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How about the allies spying on their s/o changing and they get caught

America: “Well the hero needs to keep a watch on them “, he said as he couldn’t wipe out that smirk out of his face, he loved it, every second of it, he never have seen (s/o) changing, he pulled out a camera , he wanted to take some pictures just for now , some pictures won’t hurt them , he bit his lip as he snap pictures of them undressing.This couldn’t be enough, it wouldn’t be bad if he got closer so he can get better features of them, he just wanted…… maybe at least get to touch them in places, places that he can make them feel good.He was off in his little fantasies as he didn’t notice yelling, but where was it coming from…….he looked up to see (s/o) yelling at him, directly at him, he blushed. “Oh crap, well then no more fun for me ~”, he whispered to himself as he chuckled as he ran off, good that he took some pictures.

England: What can you say, this guy can’t stay always as a gentleman but he does need to check his dear love,(s/o).He needs to check on them every time and it looks like he came in the right moment, he couldn’t help but blush as he looked up to see a beautiful scene happening.(S/o) was changing their clothes, “What a tease they can be~.”He giggled as he looked at them to down to up, they had a beautiful body, he just couldn’t wait, to be there, hug them, smell their scent, touch their delicate skin…..hear them scream his name , he smirked as he dream about what he can do to them but his thoughts were disturbed when he heard someone yelling at them and that voice belong to (s/o).”Who the hell are you?!”, (s/o) yelled. Arthur got up and run off , a bit embarrassed of been caught, even while he was having his little pleasant fantasies

France: It’’s like a daily dose for him, he keeps going every day to go see (s/o) , he just loves it , it makes him melt, everything about them.He knows that one day, oh that day will come, when he will be with (s/o) , he sighed dreamily as he watch them from the window from afar as they changed, it was like a good picture to look at , wait pictures , oh silly him , he brought a video camera , the pictures he took before didn’t satisfy him much , he wanted it captured so he can watch it over and over .He recorded them from bottom to top, just beautiful, he smirked as he couldn’t wait to touch their skin , smell their hair, have them all to himself, have them in his hold, slowly consume them lovingly.He looked back at his camera and notices (s/o) looking at them blushing and they panic and start yelling at him, he looks up to see them about to throw them a shoe, he jumped and ran off.Well, it looks like he just has to wait~

China:  He thought it cute, seen them changing, he just couldn’t stop blushing, their body was just beautiful, he stare from outside of the window, he giggled as he saw them blush a bit as they fix the clothes, under it was a nice view, for only him.He blushed imagining, how it’ll be if he had them all to myself, (s/o) and him snuggling together, kissing here and there on the cheek, but he hasn’t confronted him not yet, for now, it’s just watching them from afar but it wasn’t that bad, at least he got to see them.He sighed but noticed a voice, “Hey you pervert!”, (s/o) yelled at him, he got up and panicked as he blushed, he got up and left, well maybe next time he will confront them.

Russia: aIt was his first time, to go spy them and he didn’t expect this time, seen (s/o) changing.Well then it must be an invitation for him to watch , he blush a bit as he saw them pull their pants down , showing their skin , he couldn’t help but bite his lip a bit, they were perfect , everything about them drived him crazy.Their hair, their eyes, their lips and their voice , it drives him crazy every day and now seen more of them was driving him more.He wants to be there, with them undressing with them , both of them touching each other places where they can make each other feel good , pleasuring each other.He would be holding them as he smelled their scent , their scent like a drug to him an- “You creep!”, someone yelled , Ivan looked up to see (s/o) covering themselves as they yelled at him , he got up and ran of without them seen his face , well then maybe next time , how about we make our dreams come true.

darling, I know you’ve been feeling down lately, so I wrote this really quick for you. I’m not sure what you had in mind, but I went to a 100 % unicorns place, so I hope this makes you smile a little.

A shadow falls across Stiles’ worksheet and he looks up to see Lydia, mouth pursed, staring down at him. She says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

“About as much as the average eleven year old boy,” he says, which is: not much. Horse-like, pointy horn, something to do with virgins.

Of course, he goes home and finds out everything he can about them immediately. Both because Lydia asked, and because now he can’t stop thinking about it.

Lydia has forgotten all about their conversation by the time he’s ready to dazzle her with his knowledge, so alas, his mad unicorn skillz lie dormant for years, until all the shit with the werewolves.


Stiles is cat-napping in a spill of sun when all his warmth is blocked—he makes an irritated sound and opens his eyes to find Derek looming over him, frowning.  Stiles kicks out a foot and rolls over onto his side in the grass.

Derek says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

Stiles yawns and says, “A surprising amount for a teenage boy.”

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So the story starts off when Keith goes to a city looking for Shiro, who was kidnapped by Nobles a year ago. There he meets Lance, Hunk, and Pidge who are also wolves and together they manage to infiltrate the Noble’s fortress and find Shiro.

Things get even crazier though when they find out Shiro is now obsessed with a place called Paradise and won’t leave until they find the flower maiden, Allura.

Langst i thought about late at night im sorry

ok so i don’t have a lot of evidence on this considering i don’t have screenshots and i really need to binge voltron again but im making this off of pure memory so hear me out ok? im porbably looking way too deep into this lmao

I think Lance feeling like he’s a seventh wheel is completely justified. 

Alright so everyone has had that moment where you make a joke and everybody just stay silent like it isnt funny, right? Well if you think about it, Lance has those moments every time he makes a joke or tries to lighten the mood, all of the time. Nobody really laughs at his comments or even pays much attention to them in the first place, only gets glares in return.

Now clearly, Lance usually cracks a joke for comic relief, but apparently no one else finds it funny. For example, he comes out of the pod after healing and everyone is happy to see him.  But as soon as he starts talking, people just groan and act like, “Oh, it’s that Lance, he hasn’t changed one bit,” and act clearly annoyed. Even his idol, Shiro, acts fed up with his shit- which in some cases is justified, but most times, it shouldnt matter, he’s just trying to be funny lmao.  Lance probably feels, unwanted, out of place, like he is the fifth wheel because no one really accepts him, and everyone finds him annoying.

Its not even just with Lance’s sense of humor, too.

People always think his ideas are stupid.

For example, the iconic scene where he keeps Keith from running straight into the danger that could get both of them killed, he suggests his alternate idea. Keith- who usually thinks Lance’s ideas are dumb, automatically jumps to the conclusion that his idea is going to be. Before he can argue, though, he works it out and sees that maybe Lance’s alternate route is a good idea. 

People disagree with the way he wants to complete something, in season 2, Lance comes up with the idea to form Voltron in a situation and everyone vouches against it, however 30 seconds later, they end up forming Voltron, like he said, anyway. 

Another reason, people also think little of him, they underestimate him, and that all starts with the Garisson. He was told that the only reason he ever got at his fighter pilot class was because his rival was kicked out of school, and without that he shouldnt have even been there. Again, he feels out of place, and like he doesnt belong. Then, his idol, his hero, Shiro, shows up, and when he finally feels like he has a purpose, like he could accomplish something amazing, but then Keith shows up. Even then, he doesnt give up, he is like “um excUSE ME BITCH I CALLED SAVING SHIRO FIRST” And once again, he doesnt want his rival that always beat him to do that once again. 

And again in season two, there’s clearly favoritism happening between Keith and Shiro, and Lance is jealous of course. Like, he finally gets to meet and work with his idol, and when he wants to go with Shiro on a mission, SHiro chooses Keith over him. Man, I wonder why he’s so overdramatic about it. Its not like he was treated the same damn way at the gaRISSON OR ANYTHING NAHH

No, but clearly, he has an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to keith, because he knows hes better than him in every way.

People in the show also deny that he has any good skills, and even he himself starts to believe it, when sorta venting to the yupper. (i die a little inside whenever i see it)

I loved it when shiro gave him praise for once because it was specifically for him and not directed at the whole time. It was good job LANCE

And honestly the pride on his face was so heartwarming like omg thank you shiro for ackowledging him

im probably going way off track but anyway 

daily dose of what its like in my mind 24/7 lmao

I hope in season 3 they kinda bring his insecurities up again as a sort of conflict i mean- with Keith possibly becoming Black Paladin, Lance is probably gonna be hella jealous and im sure thats gonna instigate a fight between them, and now theres not really a mediator. So. Fantastic…..

Guys i feel like a lot fo stuff goes right back to shiro, how lance probably aspires to be like him, or be good in his eyes and therefore be good for the rest of the team but hes having this inferiority complex because he feels unappreciated. Like hes just that annoying guy they dont really need and they could replace him if they wanted to, and keeping all of those thoughts hidden or masked by this confident facade is like

lance youre gonna break at some point 

I hope lance gets the recognition and the acknowledgement he deserves in season 3 i swear he better not be tossed under the rug.


THE WAY MIN HYUK LOOKS AT BONG SOON WITH SO MUCH GENTLE LONGING AND BARELY CONTAINED LOVE! But of course, this is THE HAN RIVER - the place where kdrama leads comes to die and have their hearts broken - so naturally MH breaks his own heart and does the most selfless thing ever; revealing to BS that GD does like her. Seriously, not only did MH figure out GD’S feelings before him, NOW HE HAS CONFESSED THEM TO BS IN HIS STEAD! 

Between Gook Doo and I, there wasn’t such a step.

And that  sums up the whole relationship between GD and BS. THAT SYMBOLIC STEP MIN HYUK TAKES REPRESENTS ALL THE STEPS HE HAS ALREADY TAKEN TOWARDS BS. When they met, he was just a mere stranger who was the fartherst one from her but slowly, WHILE TAKING ONE STEP AT A TIME, HE HAS OVERCOME THE LONG DISTANCE and got close to BS and her heart which already stirs with feelings for him.

It’s nice to see that GD has finally realized his feelings for BS and that he is accepting of her strength but there are so many things he still doesn’t know about her, things she shared with MH. Love is about timing and GD already missed his chance because he had 15 years to realize and more importantly, act on his feelings and pursue a relationship with BS. She’s been JUST ONE STEP AWAY FROM HIM THE WHOLE TIME and all he needed to do was to take it. But he dragged his feet far too long, let too many chances slip away. Love favours the brave.

  • INFP: Maybe the real reason for global warming is that the sun started watching Youtube makeup tutorials and he just wanted to be glow AF but went overboard so now he's glaringly bright and he got that tin man nose going on but he's like high-key in denial,,, he's posting selfies on insta and the moon don't wanna offend him so he's like " yaasss slay queen yo highlight poppin'" so he's applying more highlighter every day along with those """natural""" faux freckles and so the moral of the story is don't white lie to your friends or the ice caps'll melt peace out
  • ENFP:
  • ENFP: * firmly places hand on INFP's shoulder and looks them in the eye * You've done it.
  • ENFP: You've finally out-stupided me.

Molly Hooper was so precious to Sherlock Holmes, he kept her safe from the world. Safe from Moriarty. Safe from Magnussen. Safe out of harm’s way. No one really knew. Just how much she meant to him. He kept it hidden from everyone. Even from himself. Until that one fateful day at Sherringford. As much as he tried, he couldn’t keep her from being targeted by the people who wanted to hurt him. He lost. He failed. (Look what you did to her). And Molly wasn’t safe anymore. She is always going to be in danger now. Because of him. Because of what he feels for her. Because of how much she matters to him. So, he takes the coffin lid, gently places it back on top of the coffin, slightly strokes it, and lets out a little sob. The thought of Molly in the coffin, the thought of loosing her. No. No! He can’t loose her. He will protect her. He wouldn’t let any harm come to her. He would smash her coffin to pieces with his bare hands. He will always save her. Always. Always… Just like she saved him.

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All is fair in love and war

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jimin X reader X Taehyung

Fandom: BTS

Request:  Hey, could you do a scenario where y/n likes Taehyung and Jimin likes y/n. First she doesn’t like Jimin but then she likes both of them and y/n doesn’t know who too choose, and she doesn’t want to ruin V and Jimins friendship 

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“You’re literally a cliché. I told you in the first place it was a bad idea to have a guy as your roommate.” Jimin complained.

He wasn’t wrong. A few months ago you were struggling to pay rent so you decided it would be best to put out an ad for a roommate. Lucky for you a guy around your age, who was completely gorgeous, already friends with your friends, and single just happened to be looking for a place as well.

“Well he’s your friend so I thought maybe I wouldn’t be interested but now I can’t help it…Please just help me this once.” You begged.

Jimin grew a smirk on his face and you already knew his plan was bound to cause trouble.

“What if we make a plan to make him jealous? You and me can pretend to be dating and if he shows interest then we call if off and he’s all yours.”

“Jiminie there’s so many things wrong with that. Are you sure you’re not just trying to take me for yourself?” You joked.

He let out a small laugh. “You say that like I couldn’t have you if I wanted. I don’t need to make excuses for that, babe.”

You rolled your eyes at his lame flirting. The idea of dating Jimin was strange and foreign. Sure the two of you knew almost everything about each other and spent all your time together but that was all as just being friends. If something were to develop between you it would just ruin everything and Jimin knew that for sure. He was careful about his feelings towards you and if it meant watching you date other guys than losing you then he would do just that.

“Let’s just try it. It couldn’t make things any worse than they already are Y/N.”

“We do have that thing with the rest of the boys tonight….do you think it will even catch his attention?”

“I promise you. It’s fool proof.” Jimin smiled.

He stuck his pinky out to you as if he was physically trying to promise you that this would work. With one pinky promise and a nod from the both of you, you had agreed on faking dating. Jimin stood up from the couch, grabbing his phone to stash it into his pocket.

“I’ll see you later tonight then, okay?”

You gave him a smile. “Yeah can’t wait.”

As you hear him leaving the house you also hear him talking to someone else. Taehyung must have been back from the gym as you heard them greet each other and realized the absence of your friend. You jumped up from your bed, running over to your dressers for something. If this whole fake dating thing was going to start you had to make it convincing. So, you pulled out one of Jimin’s shirts that he had left and slid it on before walking out to greet your roommate. Taehyung seemed shocked to see you standing in the doorway with only a t-shirt on that barely covered your underwear.

“Jimin I think you-….Oh. Hey Tae.” You said, casually.

He seemed to be at a loss for words. “Uh..Hey…I think Jimin already left.”

You pretended as if this was news to you.

“Damn. I think he left his charger. Oh well, we’re gonna see him later tonight anyway so I’ll just give it to him then.”

“Looks like you already gave it to him..” Taehyung mumbled to quietly for you to hear.

You titled your head innocently at his annoyed expression.

“Nothing. Never mind. How was today? I felt bad you had to get groceries this week.”

Taehyung reached into the fridge to grab a water bottle as you came over to sit at the seat next to the counter top. You shrugged, taking a sip of your own drink.

“It was fine. How was the gym?”

Speaking of the gym. He always looked incredible when he came back, his hair still wet from the shower he must have taken in the locker room, and still wearing his tight workout clothes. He was a walking tease that you knew you couldn’t have and it was actual torture sometimes. Seriously, how can someone always look this good?

“Same as usual. There was this one girl though that approached me today. It was kind of awkward at first but we must have hit it off because she asked me on a date this Friday.”

You choked. “W-wow..That’s great..”

Taehyung shrugged. “I’m not sure about it though. She’s nice and everything but dating sorta sucks when it’s with a complete stranger. I’d rather it be with someone I know.”

“Yeah, I get that. I feel the same way.” You added, trying to persuade him not to.

“Ha. Maybe we should go out then-”

The words you had been dying to hear had just come from his mouth. You slowly raised your lips from your cup, speechless.

“Yeah. We should.”

Hearing the boldness in your tone, he looked up and met your eyes with a smile.

“How about tomorrow night? I’ll pick out the place, I’ll pay for it, and all I need is for you to be there with me. Sound good?”

You leaned your face into your hand, smiling back at him. “It sounds amazing.”

“Good. We should probably get ready for the party though since it’s kind of late. You should wear that one pink shirt of yours. It looks really good on you.”

His compliment made your cheeks feel warm but your happiness completely shut out the nervousness you would have felt otherwise. In your burst of happiness you had completely forgot the pact you had made with Jimin, not even telling him before you went over to Jungkook’s place for his Birthday party. You and Taehyung arrived together, telling Jungkook happy birthday and handing him his gifts.

“I’m gonna head to the bathroom, I’ll be back.” You told Taehyung as you stepped away from the two of them.

Before you could even get far you felt someone’s hands covering your face from behind.

“Guess who?” Jimin smirked.

You reached up, holding his hands.

“Hmm. Jin?”

Jimin moved his hands to show you his pouting expression.


You playfully pushed his arm, laughing. “I already knew it was you.”

Namjoon came over to the both of you, holding a cup in his hands.

“You two seem friendly tonight.”

Jimin’s arm shockingly wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer. Namjoon scoffed, thinking he must have be right but you stood there remembering what you had forgotten before.

“Yeah I guess you could say that.” Jimin let out in a low tone.

A tone that unknowingly sent a shiver down your spine but not in a bad way. Your eyes trailed down to his hand grabbing at your side and you felt yourself blush. Weirdly enough your mind begins to trail off thinking about his hands in general. How nice they must be to hold, how nice they felt on your waist, and god, who knows what he could do with those fingers-

“Hey Y/N! Jimin! Come over here we’re gonna play truth or dare!” Jungkook shouted from across the room, snapping you out of your trance.

Without even a second to protest you felt your fingers interlocking with Jimin’s as he guided you along to the living room. He sat down on the couch, pulling you into his lap. He sure didn’t mess around even if this all was supposed to be fake. Taehyung sat next to Yoongi, sitting across from you, looking not so happy. You should probably just tell Jimin that it’s off and that this was only going to make Tae want to cancel the date if anything.

“Y/N. Truth or dare?” Jungkook abruptly asked.

“Me? Oh, Truth.”

An arrogant smirk came from the boy as he remembered the bit of gossip that Taehyung had told him earlier.

“Is it true that you came out of your bedroom wearing only Jimin’s shirt after he came to visit?”

The rest of the boys shockingly exclaimed, having no idea of this happening. Your face had already began to turn red as Taehyung’s eyes were fixated on your answer. You wanted to clarify but how were you going to explain to them that it was just to make Tae jealous and that nothing was going to between you and Jimin? Even though this was also new to JImin as well he looked pretty pleased at what he had just heard.

“Yeah…It’s true..” You admitted.

“Holy shit. No way..” Yoongi let out as well as Jin.

Jimin bit his lip, trying to act cocky. You felt his hands roaming on you once more as well as his lips being pressed up against the back of your neck.

“She just can’t seem to keep her hands off of me, so I gave in.”

You clenched your fists, digging your nails into your palms. There was nothing you could do that wouldn’t make you look like an idiot so you avoided even looking over at Taehyung at this point.

“Jimin, Truth or Dare?”


“If you guys really are a thing now, I dare you to prove it by kissing her.”

The rest of the boys were cheering the two of you on but Taehyung stood up, leaving the room. You look back at Jimin.

“There’s no point he already left.” You whispered.

“That’s okay…”

Was all he said before he started to lean in towards you. Feeling pressured you placed your hands on his face while his still held your sides. As only milliseconds went by you finally felt his soft lips now touching yours for the first time. He felt different than imagined and he was actually really good at it. Really good at it. It felt wrong since he was your friend for so long but it also felt as if you were waiting for this moment. Just for a second the thought of Taehyung slipped your mind and you were completely engulfed by the kiss.

By the time he pulled away you already wanted more, looking up at him. Jimin’s lips formed into a small smile that had you melting in your seat. You had to stop yourself from getting too caught up in this when you reminded yourself that it was all fake. The boys had already moved on to the next person and Jimin didn’t seem too caught up in what just happened either. You stood up from his lap. 

“I’ll be right back..” You told him.

Jimin grabbed your hand and you looked back at him.

“Don’t be gone too long.” 

You managed a smile. “Yeah, I won’t.”

Looking around the house you tried to figure out which room Tae must have been hiding in. As you turned the corner you felt yourself run into someone’s chest.

“S-sorry-…Taehyung? Where did you run off to?” You asked, seeing the boy in front of you.

“My phone vibrated in my pocket and I got up to answer it.”

You just nodded, thinking he may be lying. The two of you stood in the quiet hallway without saying a word. Taehyung finally spoke up to break the silence. 

“Did Jimin tell you anything earlier?”

You furrowed you eyebrows in confusion. “What would he have told me?”

“I texted him was dumb. I didn’t think you were actually together, I just thought that maybe it was a misunderstanding. No wonder he didn’t reply back.”

“Why? What did you say to him?”

He let out a sigh. “He already knew I had a crush on you so I told him to back off if something was going on between the two of you. I wasn’t trying to get between you if you were already together but I thought I had a chance when you agreed to go out with me.”

The lump in your throat caused you to stay silent, not knowing what to say. Jimin already knew this whole time that Taehyung liked you so there was no reason to pretend for you two to date. It was then you realized his actual feelings for you and why everything felt so real. You had already liked Taehyung this whole time but now you were starting to get confused. Finally, you decided that the truth would probably be the best thing.

“We aren’t together. Jimin and I, I mean.”

Taehyung’s head snapped up and he finally made eye contact with you.

“But earlier and the kiss-?”

You exhaled in frustration. “It was all fake. I mean it was supposed to be in the first place but I didn’t know that Jimin liked me. I thought he was going to help me go on a date with you but you already asked me on my own and I forgot to call it off. I know planning this might make me seem like a weirdo but it was only because I liked you!”

“You were trying to make me jealous?” He asked, sounding unconvinced.


“So you like me then? Just tell Jimin that then. You don’t have to cater to him just because you’re his friend. It’s only going to hurt him worse if you keep doing stuff like this.”

“but I might like him.” You said quietly.

“You what?” 

“I don’t know, okay? This really sucks because I know you’re friends and we all hang out all the time and if I pick one of you it will ruin everything! I shouldn’t have even said anything or did any of this in the first place. It’s my fault…”

“Yeah it kind of is. What the hell were you thinking?” 

“I just wanted to be with you! I didn’t want to see you go out for dates anymore, talk about other girls to me, or see you bringing home someone else. I’m sorry that was so selfish of me!”

He scoffed. 

“It’s only selfish because you want both of us!”

Someone knocked on the room door and when you both turned around you saw Jimin in the doorway.

“Is everything okay?”

Taehyung clenched his fists.

“Don’t play innocent! God, I don’t even want to deal with this anymore. I’ll see you at home Y/N.” 

You watched as he stormed out of the room, pushing past Jimin. Ultimately you felt yourself tearing up. You did it. You ruined it. 

Jimin hesitantly walked over to you. When he tried to put his arm around you, you pushed him away.

“Don’t….I’m not playing this game anymore, Jimin. It’s over…He already told me you already knew.” You mumbled.

“And you told him you couldn’t be with him because you liked me.” 

“I’m serious! I’m not picking between the both of you! He’s right. What the hell was I thinking? This is literally a shit show that I started. I’m not ruining things between you two. Just don’t contact me anymore..”

Jimin flinched, not expecting you to yell at him. 

You ran out of the room, pulling your phone out. Your fingers dialed a friend’s number. 

“Hey, Can I spend the night with you? I need to find a new apartment.”

Forgive Me, Father

Summary: You find an unusual customer at your workplace, and end up getting more than you bargained for when you offer to take him to a back room
Square Filled: Virginity
Sam x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: NSFW, smut, loss of virginity, Priest!Sam, Stripper!Reader
Words: 3,720 (now you know why it took so long
Written for @spnkinkbingo

Your name: submit What is this?

You spotted him as soon as you walked into the room; he looked so out of place, standing by the doorway, away from the dancers and other patrons.

You walked over to him, swaying your hips and flicking your hair over your shoulder to get his attention.

You loved your job, and days like this - people like this - made you love it even more.

“Good evening, father,” you smiled over the music, running your hands up his lapels, “What’s a man like you doing in a place like this?”

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remember me not

Drabble Request: 35. “Why are you looking at me like that?” + Hoseok || for anon

Characters: genie!hoseok x you

Words: 14.1k (oml this is monstrous)

Inspiration hit me like a train and gave birth to this mess. This was also supposed to be a Valentine’s Day gift, but that didn’t happen so now it’s a gift since Hobi’s birthday is coming up. Special mentions to Admin Z, @kittae, @ssconce, @pink-strawberry-flavored-kpop and @suha-min​. To readers, enjoy! and happy reading!

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Chapter 2 of Haunted is up! Thanks to everyone who asked about it, knowing you were excited made writing it more fun ♥♥♥

A (continued) fill for this @kyluxhardkinks prompt:

“Kylo making a force projection of hux when he masturbates and this hux projection is super slutty and kylo makes him do whatever he wants”

with this addition:

“Can I make an addition to the kylo makes a force projection of Hux prompt? Okay but hear me out, Hux knows. He’s seen it through the the security cameras. He was mad at first but now he’s intrigued. Projection Hux is so unashamed and liberated, doing dirty filthy things Hux can barely think of without burning shame and projection Hux just looks blissed out while doing them. ½

2/2 Hux is intrigued and makes careful notes about Rens habits and schedule and tries to sneak in to Rens quarters and preempt the force projection so real Hux can take his place but mistimes it and instead Ren thinks he’s accidentally summoned two Hux projections. Ren goes with it, thoroughly debauching both Huxes and doesn’t notice anything wrong until the next morning when he finds the real Hux still sleeping off a sex coma in Ren’s bed.”


Today I was downtown at the convention center. As I made my way out of the full underground parking ramp a Very Important Person cut me off. He had somewhere to go. Cross traffic be damned.

I slammed on my brakes and avoided hitting his car. Honking was pointless because he was already screeching up to the next level.

Here’s the thing. I was leaving but he was looking for a place to park. At the next level he had stopped at the sight of someone’s brake lights. Another driver appeared to be leaving a spot but it turned out she had just entered it. Oh that’s so sad for our impatient VIP. He took off but this time I was right behind him.

In his hurry he passed by an empty slot that was sort of hidden by a mini-van. Now it was time for VIP to hit the brakes. Which meant I had to stop - in front of the empty parking spot.

He put his car in reverse. Oh yeah, sure dude, when I see your reverse lights I’ll get the hell out of your way.


VIP waited for me to back up. No one was behind me. Yeah I moved… to pick up my phone. Then I started scrolling Tumblr.

I wanted to see what you guys were doing. Mallory had a graphic t-shirt post but she was wearing a sweater. That’s twice she’s broken the rules. Jenni sure does need a haircut. Jess’ mom came out of surgery OK. Marj danced in her classroom. None of the men posted anything; they must be busy working!

VIP beeped his horn. I scrolled my phone some more. It seemed like a long time but was probably just 90 seconds. The reverse lights went off and VIP left for another level to search again.

I won.

That bumper sticker in the other picture is on an early 80s Ford station wagon with fake wood grain paneling. “Hang up and drive” it says. I’m sure the owner of that Ford never has to be told that because he probably doesn’t have a phone.

What’s The Protocol? [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Idk he basically compulses her in a club so she doesn’t get drugged but the rest she does willingly and that leads to smut?

a/n: oh look, im a slut for vampire barry too now….*in Len voice* peachy PLEASE RETWEET/SHARE MY VIDEO [x] <- instagram


Clubs aren’t Barry’s usual scene. He prefers dark, quiet places, unlike most young vampires. The only real reason he went out tonight is because he’s out of blood. Yes, vampires can go a few days without feeding, yet, this would be day three. Dark circles hang underneath his bright lime green eyes, his olive colored shirt really making them pop.

With the beat of the music, he moves his body, eyes locked with yours. His sparkling white fangs hide behind his lips, unable to retract due to the lack of food. In a minute, your chest is pressed to his, arms slung around his pale neck. His growing erection pokes your leg, making you chuckle. “Wanna get outta here?” you purr into his ear.

Nodding, the tall man leads you out of the club, towards an abandoned alley. Streetlights create a dim setting, cars zooming past, wind blowing ever so slightly. Your back hits the wall, maroon crop top riding up against the rusted colored bricks. His long digits clutch your sides, blunt nails digging into skin, hard enough to leave purple imprints.

“I’m Barry.” he hums against the crook of your neck; you breathe out your name in response. One of the brunette’s hands travel down your body, landing on the gold button of your tan skinny jeans, popping them open. You squirm when he tugs your jeans down, along with your underwear, exposing your legs to the cold. “I’m so sorry…” he whispers, licking your neck.

Before you can ask, he does two things at once; fangs sink into your skin while nimble fingers enter your pussy. A loud gasp flies out of your mouth, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Pumping his fingers in and out, Barry sucks the crimson blood from you, moaning and swallowing furiously. “O-oh my…” you cry, head hitting the wall behind you.

Your hips grind against his digits, eyes rolling back as your eyelids flutter shut. He hums against your skin, tongue licking to collect the stray drops. After sucking another dose of blood, he forces himself to stop, pulling away, arm bending with every thrust. “I’m sorry, I needed food, I was so hungry…” he mumbles, curling his slender fingers in your pussy, hitting your g-spot each time, creating a pool in your stomach. “I’m gonna help you, I promise… I’ll make this right…” he licks his red tinted fangs, feeling guilty; he hasn’t turned people. He isn’t sure what to do.

With another pump of his long finger, warm liquid covers it and you breathe heavily when he pulls out. Barry gulps, peeking up at you through his full eyelashes, appearing childlike. You inhale sharply, tongue dancing across your teeth; no fangs yet. “How… how long does it take to…you know?” you ask timidly, looking him up and down.

He shakes his head like a kicked puppy, swallowing harshly. “I… I don’t know! I’ve never… I’ve never turned anyone before! I’m… I’m only a baby vampire!” he blubbers, cheeks heating up. You raise an eyebrow, mouth opened and head tilted, chest rising. “I’m only 26. Eobard turned me when I was 10. You have to wait until at least 150 to turn people! I don’t k-know what to do! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” he repeats, tears welling in his eyes. Joe is going to…well, if he wasn’t undead, Joe would kill him!

“Just…teach me?” you offer, biting your lower lip. “Ow.” There’s a faint pinch and your lip starts bleeding.

Barry’s eyes widen, “You’re getting your fangs!” he whispers quietly in amazement at your tiny fangs. You poke them with your tongue. “Don’t worry, I’m gonna help you!” he says proudly, grabbing your upper arm, “Let’s go to my nest- or home, as mundanes put it.”

Tough Like Dally
request: Imagine where Johnny tells Dally that he wants to get mean and tough like him –and Dal’s reaction? :)

“Johnny! Johnny, man, I’m talking to you.” Dally said as he chased after his friend. Johnny had just been let out of jail after been held over night but had been let off with a warning since he had a clean record.

“Well I ain’t listening, Dall.” Johnny said as he stuffed his hand in his pockets. Dally placed a hand on his shoulder and roughly forced him to stop. The two stared at each other for a moment before Dally pulled out a cigarette for himself. He was silent for a long moment and he looked pissed off. Johnny lit up a cigarette too looking annoyed.

“What so now you’re some tough guy? Some bad ass like me?”

“I wanna be like you. You know tough and hard. Nothing bothers you, man.”

“Hey look, you don’t wanna be like me, Johnny. That’s not a good way to be. I got screwed. You’re one of the good ones.”

“I got screwed too.” He snapped back.

“Yea and somehow you managed to not end up like me. Look I’m a real piece a shit. I know that, Johnny, and that’s how I like it. You are better than that and you are better than me and that’s how it should be. You are tough, man. You’re a good man in a fight and you don’t take crap from anybody. You put up with stuff at home that most people can’t even dream of but you’re still here. You are tough and you are badass. But you are nothing like me and you should never try to be. You don’t know what jail will do to someone like you.” Dally told Johnny firmly. Johnny just looked away from Dally and spoke.

“Hey it wasn’t so bad in there, Dall.”

Dally grabbed Johnny roughly be the front of his jacket. “Don’t say that. Don’t you ever say that. So help me if you ever wind up in that place again I’ll..” He stopped talking and shook his head looking incredibly angry. He kept walking with Johnny following him and smoked another cigarette before he had calmed down enough to speak again.

“Listen close, Johnny, because I will only ever say this one time. But I care about you, man. You’re my best friend.. or whatever.” he said cringing a bit at the words that had previously been foreign to his vocabulary. “I don’t want to see your life turn to shit. So whatever reason that you feel like you need to be tough like me for knock it off. If you have to we can.. talk about.. or whatever. But so help me, kid, if you wind yourself up in jail again.. Just don’t okay? I’m telling you this straight. You do not want to be like me. It ain’t no way to live. Promise me.”

“Alright..” Johnny muttered in defeat kicking the ground and not making eye contact.

“Alright?” Dally asked expectantly.

“I promise, man.”

“Alright..” Dally said looking relieved. “Now let’s go see the others. They’re worried about you, man.”

Hide expressed wanting to learn martial arts before the events in TG took place. So imagine Kaneki going over to Hide’s place, and Hide is training. Hide is sweat and breathing hard, and he stops to tell Kaneki that he’s gonna stop and shower so they can hang out. Now, Hide hasn’t finished, but he doesn’t want to keep Kaneki waiting.

“N-no. It’s alright. I’ll just wait. I brought a book in the meantime.”

“Oh? You don’t mine me finishing?”

“No. I insist that you finish. Don’t let me hold you back!”

“Thanks, Ken!”

And Kaneki spends his time peeking over his book, looking at Hide’s graceful movements, his concentrated expression, and developing muscles. 

Newt Scamander x Reader- Thank You

Warning: none

“Wake up love.” you heard Newt whisper as you slowly opened your eyes. You looked up to see Newt looking down at you with a loving smile. You turned onto your side to look at the time and saw it was eight in the morning. You knew from Newts eagerness alone why he was waking you up so early.

“Feeding time?” you yawned. Newt just nodded as he helped you out of bed and led you to his case. He opened it and crawled down before you, helping you down when it was your turn. You gave a Newt a smile as you waddled over to a chair and sat down, placing your hands on your now huge stomach.

You were about eight months pregnant with a little baby boy, and you and Newt couldn’t be happier. You couldn’t wait to hold your little bundle of joy in your arms for the first time while all Newt wanted to do was show the child all of the his creatures, hoping he would love them as much as he did. He’s already started telling him about them, which you found adorable.

“Sorry darling, no resting. I forgot to feed them last night because of my manuscript, so they are mighty hungry.” Newt said, walking over to you with some buckets of food in hand. You pouted at him as he helped you up and gave you some of the buckets, lightly pushing you towards the enclosures. You gave him a slight glare before heading over to the ocamys’, your favorite out of all of Newts creatures.

“Hey guys.” you mumbled, mindlessly tossing the food into the nest. You turned around and was about to head over to Dougal when you suddenly felt a popping sensation. You dropped the bucket and slowly placed your hands on your belly, both happy and terrified at what was happening.

“Newt.” you called out, trying to keep your voice steady. The animals slowly began to surround you, already knowing what was happening and trying to comfort you.

“Yeah!” Newt called back, starting to make his way towards you as he finished with Frank.

“Newt!” you yelled this time, feeling a contraction. You heard Newt drop the food and run to you, coming to a screeching halt when he saw you.

“What happened?” Newt asked as he ran over to you, extremely worried about you and the baby, the worst answers coming to mind.

“The babies coming.” you whispered, trying to keep yourself standing.

“But we still have a few more weeks.” Newt said as he helped you.

“I know that.” you snapped. As you began walking, you felt another contraction, making you fall down.

“I don’t think I can make it to the hospital. You’ll have to do it. I know you can.” you grunted, trying to keep it together. If you started to freak out, you knew Newt would too.

“I can’t do that! This is different.” Newt exclaimed, leading you towards the entrance of the case. You let out an irritated sigh as you pulled away from him and sat down on the bed in his shack.

“Please Newt. I need you to do this for me. I need you to deliver our child.” you begged, letting out another scream as you felt more pain.

Newt honestly didn’t know how to feel about this whole situation. He was scared and terrified from seeing you in so much pain, but he couldn’t help but feel overjoyed, knowing that his child was coming into the world.

As you looked at Newt, you could tell he was shutting off mentally. That was the only way he would be able to handle the situation. He turned into a machine, walking around the shack and gathering everything he needed to deliver his child. He continued to act like that throughout the whole delivery.

After a long and grueling labor, your little baby boy was born. You slowly raised your head and looked at Newt, who was cleaning him up. He was still in machine mode, but you could tell he was starting to slip out of it. Newt finished up and just looked at his son, a huge smile appearing on his face and eyes starting to tear up

“Look at you.” Newt whispered, holding his child close, studying every feature on his face. Newt looked up at you and gave you the most loving and happiest smile you had ever seen.

“Let me looked at him.” you panted, extending your arms to him. You were surprised you were able to raise your hand at all, but you wanted to look at him so badly. Newt slowly walked over to you and gently placed him in your arms.

You had the same reaction as Newt when you first laid eyes on your child. You could hardly explain how happy you were.

“He’s beautiful.” you smiled, your eyes starting to tear up as well. Newt just nodded as he sat down on the bed next to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and bringing you close while he rested his hand on your son. You automatically rested your head on his shoulder, extremely tired and a bit loopy.

“I can’t believe we did this.” you whispered, gentle stroking your child’s head.

“Did what, love?” Newt asked.

“Created this, life, a human being. We did this.” you replied.

“Yes, we did.” Newt smiled. Your child began to make little noises and look around, his gaze landing on Newt. He looked at him for a minute before smiling at Newt and reaching out for him.

“I think he wants you.” you laughed, gently handing him over to Newt.

“Hi there. I’m your father. It’s great to finally meet you.” Newt smile, gently cradling him in his arms. All of the beast slowly began to surround all of you and look at your son. Dougal jumped onto Newts back and gazed down at him, tilting his head to side.

“Hello Dougal. Meet the newest member of the family.” your son looked up at Dougal laughed. He seemed amazed by him.

“That’s a nice image.” you sighed, looking at Newt as he held your child and was surrounded by all of his creatures, his other babies.

“What?” Newt asked, unable to hear you.

“Nothing.” you said, your eyes becoming heavier and heavier by the second

“Are you tired.” Newt asked, noticing your sleepy demeanor.

“Of course I am.” you laughed. Newt turned to Dougal and gave him your child then back to you. You gave him a confused look as he picked you up and carried you out of his case.

“What are you doing?” you asked confused.

“Taking you to bed. I doubt you can walk and you need to rest after all you did.” Newt replied, walking into your room and gently placing you on the bed.

“I love you.” you smiled, taking Newts hand into your own. New was a bit surprised by the sudden I love you, but still smiled. He loved it when you did that since you would randomly go up to him and say it often.

“And I love you.” Newt said back, pulling you into a gentle kiss.

“Thank you.” Newt whispered as he pulled away.

“For what?” you asked.

“For everything. You have made me the happiest man alive, even more then my creatures did. You have given me your love, a wonderful life, and now a child, a precious little baby boy. Thank you (F/N). I love you so much.” Newt said.

“I should be saying that to you.” you joked, making Newt laugh.

“Get some rest, you deserve it.” Newt said, lightly kissing your forehead. He gave you a loving smile as he left and you fell asleep in a matter of seconds.

But of course, like any other parent, you were awoken by your new born a few short hours later.

me: idk I’m not rly ‘‘‘‘‘an AU person’’’ I like?? canon??? 
me, having created a shitty AU: I live here now

I can’t draw for shit this week but uh have some more farm AU. Jack’s traitor chickens prefer Gabe. especially Darth Chickn, Gabby McAngry (© @lnkle, enabler of my Shit) who rides around on his shoulder like a cursed parrot

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