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Happy Birthday to the absolutely incredible @alullabytoleaveby​.  I am late, but it’s not less filled with love for that.  For your birthday I give you, two dorks in love being domestic as hell.


Cas reads the cereal boxes.  The backs of them.  The long, indecipherable lists of the ingredients, and the percent daily calcium intake, and the weird little blurbs on the front with weird cartoon characters; Cas reads them all.  He reads them all painstakingly.   Dean knows this because he has been standing in the cereal aisle, watching Cas read the cereal boxes painstakingly for, he looks down and consults his watch, thirteen minutes and forty-three seconds.  It was cute for two minutes.  Cas had that little furrow between his brows and he was squinting as he read.  There was something just fucking…fucking endearing as shit about Cas giving that much attention to fucking breakfast food.  But Christ, it’s been fucking, Dean looks at his watch again, fourteen and a half minutes, and how long can the guy keep critiquing Tony the goddamn Tiger.  

“Casssssss,” Dean whines, “just pick one already, c’mon.”

Almost in slow motion, Cas lifts his head, looks at Dean, and raises one perfect eyebrow as if to say, “excuse you, foolish mortal.”

Dean blinks, for a moment struck dumb by Cas’ cocked eyebrow and challenging expression, before collecting his thoughts and forcing out an eye roll.

“We’ve been here for fifteen minutes,” he points out, “just grab a box and let’s go.  We don’t have all day.”

Cas’ eye brow ticks a centimeter higher because, no, actually, Dean, we do have all day. He’s gracious enough to not point that out.  Instead, he spreads his arms, Frosted Mini Wheats in one hand, Cocoa Pebbles in the other.  He looks vaguely lordly, loose fitting grey sweater, dark washed jeans, five o’clock shadow, and all.

“Dean,” he begins, “You may not have noticed, but we are standing in an aisle devoted to nothing but cereals—”

Oh shit, Dean thinks, here we go. 

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[Untitled]: Tom x Black Reader

I couldn’t think of a title…

Reader is upset that Tom won’t go public about their relationship.

Warnings: Cursing…

“Fuck you Tom-“ You pushed past him but he wouldn’t let you leave. “Y/N!”

“Don’t say my name! Especially when you can’t even claim me in public.” You yanked your arm from his grip and rushed down the dark sidewalk of New York.  The day was going so perfectly. You got your final grades and you had straight A’s, you got a free coffee, and your long time boyfriend flew in and spent the entire day with you. He was flying in for the premiere of Spider-man and invited you.

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A few dark cartoons for those who are interested

So if you have ever been in one of my livestreams, chances are you know about my love for dark cartoons from my childhood. I need to distract myself a bit from work right now and decided to make a short list of a few of the cartoon shows and movies that stuck with me for one reason or another, some of them from my childhood, some of them from not so far back. I’ll give a very basic non-spoilery summary and, in a separate part, an example that is probably spoilery.
My only „rule“ is that they’re not rated for mature audiences. These are just some creepy, strange or downright disturbing animated series and films that I like and that you may wanna check out if you’re interested. Remember, these aren’t the worst things out there, far from it! But it’s the sometimes subtle horror of children’s cartoons that is a special brand of dark. I am not putting any links here. This is also a lot from my memory, so I apologize should I get something wrong.

The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993)

Summary: Based on a book series, this is a show about a bunch of animals who need to find a new home after their forest is destroyed by mankind. They make a pact to not kill each other and instead help each other out until they reach their goal, but their journey is long and full of danger, with several animals dying horrible deaths along the way. They don’t shy away from showing blood either. I also remember it having one of the worst romantic relationships I’ve ever seen. The show has 39 episodes and was broadcasted on channels for children.
This was kind of like a kid’s version of Game of Thrones, as in: I watched this show. Most of my friends watched this show. And we’d always discuss the latest deaths and hope our favorites didn’t die.

Examples: There’s a kind of infamous scene where a red-backed shrike kills all the baby mice and impales them on a thorn bush. Yes, you see the baby corpses with blood and everything. The show is also unintentionally hilarious at some points because sometimes, none of the characters give a shit about somebody’s death and they just move on and never mention it again immediately.

The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari) (1983)

Summary: This one fucked me up as a kid, as in: this one stuck with me so intensely that I still remember the entire scene frame by frame after more than 15 years. It taught me that life isn’t fucking fair at the age of 6 or something.
This is another one based on a book (most of these are), it’s the story of a farmer boy who one day finds a fawn in the woods and keeps it as his pet. The whole show is kinda boring now that I think of it, it’s the boy growing up with his best friend and pet and he has his ups and downs. Until the last few episodes happen.

Examples: I am including this because of the last I think three episodes. in short: character death and emotional trauma. This show has about 50 episodes, so you’re with these characters for a rather long time. I am just going to spoil the ending, so if you want to go blindly into this, please stop reading this now: Near the end, the protagonist’s best friends becomes  sick, but it looks like he’ll be okay. Until the boy one day wants to visit him and finds the whole family grieving; the friend is dead. We experience the very sad funeral and hope that please, let the last two episodes bring us some hope. But no, the now grown-up deer eats all the crops and the boy, after failing to chase his now only friend in the world away, has to shoot him in the head. And that’s the end. It literally ends with a boy losing the last friend he has by killing him and then having to take over the farm at age 14 or something. That’s the ending.
Fun fact: You know what the German title of this show translates to? „All my friends“ . What a happy title to this tragedy.

Felidae (1994)

Summary: This one wasn’t aimed at children, but i’s rated 12 and up, so it counts.
Felidae is a murder mystery with cats. The main character, Francis, moves to a new home with his owner and immediately finds a dead cat in the courtyard. He starts to investigate and soon finds out that there is a serial killer on the loose. Really, it’s a detective story with cats.

Examples: Gore. So much gore. This is one of the most violent cartoons I’ve ever seen, even if I included animated movies with an R rating. I have no idea how this was rated 12. There’s beheading, disemboweling, explicit animal experiments, torture, a gutted pregnant cat, all in full plain view. It wasn’t made by a major studio, but the animation is pretty decent. Nothing spectacular, but decent. Also, the gore seems to have the best animation. Oh also, on a non-disturbing level, there’s a cat sex scene with saxophone music.
I personally really like this one. It has it’s hiccups, but it’s interesting and I love murder mysteries. I thankfully didn’t watch and read this as a little kid.

Mountain Villa Murder (from Detective Conan) (1996)

Summary: More murder mystery! This is from Detective Conan (aka Case Closed), an anime series about a brilliant young detective named Conan who is turned into a little boy because of a strange poison. While he tries to find a way to become an adult again, he lives with his crush and her father, who both don’t know who he really is. The father is a detective as well (though a bad one) and Conan stays at his side, secretly solving all the mysteries for him. I watched this all the time in elementary school and I still find enjoyment in it today.

Examples: Mountain Villa Murder Parts 1 + 2. There are a lot of brutal episodes, most of the cases were murders after all, but I think Mountain Villa Murder (episodes 34 and 35) are a great example to show how elaborate and gruesome the killings would get sometimes. I don’t want to spoil anything about these episodes.
Watching the entire show is sadly kinda exhausting because A) at some point you just know this is never gonna end and B), there are certain patterns to most cases and once you figure these out, which sadly happens quite quickly, you can usually guess who the culprit is even before the murder happens. But it’s still entertaining as hell, at least to me.

Pingu’s dream and Pingu in the Ice Cave (1990)

Summary: My country seems to have produced exactly two pop-culture relevant things: Oh Yeah by Yello and Pingu. The latter is a cute stop-motion show about a little penguin named Pingu who basically behaves like a little boy. It’s about him doing pranks and getting shit for it, there’s a lot of hugging in it which is really cute and also sometimes, stuff goes wrong. Usually, it’s harmless though. Usually.

Example: There are two episodes that scared me on two different levels. If you have 5 minutes, I urge you to watch „Pingu’s dream“, an infamous little episode of that show, where he has a nightmare that completely derails from kinda funny to utter horror when he encounters a giant walrus, straight up from the Uncanny Valley, tormenting him. It’s kinda funny, but the walrus looks and sounds way too creepy.
The other one is „Pingu in the ice cave“. I don’t know if this is just me to be honest, but this is one of the first and only times I felt actual fear during a movie. Pingu and his friend get stuck in a big ice cave and try to find their way out. That’s it, but it’s unsettling. They’re all alone, nobody knows they’re in there, there’s a scene where the friend just sits down and cries in despair. It’s just such a horrifying scenario that it still fills me with dread to watch it. The friend crying in fear of his life is too much. It’s just 5 minutes, but it’s really kinda unsettling to watch. Nothing too bad I suppose, but still… it’s kinda like The Descent with penguins.

I also wanna mention Watership Down (1972) and Plague Dogs (1982), which most people know about already though.

These are the first few that came to mind, there’s tons more, of course, but for now, that should be enough. If anyone is interested, I can do another one of these some day. Thank you for reading!

It’s My Birthday - Olli Maata #1

about/request: Could you please do an Olli Maatta one where your Sidney Crosby sister and your dating behind his back.

warnings: some mild sexual stuff going down

authors note: i realized it was around his birthday while writing this so i kinda played off that a little, hope you liked it! again, i’m definitely not a pens fan so i hope it still all went well and i’m shocked at how much i liked writing it HAHAHA. 

word count: 1267

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Day 2 - Nerd Girlfriends

I made you all this… it’s a high school AU because I didn’t know how else I could make this happen and I warn you now, I tried to be funny.

“But Alex, if UV-light is necessary for the reaction to start, wouldn’t it just stop if you put it in a dark closet?”

“No Winn, first of all very few things stop when you shove them into a closet, pun intended, and second, once the molecules are activated they start reacting with others no matter if there is any light or not.” Alex explained. Winn hummed in understanding.

“So what you’re saying, once out in the light, there is no stopping, no matter what happens?” Winn asked, grinning.

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Two Cent Riffs: The End of the Galaxy

SPOILERS #WOYForever #BlessThisShow #PeaceandLove

Many fans. Three endings. Two idiot reviewers. One Episode. Let’s do this.

Roy: Welp, guess that’s it for the Galaxy. *sips tea*
Julien: Now she has nothing left, the dumb idiot. *sips tears*

Julien: I just have this. Can’t provide much else.

Roy: Dude. Don’t.
Julien: “Dude”, yes. She’s mean, green, lean, and I haven’t made this joke this entire time we’ve worked together.
Roy: Fair enough.
Julien: Of course, because It’s ogre now.

Roy: And so we say goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-

Julien: To be fair, it would have burned out anyways. 

Roy: C’mon. *sniff* Don’t make me feel for her now.
Julien: Like I said. Dumb idiot.

Julien: She poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses.
Roy: No, she didn’t.
Julien: But she could have done that instead of just blowing up planets and leaving us to die because of who gives a good shit, she is the bad guy.

Julien: Or in better terms: The End of the Show.
Roy:………………Too soon, you cynical prick.
Julien: Obvious parallels between this and the #savewoy movement are obvious. You told me this out just yesterday.

Julien: Ah yes, the Dude has return.
Roy: How can he not stop Dominator? Matter manipulation? Telepathy? Can basically turn her ship into Origami?
Julien: Logic is the veggies in cartoons - it’s there, but most want the sweets and fats.

Julien: It’s funny because they think she’s overpowered.
Roy: Pssh. Wander’s overpowered.

Roy: Ladies and gentlemen, Hater did science.
Julien: Yas queen! 

Roy: You know I’m honestly surprised we forgot about that planet.
Julien: We didn’t forget. Just never cared.

Julien: I can tell he just expanded.
Roy: You never know what you got until it’s all over. Also, finally.

Julien: Hey. Hey. Hey. “Kill” is a strong word.

Julien: Dominator ‘bout to “destroy” these sponsors.

Roy: Man, the Joker had better strategies than her.
Julien: Seriously Dominator, villainy is easier putting clothes on and you made it hard for yourself.

Julien: It’s kinda sad she thinks she can crush the most mentally and physically strongest in the galaxy like it’s nothing. Am I wrong? 
Roy: Shhhhhhh. Let her dream.


Julien: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Roy: They should call you Lord Denominator, cause that was low.
Julien: *hug* You made me the happiest man alive. 

Julien: We’ll not getting any origins of Dominator or her power. So, what about our bet?! Do I win?
Roy: Dude. I’ll just say Julien Parks-Gavin Wright is the greatest queen I’ll ever know. He’s pimping, fantastic, and has great hair. He’s the best of 4chan and the smoothest criminal in America. And I, Royal Irie Macintosh, am a foolish nerd who loves to squat on the toilet, wants Pinkie Pie as my wife, and is a nonsense booty bashing booger brain. And I’ll leave it at that.*
*HUGS* Still, this is kind of a letdown.

Julien: Her colors are showing!

Julien: Well that was rude of the bot, just scanning him like that.
Roy: On the bright side, Dominator won’t be popping a blood vessel just yet.

Roy: To think she can actually be redeemed, the sadistic one here.
Julien: On the bright side, we couldn’t have ask for a more bitchin’ desktop.

Julien: OK, smart, tan, and handsome, what’s the scale of how awesome this fight scene will be?
Roy: Thanks to probability, it will never top any MLP fights but will be anime levels of epic.
Emperor Awesome: Did somebody call my name?
Julien: Shut up, Awesome, come back when you’re a main character.

Julien: Well. That was unexpectedly epic. And quick.

Roy: I guess it’s no time to get cold feet.
Julien: So ice of them could drop by.

(We had nothing to say, this shot just looked incredible.)


Both: OF COURSE!!!

Julien: It’s official. My waifu’s gone off the deep end.
Roy: Ok. Since this is the finale, I’m gonna level with ya. *ahem* DAT WOMAN WAS OUT OF AAAANYBODY’S LEAGUE!

Congrats, the show’s not cancelled.


Julien: Oh no, she’s gonna get drilled. *sips tea*
Roy: You don’t have to be a tool about it, man.
Julien: You saw my notes, you know my ladder of things. I rule the cynicism.

Julien: Who knew villainy was this hard? DC makes it easy.

Roy: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Julien: They’re going Crash Bandicoot on their asses! I feel complete.

Roy: Oooh, why must she remind me of all the participant awards I got.
Julien: To be fair, Hater or Wander would be better villains than her in terms of brains and brawn. Sorry to say that, but it’s true.

Julien: Hero or villain, he just wanted to be loved. NOW ICE THAT FOOL!

(No comment again, this was the best moment in the Finale, in my opinion.)

Roy: I heard of getting the drill, but this is freakin’ lunacy!

Roy: Crushed by her own weapon, the saddest way to die.
Julien: All I can imagine is her “friends” being spam bots, porn blogs, and empty newcomers.
Roy: How did you?
Julien: I researched your dashboard.

Julien: Wander is giving a speech to somebody who is literally being crushed.
Roy: She’s been ignoring him all this season, cut him some slack. Besides, the bitch needs a talking to.

Julien: Remind you of anything, Royal?
Roy: Besides a pacifist and a flower. Nothing.

Roy: OOOH! I remember something now! SHE’S A TSUNDERE!!! The constant bitchiness and stubbornness, the lovely sadistic nature even though she never kills them, the inability to move on, the fact that she’s clearly misunderstood. It’s all clear to me now!
Julien: I guess WOY is an anime after all.

Julien: And to think, she will always be better than Donald Trump.
Roy: How is a planet destroying tsundere sociopath better than the worst living thing in America?
Julien: One, she’s way less hideous than that sun dried tangerine. Two, the policies of a woman dictator would be more tolerable to think about than anything that turd w/ teeth can muster. (we thought it went well with the scene)

Julien: Hater made it better.

Julien: Seriously Dominator. He put his neck out for you so many times, it’s not even funny. Just give friendship another go and don’t make an ass of yourself.
Roy: Wouldn’t her redemption be kind of a crap shoot?
Julien: The girl lost EVERYTHING! She has NOTHING but the clothes on her back. Why go the hard way when an easier path has opened up? A redemption may be ill-advised, but a character like her can play off some really neat development if given the chance, since she barely could this season. Why be the same way, when she’s gonna fail the same way?
Roy:………………….Discuss over drinks?
Julien: Definitely!

Roy: 4Chan scientist, can you explain this?
Julien: FUCK IT, DUDE! This whole season was Tex Avery’s Star Wars, suspension of disbelief is heavily advised here.

Julien: Damn it! 
Roy: To be fair, after all she’s done, the possibility to change is truly overwhelming to anybody like her.
Julien: *heavy sigh* You’re right. She is a Tsundere. Also:

I’m gonna build a scrapbook with these.

Roy: There she goes, off to her death…of any more character.
Julien: #beckyWithTheBadGrades

Julien: Well well well. Looks like there’s berry much hope after all.
Roy: Go to the corner. *kiss*

Julien: Here we go. Again. *epic facepalm*
Roy: Relax dude, the status quo has always been god.

Julien: And so ends the Finale, the season, and the-


-and the show Wander Over Yonder. Besides the fact that it all went so fast, up yours Disney, I loved every character’s moments, it was thrilling, the humor was still a delight, and Wandy and Hatey and Domi are still favorite characters of mine. Wander Over Yonder is and always was a fantastic spectacle of animation and it was beauty to see. Royal?
Roy: I love cartoons, always have, and WOY has helped me embrace that love more. While I felt the finale lacked in pacing, up yours Disney, it felt truly satisfying. It came full circle, in a way that’s too hard to explain. This cartoon not only wanted me to laugh, but also think. I believed in Wander Over Yonder since the beginning, never doubted it’s power, and this finale has undoubtedly made me want more. I believe in a Season 3. Then again, for everything they gave me, I’m glad with what I could get.
Julien: Couldn’t have said it better myself. But… what?
Roy: I don’t know. Two Cent Riffs was just something I thought up for you and I to laugh at good episodes. I never knew we could make it this far. I say we take a hiatus, since it is a pain for the both of us to script/edit these, and just enjoy our vacation a week or two. Then, if either of us think about it, we can do other shows (SU, Star vs., MLP, etc.). We can make our last real vacation together entertaining Tumblr as well as ourselves. As partners and as friends.
Julien: No. I mean, everything’s either now dead or on hiatus. What now?
Julien: Alright *smooch* friend.

* - A bet we made.

We hope to continue this dumb crusade of jokes before school starts in August. We also hope Season 3 is achievable, and that the #savewoy movement can do so. Stay strong. And to @crackmccraigen, thank you for another wonderful cartoon.

- Roy & Julien; stay classy, everyone.

A - Chanyeol

Member: Chanyeol (EXO)

Summary: A chanyeol scenario based on Got7’s A

Word Count: 1115

Genre: Fluff

Author’s Note: I’m sorry if this isn’t the best scenario. It at least isn’t the best i could write. Where i live it pretty late and my English might  get confusing. I hope you enjoy it either way AAAA


🎶Ei da aneunde wae jakku sumgyeo🎶

🎶Hey I already know everything so why are you hiding🎶


You heard your friend shout-whisper in your ear. Immediately you sat up and looked around you to see if someone witnessed you dozing off, only to be greeted by a beautiful smile of the man sitting across you. Yes, the man all of you are thinking about Park Chan Yeol. School’s treasure.

You liked him since 5th grade, why wasn’t a mystery. He’s incredibly handsome, always gets good grades, an absolute sweetheart and not to forget very talented. He’s like a perfect human being. But you of course weren’t the only one with a crush on that angle-like boy. All the girls in the school were running behind him. He never accepted a confession though. It made you wonder..

Did he like someone else?

Whilst being completely lost in your thoughts, you couldn’t notice how you were staring at him..’

‘____-sshi’ A deep voice ringed in your ear but you were too far in your imagination to actually progress what has been said to you

‘____-ah are you staring?’ The same voice only a little louder. As you finally were done thinking you turned around quickly in embarrassment, thinking to yourself ‘Wow you screwed up ____, nice job’

And as on que, the bell rang. Your school had this annoying bell that would you keep repeating itself in your head. You grabbed your bag not-so-smoothly and walked in a fast pace out of the classroom. You were so disappointed in yourself. ‘You made it so obvious, you stupid punk’ you mumbled to yourself


🎶Nega nal johahaneunge imi ne eolgure sseuyeoisseo🎶

🎶It’s written all over your face that you like me🎶

 To Chan Yeol this wasn’t anything new. He noticed you staring at him in all the classes you had together. He noticed the way you frowned when he talked to other girls. He knew you liked him, he knew everything. He could see the changes in your behavior since 5th grade, but it really started to show this year. And he liked you back, a lot.

Lunch is one of your favorite and least favorite time of the day. You liked it because you can do everything you want in the 30 minutes. But the negative thing was that you had to witness girl literally throwing themselves at Chan Yeol. And you’re not over-exaggerating. yesterday freshman just ‘fell’ in front of him. Like…uhm you could definitely see that she did that on purpose.  

As you closed you locker you felt some kind of presence next to you, and of course it had to be him. If you hadn’t embarrassed yourself enough already in class, you definitely were going to embarrass yourself right now.

‘Hey  __ -‘ Before Chanyeol was able to finish his sentence you swiftly turned around on your heel before speed-walking away. Leaving him there dumbfounded.

‘Why is she hiding when her feelings for me are written all over her face….AISH.’ He shouted frustrated whilst hitting the closest locker next to him.   

‘Yep you indeed embarrassed yourself even more’ you mumbled walking into the washroom. ‘why am I like this?’ You were honestly getting very frustrated with your behavior. ‘If he didn’t saw I liked him already, he’s definitely gonna know now.’ ‘It’s written all over my face’ You whispered annoyed at the mirror whilst splashing water against it.


🎶Ei nareul boda wae nuneul dollyeo
Da aneunde ei ei

🎶Hey why do you look away
I know everything

You’ve been avoiding eye contact with Chanyeol as much as possible. He found it rather frustrating to be honest. Every time he tried to find some sort of convocation with you, you’d walk away. Was it that hard for you to tell him your feelings? It’s not like he doesn’t know what’s going on at all. He knows you like him. You knows that he likes you. This could be something solved so easily. And if you weren’t planning on making a move.

He had to.


🎶Modu ara iri wa bwa
Deo isang nal pihaji malgo

🎶I know everything come over here
Don’t avoid me anymore

After a week of ignoring him, he couldn’t take it anymore. Remember when someone says; ‘you don’t know how much you need it until it’s gone? That was what he was feeling right now. He needs you. And he’s not planning on letting you go that easy

You on the other hand were a mess. After the talked to you, you went home and looked some stuff up. The results weren’t very pleasing. They were more depressing to be fair. A 13 page long story about how you person you like is probably never going to like you back. It made you lose a lot of hope.

But no matter how many of those things you read. He wouldn’t go out of your head. His dorky smile, his adorable elf ears. And his height. He was like a cartoon character. But knowing being the mess that you are at the moment with a bucket of chocolate ice cream ain’t gonna help.

As you were preparing for bed you heard a ticking noise coming from the window. When you walked closer you saw it were rocks. At first you were really annoyed and wanted to scream at the idiot who would throw rocks at your window. But when you opened the window your ears were filled with this beautiful but oh so familiar voice.

‘Let’s make our first day today
I want to hold your hand and walk around
We’re wasting time what do you want to do
Until when are you going to run from me, huh?

Hey I already know everything so why are you hiding
It’s written all over your face that you like me’

Hey why do you look away
I know everything’

You were so shocked with the lyrics you almost fell out of the window but luckily didn’t. After the song ended Chanyeol grabbed a pair of big white paper. With a sentence written on each, in English.

‘Dear ___’

‘Did you like the song?’ You nodded furiously with pink cheeks

Do you understand my intentions?’ Slowly but surely you figured everything out. Chanyeol actually like you too?! You pieced it together, so you nodded again

So will you be my girlfriend?’ Unable to contain your excitement you squealed and ran downstairs and our of the door, only to be greeted be a happy chanyeol holding his arms open for you to jump in, and you did.

Don’t avoid me okay? I know everything.’ You smiled at his remark and nuzzled your face in his neck.


@orlah I am always up for Adam headcanons! I took a while because my sister wanted to watch Steven Universe for like four hours.

  • Some friends he makes in college: a beautiful pansexual trans girl who studies witchcraft and lives in an apartment full of crystals and potions with her smol lesbian cat-loving girlfriend. Both of them are mysterious and have a secret love of shit-talking their annoying male classmates. Adam meets both of them in a biology lecture his third year when he mutters something under his breath about one of the douchebag TAs and they both overhear and crack up. They’re taking the class to learn about natural healing; he’s taking the class for his environmental engineering major. They become friends pretty quick when one of them whips up an energy-boosting spell for him. He talks to them about when he was connected to Cabeswater and how he learned tarot and all that, and gets them in touch with the Fox Way ladies.
  • IDK if “age regression” is the right term but I’ve seen it sometimes… but Adam occasionally deals with it, whatever it’s called. He never had a real childhood, it was always full of fear, so he clings tight to remnants of childhood that he never got to experience. Opal helps a lot with that- she makes him feel less guilty for getting lost in watching Saturday morning cartoons or helping her build Lego castles. At school he makes friends who are psych majors who tell him it’s totally normal and OK and point him to stim toys and therapeutic methods to deal with it.
  • This could be me projecting onto Adam (what else is new sis), but he suspected he was bisexual from a pretty young age, maybe nine or ten years old. He got crushes on male teachers a lot and he would find both girls and guys pretty and daydream about kissing and marrying guys a lot, as well as girls. He knew he wasn’t supposed to, but he just chalked it up to Another Thing He’s Doing Wrong that should be a secret especially from his parents. When he gets older, he realizes, mostly through research, that bisexuality is a thing and going to Aglionby and meeting Gansey and Ronan pretty much makes him acknowledge it to himself. (there’s one day in particular when Gansey rolls up some button-down shirt sleeves to examine a stone inscription during some Glendower voyage and then pulls out his Welsh translation book and does a perfect translation that causes Adam to go home in a slight panic.) But once again he decides to just ignore it because he has homework to do and he’s busy.
  • When he gets together with Ronan, they have time to talk about it and Ronan talks about how he realized he was gay and things like that. Adam wants to not make it a big deal because he still thinks he’s not supposed to talk about it. But he gets angry when one time Declan awkwardly skirts around the subject introducing him and Ronan to someone and starts in on a rant, in front of Declan and the random stranger they’re being introduced to, about how their sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of and they shouldn’t have to hide it and keep it a secret. That stranger’s name… was Maggie Stiefvater…
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve put this in some headcanon post or other before, but Adam is really good at chess. He learned how to play it during some extracurricular at Aglionby for college apps, but he really loves it because it’s a game of strategy. He and Matthew play it during every holiday and it always goes the same way: he lets Matthew win the first game, Matthew insists that Adam doesn’t let him win, and then Adam wins the next ten games before Matthew says that he’s tired and that he’s sure he’ll win a chess game against Adam some day.
  • Adam loves sugary things and sweet things and candy and desserts. His straight teeth not rotting is a literal miracle because he lives off of terrible sugary food. In the books, he mostly eats it because it’s cheap, but I think he really does have a sweet tooth tbh. He likes Hershey’s Kisses and Entennmann’s pastries and he may have traded Opal a handful of quality sticks and twigs from the backyard in exchange for some of her Halloween candy
  • Adam and Henry love debating pointless shit. This comes mainly from the fact that in high school, I knew two guys who were very similar to Adam and Henry, and literally every goddamn day they had intense debates about weird-ass questions that were irrelevant to anything. Adam would consider it just a way to exercise his abilities with logic, and Henry would consider it his final, dramatic defense of The Truth and the fact that Nicki Minaj really is a true icon no matter what Adam says
  • Blue keeps a travel blog (or vlog channel or something) and Adam always makes time to keep up with it. He finds it really cool and exciting and tells all his friends and coworkers about how his best friend is in Venezuela now and she just saw the tallest waterfall in the world! Isn’t that exciting! Here’s a picture. “You can shut up about your boring trip to London now, Bethany,” is one highlight of one of the times he tells his friends about Blue’s adventures.
  • this is basically like inscribed in the doors of heaven as undeniable truth but I’m just gonna include Adam Parrish’s Hair Thing here at the end. He is so fucking into people playing with his hair. When he’s feeling sick, Ronan always curls up next to him and strokes his hair and scratches pleasantly at his scalp until Adam falls asleep. On some nice mornings, when Ronan wakes up spooning Adam, he kisses Adam’s hair and he knows damn well that this is heavenly to Adam. (he also likes when Ronan pulls his hair sometimes) When he gets back for breaks from school and Ronan’s hands get into his hair for the first time in a while, he always lets out a contented sigh and feels like he’s home.

Anyway, I hope those were good! I love my son….

BMP Butler Headcanon: MC Gives A Gift That Makes The Butlers Fall in Love With Her

Okay this is kind of a ‘Part One’ because I didn’t really want to put these into one post plus I still need to finish the other half of the season 2 butler substories.

Headcanon received by lephrasia <33

Claude: I think he would appreciate cufflinks because they aren't super  noticeable and he would love that he could always wear something she  gave him. 

“I know you don't like standing out much, but I saw these at the clothing  store today and I couldn't help myself…" she blushes and hands me a  small box. I eye it suspiciously but still take it from her. I open the box to  find… Cuff links? Upon further inspection, I notice engraved on the silver circles was a smiley face. I crack a smile to myself, suppressing a laugh. 

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anonymous asked:

Please talk to me about Jackim cause I am feeling very Jackim right now

omg I feel like being asked to talk sexy but okay. (I can’t talk sexy btw)

I’ve been rewatching XS and I’ve gotta say Claykim is so strong I’m surprised there aren’t more shippers in the fandom. There’s just so much subtle interaction between those two, so much physical interaction and closeness it’s really cute.

but I’m here to talk about Jackim so let’s talk about Jackim.

I’m not really good at talking so have bunch of captions.

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The Boy Who Was a Virgin And The Boy With The Snake Tattoo

Genre: smut with plot oops.

Warnings: sex, smoking.

Length: 5.3k words

A/N: okay I literally suck at  writing anything that’s not smut, but this actually has a plot so yeah I kinda like it whoop.

The sound of the city is so loud, so big so full. I can’t barely hear him but I love going downtown and he does as well and so does the hole punk scene in this town.

“Listen, zodiacs are bullshit.” He says, as I shuffle the deck of cards in my trembling hands, passing a seven of hearts trough my bruised knuckles.

“You say that ‘cause your a gemini. Cancers, geminis, scorpios and sagittarius tend to be skeptical” I argue. “Also, not my fault your trousers ripped.”

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every time i hear the movie bambi being used in the context of “a sissy baby movie for babies” by someone i’m just like

how long has it been since you last saw bambi

because seriously, the first half of the movie is all cute and cuddly, and that tends to be what people remember, up until bambi’s mom gets shot.

and dude, that part’s fucked up as heck. but it’s here that the memories seem to just stop. and i’m like… you realize that the first half of the movie was just there to set up the further life of MAYHEM AND HORROR that this fuckin deer experiences.

i’m gonna talk about it in excruciating and probably exaggerated detail but for now have some BAMBI TRIGGER WARNINGS: animal peril, animal suffering, animal death, EVERYTHING GETS PROGRESSIVELY MORE HORRIBLE

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Morning entertainment provided to you by the dumbest, most clueless lot on the planet, it’s now at Looney Tunes level, minus the fact the Looney Tunes are actually you know, cute.

Latest from the Looney Tunes haters camp, courtesy of those who have the stomach to check on what they say:

Scene 1) the most die hard haters turned against the one who tweeted Tony, going all “OMG it’s embarrassing an anti asked it because it does look like him and look at how he replied!! ”(so they ARE realizing he slapped them right in the face with his AWESOME extra classy reply).

Scene 2) But now wait, they’re also starting to realize that their IDIOTIC, FUTILE attempts at telling Tony “oh people say this on Tumblr” looked exactly like that, IDIOTIC AND FUTILE. These are the pearls of wisdom from these chickens without a head running around:  “Tony is tumblr” and “he needs to get tumblr, he’s one of them”. They are of course saying that he is hitting on Kerry and fueling it all and she isn’t involved at all.

Now you know I would laugh my ass off at this but there’s one thing that needs to be clarified first: listen very well, you leftovers from a leftover High School group of rejects no one ever wanted to deal with: YOU are the ones who aren’t capable of having a normal relationship with a man and who let others decide for your life and sexuality because you have no personality, spine or knowledge to do it yourselves. You are the ones who ABSOLUTELY CANNOT manage any of it because you are children, kids in High School or post pubescent teens n their first year of college who know NOTHING about relationships and sexuality. THAT IS YOU, NOT KERRY. She is a badass adult who knows exactly what she wants, does and who lets NO ONE get away with anything she doesn’t want that pertains her private life. GET that into your MARBLE BRAINS that are impenetrable to each and all wisdom. (which kinda defeats my point LOL).

Kerry is not involved at all?? ROFLMAO!!! These people must think the world of PROFESSIONAL, SUCCESSFUL, ACCOMPLISHED ADULTS works like their pathetic provincial High School world. And they also conveniently have selective memory, pretending not to see what went on over the past few months.

Refresher: IT WAS ALWAYS KERRY TWEETING TONY. IT WAS ALWAYS KERRY TWEETING CUTESY THINGS AND COMPLIMENTS AND BAITING TONY, AND HE WAS NOT REPLYING. That’s THERE for everyone to see, black on white, so I am LMAO at these people for even trying this, because all the rest of the world that has eyes and a brain sees and reads. YOU are the only four ones left insisting on this because you are so damn clueless that instead of becoming CAUTIOUS after Tony slapped you all right in the face (AND WE LOVE HIM FOR IT BECAUSE HE DID IT WITH A SMILE AND THE UTMOST CLASS AND WHILE CELEBRATING HIS BOO AND MAKING US ALL LAUGH!),  you try to find pathetic, ridiculous excuses that are DENIED by evidence that’s there for the whole world to see on Twitter, IN FULL, so you are making yourselves look even dumber.

Newsflash: being an adult couple means you only state things that pertain your status as couple in agreement. LOL a basic fact everyone who is an adult and has healthy relationship experience is aware of. Seen as we’re dealing with kids here, children throwing tantrums, we all know why this flies right over the heads of the haters.

Lmao Kerry is not participating? Exactly how? By having tweeted him constantly during episodes and even not during episodes for months, with Tony not replying or taking the bait, and in fact people here were bitching about the fact he wasn’t replying when she was being all cute with him? By stating out of the blue, when not being on set or prompted, that she was VERY grateful to have TONY as director because she had tough things to do, say and see as Olivia on set (for your dense minds that means she loved HIS SUPPORT)? By tweeting relentlessly about the Anita Hill movie, promoting it on release day with Samuel Goldwyn Films, that RTd her? By having RTd Verica’s photo of Tony last night at Road Runner speed?

External image

And, wait for it, because they are NEVER done making themselves look dumber than a box of rocks, there is now

Scene 3) they are now tweeting Tony about when he’s going back to CT for the summer, ROFLMAO!!

Another newsflash: there is no such thing as going back to CT for the summer. Your dense minds probably don’t realize THAT DID NOT HAPPEN LAST YEAR EITHER as he went back for his beautiful daughter Tess’s graduation and that was it! Left day AFTER graduation to go get that Caribbean tan and as we’ve said from last summer, he was with someone else there. Someone ELSE who goes by the initials KW was also there. Most interesting part, that was exactly in the days when the marriage that never happened supposedly happened, so this is part of what’s gonna crush you DOUBLE once truth is out (and LOL, do you seriously think he has a spanking new wedding ring that is NOT the wedding ring that was indicated by props as HIS OWN wedding ring he wore in scenes, too, just ‘cause?? ROFLMAO!!! Who even tries those excuses? Only dumbasses.)

These people NEVER learn. LMAO

But hey, for a cartoon to be entertaining, people cannot learn.

The level now is that of a circus, I swear. They are losing it and losing it bad. That’s it for this morning Looney Tunes episode! How did you enjoy that?