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❛ It is when I am most joyous that he strikes. ❜
❛ Time passes without you and I am fine. ❜
❛ It is strange that I should want this sight of your face. ❜
❛ What beasts we are, in human flesh. ❜
❛ It was a curse of a hovering sparrow. ❜
❛ The heart of the night is such a sight.  ❜
❛ All that triggers my evil within, making it harder to find. ❜
❛ I will always remain beautifully broken, outside and within. ❜
❛ When the clouds have parted, will I find that I’m a damaged soul? ❜
❛ I tried my hand at alchemy to make myself a heart of gold. ❜
❛ My imprint of my old self is now buried down under. ❜
❛ A flood pours out and the blood beings to seethe. ❜
❛ My bleeding out, is that what sets you free? ❜
❛ Blood slips onto the roots, boiling underneath. ❜
❛ I’m being trapped inside this past to the point of no return. ❜
❛ My craving for the blade is stronger. ❜
❛ How cold is the heart that’s as brittle as glass? ❜
❛ The pain unable to be washed away by tears. ❜
❛ Can you not shed a tear, are you misunderstood? ❜
❛ I lay there numb with only memories to hold on to. ❜
❛ I am selfish even until death . ❜
❛ Darkness in my room, same as the night. ❜
❛ My fingertips glaze across rain-soaked granite. ❜
❛ Because of our greed we give pestilence, death and pain. ❜
❛ Let’s break the chains that hold us back. ❜
❛ I linger behind you, a reminder, a refrain.. ❜
❛ I live without substance and burn without fire. ❜
❛ Amidst the blackness of a frost-covered glen. ❜
❛ Awaken this fire of the coldest hell. ❜
❛ Her hungry tongue danced as it licked at the lost. ❜
❛ I’m doomed to die here as a frozen tomb. ❜
❛ The guilt rips the remains of my rotten soul. ❜
❛ I’ve banished, locked away my pain deep in my soul’s dungeon. ❜
❛ ‘Tis just a melding of simple fate. ❜
❛ You put wear and tear down onto me. ❜
❛ I find you rattling my cage at midnight. ❜
❛ For you are the one who made me aren’t you glad? ❜
❛ This dark room of four walls becomes a prison to my heart. ❜
❛ I worship you with the tainted hymns of funeral pyres. ❜
❛ In this nocturnal air, I’m as ravenous as fire. ❜
❛ The nightmare set like chains onto our souls. ❜
❛ A shadow of rain embraces her porcelain face. ❜
❛ Darkness ascends from her Hell within. ❜
❛ I elicit the shadows in ravenous streams. ❜
❛ My abhorred soldiers shall win my new throne. ❜
❛ Listen, have you heard something so satisfying? ❜
❛ Oh, how great is your desire to be torn apart? ❜
❛ Where the warm air breaths dusk’s last kiss. ❜
❛ These are the silent screams that nobody hears. ❜
❛ The candles on the walls fall down and sets my rage again. ❜
❛ Hearts can be broken, yes, but hearts are resilient things.. ❜
❛ They see the scars and the reasons they’ve conquered. ❜
❛ I have been battered and beaten, my soul is torn apart. ❜
❛ A voice so quiet you dont hear a word. ❜
❛ Cold and alone, I lay awake, listening to the silent night. ❜

Supreme Edgelord: A Discussion

(Ok, so Tumblr is being stupid. I still don’t know why we all congregate on such a useless, broken site that @staff doesn’t even bother to try to fix in any way that is actually helpful—no, we don’t need freakin’ gradients to tell us that your site is slow and isn’t loading the image up!!! Ok, I’m calm again.

Anyway, a person sent me this mutli-part ask on anonymous, and I tried to answer, but Tumblr wasn’t having it. So here it is in text post form!)

I’m just wanna throw a piece of my mind out here right now. Disclaimer: I am NOT trying to tell you how to write your stories, I just want to get something off of my chest. With the last chapter of Hall of Mirrors and several other stories, I’m honestly a bit disappointed at how Dark is being treated. For the longest time, I too had thought of him as that “supreme evil” that deserves what he gets, but it’s getting kinda out of hand at this point. Yeah, he did take over Mark’s body in HoM… ¼

but they had made a deal, one that Mark knew the consequences of, and still went through with, only for Dark to get stabbed in the back. The other egos also treat him like trash, which is understandable, to a point. He is not a good person, that is true, and he is trying to take over Mark’s channel by force, but, and hear me out with this, it’s not really his fault. Mark at first created him to be scary, a little jump scare in his videos, nothing major, until the fanbase got a hold of him. 2/4

His popularity skyrocketed before eventually dying off again. He came back in Mark’s milestone video, less scary, more violent and edgy. Again, the fans had a field day. THEN came A Date with Markiplier, that’s when it hit the fan. Dark became an actual threat, a manipulative, evil, and angry man hell-bent on taking Mark’s channel for himself. I highly doubt that such a drastic change in character came out of thin air by Dark’s own design. I strongly believe that it was Mark who wanted to… ¾

add some new flair to his channel that caused Dark to turn into the god awful person we know. So, to conclude, it’s Mark’s fault that Dark is like this and only Mark can solve the problem. The thing is, he doesn’t want to. He needs Dark to be the evil character that everyone is so obsessed with, because keeping his fans happy is a priority. So yeah, rant over. Love your work. Stay classy. 4/4

I think you’re mostly right. Of course, let’s all keep in mind that these are fictional characters (except for Mark and Amy, but technically it’s a fictional version of themselves that we’re dealing with here) acting in fictional situations, and they aren’t even mine. So I’m not the final word on any of this except for my own stories.

You’re right. By Mark’s own explanation, he’s the one that has changed Dark’s character from some violent, emo kid to a truly manipulative and scary person. So, in essence, yes, Mark is the one to blame for who Dark is as a character. But at the same time, Dark is unrepentant. He’s not fighting his new nature, or asking to be changed back. He’s fully and completely accepted this as his role. And I think that’s an important detail.

Yes, you can say that Dark doesn’t want to change because Mark made him this way. That’s an understandable thing to believe, but I like to think that Dark always has a choice, even if Mark dictates that he should think a certain way. But Dark wants power. Why? Because he doesn’t want to fade, and that’s something that I believe he’s dealt with as a character since the beginning. It’s why his character is the most dynamic, why he’ll adapt to whatever we want in order to stick around. He’s willing to become the ultimate evil if it means that he draws us in.

As for why they put Dark in the mirror at the end of HoM, it’s less to do with Mark’s deal and more to do with what Dark has done over the course of the longer story in general. His forcing Mark to accept this deal—because he knows Mark will do anything to save Amy—is merely the last straw in a long line of last straws. Dark has kidnapped Mark and Amy, hurt the other Egos in countless ways, stolen Mark’s memories and given them to Wilford, and now this. They aren’t trying to be mean to Dark; they’re trying to protect themselves because he’s a dangerous person who does dangerous, evil things that hurt others. And he’s never once been genuinely repentant about it.

With all that said, this is, again, only my humble opinion, and I offer it with no hard feeling towards another person’s own perceptions of these characters. Stay gold, cutie pie, and thanks for letting me rant about this subject. It’s something that I’ve put a lot of thought into.

toastedtoast15  asked:

I saw a post titled 'why I stopped identifying as ace' and it said 'because asexuality is inherently homophobic' and that all aces 'joke about an std plague wiping out everyone but them.' This person said that while they fit the definition of asexual, the label is inherently homophobic and so you shouldn't use it. Now I'm sick to my stomach with guilt. Am I inherently homophobic because I id as ace? I'm panromantic, but I'm still worried about what this person said and if it's true.

Nothing that person said is true. There’s nothing homophobic about not experiencing sexual attraction. Go on any asexual’s blog and I can guarantee you there will be no posts about “std plagues” on there.

Anyone who makes generalized statements like that about a group of people for a part of their identity that they cannot change is a prejudiced bigot. There is nothing wrong with you being asexual.

anonymous asked:

Ok so there was a post pointing out how Lance's hair is straight while all his family members have curly hair, but considering that is not genetically possible (hair type allelles show incomplete dominance meaning that if there is one gene for straight hair and one for curly hair the result is wavy hair) do you think that a) he could be somehow straightening his hair or b) he could be adopted or c) I am looking too much into the stuff that arent even there

I doubt Lance is straightening his hair because we’ve seen him sleeping (before he would have done any part of his morning routine) in s1e1.

I will say that generally cartoonists do not really draw punnet squares for character design, or, if that’s an expected thing, nobody’s told me and I probably look like some kind of fool right now.

That said I dunno if Lance’s hair is really all that straight? Like- it’s pretty short but it flicks outward at the back of his neck. It could just be that it would curl more if he grew it out.

The Wolf Part 3

A/N: Again, I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry, I’m am just so shit at keeping a schedule for writing! But, on the bright side, I got a request! Yay! So, for the nonnie who sent me the Peter Parker request, you know who you are, I am writing that now and it should be out soon! Whoop whoop! 

Warnings: Language, (I suppose that’s it, unless ‘illegal human experimentation by a Nazi cult’ counts as one)

Words: 1622

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-ketsup-  asked:

you seem like a much more realistic and mature anarchist than many others i see on this sight i just hope you are not a commie im a socalist sorry bad spelling but if you have seen it communism leads to death as much as any other system i just want to spred that idea and i am also not a capatlist

Hah, Thanks! I don’t think I’m more mature, I’m just old and don’t really like tumblr drama or academic language, so I just talk about stuff I’ve read in ways it has influenced my day to day life, or my understanding of day to day life, and that’s the really important part of learning about socialist or anarchist theory to me, applying it to your own life and seeing how you can improve your and other people’s lives here and now.

But uh yeah, I’m actually a Libertarian Communist, like most anarchists. If you are an anarchist and are afraid of calling yourself a communist you are either just misinformed or not an actual anarchist (*cough cough* Ancaps *cough cough*), (or an egoist, but I don’t think there’s very many of those around).

Regimes like the Soviet Union or Communist China or the DDR show how Authoritarian socialism Can lead to oppression and death. It doesn’t really differ in this from other authoritarianism or capitalism, but it does mean we have to learn from and own the mistakes of those who went before us. So yeah, the intentions and goals were right but the ways of achieving those goals didn’t work out and we must learn from that, and that’s why I’m a libertarian Communist.

Hi guys! I’m back in Germany from visiting @viperbranium and I’m already saddened by not being able to get hugs whenever I need and I miss her BUT I am here to say
1. I’ll be a little more active now - even though I’m still not Home home. My lovely patrons are so patient! - and am without a scanner T^T
2. I smothered my lonelyness in SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING and aaaahhhhhhh I’ll be posting one sad and one fun art so get your blacklists working for >spiderman homecoming spoilers
3. this sketch here is prooobably going to be part of a giveaway soon (not one of mine. That will come soonish too!), so get hyped for original art aaand more goodies! Keep an eye out ;) Helene over and out ~

I am getting so disgusted with the supercorp fandom. I used to love being a part of it but now

It’s getting horrible. We have this victim mentality that makes people think they are justified in behaving in the most vile and disgusting way. Instead of quashing the trolls we are celebrating them. Even though I have very limited minutes now and can barely go on tumblr I have still seen several of what I though were decent blogs that I follow repost toxic trolls. It’s getting disgusting. We already had a bad history but now it’s getting so much worse . And every time someone tries to call us out people immediatly start whining “ but the cast were mean mehh”. What the cast has done may have been thoughtless but what we are doing is infinitely worse and we are doing with clear and intentional malice.
We don’t deserve any positive attitude from the cast anymore. We don’t deserve Katie’s kindness and understanding, we don’t deserve David’s background pictures , we don’t deserve anything. We have become horrible people and I am ashamed at what we have turned into
If anyone in the cast is reading I am sorry. Our fandom started as an amazing and supportive place and it still has many wonderful people. But the vile horrible trolls have tainted us and growing stronger and stronger infecting more people who think it’s ok and justifiable to behave like a vile pathetic troll( lol right? It’s just a big joke) I wouldn’t blame you for protecting yourself by writing our whole fandom off. I just want to tell you that I am sorry. We should have fought harder for the heart of our fandom. We should have been better


Summary: You are brought in under false conditions. And you have had enough of super soldiers that aren’t Captain America being blamed for everything. So you decide to take everything you were taught and turn it into everyone’s fears.

Warnings: Bad Words…… for now. 

A/N: I kind of came up with this out of no where. So i hope you enjoy it. I am considering a second part, not sure yet. 

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You were sitting, blank face, staring straight ahead. You look down at your restraints and then back at the man that was yelling at you. You sit there, acting like you were listening but you are trying to figure out how to get out. More like how you even got into this damn position.

You were just trying to be low key for a while. Hydra was falling apart and you just wanted to keep low while the Avengers cleared things out. You were like Bucky, except that metal arm. You just wanted a new start, maybe even find someone. Having your brain locked up for years without your consent is the number one reason no one will like you. Exactly how you ended in this situation.

You are brought back to reality as the man is now banging against the glass of some cell, chamber thing. You just look at him with a blank face before he throws his hands up in the air.

“Y/N, Bucky and i can’t help if you aren’t gonna help us help you. There are a lot of people outside of this room who are more than willing to lock you up forever. They would gladly never let you see the light of day again. But Bucky and i both know you aren’t what they think. You aren’t some war machine anymore. You are a human being.” Captain America says.

“I am what they think Cap. I killed people for years.” You mumble, looking back your restraints. “But i did not kill whoever they are saying i killed. I know you believe me, but..”

“But what? Y/N” Cap sighs. “Look, this has happened to Bucky and we thought we could get past this with them. The government. But we can’t. So i am here to prep you. There will be a man who will come in. He is going to ask you questions.”

“He will do exactly what they did to Bucky. I can’t go back to that mindset Captain. I have worked way too hard to get to this mental state. I did not do it!! Can’t you stand up me for once in your damn life!? You were with me when it happened!! So how is it that i am still in this damn place?!” You exclaim, finally showing how emotional you really were. Cap just rubs his eyes before sighing.

“I’m sorry..” Cap says, walking to the doors.

“YOU’RE NOT SORRY!! WE WERE IN THIS TOGETHER!! EVEN IF WE LOSE TOGETHER!!” You scream as he shuts the door behind him. You clench your jaw as the anger pushes out hot tears. “I am not guilty!!” You yell as you fight against your restraints.

After another two hours of letting the anger surge through your veins, the door opens again.

“Hello Ms.Y/L/N, I am here to evaluate you.” The man says as he sets his briefcase on the table. You don’t even bother to look up at him. You hear some shuffling around before he finally takes a seat. “So i hear you are here for the death of a very important man, how do you feel?”

“How do i feel? How do you filthy humans feel knowing that you have the most innocent person on this earth locked up?” You answer sarcastically. You finally meet your Y/E/C eyes with his brown ones.

“You are far from innocent,” The man answers, looking down at his papers. “It says here that you were once among Hydra’s agents. But when Ultron came for the leader, you were under his power. Tell me, Y/N, how did it feel to be less superior to a metal man?” You clench your jaw and then with all the strength you had, you start pulling at your restraints before they snapped clean in your hand. You stop your actions before you look at the man. He is now standing up with his back pressed hard against the door.

“Tell me, how does it feel to be their little pet? Being such a tiny human, asking the big, bad, mean ex Hydra agent all these questions?” You question, tapping against the glass of the door to your tiny cell. “How does it feel to know, with maybe a few punches, i could have my killer hands wrapped around your neck?”

“That is very inappropriate and…” He trails off, looking at his gun that sat on the table.

“Grab it, i dare you. I know you think that you’re all good people. I know you think you mean well. But you just didn’t think this through. There is only one path to peace. Do you know what it is?” You ask, as you raise your fist to the glass. He shakes his head, slowly inching his way to the gun. “Your extinction.” And with that, your fist was pounding it the glass. You watch it crack before the door goes flying off of it’s hinges. You stand up and walk out of the cell, cracking your neck.

“Oh god!” The man screams, lunging for the gun. But your super solider speed has your fingers wrapped around it first. You pull him in with a choke hold and you kick the door open. You are met with Cap and Bucky standing there, ready to fight off whatever is waiting for them.

“Y/N, do not do this.” Cap warned, inching towards you. “He is worthy of a life. Just as much as you are.”

“Worthy? How could he be worthy? You are all killers. You want to protect the world, but you don’t want to change people’s minds. There is only one path to peace Cap. Do you know what it is?” you repeat your question from before. He shakes his head. Bucky looks you up and down, getting closer. “Your extinction” You repeat before pulling the trigger. The mans lifeless body falls to the floor. Bucky lunges for you, but you are one step a head. You dodge it and go sprinting out the door that leads to the main area. You fight off anyone in your way.

Bucky and Cap are close on your trail as you head for the doors that lead to the outside world.

“Y/N, you aren’t like this!! You are better than this!!” Cap yells as you launch yourself on top of a car.

“Cap, i was designed to destroy the world. People would look up to the sky and panic when they saw me. Hydra wasn’t so stupid after all. Might as well give the world what they want. Panic and fear. Maybe, just maybe they will start to change their minds. You are puppets to the government. Tangled in strings. You were fucking with me when the man died. And you still let them take me in like i was some animal” You say, looking at Bucky with pained eyes.

“There are other ways we can achieve peace.” Bucky finally speaks, lowering his gun.

“How do you plan to stop a super solider who was designed to beat even you Bucky?” You say, stepping back. You turn back around and take off, long gone from Cap and Bucky’s sights.

You stalk the shadows of Dr. Cho’s, waiting for her to return from whatever she was doing. She has the code to the safe that held the super soldier serum. You were tired of everyone treating you like you were some criminal. You didn’t want this life for anyone else. But if that’s how they viewed you, then give the people what they want? Right? That’s what you were taught when you were younger.

“So this is where you are?” a male voice asks. You look up to be met with a icey blue stare. Bucky.

“If you are to take me down, think again. I told you earlier, i was made to defeat even you.” You say. “Don’t you see the beauty in it? The inevitability? You rise, only to fall. The earth will crack from the weight of your failure. You miserable Avengers. Purge me from this world. Turn my own flesh against me. But know you will fail. You were made to fail. And when you do, i will be there to watch, take over, and raise this world that way it truly should be. Are you afraid?”

“Of failure?” Bucky asks.

“Of death. You were to be the last of us,” You say, getting up from the chair sitting behind Dr. Cho’s desk.

“No, you were. And if you start this now, you have to the be the one to end it. This world runs off the fear of each other. We aren’t here to casually kill. The Avengers were made to let people know that they can walk out their door with a bit of ease.” Bucky answers, stepping closer to you.

“Ease? You people are massive killers! You think the headlines are praising you? They belittle you because they know you are just as bad as me, worse than me. I was meant to be new. I was meant to be the fear people have. I am the fear that those people should have.” You say, getting closer as well.

“If you want fear and peace, then let us have that. Let us live in our fear peacefully.” Bucky says.

“I think you’re confusing the meaning of peace with the meaning of quiet. I hold the power to make real change and that terrifies you people. You need change. That is how this world truly works. The fear of change. The human race will need every chance to improve. For now, but be prepared to watch the ones you love fail and realize they are worthless. No one is worthy. Not the guy i killed, not you, not cap, not even i. But it’s about damn time the world changes. The type of change that everyone ultimately fears.” You say. Bucky rolls his eyes.

“I am tired of this dance around words. I came to get you. End you,” Bucky says, taking out his gun. But you kept your promise on outdoing him. Once again, you have another man in your choke hold. He grunts as her tries to fight off your strength before giving up once again.

“I don’t think you understand this, Bucky. People are put on this world to make massive change. Clearly the fear of everything is what eats you alive. Maybe you need to think on it. Or for now, i could just let you sleep on it” You whisper before injecting some liquid in him. His limbs start to give away as you lay him down on the ground. You take his gun and start for the door before his words stop you.

“You aren’t the fear they need. You’re the fear they want. I hope you are ready to be the most feared being out there.” Bucky says, his eyes closing.

“I can’t wait,” You say, opening the door and taking off.

Vanish in the Dark Pt 5

Pairings: None at the moment(I think I got something.)

Warnings: Language, Blood, dead guy

Word Count: 2500+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: Aw-yeah. Part five is done. And now I’m back to, ‘oh lord where am I gonna go from here’. But don’t worry, I kind of got an idea. Kind of. For some reason, I’ve found watching Greatest Public Freakout videos to be a great way to get motivation to do anything. I don’t know if it’s the rage from peoples stupidity, or the face that all the freakouts are hilarious to watch. Oh, well; I hope you guys like this part, I’m going to be really really busy the next few days, so I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be able to update again. Enjoy! Also liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going. Thank you guys!  ❤️

Once again, the gif is not mine, credit to the owner.

*Part Four* | *Part Six* (Coming Soon)

Tony’s head fell back, stifling a groan under his breath. So far the conference was absolutely boring, all they did was drone on and on about what they were going to do, but never once showed any concrete evidence. Just fed the public lies upon lies. It had been almost twenty five minutes in, and it felt like forever. Especially since nothing out of the ordinary had happened yet. He was starting to doubt that anything was going to go down.

“This is turning into something pointless.” Wanda muttered, having tossed the magazine down beside her. The other muttered in agreement. The group had had their share of sitting through many boring meetings before, but this was taking the cake. Just when they thought it couldn’t get any more boring, a man in a white coat stepped up. Tony’s head practically rolled when the man’s dull voice began to drone on. He had shut his eyes for only a moment, when F.R.I.D.A.Y. beeped in his ear. All five sat straighter, suddenly tense and at the ready.

“Sir-“ F.R.I.D.A.Y. hadn’t had a chance to warn them for what she caught. She was cut off, suddenly silent after a beeping came from the chair in front of Tony, and the man frowned at the sound. Slowly He leaned forward, dipping down under the seat. The beeping stopped, only to be followed by a slow hiss. He shot up from his seat when smoke came out from under the seat. He opened his mouth to shout to say something, but a serious of small pops caught him off guard. In an instant, entire courtyard, street, and opposite building covered in a thick gas. The small beads that had been scattered from earlier exploded to release the gas they contain, spreading a thick fog that hovered the surrounding area. Tony didn’t have time to activate his suit before he took in a lung full of the gas, his whole body going numb. He collapsed to the ground, struggling to find his strength as he choked on air. Through his com he heard the others struggle, their bodies hitting the pavement just as hard. He tried to speak, but only succeeded in sucking in more of the gas.

Wanda and Natasha both had collapsed on the ground in front of the benches, finding themselves paralyzed from the thick smoke as well. It was as if the ground shot up to meet the two of them, and both could only barely raise their hands to brace the impact. Neither couldn’t see an inch in front of their faces, but before they dropped they saw Sam following quickly behind. Natasha fought to find her voice, hoping the two people immune to this were at the ready.

“Steve-“She croaked. She didn’t receive an answer, and dread settled in her stomach. Instead she heard him struggle to answer, along with Bucky.

Both soldiers were crumpled on the ground of the café, for the first time in a long time neither able to tap into their strength. To Steve he felt like before he was given the serum, his body refusing to answer a simple request to stand. Whatever was in this gas, it paralyzed everyone. Even the civilians that surround the area had dropped. His biggest concern was for their safety, but his next was where the hell this thick gas had all came from. He racked his brain trying to find an idea of where it could have come from, but came up blank. It had to have been planted before they even got there. But how did F.R.I.D.A.Y. manage to miss this?

Steve wasn’t sure how long they struggled to simply roll over, but soon after what felt like forever, he began to feel a tingle in his fingers. He let out a groan of relief, his fingers closing and opening easier with each passing second. He was able to pull his legs underneath himself and push off. It was like he was a new born deer, his body trembling under his own weight. Bucky grunted, finding himself in the same predicament. The stumbled, gripping the tables and chairs as the tried to make their way across the street to the court yard. The gas, or smoke whatever it was, had begun to slowly dissipate allowing them a bit more distance. Steve could barely make out Natasha and Wanda as they too struggled to stand, and he stumbled to help Natasha up. Bucky was right behind him, pulling Wanda up to her feet. They hissed at the growing tingle, as if their whole body had been asleep and was waking all once.

“What the hell?” Sam uttered as he leaned against the pillar, struggling to breath. He watched Tony slowly do the same, standing to along with all the others in the crowd, gripping the chairs in front of him. Nobody could answer, still uncertain themselves. It wasn’t until the gas faded completely that everyone collectively could move again. The civilian’s looked around scared and confused, murmurs of questions growing through the crowd. What just happened? Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, a scream tore through the courtyard.

All heads snapped towards the sound, a sudden mass of bodies in suits surrounding where the sponsors had been sitting off to the side. From where each of the Avenger’s stood, there wasn’t a good angle on seeing what had happened. It wasn’t until a few of the security guards began to struggle with a man that they got a good idea.

“I didn’t do it!” The man screamed as he fought off the guards. He threw himself out of their grasp, only to be grabbed by more. He screamed as they dragged them into the building, the panic enough to cause a shiver go up each spine of those close. The barrier of people surrounding the sponsors split just enough to allow Sam and Tony to see what the man was screaming about.

Laying face first on the ground was an unknown man dressed in a black suit, a pool of dark liquid growing beneath the body. Sam had seen enough of battles to know that the male was no longer living.The sound of siren’s were in the distance, the wails growing closer.

“We need to leave.” Sam said as he pushed off the pillar, Tony quickly moving through the chairs. He and Tony both met as they strode through the gathering crowd, pushed against the people who wanted to see what happened. After such a boring conference, many of the media there were excited to get something worth telling.

Steve began to argue, but his mouth snapped shut at the hard glare Tony gave him when the met up. They crossed back over the street, passed by the café where the wait staff stood watching as the police cars and ambulances pulled up. They turned the corner right as the yellow tapes were pulled out, and the orders for all witness to speak with the authorities. 

Natasha spared a glance over her shoulder, one last time to take in the scene. She paused when she saw a lone man, the man in the white coat, standing on the podium, staring directly at them. Her skin began to crawl under his stare, uneasy for a number of reasons. Straightening her back, she turned away and sped to catch up with the others. It wasn’t until they returned to the hotel room, three blocks down that they spoke of what happened.

“I get their name now.” Sam let out a sigh, walking around the bar to grab two beers in the mini fridge. He motioned to Tony, who nodded at the offer of alcohol. Both downed the bottle before they began explaining.

“We were played. Somehow, some way, they managed to do it.” Tony stared down the neck of the empty bottle after he collapsed on the couch.

“Do what?” Natasha asked, scooting close to the edge of the love seat. Bucky settled beside her, his face pulled into a frown. “Tony, you still haven’t told us what. What happened?”

“You mean you haven’t figure out what the ‘Assassin’s’ have done, yet? I’m surprised at you.”

“I have an idea what they did. I need to hear you confirm it.” Natasha bit, her eyes narrowing at the man. Tony scoffed but said nothing in reply. Instead, he pulled grabbed his tablet from the coffee table.


“Yes sir?”

“What can you tell me?” There was a moments pause before the tablet sprang to life, a hologram popping up. A man’s face, in his late 50’s, came up with the words deceased written across it in bold red.

“His name was Robert R. Newman. He was a well-known sponsor for NASA, a government operated branch.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“We know what NASA is F.R.I.D.A.Y. What does that have to do with this Assassin’s crap.”

“Yes, but…” The AI hesitated for a moment, “NASA is also a branch created as a front for and by the Templars.”

The room grew silent, not even Tony had a word to say. Steve turned slowly from the window, wondering if his ears were deceiving him.


“It would seem there’s much more than we know about the Templars. My information is limited, but that’s one of the small minute details I learned.” The AI grew quiet, allowing those in the room to process everything before starting again. “There’s more sir.”

Tony set the tablet down on the table, his eyes remaining on the face of the man he saw dead, face first in his own pool of blood less than an hour ago. F.R.I.D.A.Y. took his silence as an indication to continue.

“The man that was dragged away screaming was Franklin Rollin. He is high power member of Hydra. And the man who is being charged with murder. After the gas faded away, the guard’s found him standing over Newman’s body, with the knife in hand.” The image of the man appeared on the hologram, an article sliding up next to him. “He claims he’s innocent, but the finger prints and blood on his hands and the murder weapon prove him wrong.”

“Yet he isn’t.” Wanda whispered, fear settling in her stomach. Just as Tony said earlier, somehow, someway, the Brotherhood-the Assassin’s- had played them all. If they could do this, then what else could they accomplish?

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. why weren’t you able to pick up on any of this?” Steve asked the question that had been gnawing at his brain since he dropped to the pavement earlier.

“I’m a bit embarrassed to say, I never sensed a single thing wrong.”

“What about the cylinder under the seat? The one that let out the first set of gas? How did you miss that?” The AI didn’t reply right away. “F.R.I.D.A.Y!”

“I do apologize, but my sensor reading said that there was nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until the second before that I caught a read. By then it was too late.” The AI at somehow seemed ashamed it was so easily deceived. “One more detail I must inform you of; once the cylinder had activated, my systems were deactivated at the source, sir.”

“What?” Tony rasped, his head snapping up. Impossible. “How-what? For how long?”

“Five minutes, sir.”

“The exact amount of time the gas lasted.” Bucky uttered in disbelief.

Tony sank back into the couch, Natasha and Bucky doing the same on their seats. Sam leaned against the bar with his arms, his head hanging between his shoulders. Wanda slipped from her standing position to the sit on the opposite end of the couch, while Steve slowly made his way back to the window. How had all of this managed to happen, in such a short amount of time? Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, the highly intelligent AI system didn’t sense anything, and then was promptly shut down as if it had an on off switch.

“This can’t be possible. There has to be a loop hole, a good explanation, something!” Bucky ran his hand through his hair. Not even he had heard of something so complicated being executed so flawlessly. This group had thought of nearly every angle, and managed to screw over not only Hydra, but both the Templars and themselves.

“Why did they even want us there? If they had everything planned so precisely, they knew we wouldn’t be need, why have us there?” Sam asked.

“A show of power.” Steve replied. He couldn’t think of any reason but. “They wanted to show us what they could do.” Slowly he turned back to the room, his eyes tired. The others in the room shared the same expression, the similar anxiety in the back of their minds. They thought they were as cunning and powerful at one point, able to figure anything out. They were seconding guessing themselves after the show today.

“They said they would find us when they’d need us. Right now, I say we just get some rest until that happens.” Steve shook his head, tucking his hands into his jean pockets. Everyone mutter their voice of agreement, moving to stand.

“I’m gonna order us pizza.” Tony said as he whipped out his phone. The group gave their input of topping choices simultaneously while he dialed, coming out as one jumbled mess. Tony made a face. “I can’t understand you people when you talk all at once!”

Steve relaxed as the tension in the room dissipated. He turned to leave for his room, pausing to ask for a large double meat lovers before he left to shower. Tony grunted in reply and started listing off the order to the kid on the other end of the line.

Steve moved around his room in haze, his mind still thinking over every last detail of the morning. He couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t see how they managed to pull this off. If he was a computer, he was sure he would be short circuiting by now. He laughed to himself at that comparison. I’m spending too much time with Tony in his lab, he thought. Just as he passed the end table beside his bed, he caught something from the corner of his eye that wasn’t there before he left.

The dread from earlier settled once more as he saw the neatly folded paper laying on the table. Slowly, his moved to pick it up, finding his hands trembling ever so slightly. He turned the white paper over, frowning at the familiarity of the texture. It was sketch paper. The breath caught in his lungs when he saw the insignia from early expertly melted in the blue and silver wax that sealed the paper shut. Tentatively, he opened and unfolded the sketch paper, somehow knowing what he would see on the page. Two sheets were folded together, a picture-perfect drawing of himself bashfully looking away on the first page, and an equally flawless drawing of Bucky grinning wide on the second. Written in pristine cursive on the corner of his image, were the words:

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

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So as a huge football fan, one of my favorite things on Netflix is the documentary series Last Chance U. The new season was released last Friday, and I’ve been really enjoying it, but part of the start of episode five is showing off the school’s marching band, including interviewing band director Steve Stringer in his office.



I am so fucking curious why he has a poster of Octavia on his wall now. Was it a gift from a student? Does he have young children who saw a pony with an instrument and thought of him? Does he watch it with his kids, and really liked seeing a professional musician in a children’s show? Is the band director himself a brony? Maybe he has no idea what she’s from, he just saw a poster of a cute cartoon character playing a cello somewhere and decided he liked it enough to hang in his office? Is that a fanmade poster or is it an official Hasbro product? Because half of those explanations go out the window if it’s a fan piece.

It’s not like it’s some random poster he taped up there either, it’s a mounted, framed poster, and given it has a stack of books in front of it, it’s been there for at least a few semesters. Whether it was a gift or he bought it for himself, there was care put into framing it and hanging it, and either nobody has brought up that he has a My Little Pony character on his wall, or if they did, he A. doesn’t care or B. likes it too much to take down.

I have a sudden, likely-unhealthy curiosity about the life and times of East Mississippi Community College band director Steve Stringer

(our constant truth) we will never fade - ch3

Summary: Felicity encounters a mysterious stranger in her home except…. he’s not so much of a stranger to her at all. In fact she knows him very well, but he is still ever bit as mysterious.

made for the OHFAT prompt: Unintentional Discovery

Genre: Canon Compliant/AU  Rate: G

A/N:  YES, i’m back with a new chapter and don’t worry I am continuing this, in fact, I’m getting ready to wrap this up! Actually, this was supposed to be the last chapter but I got carried away writing this (as I usually do with this story it seems lol) so I’m thinking I only have one more chapter left of this story. For now at least…

Once again, thank you @wetsuiton for all the help! 

Chapter 3 summary:   Felicity processes this new information…

Excerpt - Part Three:

Felicity stands frozen in place, his words repeating in her head.

I love you.

Is this real? Did he really just…?

She looks at him and her heart just knows. The soft, tender way he looks into her eyes, so full of love and honesty. There’s no way he can fake that kind of affection.

He loves her.

Her heart feels so full, just wanting to burst in response to him.

He loves her.

She feels the tears in her eyes starting to fall and she’s completely unable to control her reaction.

He loves her.

The genuine look in his eyes conveys the answers for every question that swirls in her head. It counteracts every doubt that has been filling her mind. It’s overwhelming but at this moment in time, she believes it. She believes him.

He loves her.

Oh god… he loves her. This Oliver in front of her honest to god loves her. It’s so clear in the soft way he looks at her and the smile on his face that’s simply breathtaking. He’s practically been radiating love her way since the moment she discovered him earlier tonight.

He truly loves her.

Everything in her body tells her that it’s true. Her heart swells, beating wildly and everything in her soul wants to throw her arms around him and bury herself in his comfort. She never knew she could feel so much about someone. It’s the undeniable truth inside her.

It’s as if a floodgate has opened inside her. All the feelings she’s been repressing because she thought they were silly or would never be reciprocated. They’re all back and singing such happy tunes because it’s not unthinkable. Not anymore.

He loves her and she loves him.

Something about that fact makes her feel complete. He’s here in front of her and he loves her. She feels like she can take on an army full of mirakuru soldiers because she knows she has Oliver’s love and support.

Every doubt and insecurity she’s ever felt while being around the women he’s been with in the past slowly vanish from her thoughts. The sheer conviction in his voice when he declares his love for her gives her that power. It takes away all of the insecure thoughts she ever had when she saw him with those women.

In this moment, Felicity truly believes him.

Then reality washes over her.

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Nalu IS canon. It's just vaguely given by Mashima since the Eastern culture has its own way of showing romance ;P Been following your blog for a while now and I love your art btw oh and maybe you've been asked before but what part of Romania are you from? (I am romanian as well)

Probably so! I didnt read the chapter and I was waiting for crunchyroll so i can write a proper oinipn if i think or not that nalu is canon

Hunedoara, what about you?

hello all! i’ve been a part of this community for about a month now and i’ve gained a little bit of a following (thank you for 5k+ followers) but i’ve never really introduced myself so i figured i would now!!!

about me

my name is grace and i am 19 years old (turning 20 in december). i will be going into my second year of college at Purdue University in Indiana, USA!! i study chemistry, biology, french, and hopefully psychology soon!!


reading!!! i’m a very avid reader of nonfiction + classics; feel free to drop me a book rec at any time!

listening to lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of music –  i kind of listen to everything?? except country. i’m not a country fan.

lately, i’ve been getting super into watercolors and messing around with them (hence the background of the title picture hehe)!!!

when i go back to school in august i hope to experiment a lot with cooking!!


i’m a chemistry major w/ two minors so far: bio and french! this next semester i will be taking organic chemistry (ahh my absolute fave!!!), french literature, biology of the living cell, and entrepreneurship + innovation!! i’m actually v excited for this semester!

i’m in a fraternity (Beta Psi Omega)! it’s a biology-related fraternity and it’s honestly so fun.

i work in a research lab at school working in biology/biophysics/immunology and it is super fun!!

i just finished an internship at a large pharmaceutical company in Indiana for the summer; i worked in the autoimmune/immunobiology/immunotherapy department on a very exciting project!!

favorite studyblrs/inspiring studyblrs that inspired me to start my account here hehe

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The ecology of gardens is ideally one of partnership between humans and the rest of nature. I am focused here on gardens we as humans have consciously co- created. Gardens are important because they are our personal connections with nature, they remind us that we are part of nature and cannot live fully without her. They also remind us that now the rest of nature needs our assistance, our partnership for the regeneration of the earth.

Prompt Fic pt1

As a prompt, maybe various people in Bravo (Ray) seeing the chemistry between Nate and Gunny and just trying to set them up on a date? I feel like they would do that @drowninginspace

So this may have gotten a little out of hand it is still going and I am lost down the rabbit hole , but here is part 1 for you…..

Coming down of the Ripped fuel left Ray feeling antsy and agitated, in a brief moment of clarity Ray had admitted to Doc he had stopped taking it once they had hit Baghdad but now his brain was going crazy Doc suggested finding something to focus on to take his mind away from the ripped fuel , he had also had a couple of other suggestions but they required time and privacy .

Staring across the littered cigaret factory floor Ray pondered on what he could do to keep his mind occupied his gaze fell on the Lt and Gunny , the guys had joked about the eye fucking going on between Brad and Lt but in Ray’s opinion they had actually missed the real disney love story going on., I mean how the fuck did the guys miss this..Ray watched the Lt and Gunny as they walked off , Gunny’s small smile when Nate spoke and they way the Lt leaned in to hear what Gunny said ..”Oh shit those two are clueless “

Ray lept down from the cinder block wall he had been perched on .”Got to find Brad , I think I have a mission for us “ giggle Ray gleefully

Oh Bradley ! Rays voice sing songed across the factory , Brad and Poke were sitting alongside the humvee when Ray found them Brads clip tone echoed across the space between them  “Ray what do you want “ a blonde eyebrow cocked in mock annoyance , Ray held up his hands placatingly ‘Homes why you have to be like this to your Ray .I need your help “

Brad scowled “What trouble have you gotten your nascar loving hick ass into ?’

“Chill Homes I ain’t in trouble and it’s for the good of the platoon , it is more like a humanitarian mission, but I am going to need you to keep this on the downlow” Ray looked over at Poke who just shook his head

“ What sort of crazy white boy shit are you up to Person”

Ray dropped down between Brad and Poke , “ OK here is the thing , the Lt and Gunny have been doing their damndest to keep all the fucked up command decisions landing too hard on us right” Poke nodded in assent  and then spoke up

“Yeh word around has Kasem bitching that both Lt and Gunny should be hauled up on insubordination charges , that shit aint right “

“Here is the thing all the shit they have done to help us I think it would be right if we returned the favour, help them with a situation “ ventured Ray seeing Poke was already on board whether he knew it or not ,

“Ray no matter how appealing the thought is we are not murdering Casey Kasem” Brad warned

“Nah dude its not like that , let me ask you , have you seen how Lt and Gunny are when they are together I mean really looked ?” fixing both Poke and Brad with a stare

Ray  gave them both a withering look and a put upon sigh “ C'mon you have to have noticed how they are with each other it’s like Alexander and Hephaestion, but low key and neither sees how the other is feeling the same Disney love for the other  “

Brad gave an annoyed grunt “ Ray may I remind you that you are speaking about our Co and senior NCO , furthermore what you are suggesting goes against Marine corps code and the last thing Lt and Gunny need is this unfounded gossip making the rounds”

Poke leaned forward “Hang on Dawg the hillbilly may be onto something “

Ray gave a gasp “Dude the preferred nomenclature of my people is redneck thank you very much”

“As I was saying the Lt and Gunny are not actually doing anything and I think Ray has a point , may be a little reconnaissance is in order  see what we can do to help these two sad assed star crossed white boys see the truth “,

“I cannot believe you are agreeing to help this Miscreant Poke , I had more faith in you than that , I am only going to go along with this to make sure that you two idiots don’t do anything to risk Lt or Gunnys career or your own . are we clear “

“Sure thing Brad “

“Ray starts talking in earnest “So you know how Lt wants to take us all on that school outing to Babylon right :

Here I am with a newfound love for birthdays.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed birthdays. When I was younger, I equated birthdays with presents and surprises; a party with all my friends invited. As I grew older, birthdays (and any occasion, for that matter) has lost its meaning to me. Like it was a traveler who lost its way and can’t get to his destination on time, or a letter in a bottle who stayed in the ocean and never went to shore. This was probably just a part of growing up, a part of leaving the immaturities and facing the hard-hitting truth that life isn’t all cupcakes and butterflies.

There are moments when I wished I was young again, where everything is a new experience I can’t wait to happen again. Growing up meant having a routine and sticking to it, and it sucked the kid out of me.

Here I am now realizing how important birthdays are. No − it’s not because of the material things given on birthdays. It’s a lot cheesier than those.

It represents another year achieved, another year of sunny days and stormy weathers survived, another stage in a video game cleared. Birthdays feel like a pat in the back given by life, somewhat saying “job well done, see you again next year?”

Here I am, wishing, like a kid blowing her birthday candles for the first time, that the year to come will not only mold me to be the person I aim to be, but also to earn more experience points along the way for falling but never backing down.

Happy twenty-first birthday, self. Job well done.

This whole Neymar situation makes me angry, frustrates me and to be honest I’m getting bored of it. Right now he is taking part in the preseason, the time Valverde can use to get to know his new team and can figure out how he wants to use the players. According to Pique, Neymar has been talking to PSG, but has not made up his mind yet. I am assuming Valverde is aware of this situation. This then would lead to 1) Neymar being included in Valverde’s plans or 2) Valverde not knowing what to do with the whole situation. If we are dealing with scenario 1 and Neymar decides to leave for PSG after preseason, Valverde will have to rethink a lot of things and we might have to buy a whole new attacker. Besides, this whole ordeal is not making the club look any better.

Then there are rumours going around Neymar wants Barça to buy Paulinho or Coutinho if they want him to stay (I don’t know if they are true so don’t fight me on this, I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding this rumour). I, personally, think that this would be unacceptable behaviour. He would be acting like he is bigger than the club, which he is not. And if these rumours are true, he can just leave in my opinion.

And this whole thing about players trying to convince him to stay? This shouldn’t even have to happen to a player who is a starting in almost every game Barça plays.

But besides all this this I am just disappointed in him. I’m disappointed that he is refusing to say anything. I’m disappointed that he is acting like none of this is even happening. And to be honest, this is what pisses me off the most: him leaving everyone in the dark. The least he could have done was confirm he was talking to PSG himself just so we we knew and didn’t have to hear it from Pique.

I would love for Neymar to stay as he is an amazing player and he connects perfectly with Messi. But right now, I just wish he would make up his mind as soon as possible before this all really starts to affect the club and other players. And if he decides to leave, I wish it is not because of the money, but because he truly wants to play for PSG