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summary: after Felicity, Dinah, and Thea take out the trash… Oliver gets wind of it and has a few words for his ex-fiance
a/n: because i got asked a few times for a follow up… but uh i’m not sure what happened near the end

Part One

Oliver couldn’t believe what was happening. First, his girlfriend had started to threaten and then blackmail him. He was hurt, betrayed, and most of all angry. She had been someone he thought he could trust. Someone that he could have really cared for. He gave her a chance even after what happened with his sister. Maybe he had been clinging to the idea that there’s good in everyone a little too tightly. He wanted to believe that everyone had a light somewhere inside of him, but as he tried to pick up the pieces he realized that not everyone is worth his trust.

As if that weren’t enough, he caught Susan, trying to leave something for him at the office. She tried to get away from him quickly, but he wouldn’t let her leave without at least a few words. When he saw what was inside the envelop she tried to leave at the front desk and the bruises on her face, he started to feel a little nauseous.

“Who did this to you?” he asked, setting the envelope filled with the money she had taken from him on his desk.

“It’s not important. You weren’t supposed to see me,” she backed up towards the door, “I’m leaving… that’s it. I won’t bother you again.”

It was then that Thea walked in and Susan practically yelped. He looked at his sister, who simply shrugged, and then back to Susan.

“You can leave,” he watched her scurry out of the office. Letting out a sigh, he turned to Thea again, “What was that about?”

She shrugged again.

“Speedy,” he warned.

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Okay holy fuck this does things to me

Sorry gurl @impalaimagining​, but angst has struck and it’s here with this one.

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Past Hurt

You saw him on the stage. Your friend had dragged you to this shitty ass convention for some show. 

She’d been going on and on about it for months now and truth be told, you were getting pissed. 

You’d never even heard of the show, but she spoke about the characters all the damn time. Of course, after almost two weeks of it, you told her to shut her mouth. 

She did, knowing you were always in a bad mood this time of year. 

So without even thinking, she dragged you out to the convention, hoping it’d cheer you up and she’d drag you into the hellhole that was the SPN Fandom. Once you get in, you never leave, she told you.

Then he walked out. Jared. Jared fucking Padalecki. 

The guy who you fell in love with. The guy who fell in love with you. The guy who told you he needed to put his career first, so he left. 

And now here he was, smiling when someone asked him a question about his fucking wife while licking his lips. 

He looked so happy. And you should’ve been happy for him. But you weren’t that kind of person. 

Why could he be happy with this bitch, but not with you? Why was she the one he could make it work with, but with you, it was the best thing to let you go?

You scoffed to yourself. You always knew he was a typical dickhead. 

Standing, you walked away, ignoring the whispers from your friend. And even the pair of eyes that had recognized the love of his life walking away from him. 

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“Sit back, let me take care of you,” she argued with her loving, doting, stubborn asshole of a boyfriend.

He sat back against the headboard, taking the offered cup of coffee as he huffed loudly. “I’m fine, Y/N. I’ve had worse.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, be thankful that werewolf didn’t have your leg,” she motioned to the currently encased leg that Dean was now resting on the shitty motel bed.

He pulled the cup to his lips, refusing to speak anymore. He then promptly spat it back out. “What the hell—?”

“It’s coffee.”

“This is not coffee,” Dean shook his head, sticking his tongue out like the taste was hurting him.

“Well, that’s what the vending machine outside claimed it was.”

“This tastes like crap.”

“Setting aside the fact that you apparently know what crap tastes like—” That comment had earned her a bitchface Sam would’ve been proud of. “—you shouldn’t move around so much.”

Dean pouted, looking not unlike a surly child.

Y/N sighed, looking down at her boyfriend. She carefully crawled onto the bed beside him and curled into his side. “I’ll make you a deal—you sit here and let me take care of you, and I’ll watch one of you bullshit Westerns.”

“They’re not bullshit.”

“I’ll even watch one with Clint Eastwood and a monkey.”

There was a beat of silence. “…I want real coffee first.”

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Got a Light? (anon request)


The smell of rain always brought a soft sense of calm to Chato. It washed over every inch of his body, cloaking him in a blanket of security. It flowed into his lungs coursing through his veins with each soft breath he took. Although he wore a jacket, he was nearly soaked through. But, he didn’t mind. It made him feel safe.

Remaining where he stood, Chato concentrated on the darkened sky. He had initially stopped to admire the lightning dancing across the sky. That was nearly twenty minutes ago. However, he now found himself incapable of moving from where he stood for an entirely different reason.

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I wonder… What would this place be like ten years from now?

AHHH I still can’t believe I’m here already! Its been such a short amount of time, I’m honestly shocked. i had no idea Caelestis would become so popular!

Excuse the shitty half-assed, five minute graphic while I go on a rant about how much ily okay.

Caelestis was SUCH a spontaneous muse. I’ve had spontaneous muses before, yes. Ones that just popped up, but Cael LITERALLY came out of nowhere. I never expected her to get so big and so precious to me.

Originally, I made her as a purely dramatised historical portrayal, but then I was like, why limit her? So now I have many, many partners in different fandoms and time periods. So far, Cael has fit well into anything I put her into, and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for giving me a follow, and liking this morally ambiguous seer :’)


Basically the ones that I’ve written with a little more, and/or who I trash with a lot. U nerds.

@aegisframed (duhhh I mean Cael’s snake wifey??) @originclsin (Had to put u here bc. Ur the reason Cael got kinkshamed. Thanks.) @livingforamun (what a prec!) @geronimotimelord / @anexauror (wHAT a babe!! Pls follow all of their muses okay) @predative (introduced me to the hellhole called GOT and is honestly the most awful best person ever) @vatixanpriincess (Thye’re so sweet and their writing is !!!) @hetaerana / @cleverbride (I can’t believe I inspired a muse! They’re great.)


annnd all the others that I still haven’t written too much with, but am looking forward to! all of you are awesome. Apologies if I missed anyone, it wasn’t my intention!

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