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Relationship story

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 I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with the best polysexual bigender I’ve ever met for two years now. I’m an asexual demi-homoromantic, and she understands how I am about sex and all that crud. When we actually got to be together in real life again instead of just online, we just cuddled for three straight hours while drawing and writing together.

Both of us love to write, draw, and theorize together, and that helps us to hold on to each other even as we’re kept apart by distance. It’s amazing and I love my girlfriend so much, since both of us can automatically will resort to “OH MY GOODNESS DEAR DO YOU REMEMBER THIS PART OF X SHOW” and we can just scream over everything together.

And yeah.

I love her, and she loves me, and we’re gonna travel the nation and gay it all up together in an Airstream. It’s gonna be good.


^This was my face when I got to that part in PLROA w/ the um… (how do I say this w/o spoiling y’all)… THAT SCENE. Derek. Derek’s hand. I think you know which scene. Idk holding my left eyebrow was helping me anchor myself to reality.

Reflecting on it now, I think I was sorta going for this:


now that i’ve finally published the filk, let me just say:

figuring out that “I am one with the Force and the Force is with me” scanned to part of the chorus of “Somebody Will” is probably the most exciting lyrical discovery i’ve ever made

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Um hi anti so right now I am shaking from nervous and anxiety and that because in school today my teacher pick me to be a lead role in a play were doing and the worst part it will be performed in front of other schools I really want to do it but I am really scared. Sorry if am bothering you I just need to get that off my chest and you were the unlucky one to hear my stupid rant anyway bye

“Ǫh th͠a̕t so̷u͠nḑs͡ fant͜astic͝. Y̕ou͞’͞ll do͢ amazin̨g w̡i̵t̨h i̧ţ,̶ my dea͘r̀ lit̸t͜l̴e r͞a҉i̧s͜i̛n. If y̷ou do͜n͢’̕t b̛eli̛ev͟e͏ t̵h͜at́, l̸is̶tén t̷o th̛i͜s w͘ond͡er̨fưl l̵it̴t͡l̴e so͡ng͡ fr̴o͠m a c͏e͜r̷t́a͟i̵n̶ theoris̨t.͏”

Anti pulls up a glitchy, translucent screen, which blinks on and starts playing a video.

Blame- Bucky Barnes- Part 14

So sorry it has been so long! But I am finally finished with school work for now, so here is a new part! Thanks for your patience! Unfortunately, we are nearing the end of this series!














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It had been a month since Bucky went back under. A month since you started to try and find a solution- but nothing. You and T’Challa’s therapists tried to find something, anything that would help from certain kinds of therapies, even looking into brain surgery but nothing would suffice. It had been a month since you had slept properly.

You huffed onto the couch, head in hands after for doctor’s appointment. T’Challa had some of the finest doctor’s in the world and he insisted that you have regular appointments about your eye. They did wonders so it no longer looked as disgusting however, you were never going to get back your full sight. You probably had about 40% vision in your eye. However, due to their fantastic surgical work, you no longer felt the need for the eyepatch, which seemed to be the only positive outcome of anything in the past month.

You groaned once more before leaning forward and grabbing a book called “Changing the Way the Brain Thinks” in an attempt to find something useful. Wanda heard your frustration and joined you on the couch.

“Are you okay?” She asked. You looked up and she could see the dark circles under your eyes. You smiled solemnly before placing the useless book back on the coffee table.

“I’m fine, not any worse than usual.” You said. She nodded, placing a hand on your knee.

“We’ll find something, I promise.” You nodded at her words, opening your mouth to speak before being interrupted by Clint’s voice. He walked in from the kitchen, a bowl of food in his hands as he spoke to Wanda.

“Hey kiddo, how was your date last night?” he asked her. Your eyes widen as you turned to her, gaping.

“Date?! Wanda since when did you have a date? Who was he?” You burst. Clint laughed at your outburst, sitting down across from you. She laughed too before answering.

“He asked me the other day, one of T’Challa advisors. But you were so busy I didn’t want to take up any of your time.”

“oh my god, Wanda, I’m so sorry, from now on you have my full attention.” You said sitting back and letting her speak.

“Sooo,” Clint spoke up wiggling his eyebrows, “how did it go?”

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You know, it’s a credit to Dominic Purcell’s particular charm that I don’t really hate Mick Rory, even though he’s taking part in my least favorite story trope ever.

I call it the “Regina Mills effect”.  Though she was hardly the first character to use it.  Specifically it’s the “I’ve done some terrible things to you and now am trying to redeem myself.  However, you are not bending over backwards to acknowledge the one nice thing I’ve done for you and thus give me blanket forgiveness, so I’m going to betray you again.”

Because that’s basically what happened here.  Mick betrayed the team.  I don’t give a shit if you think that was the team’s fault ultimately, he still betrayed them.  And he took part in the ritual that violated their minds and bodies in essentially the same way that Rip had been violated earlier in the season, and the same way that he himself had been violated by the Time Masters.

And even if you grant that he thought he was just giving the spear to Leonard and didn’t anticipate the rest of that.  If we take Gideon at her word, he’s had a year to react to what he’d done.  And he didn’t take any measures to fix it until robbery stopped being fun for him.

I saw a lot of people angry at Mick getting punched.  But honestly?  Where is the anger for Nate and Ray, who had their identities rewritten?  It turned out to be fairly benign for them, but that’s still a pretty terrible violation.

Where is the anger for Martin, subjected to a year of terror and abuse, or Jax, rewritten to be an abusive monster to a man that he loves like family?

Where is the anger for Amaya or Sara, who spent the year explicitly in the same sort of terrible role as Rip or Chronos?  Look at Damien Darhk’s trophy cabinet!  Even if Sara and Amaya weren’t involved in all of those kills (from Darhk’s monologue, I assume he’d killed Laurel directly), a good number of those people were Sara’s friends.  

Where is the anger for Rip, who, though it was played for laughs, basically spent a year in solitary confinement aboard a near powerless ship?  Mick didn’t know the circumstances, but he did know that the man was missing entirely.

Mick didn’t just know about all of these fates (except Rip’s), he was complicit in them.  And he didn’t seem to care for an entire year.

But the team are supposed to immediately accept him back, just because he says he’s on their side again?

And look what happened as soon as they don’t give him that validation: he goes straight back to Snart.  Straight back to the people who’d been violating them for a year.  

Maybe I do hate Mick Rory after all.  Well, not really.  He is what he is.

The fans are another story though.  I wish it surprised me that the same people who went on about the team ignoring Mick’s deep motivational grief all season are ignoring the team’s understandable feelings of violation, anger, betrayal and distrust.  (I am rather surprised to see certain shippers so clearly prioritizing Mick’s feelings over Sara’s.  But that is what it is too, I suppose.)

I don’t know what kind of resolution I want for Mick Rory.  I did come out of Doomworld liking him again.  I want him to get a satisfying resolution.

But I don’t really think he’s a good person.  I don’t think he’s ever really been a good person.  He’s been helpful and useful, but that’s not the same as being morally good or even trustworthy.  At best, he’s the chaotic neutral teammate, and one with repeatedly shifting loyalties.

I suppose in the end, I think that if Mick’s unhappy with the team, then he shouldn’t stay in a place where he’s unhappy.  If he decides to stay with the team, that’s okay too.  But I don’t think he ever has the right to be upset that they don’t trust him again.  Three betrayals is really three times too many.

I got all other Malec shippers beat

So today everyone is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Malec’s first kiss. March 29, 2016 truly was an amazing day for this fandom. But March 29, 2016 was also my 21st birthday. I still remember getting home from my 21 run — completely plastered — and going online before bed, only to find out this had happened. My roommates found me hunched over my computer happy sobbing, and I am not ashamed.

But the best part is that now, every year on my birthday I can come on tumblr and relive this glorious moment over and over again. I can’t think of a much better way to celebrate. 

Are you jealous now? 

About Me

I was tagged by @rozigetsfit (thanks!) for this one.

One insecurity: Rejection. I’ve spent most of my life “on the outside looking in” and I am always concerned I’ll never be totally accepted in a group. This is worse now that I am a lot older than most of the people I socialize with and I know my references are gonna be a LOT different from theirs.

Two fears: At my age I do not fear death: I don’t seek it or look forward to it but I’m not going to bust myself trying to prevent it. But my biggest fear is living a life that is nothing: just existing in a bed somewhere having someone else tend to my basic needs without me taking any part, or at best a minimal part. (That’s a major reason I started this journey.) That and losing touch with my family and friends.

Three turn-ons: Books - really any media - about people shrinking (scroll down my blog and check out my reviews of Just a Few Inches), music with a good beat and sharp, clean harmonies, and sentimental old-style romance

Four life goals: To complete a marathon, to see my grandchildren succed in their adult lives, to complete a bicycle ride of over 100 miles and to carry the torch as part of an Olympic cross-country relay

Five things I like: Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate (72% cacao or higher), Doctor Who, the Beatles, spending time with my grandkids, long bicycle rides

Six weaknesses: I am too empathetic to people’s “sob stories”, probably too forgiving, too much a sucker for a guilt trip, too trusting, too prone to panic attacks, and too quick to look at any problem and ask, “How was this my fault?”

Seven things I love: Being accepted by others, being included in group activities, Long bike rides on summer evenings, picnics in the park, people not being judgmental, a little gratitude for a job well done, quality time with family and friends

Eight people that I’m tagging: My apologies to anyone who’s already done one of these. Really, anyone who’d like to can take part! @therunningphysicist@sternenblumen @teaofdreams @the–witcheress @lil-miss-confidence @odd-ponderer @sagecedarsrunning @madisonrobingetsfit

I honestly dont think there is enough conversation about how to process and deal with negative parts of yourself or bad shit you’ve done and grown on from. Like everyone talks about self examining and learning and developing as a person on that sorta base level but when someone is like “I did bad shit, I have changed now and it can’t change what happened but Ive come to terms and forgiven myself and am radically accepting myself and refuse to be defined by others perspectives and standards” you kinda hear the room go quiet cause accepting, addressing and healing ugly parts of yourself is still like… .taboo?

Like mate, I did some hecked shit when I was a teenager. I was being abused and neglected with stories that make people go white when I tell them but its not an excuse for repeatedly threatening the lives of close friends or for being rough with the hoarded animals I was forced to care for without any of the things I needed to do it (my abuser kept 100+ cats in a room the size of an average bathroom and I was the only one who would give them food/water, cats in a small space RUSH an open door and I would be punished if they escaped so I routinely booted cats in the face to keep them from getting out and I STILL feel torn up and guilty about it over ten years later even tho there was nothing I could have done then) but like….. for me to be like “I did these ugly things” and not want or accept pity for it (”oh but its okay because-”) and to just own it as something I did and a wrong way I was that I have since grown away from while actively loving the person who did that and putting these bad things to rest within me is so important to my recovery and like

We dont really get to talk about these things cause culture and espeically tumblr culture is so black and white with a narrow view of recovery and mental illness and receipt culture. Its either youre ‘good’ or ‘bad’, you step out of line or admit something you did was wrong and youre now THAT and only that and it hurts so many people with ‘ugly’ mental illness symptoms and shit cause you cant express your anger or admit you did things wrong before without condemning yourself and UGH


Ive been thinking a lot lately and putting things to rest for myself and I want to be a better person but not at the expense of myself and only -I- know who I am inside and out and why isnt their more media focusing on someone coming to terms with their demons and growing from them while loving the person who was hurting when they did those things like…………. we need to be taught how to do this at an eariler age so we stop internalizing ourselves as The Worst and just understand that we are human and learning to be human has speedbumps and shit

I’ve been going through a lot of emotions. Tomorrow I’m seeing someone who hasn’t ever been a part of my life but quite literally is half the reason I even exist. I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I’m pissed off for a munber of reasons but I won’t go into them here. I’m scared because I’m not entirely sure how I’ll react when I see him. There’s a part of me that wants to shout to the sky without abandon at how wronged I’ve felt all this time.

But as horrible as this all is, there is something that I’m going to do. I’m going to show this guy the absolute best of me. I’m going to show him how well I did without him, how strong I can be and how capable I truly am. I’ve achieved a lot without him because of the family I have now. I’ll show how hurt I am but I’ll do it with a steely resolve. This guy will see the woman in front of him and I hope he realises what he missed out on.

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For the anon asking for which time Nayeon said "Iku" in their VLive: It's at around 46:05 you're welcome

Thank you so much

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: hello. hi. it’s the anon that asked for the mimo recs. that fic is a work of art! thank you for suggesting it. i’m dead now. wig gone.

I’m glad you liked it, like I said I still have yet to read it myself but everything I’ve heard about it is good. Now I’m even more excited to read it

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Yaoi hand convention lmao I am dying.😂 The fun part about your convention is that it’s easier to become a member for that than the ONCE fan club. @JYPE #unapologeticshade

You throw that shade. They deserve it, I’ve never been so disrespected as an international-once. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the yaoi hand convention. What am I even saying anymore. What has my life become

i get so angry when production companies say/act like they dont want to ostracize homophobes by putting LGBT+ people in their movies. I don’t care if homophobes are comfortable. Gay people have been a part of history and a part of film history for DECADES and because of some narrowminded fucks, we get censored. I never want any media to be “safe” for homophobes again. from now on, homophobes aren’t allowed to watch movies because they’re gay now. they’re all gay. homophobes aren’t allowed to feel safe in their views because their views are ignorant and wrong

“I am the one who keeps this world in balance. I am the one who protects the innocent. I am the one that you fear…And I am the one who shall end you if you get in the way of humanity’s goal to survive.”

Whoooo boy. This…This took a while.

Now for those of you who have just stumbled upon my blog and are wondering who this lovely lady is, then I shall tell you.

This is Ceres, the Goddess of Mira who shares a part of her soul with my Cross, Athena. How she met Athena and everything will be established later. I have just been too busy and have been procrastinating to work on Athena’s backstory.

But long story short, this is what she looks like when Athena sees her in her mind and on Mira. 

And boy do I love this end result. I started working on the sketch on Monday and it was originally going to stay as a sketch but…I wanted to see what it would look like in color. And boy does it look good! I just…I love!

Okay, I’ll stop gushing and let you be. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening.

Also @kentucky-the-fried reminder that this chick is gonna stop Mira in his tracks and deck him. 

Fuck. I should have known this would happen. I forgot about Cola’s Sight and what was going on with me, I just wanted Cola to calm down and not do anything rash! I didn’t even think of how I look now.

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckkfsd I’m nto even human anymore, and there’s no going back, and I /hate/ this, I /hate/ what I am now, I hate everything that’s happened! do you know what happened when he walked into the coffeeshop?? he saw me and /screamed/. everyone in there saw! everyone saw, and turned to look at me, and looked away like I wasn’t even worth a second thought! I wish I could just rip out this inhuman part of me, rub it off my skin, i don’t even care anymore, I shouldn’t have ever made that deal.

I did it all for cola! I saved his life, and in return he just looks at me like I’m worse than dirt! I’m not a demon! I’m not even really Gentry!

things were looking up, too! I mean, maybe maro is avoiding me, and maybe people are warier than they were before, but I saved sputnik! and helped thorns heal dirt!  i have standards, I have morals, I’m not a monster!

but I don’t even know anymore. maybe I am a monster. an abomination. who even cares anymore.

I don’t.

and now people are talking about giving up their souls, and making deals with Them, and i just

how did things go so wrong?

today was a good birthday. i truly felt blessed. also I feel like I might have finally let go of the childish materialist need to get presents ?? like I literally got no presents this year (apart from some shampoo, cream, croissant and wafers which were all so very good and useful) but I’m still,,, content ?? this is strange. maybe I am actually growing up. Maybe 17 is the year when I truly Realise things. or maybe I have also hit a level of depreciating self worth where I now believe that I don’t deserve anything. That’s fine too. but like.. wow. the best part about today was feeling loved ?? and being greeted ?? irl and on here? like one of my friends sent this long litany where she explained all the things she liked about me bein her friend and honestly I was speechless bc I didn’t think she noticed all the small details and I just ,, my heart was warmed. and the hugs from the fam were nice. and this other friend who I annoy with my memes and random messages 24/7 actually initiated a conversation I’m laughinG I love her. and this time I just didn’t feel sad ?? I didn’t even feel sad at home?? for the past 2ish years I always felt sad during my bday but today was nice. maybe I’m just also a bit preoccupied with school so therefore I don’t care as much but wow.

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Do you think mon el will take the legion ring by the end of season 2 or he isn't there yet? I am not sure he is ready to become valor yet.

I think he is almost there. I’m not sure he has reached his full potential as a hero because the whole thing is still a bit confusing to him although he is definitely a hero and my heart is filled with love and pride for my puppy because of that last episode. But he is still exploring that part of him and adapting to his sense of courage and kindness. I think that he’s not ready right now but he might be in a couple of episodes. He definitely needs to be in the field for a little longer. Maybe he could become Valor by the very end of the season, maybe even the last episode.