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Are you getting tired of Zombietale? Your last post has me kind worried that you might up and quit leaving the story half finished like a lot of undertale fan comics out there now a days. Your talented artist and I hope that you can find the determination to keep doing this wonderful comic till the end and i will always support your work.

No! No. Haha. Sorry. I was salty and at work and took it out on here whoops.
This ride is gonna keep going. I don’t know how long, or anything, but I want to finish it. Like, this is pretty much my only hobby right now. Might as well, right? I too want to see where it goes and what happens. It just might take forever because I am, unfortunately, only a single human being.

Once the intermission is over, we will resume our regularly scheduled broadcast of the main story line in the comic and (if I am feeling up for it) answer some asks with the pictures or whatever. If you guys would like me to continue to do text answers (which works a lot better for me) then I can do that as other characters once they’re back on screen. If you guys don’t want that, then uh I’ll find another playground? I mean I don’t know it’s fun for me at least.

Also, all the Chara text asks (#thoughts of a dead child) will be deleted and compiled on a separate thing once this is over. I’ll put a link to that when it is up, if for whatever reason somebody still wants to read through them all haha. And that’s about it I think? Cool. Hope we’re clear? Yeah. Nice.

tldr: ZT will continue. Text asks might continue. Drawn asks will be very sparse. I am tired. 

Some questions for you peeps because i love asking you things-
Are my designs likable?
Would you ever want to see a tutorial and or get tips on something art related? If so, of what?
Should i ever do a neat comic of my non Pot Dog OCs? Or some kinda story i could publish on here?
Do you like pasta?

You can answer by replying or sending in an ask, whatever floats your boat, my good peeps~


I can’t believe you were expelled because you laughed too hard at a gay joke.

probably how Keith got expelled lmao

bonus klance:

It was the only time he laughed at the Garrison’s too.
How do you know that?


HOLY MOLY 4000 FOLLOWERS!?!?! I’m amazed! I’m astounded!! I’m shocked!!! I’m crying, I’m so happy right now! Thank you so much for all the continuous support! I’m going to be taking a little break from tumblr for awhile for spring break to finish a lot of project I have rn, but as soon as I’m done I’ll come back and post all the goodies I’ve been working on! Thank you so much again babes! Please enjoy some Big brother Percy


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎

im back wit the memes and this time it’s Ritsu as shadow the hedgehog (i mean they look exactly the same how could i not do thsi)


- lards, am i in the pound? where’s ransom? is ransom there with me?
- why do i have to be in the pound?
- so we can get adopted together like two inseperable weenie dogs
- i don’t want to be in a pound, adam.

an old comic for the psych au i never finished but TAKE IT


An early morning doodle that I went way too far with. I love designing new costumes for my girls, though. ✨✨✨


This month’s comics (the first two) + the others you can get on Patreon so far + illustrations Tumblr hasn’t seen, including a new DUALITY painting. Ghost and Amelie are coming out on the 19th!

This month’s comics were a lot of fun. I’ll be doing one illustrated story and one comic per month from now on. 

Get them on Patreon here | Commissions are Open


Stanuary week three: Memories
Bit by bit all of his memories return, but not all of them are good ones.

You can see all of my Stanuary entries here.



Another watercolor piece from December last year. The original was supposed to arrive with the snail mail at @ameb-stuff‘s place but it appears to have gotten lost forever. Which is a little sad. At least I’ve still got photos of it, and now you can see it here! Holding thumbs and fingers crossed that the painting will still somehow show up!

If y’all haven’t already, you should all check out Ameb’s wonderful undertale comic UNSPKN. Just be prepared for feels.

Happy New Year, a month late, and Happy Year of the Rooster! 

* Don’t use without my permission, and please do not re-upload/re-post this anywhere <3

So…I can’t wait for the fic where Winston is like “TORBJORN IS ON HIS WAY BACK! And he’s bringing…an assistant?” And everyone’s super hype and then they all flip shit when it’s Torbjorn and Bastion because ????


Torbjorn: yeah and do you know how many animals I’ve had to foster on my way here? Because of it there was three weeks with a family of skunks who thought we were the greate– STOP FEEDING STRAY DOGS they might belong to someone and oh. Okay yes I’ll hold this cat where did you get this?

Everyone else: ????????????

I’m still working on the comic..

(i’m very sorry though i never thought i’d see the day in which I wouldn’t be able to even breathe from uni but here we are and this is my life now / throws self out of the window I’m very sorry I haven’t updated literally anything. I’m still trying to shake off the feeling whenever I start drawing that I should be doing /uni/ and putting up with the demotivation, _(」∠ 、ン、)_ Thank you so much for your patience and support..!) 

Fanart Monday!

After some weeks, finally, I can do this again!!

There are so many fanarts omg xD And some birthday gifts I never got to post?? I’m sorry!! But you’ll get all my love now!!

Fanart of the week by @goldendragonsflower!! Thanks for giving me a wonderful dose of creepy!! There’s no way Frisk can get out of that situation now… 

More under the wonderful, sexy cut <3

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“Humans and Monsters”

Part 1 / Part 2 (here) /Part 3 (tba)/ Part ???


Your favorite comics now redrawn and recolored at a higher resolution so you can finally purchase them on Red Bubble as a variety of products <3

Buy them here!!


Sorry that I have not been posting anything, guys…don’t hate me. My real life just had to take precedence, so I haven’t had much energy/will to fanart my little behind off. Also I couldn’t watch OUAT while it was airing, so now I gotta wait for Netflix /sigh 

I will do my best to get back into the swing of things and make new goodies for you all <3


Too many things (bad, especially) happened in my life and I was able to draw only occasionally, and I could not focus on the giveaway fanarts I promised to do, I have sketched them all but didn’t finish them yet. Now it’s all going better and I will go back working on them as soon as I can, I beg your pardon for the delay. Since I’m Genji x D.Va trash here is a Valentine’s mini-comic I made before. I’ll also reply to all the messages with time ;;

Inspired to  @albanananana​ sfm where D.Va gives Genji a pack of Doritos (^;

a wild commission appears

I’d like to open up some commissions for single-toned sketches. Below are general quality of the sketches (ok, slightly more cleaned up, but you get it…)

Single Character Bust: $10 (add. Character + $8)

Single Character Bust w/ 2 additional expressions: $16

Single Character Full: $16 (add. Character + $10)

Single Character Full w/2 additional bust expressions: $22

Single Character Bust with simple bg: $12 (add. Character + $8)

3-4 panel comic sketch: $30  

Just send an ask and we can chat about what you’d like, and I’ll send over payment info! (It may take a while during the day since I’m posting this at work) This is my first time actually doing illustration commissions so I’m only opening this up to Zelda universe material~ (knowing the character, really helps me capture them well ^^ ) Currently opening up 4 slots for now.

Can’t do NSFW stuff, and I do have the right to refuse material. This isn’t a judgement on taste, this is only because I want to feel confident in my ability to create a product that you’ll love!!!

1.) Taken

2.) Taken

3.) Taken


Anyhoo, thanks y’all – I am just so invigorated to draw, and thank you for everyone that supports me and my work, it is monumental to my humdrum life~ :)

I will repost as slots fill up!!!

WOW, only one left! Thank you to everyone who have reblogged, that was really generous of you~