now hope for tobin

I said once and I will say it again: It’s too early to start renovation of the players pool of USWNT. The 2015 generation has at least one more cycle before starting renew the squad. USSF is doing this due Equal Play, Equal pay movement. I love the team, but I am really hoping they lose to Sweden again, especially since now Jillian won’t have Tobin Heath to play in all positions and save her ass.


The Gals + texts I send to my sister, Part 5

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I think the last one sums up this whole series pretty well


“Lightning strikes every time she moves, and everybody’s watching her, but she’s looking at you…” 🎼

(Apologies for the low quality. Took these on my phone. Should have better quality ones on my “fancy” camera. But hope you enjoy these for now!)

(📷: Don’t be scared, but it’s me.)