now i can finally go study

how finals are going
  • "I. WANT. TO. DIE." after studying for 5 minutes: Leo, Gemini, Pisces
  • Nap my problems away: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer
  • "If I study right now, I can get exactly 3 hours and 48 minutes of knowledge" and then gives up twenty minutes later: Aquarius, Aries, Virgo
  • Actually studies: Libra, Capricorn, Taurus

When I was in 8th grade a friend of mine and I were fucking around during our study period and he accidentally stabbed me in the arm with a pencil and the pencil was partially stuck in my arm but I was really shy in social situations so I just raised my hand and waited for the teacher to notice which took about five minutes so when he finally asked me what I needed I said “TJ accidentally stabbed me with a pencil a few minutes ago and now it’s hanging out of my arm, can I go see the nurse?”. He freaked out and yelled “OH MY GOD SEBASTIAN WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME RIGHT AWAY?” And I said right back “please don’t yell at me, I have a pencil in my arm, if anyone is yelling it should be me” and that sums up my attitude and personality fairly well tbh

[05/01/17] First guilt free lie in of 2017🙌🏼 woke up a while ago but stayed in bed on my phone it feels so nice to finally relax ☺ these are just some notes on Stalin but I’m going to be working on revamping a few blogging things and getting on top of it for 2017 today❗ really excited with where I can take boystudy and super happy with how far its come, I’m very close to 3k on my blog now too ✨thanks for sticking around💕taken from my studygram:

reminder to take an actual break during spring break!

Thursday morning in my Philosophy of Science course, one of the students asked for clarification for our final paper. My professor, who is the chair of the Theology department & also my advisor, goes, “Well sure, I can give it to you now. Are you planning on writing it over the break?” And we all sort of shrugged and nodded, because, why not? We want to get ahead and not be drowning in end-of-the-semester papers. My professor said he would go print out the instructions for us, but as he was leaving, he said, “But please, take a break during spring break. It’s called a break. Do something else with your time.”

Studying during break is okay!! I’m going to do it, I have a test the Monday I return to classes and I have several papers due in two weeks following break. However, I’m not going to rigorously study, only devoting my time to books and papers. I’m going to go see movies!! And finish the book I just bought!! And play the sims and animal crossing!! And walk my dog!! Yes, I am going to do the work I need to do, but I’m also going to make extra extra time for myself and the things I don’t have time to do during school!

So please, everyone, actually give yourself a break! Find things you’ve been wanting to do and do them!! Please!! The work will still be waiting when break is over! TAKE A BREAK!!!!! 

I don’t know about you but midterms are finally over after dragging on for weeks and I’m so happy 😊 (so now I can start focus on like 8 essays 😒) but these ✨BROWNIE BLISS BALLS✨helped me through study sessions. They are ooey gooey chocolaty and so fondant 👅 Here’s the recipe if you want to indulge Raw brownie bliss balls : -

- [ ] 100g medjool dates (soaked before hand for 10min in hot water)

- [ ] 40g finely chopped walnuts

- [ ] 3 heaped tablespoons of cacao powder

- [ ] Coconut shreds for topping

Drain the soaked dates and pit them. In a food processor, add in all the ingredients and pulse until a nice gooey consistency is achieved. Scoop spoons of the mixture, roll into balls and line on parchment paper. Place the coconut shreds in a bowl and roll the balls on the shreds until you achieve a nice coating. Refrigerate or serve at room temperature !

I know that probably no one cares but I just have to write some words rn

thank u for this amazing season, it was so damn good some of our faves and ofkurz harsh for the others // as always, no one can slay 24/7 // but I’m sure we all had fun there, we had our second lifes :”) (Włodzimierz Szaranowicz indeed); thanks to all of my fave mutuals who made ski jumping season even better //u know who u are//;

I’m pretty sure it was the most ‘memic’ season evah (Demon, Tande, Cene’s ski, Lewandowski in Oberstdorf, Maciej 5ot and probably more), the most flyin’ season (these PB, WR, HR, bro!)…

it was good but now it’s over, we finally got our lifes back (what is life?), we can go out and have fun (spring, okay?), we’re also supposed to study //no excuses anymore, sorry not sorry// 

take care and see you next season, let 2017/2018 be more epic xoxo

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PS ofkurz I’m not disappearing lol

PS2 and see ya in Wisła xoxo


🌿 [25 / 12 / 16] • Week Two 🌿

I’m so glad it’s finally the winter break. Now I have all the time I can to finish projects and start studying for exams and go to Muji! Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!

~ Reese 🍵


11.12.16 | 2 weeks until christmas and I am desperately trying not to ruin my grades. I’ll spend the weekend studying History and Chem 🔬
Rome is incredibly beautiful during this time of the year, I had a romantic walk with my boyfriend and I feel so relaxed now;

You can handle this, keep going ✨

hey, i’m isa! i’m thirteen and a freshman. i’ve been looking to studyblrs for inspiration to study ever since last year, & i’ve finally decided to make one since i’m in hs now. i struggled somewhat in middle school, & i really want to make sure i succeed in high school. 


  • i’m bilingual (spanish/english) and learning french 
  • my favorite subject is bio (i like science in general)
  • i like coding/graphic design but i’m a beginner in both
  • i’m a vegetarian
  • i love soccer
  • i’m a butch lesbian :~)
  • you can go to my info page for more!

favorite blogs:

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001/100 Days of Productivity ~ 1st Jan ‘17


This is my first post ever!! I’ve been following the studyblr community for a little while now and I decided to finally take part in the 100 days of productivity challenge! 

I didn’t really get up to much today (in terms of studying) as it is my birthday - I turn 20 today - so I went out with friends and family. These are pictures I took from this morning when I completed my term spread in my bullet journal while I had some breakfast.

Hopefully I’m going to stick to this and see it through!! :) You guys can keep me accountable if I ghost for a while. I really want to push myself and complete this task fully so fingers crossed! :D


AoKise has always been a big part of this blog (and of my art) and I just can’t miss not contributing to their day! So here you guys go~!

(Now time to disappear and study for finals)

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I've finally finished studying, now I'm on to paper writing, so here's a final head canon (pewee hockey verse because cuteness). Anna has no idea how to skate, and of course Anna's daughter Hayley tells Coach Bjorgman. He offers to teach her, so after a while Anna agrees and Elsa babysits the girls so that Kristoff can take her out to dinner (at her favorite restaurant because Hayley knows what's going on and she ships it so she might have mentioned it not so casually). (1/4)

After they have a completely adult meal (free of chicken nuggets and with a glass of wine each), he takes her to the rink where they’re completely alone. He’s super patient in teaching her, hand on the small of her back, strong arms quick to catch her when she falls, until she can skate in a straight line ahead of him, albeit shakily. When she tumbles again he’s skating backwards in front of her. (2/4)

She falls into his chest, and he wraps his arms around her again. This time it isn’t to keep her upright, she would have been fine without his catching her, but after they stop he doesn’t let go. She’s looking up into his eyes thinking about how different she feels, how warm and safe she feels in his arms. The thought comes to her mind that maybe she can afford to fall in love. After all it was clear that the girls already wanted to be family. (¾)

“May I?” he asks, breathless and hesitant. She sees the warmth in his eyes, the want in them that didn’t scare her anymore. She had never known a look like that, her only lover, Hayley’s father, had chosen to leave before they got to that point. “Yes.” His lips pressed into hers, expressing the weight of feelings they couldn’t put into words. She kissed back and let him hold on tight, because she never wanted to let that feeling go. (4/4)

Come Over (Chanyeol) [Smut]

     “Hey, my parents are gone. Come over now, I’m bored.” Chanyeol whined over the phone. His parents were planning to go to the Bahamas for two weeks and they just left an hour ago. I laughed.

     “I’m kind of hurt you only want me over because you’re bored, Yeol. I’m not a clown. Call Baekhyun or something.” I replied. There was more whining after I said that.

     “Baekhyun’s with his girlfriend, I don’t want to be third wheeled. Besides, you’re more fun to play with. Pleaseee??”

     “I can’t, Chan. I need to study for the finals on Friday. Build a cup tower or something. I’ll talk to you later okay?” I suggested before hanging up and going to change. I am going over his house, he’s been telling me he wanted bubble tea for the past week, so why not surprise him? Once dressed, I went downstairs to pull on my shoes before leaving to the nearest shop.

     Two bubble teas were bought before I walked over to his house. Obviously having been here more times than I care to remember, I took the key hidden in his mailbox and went straight in, trying my best not to make a sound because I wanted to scare him. When Chanyeol is scared, he will jump like a bunny. It’s the cutest. When I saw the living room, the coffee able was littered with plastic cups, telling me he really did try to make a tower of cups. Giggling a little, I gently placed the two cups on the table, I tip-toed up the stairs but slowed down when noises were heard.

     What is he doing? Does he have someone over? It sounds like he’s hurt…Once I reached the top of the stairs, his bedroom door was slightly opened, allowing me to peak through. The sight that I saw was tempting once I looked. The boy was shirtless with one hand under the blanket that was covering half of his body. It was obvious he was pumping himself when his head was thrown back in satisfaction. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, causing me to swallow.

     “(Y-Y/N)…” his low voice moaned out, causing my eyes to widen but my lips to curl into a smirk. I can’t lie and say that I don’t enjoy this, after all, I’ve liked Chanyeol since forever, but this caused me to feel a little hot. He was pleasuring himself thinking about me. I opened the door more to let myself in before leaning against the wall, arms crossed, watching him writhe on his own bed.

     It was until I felt my panties getting wet that I finally spoke. “Huh, I came over to surprise you but instead, you surprised me, Chanyeolie.” With that, his eyes snapped open, looking at me from across the room, hand movement slowing down and jumping straight up like I thought he would
“(Y/N)!” he exclaimed, trying to hide the red showing on his face. I walked closer towards him.

     “What? You were moaning the name a while ago, why did you stop?” I questioned before dipping my head down to connect our lips together into a deep kiss. He didn’t hesitate to grab my waist and pull me down so I was straddling his waist, deepening the kiss. When we pulled away because of the lack of air, one of his hands flew to the hem of my shirt, lifting it up and off of me before flinging it away.

     Another moment later, his lips were on mine again and he flipped us so he was on top. The blanket was swiftly removed from between us and my face flushed after seeing the sight of his erect member. Fingers were starting to unbutton and remove my shorts before I helped him slip it off. It was then his turn to smirk at me in my pink bunny bra and underwear.

     His right hand slipped under the bra and started massaging one breast while the other hand went to my back to unclip the piece of clothing once that was off, he latched his mouth onto the other nipple, sucking and lightly biting while I began heavily breathing. My back was slowly arching as his tongue flicked the nipple repeatedly.

     One hand then started slithering towards my underwear and tugged at it until it was kicked off. The cold air caused me to close my legs but he prevented that by placing himself between.

     “Before I take you to heaven, you need to know that I’ve liked you for a long time now.” he whispered in my ear causing me to smile.

     “I like you too, Chanyeol.” I replied, I almost didn’t get to finish the sentence when he pushed himself in. Both of us moaned out at the feeling.  My hands gripped his arms that were on either side of me. The pain started to subside and pleasure kicked in before I wanted him to move. He got the message with the nod of my head and started to thrust. His head leaned down to start kissing and sucking on my neck, leaving various purple spots for me to worry about tomorrow.

     “C-Chanyeol…please..go faster..” I moaned out as he went faster. My head was thrown back like his was earlier. There was a thin layer of sweat on us as the room started to get hotter. His thrusts got deeper as he took hold of my hips.

     “I’m going to…Chanyeol, I’m about to…” I breathed out, he nodded, coming to take me into another kiss and giving one last hard thrust, causing us to moan into each other as I came first and he right after. It’s a good thing I’m on the pill otherwise I would’ve yelled at him. Our breathing was heavy and irregular as he put his weight on me, pulling his member out along the way.

     “You know, I got you bubble tea downstairs.” The words were able to form after a few minutes of breathing. He turned his head to look at me before planting a kiss on my temple.

     “That sounds tempting, but we need to clean up first.” he mumbled, his voice somehow coming out deeper than before. Then, he got up, hoisting me over his shoulder and walking towards the bathroom and locking it.


I don’t even know why you guys ask me to do smuts, I’m so bad at it wtf. Ya’ll being naughty, Chanyurr knows.

But leave a scenario request anyway ^^