now i can actually afford to go


Growing up I never had a perfume. I was like oh, one day when I’m grownup and have money I’m going to wear perfume. I had one perfume and I would save it for really, really, really special occasions. Which meant I never actually wore it. So now it’s one of those things like, I can wear perfume everyday. I can afford to buy another one, I’m really lucky that I can. Now when I have nice stuff I don’t save it anymore, I try to use it.

the importance of knocking

for day 19 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: a clean 500

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

agatha finds out about snowbaz

a/n: sometimes ur ocd brain decides something has to be -exactly- 500 words, and sometimes you have an amazing beta like @cherryonsimon who goes along with it 💜


I’d told Simon it was a bad idea not to tell Agatha about him and Baz, but did he listen? Of course not, because then my life would be simple; and when do I ever get the luxury of a simple life? We’ve been living with the Normals for about six months now and I still haven’t experienced this peace and quiet people are always on about.

Between the time the goblins decided to try and take Simon out once and for all (they naively assumed he was powerless without his magic; he proved them wrong) and the time our washing machine caught fire–not to mention all the times I’ve walked into the flat to Baz and Simon on the couch in various states of undress–I’m about ready to take Micah up on his offer to move to Chicago.

I’d never do that to Simon though. As crazy as he makes me, he’s still my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without him constantly right there in it. Which is why I’m going along with his mad plan to hide his relationship from his ex-girlfriend.

Fuck a nine-toed troll, this is a terrible idea.

I know Baz is just going along with it for Simon’s sake. He’s probably dying to rub this in Agatha’s face. Actually, I know he’s dying to rub this in Agatha’s face. Apparently I’m close enough to Baz now that I know things about him–which makes sense, considering he’s over here so often I’m considering making him help pay rent. (It’s not like he couldn’t afford it.)

I let myself and Agatha into the flat, stepping aside to let her set her suitcase by the couch. I don’t miss her subtle scan of the room and even I can feel the awkwardness in the air. Simon, I think, where are you?

“Would you like some tea?”

She nods. “That’d be great, Penelope. Thank you.”

I head to the kitchen and I’m just turning the kettle on when I hear Agatha call, “I’m going to wake Simon up!”

“Agatha, wait!” I call, but it’s too late. She’s pushing open the door and running inside the room and making as much noise as she possibly can.

“Wake up, Simon!” I hear her shout and I get to the room just in time to watch Baz sit up, looking half-dead with sleep, and blink at her.

“What the fuck, Wellbelove,” he mutters in an attempt to sound menacing. (It’s hard to sound menacing when you’ve first woken up, I imagine.)

Agatha isn’t saying anything and she continues to state silently at Baz in Simon’s bed until I hear her squeak. Simon’s sat up now and he’s leaning against Baz. He obviously hasn’t registered Agatha’s presence in the room, judging by his current position, so I clear my throat. Loudly.

Simon jumps.

“Oh…Hey, Agatha,” he says, eyes darting around nervously, “did Penny not mention that Baz and I are together?”

Nicks and Slick, I could throttle him.

A POT introduced me to his family...

 Soooo gather round the campfire, children, I have a terrible tale to tell and I’m sure there’s a moral at the end somewhere.

In two weeks I’m leaving the country. I was going to do a separate life update post but now this happened and the story kind of overshadows the update.

So because I’m cutting all ties to my life here, I’m down to like a couple of POTs that will still talk to me after I kind of fucked them all over. The one that was any kind of steady income was Nice Guy.

I’m calling him that because he legitimately was a NICE fucking guy. I met him off of WYP, as it’s the only site I still use and he was kind of creepy/ugly when I met him and really socially awkward. I could tell why he needed to be on WYP, basically. We went on three dates whilst I was still in the city and then he actually drove to my area (or what he thought was my area bc I never give my real address) to have a date with me here.

I could just hit Nice Guy up and be like ‘can you send me XXX amount please’ and I was careful not to make the amounts too high- he got really upset if he couldn’t pay. One time I asked him for just £200 and he called me up crying actual tears like ‘I just don’t have it right now, but I really like you’. I knew he could actually afford it as he had a great job, but being the big softie I am I felt really bad for him so I told him not to worry about it and that we could go out casually and talk if he needed to. We didn’t have sex, but we had ‘heated’ Skype calls shall we say. He never pestered me for sex, but I had no intention of giving it to him- especially as I was leaving the country so soon and didn’t need his money. (By the way, I never told him I was leaving).

So, I’m in London for the last time til I leave, staying with my friend, I tell him I’m in the area and he’s like: “Do you want to go to the Savoy?” And my Achilles heel consists of five star London hotels and tiny cucumber sandwiches, so I said yes. You can probably already see where this is going.

So, I put a nice dress on, beat my face, mentally prepare myself for a few hours of his company, and head off to the Savoy. I met him at Victoria and we walked down together, just talking and catching up and EVERYTHING SEEMED ALL FINE AND DANDY. THEN!!

We go in, put up our coats, and I say: “Do you want to go up to the bar first?” It was lunchtime and I was ready for my lunchtime Dom Perignon (just kidding, I’m a basic Sauvignon bitch). And he was like: “We already have a table.” Now. When he said ‘we’, children, what I THOUGHT he meant was ‘you and me’ and what in fact he meant, as I learned thirty seconds later, was him and a bunch of people I’d never seen before in my life.

We walked down into the centre of the room and there was a table next to the piano with about six people sitting around it. I was looking around as he was walking towards it because of course, that couldn’t be our table.

He stopped me in front of the table and just said: “This is makeitrainsugar.” (Not giving you my hoe name) and I was like

Originally posted by realitytvgifs


 I was giving him ‘this is not okay’ looks the whole time but he just fucking wouldn’t look at my face. I perched next to this lady who said: “I’m Nice Guy’s stepmother.” I shook her hand, trying to think of ways to leave without making a scene.

 The other two guys around the table were Nice Guy’s brothers and there was one lady who was his sister and the other two women were the wives of the brothers, but they were just like a fucking blur to me as I sat there. I was just sitting there as the tea came, wondering what I had done to deserve this.

 Nice Guy’s brother was like: “So I heard you met on a website.” And Nice Guy was quickly like, “Yeah, yeah, we did.” And I’m just glaring at him like yeah and it was WYP not fucking match dot com this is not part of the deal.

 The WHOLE ENTIRE MEAL they were ragging on Nice Guy like ‘when are you going to get a better job?’, ‘why don’t you move to a nicer apartment?’ and Nice Guy was just nodding and trying to joke and it was just sad like I can see why he’s so self-deprecating all the time. Not that that’s an excuse to ambush me.

 His brother was like ‘your girlfriend’s too pretty for you.’ Then he looked me In The Eye and said “you need a real man.”


 I was just laughing awkwardly the whole time and just regretting all past decisions as they talked about how much of a failure Nice Guy was. 

 And then, AND THEN, when the bill came they said they’d split it between all of us. No. No, I don’t split bills. I’m not out with my friends, I’m on a POT date.

 I looked at Nice Guy like ‘hello?’ but he was just avoiding my eyes so I said: “Sorry, I didn’t bring my purse. Honestly, I thought it would just be me and Nice Guy.” Like hint hint, dumbass.

 And Nice Guy STILL didn’t offer to pay, his brother, the real man one, was like: “I’ll get your end. You can pay me back.” With like the nastiest look on his face, like your girlfriend/wife is sitting literally next to you, asshole.

 I get up whilst the bill is being paid, because I’m at my limit, I went to the bathroom and I text him to tell me when his family is gone so we can talk.

 I wait for like ten minutes and he says they’re gone, I go out and Real Man brother, his wife and Nice Guy’s mother are still there, that lying sack of shit. So I straight up ask Nice Guy if I can talk to him for a minute and he has the audacity to look flustered like he didn’t already know that’s what I wanted.

 We walk up to the foyer and I say: “Is there something you want to explain?” And you know what this goddamn man says to me? He presses against my ear and says: “That was so fucking hot.”

 Like THAT’S what you have to say, you limp dicked fuck stain??? After putting me through this and all you can do is try and fetishize it?

 I said: “How exactly was that hot?” And he says: “I was thinking about fucking you the whole time.”

 I’m just staring at him, thinking that a douchebag ghost has possessed him because this was NOT his personality before.

 I simply said: “We’re done.” I couldn’t scratch his face because CCTV and security.  And I walked out and he didn’t even try to follow me. But he did call me an hour later, apologising, saying that it was his way of saying he loved me. Boy bye.

 Anyway, so I suppose I can add this to the long list of ‘experiences’ that I’ve had. The moral of the story is, no matter how nice a Nice Guy seems, if they’re on fucking WYP or any sugaring site. There is always. Something. Wrong. With. Them. Remember that, ladies.

scarred hands (but whole hearts)

DexNursey 1.4k H/C I guess? Who knows. Have this thing

The hands are scarred.

(The hands are always scarred, this is hockey there are scars everywhere, Derek, get over yourself-)

The hands are scarred. Will’s hands, not the, he has a name even though, Derek thinks, he’s fully intent on making Derek forget that, and Derek’s own, and everything else but the feel of his knuckles as they drag across cheekbone. Derek’s fucked.

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Play With Fire

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: OFC x Thomas


Word Count: 11,023 

A/N: So this is my first Thomas fic and it’s really fucking long lol. This takes place in The Scorch and none of it is canon, I just thought it would make for a good story. I could have split it but I said fuck it and just left it as one long story. So I hope y’all enjoy it because it took me a while to get this done. Also, instead of Googling names for different explosive devices, because I’m paranoid lol, I just made up a name so that would be the name in Bold.  

Names. They give everyone their identity. Your name is part of who you are. I don’t have a name. Not one that I remember anyway. I was known as Subject 2184, according to WICKED. I have no memory of who I was before they got their hands on me. I spent most of my life locked in the facility.

Until he showed up.

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Keep on Living (chapter 2) Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Summary: You work at the Richard Rogers theater as the assistant to the musical director as Hamilton hits Broadway. It’s while working there you develop a friendship/crush on Lin who is your nerdy workaholic nerd in arms. Meanwhile you hide the other secret part of your life from Lin and your friends,keeping secret your abusive partner until you can’t hide it anymore.

After turning up to the theater with a black eye and bruised wrists you tell Pippa that you’ve been mugged, but you get the feeling that Lin seems to know what really happened. Lin gets over-protective and you end up feeling really confused. Expect a lot of angst.

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe)

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count - LONG AF


The worst hangover of your life had been the morning after opening night on Broadway four months ago. You’d woken up in a crumpled heap on Alex’s couch, a snoring Chris lay on the floor spooning a passed out Lin. The celebratory cocktails, the champagne toasts, the afterhours shots, the 4am whisky nightcaps were all to blame. You had felt worse than you knew possible, your brain and body had never felt so utterly destroyed, everything hurt. You remember focusing your blurry eyes and seeing a sleepy-definitely-still-drunk Lin waking up next to Chris and giving you a sleepy smile whispering ‘we did it!’ before passing out again. That felt like a lifetime ago now.

This morning was now the worst hangover of your life.Your body ached, your head was pounding, and your eyes were sore. But you weren’t hungover, there was no alcohol to blame, you were just… tired. Tired of coping. Constantly bracing for impact is exhausting.

Your phone beeped and you reached over to your nightstand fearful it would be an angry message from Mark, but you saw it was from Lin

Lin: Hey Y/N, you ok?

Oh god, Lin. You’d been so off with him yesterday, hiding behind dark glasses so he wouldn’t see your bruised eye, scared of what he might have pieced together. But he knew something was wrong, the way he’d looked at you, and he’d definitely seen your bruised wrist. Or had he? And had Pippa or Chris told him about your black eye? It was so tiring trying to work out which version of the lie people knew.

But Lin had definitely seen Mark. You replayed the memory of Lin reaching out to shake hands with Mark which felt like an act of confrontation. There was no warmth in his voice when he said hello, the smile on his face was polite but wrong somehow. You’d never seen Lin look like this, almost ready to pounce. Were you just being paranoid?

You had pulled Mark away before either of them had time to speak.You’d smiled to reassure Lin and Mark and even yourself that everything was just fine, before leading Mark away. You could feel Lin’s eyes following you as you went. You could still feel them now, that look of anger, or was it disappointment? You never wanted Lin to look at you like that again.

Mark had stayed silent on the subway home, finally exploding when you reached your apartment. At first he demanded to know why you were talking to Lin. Were you sleeping with him?  You were probably sleeping with him, him and everyone else in your damned precious show. Were you just a whore who slept with any guy that happened to give you a bit of attention? Were you and Lin both laughing at him? He screamed at you, calling you a bitch, a slut, a whore. And then he changed tact: no you weren’t a slut, you were pathetic. There you were throwing yourself at other men but who would want someone like you? You were beyond ugly, you were nothing, you were messed up, look at you, the way you dress, your body, your face, you were ugly.  Nobody wanted you, Lin wouldn’t want you, you were lucky that you had someone like Mark, lucky that he gave you any attention because nobody else would want someone as pathetic and disgusting as you.

He didn’t hit you this time, he didn’t raise his hand, didn’t grab you, he didn’t touch you once. But you felt the violence in his words. Your whole body felt like a punching bag as he screamed insults at you until finally at 1am, the monster was gone, and there he was again crying and begging for your forgiveness. He wasn’t a monster, you just made him so crazy, you made him act this way, he wished you wouldn’t make him feel so jealous, you know what it does to him.

Your phone beeped again bringing you back to the present. Another message from Lin:

Lin: Hey, you up?

You stared at the screen not ready to face the day, let alone Lin. But your phone continued to buzz in your hand as message after message was sent from an over excitable Lin:

Lin: You better be awake!

Lin:  Because I’m one block away and I have coffee

Lin: I bet you’ve forgotten haven’t you?

Lin: Sure, invite me over to pick my genius brain and then forget all about me, fine!

Lin: I didn’t know if you wanted cinnamon or poppyseed bagels, so I have both.

Lin: Also I hope you’re ok, and feel free cancel on me if you aren’t up to this today.

Lin: I’m outside your building.

Shit! You’d mentioned to him earlier that week that you were working on some of your own demos. After he’d harassed you all week you’d finally played him some of your crappy recordings through your phone during intermission one night, the drums sounding weak and distorted through your cheap ass phone, but it was enough. Lin’s eyes had grown wide with excitement and he’d crossed his arms, nodded his head, biting his lip as he grinned. “Holy shit Y/N, that’s amazing! Why have you stopped there, keep going, give me more.”

“Um that’s all there is actually. My laptop is busted, I don’t think I can do anymore recordings until I can afford to get it fixed.”

Lin unfolded his arms which were now wildly gesturing in excitement.

“Well you can borrow mine! And look, I can even come over and give you a hand. Come on, I’m dying to hear the rest of these tracks that you’ve been hiding away. I can help!”

You hadn’t invited him over so much as he’d invited himself. And here he was armed with coffee and bagels and far too much enthusiasm just outside your building while you lay in bed, bruised, tired, and unable to make sense of anything. You know there would no deterring him now and you couldn’t shake the look he’d given you last night as you’d left with Mark. You needed things to be ok again, you needed some normal, and as scary as it was to face him you didn’t exactly have a choice. You messaged back ”Give me 5 minutes” and frantically jumped out of bed.

5 minutes turned into 15 minutes as you quickly got showered and dressed. You sat down to put on makeup to cover up the bruising on your face, but your cheek felt too tender to even touch. Panic set in as you realised you’d have to face him like this. You couldn’t hide behind sunglasses again. You breathed out slowly and forced yourself to smile in front of the mirror You couldn’t hide behind makeup, but you could hide behind another lie for today.

“Oh my god”

Lin’s face dropped when you opened the door..

“Yeah, hi!” you chirped far too brightly. Lin’s eyes never left your face as he walked through the door, balancing coffee, a bag of bagels, his laptop and backpack. You could feel him staring at your black eye and your skin prickled with unease.

“I’m sorry I just…” It wasn’t like Lin to be lost for words. “Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it was this bad.”

He set down the coffee and bagels on the kitchen table,

“So Pippa told you?” You said, gesturing to your eye.

“Chris told me. Pippa knows as well?

“About the mugging? Yeah she knows, shall I get us some plates?” You breezed past him setting bagels onto plates and giving the performance of your damned life in the role of someone who has their shit together.

“Mugging??” Lin shook his head in confusion

“Yeah, well, attempted mugging. I’m ok, they didn’t get anything, but yeah, this is my reward” You grimmaced, pointing at your face.

“Mugging? But I thought… I thought…”


You placed plates and bagels in front of him sipping the coffee he’d brought you.

He stared at you as if trying to read you. It made you uncomfortable, like if he looked too close you’d crumble. So you averted his gaze.

“I just thought… Nothing. It’s nothing. I guess I was just worried about you. I heard you were hurt but I didn’t know you’d been….mugged. Are you really ok?”

“I’m fine” you nodded, a little bit too eager. “Look I wasn’t ok. I was a mess yesterday, I’m sorry I couldn’t really talk, I just couldn’t make sense of anything yesterday, and then Mark…” You swallowed, realising you were almost letting your guard down. “ Anyway, I’m ok, really, I don’t want you to worry. Nd I really don’t want to talk about it.”

There was an awkward pause as you finally met his gaze. Did he believe you?. His eyes had softened, he looked like he wanted to say something, he opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again and shook his head as though he’d thought better of it.

“I’m here if you need me…  for anything.” He said softly, his eyes never leaving yours, the concern on his face making you feel like the biggest pile of garbage Mark had always said you were.

You took a deep breath

“Well… funny you should say that, because today I need your expert opinions on how to get my piece of shit drum machine to sound any good”

Lin broke out into a small resigned grin and after a moment clasped his hands and rubbed and them together.

“Alright alright then, show me what we’re working with here.”

For the rest of the morning you felt more like yourself than you had in weeks. Being with Lin was easy.  His enthusiasm for everything was infectious, and you both talked a mile a minute, singing over each other, mocking each other’s terrible ideas.

“ For the last time, I am not rhyming ‘withering’ with ‘Slytherin’!”

“You can’t waste an opportunity like that!” he yelled, grabbing the sampler from your hands and freestyling Harry Potter rhymes over the instrumental you had lovingly crafted while you rolled your eyes.

“Seriously, who the hell gave you a Tony?” you laughed.

When he wasn’t wrecking your demos he was genuinely helping you out, not only did you need his musical advice, you had needed a distraction that morning. You caught yourself stealing glances as he pushed back the hair hanging in his eyes while he bopped his head in time with the bass. His eyes closed occasionally and he grinned in awe when he found a hook or a beat or a lyric that really got to him. He’d catch you looking and you felt yourself blush and you felt stupid, remembering the your embarrassing crush from just a few months ago, before Mark. Occasionally you caught him looking at you too,but he looked at you with worry in his eyes which he blinked away when he saw you noticing him. Like he wanted to say something. Like he knew the truth, like he just fucking *knew*.

Lin pressed his hands to his chest, clutching his heart and exclaimed “Y/N you are killing me, this is so good!”. You blushed uncomfortably.

“Thanks, it’s getting there. It would sound awful if I hadn’t had you helping me structure this properly. I would have just messed it up.”

Lin shook his head earnestly. “Don’t say that, don’t ever say that.”

You’d always wanted to be able to share this stuff with Mark with you both being musicians, but Mark hated the music you played, he laughed at your demos, told you that they were no good, and made you feel stupid for trying. You’d lost all confidence in yourself, so to have Lin bouncing in the seat next to you over a song you’d written and made yourself was unfamiliar.

Your phone buzzed with a message from Mark.

Mark: Audition was a bust, I didn’t get it. Why does everything I touch turn to shit?

The smile on your face froze, and you frantically started texting back a reassuring reply.

“Everything ok?” Lin asked

“Yeah, it’s uh, it’s just Mark. He didn’t get the audition he went out for this morning. I just want to make sure he’s ok.”

Lin didn’t say anything but you could see him studying you from the corner of your eye.

You knew that another failed audition meant that Mark would be in a terrible mood. You’d managed to put him out of your mind all morning but suddenly you felt dizzy and sick, you felt heavy again, you felt scared. Please don’t let him come home in a bad mood tonight, you thought to yourself. You were scared of what it might lead to.

“Y/N what’s wrong?”

You hadn’t realised how much your face gave you away sometimes.

“Nothing, it’s fine, it’s fine. Just hoping Mark is ok that’s all.”

You also didn’t realise you were anxiously rubbing your bruised wrist which now felt so stiff and sore. You hadn’t realised until Lin silently reached over and gently ran his hands down your arm, drawing your wrist towards him. He placed your hand face up in his palm and examined your wrist. The faint marks from yesterday had now turned various shades of blue and purple. He stared intently, as his fingers lightly traced over the bruising, his touch was so gentle and delicate, making you tingle and shiver. His fingers lightly darted across your skin feeling electric and your breath caught in your throat.  You watched him as he found the part of your wrist which felt stiff and swollen, and he rubbed his finger and thumb in small gentle circles, soothing the muscle and releasing the pressure. He was careful not to grip too tightly, his fingers felt soft and light against your skin, giving you goosebumps. You weren’t used to someone touching you so gently, and you closed your eyes for a second, feeling calm and still.

You opened your eyes to see Lin staring at you and you swallowed, unable to speak. You knew that if you tried to talk you’d tell him everything, you’d tell him how scared you were, tell him how much pain you were in, tell him you were frightened it would happened again, tell him that you needed help. But you didn’t know how to even form the words. He leaned forwards, his hair brushing against your arm, biting his bottom lip as though he was about to speak, and his eyes never moving from yours.

Your phone buzzed again snapping you both out of the moment, and you snatched your hand away while Lin cleared his throat and jumped up nervously. It wasn’t from Mark.

“It’s Pippa” you said. “She wants to meet me at the theater this afternoon. She says, bring sweatpants and rage and to get there early. You have any idea what that’s about?”

“Not a clue I’m afraid” He laughed nervously, while quickly gathering his things and packing up his laptop with speed. Your skin still tingled from his touch but there was an awkwardness in the air now. Lin fidgeted pushing his hair back into a messy bun while quickly mumbling his goodbyes and making his way to the door. He seemed in such a hurry to leave and in a blur he was gone.

You shook your head, nothing seemed to make sense anymore.


“Don’t be mad” Pippa said through her nervous smile as you walked into the theater,

“What did you do?” You asked nervously. You dumped your gym bag on the floor containing the sweatpants Pippa had requested. You’d hoped the rage was optional.

“Well I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to you” she frowned, staring at your bruised face. “And I worry about you, and I worry about all of us. And well, nobody should ever feel afraid or unsafe or go through what you went through. So I spoke to some of the girls and we decided to host a self defence workshop this afternoon. Please don’t be mad.”

Pippa bit her lip nervously. You couldn’t be mad with someone as thoughtful.

“I don’t know what to say” you mumbled.

“Look I know you asked me not to tell anyone, but Chris saw your black eye yesterday and I think he even mentioned it to Lin, and before you know it everyone was asking me what had happened. And I just thought, it could have been any of us who were mugged. And I just wanted to help.”

Your face felt hot with shame as you realised the lie you told had backfired.

“There’s no harm in being prepared” she continued “Are you ok with this?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded.

Pippa ushered you down the corridor to the empty stage where Renee, Jasmine, and some other girls from the chorus, wardrobe, and backstage crew were assembled and warming up. You were immediately pulled into a giant hug with Renee , and you felt embarrassed as everyone smiled and nodded at you, each of them of them taking note of your bruised face, and some coming up to you to share their own horror stories of being mugged in NYC. Jasmine introduce you to Nathan, a self defence instructor who was an old friend of hers. And for the rest of the afternoon you learned to punch, kick, how to get out of chokeholds, and you learned all the effective places to strike in an attack. “Eyes! Nose! Throat! Groin!” Nathan shouted at the room, and you all shouted back in unison. You looked around at all the incredible strong determined women. They were all so brave and inspiring, and you felt like a fraud next to them. You looked over at a Pippa who had a now defeated Nathan on the floor, her knee resting on his back while she pinned his arms behind him. She looked over at you grinning in victory and you felt a pang of shame. She’d organised this for you. All these inspiring women, all your friends, learning to be tougher, learning to fight, and here you were unable to fight back, unable to even find the words to tell someone what Mark was doing to you. You wished you were strong.

“Holy shit” You turned to see a stunned Chris looking in from the wings. He clapped his hands while laughing in admiration at the sight now in front of him. He raised his eyebrows as Renee now had Nathan in a headlock, while Jasmine cheered her on.

“Hey!” he called over to you “I’m impressed, this is amazing.”

“It’s all Pippa.” You laughed

“No really, I’m impressed, I didn’t expect to see you in today. Are you ok? How are you doing?”

You smiled and gave a reassuring nod, not quite the stunning performance you’d given Lin earlier, but you hoped it would be enough to stop people from worrying about you.

“When I saw your black eye yesterday, man, I didn’t know what had happened. Has Lin spoken to you yet?”

“Oh yeah, I saw him earlier.”

“I mean I was worried about you, Pippa was worried about you, we all were, but damn I’ve never seen anyone look as angry as Lin did yesterday. That man was ready to kill for you.”

You swallowed, feeling uncomfortable.

“Hey Chris, you wanna come over here a sec?” Jasmine called while sitting on Nathan’s back as he lay helpless on the floor.

Chris laughed, putting his hands up “Nah, I’m good. I know better than to mess with you, Jas.”

Chris’ words rang in your head all night. Throughout the show you tried to kept your focus, but you couldn’t help thinking about Lin. You were secretly sad to see Javier that night instead of him. The way he’d left that afternoon had felt so rushed. You felt like if you’d just seen him again tonight you would have crumbled and told him everything. You’d already come so close. You’d wanted to tell him, his face had been so close to yours it had made you feel nervous and also excited, and you just really couldn’t remember the last time someone had been so gentle with you.

After the performance your thoughts turned back to Mark and as the dressing rooms and backstage areas started to empty you found yourself taking longer than needed to pack away, finding little jobs to do to busy yourself with, putting off the inevitable of going home to face whatever awaited you.  

“Y/N, lets go!”

You looked round to see Jasmine, Pippa, and Renee holding the door open for you. They had changed out of costume and were fastening coats and getting ready to leave. “You’re coming with us!” yelled Pippa, waving you over.

You gestured to the pile of folders in your hands “ I gotta get these amended charts ready for Alex” You explained feebly, hoping to avoid a girls night out.

“Nuh-uh, you’re coming out with us. Alex knows. Come on, we’re all fired up from dominating men today, we deserve to celebrate, and you deserve some girl time. Come on!”

You hesitated. Mark would be waiting for you at home, but you were so scared of what he might do, you weren’t ready to go back there yet.

Jasmine sighed and marched over to you, linking her arm with yours and dropping the files you were carrying on a nearby table. “This can wait, now come on!”

“Eyes! Nose! Throat! Groin” Jasmine yelled before clinking her glass with everyone and cheering. As toasts go, it felt appropriate.

“I feel invincible right now!” giggled Jasmine.

“Really, because I feel DRUNK right now” slurred Renee. They had dragged you to a bar just round the corner from the theater, and you’d promised you’d stay for one drink. But that was a few drinks ago now, and Pippa placed a shot of tequila in front of you, which you sniffed at and stuck your tongue out. It was waaaaay past your bedtime but you didn’t care.

“Wait, wait, wait, we should do a thing! Quick, pass me my thingy!” squealed Jasmine

“Girl, what are you talking about?” laughed Renee

“My phone, pass me my phone, I wanna film this!”

Pippa laughed and helped Jasmine in the very difficult task of retrieving her phone which was right in front of her and you smiled to yourself. It had been a confusing 24 hours but you felt so lucky to have amazing friends like these. Friends that teach you how to throw a punch then get you blind drunk to celebrate were friends worth having.

“Ok ok, so I’m out with my girls tonight everyone say helloooooo” Jasmine said into her phone screen, moving the phone around the table to film you all as you waved and hollered.

“Give it up for the Schuyler Sisters!” whooped Renee and you gave a cheer as the three girls bust into a quick rendition of “Angelica… Eliza… and Peggy!”

“And here’s our honorary Schuyler Sister, give it up for Hamilton’s assistant to the musical director: Y/N!”

You shook your head and waved your hands in front of your face feeling drunk and and giggly while Renee and Pippa whooped.

Jasmine snatched the camera and spoke directly into it

“We love our honorary Schuyler Sister and this is a message to anyone who feels like they can mess with her or any other woman out there. You’ve got us to deal with. You think it’s ok to attack women, it’s not ok. So if you fuck with her, you fuck with us. Jasmine out!”

Renee whooped and both you and Jasmine downed your shots in celebration.

“Woah, now you’re sounding like Lin!” Pippa laughed

“What do you mean?” You asked, squinting at Pippa through your now empty shot glass.

“I mean he was pissed when he found out about your black eye. He was ready to fight someone, demanding to know who’d done this to you, ranting at Chris about men who hit women. Did he not speak to you about it?”

“He came round to see me today actually. Wanted to make sure I was ok. He was cute. I mean *IT* was cute! I mean not him specifically!  I just mean it was nice that he cared. God I’m drunk!” You slurred.

“Nuh-uh, you meant *he* was cute” cooed Pippa.

Pippa was the only one who’d ever guessed that you’d had a crush on Lin. This was before you met Mark, before any of this.

“No! Well, yes he’s cute, but you know what I mean. I just meant it’s nice that he cares. Oh god I need to shut up!” You groaned and rested your head in your hands, tequila made you feel sick and when did the bar start spinning?

“Oh god someone take my phone away from me!” yelled Jasmine. “I don’t know how to stop recording on this thing.”

“You’re still filming?” laughed Renee

“I don’t know! Technology is hard” Jasmine giggled. You watched as Renee grabbed Jasmine’s phone, shaking her head and laughing “Wait, why are you uploading this to twitter?”

“Because I’ve recorded a message for the men of the world and I want everyone to see!” Jasmine exclaimed. “Also that was an accident, I didn’t know I’d done that.”

“Well Lin has already liked it.” Pippa rolled her eyes. “Does that man ever get off the internet?”

Your stomach dropped and you groaned as you watched the video playback through Jasmine’s phone, hearing yourself referring to Lin as cute made you cringe.

“Um I think we should probably delete that” suggested Pippa after seeing your grimace. She quickly took Jasmine’s phone to erase your embarrassment.

“I need to go” you moaned, your head spinning and the 24 hours worth of anxiety mixing with tequila was making you queasy. You grabbed your phone as you stood up and saw a message. It was from Mark, the color suddenly draining from your face.

Mark: Get home. Now.


Part 3 coming soon, is here! I might have to write some smut to counteract all the angst tho.

“Growing up I never had a perfume. I was like oh, one day when I’m grownup and have money I’m going to wear perfume. I had one perfume and I would save it for really, really, really special occasions. Which meant I never actually wore it. So now it’s one of those things like, I can wear perfume everyday. I can afford to buy another one, I’m really lucky that I can. Now when I have nice stuff I don’t save it anymore, I try to use it.” - Margot Robbie.

So I received this MOST EXCELLENT Pigeon!Phil for my birthday!!  It was commissioned by someone who signed themselves just as a reader, from @pigeoncomics

It is the best pigeon.  I love him so much.  (hugs the snazzy pigeon!Phil)  He is going to go into a frame as soon as I find one that’s the right size.

BUT.  Did you know you could get a pigeon (or other, lesser bird) of your very own?  That is correct!  @pigeoncomics is actually doing a fundraiser right now for a local birb-related charity.  You can find the information HERE!

I will say, however, that these prices are very low.  If you can afford to, you should definitely chip in a few extra bucks.  Stay tuned, since I’m off this weekend, I might be doing something of my own to help the birbs. 8)

anonymous asked:

How and Why did you end up living in Thailand and making art?

a few things!:
-Accidentally married a handsome thai guy who’s immediate family still resided in thailand
-Got real tired of being real poor in Canada
-Couldn’t hold down a 9 to 5 for longer than three months at a time due to a unique soup of disabilities and other brain quirks
-Got decently good at making a living doing many small jobs online (and the odd large contract, but long term work continues to be difficult). But could never make enough to save or even chip away at debt
-Sold our house!!
-Used that money to level our debt and buy one-way tickets to Thailand.
-Left Canada and arrived in Thailand with only a suitcase
-Turns out my husband’s family are literal angels. They gave us a house and a car (???????????????????????????? what a blessing, I couldn’t even compute. This gave me anxiety for a YEAR.)
-On top of that, the humble amount of money I made per month in canada via my wonderful online clientele gets us much further here in Thailand!! So–now that’s what I’m doing!! And I’m probably going to eat some fancy Italian food tonight because I can actually afford to do that now.

 I went from being dirt poor living in a damp, moldy basement, sleeping on a damp, moldy mattress on the floor, and going to bed hungry most nights–to living a comfortable, idealistic middle class lifestyle on a tropical island… All because we took the giant crazy risk of selling everything we owned to move across the world.
If we had known that we had such an incredible support structure waiting here for us in thailand via our family and friends, we might have made that risk much sooner. But we had no idea.
The most we had hoped for was that–well, we wouldn’t have debt anymore, and if we ate humbly, would could even save money so that eventually we’d have a decent amount of savings in the bank to pay for emergencies or heck–even travel for fun!
We tried not to think of what the worst case scenario would have been. 

Our lifestyle in Canada–if we had chosen to stay in canada–wouldn’t have changed no matter what we did. We were up to our eyeballs in debt and I had people calling me every day about it. When you’re that poor, you fool yourself into thinking that it’s just a temporary low. That somehow, you’d get your lucky break and launch yourself out of that situation to live the comfortable life you always knew you’d have. Instead of falling deeper into debt.

But if we stayed in Canada, that wouldn’t have happened. I saw an exit strategy and it lead into a huge unknown–but we pushed for it anyways because I’d rather try my luck with a new devil than live with the insufferable devil I already knew. And in my case, it paid off big time. 
Sometimes, hard work isn’t the way up. Sometimes you have to relocate yourself to a more suitable environment–and that can be a lot scarier and more difficult than believing in the mythology that hard work will make things better. It means leaving behind your friends and your family, and it might even mean abandoning your responsibilities for the hope that things might work out if you try again somewhere else. Which is why most people just can’t.

But I could, and I did, and that’s the how and why! :D 

« Growing up I never had a perfume. I was like oh, one day when I’m grownup and have money I’m going to wear perfume. I had one perfume and I would save it for really, really, really special occasions. Which meant I never actually wore it. So now it’s one of those things like, I can wear perfume every day I can afford to buy another one, I’m really lucky that I can. Now when I have nice stuff I don’t save it anymore, I try to use it. »


(please excuse the roughness of this post, i literally threw it together in like 5 minutes after doing a really rough estimate on how low i can push my prices for this. plus tumblr killed the quality so open in a new tab to see it clearer!)


TOO LONG, NOT GONNA READ VERSION: Bank fucked up, took money for a bill I cancelled, I’m now about $300 in the red, it’s gonna take some time to fix, and I haven’t yet received a paycheck from my new job. Also, said job seems to like only scheduling me for 12 hours a week. I really need to at least get a positive balance ASAP because I need to eat something besides hotdogs and eggs at some point. And also I’m almost out of said hotdogs and eggs.

Please consider commissioning me! They’re SUPER cheap right now!
If you can’t commission me, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could reblog to spread this around!


More details: I very recently got a new job after having to be out of work for mental health reasons since January. I didn’t intend to be out that long, but things progressively got worse to the point where i couldn’t even leave my house and i feared leaving my own bed some days.

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Gal Friday

Summary: Sasuke frowns and puts down the tumbler and turns around, expecting one of his shareholders or perhaps one of the shark-like women from legal to be addressing him. What he encounters instead is a woman with a shock of bubble-gum pink hair and eyes the colour of seafoam, smiling at him as if she has known him her entire life. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 11 – Prompt: “CEO & Assistant”]

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So you and Derek, no matter how much you would have liked to, couldn’t just say you were dating now and live happily ever after.

No, you had to talk about things like what all does “dating” mean for the two of you. Like what counts as cheating, does this mean Derek would be moving back in, and the most important.

What are you doing for your first date?

First you thought a simple dinner and movie, but Derek said it was too cliche for his taste. He suggest a date in the park, maybe a little picnic, but you were more of an indoors-y type.

“How about a cooking date?” you had said.

Derek’s whole face lit up at the idea and he immediately agreed, it only made since to have it here.

Your house had been considered home to him for years, plus here it was just you two. No waitress at a restaurant, or random park visitors, just you two in your natural habitat.

So today was the day of the date and you were currently making a mess of your room trying to decide what to wear.

Should you dress down as in sweats, which Derek basically always sees you in, or casual jeans (another thing you often wore around Derek) or maybe a little more effort and go for a cute little dress?

You had never worn a dress around Derek before, other than like Easter when you were kids and his mom made you for the sake of photos. Even then you changed back into jeans after pictures were taken.

On one hand this date was all about comfort, sweats are the ultimate comfort, but its also very lazy and sloppy looking. Jeans show some effort but not enough for a date, then a dress is a special thing. But what if it’s too much effort?

Finally you decide to put on your big girl pants and just throw on the dress, if it was too much you could just change. 

You pick the most simple dress you own, its light pink with a red rose pattern and you put on some white flats. You looked in the mirror and you are absolutely sure this was the best choice, it showed effort but not too much.

Now it was time to debate rather or not you’re gonna wear make up or not. You never wear the stuff, what with how busy you always are.The only make up you actually owned was a basic tube of red lipstick and some matching eye shadow.

You look back up at the mirror and decide that you looked great without make-up, so you declare yourself ready.

You hear Derek knock on the door and you head downstairs to let him in.

You opened the door and reveal Derek with arms full of plastic grocery bags and even holding one in his mouth.

‘Ish gaah ge schaah.’ (I got the stuff) he said as he walked in and headed to the kitchen.

‘Making two trips won’t kill you Derek.’ you said as you followed.

Derek put all the bags on the table and stood up straight.

‘Two trips is for the weak.’ he said as he turned to face you.

He finally looked at you and took in what you had on, and you also took in his white button up, black jeans and boots.

‘Wow, you uh you look great (Y/N).’ Derek said as he gave you a hug.

‘Thanks, so do you.’ you said as you hugged him back.

You pulled back and smiled, it had been SO long since you had been in a relationship it felt so nice to just say you were dating again.

‘So did you get everything we need?’ you asked.

‘Yeah I think so.’ Derek said as he turned towards all the bags.

For this date you two were going to be cooking and eating dinner, spaghetti, home made cheesy bread, a ceaser salad and your famous banana split pie.

You go through the bags and confirmed he got everything you needed for the meal.

‘OK, now all we need is some aprons.’ you smiled as you pulled out the two aprons Melissa got for you in the secret santa.

You hold up one apron with the image of a woman’s naked torso, and another with a naked man torso.

‘I am not putting that on.’ he laughed as he pointed at the male apron.

‘Fine wear this one.’ you smiled as you put the woman’s apron around his neck.

‘And I will wear this one.’ you giggled as you put on the man’s apron.

You tied each other aprons and spend the text five minutes making silly poses and jokes.

‘Come on you foxy lady, lets get started.’getting to

You both wash your hands before you assign the task of getting the noodles ready for the spaghetti while you started getting the ground beef ready for the sauce.

It all felt so domestic, like it had been all those years ago. You couldn’t image making dinner with anyone but Derek.

While the noodles and sauce cooked you were spreading the cheese over the bread while Derek washed the lettuce for the salad. After that was done and the spaghetti was ready, bread cooked and salad made you started on the pie.

The base for the pie was actually not ice cream, but cream cheese and crushed pineapple. You put it in the graham cracker pan and put it in the fridge to cool, you and Derek would add the topping after dinner.

You and Derek sat the table and sat down to eat the meal you had cooked.

‘So what’s been going on? As your girlfriend I demand you keep me updated, none of that one call a week crap anymore.’ you said pointing at him with your fork.

‘Alright alright, daily phone calls, I can do that. If you can promise you’ll get at least six hours of sleep every night.’ Derek bargained.

‘Five.’ you tried.


‘Fine.’ you said before he could up your required hours of sleep.

‘And as far as what’s going on it’s actually something I wanted to ask your opinion on something.’ he said after finishing his spaghetti.

‘Sure.’ you said as you handed him the large bowl of spaghetti.

‘I was thinking of growing a pack, with troubled teens.’ he said as he sat down his fork.

‘Like a werewolf upgrade that doubles as a mentor group? Maybe, but it can’t be a large group of teens running around all wolfed out and out of control. Draws too much attention, you could have what…two maybe three if you can train them fast.’ you answered thoughtfully.

‘Now I just have to find  the lucky three.’ he said as he continued eating.

‘Well I know of at least two kids who I think really need your help, Erica Reyes and Isaac Lahey. They need actual help Derek and no matter what me or the other nurses say no one seems interested in helping them.’ you said as you finished your plate and pushed it aside.

‘What’s going on?’ Derek asked.

‘Erica has epilepsy, seizures almost three times a week, her family is affording her medicines but they wont be able to get her next refill since her dad got cut off. She won’t make it two days without her meds.’ you said.

‘And Isaac?’

‘His father beats him.’ you sad sourly.

‘That boy is as sweet as candy and his drunk of a father…his mother died, all he has is his dad. No matter how many times I have patched him up he wont go to authorities, and if he won’t say anything they cant do anything. That boy’s gonna get himself killed if someone doesn’t reach out.’ you said.

‘I’ll look into them, now onto dessert.’ Derek said as he stood up.

You followed suit and headed into the kitchen and you two both begin  decorating the pie.

And just like always you both ended up having an epic fight, eating the pie with no fucking toppings sitting on the floor, and your kitchen being a mess.

‘I wish I didn’t wear white.’ Derek said looking at his chocolate syrup covered shirt.

‘I wish I hadn’t just cleaned this kitchen.’ you smiled as you leaned against him.

‘Wanna know what I really wish?’ he asked as he turned toward you.


‘That you’d let me kiss you again.’ he said as he looked at your lips.

‘I can make that happen if you let help me clean up.’ you blush as you lean up and give him a  quick peck on the lips.

Well you meant for it to be peck, but before you knew it you and Derek were laid back on your dirty kitchen floor making out like teenagers.

Mentor for Hire [Spideypool Fic]

ssree said: Spideypool: Spidey seeking Deadpool out to ask/hire him to be his mentor: teach him to fight and survive in this new dangerous world he finds himself in now that he has super powers. Also, welcome back~

Thank you! For the welcome and the prompt… I hope you don’t mind if I change it up a bit (hey sweetpeas, send me prompts again, after three long months I’m gonna write fanfics again)

Peter stopped on his heels, rolling back as his eye caught on the bright red poster stapled haphazardly to the telephone pole next to him. 

“SUPERHERO MENTOR FOR HIRE! DEADPOOL’S THE NAME KILLING BADDIES IS THE GAME” followed in small print with: “it’s actually not a game, it’s a job and a good thing to do” with even smaller print below: “not actually a superhero or a mentor, any accidents or injuries in the field are not the fault of Deadpool please don’t sue me.”

He reached out and tore down the poster, shoving it into his bag before carrying on down the street to the library where he was going to meet Gwen to study for their first ever college midterms.

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🌸🌈💰 Self Care Haul 💰🌈🌸




**not pictured is a bikini top because I set it down somewhere and now I can’t fucking find it 😝😝

💎💎total: $308.00

If anyone has questions about any of these items feel free to message me!

It freaks me out that most of these are small and not outrageously priced and without the boosting items it still comes out to over $250 🤔. Do you know how long it would take me to make an extra $250 that I could blow on stuff like this? I’ve never gotten nice quality skin care products before, I can see myself going a little crazy in the upcoming months. It is nice to actually be able to go through my shopping list and cross stuff off rather than debating with myself on what I can afford and what I should and shouldn’t buy. And high end stuff now too! Before I started lifting, I’m pretty sure I had only shopped at Ulta once.

I’m not sure how to go about hiding all these new bags I keep getting from my mom🙃🙃. They’re not expensive but it’s still weird for me to have four or five. The brown one is a new lifting bag, I like my old one but it just didn’t feel natural for me to carry and I’d noticed some flaws with it so I wanted to try something new. I might sew up some of the little inside pockets that stuff gets caught in but I can fit a lottt more stuff inside and it’s easier to conceal with✌. As for the personal bag, I went to a concert and had to throw my old one away! I didn’t even know the concert was happening until like an hour before so I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to bring my bag in, but it’s whatever. I’d been thinking of getting something smaller for a while and it’s not like I had to pay for it.

I’ve started to notice a pattern of me rambling at the end of my hauls,  I think I’m going to start making separate posts and stop bugging you guys with this 😂

Bus Rides- Chapter 15

Chapter 1

Chapter 14 

Warnings: A bit of angst and violence 

Word Count: 1177

“Hi, Dan!”

“Hey, Janet!” Dan smiled at the receptionist as he walked down the hospital hallway. He had reached the point where he knew all the receptionists by name, as he’d been coming after school every day for the last week to see Phil.

“Morning!” Dan said, walking into Phil’s room and beaming at the Saturday morning sun shining through the window.

“Morning, Dan.”

“How’s it going?”

“I’m better. I don’t think I’m ready to leave though.”

“Oh. When do you think you’ll get out?”

“Right now.” Dan heard a voice behind him and whirled around to see who he assumed to be Phil’s parents standing there. Dan hadn’t seen either of Phil’s parents once the entire week, which honestly made him a bit sick. Their son could have died and they didn’t even bother to come visit.

“Come on, boy. We’re going home. No more expensive medical care for you.” Phil’s father spoke harshly as he walked over and tore the IV out of Phil’s arm. Phil shrieked and steam blew from Dan’s ears.

“Stop it, you’re hurting him!” Dan tried to pull Phil’s father off of him, but an elbow collided with his jaw and he was knocked backwards, crashing into the wall and falling to the ground.

“Dan!” Phil cried out. Dan put his fingers to his lips, pulling them back to see blood.

“That your little boy toy, son?” There was insanity in his eyes as he tore off Phil’s hospital bracelet.

“Lay off him!” Dan regained his strength and was standing behind Phil’s father, using all the courage he could muster to eek these words out.

He turned to Dan, walking right up to him. “I can do what I want with him. He’s my son.”

“Maybe he is, but you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near him.” Dan smelled alcohol and marijuana on his breath. “You’re a drugged out alcoholic who should never be allowed to care for any child, especially Phil. He deserves better than you.”

Suddenly Dan was pinned against the wall. “Listen kid. You don’t tell me how to raise my son.”

“What on earth is going on in here?” All heads turned to the doorway, where a doctor was stood. Dan was released immediately as Phil’s father went to shake the doctor’s hand.

“I’m Phil’s father.” The doctor shook his hand slowly, looking the man up and down. Upon noticing his dingy t-shirt and jeans, he pulled his hand back.

“And where have you been all week?”

“I was never notified he was here.” Dan could tell he was trying to sound civil despite his anger and high.

“We attempted to reach you multiple times.”

“Well, it didn’t work.” Dan looked at the doctor, who was obviously suspicious of Phil’s father. Dan assumed he could also smell the drugs on his breath.

“And what happened to his IV and bracelet?” The doctor glared at Phil and back to his father.

“I’m taking him home. It’s too expensive here.”

“I advise against that.”

“Well, I’m doing it anyway. Come on, boy.”

“But I can’t walk?” Phil pleaded with his father, attempting to talk some sense into the man.

“Get him a wheelchair, doc, we’re leaving.” The doctor rolled his eyes and left, coming back a few minutes later with a wheelchair.

“He’ll be using this for quite a while. Don’t you want me to show him how to work it?”

“He can figure it out himself. Let’s go, boy.” Phil reluctantly and painfully eased himself into the wheelchair.

“I really don’t think you should…” Phil’s father paid no attention to the doctor, simply putting his middle finger up in the air and wheeling Phil out of the room. It isn’t until then that Phil’s mother emerges from the corner in which she’d been standing the entire time.

“I’m sorry, doctor… You too…” She gestured towards Dan.


“Dan. We’re divorced for good reason. His temper is horrible. Don’t worry about him. Phil’s going home with me, not him. We’re only taking him now because we really can’t afford to have him here any longer. I’ll make sure to take as good care of him as I possibly can.” Dan exhaled when she said this, relieved that Phil was going somewhere safe. His own body ached from attempting to stand up to the man; he was terrified for Phil if that was where he was going.

“I hope you know I’m reporting him for the scent of marijuana on his breath.”

She smiled at him. “I actually believe that’s what’s best for all of us.” Turning on her heel, she followed Phil and his father out the door. Numb, Dan caught up with them.

“Well, Phil, I guess you’re checking out.”

Phil smiled up at Dan. “I guess I am.”

“What’re you doing here?” The bad-tempered man was particularly grumpy, Dan noticed.

“My mom’s waiting outside for me. I’m leaving, just like you.” Phil’s father rolled his eyes and he and Phil’s mother completed the check-out process. Walking outside, Dan waved goodbye to Phil and started heading off towards his mom’s car. Before he could get in, he heard grunts coming from behind him. Turning around, he found Phil’s father yelling.

“I’m taking him!”

“Why in hell would you take him? You’re both drunk and high off your ass and he’s already hurt enough! I’m taking him. At least that way he’ll be safe.” He attempted to wheel Phil away but she tore him off of the handles of the wheelchair, knocking it over. Phil winced as his broken arm and leg hit the blacktop. Dan ran over to him, setting up the wheelchair.

“I’ve got you…” Dan did the best he could to lift Phil up onto the wheelchair as his parents argued. He took off running through the parking lot, pushing Phil in front of him. “Where’s your mom’s car?”

“Over there!” Dan ran Phil to his mother’s car, throwing the passenger door open and helping him in. He folded up the wheelchair and tossed it in the back seat.  

“Lock the doors and only open them for you mom,” Dan said frantically as he shut the door. Phil locked the car and opened his window. “Text me as soon as you can, okay Phil?”

“Don’t worry. I will. Thanks Dan. You really saved me there. Nobody’s ever stuck up to by dad like that. He has a lot of problems and frankly my mom’s a bit scared of him.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” Dan smiled at his boyfriend, still covered in bandages, yet as beautiful as ever.

“You too. I love you, Dan.”

“I love you too.” Dan leaned in the window and planted an abrupt kiss on Phil’s lips before hearing the older boy’s arguing parents’ voices drawing nearer. “Roll up the window. I’ll see you later.” Dan took off, sprinting to his own mom’s car. Flinging open the door and hopping into the passenger seat, Dan lolled his head back, holding onto hope that Phil would be safe. Hope was all he had left.

Gal Friday

Summary: Sasuke frowns and puts down the tumbler and turns around, expecting one of his shareholders or perhaps one of the shark-like women from legal to be addressing him. What he encounters instead is a woman with a shock of bubble-gum pink hair and eyes the colour of seafoam, smiling at him as if she has known him her entire life. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 11 – Prompt: “CEO & Assistant”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. A pink-haired dynamo will deduce you into submission should you be found plagiarizing.

Warning: Real World AU.  Slight OOC? Maybe? Well, I kind of figure the Sakura of this fic is just who Inner Sakura would have been if she were the main character instead of Outer Sakura, so there. Some of Sakura’s dialogue based off of Donna Paulsen and Sherlock Holmes

AN: I think I will continue this one at a later date. I like the idea of assistant Sakura and CEO Sasuke intrigues me…


“You know, when someone is given his father’s flagship company, he can at least pretend to finish the drink his board of directors’ bought him.”

Sasuke frowns and puts down the tumbler, turning around. He expects the voice to belong to one of his shareholders or perhaps one of the shark-like women from legal to be addressing him. What he encounters instead is a woman with a shock of bubble-gum pink hair and eyes the colour of seafoam, smiling at him as if she has known him her entire life.

She’s around his age – early twenties – and from her posture, utterly at ease in her own skin, yet not in the aggressive way he has come to expect from the women that frequent this place.

His gaze lingers a half-second longer on her hair, then he raises an eyebrow. “Have we been introduced?”

“Not yet,” she replies, and her smile gets a little mischievous. “But that’s why today’s your lucky day.”

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Pls leave chen alone she's just trying to soak up some sun and have some snacks now

LMAOOOO… THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING ME BBY YOU’RE SO CUTE…. you know me so well i’m actually daydreaming about ramen but i can’t afford it… or frozen yogurt that sounds good too… i’m gonna go to the corner store rn hmm…

So, the Earth economy in Star Trek and whether or not it is actually viable for them to not have money anymore.  Short answer is no, but you aren’t here for the short answer, are you?

Let’s, for a moment, pretend that the money based economy on earth is really not there anymore.  You don’t have to worry about funding college, affording an apartment, paying for groceries.  Hell, hook up a replicator and you never have to worry about food again!  Walk into a restaurant and you don’t have to worry about if you can pay or not, because no money!

Except that off world (or out of Federation, depending on how far out this economy goes) still uses money.

Smugglers are always after money.

The Ferengi DEFINITELY use money.

Now, the first one obviously means that the government still has to have money of some kind.  You can’t trade without it.  You could try pure trading, but honestly money is your best choice.  You really need to buy metal from the Klingons for ship building.  They don’t want your computer parts in return because they have their own.  In fact, they currently aren’t interested in much you have to offer.  But you need that metal.  This is where money comes in.  Rather than pure trading of good or services, you offer something that lets them - at some point in the future - get goods or services from you.  And if they don’t want anything from you, but they need a good planet to raise targs on that they can only get by buying it from Cardassia, the money that you gave them can be put to use there as well!  It’s a form of trade that doesn’t have to go back to the original trade partner!

So great.  Earth government has money so it can carry on trade.  That doesn’t mean regular people need it, though, right?

Hold on, now, that’s not true either.

Plenty of Earth humans go off world for holidays or for work.  How are they going to do anything without money?  How can Starfleet officers pay for drinks in Quark’s bar?  How do Humans afford to pay for new clothes from Garak?

How did Bashir’s parents pay to have him genetically enhanced?  I don’t think their insurance would cover that.

And here’s where we get into what really is going on with humans.  There is periodic talk of signing over credits.  Human economy has gotten to the point by the 23rd century that it doesn’t actually have to have physical form.  Humans don’t carry cash!  Everything is credit based.  Money gets transferred into your bank account by your job or people who owe you money.  It then gets transferred out when you purchase something.  The average human will never see physical cash!

Unless they need to purchase something on the black market, where you really don’t want that to be in a noted transaction.  Going off and getting the genetic altering, for example.  Or getting smuggled Romulan Ale.

Or if you’re going off world where the banking and trade rates are different.  At that point, you will want something like latinum or another form of local currency and you’ll want to have that figured out before you actually get off world.

Likely, Earth being the paradise it is portrayed as, there is a minimum income presented to everyone just by being a citizen of Earth.  Jobs then present as a bonus from the basics, and likely don’t have to pay out too much because the basics are all taken care of by the government.  No need for an employer to worry about health care, retirement benefits, even a living wage as long as they are only hiring Earth citizens.  There is likely also a lot of straight up barter among Terrans as well, because it only makes sense, especially if money is mostly an abstract concept.

If you think about it like this, a lot about the way Bashir thinks of his father makes sense.  Bashir Sr. goes from job to job to job.  He has a lot of big ideas but has never had the staying power to actually put one all the way through.  Considering all the work that was done to Julian, the bill had to be staggeringly huge.  His parents must have taken out a loan from someone off world in order to pay.  They’ve been working to pay off that loan for years.  Julian, unaware of this, lives a typical human life where everything is taken care of and if you have a big idea you can just live off your mincome for a few years while you work it out.  His father can’t, but I doubt they ever would have explained it to Julian.

Something like Starfleet, which has employees from all over the known galaxy, is a different story, of course.  They have to consider cost of living on all of the different worlds to make sure that they’re properly paying their officers and non-coms.  Plus, of course, the fact that if they’re on ships Starfleet is literally their source of everything from room and board to clothing.

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Hi! Sorry for bothering you. Want to ask you: how do you drawing yourself?

Ah you aren’t bothering me at all, anon ^-^

Tbh I’ve never drawn myself before xD But here is me, I guess…

(Welp, I dyed my hair, because I wanted to cosplay Beatrice, but I can’t afford it now and my roots already grew too long, oh I’ll need to dye them again soon >-< And I fall very often that’s why my knees are always injured T-T )