now i can go to sleep lol bye


Hello Hello! Its your captain Kodone here.

corny? Yeah sorry I know. I am currently coming off of the beautiful girl we all know and love since the 50’s or so LUCY or ACID or LSD or Lysergic acid diethylamide if you’re really into that kinda stuff whatever works for you.

I’m here to tell you guys about my misadventure of something so god damned beautiful it made me sick. Literally. I threw up. It was fucking awesome.

Now I was building up the courage to trip. My buddy Zac was talking about it today and I was like yeah fuck it why not! Lets do this shit. Its been a year since I’ve been on a date with Lucy it’ll be a good time I ensure.

this bitch.
oh man.
o h m a n.
this bitch lucy.

she definitely had me fucked up.

What I thought was going to be a cute date through the park and enjoy the beautiful colors and the pretty breathing textures was more than just that. It was a trip to the therapist…but the therapist is yourself…on acid….losing their shit…yeah. Wild.

I remembered the bubbly feeling. The Tip toeing of courage and all that. It was great. I was saying “wow crazy body high! This is so fye” all the stereotypical shit you’d hear out of a eighteen year old pot head fucking dropping acid. All was fun until the trip started weighing down on me and boy was it weighing down on me fast. It was a bird getting shot straight out the sky I’ll tell you that. I noticed my body started settling down and my perspective got heavy. Way heavy. I felt like the universe picked me up, shook me up and said look here you little shit. It was a cold back hand from no not myself, no not mother nature but THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

You had your momma walk up to you with a belt ok but HAVE YOU EVER HAD THE FUCKING UNIVERSE SLAP YO SHIT UP? DIDN’T THINK SO. ANYWAY.

yeah the universe was beating my ass. The trip started turning for the worst. My concerns of trying to watch “yamborghini high” tripping and the music video “LSD” by Asap Rocky soon diminished and turned into me trying to survive rather quickly. I felt like the universe crumpled me up, swallowed me whole and spit me out into the corner of my bed. Beautiful.

I sat there tripping balls. My friend Liam sat at my feet watching me and of course I was absolutely fine. I was merely just laying in bed…false. I actually was seeing thousands of patterns flash before me while my eyes are shut, my body is quivering faster than a daytona speed track and I never wanted to be so dead so fast.

for about an hour but what is seemed like in my head to be about 4-6 hours waaaaaas….shit.

I sat here this state suffering. I felt as if I was serving a time sentence to god himself. For what? Who knows god is weird. (ah fuck problematic) My bed was the cage and my soul was as dead and defeated as a soldier who lost his legs in enemy turf. In my head I wished for the trip to end but I only knew that would make it far worse. I then pleaded asking the universe “please chill bruh like this is some fuck shit” for about two hours (in real life about 30 minutes) the switch from my bed to the restroom was terrible. Its almost like if I wanted to trip even harder all I had to do was enter the restroom well FUCK. It was just that. I entered the restroom and I felt dimensions shatter and I felt dimensions colliding together. I LITERALLY saw a dimension shift into ours.

deadass you can’t tell me I didn’t see that shit because I did. Well after I witnessed something so great like that I knew my reality I was in was a joke. Complete shambles. My dimension has just been broken by another one. I lost my sanity. Yes oh yes. I lost it. Completely but I decided to reach for an old friend of mine I hold dear to me. I texted her and she texted back.

Its almost like my friend was a sage or some sort. The moment I read her texts, my trip just eased out. Instantly. I started coming back. It was almost like she was guiding me through my lost journey. I remember texting her multiple times “THANK YOU!” and feeling like she understood me completely. It was pretty badass I’m not going to lie due to the fact shes in Chicago and I’m in Oklahoma like isn’t that shit nuts?

Stage Two I’m in my restroom and my friend is giving me these amazing words of guidance and something snaps in my head.

mistakes are okay.
mistakes happen.
the universe will always love you no matter what.

I walk into my room and grab a painting that I was working on. A painting that I didn’t touch for a month because I said I had to “perfect” things on it and I had to “plan and perfect” it completely before I dove into it. See that made sense to me but at that moment fuck that. Fuck that painting. Fuck being perfect. Fuck what anyone has to say about it. I took off my clothes so fucking fast, opened up every fucking acrylic paint I fucking had, squeezed that shit into my bare hands and started slamming and sliding paint on canvas.

0 fucks given…and it felt so great. It felt so good to do just that. Here I had this painting. I worked on it carefully and precisely aaaaand then I stopped. Why? Well because I didn’t want to “ruin it” because I didn’t have a “good” plan to think of before painting it out and “ruining” it. Kind of how my whole life has been. Just a whole lot of focusing on the sole called “perfect plan” but…never actually moving ahead. I was so afraid of making a mistake on that canvas that it blinded me from the fact that I wasn’t actually moving ahead with it. Fuck that. That all ended tonight. That “perfect” canvas I was working on was my breaking point. The moment I went in that fucking room and started fucking that canvas up was the most beautiful moment of my life.

It was like I put all those years of the “perfect plan” into a blender and spilled it back up on that canvas. I knew that it was okay for me to make mistakes in life. I HAD to make mistakes in life. It was REQUIRED of me. I HAD to “fuck” that canvas up to get the bigger picture.

that shit changed me. I knew I was in a new zone now. Jesse Diaz nah PAPIKODONE nah KODONE nah KODONE 3.5 ON ACID WITH ROCKET BOOSTERS ON HIS YEEZY BOOSTS yes. Oh yes definitely.

Once the universe shook my hand and let me know it was sorry for the ride it had to give me in order for me to realize everything I just said its cool bro and kept the energy going. After that episode I caught myself drawing, writing, painting, thinking for the rest of the night. I was a new me. All I had to do was accept my mistakes and move on without worrying about a “perfect plan.”

so here I am now. In bed. Its 5:48 am and I can tell I’m probably about to come off this trip here in a bit and phew man that was insane. I’m still like loopy if ya catch my drift when writing all this but I feel like thats what makes it great and the only reason its postable lol

well thank you for reading. I’m going to try and catch some sleep. Bye. Thanks universe for showing me whats up. You’re like The Ape except you don’t terroize kids for wearing supreme you terroize them because they have their life perspectives fucked up. Not bad. Not bad.


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