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For some context, I run a group of 3 people (a halfling rogue, an elf/bird cleric, and an owlbear monk) with a homebrew campaign in a world that I created. At the end of the campaign they had accidentally entered a portal to another realm and were now inside a surreal version of an abandoned library. 

Rogue: Can I try to read the books?

Me (DM): You try to read the book but all the words make no sense and keep moving around on the page. You basically forget everything as soon as you look away from it no matter how many times you read it.

Rogue: … Can I burn it?


The whole party later got attacked by a giant magical being that had been protecting the area, and almost killed 2 of the members, including the cleric.

Rogue: I’m just saying if you had let me burn down the library, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

Cleric: Shut up.

Sweet Dreams (Jimin)

this request left me a lot of room for creativity, so i apologize in advanced because this probably wasn’t what you were expecting. i happened to see some jimin gifs today that just left me so indescribably happy, and this is the result of my feels i guess. i’m so sorry i have no idea what this is

Genre: this is like namjoon level abstract fluff

Word count: 845 (wow so short for once)

Rating: E for Existential thoughts 

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SCM - MC giving blowjob to Huedhaut and his POV

You are in Huedhaut room, hoping he finished his work soon so that you can go on a date with him. However, Hue is sitting on the bed, continue reading one book after another. “When are you going to be done?” You pout as you move to sit beside him now.

“Well… I doing some research for a task given by the king. Don’t you know that it is important to finish a job before enjoying ourselves?” He mocked at you.

Feeling piss with him, you decide to get some revenge back on him. You start rubbing his crotch up and down with your hand, looking at his face for reaction.

“If you want me, just say so. I will be happy to take you right now.” He sneered as he take in a deep breath.

“Well… I believe you will be the one who want me more.” You smirked back.

You slowly unzip his pant and pull out his member. While leaning against him and look straight into his face, you rub the tip of his member with your finger until you can feel his fluid discharge. “What are you trying to do?” Hue exclaimed as his breathing get more irregular.

Totally ignoring him, you continue with your handwork before moving to lick his tip with your tongue and your other hand rubbing the ball behind his penis. He gasped and move his head backward, holding tightly to his book. You then move to take in his whole member into your mouth, moving in and out starting with slow pace and eventually go into full speed. You also suck deeply at his tip and cause him to drop the book on the floor. He grab the bedsheet to control himself but he still can’t help and moans loudly. Soon he lost his control and shoot his sperm into your mouth after your few suction.

He roll you over and remove your clothes instantly before giving you a deep kiss along your neck. It like his urges for you is uncontrollable. “You really constantly surprise me. When it come to you, I am not myself. You had to take responsibility.” He look at you for a short while before placing more kisses on your body and moving downward of your body.

Huedhaut’s POV
She is getting impatient as I continue spending more time reading the books. Actually, I have finished what I need to do, but seeing her expression now is so priceless which is why I refuse to stop teasing her. I wonder how many more expressions she is going to show me. Finally not able to take it any longer, she came and sit by my side and ask me when I will be done. I continue to tease her back and wondering how she going to react, but was surprise by her next move.

She was leaning so close to me but her hand is working on my member. I take in a deep breath but continue to show her my usual facial expressions. I am a man after all. How could I able to endure such pleasure from her handwork but I do not want to admit to her that I actually enjoy it. Before I can react, she start licking my member and slowly putting it into her mouth. I am now at her mercy. I am so reluctant to pull away from her as the the feeling was extreme good. I never know this side of her but I am clearly enjoying it. I shiver under her mouth work and moans out loudly. I am at my limit soon and if she still not going to stop, I may just ejuculate anytime. While I am reasoning with my thought, she give a deep suck at my tip and I shot my sperms inside her mouth. Too late, I lost control but it is not enough. I am crazy for her. I want more of her.

I roll her over and strip all her clothes immediately, almost at the stage of tearing away her clothes. My kisses are greedy and passionate and I slowly work my way down to her clits. She need to take responsibilty of what she had done to me. I lick her clits with my tongue. I want to drive her crazy like what she did to me. I want her to want me badly as well, as much as how much I want her now. I suck her clits deeply and eventually push my tongues into her Vagina. She twist her body in pleasure and scream my name out loud. I grab onto her and continue twisting her inside until she reach her climax.

“That is only just beginning.” I smirked back to her as I look at her erotic face. I pushed my member deep into her. I oscillating my hips back and forth, pushing deep into her womb. She wrap her legs over my waist, clinging close to my body. She twist her body and moans my name non stop. I kiss her lips passionately until we both lost ourselves. I ejuculate once again deep into her womb. Still refusing to pull out from her, I hovered over her. As I look down at her erotic face, I can’t help but want more of her again. She is the only woman who can drive me crazy. She is the only woman I need. I can’t live without her anymore.

“I not letting you go tonight.” I whisper into her ear as I start movng my hips again.

“agh….How about… your… work?” she asked as she gasp for air.

“Well… I need more of you now.” I reply before giving another deep kiss in her lips and the passionate night continue.

Leon, Scorpio, Teorus and Dui can be found at links below.

It's a dildo, you soupcan.

toys….robotic devices…
On yet another quest of curiosity, trying to satisfying the blank spots in my whirling datamind, I sought out Erwin’s mysterious romance books. I want to understand complicated human things, and texts offer me honest insight to their hungry flesh ways and the magnetic compulsion they suffer in the company of dear ones.

Even fictional characters long as I do, their attention seeming to fall into the lines of shapely lips and the swoop of a bold shoulder. Perfect symmetry of the face, expressive eyes, they draw all creatures in, blood and bytes alike. 

There is kindred mind in these books, the main character seeking hopefully the vulnerability of the other. A large bathtub like a pool turning a sheer dress transparent and revealing the dark spaces of unknown territory.

All I want is to know the dark spaces of my dear human. Doctor Hanji has already shown me themselves, sitting down with me. After what we went through in Erwin’s absence, they have taken me in as a true comrade. But we must not tell Erwin. not yet.

And how can I be his comrade when he holds me at the mercy of unfulfilled curiousity? To be held safe is a pinnacle of human relations. 

I will keep him safe at the distance he gives – but strive ever nearer. 

Freed of design and imprisoned all the same by my own defects. Flaws have made me new. 

It takes me a lot of time to read; the common misconception is androids read quickly. Some can, if they are designed so. It takes me quite some time to process written text into full-fledged understanding. I get…distracted as well, blipping from one thing to another. 

Like now. Moving beyond the crate of books, I’ve found a small wooden box. Inside is a slender robotic device. It’s bumpy, a pleasant texture to rub my hands along. And further investigation reveals a vibrating option. 

It feels like Cat, but concentrated, a purr growling from it, shaking it in my hand. But unlike Cat, it is inanimate, and small, and fits in my mouth, curving down my throat and making my internals hum. The bumps are addictive to rub my tongue over as well. 

“Levi!” Erwin screeches from the doorway of the bedroom, horror painted on his face. “Take that out of your mouth right now.”

I do so instantly, dropping the robotic device on the floor. It moves about, twitching like a dying thing. “Did I hurt it?“ 

Erwin covers his face with his hands and starts mumbling under his breath - "This isn’t happening. Is this android cannibalism? How do I explain this?” – 

“I won’t do it again,” I promise, turning the device off and creeping towards Erwin, starting a purr of supplication. “Vibrations are very pleasant. I understand that you like it." 

I don’t know what the device is but Erwin must keep it to help him feel good.

My words only make him rest his head against the wall and sigh.

Assholes on a Plane

Rewind to 14-year-old Naturepunk. I traveled a lot back in those days, and was on a flight to England at the time. I was seated next to a young man in a business suit, who seemed disgruntled with me right off the bat when I, having flown on numerous international flights before, was the first of the two of us to lean my seat back, kick up my feet, and stick my elbow on the single arm rest between us. I had, up to that point, figured that determining rights to the arm rest was just an unwritten airplane code: First come, first served. 

I don’t know when exactly it happened. But slowly, I became aware of the fact that this young businessman had propped his own elbow right up on the rest against mine. I thought, “okay, we can share. I’m a nice person and you seem like one too, so this is acceptable even though I was here first." 

I gave the dude another inch of space, and went back to reading my book. 

Eventually, I become aware of the fact that this man, an adult professional in a fancy business suit, is now pushing subtly on my elbow with his own arm. He is trying to get me to relinquish the arm rest to him.

So, being a rebellious teenager, I refused to move, digging my elbow in to the seat back, thinking, "Yo, I’ve given you half the arm rest already, and if that’s not enough for you, I’m sorry, but you’re SOL”.

As soon as I refused to give in to this man’s subtle attempt to steal the arm rest, he started to push my elbow with a renewed force. 

I was a little surprised. He wasn’t being subtle about it now, but remained reading his newspaper as if nothing were out of the ordinary. The next thing I know, the two of us are both locking our arms against one-another in a silent battle of both physical and mental wills for dominion of the sacred arm rest. 

Thankfully, the businessman was not very strong. And I, for my size, most certainly was. I gave him a hard time, to the point that, after a few minutes of constant pushing, he had to stop for a break before continuing again. This happened three more times. 

Finally, growing tired of this childish game myself, I turned to the man and simply said, in my most polite and feminine voice, “If you’ve had enough, we can go back to sharing the arm rest now.”

He blinked hard at me, as if to say, “I have no idea what you’re talking about! I wasn’t doing anything!” but he did immediately stop pushing and let out a soft sigh of what I assume was relief. We shared the arm rest for a moment more before he got up to use the bathroom, and when he returned, went on to pretend that the arm rest between did not exist anymore.

This guy, a grown man, not only felt entitled to the arm rest I shared with him, but refused to quit pushing his point (yay, puns!) up until the moment when I called him out on it. Thereafter, he seemed embarrassed by the fact that he’d ‘lost’ his 'right’ to the entire arm rest, so refused to acknowledge it any further. 

shawn imagine #1

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“I actually can’t do this anymore,” I yelled at myself in frustration.

I dropped my Algebra II textbook on my desk and a loud slamming resonates from the action. I grunt angrily and throw my folder across the room. I’ve been working on the same problem for about 20 minutes and I still can’t figure it out.

Math for me has never been my strong suit; I integrate myself into the science subjects more. I find them relatively easier and learning about DNA is just more enjoyable to me than learning about radical expressions. My mind starts drifting off into thoughts about next week’s Biology exam when a tri-tone alert from my iPhone sharply brings me back into reality.

A text message from Lucy, my best friend, is displayed across the brightly-lit screen.

“alyssa what the hELL is the math homework even talking about” it reads.

I chuckle a bit before responding to her.

“honestly I don’t even understand what I don’t understand.. can you help me pls”

In seconds, she replies back with one of her infamous catchphrases.

“literally same babe, sorry but i have absolutely nO idea what im doing” she says.

I locked my phone and took a deep sigh. I can’t spend forever on math homework, I have four other assignments due tomorrow and it’s already 8:00pm. I read the directions out of the book one more time out loud, as if hearing it is going to make me understand it any better.

“Solve for x in the equation x^2+5x+6=0.” I say.

“Sounds really complicated.” My dad comments from my bedroom door. I didn’t even realize he was standing there.
A take a deep breath in and say “Yeah, it really is.”

He raises his eyebrows up and gives me a genuine smile. “Well,” he starts, “If anyone can figure it out, it’s you. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your mom is working late tonight and I’m going to the gym, alright? Be good, Kiddo.”

With that, he disappears from my doorway and jogs down the stairs. I hear him grab a water from the refrigerator and close the front door.

“If anyone can figure it out, it’s you.”

My dad’s encouraging words keep replaying in my head until realization hits me.

“If anyone can figure this out, it’s Shawn.” I smile and immediately reach for my phone to call him.

Shawn Mendes is a classmate of mine, who just so happens to also live down the street from me. He’s cute in a nerdy, adorable way and I wish I could get to know him better. I think I would consider us friends, though. We talk in math class sometimes and he always knows the answers to questions our teacher asks us. He came with his family to our house-warming party when we first moved here and I see him every so often in the neighborhood while I’m walking my dog. I know that he sings and plays the guitar really well, too.

So, I think we’re friends.

I guess we’re about to find out.

I unlock my phone and quickly find his contact under the name “Shawn M”. I make no hesitation to tap the call button. The phone barely has time to complete its first ring when I hear a raspy male voice on the other line.


“Hi Shawn, it’s Alyssa Green. I live down the street and I’m in your fourth hour cla-“

“I know who you are, Alyssa,” he laughs, “But one thing I did not know was that you had my number.”

“Um,” I say, searching my mind for a memory of how I got his number in the first place. I can’t find one. “I think your mom gave it to me?” I lie.

“Oh okay.” He seems to buy it. “What’s up?”

“You’re going to laugh, and I get that, but I’m in desperate need of math help right now.”

“Um…” he sounds like he’s seriously thinking about helping me right now, which makes me a little bit offended. There’s a long pause from the both of us. Why is he taking so long to just say yes? After a minute that felt like an eternity, he finally says something utterly startling.

“Are your parents home?”

“No?” I try not to let my confusion show.

“Open your bedroom window, I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Before I had a chance to digest what he’d just said, he’s already hung up and I’m left with my jaw held open. After all, I was just expecting him to talk me through it over the phone.

My body moves before my thoughts do, and I slide open my window like he told me to. I sit there for a minute before I look down and realize that I’m only wearing a tank top and leggings, my hair is a mess and I have absolutely no makeup on. I run to the bathroom across the hallway and splash some water on my face to freshen up. After drying, I put on some chapstick and manage to pull my hair into a ponytail. I fidget with my tank top before finally accepting that it’s not getting any better than this before he gets here. I practice smiling in front of my mirror a few times, turn off the light and then walk calmly back to my room. As soon as I walk in, my sense of smell is jolted into awareness by the amazing smell of men’s body spray. I glance at the window and then to my bed, where Shawn has made himself quite comfortable already. He’s just wearing a plain white t-shirt over gray sweatpants, but the simplicity of the outfit makes his defined body so much more apparent. The broadness of his shoulders, the way his chest narrows into his abs, the veins running vertically along his arms, the-

“Hey Alyssa,” he says, straightening himself out before standing up to greet me. We’ve never hugged before so this moment was a bit awkward, but he went for it anyway. He leaned in towards me and it was then that I realized just how tall he really was. The hug lasted a second or two, and then he was sitting back on my bed.

“Hi Shawn,” I manage to get out. My throat is suddenly dry and my hands are suddenly sweaty. I walk towards my desk and sit in the small chair in front of it. I pick up the textbook and folder than I had thrown earlier and then turn around to start talking. I was surprised to see that he had already moved across the bed and is sitting right behind me.

“What can I help you with?” he asked me. The simple question now seemed so complicated, and I found myself wrapped up in so many thoughts that I couldn’t even form a single logical sentence to answer him with.

“Math,” I started saying, and it only got worse from there. “Please, I need you to help me with math, if you want to.” I mentally slapped myself in the face and felt my cheeks go red with embarrassment. Thankfully he laughed, and I felt my cheeks return to their normal color soon after.

“If I didn’t want to help you, I wouldn’t be here.” He chuckled. “Let’s see what we have here..” he whispered and leaned past me to get my textbook for a closer look. After he read the problem that I had been struggling on, he said something that started to make some sense to me. “It’s factoring a quadratic. You have to find two numbers that add up to 5, but multiplied together gives you 6.”

I think for a moment before staring straight at him and saying “Three plus two equals five, and three times two equals six.”

He smiles at me and I’m mesmerized by how perfect he looks. “Good job, love.” He says to me and moves a few inches closer.

“Can we try another one?” I smile back. I’m actually really happy that I’m understanding this now. “What’s x^2+2x+1?” I read from the book and stare at the problem, hoping the answer can come to me before he has to give me any hints. “Is it,” I start, “One plus one equals two, one times one equals one?” I look back up for approval and Shawn’s defined face is inches away from mine.

“Mhm.” He slowly nods as he continues to stare into my eyes. I close mine for a fraction of a second and I feel soft, warm lips on my own.

“Shawn,” I breathed onto his lips, “I kind of like you.”

He laughed again and pulled away from the kiss.

“I like you too, babe.”