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Okay but one of my favorite things is riding Harry’s thigh. Maybe it’s been a long day and all you wanted to do was to be with him. He’s been really nice and sweet like his usual self and you two are watching TV when you take a look at what he’s sporting. It wasn’t really too special, but he’s on one of those Hawaiian button downs that shows bits of his chest and tattoos and his boxers. His disheveled hair and his scruff had been doing something for you too, and it’s when you’ve started taking action. You slung your leg over his, pressing your center against his thigh. He raised a brow at you as if questioning what you’re doing, but he never denied it. Instead, he’d placed his hands on your hips, squeezing your fleshy bits. You’d do it so subtly at first to the point that he thinks you’re just readjusting yourself against him, but the first time he hears you whimper, it’s gotten more evident. With your head tucked on his neck, he’ll push you down towards him more just to give you a bit more friction in your lower bits, “Havin’ fun, love?” he’d ask as he helps you with your movement. He’s feeling your wetness against your knickers, and it’s also doing something to him, so he’d make you pause for a second, “Can we take this off, yeah?” he was playing with the band of your underwear as you nod and lift yourself up a bit for him to pull them down to your ankles and off the way. And now the feeling of his bare thigh rubbing against your throbbing clit was driving him insane. He’s watching what you’re doing, watching how wet his thigh is getting from your actions, and watching your face contort into pleasure as you go faster and harsher with your movements. He’d place one of his hands to your face, cupping your cheek, “G’nna cum for me, love? Can feel yeh pulsing,” he says in a rough voice, “Makin’ my thigh so wet,” he bites his lip as he places his thumb just by your lip, pulling at it and you welcome his finger inside your mouth.  You moan around him as you feel yourself shudder and come undone on him, rutting against him sloppily as you ride out your orgasm, and he’s just there watching the whole thing unfold in front of him. When you’re done, you rest your head on his shoulder, still trying to catch your breath. He places a kiss on your temple and press you closer to him, “Such a good girl.”

Beast (Pt.1/3)

Request:  Hey love! Can I get a Derek Hale smut where the reader and him are married and they have like kitchen smut which leads to table smut and bed smut and shower smut? THANKS

Character: Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: Very smutty, Language, and SMUT!!!!

“How are you and Derek doing (Y/n)?” Cora asked, her voice muffling through the phone. I bit my lip and smiled while stirring the pasta sauce, a few scenarios popping into my head.

“Well you know, same old Derek.” I laughed cutting off the stove and moving to the fridge, her own laugh resonating through the Bluetooth speakers.

“No silly, I mean how is he like you know in bed?” I almost choked on air as she went silent her breathing the only sound i could hear.

“Cora, are you seriously asking that about your brother..?!” I yelled, while grabbing plates and silverware.

She paused, the line going quiet again as i waited for her answer. “No (Y/n) i meant it like, is he rough or gentle? His past girlfriends always talked to me about it and it kinda just stuck to me for asking his next one. Plus it’s a good bonus to tease him about it. “She casually talked, her tone sounding devious.

My cheeks burned at the mention of anyone else sleeping with him but it simmered after I heard her cough telling me to hurry up and spit it out. “I mean Cora he is a complete beast, like always pressing and pressing until I can no longer go anymore. And holy shit the things he does to me when he takes control is nothing I have ever felt before, he just makes it so easy to fall in love, every-time he whispers in my ear or every-time he leaves bruises from the night before. Now those are the best part.” I rambled my head racking all those steamy nights and all that glorious fucking.

“Whoa, (Y/n) a little too much in don’t you think?” She whistled, making me sputter with laughter as i set up the table, my mind still replaying all of our moments.

“I mean you did ask Cora.” Said another voice. I swiftly turned seeing Derek in the doorway his wolf blue eyes staring into mine, a smirk playing around on his lips. The room went dead as we had a staring contest.

“Um hey Der.” She stammered, not really sure of what to say. He didn’t waver as his eyes gripped onto mine, making me uneasy as i moved around the table finding something to fiddle with. Why was i feeling so weird? We were married for crying out loud! I shouldn’t feel so queasy, but somehow i do.

“Hello my dear sister. Would you mind leaving me and (Y/n) alone for a little while? How about just calling again tomorrow.” He voiced his body moving over towards the phone, eyes still watching me like a hawk. I gulped my chest tightening as anticipation washed over me.

“Yeah sure b-.” She didn’t get to finish because Derek hit the ‘End call’ button. He then leaned against the counter arms crossing while still studying my eyes. I cleared my throat finally breaking eye contact as I grabbed the pasta, plating the food. I could feel my body melting as he still stared, my nerves coming loose. Finally having enough of his torture I looked back at him, his body still rigid.

“Okay Derek give it up, how much trouble am I in?” I huffed my arms now crossing my chest mimicking my childish husband. He smiled his white teeth making my knees wobble. He finally walked over to me placing both hands on the table, trapping me. His eye color never changed as he opened his lips to speak.

“Is it true what you told Cora?” He muttered amused as his eyes glowed brighter. I sighed, my body slacking as the stress of worrying left my shoulders. Looking up at him I smiled, my mood already changing.

“What parts exactly?” I teased, my hands coming up his chest slowly.

He glanced down watching my hands, the air he took in coming out short. Dragging his eyes up to mine again he let a cool smile dance its way onto his face, lips jutting out like he was going to kiss me.

“The parts about me being a beast and how you love the bruises i leave you with.” He whispered head leaning in so he could kiss my ear. I closed my eyes the feeling of him replacing all rational thoughts with non-rational thoughts. He chuckled knowing that his presence does something to me. It always has.

“Yes Der fuck. Yes they’re all true. Even the part where I want you to take me now.” I moaned, gripping onto the back of his neck and smashing my lips with his. He growled his hands moving from the table to my body, his right holding my back and his left squeezing my hip. We moved together my body inching more onto the table, Derek leaning up just to knock everything off. He then seductively crawled up to me, his tongue licking my lips before he entered my mouth again.

By that time my tank was ripped off and my sweats along with it, Derek not holding back on me like he did all the times before. I felt my legs shake as he glided his hands down my thighs, his teeth biting into my nipple. My body was heated as he massaged my clit, his tongue dancing  around each breast, while my whimpers held in the air. It was a magical thing really that he could make me unravel with just the simplest of touches.

“Oh baby where do you want me now?” He groaned his eyes shut while his lips kissed my stomach. His left hand working on my clit while his right held my thigh open. Shit, where did i want him? I gripped onto his hair, tugging his face upwards as i motioned for his lips to meet mine. He obliged, my overly-hot skin meshing with his clothes creating a very nice friction.

He leaned up slowly, his kisses dragging along my abdomen and lower as he fully sat up taking off his too-tight shirt off.  I watched in awe as he climbed off the table, yanking off his jeans and boxers, staring a hole straight through me. I decided to be bold and trail my hand down to my heat, my fingers instantly rubbing the bundle sending me into a frenzy. Derek’s eyes were hooded as he grabbed his dick, pumping it while watching me work myself. “Fuck (Y/n).” He groaned his hand moving faster as I stuck in two fingers. This was the hottest thing we have ever done. I felt like i was on cloud nine as I spread myself further and dug in a little deeper.

I saw it on Derek’s face that he was close, so i egged him on hoping to spark something. “Cmon baby cum for me. Make it shoot all over me please, shit i need this Der cmon.” I pleaded my own orgasm reaching through me. He belted out my name as he climaxed, his liquids indeed spilling onto me. I came as well, my fingers squishing as i milked myself. Derek pulled my hand away and brought it to his mouth, popping in my fingers and sucking like no-other. It almost made me cum again.

“God-damn i love you.” He spoke, grabbing my hair and yanking it down, his teeth biting into my neck. I let out a mewl as i wrapped my legs around him, his dick hard again. I gripped onto it whist he was occupied and started to rub the tip. He jerked up his body trying to come closer as he gripped my throat, his eyes cast down into mine. “Let’s take this upstairs shall we?” He rasped his hands going under my thighs.

Got7 Reaction to Seeing You Cooking in Lingerie.



A/N: So, if you haven’t seen my recent bio update, I am now opening requests for Most-to-Least’s, blurbs, fake texts/snapchats, and any other form of writing you all have in mind (with exception of personal imagines). I was thinking of mood-boards as well, but I’ll have to see with those, it’s been a while since I’ve done one. Anywho, I hope you’re enjoying my writings and such, you all are so nice, ilysm~



When Jaebum came in from a long day of practice, all exhaustion went out the window when he saw you standing in his favorite black lingerie set you have. You would turn around as he walked in and watch as he cocked his head to the side with a sly smirk plastered on his face. You’d turn back around, innocently tending to the food on the stove, pretending to be oblivious to the situation. “What’s the special occasion, Jagi?” He would say, lust laced in his words.


Mark had gone out with some friends earlier in the day, and as always leaving you alone to your thoughts never is a good thing. You figured you’d give him a lil’ ~surprise~ for when he comes back. Finally the long-awaited moment came. You heard the door open, then close just as quickly, then tracked his footsteps as they got louder and louder until they finally fell at the entrance of the kitchen, where you were cooking his favorite meal wearing a matching red bra and panty set. Almost on cue, you “accidentally” dropped an unused measuring cup, immediately bending down right in front of him. “Oops.” You stated innocently, turning your head to give him a cute smile. He bit his lip, following with a shy smile. “Okay, now you’re just teasing me, Jagi.”


Jackson sighed as he walked straight through the door of the house to the kitchen, grateful to be home after a long day of practice. He dropped his bag on the table and intended to make his way to the fridge to get some water, but was stopped in his tracks by your body adorned with a lacy white bra and garter set-his absolute favorite. You continued stirring the stew in the pot in front of you, knowing that his gaze would be fixed on your every movement. You decided to have a little fun though, and gave your butt a little shake, to which he gave a low chuckle. “You’re killing me, Jagiya. How about we leave the stew for later?”


The boy had fallen asleep and had been napping for a bit, so not only did you take this time to do some cleaning around the house and such- you also put on the most flattering set of lingerie you had, fully intending to surprise him once he awoke from his slumber. The scent of dinner (or maybe his favorite perfume on you) must have lured him into the kitchen, where you were standing in a light pink baby doll set, the loose fabric flowing along with your hips to the beat of the music playing from your phone. He stood silent, contemplating his next moves with a slight smirk. “How’d I get lucky enough to have a beautiful girlfriend like you?” He would state lustfully, slowly closing gap between the two of you.


Youngjae had been at practice all day, and it just so happened that boredom had gotten the best of you. You went to your closet and started aimlessly organizing, until you came across a lingerie set you forgot about that was in the back corner. You thought it would be fun to put it on and start cooking dinner in hopes that Youngjae would come home soon. Luckily enough, he came walking through the door of the house and soon, through the door of the kitchen, his relaxed smile turning into bitten lip and blushed cheeks when he saw you in a red baby doll set that barely covered your ass. “Jagi, aren’t you cold?” He giggled, motioning to your bare legs- unsuccessfully trying to take the attention off the lust in the room.


I think it’s no secret that Bam is an actual horn dog. We’re just gonna put that out there to begin with. He would have gone out with some friends, taking advantage of a rare day off, and this gave you the opportunity to tidy up around the house and just basically chill for the day. Until you felt the need to surprise him in a pink lace bra and panty set that he bought you (that honestly left very little to the imagination). You ~sexily~ danced to the kitchen to start dinner and to wait for him to get home, and before long you heard his voice as he closed the door behind him “Jagi, you won’t believe what happened today, I–” his voice stopped as he walked through the corridor, noticing you sitting on the counter, legs crossed with his favorite set of lingerie on you. “Maybe I can tell you that story later, yeah?” He purred, slowly stepping closer towards you.


Do any of y’all get the feeling that Yugyeom’s an ass guy? Because I do. Naturally then, your lingerie will accentuate your butt, meaning it’ll probably be some type of thong or g-string. Of course you knew he loved it, so you slipped it on and started making dinner (silently hoping you wouldn’t get any food stains on your bra), and before you knew it, he was standing in the door of the kitchen, gym bag still in-hand. His jaw would be dropped to the ground at the surprise, and not in a bad way either, he would absolutely love it. He would saunter up behind you and wrap his arms around you from behind and whisper in your ear: “Jagi, you sure know how to treat a man, don’t you?”

So I’m working on a new post about Earthsea covers (and on some asks) and i found the best cover of all time. look at this majesty. look at it. I responded to some ask the other day that I couldn’t possibly do a five favorite covers post, well here it is, 1-5. like, look at that shit. that is a HUMAN-SIZED FALCON with SHAPELY DUDE LEGS in BRIGHT GREEN TIGHTS facing down A MAN DRESSED LIKE A VALENTINES DAY-THEMED JESTER while his friend walks in on the situation and decides that what he’s going to put up with today is Not This. THIS IS A REAL COVER. MULTIPLE PROFESSIONAL SOMEONES HAD TO BE LIKE ‘YEAH. THIS IS THE SCENE THAT’LL SELL THIS BOOK.’ I’M IN LOVE.

We need to talk about 1) the heart detailing on the pants 2) whatever the FUCK is happening with blue man’s pants which……. turn into gladiator sandals?? and he’s wearing light blue knee high socks under then???? 3) the bird has better legs than i do 4) the raven casually watching all of this:

TFW you’ve been catfished and ur online boyfriend w shapely calves is actually a huge falcon:

2017 Mood:


Shoes in hand, purse under your arm you were tip-toeing across the dark, wooden floorboards careful to not be heard or seen.

The Mikaelson’s were mighty over-protective. You were a powerful witch who according to your coven betrayed them, when you helped heal Kol after he got badly injured. Since then you had been under house protection due to the fear your coven were going to retaliate.

Heading towards your room, the light switched on.

“Out all night, what a scandal”. Kol got up from the chair and blocked your path.

Shoving him to the side all you wanted was bed. “Not in the mood Kol”.

He stubbornly followed and leaned against the door frame, as he watched you set down the shoes and purse.

“Neither am I, darling. What were you thinking being out all night, New Orleans is far from safe”. He lectured.

Throwing your hands up, this was all you heard ever since saving Kol’s life and moving into the compound. It was a split second decision and now it was affecting your entire life.

“I’m a big girl and a powerful witch, I can handle myself”. You got up and walked over to the dresser. Kol was behind you in a matter of seconds and put both hands either side.

“You could of bloody died Y/N, your coven could of taken the chance tonight to wipe you out for siding with us”.

His voice sparked shivers and even though you didn’t want to believe it, Kol had a point. Your coven was extremely mad and made their feelings perfectly clear.

Turning around, Kol caressed your cheek. “Darling, I know being stuck in this house isn’t ideal. Trust me I understand what it feels like to suffocated in a tight space. So the next time you want to have a night out, I’ll be more than happy to accompany you”.

Apart of you always wondered why you decided to go against everything you were taught and save an Original vampire. But recently, even in this moment, you knew why. There was something about Kol Mikaelson that was undeniably alluring, and you couldn’t allow him to die without knowing more about him.

Licking your bottom lip, you stared into his warm, chocolate brown eyes. “Why do you care so much about my safety?”. It wasn’t want you actually planned to ask or say, but it was what your mind so desperately wanted to know.

“Why did you care so much about whether or not I lived or died?”. He dodged your question with one of his own. Smart move? Perhaps, but you found it incredibly annoying.

Grabbing him by the shirt, he didn’t shy away from kissing you back. Vamping the both of you to the bed, Kol’s shirt was now discarded on the floor and his lips wasted no time making contact with your neck.

Hips moving together in perfect motion, bed rocking from side to side. The instant heat and need for each other kept building. The pleasure came in waves and Kol’s name easily rolled off your tongue all throughout the night.

The morning shone through and to your surprise Kol was still sleeping beside you. Last night came back in flashes and your body tingled at each memory.

“If the coven was mad before, they’ll definitely be pissed now”. Kol smirked and kissed your shoulder. His morning voice a complete turn on.

Running a hand down his bare chest. “Let them, I rather be known as a traitor then always be bitter and refuse to change. My coven is stuck in the old ways and I don’t want to be like them. Besides I can’t help that a certain Original vampire caught my eye”.

Kol’s arms sneaked around your waist, leaving no gap. “The Mikaelson charm, works every time”. All of a sudden his face became serious. “No matter what, I won’t let your coven hurt you, darling”.

Smiling, you leaned in to kiss him. To feel those lips again.

Even though your coven greatly disapproved of the decision, for you it was one you’d gladly make again.


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someone tried to break into my house and now i'm too wired to sleep. got any jokes? PS i love ur art and comics.

Ah no! 

Unfortunately I am not gifted with the ability of telling jokes, but I wish you to stay safe, Anon, and please take all measures to do so!

In the meanwhile, to drift away nasty thoughts, you can watch some funny vid on YT or listen to mood lifting music.

And please accept this laughing Gabe. He always cheers me up :3

Soulmates ... I think (Scott McCall)

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PART 1   PART 2   PART 3

i know it’s been a while, so i decided to write something with Scott x reader being soul mates (i’m a hopeless romantic) // thanks for all the attention my blog has received and i hope you enjoy!

ps.  this ‘seeing color when you see your soulmate’ idea is something i read in another imagine a while ago (i don’t know who to credit)  i just really liked the idea, so if you know where the idea originated, let me know please 

pps. this is the longest piece i’ve written (and it’s pretty long, so grab some popcorn)

warning(s): a few bad words

“You know, your father and I met when we were only five.  I remember I saw the apple on our teacher’s desk turn red when -”

I roll my eyes, reciting the story word for word, “- when you locked eyes for the first time.  Mom, I’ve heard this story more times than I can count.  ‘Your father is my soulmate that I was lucky to find as young as I was.  Colors are more incredible than you can imagine.’”  As much as I hate to admit it, this story fills me with an itchy feeling that can only be described as jealousy.  My parents have been able to see color since before they even knew what a soulmate was.  I have been told all my life what yellows and blues look like, but have never been able to experience them for myself.  I’m only eighteen, but I am stuck seeing the world in black and white while people all around see the blast of color that comes with finding your soulmate.

I hope I can find my person soon.  If it takes any longer, I’m afraid I will never meet them.  I mean, what if they live halfway across the world?

Apart from the fear of growing old alone, I am starting my final year before college at a new school.  As if life isn’t hard enough already.

As any other day, I wake up too early to be healthy for a developing mind and get ready, heading to Beacon Hills High, my home for the next year.

Opening the doors, I am overwhelmed by the sea of students all rushing to their first classes and only seconds after the bell rings, I am alone.

“Great start to your first day, asshole.”  I huff a few obscenities to myself while searching for the main office or my AP Bio class, whichever comes first.  “I guess hitting the effin’ snooze button four times wasn’t the best idea.  You couldn’t just -”  I stop my self-deprecating monologue as I come upon the room number for Mrs. Finch.  Here goes nothing.

Fingers crossed behind my back, I lightly knock on the door frame and give an uneasy grin.  “Good morning.  I’m-”

“Yes, you’re the new girl.  We were just going over the syllabus for the year.  Your assigned lab partner for the year is…”  Her finger skims her list and I keep my head down, disappointed I made a bad impression during my first interaction at my new school.  “Ah, here you are.  You’re partner is Scott McCall.  Back left table.”

“Thank you and sorry for interrupting.”  I can feel my cheeks and the tips of my ears burning as I take the long walk of shame to my seat.  Once I’ve gotten my notebook out and Mrs. Finch has resumed her review of the plans for the year, I realize I’ve forgotten a pen.

“Dammit,” I mutter under my breath and hear a little snort from the boy sitting at my table, presumably Scott.  When I look up, he is already staring at me, face so serious, I fear there is a huge spider on my head.  Before I can ask what’s wrong, his black eyes spark and become puppy-dog-brown, the color fanning out to give life to his grey skin and lips.

Holy shit.  I’m seeing color.  My vision blurs as tears spill down my cheeks.  My brain and body freezes as I realize that the moment I’ve been dreaming about since I could understand the term “soulmate” is finally happening.  In a beige classroom of all places.  I look at my hands, my dress, my classmates, and I feel like screaming and jumping around.

I can see color.

After I’ve taken it all in, I turn back to Scott and whisper, so not to disrupt the class again.  “You.  You’re my… I mean, do you… do you see what I’m seeing?”

He suddenly snaps out of his frozen state and clears his throat.  “Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.”  He turns back to the front of the room, frowning and frantically copying down the notes.  Learning is the last thing on my mind as I try to put this all together.  Could I be the only one seeing this?  Is it possible for someone to be your person, but to them, you’re just another stranger?

“Excuse me.  Is there something wrong?”  I look up and realize the teacher and a few of the other kids in the class are waiting for an answer.  I only now realize what I must look like.  Finding my soulmate was supposed to be the happiest moment of my life and instead, I am heartbroken because nothing for him has changed.

“Not really.  Um, may I be excused?”  I grab my bag, shoving my notebook inside and heading for the door.

Little did I know, Scott was shaking his head and watching my retreating figure.

Scott’s POV

I am sitting at an empty lunch table, moving the food around with a fork, not really in the mood to eat anything.  Someone approaching in a hurry catches my attention and I look up to see Stiles.  “Lydia told me what happened in Bio.  Dude, is she the one?  Can you see color?  Is she hot?  Never mind that.  Is she smart?  I mean, she must be, she’s in AP Bio.  Lydia said she left crying.  What did you say?”

“Stiles!  Stiles, please stop.  I’m not in the mood to discuss this.”  I rub my temples, more tired than I’ve felt in a while.

“But Scott, just tell me if she’s the one.”  I see his light brown eyes looking at me expectantly.  I look down and see he is wearing a red and black flannel with a white tee shirt underneath.  His skin is slightly tanned with brown moles all over.  I can tell all of these things because of her.  When I looked in her eyes, everything changed, became more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

But I blew it.

I nod and look at my best friend.  “She is.”

“Then why the hell would you tell her otherwise?  Lydia heard your conversation.  She said you were ruthless when she asked if you saw what she had.  You messed up.”

“Shut up, dude.  You think I don’t know that?  I just… I can’t have her in my life, not now.  With everything that’s going on, I don’t want the girl I am going to spend the rest of my life with to get hurt.  I don’t want her to see what I am.  And guess what, Stiles, my parents were soulmates.  You saw how great that worked out for them!  My dad would get drunk and be violent.  And then they got divorced!  So I’m sorry for not being completely head over heels for this girl I’ve only just met.  I can see color and I’m thankful for that, but soulmates are kind of not my priority right now.”  When I realize how I’ve just sounded, I close my eyes and take a deep breath.  When I open them, Stiles has stood up and is shaking his head at me.

“Jeez, sorry for asking.  I get that the first soulmates you’ve seen didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean you and this girl are destined to end up the same way.  Let me know when you’re ready to be reasonable about all of this.”  He turns and walks away, shoulders slumped, and I realize this isn’t his fault.  This certainly isn’t her fault.  Hell, it isn’t anyone’s fault.  And I should be happy, ecstatic even.  I’m just not.  I toss out my uneaten food and head for the bathroom, needing to calm down about all of this.  If I get too agitated, I could wolf out.

In my rush, I walk past someone sitting in a nearly abandoned hallway, crying.  Immediately, as if I’ve known her forever, I recognize this person as the girl from Biology.

My soulmate.

She looks up when I pause in front of her and she has mascara-filled tears covering her freckled cheeks.  She uses the back of her hand to clean herself up and she stands.

“Can I help you?”  Damn, she’s mad.  I feel the need to fix her, even though I’m the cause of her pain.

“You’re the new girl, the one from -”

“Yeah, the one from Mrs. Finch’s class who fled the scene after you told me you didn’t notice a change in the world around you.  You know, I see color now.  My whole world has changed and yours hasn’t shifted at all.  Typical.  I’ve always had bad luck, but this shitty situation definitely takes the cake.”  She lets out a small sob and picks up her bag.  “If you don’t mind, I’m gonna go before I punch something.”  As she walks away, I grab her arm lightly.

“Please stay,”  I say quietly, hoping she’ll stay put.

She lets out a sarcastic scoff and I loosen my grip, realizing the situation she is in: she believes she is a defective human with a soulmate who doesn’t see her the way she sees him.  I can practically see her broken heart in her eyes.

“Sorry, this is too hard.”  She turns and swiftly leaves, only her scent remaining.

Did I make a huge mistake by lying to her?  I know this is for her safety and she’s better off not knowing me.  So why do I feel so empty?

part 2 ??

Its 3am ,jist watched Hedwig for the first time, watched andrews bc of course, here i am… crying mainly over thus photograph how r YALL!!!!!!!!!

Dialogue in novels

There are barely any books without any dialogues. A story has to have the perfect balance between action and calm moments and a simple conversation is an easy way to give your readers a breather between action packed scenes. Characters can develop the story arc or even themselves by exchanging a few words with each other, but the catch is that it can be very boring for a reader when poorly executed.

First you have to understand how a basic conversation works between people. A tv-series, movies, other books, or even a conversation you had with your neighbours can be a good reference. When thinking of a conversation ask yourself why the conversation is happening and how it progresses the story. Everything that happens in your story should happen for a reason and dialogue is no exception.

If you are not sure if your dialogue is impotant, just write it! You can always cut it out of the book if necessary.

  • The first step in the actual writing is the easiest: Just do it. Usually we do not think too much about what we say when talking, unless the mood calls for something else. Try to write the entire conversation in one sitting, as your characters don’t suddenly walk away either.
    Don’t worry about body language and other details too much, yet. Instead focus on the words itself. You can even write it as if you were writing a script or screenplay.

AIDEN: What do you mean you’re a serial killer?
ABIGAIL: I killed two people, that makes me a serial killer, right?
AIDEN: Does it?
ABIGAIL: A series, multiple, two. I killed multiple people – two – I am now a serial killer.
AIDEN: Would you call a TV-show with two episodes a series?
ABIGAIL: A mini-series, I am a mini-serial killer.

  • The next step is to analyze your story. How fast are the characters talking? How do they talk? What are they feeling and how do they convey it in their conversation. The above dialogue is a short goofy conversation that could fit in a comedy/crime story. It is a relatively fast paced conversation and both characters are surprisingly calm, considering the topic. If you want you could make notes with the excising “Script” if you chose to do it that way. You can make notes about the emotions or when they take a break in their sentences. It is important to pause in their conversation to write about their emotion and/or body language when the character naturally pauses too, otherwise you are slowing the conversation down.  

AIDEN: What do you mean you’re a serial killer?
ABIGAIL: [PAUSE] I killed two people, [PAUSE] that makes me a serial killer, right?
AIDEN: Does it?
ABIGAIL: A series, multiple, two. [PAUSE getting slightly more desperate] I killed multiple people – two – I am now a serial killer.
AIDEN: [PAUSE] Would you call a TV-show with two episodes a series?
ABIGAIL: A mini-series, [PAUSE] I am a mini-serial killer.

  • The next step should be fairly easy, if you have figured out the natural flow of the conversation. Now you simply have to convert it to the style you want to use in the novel. Set the mood and remember that it is better to show how people are feeling than to tell the readers!

I did not expect the shriek that escaped Aiden’s mouth.

“What do you mean you’re a serial killer?” She jumped up from the wobbly chair with enough force that the candle on the table tipped over.

I stayed in my seat, watching the burning candle roll over the table, but I made no effort to stop it.
“I killed two people,” I said. “That makes me a serial killer, right?”

“Does it?”

“A series, multiple, two.” I continued. “I killed multiple people – two – I am now a serial killer.”

Aiden slowly reached for the candle.
“Would you call a TV-show with two episodes a series?”

I hesitated.
“A mini-series,” I stated. “I am a mini-serial killer.”

  • The most important step is to keep re-reading the things you have put down. Are there things that don’t work? What does work? Change what you do not like (in a new document) and keep comparing the changes you’ve made. Does it improve the flow? 

Keep practicing dialogue. Use prompts for inspiration and just write everything that comes to mind. Keep reading other works too and ask yourself why the writers chose to do it like this and how it could be improved. Never give up! :)

Cowplant WIP

I haven’t quit Tumblr, I promise. I started working on my little cowplant again. I finally added more leaves. It took a couple of trial and errors and much frustration but I got some leaves going on now! I did some work on the mouth, sanded the stem and other leaves and shaped the teeth a bit more. I am going to add thorns soon and add some more detail to the leaves. Not much more to do now until I can start priming, which will be interesting now that I live in an apartment.

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Child of light

(Excuse me, @disasterartistfangirl, but was that you who asked for more Yondad ficlets, I don’t remember? =D)

Have a little, self-indulgent Yondu and Peter story, set back in the days where Peter was still a young boy.




„I’m so tiiiired… and it huuuurts…“

„Will ya quit that whinin‘ already, Quill.“

“But, look! I have blisters!”

Yondu grunted, sidestepping as Peter all but shoved his palms at him. Not that it helped much – for someone who was only the height of Yondu’s chest, Peter could make it surprisingly difficult to escape him in any way.

And there really were some blisters starting to form on the boy’s palms.

“I said we would get ya a better blaster for next time. ‘S happened on my first blaster practice, too. Now quit it.”

Ow,” Peter said very slowly and very deliberately.

Yondu glared down at him, close to cuffing the boy over the head. But then the whining would only increase, and he would have to endure it all the way back to the ship.

Huffing and rubbing one hand over his face, Yondu shoved the boy lightly forward. “Move yer ass, Quill, I wanna reach the ship in this lightyear.”


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Dappled (Part One)

Originally posted by whenxoxosmilesunshines

EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU (Other World Chronicles)
Main Pairing: Female Reader/OC x Oh Sehun 

The Other World has been at peace for many years, the Council keeping law and order between the Kinds and Lands. Even Outsiders live threat free. But in a world so vast and varied - can peace ever truly last..?

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Three months later:

You yawned as you stretched out on the lounger you were laying on. As your yawn died down into a contented smile, you let out a small sigh, relishing the feel of sunlight on your skin and the soft sea breeze in your hair.

‘My lady.’

You opened your eyes, not bothering to shield them from the bright sunlight that flooded into your pupils. As your sight adjusted you rolled your eyes as you saw the figure who was now stood next to your lounger.

‘Oh, what a pleasant surprise,’ you said, sarcastically, closing your eyes again, ‘My Representative remembers I exist.’ 

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anonymous asked:

can you talk about the liveshow and what you think? im feeling really anxious cause it seems phil isn't staying at their place and like dan seemed really angry and short tempered? like he kinda insinuated he hated the presents phil got him, he barely mentioned phil, he threw his phone down and said 'apparently im phils PR agent', he very clearly wasn't a fan of the tinder video. idk maybe im over-reacting and you can reassure me but the entire thing seemed so strange and it has me on high alert

hi love!!! i’m going to be honest, i definitely didn’t interpret any of these things the way that you did so i will do my best to try and go through each of the issues you brought up and explain why i didn’t see them in this live show–hopefully that will help you, and i think it will give me the space to also talk about some of the things that stood out to me a bit!! so your first concern is that it seems like phil isn’t staying in their place, by which i think you mean that phil isn’t living with dan? i can’t even articulate how wholeheartedly i disagree but i’ll try hahah. what we know is that phil left for two days literally two weeks ago in order to go to what they described as a family thing, and that now he’s gone for “a few days” again, for another “family thing.” i don’t see why there’s any reason at all to disbelieve these explanations or take them for anything more than what they are on face? we know phil has quite a large family with many random cousins and aunties and since dnp have been traveling so much in the last couple of months and are set to travel again in a few weeks for vidcon, and moreover phil is someone who values his family quite highly, it makes sense that he would maybe use of this downtime to catch up with them. and it fits that he’s not taking dan to these things bc dan has almost never gone to extended family events w phil that we know of (family weddings and the like) and he’s been expressing for the past few weeks how badly he just wants to be alone and not see any more ppl in order to decompress and recharge and get his creative juices flowing. 

but let’s jst say for argument’s sake that the “family thing” is an excuse to cover up something else that’s happening–i still do not see why phil not staying with dan is a reasonable conclusion.  like, w most things to do w dnp there is sometimes room for discussion and it could be better to consider both sides. for this though, there’s truly ZERO evidence to support this and plenty of evidence to refute it including but not limited to phil’s tv box sets behind dan when he does his live shows, the numerous pics phil has posted of them moving and then of him in rooms w the same furniture, decor, and hardwood floors that appear in dan’s pics, and the fact that like, it just wouldnt make any fucking sense for them to go through all this effort to lie about them not staying in the same place? what would they achieve out of not telling the truth about moving apart? and also why would dan then even mention phil going to “see his family?” isn’t that just drawing attention to something he is hypothetically trying to keep secret? i honestly can’t even believe this is something i have to take the time to address but it’s getting frustrating to see it keep cropping up (and i’m not blaming you anon bc ik how compelling conspiracy theories can be, but in this case there is truly no reason not to jst go w the evidence of your own eyes and trust in the fact that dnp are just as disgustingly happy in their domestic bliss as they appear to be.) if there IS some reason that the “family thing” is an excuse or a cover i think there are any number of more reasonable things that they could be covering–e.g. it’s v possible phil has something negative happening in his family right now like a sick relative; maybe phil is working on a solo project that requires him to be out of the house a bit to film or work at diff locations; maybe they’re BOTH working on a joint project but phil is taking care of parts of it and giving dan the time and space to rest and recharge. so many alternatives that make more sense than them living apart. 

to your point about dan’s mood, i definitely did not read him as being angry or short-tempered, and let me emphasize that i am remarkably sensitive to him getting into those more negative moods. in my opinion from watching dan so closely for so many months now, when dan is upset about something he tends to turn most of that ire inwards and it leads to a live show ripe with self-deprecating comments, repeated mentions of wanting death or his life being a joke with zero accompanying smiles or laughs, a lot of notices of negative comments in the chat, long rambles about his feelings or the general lack of direction in his life, etc. i think this live show was a good example of him being tired and nothing more, and that seems understandable given the general activity and socializing of the last week. he seemed lower energy with a lot less yelling and flailing about than he is normally prone to, but i didn’t get any of those really strong negative themes that he normally gets lost in when he’s not in a good mood. on the flip side he pretty confidently defended his decision to change his yt banner and icon, even tho he read out negative comments he laughed them off and assured everyone the changes are temporary, he seemed eager to spend a few days thinking about his next main channel vid and excited to have the time to put more creative effort into it, he was passionate and didn’t even qualify his opinions very much when he talked about wonder woman and the importance of representation and uk politics and the vital role of young people in the electorate, he was full of energy when he was discussing nintendo and steven universe and his other random interests. there were plenty of moments where he could have gone down a darker route but i actually thought that on the whole he kept the content of this show quite positive and light.

regarding his presents, i don’t think anything he said made it seem like he “hated” them? i mean he wasn’t super enthusiastic but that,, makes sense? given what he showed us and what he explained to us about them? w the fidget spinner it was a literal gag gift that he was underwhelmed by bc theyre litro not fun to use at all. makes sense. w the glass bulb tht predicts the weather i thought his tone was gently teasing and fond about how phil so would be the guy to find a nerdy gift like that and think it was awesome but dan the cold-hearted cynic obvi has to point out the lack of scientific merit lmao. but he was quick to defend it as well and state that he still thinks it’s a cool-looking object that he can look at, which honestly reminded me of the xmas present phil got dan with the inky dots suspended in water, and how dan said phil rly understood his need for calming, aesthetic looking things in order to soothe his mind. re: the plastic bonsai and the dog shirt from his family, both of those also seem like gag gifts and he was reacting accordingly bc they’re funny so he’s playing the necessary role of spurned gift-receiver in order for the joke to carry. and then w the sunflowers, i mean i found that whole bit v entertaining? it’s just a fun quirky fact about dan. he appreciates the thought and he’s still going to display the flowers, but it’s  funny as fuck to think about this giant ass man being afraid of literal sunflowers. and tbh i dont think this is the full haul of gifts he got. he’s sharing the ones he feels comfy sharing, the ones that are more joke-y and less personal and that make more entertaining stories for him to share, and that makes sense. i don’t think it needs to be interpreted more deeply in order to speculate on his general emotional state or his relationship w phil. 

you next stated he barely mentioned phil, and i think that makes sense given that he had a lot of non-phil-related things to get through in this ls. it’s clear there was a list of topics he wanted to discuss in his mind or maybe even written down that included his new graphic design, his birthday/the gift haul, uk politics, wonder woman, the gaming channel, new dinof vid. he tends to talk more about phil when there are fewer general topics he needs to touch on–this gives him space to just share a few domestic anecdotes. but this time around there were jst a lot of other issues to discuss and i think that’s fine? he’s his own person, he has perspectives he wants to share, he had a busy week and imo it’s not weird at all if sometimes he doesn’t have that much to say about his partner lmao 

he definitely did not throw his phone down after reading out the text from phil. and the “apparently i’m just phil’s PR agent” comment seemed soooo joke-y and fond to me, i actually thought it was incredibly cute. i get how tone is subjective and i suppose it’s open to interpretation and if you were reading that w this larger context of feeling as though dan was in a very negative mood, i understand why the comment may have struck you the wrong way, but to me i really found it to be a playful bants-y lil remark that fits very much w the way that dnp tease each other when they’re happy and flirty and whatnot 

finally, with respect to phil’s tinder video, i actually was struck by how far out of his way he seemed to go to defend phil for his behaviors? he said like multiple times “it’s not that weird” and tried to make everyone feel like we’ve all “been there,” which like,,, no. we haven’t all been there. wtf. if anything it felt like a classic sidelong defensive comment that dan makes where he is responding to criticism without really explicitly mentioning the criticism. since there were a few ppl who found the video a bit uncomfortable both bc of phil admitting to catfishing a random person online and bc of phil recommending tinder to an audience w a significant percentage of underage ppl, it’s v possible to me that dan saw some of that criticism and was sort of heading it off without fully getting into it. he did kind of laugh when he said “what a partnership” referring to tinder and phil, but i thought that was completely valid and in good spirit–i mean it really IS the unlikeliest and most random of partnerships and i think dan being somewhat openly aware of that is kind of funny and cool. moreover, his tone seemed fond (again) when he was talking about how he was cringing while actually watching the video. i mean a bunch of ppl had full on intense secondhand embarrassment while watching so i dont find that odd at all, and i honestly thought dan’s explanation of his own feelings seemed mild in comparison. im also interested in the fact that he’s going to be making his own tinder video though not one like phil’s, which, if it is the same one that he is going to putting creative energy into in the coming few days, opens up a whole realm of possibilities about how dan is possibly going to connect tinder to any of his own experiences. i’m curious and a lil nervous lmao. 

all in all i thought this live show was actually pretty decent. i mean it wasnt the most interesting as far as dan’s live shows go but it also certainly wasn’t off-puttingly negative for me either. i thought dan was quite honest about his emotions w many of the things he discussed and although he seemed exhausted he also seemed a little bit grateful and excited to get the chance to actually be alone in the coming days and think about his new video. im excited for him to get that chance and looking forward to see what it will be!!! and who knows,, maybe the time alone will finally convince him his new graphic design is trash and he’ll be inspired to change his banner/icons to things that aren’t Ugly ;)))

Modern High Lords AU (Fic)

So people seemed to like the Modern High Lord HC I wrote yesterday, and I’m sick right now which leaves me with nothing to do except write, so I thought I would turn it into an actual fanfic; I’m going to do the ladies after a long nap😂😂 Hope you enjoy 

Rhysand braced one hand against the edge of the marble table, used his other hand to pinch the bridge of his nose, and then twisted to glare at Kallias. “You were in charge of one thing,” he snapped. “All I asked was for you to bring popcorn. I open my home to you heathens—“

“Sure, because you’ve never been a poor guest,” muttered Tarquin. The young man was balancing a bowl of chips and a plate of sandwiches in his arms, a sharp contrast from the powerful figure of the recently-appointed CEO that Rhysand had been negotiating with only this morning.

“Quiet, I’m berating Queen Elsa over here.”

“If you call me that again,” hissed Kallias, “I am going to murder you in your sleep. Valar morghulis, Rhys, valar morghulis.”

“Hey, Kallias.”

The three of them twisted to watch Thesan stride into Rhysand’s kitchen. He was dressed in jeans and a maroon turtleneck and looked far more at ease, even though he hadn’t brought offerings in the form of food, as Tarquin had. No, New York City’s most prominent surgeon was holding a warm vase full of flowers that, admittedly, were gorgeous. They watched Thesan set them next to a framed picture of Rhys and his wife, Feyre, on the beach—shortly before they were chased away by Tarquin because it was “a private beach house” and they’d “set off all of the alarms” and “it is the dead of night, what the hell are you doing here anyway?”—and then turn to them. “Kal,” repeated Thesan slowly. “Maybe you should…let it go?”

Kallias threw up his hands. “You know what, the next time any of you fools want to come to my ski resorts, all of the rooms are going to be conveniently booked.”

“Damn.” Thesan pouted. “Rhys’s butt looks so cute in snow pants.”

Rhysand ground his teeth. If they hadn’t been making these nights a tradition for the past three seasons, he would have kicked them all to the curb. Even Helion, who hadn’t actually arrived yet—he was infamous for being unfashionably late—would find himself fresh out of luck when he showed up…if it weren’t for the fact that he rather treasured these nights. Feyre kissed him on the cheek—or, depending on her mood, somewhere far less chaste—and said goodbye as she sauntered out of their apartment and went to meet her sisters, Kallias’s wife, Viviane, Rhysand’s cousin, Mor, and the strange, terrifying woman who had sort of showed up in Rhysand’s life one day and didn’t seem like she wanted to go anywhere any time soon, Amren.

It had been their tradition for three years now, and it would likely continue until his favorite show ended…God forbid it be cancelled; he’d march into HBO’s studios himself and start throwing punches until he hit someone important.

Kallias had been the first to join, and then Rhysand had let it slip to Tarquin that he and Kal were watching the show together, and Tarquin had practically combusted over the phone when he’d learned his friends were fans, and they’d adopted Thesan into the group, and he’d brought Helion…and the rest was history.

“Where the hell is Helion?” complained Tarquin—the youngest of them and, usually, the most patient. Not tonight it seemed.

“Probably a strip club,” muttered Kallias. He extracted a glass from Rhysand’s cabinet—without asking of course—and then reached for a very expensive bottle of wine—again, without asking. When he’d finished pouring the wine to the brim, he strode toward the leather couch and promptly sat down. “Bring the food,” he called to Tarquin, pointing the remote at the large flatscreen that Rhys, Cassian, and Azriel had had a hell of a time bolting to the wall until Nesta had informed them they were reading the instructions upside down.

“We can give Helion another five minutes,” said Thesan mildly.

“You’re too nice.” Kallias was stretched out on the dark couch as if he owned it. Rhysand wondered if he’d be so eager to sit on it if he knew what Rhys and Feyre had been doing on it this morning. The thought made him smile a little bit as he glanced toward the many pictures that lined his wall. He and Feyre at Six Flags, he and Feyre on their wedding day, he and Feyre making snow angels at one of Kallias’ resorts. And there were others, of course—there he was standing between Cassian and Azriel, shirtless and grinning like idiots after they’d just won the state championship for their high school football team. A photo commemorating the day that Mor had taken him to the zoo and he’d made her wear a hat shaped like a hippo—it had been funny until she’d put a “Bat Hat” on him and then stuck pink fairy wings on the back of his shirt. Farther back…a black and white picture of his mother holding a small bundle in her arms…and there he was, seven years old, peeking down at his baby sister for the first time, awe and wonder in his eyes.

He bit back a frown and a shudder as the familiar wave of grief rose within him—

Someone banged on the door. “Hey! Let me in!”

Tarquin rolled his eyes. “Helion, it’s open.”

“Oh.” There was a pause, and then Helion, who was wearing purple hammer pants for reasons that Rhysand knew he would not be able to comprehend, came flying through the doorway, nearly knocking over the umbrella stand by the door. “You are never going to believe this!” shouted Helion.

“You brought popcorn?” Kallias twisted from where he was sitting on the couch and raised an eyebrow. “Like I asked you to?”

“It’s not the only thing that’s poppin.’” Helion winked and Kal rolled his eyes and turned away. He pointed finger guns at Rhys—he’d definitely come from a strip club if he was in this good of a mood. “Ray-Ban is going to be carrying my sunglasses now. They bought the design from me this afternoon.” The dark-haired entrepreneur bowed dramatically and said, “Call me a Lannister, because I am going to be stacking up that gold—“

“How about,” interrupted Tarquin loudly, “we actually watch the show before you start comparing yourself to what has to be the most corrupt family that has ever existed.”

Rhysand coughed pointedly. “What about Beron’s brood?”

Tarquin’s eyes narrowed. “As a pacifist,” he said, “I can’t say that I hope they die fiery, painful deaths. But, I wouldn’t object to them meeting my wife—“

“Daenerys is not your wife, dude.”

“She could be,” Tarquin snapped. “She would be.”

“There there,” said Helion, sidling up to the young CEO. He opened his arms. “Wanna hug it out, bro?”

“That depends, are you going to feel me up again?”

“I’m pretty sure that term only applies to chicks and no.”

“In that case…” Tarquin accepted the hug, and Helion patted his shoulder gently.

“It’ll be okay. You’ll find a dragon-queen someday. And when you can do, you can ride that—“

“And we’re done.” Tarquin pulled away and went to sit next to Kallias on the couch.

Rhysand rolled his eyes. “So you didn’t bring popcorn?” he asked Helion. “I just want to clarify that you failed to accomplish the one menial task we gave you.”

“My presence here is a gift enough,” replied Helion. He flung himself onto the couch in a  grand show that reminded Rhysand all-too much of Cassian’s lazy sprawl.

“Shut up!” screeched Thesan suddenly. He had acquired a quinoa salad from somewhere—medical school had ruined all processed foods for him, apparently—and was sitting on the floor with his back pressed against the couch, staring reverently at the TV screen before him. “It’s starting!”

Even Rhysand couldn’t hide his excitement as he rushed to the couch, grabbing a bottle of whiskey as he sped past the “special” cabinet, and took his place beside Helion. They held their breath as the channel flickered to life, and then in sync, they began to scream-sing along, “DUUUN DUUUN DUNDUNDUNDUUN DUUUN DUNDUNDUUN DUHDUH DUNDUN DUHDUH DUNDUN!”

Just as they had for three seasons, and as they would continue to do until Tyrion sat upon the Iron Throne—Rhysand’s personal hope—or Jon Snow sat upon the Iron Throne—Kallias’s personal hope—or Dany sat upon the Iron Throne—Tarquin’s not-so-personal-and-in-fact-very-public-hope. Or, knowing the show and the books, until every character they cared about was dead.

“It’s so good,” breathed Tarquin.

“These are the credits,” whispered Kallias.

“Shut the hell up,” replied Tarquin, who was staring at Emilia Clarke’s name like he was trying to figure out what font it would look best in for their wedding invitations.

“Hey, man, speaking of which—we gotta make a new rule. You cannot giggle during the sex scenes—“

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” said Tarquin, putting his hands up. “I am not twelve, it was because Helion was tickling me!”

“I knew you felt something,” hissed Helion triumphantly.

“Intercourse is a natural part of life,” offered Thesan, spooning more quinoa into his mouth. “The average male has 6.4 sexual partners throughout his lifetime—“

“That’s it?” whisper-yelled Helion.

“—and that does not include dreams about Targaryen women,” finished Thesan.

“I just want to say, so that we’re all on the same page, I am not a virgin,” said Tarquin.

“That’s what a virgin would say.” Kallias was nearly shoved off the couch by Tarquin, who looked one more comment away from snapping and giving Thesan a reason to pull out his first-aid kit.

“Shut up,” snarled Rhys. “I will not have anyone getting blood on this couch and—“

“OHMYGOD IT’S KHALEESI EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP!” And just like that, Tarquin had quieted and was staring at the screen like it held the answers to life.

“Psst,” whispered Kallias. “Do you know where our wives are tonight?”

“They’re watching Magic Mike at Nesta’s.” Rhysand took a swig of whiskey, swatting away Helion’s hand when he reached for the bottle.

Thesan’s head snapped up. “What?”

“Oh my god,” said Helion. He exchanged a glance with the young surgeon. “We’re in the wrong apartment.”

“There’s plenty of male nudity in this show,” pointed out Kallias. “You can tell because Tarquin’s drooling.”

“Shut the hell up.”

“Yeah, but Khal Drogo’s gone,” complained Thesan. “And only Channing Tatum is on Jason Momoa’s level.”

“You guys, my wife just burned some asshole—“

“She’s not your wife, Tarquin.”

“She could be!”

“Shut up!” screeched Rhysand, his patience finally snapping. “Did you not see what Arya just did?”

“She’s a badass,” sighed Helion.


Arya Stark being a badass was just about the only thing they could all agree on at any given point in time.

Between the lines

Here’s the third one! I hope I haven’t bored you all to death. A collection of missing scenes set during 3B. Focussed mainly on/about Captain Swan.

Also can be found on AO3

Moment 3: Trust and good intentions

During 3x15 - Emma confesses while asking Killian to watch over Neal in the hospital.

Emma rejoined the group in the waiting room, throwing herself into the case at hand before anyone could ask her if she was alright. Her conversation with Neal had rattled her and she wanted to focus on finding Gold, hoping to push it to the back of her mind.

“Okay, we’ve got a Dark One to find and a weird symbol to look up, then hopefully we can figure out what the hell is going on.”

Killian watched her launch into Sheriff mode, awaiting her orders. A strong part of him was anxious at what had just been spoken about so privately in the room with Baelfire; his emotions raging war within as he stood tense, letting her finish her instructions as he studied her every move.

He knew he couldn’t ask her outright. It was none of his business, and he knew she’d only tell him rightly so, too.

But the need to know was coursing through him.

“Belle. You think you can make good on that research?”


“Great. Call me if you find anything.”

“David, you and I are gonna search the woods. That seems to be where all the action is lately, I think we’ll have more luck there.”

“I’ll bring the truck around.”

He nodded as he and Belle left the waiting area leaving Emma standing with Killian.

“What do you need me to do, Swan?”

She hesitated as she turned to him before squaring her shoulders with determination.

“I need you to stay here. Keep watch over Neal and make sure he stays put.”

“You can’t be serious.”

Of all the things he expected her to ask of him, this was not on the list. He stared at her incredulous, awaiting a further explanation.

“I am, now will you do it or not?” Emma asked, not in the mood to be arguing.

“Swan, he’s neither an infant nor incapable, he doesn’t need a minder. I’m sure if you asked him nicely, he’ll remain where he is.”

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What a Woman! // Jay Park

Originally posted by jaypark-alive

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Comedy, Fluff

Summary//Request: Your student sneaks out in the middle of the night to go to a club - you arrive to collect her and you meet Jay who becomes somewhat interested in you.

“That little bitch” you seethed behind your teeth after pulling the bed covers back on your student’s bed to reveal that she had yet again – snuck out after lights out.

“Okay! Everybody up, right now!” you shouted out, slamming your hand on the light switch and flooding the entire dorm with the bright, unforgiving light above you. All of your other medical students – already exhausted from their day, scrambled from underneath their covers to be met by you, their teacher, in your pyjama shorts and tank top with your face as red as a bull.

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“Go to sleep,” Loki told Thor flatly. “I am not going to kill you. Should I try, your friend would assuredly stomp me into paste.”

Thor frowned at him as though he doubted that - or perhaps as though he did not think it was amusing. But he went, at least. Loki watched him, one eye on Thor and one on their surrounding motley band. 

He did not miss Banner approaching - for the moment in his human skin - but did not acknowledge him either. It seemed better for them both to proceed that way. Or at least it was better for Loki. He had no interest in getting too close to Banner, even when his green monster was slumbering. He had thought, by how Banner had returned the favor, that he felt the same. 

But now Banner was approaching him. Or perhaps Thor. Loki continued to pretend as though he did not notice, hoping that was it. Although after the effort he had put into getting Thor to sleep in the first place…

“He is resting,” Loki said, not looking at Banner. “I can tell him to find you when he wakes, if you wish.” 

“No, actually,” Banner said, in his deceptively mild voice. “I was hoping to talk to you.”

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Call Me

Originally posted by jonqins

Description: Honestly, who hasn’t had a crush on their older brother’s friend?

Warning: None

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Baby I’m pretty young and wild and so fine

He had known you since you were little. He might as well have been your older brother as well, always lounging around your home, staying for dinner, spending the night, just being attached at the hip with your actual older brother. He didn’t exactly ignore you, but he never really paid attention to you either, at least, not in your opinion. He was a mere two years your senior. He was always ahead of you in everything, and viewed you as a child. As his own kid sister, accepting that you were there, doing what every young girl did; run around, be loud, be obnoxious, get in trouble only to whip out the doe eyes and get forgiven for whatever you had done.

This awkward distance between you and me
Can we narrow it down?
You are taller than I am
Do I look like a child? Why are you trying to send me home before 12?

The time seemed to pass before your eyes. In a flash, you were no longer the little girl running around the backyard, chasing butterflies, your pigtails bouncing behind you. You had grown both physically and mentally. You had progressed to being in high school.
He, along with your brother, had moved on to college.
Your life changed. Your attitude changed.
Your interests changed.
He noticed. Of course he noticed, being older, he saw that you were acting like the girls did when he was your age. Not really knowing what you were doing or what you wanted, but knew that you wanted to be near your older brother and his, as if you had just realized it for the first time in your life, attractive friend.
He knew what you were up to when you asked so sweetly to tag along to the skate park, or to the cave area where the older kids were hanging out, or even with him when he decided to go for a midnight McDonald’s run. He knew it was just your new hormones clouding your head, and making you act this way even if you didn’t know it yourself.
So he did what your brother threatened him about. Keeping his distance.
I mean, that was the right thing to do right? He thought to himself, when his heart clenched when you pouted once he rejected your offer to come.
“No, you can’t come with me, it’s nearly one AM! Do you want your brother to castrate me?!”
“It’s just a hamburger, why can’t I come too?”
“Because you’re a child, now stop asking.”
It’s for her benefit.
He told himself, when he left you on the couch, pouting, obviously holding in a few tears. The right thing…

My mom and dad are away
And I’m hungry
Oppa, wanna come over and eat chicken?

“Yuta!” You had stomped your foot, and whined at him. He would never admit it, but he had to bite his cheek to keep from pinching yours. Your little tantrums were adorable to him, just like when you were eight and your older brother had stolen your cookie. Instead of telling your mom, you had whined and cried to Yuta, to get it back.
“No.” Yuta stated, turning to leave only to be grabbed by the arm and turned back to face your pouting one.
“C’mon!” You whined. “Mom and Dad left, bro’s with some girl. I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat! I don’t have any money! Please Yuta~!”
He almost grinned at your pleading. Almost.
“Fine.” He caved, sighing dramatically. “Only because I doubt your parents would ever let me stay again if I let their only daughter die of starvation.”
“Thank you~”

Are you going to keep doing this to me?
I may seem like I have no manners but I like you baby
From now on, I’m not gonna call you oppa but just bae
I don’t know, I wanna say bae

This is my chance. You thought with a triumphant smile, trying not to squeal when Yuta agreed for dinner. I can finally show him I’m not a little girl anymore.
It was discouraging to say the least it took these past four years of your high school life to even get Yuta alone, let alone agree to stay with you alone. And you weren’t going to let the opportunity pass.
You had no clue when you had stopped seeing this Yuta as an older brother, and wanting him to be something different. But you knew that somewhere along the time you knew him, it had changed.

What’s wrong with you today
Why are you making my heart race?
You seem different from usual
You seem prettier today

He noticed, although he tried his hardest not to. But he did. He noticed when you returned, you were dressed up more than normally. It may have been simple in hindsight, but he knew it was different. The run down sweater you had been wearing previously, until he had so gracefully spilled water all over it, had been swapped out for one much brighter, and eye catching.  The shorts, and cute little pigtails didn’t exactly help either.
He tried to ignore the adorable little smile you gave him.
He tried to ignore the way you sat closer to him than normal.
He tried to ignore the way you were making his heart flutter.
But he couldn’t.

Why are you doing this
Why, my baby
My heart feels like it’ll explode
If you smile like that, what am I supposed to do?

Come sit close to me
Who cares? It’s alright
Can’t hide it
I wanna know you more

“Yuta~” You pouted, when you saw him shift. “Why won’t you sit next to me? Why do you keep moving?”
Yuta looked lost for a moment, opening and shutting his mouth, no words coming out before he just sighed, and relaxed back on the couch, eye closed, accepting you scooting closer to him.

I think the time is now
The mood is good
It’s only us two
I wanna kiss you

“Yuta…” He heard you whisper, almost not hearing it, but he heard you clearly.
“Will you look at me?”
Yuta did as you asked, opening his eyes, barely turning his head so he could just barely see you biting your lip, looking at war with yourself.
“Why won’t you…” You swallowed your fear. “Why do you avoid me?”

My heart is pounding so take a deep breath
You look like you got ready but not
I like that so much, I just started laughing

“I’m avoiding you?” Yuta chuckled at that. “I don’t avoid you!”
“Yes you do!” You groaned, falling back against the couch. “You’ve been avoiding me since my sophomore year!”
“I have not!”
“You have!”
“Why would I avoid you? I grew up with you, you’re basically my sister!”
“No don’t call me that!” You whined, shaking your head dramatically.
“What’s wrong with me calling you that, you always call me brother?”
“But I don’t want to call you brother.” You mumbled, hoping he didn’t hear you.

Are you going to keep doing this to me?
I may seem awkward but I like you baby
From now on, I’m not gonna call you oppa but just bae
I don’t know, I wanna say bae

“Why don’t you want to? You’ve been calling me brother since you knew the word.” Yuta groaned, rubbing his face in frustration.
Young girls are so confusing.
“I don’t want to call you brother because I want to call you bo….”
“Boyfriend…” You whispered, hiding your face in embarrassment.

Why are you doing this
Why, my baby
My heart feels like it’ll explode
If you smile like that, what am I supposed to do?

His heart nearly leaped from his chest at the confession.
I knew she had a crush when she was younger… He mused. But I didn’t know she still…
“Boyfriend?” He asked, sitting forward, making you flicker your gaze up at him before returning it back to your lap. Nodding, you licked your lips.
“Yeah…but you always call me a kid…I’m not a kid.”
“You’re in high school.”
“I’m a senior!” You protested. “I’m close to graduating and going to college with you and my brother!”
“I watched you grow up.”
“I watched you grow up too, what’s your point?”
“Don’t you think it’s weird?”

I think the time is now
The mood is good
It’s only us two
I wanna kiss you

“If you want me to just get over it, tell me bro-” Yuta stopped you with a finger placed on your lips.
“Not brother.” He stated, watching you flush red in the cheeks, to which you raised your eyebrows at.
“Call me boyfriend.” He whispered, replacing his finger with his soft lips, letting his hand fall to how your cheek while he gently claimed your lips with his.

Why are you doing this
Why, my baby
My heart feels like it’ll explode
If you smile like that, what am I supposed to do?

“I’m not brother.” Yuta whispered, hovering by your lips. “I’m your boyfriend, and you’re mine now.”

Come sit close to me
Who cares? It’s alright
Can’t hide it
I wanna know you more

I think the time is now
The mood is good
It’s only us two
I wanna kiss you

“Your brother is going to kill me, you know that right?”