We don’t. You can speculate all you want, but no one knows, and GOOD I hope it stays that way. I don’t even know what area of town he would live in, and I don’t want to know.

As for pinpointing where he has been seen, well unfortunately that is something that can’t be controlled thanks to twitter, but if you can help it, don’t spread it. I even question when family members post things because if anything when Harry isn’t working, his whereabouts are his own business and that little spot of privacy that he has is cherished I am sure. So why give that away, because we know that people will show up where ever he is.

Now, I am not saying that wanting to meet Harry is wrong, of course not, but there is a difference between actively seeking it out and happening to bump into him.

And lastly, stalking by definition, is illegal. So. Don’t do it. Plain and simple.