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26 for the writing prompts!!

26. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”

Shepard hadn’t had quiet time with Kaidan like this… possibly ever. There were times back on the SR-1 where it felt like this, just the two of them, working on something separately, but feeling so together. Quiet, and not really needing to fill that silence. But it was different now. Before, it’d been a constant dance around each other, trying not to catch feelings or think too long about how nice Kaidan looked while focused, or how tempting he was when they returned from missions, sweaty and with his hair falling out of place. 

But they weren’t dancing around each other, not anymore. They wanted each other. And they had each other now.

Kaidan laid across from him on Shepard’s bed, one hand resting draped over Shepard’s body and their foreheads touching. Kaidan’s offer to rush back to the Normandy had been tempting because Shepard hadn’t wanted to tear off anyone else’s clothes the way he wanted to do to Kaidan, but this was good. Better, probably.

“Did you ever think we’d get this chance?” Shepard asked.

Kaidan shook his head. “No. I’m just glad we didn’t wait too long and missed our chance.”

Shepard swallowed and nodded. “Me too. I would have told you how I felt after Mars, if I wasn’t…”

“Hmm?” Kaidan asked.

“I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again,” he finished.


Shepard nodded. “Yeah. Every time you come back, and then disappear again, I’m just reminded that I don’t want anyone else.”

Kaidan tugged Shepard closer and gave a relieved sigh. “I know the feeling.”

“I’m glad there’s no holding back anymore,” he said, running his fingers through Kaidan’s gel stiffened curls.

“Me too.”

Shepard leaned in and brushed his lips against Kaidan’s and eased him into a kiss. Kaidan kissed back and slid his body against Shepard’s, his touch equal parts content and desperate for more. Shepard pulled away and pressed his forehead against Kaidan’s, just breathing him in.

“I love you,” Shepard whispered, for the first time.

Kaidan gave a pleased smile back. “I love you too.”

It felt good to say.
Sign the Petition
sm entertainment : Kpop Entertainments need to acknowledge and help treat Idol's Mental health issues

Please take 2 minutes out of your day to sign this petition. Korean entertainment agencies need to understand that their artists mental state is equally as important as their physical state. Korea in a whole needs to view mental health in a more serious light. Suicide in Korea is a huge problem, the country as a whole is built upon being the best you can be, being better than the person next to you. Getting straight A’s, having a perfect GPA, being the best in your field of work ect ect. This puts a lot of pressure on Korean citizens, and is one of the main reasons why suicide is such a wide spread problem throughout the whole of South Korea. The country has the fourth highest suicide rating in the world. 

Suicide among Korean celebrities is far less common than you’d think.  Lee Eunju, Kim Daul,  U; Knee, Jeong Da-Bin, Choi Jinsil, Choi Jin-young, Sojin, Park Yong-Ha, Jang Ja-Yeon, Ahn Jae-hwan, Woo Seung-yeon ect. They’re many different reasons for their suicide, depression being a very common one. We are all now aware that on the 18th December 2017, our beloved Kim Jong-Hyun; Lead singer from 5 member Korean idol group SHINee became the next Korean celebrity to take his own life. 

We all know that depression is very common among the A list celebrities in Korea, the likes of G-DRAGON (Kwon Ji-Yong) T.O.P ( Choi Seung-hyun) ;who earlier this year was found unconscious from an overdose on anti-anxiety medicine. Suzy (bae suzy) Suga (Min Yoon-gi) have all openly discussed their struggles with depression, but still it is not being noticed nor taken seriously within the kpop industry. There have been many reports of Idols going and tying to seek help for their mental health issues and in return they have ended up being on the receiving end of a huge scandal. Do not get me wrong, some entertainment labels do help too some extent. I know that Bighit give BTS creative freedom to write about depression, to speak freely about it. But in all honesty Korean entertainment labels do not and never have done enough for their artists and their mental health.

 Mental health is just as important if not more so than ones physical health. When an idol say breaks his/her leg, they are immediately rushed to hospital, given the correct care and help they need to fix whats either been broken or damaged right?? Why doesn’t that happen with their mental state also?? Once you’re broken or damaged inside its a lot less harder to fix, there is no clear break, no fresh wound you can place a bad aid over, it’s a lot more complex than that. They’re usually more than one reason why a person is depressed and sometimes the answer is a lot less harder to find, it could possibly be a deep set problem that he/she has spent what feels like eternity trying to forget about, trying to hide but its always their in the back of their mind. They spend every single day inside a mind that’s driving them crazy, they spend each day as a broken person because they themselves don’t know how to fix it. Like I’ve already stated Korea is a country with a society that’s built upon succeeding and pride. Sometimes asking for help does take away that pride that has been drilled into them from a young age by society. 

Entertainment labels need to start acknowledging mental health issues more, they need to make their artists mental state as important as their physical state. Instead of ignoring the issue, punishing them for not being okay, making them stay in long a hiatus to reflect on their actions, cutting their pay. Help them! Remind them that it’s okay not to be okay. Let them know that there is help available for those in need. If they ask for or show signs that they need help, hire them a personal therapists, if they are in desperate need for medical attention due to depression whether that be due to self harm, an eating disorder, medication for their problems. Go out there and find them a doctor, find them legal drugs to help. Educate yourself and artists. Hold monthly seminars discussing the signs of mental health, the opinions a person has, give them ways to help each other out. 

Mental health has never been and never will be something that needs to be taken lightly. It’s a serious issue that like today’s events has shown can be fatal. This will not bring him back, i know that. Jonghyun himself was a big believer in helping those with mental health issues. He was a kind hearted person that touched the heart of so many of us because of caring nature and need to help others. Let his legacy live on not only through his music but through this too. Lets change the Kpop industry for the better and get our idols the help they so desperately deserve. I know we wont change the industry over night, we might not even change it at all but we need to give a go. We need to prevent another tragedy like this from ever happening again. I know one thing for sure is that Jonghyun would want something good to come out of all of this, he’s finally stopped the pain he felt lets use these sad times and circumstances to help others. 

Our beloved Jonghyun, you did well. We are so proud of you, you’ve finally found you’re way out from the darkness back into the light. You will forever remain in our hearts, heaven gained another beautiful angel today. We know you’re up there looking down on us all proud of all the things we are trying to achieve, i know you’re gonna be proud of us trying to make the world into a better place just like you did. There will forever be an emptiness now you’re gone, you were are beautiful shining star for over 10 years, now you can carrying on shining up in the sky for the rest of eternity. I hope wherever you are right now that you’re full of happiness. Rest in eternal peace our Jonghyun. 

so @tuptaju and I were talking over on ao3 about lance making keith sweaters for the winter…

  • he tries to make them as ugly as possible…. it’s his secret mission to put keith off so much that he refuses to wear them
  • keith ends up liking the first sweater lance gives him
  • he tries harder next time. the colors clash horribly and lance is grimacing the whole time while knitting it
  • keith still ends up liking it
    • oh it’s on
  • “this time. this time he’s gonna refuse it, hunk. i know it. it’s just too ugly, not even keith can ignore that”
  • lance gets a genuine smile for his efforts
    • and a kiss
    • and a “thank you, lance”
  • he’s is baffled. how can keith still wear that thing?! that was the most appalling design he could have possibly-
    • lance: “pidge, emergency session. call hunk in too.”
      pidge: “why, what’s wrong?”
      lance: “i need your help to design the ugliest sweater you can think of. i’m talking top level ugly. zarkon level of ugly. SUPREME DELUXE EXTRA LEVEL OF UGLY.”
  • meanwhile keith feels warm and loved because of lance’s presents
    • keith: “look, he made me another sweater, shiro!”
      shiro [sweating]: “oh, that’s…. great……..”
  • keith doesn’t care how horrible they look or how much the colors clash. lance put time and effort into making these. the thread is soft and lance obviously has talent, every sweater fits extremely well
  • at some point lance just can’t take it anymore
  • he’s on the verge of tears from both laughter and desperation as he confronts keith about it
    • lance: “how on earth are you wearing those?! what does it take for you to break?!?!”
      keith: “…break? but you made them for me? and they are warm?? i like them, am i not supposed to?”
  • lance first thinks that keith has to be joking
  • then he realizes that this is keith, he is 100% serious
    • lance: “but… but they are all so ugly……”
      keith: “don’t say that! you have talent, they all fit really well!”
      lance: “that’s- that’s not even the point-”
  • lance is floored. his boyfriend is so dense. so dense but so incredibly genuine and loving that he just can’t take it anymore
  • he feels bad for making the ugly sweaters. he wants to make keith real ones now 
  • he tries to take the old ones back and unravel them but as soon as keith realizes what’s going on he hides them
    • lance: “keith! give them back! i’ll make better ones, i promise-”
      keith: “no way! you gave them to me, they are mine now!” 
  • at some point lance gives up and just concentrates on making a new one
  • keith ends up wearing it over his jacket every time they leave their place
  • (he would wear the old ones too but lance forbids him to go out of the apartment like that)
  • (he’s fine with it as long as he can still keep them)
Short Stuff

Summary: Y/N has problems reaching the handlebar on the train so she finds another suitable way to stay upright.

AN: i’m sorry this isn’t inclusive ahsjasj but this was such a cute idea i couldn’t help it  :( also i’m short as fuck if you didn’t know so this is a dream

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by tomshollandss

My foot tapped along to the beat of the music rushing through my ears. People around me were either on their phone or talking to someone as we waited for the train to arrive. I shoved my hands into my pockets to warm them up from the chill of the wind.

Eventually, the train arrived but I soon found that it was more crowded than usual. All the poles that I usually held onto were occupied and the only things left were the handlebars up above. Which I was too short to grab hold of.

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wedding!reddie hc’s



this turned out waaaaaay longer than i expected and its longer than any hc i’ve ever written but i mean cOME ON its a wedding?!?!?!? how does one write shortly about a WEDDING that would be a pretty boring wedding right

this contains some stenbrough too btw!

(planned together with the amazing @remushlupin again, she made the playlist also! 
and my bby @babyeds came up w/ something too <3)


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bts | firsts

author’s note: okay so i got a couple of requests for bts reacting to you having a thigh riding kink and i was down, but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t come up with seven distinct scenarios for that, so i’m combining that with another request i had for either you or bts teaching the boys how to give head and ofc i had to expand on that too, so enjoy disssss haha i’m really gonna need some feedback on this it’s my first time publishing something like this in a whileee
warnings: nsfw; smut
disclaimer: gif is credited below as cr.; none of the gifs used here are my own, they are cropped for uniformity and easy reading


“Fuck, why is this so hot?” Jin mumbles out loud as you continue to rock back and forth on him.

When you’d first proposed the idea, Jin was admittedly very confused. Although seemingly self-explanatory, he wasn’t quite too sure what thigh riding entailed. More specifically, why you’d want to get off on his lap and how, exactly.

But now that Jin can feel the wet heat of your core rubbing against his jeans, he swears its one of the most erotic things he’s ever witnessed. The thought of you getting off on him, but without his doing anything, arouses him.

“Ah, fuck, it feels good, Jin,” you moan, gripping his shoulders for support.

“Yeah? I want you to get yourself off, baby, nice and good for me, okay?” he encourages, resting his left hand on the small of your back.

You let him kiss you sloppily, not bothering to slow your movements as he lets his tongue slip into your mouth and explore as he pleases. He squeezes your waist when you moan into him, pressing you down further, increasing the friction between your heat and the denim of his jeans.

“Such, a good girl,” Jin whispers, words dance over your kiss-swollen lips. “You gonna come soon, baby? All over my lap?”

He continues the kissing, this time at your ear, your jaw, down your neck. He adores the way you rock into his kisses, like your body’s coming back for more. And he knows he’ll love the aftermath of it all; know he’ll love the way his mouth stains your skin in the morning.

“Fuck—yes, yes.”

Jin presses a single kiss to your collar and mumbles into you, “Good girl.”

He can tell you’re on the verge of an orgasm by the way your body quivers, and your hands claw at his shoulders. He hears you moan, sees you screw your eyes shut, but he won’t have any of that—his hand quickly grabs at your jaw, forcing you to face him. And with a single phrase he gives you both permission and the command that pushes you over the edge.

“Look at me when you come.”


“Nuh uh,” Yoongi shakes his head through shallow breaths, his words prompting you to stop your movements.

The way you look at him is sinful—neck craned obediently, eyes twinkling through your lashes. It makes him want to kiss you or choke you or something in between. He has to take a couple of breaths before speaking, afraid he could come right there.

“Did I do something wrong?” your breath ghosts over the tip of his cock as you speak, and the genuine innocence behind your words only serves as a reminder to Yoongi about the extremely compromising situation he’s in at the moment.

Because really, who agrees to teach their best friend how to suck dick? A really fucking good friend, was your argument. And Min Yoongi was nothing, if not a good friend.

“Not at all,” he reassures you, hand reaching to you head to slowly tangle itself in your hair, gently guiding your face closer to his dick.

But the more comfortable you got with your hands, the more restless Yoongi became; until a fiery possessiveness bubbled in the pit of his stomach. So, no, Yoongi wasn’t here to teach you how to give head. He was here to teach you how he liked getting head; he was going to fine tune you just enough to wreck you properly when this was all over.

“But you’re being a little too neat for me,” he grins when he sees the shy smile, possibly even a light blush paint over your features. It lights that same fire in his stomach, and Yoongi doesn’t think twice before tugging on your hair, making you look at him directly.

“Be a good girl for me, yeah?” he bites his lip when you nod your head, “Open your mouth. I wanna see how much you can take.”


Having you suddenly straddle his lap and kiss up and down his neck was not something Hoseok envisioned in his Friday afternoon movie-watching plans, but he wasn’t necessarily complaining.

“Hobiiiii,” you whine against his neck, continuing to pepper kisses as he leans to the side to give you more access, “I missed you.”

Hobi chuckles and snakes an arm around your waist, “I can tell, sweetheart.” He finds your pouting cute and goes in to give you a quick peck.

But you’ve barely seen your boyfriend all week; a peck will not suffice. Instead, you use your hands to cup his face, and deepen your kiss, letting your lips mold together. Hobi loves the sounds you make, the little moans that slip between your lips, and he tightens his grip on your waist. He savors the meshed closed-mouth kisses you share, because the moment you let your tongue snake past your lips, he pulls away with a cutest blush on his face.

“I, uh, I’ve never done that,” he admits shyly, scratching the back of his head.

“Never done what?” you question, genuinely perplexed, because the two of you have kissed plenty of times before—and he’s pretty damn good at it, if you do say so yourself.

“Just, made out with someone before, you know?” he shrugs, “Like with tongues and all that.”

“Oh,” you let out, taking note of the tone of his voice, “That’s a shame. Making out on a couch in-front of a movie is, like, the best part of dating someone.”

“Is it now?” Hobi raises an eyebrow, closing the gap between your faces. He loves the way you bite you lip and nod your head in reply and he can’t remember a time in his life when he’s ever wanted to kiss anybody this badly, “Looks like I’m in the right place at the right time, then. I guess you’re gonna have to teach me.”


“Baby, are you sure?”

You roll your eyes, because this is about the twentieth time he’s asked this tonight, “Namjoon, of course I’m sure.”

He looks into your eyes deeply, searching for even the slightest twinge of doubt. It’s not that Namjoon hasn’t been thinking about this, dreaming of this—because he one hundred percent has, several times actually, even while you’ve been doing it—but he wants to make you sure that you’re sure about this. About the potential consequences of this.

“Namjoon, for the fucking love of god, if you don’t do this right now I’m going to strangle you.”

A smile washes over his features and he kisses you, deeply, slowly as he enters you the same way, taking time to feel you around him everywhere. “Fuck,” he pulls away, forehead resting on yours as he tries to gain control of his feelings.

It’s better than any fantasy he’s ever cooked up. The feeling of you around him, raw, no rubber condom barrier, is heavenly. You’re so warm and wet and Namjoon swears you fit like a glove around him, like you’re made for him.

“You okay, Joon?” you asked, gently wiping his sweat-stuck hair from his forehead.

He chuckles through half-lidded eyes and kisses you softly, “Yeah. You just feel so fucking good, baby. I could have blown my load right there.”

You laugh and kiss him back, “Well don’t okay, you feel so good too, I want this to last.”

Namjoon smiles lazily, begins to thrust shallowly, slowly, sure to take in every moment of this. And fuck, he doesn’t think he can ever go back from this. You’ve ruined him for you and only you.

“Fuck, I love you so much.”


“Chim?” you question as your blonde boyfriend pulls away from your lips, and tightly wraps his hand around your wrist, preventing you from further unbuckling his belt. “I, um, sorry, am I going too quickly—”

“No, no, baby, you’re fine, it’s just, I’ve never—nobody’s ever,” he sighs in frustration, using his free hand to push his hair back, “I’ve never gotten head from anyone before.”

A big, red, question mark pops up in your brain and you look at Jimin’s face for a couple of seconds to properly process the information. Of course, it’s completely okay if he’s been waiting or hasn’t want to do this in the past. It’s just not exactly what you expecting from someone who… well, someone who looks like him.

“Do you want me to?” you ask lowly, looking up for an answer.

Jimin blushes, and runs his hand through his hair again, partially out of habit, partially out of nervousness, “I mean, yeah. Only if you want to, though, you totally don’t have—”

You shut him up with a kiss and pull away with a giggle, “You’re too cute, Jiminie. Of course I want to,” you gently shake off his hand and continue to unbuckle his belt.

“Tell me what feels good, okay?” You say, taking his cock out of his underwear and stroking it slowly. Jimin’s breathing immediately slows down and his eyes are trained on you as you lick a stripe from the base to the top.

“That, that—ah, fuck,” he nearly yells when he feels the tip of his dick enter your mouth, “Fuck, that feels good already.”

With no instructions, one of his hands is already threading through your hair. Jimin’s eyes dare not look away as you continue to tease him. When you look up at him while stroking his cock, Jimin doesn’t think he’s ever been this turned on before. That is, until you speak again.

“Then you’re gonna, love this, Jiminie.”


“You’re joking, right?” you ask, arms crossed, hoping (praying) that Taehyung would burst out laughing and tell you his scheme was just that—a joke, and that he was not at all, in the slightest, serious about this.

“I should be asking you that,” he counters, “It’s fucking ridiculous.”

“It’s ridiculous that I’m a little hesitant on whether or not my best friend was serious about asking me to sit on his face?”

“No, it’s ridiculous that no one’s ever gone down on you before.”

“I’m flattered, Tae, really, but you don’t have to do this. In fact, I won’t let you do this, so why don’t we—”

Tae reaches an arm out to pull you in by the waist, leaving virtually no space between his chest and yours. You roll your eyes at Taehyung’s overdramatic, overplayed gestures and attempt to push him away (keyword: attempt). “Tae, really, can we just—”

“Look,” he cuts you off. When he’s certain he has your undivided attention, he lets the other hand rest on your waist, tilts his head down a bit to look you square in the eye. “I’ll drop it if it makes you uncomfortable. But if you really wanna know what it feels like, I’ll do it to you—for you. Besides, it’s a win-win for the both of us.”

“How so?”

Taehyung licks his lips and lets a hand venture up your spine to cup the back of your head gently. “We both get our fantasies fulfilled,” his grins. “So, you in?”

The image of Taehyung, your Taehyung, fantasizing about you is one too tempting not to explore and entrances you into nodding your head.

“Good,” Tae hums, a gleam in his eyes, “Now, like I said before: get your ass on my face.”


“Please, noona,” Jungkook begs, doe-eyed and far too innocent for the favor he’s begging of you.

“Jungkook, I don’t think you understand what you’re asking me to—”

“Yes I do!” he interjects, but shies away immediately afterwards. The faint blush on his cheeks paints the apology he dares not say aloud. “I trust you.”

You look at him and sigh, mulling over the pros and cons of his proposal. God, he’s cute, you think, taking a good look at him. You watch his eyes dart back and forth between you and floor and smile softly. Yeah, he’s really fucking cute.


Jungkook doesn’t give you time to say anything else before he’s hugging you tightly and chanting thank yous into your ear.

“You’re the best, noona,” Jungkook gleams, finally pulling away and looking down at you in close proximity.

“Alright, Jungkooke,” you say, lifting you right hand to reach the nape of his neck and raking your hands through his hair. His eyes twinkle slightly at your actions, and you smirk, “Rule number one of eating pussy is that you do everything I say, got it?”

Jungkook nods obediently and licks his lips in nervous anticipation. “Got it.”

“Yeah?” you smile, tugging on his hair harder, “You’re gonna be a good boy for me, right Kook?”

Just as you presumed, the praise goes straight to his head; his eyes are something darker and you’d be a damned liar to say the way Jungkook nods and quietly says “yes, noona,” doesn’t affect you.

Something about having this usually arrogant, out-spoken, nearly six-foot tall boy at your command is powerful, sensual. Jungkook is usually one to figure things out himself, master them quietly then show everyone what he’s made of. But he came to you, asking for your help. Tonight he’s under your control. 

“I’m going to have so much fun with you.”


home through shadows journeying by Etharei, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 3.5k
   Life on the ship is a lot like being in limbo.
I Want To Be More by ValkyrieShepard, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 4.4k
   When Loki comes to visit Thor after everything’s been done, a hug leads to something more intimate.
From The Ashes by IAmJustAlways (ThirtySeven), thor/loki & valkyrie & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 4.9k wip
   His people could now fit into a single hall in a space ship, and so many of them were children. Too many young faces would grow up without Asgard even as a memory. Of Asgard’s great, famed warriors there was only he and the Valkyrie left. How many healers with Asgard’s secrets resided in this hall, broken? How many of the mighty sorcerers? He had never cared much for books and things metaphorical, but in that moment Thor was ready to weep for all the knowledge lost in Asgard’s great Library.
gage by spookykingdomstarlight, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 3.8k
   “I don’t recognize the stars here,” Thor said after a pause so long Loki had thought he wouldn’t answer, would ignore him entirely. His voice seemed caught between rocks, spit out through sharp-edged pebbles that could only do what their nature told them to do.
followed you down by homovikings, thor/loki & asgardians, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   It’s Asgard but it isn’t.
Keep hoping, Keep fighting by will_thewisp, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.7k
   Because that’s what heroes do. Thor gives Loki that hug. Post-Ragnarok (so, SPOILERS).
put out the flames by finalizer, thor/loki & avengers, ragnarok spoilers, 7.2k
   Thor has his doubts, but he takes Loki back to Earth. Somehow, it gets easier from there.
Here and now by Chelidona (Hobbity), NSFW, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.9k
   Thor: Ragnarok spoilers! A missing scene for which I am sure there are already 100 fanfictions I will soon look for at the end of the movie, a scene that just begged to be expanded.
two by homovikings, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   They move as one.
better stop and rebuild all your ruins by ohliamylia, thor & loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   Thor and Loki regroup. Immediate post-movie tag.
might as well be strangers (but oh, i don’t want to) by EllaYuki, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   as they make their way to commandeer a ship out of sakaar, loki and thor have a conversation in an elevator. (loki’s point of view during the elevator scene.)
Bookie’s post-hug fic by thebookhunter, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 2.9k
   Thor has no intention to stop hugging. Fine by Loki. Like, really, *really* fine.

full details + recs under the cut!

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  • so. andrew takes neil to an aquarium for his birthday
  • neil has never been to an aquarium before so he’s excited because he loves trying new things and figuring out how to Be Neil Josten and live like a normal person
  • andrew likes aquariums bc of some sad reasons involving his childhood in foster homes that we won’t get into rn
  • his enjoyment of them has kind of been tainted by his trauma but he thinks that with neil he can learn to love them again and reclaim this thing that used to bring him joy
  • so they go to the aquarium
  • they do the whole thing, stopping at every single exhibit, beginning to end
  • neil loves the penguins and the otters, he thinks they’re funny and he spends almost half an hour in front of their exhibits watching them play
  • andrew pretends to be annoyed but lbr he’s just happy to see neil laughing
  • andrew likes the shark tunnel, it’s his favorite thing in the whole place, followed by the jellyfish exhibit
  • when they’re in the shark tunnel, they stand there and watch the sharks swim above their heads and all around them and andrew just feels so calm watching them swim by
  • neil is fascinated by them, and even more fascinated by the look of peace on andrew’s face
  • andrew makes them wait there until everyone else is gone, and then he kisses neil in the cool glow of the reflection from the water
  • it’s a picture perfect moment
  • and then neil takes out his camera (because he is a photographer in canon now THANKS NORA) and takes a picture
  • he gets andrew’s face framed by the light of the shark tunnel and it becomes one of his favorite pictures in the world because andrew doesn’t even look annoyed, he’s got that soft just-been-kissed look on his face and he looks so calm
  • they hold hands the rest of the way through the aquarium
  • they stop and look at the jellyfish for a while, and that’s really calming too because everything is kind of glowing and it’s just quiet and peaceful
  • it’s also an off-season day so there aren’t a lot of people around to begin with
  • they do that thing with the touch tank where they put their hands in the water to feel the backs of stingrays and neil’s eyes just get wide and he goes “whoa, that’s really cool”
  • listen i love neil discovering new things that he loves
  • and i love andrew showing him these things and helping him figure out who he is
  • so then eventually they get to the end, and to the gift shop
  • andrew buys neil some cute penguin merch, and neil insists he can buy it himself but it’s his birthday and this is part of his present
  • so neil buys andrew a shark keychain for his car keys, and a shark tooth necklace
  • andrew wears it every day after that
  • when they’re driving home, andrew takes neil’s hand over the glovebox. neil is smiling and happy and just so bright and he says softly, “thank you”
  • andrew responds a few minutes later, and he just says “happy birthday”
  • after that, they make it an annual tradition to go to the aquarium on neil’s birthday and andrew replaces his old memories of them with newer, happier ones
  • the end
  • i love my boys and i love them soft goodnight
BTS: His reaction to you trying to leave him ( mafia au)

Part 2/2

You run away from them

Suga- You could hear the sound of leaves crunching under your foot as you ran away from the cabin that yoongi rented out for you on your anniversary. Your heart beat was so loud if felt like it was pounding in your ears, you were scared, yoongi can find you at any moment and you were determine to not let that happen. You had snuck away in the dead of the night while he was sleeping, it had been an eventful day full of fake smiles and laughter and love but as soon as the lights went out you put you plan in motion. You knew escaping him wouldn’t be easy but its better to try while he’s a asleep then never. Stopping for a break would put a set back in time, by now yoongi would have sent his men to go and look for you but you had to stop and catch your breath. You must of sat for less then a minute before you heard the sound of foot steps approaching. They were too close for you to run so the best thing to do it hide. You held you hand over your mouth as you tried to steady you breathing. “ kitten I know your out here” you heard his taunting voice get closer. You had hidden in a falling tree, the thought of him catching you now sent shivers on your spine. “Come on kitten do you really want to see your suga turn sour? Hmm?” Yoongi began to sound annoyed, you had ran away from him and ruined his sleep, you knew that if he caught you your actions wouldn’t go unpunished. “ Fine, you want to play games, then let play. How about we switch it up kitten, lets quit this game of hide and seek.” The foot steps stopped and when you looked up he stood right infront of you. Yoongi gripped your shirt collar and pulled you up slightly choking you before pushing you down to the ground. He stood over you like you were his prey and you were. A sly smirk grew on his face as he crouched down to your level, he pulled you by the back of you neck so you were now face to face. “ How about… we play a game of cat and mouse, you like that game right (Y/N)? I’ll give you a head start. 1..2..3.. I would start running if I were you kitten because if I catch you before you make it home I’ll double your punishment.”

Originally posted by suga-mummy

Jin- For the past week you have been planning your escape from him, and you’ve been very carful at doing so, or so you thought. The day had came faster than what you expected but it was perfect jin left town for a business trip last night and you were alone for the remainder of the weekend. You loaded the car with your luggage and began the journey of a long drive ahead. You knew Jin had a tracker on the car so you would drive the car to a remote town and then catch a bus some where Jin could never find you, your plan seemed perfect. However jin had notice the little bit of clothes missing, he notice the distance in behavior, even when you thought he didn’t he did. The phone began to ring and you press the answer button on the steering wheel to answer. “ Oppa hi, is something the matter? How’s your business trip” You tried to play the anxiousness in your voice off “ Everything is fine babygirl I’ve noticed that you’ve taken the car for a little drive, where yah heading?” You calmed your voice before speaking “ The mall, I wanted to surprise you with a gift when you return” Jin can hear the false happiness in your voice. “Well you are full of surprises aren’t you doll” Jin’s change of voice had you slightly on edge, you let out a soft chuckle “ What do you mean Oppa?” Jin’s voice grew angry and he scoffs “ What do I mean? Doll do you honestly think I was going to fall for that bullshit the fell from your mouth? Turn the car around. “ “W-what?” “Turn the car around doll and I promise the punishment won’t be as harsh. Do you think I didn’t know you were trying to leave me, after all I’ve done for you?!” You began to get even more anxious and paranoid until suddenly you notice the cars behind you following. “Whats wrong doll? Got nothing to say? If you don’t turn the car around ill do something to. Make you stop”. Suddenly a black car swerved in front of you and hit its breaks causing you to collide with the side of the vehicle. You felt the blood run down your face and pain on the lower part of your body. The car door suddenly open and there stood Jin a perfectly clear black suit, he pulled and picked you up out of the car before caring you back to the his, you vision fading. “Don’t worry doll you’re not hurt as bad as you think, and don’t think because your injured you get out of your punishment.” You saw the sinister look in him eyes as he placed you in the car and placed a kiss on you head, and soon everything went black.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

v-  You had thought he wouldn’t have notice you gone with all the people in the room and his security lowing their guard. Now would have been a better time then any to just walk right out the front door. So that’s what you did, but you couldn’t just walk out of the front door and leave forever you had to make it seem like you were here, that you never left. “Tae” you spoke softly, he looked up at you and a smile spread across his face as he stood up. “ What’s wrong love?” You shook your head indicating that nothing was wrong before speaking up “ I’m just a little tired I think I’ll head up to the bedroom to get some rest.” Tae nodded his head slowly before giving you a skeptical look. “Okay, go gets some rest I’ll be there when the party clears out”. You quickly pecked his cheek before walking towards the stairs, you could feel his eyes on you and you made the mistake of looking back at him. There was a tenseness there, he face sat still before he gave you a small smirk, you returned a soft smile as you saw him turn back to the men at the table. You quickly ran up the steps and dressed out of your expensive close before throwing on something more comfortable and warm, if you were going to run away from him, you’d have to dress the part. You made a beeline to the emergency exit located in hallway outside you room and ran outside. You could see the gate that separated you from the outside world, and the terror that stayed behind those house walls just feet away from you. You felt your heartbeat pick up, you where finally going to be free, you can finally escape this place. “Sweetheart, where do you think you’re going?” Your heard tae’s voice speak from behind you, before you felt his hands wrap around you waist pulling you into his body. He lets out a soft chuckle “ When you said that you where tired I thought that it was code for something else. I guess you lied, if you have this much energy to run away from me, then maybe we can put that energy into doing something else.” He pulled you back to the house, you can feel the heat coming off his body, he was annoyed you can feel it, you might even say he’s pissed. “ I’ll make sure to exhaust that energy, and then you’ll see how ‘tired you can really get.”

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Jungkook- ‘maybe I should  slip in his food or drink to knock him out?’ The thought crossed your mind as you prepared dinner for both you and Jungkook, you wanted to make this night special for jungkook because tonight would be the last dinner he’ll have with you. You began setting the table and fixing the food onto the plates, you were just about to call jungkook and ask him where he was, but the front door opened as he strolled in. A smile streached across his face at the smell of cooked steak hitting his nose, he made his way over to where you sat and planted a kiss on the top of your head before sitting down himself. “So… what’s the special accession? Did I miss something, anniversary, birthday, baby are you pregnant?!” The last one caught you off guard as you choked on your food from surprise, “What? No.. I just.. I just, I knew you were working hard so I decided to help you relax a little and cook you a meal.” You gave him a small smile and he returned it with a goofy grin on his face. “Well, I work hard for you baby. To keep you safe you know, it’s all about keep you and my fortune safe” You just nodded you head in agree, you guys continued small talk from there before jungkook decided to change the topic to something else. “I noticed that you brought one plane ticket out of the country? Is that another way to help my relax?” He let out a soft chuckle before continuing “ you know baby you’re a plane ticket short? I would like if you tag alone with me, maybe we can relax together? Get away from the stress and dangers of the mafia for a little.” A small gasp left you lips before you covered it up with a drink of water. How did he know you brought a ticket out of the country, you payed with cash, so there won’t be a trace, you knew he had eyes everywhere but you never knew just how close he was watching you, it made you nervous about what else he knew. Jungkook must of seen the shook look on your face because his smile suddenly fell and his eyes closed in to slits “unless you where planning on leaving… which would be impossible because baby even when I’m not around you I’m around you, and I know what you do at all times.” Your face gave it all away you stood up quickly to try and make a break for the door, it’s better to try then to sit her and be trapped right? But jungkook had other plans, as soon as you made the move to stand up he was already grabbing you by your arm, and pulled you into his side. “ you know baby, you really stupid for trying to leave, you think I wouldn’t have known that you were up to something. You need to understand that you are mine, and I keep a close eye on what belongs to me.” “Jungkook I-” “ Save it. When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to get a word out, let alone walk” He started to pull you towards the step and up to your shared room. “ You wanna go on a trip? Okay, I’ll take you on a trip, one were you’ll be begging me to let you cum baby.”

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EXO REACT: To you moaning their name in your sleep



Xiumin had gotten in late after training, so he was still winding down by reading a book in bed, you sleeping right next to him. Whilst he was sitting up, you were cuddled into his side, an arm draped over his chest. 

He was simply playing with your hair and tracing patterns over you arm nonchalantly when he heard a loud sigh fall from your puffed out lips. He glanced down from his book, but went back to it once you didn’t make another sound. However, when he heard his name fall from your lips in an exasperated whine, he placed down his book. At first he thought you were in pain, maybe asking for help.

“Y/n?” He would try not to move too much just in case you were still asleep - which you were - and brushed a hair out of your face that had fallen over your eyes. Although when he felt your leg tighten around his and his name in a gasp form come from you again, he knew what was happening. Smirking to himself, he knew that you two hadn’t done anything in a while due to his busy schedule, so feeling bad and wanting to please you, he placed his book down and focused all his attention on you, stroking your legs, kissing your neck and waking you up by his hair tickling the inside of your thighs.

Originally posted by ivana2299


You and Suho were watching a movie on the sofa when you had fallen asleep on his chest. He was playing with your hair, completely unaware that you had fallen asleep, all of his attention still on the glowing screen. Only when you had shuffled on his chest to nuzzling your face in his neck, had he peeled his eyes from the screen and helped you re-adjust. 

“Junmyeon…” He heard you sigh satisfyingly in his ear, making him snake his arms around your waist, still not realizing you were dreaming.

“Yes baby?” You moaned quietly against the skin of his neck, sending a shiver down his spine. Suho kissed your shoulder and ran his hands under you shirt tracing your sides. And suddenly he wasn’t paying the movie any more attention. You were soon waking up to him placing you gently down on your back, him hovering over you and smirking.

“That dream of yours sounded really good baby girl. Do you want to go through it again?”

Originally posted by suhomysuho


Lay heard you moaning his name when he walked back upstairs in the middle of the night from getting a glass of water. He walked in the room to see the covers clinging to your body, you face contorted and twisting from side to side. It didn’t take long to register in Yixing’s mind what was going on as he could recognise those sort of moans anywhere.

He approached you confidentally, placing the water on the bedside table before getting back into bed with you and waking you up with a warm and heated kiss. Once you were aware of the situation and wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him more into you, he trailed his kisses down your jaw and to your neck, so he could lick and whisper in your ear.

“Tell me how good I was fucking you in your dream princess.”

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Baekhyun hissed, his eyes jumping open at the sudden pain he felt in his shoulder. He looked around hazily, still slightly asleep, and took a look at where he felt the pain. Your hand was there, clinging onto his shirt where he felt your nails dig into his skin. Confused, he looked down at you, where one of his hands was wrapped around you, pulling you into his side, his hand resting on your upper thigh. He watched contently as you scrunched your face together and shuffled against his side again. 

“Fuck, Baekhyun…”

Baekhyun’s eyes widened when he heard the words sleepily fall from your pouted lips. Undeniably, he was instantly turned on, silently praying to himself that you would say something again, but all he got was a whine and your leg intertwining with his. He groaned as you involentarily shuffled against his thigh.

Once he had enough teasing, despite you literally not being conscious, he took your hand from his shoulder and pinned it to your side, crawling in between your legs, causing your eyes to shoot open and be met with his hungry ones.

“You sound so hot when you moan my name y/n.”

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Chen stood in front of the mirror, doing up his tie for work. Your body was left unconscious, tangled in the mound of blankets that you and him had been sleeing comfortably in together not long before.

You had been tossing and turning all morning, but Chen had just pushed it off as you trying to get comfortable. That was until he heard a muffled, barely translatable, moan come from the bed where you were sound asleep in.

“Chen, baby please…”

He looked over to you, stopping midway through his tie, and smiling to himself. It made him feel so happy how even in your dreams, when he wasn’t even touching you physically, you were dreaming about him, and in this way. He walked over to you and kissed your head; as much as he wanted to stay in that bed with you all day making you feel good, he had to go to work. But before he went, he was sure to leave a little note:

“I hope I made you feel good this morning princess, but it’ll be even better when I get home XX”

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Chanyeol’s eyes were focused on the TV, not really paying much attention to you sound asleep on his shoulder next to him. That was until, a breathy moan of his name grasped his attention from the show. His mouth turned upwards into a grin and he watched your eyebrows furrow together and a frustrated groan fall from your puffy lips. There was no doubt that Chanyeol found this the hands down most sexiest thing of his life. His hand ran up your thigh that was resting on his lap, and he leant down to kiss your neck gently, slowly starting to wake you up. He smirked when your eyes opened to meet his.

“I know you just woke up baby, but do you mind telling me what that dream was, so whatever happened in it I can do to you right now?”

Originally posted by blondejongin


Kyungsoo looked at you, frozen from his place on the bed. You were an unconscious boyd lying next to him in bed. He didn’t quite know what to do; wake you up or leave you be. Although the more he seemed to leave you to calmly sleep, the more fidgeting and vocal you were becoming. 

He sat up in bed, watching you as you twisted and turned in the bed sheets.

“Y/n?” His voice whispered as he brushed a hair out of your face. “Y/n baby…”

It didn’t take much more of his delicate touches to awaken you from your dream, and although you were disapointed, you couldn’t complain to a sleepy Kyungsoo, hovering over you calling you baby.

Originally posted by daenso


Jongin was sat up on his side, watching you as you were asleep. He was always the first one of you to wake up in the morning and he loved to admire your sleeping frame and the way you breathing was so deep. He was in the middle of stroking up and down you side when he heard a breathy moan escape your lips.


A smirk instantly appeared on his face and his hands started to rail lower than just your waist, lingering high up on your thigh, watching as your eyebrows furrowed together more. He was going to see how much it took to wake you from your dream about him.

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You and Sehun both had the day off and were spending it relaxing on the sofa, watching movies and just hanging out. Your head was on his lap, and Sehun was completely unaware to your dozed off state. His attention was drawn to his phone as his hands slowly brushed through your hair, massaging your scalp as you slept.


“Yeah babe?” Sehun didn’t look away from his phone when he heard his name from you, thinking you were going to ask him to get you something - not that he probably would have anyway.


“Yeah?” His slightly annoyed tone left him when he saw you asleep on his lap, mouth agape and hands clenching. A smirked triumphantly, the idea of you having a dirty dream about him boosting his ego. He let his hand trace the inner side of your thigh.

“I love that you’re begging for me even in your sleep.”

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Pearl Physically Cannot Talk About the Diamond’s: Theory Masterpost

Now at first glance, I figured that Pearl was just having a hard time with the issue at hand, but then realized. When if she means that she literally cannot physically tell Steven? As in she means it when she says she wants to but it’s impossible. She literally isn’t physically capable because something is stopping her from doing so.

Now even though this only lasted for a moment, and then we went on to Steven telling Pearl the truth about what he was upset about, there is a lot to analyze in those few seconds. Now the biggest thing to me that stuck out was that Pearl looks like she was trying to pry one hand away from her mouth so that she could continue speaking.


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She’s Magic

Loki x Witch! Female! reader

A/n: Based her abilities on AHS Coven. Also, I will probably write a part 2. (This is my first time writing for Loki, and like I honestly don’t know how to talk about magic, I’ll need to do more research next time)

Summary: Loki meets a Midgardian witch.

Originally posted by maryxglz

The bells at the entrance of the shop chimed. A tall lean gentleman wandered in with his hands tucked into his coat pockets. His green eyes carefully scanned the merchandise in the shop.

Realizing that it was part of your job to greet customers, you opened your mouth to speak. But instead of words, you squeaked at him.

The stranger turned his head in your direction. He lifted his eyebrows, his green eyes staring at you with a curious gleam.

“Hello pretty girl,” he replied in a smooth voice.

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Adressing Taehyung’s recent apparent sadness

A fact that many have noticed is that he hasn’t been himself this comeback. We don’t know what is going on in his life so it’s not our place to speculate. All we can do is show our support. But, there is one thing that I’d like to point out. Whenever he has had his attention on one of the other members, he has looked almost like his past self. What I can take from this is that the guys really are helping him go through whatever he’s dealing with right now and it makes me incredibly happy and proud of them. If you ignore the usual ship wars and look at “evidence” for each ship he’s in from the past comeback, you will certainly see that he looks happy and content when he’s with each and every one of them. It doesn’t matter if you ship Vmon, he looked happy in the V live with Joonie. It doesn’t matter if you ship Vhope, Vmin or Vkook, he looks happy when he plays aroud and interracts with them. It doesn’t matter if you ship Taegi, it’s evident that Yoongi is trying his best to cheer Tae up. It doesn’t matter if you ship Taejin, Jin is also trying his best to make the kid smile. I have mad respect for all six of them for taking care of Tae when he’s in need. It goes to show that “Fighting!” isn’t just a catch phrase to them. And when Tae is back to his usual cheery self, it will be because of them and I really think we need to give credit where it’s due. BTS truly are a family. We, as ARMY, should be proud of them.

jungkook scenario | aureate

Originally posted by jkguks

❝ aureate: adjective. made of gold ❞

prompt: You’re athletically challenged, but cute as heck so I keep on picking you for my team in gym class quidditch… oh am I being too obvious?

pairing: ravenclaw jungkook x slytherin reader

requested by @stitched-yoongz and anon | 3.6k words | fluff, hogwarts au

[First year]

Jungkook is aureate. Untouchable. A pure blood wizard with the heavy weight of a proud family history resting on his sculpted shoulders. He’s cut from topaz and quartz, dipped in milk and honey, smiling from his spot in perfect paradise.

Achieving high scores in class, held in high regard by all the professors, and his looks getting all the girls high, with tittering over his strong brows, bright eyes, and occasional bunny-toothed smile to remind them of his softer sides – it’s enough for you to decide that you hate him at the age of eleven. Fresh faced and fuming, you want him in his place. Not under the gaze of every girl, causing a flurry of capes and fluttering of eyelashes every time he passes by, but rather, away from the limelight, with his golden name tarnished.

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My Brother’s Enemy

Originally posted by forsythpjones

Request: Sweet Pea x Andrews Reader where Archie see Sweet Pea dropping off his little sister at night. And he sees you sneak into the house and decides to confront you about it.

Archies POV

Movie night with Ronnie was a success. No one was barging to keep my door wide open, no one to tell me to turn down the tv, and no one to ruin the moment Ronnie and I had in the middle of the movie. I was cleaning up after Ronnie left when it hit me I knew my dad was at a town meeting but Y/N was quiet. Too quiet if you ask me, She would have done something to interrupt Veronica’s and I little moment. But there was nothing she didn’t even come down when I said I brought her Pop’s. She loves Pop’s I should probably go check on her. I went upstairs to knock on her door but there was only silence

“Y/N you okay? Can I come in ?”

Again nothing at this point I start freaking out. I try to open her door but it’s locked she never locks her door. Something is wrong what if the Black Hood came back to hurt my family? What if Y/N was his next target and I was with Ronnie the whole night in my room not giving a second thought about my sister. I knock down the door at once only to find her room empty. Everything in place no sign of struggle. Where the hell could she be? I reach for my phone in hopes she answers and she does.

“H-Hey Arch whats up”

It sounded like she had a frog in her throat like something was distracting her

“ Where are you and why was your door locked? I thought the Black Hood broke into the house and killed you.”

“I’m fine Archie I just went to Pop’s to get a milkshake since you forgot to get me one. I’ll be home soon kay. Bye”

“ Y/n”

She did not just hang up on me.


I did not want to be in the same house as Archie and Veronica, yea I get it you guys are horny teenagers but seriously when I’m home.Archie could have told me to leave so he could have his moment. so before their thing could even get started I decided to call my boyfriend Sweet Pea. we have been dating ever since Jughead transferred to Southside High. He acts all tough on the outside but on the inside when he’s with me he is the sweetest boy in all of Riverdale.

“Hey baby girl whats up”

“Pea can you come pick me up at my place?”

“Sure are you okay?”

“ Yea I’m fine its just Archie and Veronica are having a date night and I don’t feel like hearing them having sex next to my room you know”

“One gross and two I’m on my way beautiful”

“Thanks, Sweet Pea call me when your here”

It didn’t take Sweet Pea long to get to my house. I knew I could leave throw the front door, so I locked my door so Archie thinks I’m asleep and I’ll leave throw my window. I mean Sweet Pea sneaks up here all the time I mean how hard could it be to get down from a two-story window right. Boy was I wrong, how does Pea even get up here. My phone rings interrupting my train of thought.

“Babe I’m outside”

“ Sweets Could you come to my bedroom window, please?”

“Oh trust me I have a perfect view “

I look down my window to see SP looking up at me with his famous smirk.

“Need some help escaping your castle, Princess?”

“I don’t get how you do this so easily”

“Just jump I”ll catch you”


“Promise… now hurry up before your idiot brother hears us”

I grabbed my bag and my jacket and looked down my window. Even with SP ready to catch me I was still scared. But I know Sweet Pea will catch me he would let me get hurt. I closed my eyes and jumped down to him nearly letting out a scream. I open my eye to meet beautiful dark brown eye that belonged to the one and only Sweet Pea.

“Told ya I would catch you. You wanna head to my place?”

But before he put me down I grabbed his face a gave him a long-awaited kiss.

  “Lets bounce Sweets”

At Sweet Pea’s Trailer

I get out of SP truck and follow him to his trailer. It’s funny how I spend the majority of my time here. Jeez, I even have some close here and same at my place with SP’s clothes. Well mostly because I steal them from him.

“Home sweet home am I right baby girl”

 “Home Sweet Home is right Pea. So what do you wanna do?”

“You wanna watch a movie or something”

 “Sure sounds great.”

Halfway throw the movie I got a bit warm so I took off my jacket leaving me in my white tank top. SP took this as an opportunity to put his arm around my shoulders to bring me closer to him. He then started to play with my hair I didn’t think anything of it because he usually plays with my hair if we are spooning in his bed. I finally noticed once I felt his lips on my neck. In all honesty, I didn’t want to stop him it felt too good. So I move my neck more to the side to give him full access. Who would have thought my night would end up like my brother’s. I let out a soft moan as SP finds my sweet spot.

“You wanna take this to my room?”

 Before I could answer Sweet Pea’s question my phone starts rings. Pea lets out a low growl and grabbed my phone to see who was calling me and I see that it was Archie. Sweet Pea answers the phone and hands it to me as he continues to kiss my neck and jaw.

“H-Hey Arch Whats up?

  “Where are you and why was your door locked? I thought the Black Hood broke into the house and killed you.”

“I’m fine Archie I just went to Pop’s to get a milkshake since you forgot to get me one…. I’ll be home soon kay. Bye” 

After I hang up on Archie I let out a moan. The whole time I was on the phone with Archie I knew Sweet Pea was giving me a hickey.

  “Your an asshole you know.”

“So, you love this asshole.” he just keeps kissing my neck trying to give me another hickey.

  “Pea seriously stop I have to go home. Archie already knows I’m not home I have to go.”

SP lets another low growl and pulls away from my neck. He looks at me with the most serious look and says

“You so owe me.”

  “I’ll make next time worth your wild Pea”

“I’ll keep you to your word. Now let get you home Princess before the dragon comes looking for you.”

At the Andrews Residents

  “Did we really need to take your bike?”

“What can blame me for wanting my girls arms around me. Well we have made it to your castle Princess and with the dragon looking right at us.”

  “Well then why don’t we give him a show to look at.”

And with that you got off Sweet Pea’s bike and gave him a long passionate kiss. SP pulls away only to get off his bike to give Archie another show, him making out with his little sister. This made Archie so made He came out the house ready to punch Sweet Pea but by the time he got to his sister SP was long gone.

“What the hell Y/N! Why were you with that thug of a serpent. He could have killed you, you know. Wait are you two dating?”

You just simple walk you to your house and go upstairs and ignore Archie until he got upstairs

“You are not allowed to see him ever again. You hear me he’s dangerous.”

  “Oh like your girlfriends dad. He is who you should be worried about not me and Sweet Pea now if you don’t mind I have to fix my door because someone knocked it down.”

“Hey this conversation isn’t over Y/N”

  “Yea it is”

I hope you enjoy your request and I’m sorry for any error this is my first Imagine and I hope I made you all proud

First Time | BTS Reaction

Anonymous:  Can you do a bts reaction where they accidentally hurt their s/o during sex and then they feel guilty and scared to touch them again, then their s/o ask them if they’re at mad at them for something and then they explain why they were being distant? Sorry if it’s confusing 😭

Summary: You decided to allow your boyfriend to be your first, after months of waiting, you finally felt ready. However, you didn’t anticipate how much it would actually hurt. You don’t mean to show how much it hurts by your voice or expression, but your boyfriend catches on and feels extremely bad about hurting you. You try telling him it’s not his fault and try to make him realize you don’t love him any less.

A/N: Sorry! I changed it a little bit so it would fit. I don’t like my reactions being too long. Thank you for sending in a request! 


Jin: He lay over the top of you, easing himself in, however he stopped dead in his tracks the moment he saw your face scrunch up in pain “Jagi?” he spoke the little pet name before you opened your eyes

“I-..It’s fine…Carry on.” You said, before chewing on your bottom lip, bracing for the pain once again, however it didn’t come because Jin stopped. He shook his head and basically threw himself off you

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Not This Time Pt. 2

Summary: After a blowout fight, Billy has to find a way to make things right with his girl.

Authors Note: This is long. Very long… Like… five pages long. I was listening to The Last Time by Taylor Swift when I wrote this… Now that I’m reading it back, I don’t really see how much the song actually influenced the way I wrote it, but it’s a good song period. So listen to it. Even if you don’t like Taylor Swift, you’ll like this song. 

I have decided that I’m going to take requests! I really have a hard time writing them, though! Maybe I’ll reblog some prompts and you can send them in. 

Thanks for the love on the first part of this! I love you guys! All feedback is appreciated (even if you hated it)


(Part 1 HERE)

    “Hey, are you guys okay!?” I gasped, sprinting to the front door and embracing the kids as they filed in. 

Dustin, Lucas, and Max instantly wrapped their arms around my torso, nearly bowling me over.

     “Are you okay?” They questioned, their eyes flitting up to meet mine.

     “Fine, why?” 

     “We saw Billy walking home… He was a wreck.” Lucas explained. 

I let out a sigh, a twinge of pain striking me in the heart. Of course, he looked a mess. Not only had I gone off on him, he was presumably going home to a drunk father who would beat the shit out of him if he didn’t bring his little sister home.

 “Yeah. That was nothing.” I fibbed, glancing up to meet Steve standing in the doorway, his face looking worse than it had when the kids kidnapped him and threw him in Billy’s car.  

  “Jesus!” I exclaimed. He had a split above his eyebrow and another on his lower lip as well as a blackened eye that was turning an eerie green color. I couldn’t help but smirk at the multicolored bandaids the kids had slapped on his scrapes, though.

 “Yeah. This is nothing.” He mocked my tone from earlier, seeing right through my lie.

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Baby, You’re a Star

Author’s notes: Made this could be a part 2??? Idk I feel like there could be. Thank you, Anon, for sending me down this windy road to hell.

Word Count: 2,258 

Warnings: Smut. Good ol’ fashion smut. And most likely grammar mistakes that will make me cringe for weeks. That’s what happens when you write out of passion.

You stared at your reflection and let out yet another groan. You were now completely convinced that the wings of your liner were uneven, but despite the large amount of makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs, you couldn’t figure out at which point the geometric shape went wrong.

“Baby, you look beautiful. I don’t know why you’re throwing such a fuss.” Bill whispered from behind you, placing both hands on your shoulders, squeezing them slightly in hopes that you’d relax. But how could you? This was one of the biggest events of your boyfriend’s life and you wanted everything to be perfect. You gazed back at the man through the reflection. He was utterly beautiful. He kept the haircut from Atomic blonde that you adored so much, even got the edges retrimmed. The longer parts he had slicked back, looking like a dangerous combination of sexy and suave. The stubble that covered his face a few hours ago, giving away to his previously relaxed state, was now replaced with smooth, almost flawless, skin. But his suite. God, the suite, was the cherry on top. The well-tailored black material hugged Bill’s tall but lean frame too perfectly that it angered you a bit. Bill moved his attention from your shoulders to your blank face. He could tell something was off about you, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Why are you so quiet, love?” He asked, genuinely concerned. You shook your head and let out a sigh as you took hold of his shoulder, giving you the leverage you needed to put on your heels. Bill turned you around once you were finished, and cupped your face into his hands.

“What’s wrong?” He asked persistently. Finally, you gave into him and told him what had been bothering you all afternoon.

“This is our first movie premiere together, as a couple, what if people don’t like me? What if the magazines say I’m not good enough for you? God, I don’t think I can do this.” The last part you whispered to yourself more than to him, but he heard it anyways. He couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit which surprised you a bit, throwing a stern look his way. Bill had always admired your confidence, so to see you worried about what complete strangers had to say about you or your relationship to him seemed incredibly out of character. “Babe I don’t give a fuck about what they have to say about us. I’m here today because of your support and encouragement. If they can’t see how incredibly beautiful and amazing you are, then that’s their loss. I’m never going to leave you because some magazine determined you’re not good enough for me because you’re wearing last season’s shoes.” You couldn’t help but break into a smile. He always knew how to make you feel better and you started feeling a bit guilty that you took ruined an evening meant to celebrate Bill’s accomplishment to whine selfishly. You apologized to him, but Bill being the gentleman that he was, shook his head and said “Nonsense. You never have to apologize to me for expressing your feelings” before kissing you on the forehead and leading you to your awaiting limo.

Once you were comfortably seated in the back of the limo, you felt your nervousness return again. But you tried to play it off, hoping that when Bill had returned from talking to the driver through the partition, he wouldn’t notice your heart beating a mile a minute.

“Thanks, man!” Bill yelled as his larger than life form attempted to crawl back to his seat. You watched him, laughing quietly as he rubbed the top of his head. For a man so smooth, he was incredibly unaware of how much space his body actually took. “So the driver said that with rush hour traffic and all, we should be able to make it to the theater in an hour, give or take 15 minutes,” Bill reported as he buckled up his seat belt. You nodded and turned to face the window. The first few minutes of the car ride was relatively peaceful.You watched the city speed by with your hand in Bill’s and you tried focusing on regulating your breathing. But the moment you shifted in your seat, the mood in the back of the limousine completely changed.

You had crossed your legs. An innocent movement with no ulterior motives, but it caught Bill’s attention. He had been watching you most of the night. Originally he was doing it to make sure you were over whatever nerves had come over you back in the room, but as he watched your chest rise and fall with your breathing, and your nipples harden due to the cold air and the satin material covering them, his goodwill had soon vanished.

Bill took his hand out of yours and placed it on your thigh, rubbing the skin there for a second before uncrossing them.  Your thoughts of the city were broken and your attention was now on his face, that had trouble written all over it.

“Bill” you whined in a warning voice. “We can’t. The driver is right there.” You whispered as he began kissing your neck. He was so happy you decided to go for an updo this evening, it gave him complete access to the spot underneath your ear that made you whimper. And just like clockwork, the moment he pressed his teeth to the spot, your body gave way to his antics.

“Driver? You mind rolling up the partition!” He called out. Unbeknownst to them, the driver had already started rolling it up, figuring the couple would want some privacy before their stop. When it was clearly just the two of you sharing this moment, Bill didn’t hesitate to unbuckle both your seat belts. Once freed, the brunette pulled you across his lap, so your legs were on either side of his torso. The black slip dress you were wearing was quickly becoming his favorite article of clothing you owned. It took very little effort for him to slid both straps down your shoulder, revealing the pert nipples that had been teasing him all evening. He quickly locked on to the left one, biting and sucking on it, as his large hands took the unattended one into his grasp, so he could pinch and flick at it. The combination of pain and pleasure, had you aching to grind on his thighs, but you knew something Bill didn’t. So when his free hand moved to your hips to push you down on him, you had to warn him.

“Wait, I’m not wearing any underwear.” You said breathlessly. This confession caused Bill to release you from his mouth and look you in the eyes in complete shock. You looked down guiltily. For some reason, your lover was not completely convinced you were telling the truth. But when he slipped his hands under your dress, dragging them up your thighs, to meet the dampness of your opening, he was in complete awe of you.

“Fuck, you’re gonna kill me” he whispered. And with a whole new level of determination, Bill took the wetness from your opening and dragged it to your clit so he could manipulate the bundle of swollen nerves.You couldn’t help but grind on his hands, leaning over so you could wrap your arms around his neck for leverage. Bill kept moving his fingers in a circular motion for a few more seconds.

“Mmm look at you, you’re like a little kitten, rubbing yourself against me,” he whispered in your ears, making your bit your lips and nod in agreement. “Well, let’s see if I can get this little pussy to really purr” without any warning at all, he slipped both of his fingers away from your clit and straight inside your waiting opening. Causing your clench around his fingers as he pumped them mercilessly inside of you, curving them slightly to give you slight stretched you loved so much.

“Fuck Bill, please, I need you inside me,” you begged. All the thoughts about the premiere and your nervousness vanished once he grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you into a bruising kiss. He lifted you up slightly so he could unbuckle his belt and pull himself out of pants, that were now down at his thigh. After a few fast and half-hearted pumps, being way too impatient to be inside you, he placed himself at your entrance.  And with a desperate groan, Bill pushed inside you in one long, deep, thrust. You felt so good and so full you couldn’t help but let your jaw drop and your eyes close. You didn’t see the way your lover was looking at you. With scrunched brows and blown pupils, the Swede was so entranced watching you ride him. Your head was thrown back pushing your breasts upward and he watched in fascination as they bounced in time with the movement of your hips. You were so enraptured with using him for your own pleasure that you didn’t even notice him struggling to hold on for you. However, keeping the roll of your hips consistent was beginning to tire you, but he had no issue with taking over. Two large hands moved their grip from your hips to under your ass, holding you up just high enough for him to piston his hips with so much force you had to hold on to the glass window behind his head to keep you from falling over. Bill was thrusting so hard inside of you it almost felt like his sole purpose in life was the insurance of your orgasm.

“Ah, fuck, come on baby. I know you’re there, just let go. I’ll take care of you” He promised you. With all the strength you could muster, you opened your eyes so you could watch him as he hit every spot he knew consistently. His face was flushed, lips swollen, and his slicked back hair was starting to fall into his eyes, but he never looked more beautiful. Then a loud smack was heard, causing you to freeze your movements. The stinging of his hand hitting against your ass causing your orgasm to hit you harder and faster than you were prepared for. Holding onto him, your whole body began to shake as you lost yourself in your pleasure, which triggered Bill to fall into his own euphoria, spilling into you with each shallow thrust.

The two of you stayed in that position for a minute, before the cheers and chaos outside reminded you that you were minutes away from arriving at your destination. Frantically, you both tried to make yourselves presentable, tucking yourselves back into your clothes, fixing your hair and cleaning up whatever lipstick had ventured off from its original destination. You could still feel the evidence of Bill’s orgasm inside and you tried your best to clean up the mess you made in the limo.

“Make sure to give him an extra tip,” you commented, making Bill smile. You threw a bottle of hand sanitizer his way, explaining that he was going to be shaking a lot of hands tonight. Bill was going to make a snide remark, but the driver interrupted. He gave you two to a warning knock on the partition, signaling that he was going to open the door soon. Quickly, Bill licked the last of you off of his fingers, watching you suggestively, before cleaning his hands with the disinfectant and a napkin. You wanted to jump over the seat and taste yourself on his lips, but it was too late for that. The door had opened and Bill was stepping out of the car, shaking his director’s hand before turning back to you to help you out of the car. Once your hand was safely enclosed in his, screams erupted.

“Bill! Bill! Who’s the gorgeous young lady you’re with?” one of the photographers asked.

“Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!” yelled a journalist for W magazine.

Bill looked back at you and you were glowing, smiling back at him with a shrug. He could tell you were still nervous about all the attention, but you never looked more beautiful to him. The actor knew the moment you stepped into his life you were the only one he could see standing beside him, supporting him with your entire being. And watching you, handling the crowd with the confidence and grace he fell in love with, made him wish he was back at home, so he could have you all over again.

Once you two had walked through the initial crowd of the red carpet and were safe behind the glass doors of the cinema, questions were being asked before the showing. Since Bill had a relatively minor role, he was only asked a few questions here and there. So in the meantime. He made it a point to tell you exactly what his intentions for you were.

“As soon as we get home, I’m ripping that silly little dress of yours off of you, and I’m bending you over the nearest surface,” he whispered once, pretending to be listening intently to the director’s answer about his hopes for the movie’s success.

“And now that I know my baby girl likes a little pain, I’m going to  beat that ass so good you can’t sit for a week.” Bill didn’t look at you, despite your jaw almost hitting the floor. You tried to get a hold of yourself as the cast dispersed to their seats. While everyone else was preparing to enjoy their hard work coming to end, you were preparing yourself for the longest, and best, night of your life.

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Model Mistake // Jungkook Angst pt. 1

Request:  Ohh gurl I’m a sucker for some angsty shit! Can you do jungkook x reader? About y/n being super insecure and wanting to do everything right. Jungkook does something super rude&stupid and y/n goes in total introvert mode. Although a Happy end would be so cool! Hope you can do something with it♡♡

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Today was a special day for you. It was going to be the first time that you were allowed to be on set of a photo shoot to watch your boyfriend, Jungkook, and the guys work their magic for army everywhere. You already swore that you wouldn’t be in the way of anything, you’d be as still as a statue if that’s what it took for you to be able to watch and be a supportive partner for Kookie. 

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