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Missing You (Aaron Hotchner Imagine)

Warnings: Pretty smutty :3

It’s hard to love someone who’s gone all of the time. Add two people who are gone and you’d think it would be harder.

Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as you would think.

It was 3 years ago when you had met your beloved boyfriend. You lived a few hours away from Quantico and his team was sent in for a case nearby. The unsub was a man who left bodies beaten, bloody and eyeless hung among trees by their arms, nails jabbed into each side of their necks. You had heard about the case but didn’t think much of it, you’re job taking priority of your thoughts. You were one of the top of your division at the asylum you worked at, interviewing patients.

That was how you two had met.

It was just another day at the asylum and you had just finished an interview with one of your patients when one of your subordinates said the FBI wanted to speak with you. You raised your eyebrow but placed the file on the huge pile on your desk, greeting the team as you closed the door behind you. There he was in his clean cut suit (which you found out later on in your relationship that he basically lived in them) and a serious expression on his face. He debriefed you quickly, informing you on their profile which stated that the unsub was a man who was a former patient at your asylum. It was all business, the only thing you two wanting to do was catch this unsub as soon as possible. You had led the team into your personal office and gave their technical analyst, Penelope into the files that were on your computer.

“Are these all your patients?” the perky blonde had asked through the phone and you cracked a smile. “There are like hundreds!”

“My specialty.” you bragged a bit, adding a nonchalant shrug of your shoulders and the team nodding in acknowledgement.

“You, my pretty little kitty, must be a keeper for the man you come home to.”

“I suppose if I had a man for that.” you giggled, a slight blush on your cheeks and you watched the team's’ surprise. Hours later, millions of files were read through and you all finally had pinned the unsub down to 3 potential suspects. Another hour or so and he was caught, the team returning him back to the asylum where you had belonged.

When they had wheeled him in, tied in a straitjacket, you were waiting there, his file in hand. His eyes landed on you and you tried not to smirk at the way his eyes showed his fear.

“Hello, Mr. Jeckel, a pleasure to have you back.” you said sweetly, writing into the file and you watched him tremble in his place.

“N-No! I’ll go anywhere but here! Please!” he cried, but I ordered him away. “SHE’LL KILL ME!”

“Only in your nightmares.” I breathed and they raised an eyebrow at me. “I’m sorry but what we do in my division of the asylum is classified. Just know that it is legal. Thank you all for your hard work.” You all shook hands, you and Aaron holding on a little bit longer, before they left and you went back to work.

Now here you were, 3 years later, still in the same loving relationship you were in years ago, since that night that Aaron had returned to you. You were working a late night and he was being the sweet man he was, bringing you coffee and some dinner since he and the team didn’t leave till the next morning. Much has happened since then and while you still worked in the asylum, you had  moved into an apartment complex with Aaron, and Jack (who you met several times throughout the years and he just adored you).

Aaron was off on another case and Jack was sleeping over at a friend’s house, which left you alone to catch up on the files you have yet to finish.

“You sure you’ll be fine, Y/N?” Jessica, Jack’s aunt had asked her nearly an hour before and you had nodded from your place on the sofa, a reassuring smile on your lips.

“Yes, I’m sure. You spend some time with your father, I’ll pick up Jack in the afternoon.” you said and she nodded, giving you grateful smile before walking out the door. You eventually moved yourself to the bedroom, the couch becoming too uncomfortable so you laid your files along the comforter and sat against the headboard, coffee in hand.

Eventually sleepiness was too much to fight and you ended up falling asleep, curled up among your files. Aaron had come home a couple of hours later and he loosened his tie, placing his briefcase on the floor and his jacket on a chair. He knew Jack was gone so he went straight to his bedroom, his eyebrow raising as he saw you laying there. Moving your files into a pile before moving into your bag and quickly changed, ready to get some sleep when he noticed what you were wearing. You were curled up in a ball but he could still see that you were wearing one of his shirts, which went down to your thighs. His cheeks reddened a bit at you bare legs - you weren’t wearing pants - and he sighed, slowly crawling into bed. He laid on his side, his hand going up to move some hair from your face, your nose scrunching up with his cold fingers. He smiled but couldn’t help himself, pulling you close. You wiggled a bit, feeling his arms around you and you slowly started to wake up as you felt his hand travel around to your chest, your eyes slowly opening.

“Aaron…?” you mumbled but you jumped when you felt his other hand move further down you body. “A-Aaron.” you breathed, your body curling up against his back and you sighed, his fingers playing your body like an instrument. Your breathes turned into pants and you groaned as you felt him hover over your body, which laid on its stomach on the bed. His lips kissed at your shoulder and you could feel him through his pants against your bum, his hands moving slower as your stomach tightened.

“Aa-Aaron, not tonight…” you breathed but he wasn’t listening. “I’m tired.”

“I know, it’s alright, you don’t have to wake up.” he whispered and you gasped as you felt him push inside you with no warning. He groaned against your shoulder as he slowly began to move, your hand clutching onto the comforter. You moaned as his pace quickened, your cheeks reddening as his hand gripped tightly on your hip.

“Aaron!” you cried slightly, one of your legs twitching and he paused for a moment before carefully grabbing your leg. You moaned, louder than before, as he slowly turned you onto your back, still inside you and continued to pound into you. The pants and moans got louder, the two of you calling out to each other and you opened your eyes, meeting his.

“I love you.” he managed to get out and you sighed, slowly wrapping your arms around his neck. There was a familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach and your lips parted, your tongue poking out slightly.

“God, I love you too.” you breathed and he kissed you, clinging onto each other as you two reached your highs. You both moaned out as you released together, his hand coming between your bodies to help you move through it, sharing another kiss before he fell onto you softly, still panting.

“Are you alright?” he asked softly and you nodded, but you were even more exhausted than you already were. He slowly pulled out of you and you groaned at the loss of contact, making him chuckle softly. He got up, leaving the room for a few moments before returning with a damp towel, making you jump as he began to clean you up.

“Can you call in tomorrow?” You asked tiredly when he laid next to you and he thought for a moment before nodding. “Really?”

“I think so. It’s our anniversary, so I’m sure the team can handle without me.” he smiled and placed a tender kiss on your lips.

“Can we cuddle?” he chuckled, nodding again but you didn’t move.

“I believe you need to move if you want me to hold you.” he joked and you groaned as you tried to move your body. “You’re so adorable, sweetheart.” his hand grabbed yours and you groaned again as he quickly but carefully pulled your body so that it was tucked comfortably into his sign. This was one of the many things you loved about your boyfriend: he knew exactly how you loved to cuddle. Once your hand was placed on his chest, he took hold of your thigh, pulling it over one of his legs, pulling you closer with his other arm which was beneath you. You smiled tiredly, looking up at him and he returned the gesture, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Hey, Aaron?” you mumbled, your eyes slowly opening and closing, tiredness taking over once again and he looked down at you.


“Next time….can I have more of warning?” he raised an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips but you were asleep seconds later, making his smile widen.

“I’ll think about it.” he whispered, kissing your lips again before his eyes closed as well.

Such a Joker (18/?)

I sit on the couch in the living room of Lee’s apartment waiting for my dad to come in and have dinner with us. The door opens and he come in with a stern face. I internally roll my eyes. “What’s wrong daddy?” I ask very concerned. He slams the paper on my lap and rubs his forehead. “You’re boyfriend.” I look down at the paper and read the head line. “Maniax huh? Clever name.” “Clever name? (Y/n) they killed 7 people by throwing them off the building. There’s nothing clever about it. They’re killers, and I don’t want you to hear about them, to look at them. Anything.” I stand up and narrow my eyes at my father. “How do you expect me to do that? I work in the GCPD. I just started working with Ed! You can’t just throw me out of my job.” “Yes I can. As of right now (y/n) you’re off any case even closely associated with Jerome or any one of them.” I slam the paper on the coffee table and roll my eyes. “I’m not even hungry anymore.” I say and grab my things going to my house.

The next few days Jerome and I did not talk. Neither did my father and I. He kept me in his sight as much as possible. Only time he didn’t watch me was when I was sleeping, or he was at work, but he’s got a tracker on my car so that throws out going to Theo’s to see J.

I lay in my bed in boredom. Carelessly tossing a bouncy ball in the air. I only stop when I hear a light tapping and a giggle.

I know that giggle. I look up at my window and see my handsome Jerome standing on the fire escape. I rush over to it and open the window for him. “J what are you doing here?” I ask excitedly. He climbs in and I tackle him in a hug. “I missed you so much!” He laughs and hugs me back. “You better quiet down doll. Can’t let Jimbo know I’m here.” I nod and kiss him silencing both of us.

I push Jerome on my bed and crawl on top of him not wanting to waste time with my love. I trail my lips down his neck until he stops me. “Kitten wait.” I look at him confused and sit up. “Is something wrong? Did I do something?” Jerome grabs my hands and runs his thumbs over them. “No doll of course not. I just didn’t come here for that. I came here to talk to you.” I furrow my brows even more. Jerome never acts this serious. At least not since he killed his mother. I kinda of miss it. The rational side of him. The sane side.

“Why so serious J?” Jerome hugs me close and breaths in my sent. He stays this way for a while then whispers into my ear softly. “You have to stop.” I pull away slightly and look at him. “Stop what?” “Working for him. Theo. He’s going to kill you.” “Kill me?” Jerome stands up and starts to pace around my room. “Yes. I heard him today talking to Tabitha. Once he gets his hands on the city you and your father are gone. He said he would make me do it. I can’t. I-I couldn’t do that.” Jerome falls to his knees and hugs my waist. “Shhh J it’s okay. He won’t do anything okay? I promise.”

Jerome looks up at me with red eyes. “No. there’s one solution to this.” “I know. Stop working.” “No. I can’t see you anymore.” Jerome says getting up and going to the window. “J. Stop.” I grab his arm and start pulling him with tears in my eyes.

He looks back at me with water streaked cheeks. He shakes his head and frowns. I pulls me to him and kisses me deeply. “I’m sorry doll. I love you so much. I’m so sorry for this. It’s the only way I know you’ll be safe.”

Suddenly my vision starts to get blurry and my legs go numb. I fall into the bed and look at the blurry silhouette of Jerome. “W-what’d you do?” I say before everything goes black.

Jerome POV:

I watch my love slowly fall out of contiguousness. I stroke her soft cheek and kiss her head softly. “I’m so sorry doll. It’s just not safe for you here. I can’t have you anywhere near me.” I pick her up and toss her motionless body down to Aaron who places her in the back seat of a car. He closes the door and I watch the car drive off with my sleeping beauty.

I go down to Aaron. “What now?” I look up at him and try to hide my sorrow. “Now…we take Gotham.” I laugh and run back to the tower.

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You’re Just Too Good To Be True - Part 2

Written by @gothamimagines

Hello my fellow Gothamites and Maniacs! Did you miss me?! :P 

Its been a long time i know but I was very VERY ill. But here i am :P can’t keep me down! 

Hope you all enjoy part 2 :)

Friday night and dinner with Jim and Lee came around too quickly for your liking. You sat there awkwardly smiled when you were supposed to and grimaced through Lee’s pats on the arm.

You reached for you drink when Jim started to look nervous.

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Sam Winchester-Wedding from hell

Title: Wedding from hell

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester x Becky

Word count:1942

Request:Can I have a request based off of the episode where Sam marries Becky. They were both dating before but after that he told her “I don’t need you anymore, I love Becky.” Then she runs off without a word not even telling Dean. She began to hunt alone then Sam went to look after her. He went to her family (she’s from a family of hunters) and they tell him she died on demon hunt. What they don’t know is that she went to hell and became a demon (not a very bad one though. She still tortures.)

A/N: This isn’t exactly like the episode so I’ll be making up what they say x

‘’No way!’’You laughed, tilting your head back as you clapped your hands together. Dean chuckled, nodding as he tried to wipe the huge grin off his face but laughed anyway.

Dean’s phone buzzed, vibrating loudly on the oak wood as the brightly lit screen flashed in front of the pair of you. You gulped back your shot before glancing at Dean with a questioning look.

‘’911. It’s from Sammy. Say’s to wear our Fed suits as well’’Dean mumbled under his breath, brows drawn in on each other as his eyes flashed across the screen before glancing up at you.

You both looked at each other before rushing home and getting into your agent outfits.


You jumped into the Impala, gun bending into the waistline of your jeans as you nervously tapped your slender fingers against your knee caps.

‘’he’s going to be okay, (y/n). I’m sure he’s fine’’Dean reassured, squeezing your hand before gripping the steering wheel and pressing harder down on the ignition.

You stalked down the cold abandoned halls, gun in hand as your finger itched ready to pull the trigger. A loud bang sounded and Sam came bursting through the door, fed suit on but a ….flower? nestled into his front pocket.

You sighed in relief, completely deciding to ignore the flower as you leaped into his arms, wrapping them around his frame. It was familiar and comforting, something you had done all the time but then Sam did something he never di.

Sam looked awkward and nervous, prying your arms off as he pinned them back by your side before awkwardly patting your shoulder. You looked at hi hurt and confused before Sam put Dean’s gun into his pocket.

‘’Won’t be needing that’’Sam smiled happily, plucking a flower from the vase and sticking it into Dean’s pocket.  The flower was delicate and beautiful but Dean didn’t seem to think so as he did a double take, staring down at it before it hit him.

‘’Are we doing a wedding?’’Dean asked, brows furrowed before smirking. ‘’We gonna crash  it?’’

‘’No Dean’’Sam grinned, rubbing his hands on his trousers. ‘’It’s my wedding’’.

‘’Yours?! (y/n), you’re getting married?! I mean finally… but why didn’t I know!’’Dean yelped surprise marking his soft features.

‘’I didn’t know either!’’You yelped back, eyes wide. Sam shook his head, brow locks sprawling about as he smiled sympathetically at you.  

‘’I’m not marrying (y/n)’’Sam stated.

‘’YOU’RE NOT!’’You and Dean yelled in sync. Sam shook his head before sighing in awe as he looked straight ahead. You and Dean both followed his eyes to see a woman making her way down the isle, Vail hiding her identity.

You glared at  her, jaw gritted and eyes narrowed ready to pummel her to the ground. Dean spotted your reaction and slipped your gun out of your pocket. ‘’No shooting people’’Dean whispered.

‘’BECKY!’’You both cried when she removed the vail. Your face turned to hurt and horror as you lashed out slapping her cheek.

‘’HEY!’’Say yelled, hand shoving you backwards into Dean which caused him to yell Sam caressed Becky’s cheek, glaring at you with hate as he kissed her cheek softly. Your eyes welled up, heart shattering as Sam turned to face you, Becky’s hand in his own as she stood smirking behind him.

‘’I don’t need you any more, (y/n). I’m in love with Becky. I’m getting married to her whether you like it or not’’Sam said, trying to remain calm but his voice was loud. Sam winced as if something was off and Becky noticed too and you could have sworn panic flooded her eyes.

‘’You don’t need me any more?’’You whispered, heart broken. Dean watched the scene shock and horror marking his features as he watched Sam stupidly throw away his true love.


‘’(Y/n)! please don’t go! Sammy’s just.. gone crazy, so we throw him in a asylum and he get’s better!’’Dean pleaded as he took your folded clothes out of your bag.

‘’No Dean!. He made it clear he didn’t need me. Now you tell me if the love of your life get’s married to someone else that you’re going to stick around, Dean. Go on, Tell me!’’You yelled, taking your anger out on Dean as you threw your clothes back in, not caring if they weren’t folded.

Dean was silent but instead helped you pack. He stood by your car, eyes watery as he gave you a final hug.

‘’You sure this is what you want to do?’’Dean whispered. You nodded against his shoulder before giving him a peck on the cheek and pulled back.

‘’Dean, could you do something for me please?’’You whispered, tears soaking into your skin. Dean nodded, squinting his eyes to stop the harmful ray of the sun that shielded his vision.

‘’Anything’’He replied.

‘’Tell Sammy I love him. S’all I want. Just let him know that I’ll always love him’’You sniffed before climbing into your car. You didn’t glance back knowing if you did you probably wouldn’t want to leave.

This was for the best.


‘’You made a deal with a demon!’’Sam yelled, eyes wide as he pulled on the restraints that kept him close to the headboard of the bed. He growled rolling his head as he let it flop against the pillow.

Sam’s head shot up, eyes widening as he cried out your name before glaring at Becky. ‘’(y/n)!’’Sam whispered quietly, closing his eyes almost like he was in physical pain. 

‘’You don’t need her. Look how easily it was for her to leave! She obviously doesn’t love you as much as I do!’’Becky cried, hand grasping Sam’s tied up one who gritted his teeth at her. 

‘’She left because she wanted me to be happy! That’s love. Doing something that hurts you but makes the other happy!’’Sam growled, tugging harder on the ropes. 


‘’Are you sure you want this?!’’Becky nagged, gripping tighter on to the divorce sheets. Sam huffed, breath pulling in as he narrowed his eyes into small slits. Dean bit back a laugh, stomach folding in on itself as his eyes creased together. 

Sam glared at his older brother before scribbling his signature on the papers. Becky sighed, holding them close to her heart as she nodded glumly. 


‘’She’s gonna hate me Dean.’’Sam grumbled, sighing tiredly as he rested his head against the glass of the Impala. Dean glanced over at his brother, eyes flicking between him and the road. 

‘’No she won’t. This is (y/n), she’ll probably just tease you for having a ex wife’’Dean chuckled. 

‘’I broke her heart, Dean!’’Sam yelped, shooting up to strength his cry to his brother as he flopped back down in his seat. 

‘’We’ll you can explain it, we’re here’’Dean nodded towards the small familiar house. Sam sighed, breath fogging the window as he trod down the gravelled trek and came up to the wooden oak door. 

Dean nodded at Sam. Sam gulped, hesitating before closing his eyes to take out a deep breath before bringing his knuckles up and rapping at the door. Sam’s heart pounded in his chest as Dean grinned, wiggling his brows as he whacked his brothers arm. 

Sam shook his head at the sound of footsteps, ‘’That’s not (y/n)’s footsteps’’Sam added, shaking his head as his brown locks shook about. Dean’s brow creased together as he looked at Sam in bewilderment. 

‘’You know what her footstep’s sound like……’’Dean cringed, looking at Sam like he was mad. ‘’You know what her footsteps sound like?!’’Dean repeated in shock. Sam narrowed his eyes as he sighed, huffing out a breath. 

‘’Well, she has fast quiet footsteps. These are loud and slow’’Sam shrugged. Dean rolled his eyes muttering something under his breath as the door creaked open. 

When a large man came into view Sam turned to Dean with a smug face before his pleading eyes came back. ‘’Is (y/n) here?’’Sam asked, voice hopeful, quieter than a whisper. 

‘’(y/n)?’’The man whispered, hand ruffling what was left of his hair. ‘’Y-you mean you don’t know, Sam?’’

‘’Know what!’’Dean barked, turning to Sam with a worried expression. 

‘’Boy, you better come in’’He grumbled, stepping aside to let in the Winchester brothers. Both brothers stepped in. warmth and comfort hitting them as the door creaked closed behind them. 


‘’So (y/n) just turns up here out of the blue sobbing. She doesn’t tell us what happens, and at first she’s the saddest we have ever seen her’’Your mother informed, fumbling with her fingertips. 

Sam looked down, guilt spreading along his features as he nodded. ‘’Then she started to get really angry.’’Your dad added, shuffling back in his chair. 

Your mother nodded, looking between the brothers as she sighed. ‘’(Y/d/n) tried to stop her but she was out of hand.’’Your mother cried out in protest. Your father nodded as he rubbed his face tiredly. Stress pulling at him.

‘’She went on all kind of hunts. Killed anything that got in her way. But…’’He trailed off, looking away. 

‘’but what?!’’Sam pried, fingertips digging into the thick velvet of the couch. 

‘’She died.’’Your mother whispered. 

Those two words made everyone’s hearts drop. Sam stood up so quick that the chair knocked over backwards. Dean shot up, ignoring his own pan and rushed towards his younger brother. 

‘’Sam!’’Dean grunted, gripping his elbow but Sam just ripped it from his grip shaking his head as he mouthed the word ‘no’. Sam placed his hand on his chest, breathing raspily as he tried to take deep breaths. 

He stumbled out of the living room, crashing into everything. 

Dean had been outside looking around for his brother for ages. He checked the Impala, checked the nearest motel and shops. He couldn’t find him anywhere, until it hit him. 

Dean stopped the Impala, his fingers gripped the wheel tighter as he closed his eyes. He knew where Sam was. 


‘’Oh Sammy’’Dean muttered quietly to himself as he walked further into the room. Why had he thought Sam left the house? He should have known Sam would have gone to your room. 

Dean felt the salty tear hit him with sadness as he watched his younger brother lie with his stomach flat on your bed, head resting on your pillow as he clutched desperately at your pillow. 

His eyes were closed, face scrunched up in pain and sadness as he took heavy breaths through his mouth because he had been crying so much. He had stopped sobbing and was now silently crying.

‘’Sam’’Dean choked, voice breaking with the single word. Sam shook his head, grasping tighter to the pillow as he sniffed loudly. 

‘’No, no, no, no’’Sam whimpered, voice broken reminding Dean of his five year old brother. ‘’She’s gone and it’s all my fault’’

‘’It’s not your fault.’’Dean snapped angrily. ‘’I let her go just as much as you did. It wasn’t you who did this, Sammy. It was those demons!’’

Sam pried one eye open, shocking Dean with how red and bloodshot it was. Dean sat on the end of your bed as he patted Sam’s back gingerly. 

‘’We’ll save her, Sammy’’He promised. 

‘’I know we will’’



‘’What!’’You snapped, jaw gritting as you sat crossed legged on the murky grey floor. The tall man entered, grinning a sickly grin as you turned your head back to face him. 

‘’We have another victim for you’’He breathed out in awe. 

‘’What are we waiting for then’’You whispered, as your eyes flashed a manic black. 

‘’Let’s get back to business’’ 

Fic: The Wait

So, did Kindred Spirits yesterday and BOY HOWDY I LOVED THAT QUEST! I also woke up at about 3:00 am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep (thanks to a combination of rum, beer, tequila, and about a hundred shrieking birds in the tree right outside my window), so I decided to write something related.

Spoilers, I guess?

The bit in “Death at Sea” about the player character’s name being brought to Sliske’s attention in the Second Age was fascinating to me (and I think it opens up a lot of possibilities story and lore wise, especially with the accompanying bit in Broken Home with the asylum guestbook). And then, there’s the whole implication that Sliske’s been watching the player from birth…

Anticipation intensifies.

So, I got to thinking about how this might pan out in Finley’s canon. Also, I like writing about creepy Sliske.

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I am writing allllll the possible endings to this season right now, because I just can’t shake the dreadful feeling that it’s going to be awful and horrible and completely gut Caitlin’s character or at least sideline her from her own arc.

So anyway, this story really is about a possible end of the season, but more about the aftermath of this possibility.


“Honey, all I’m saying is that it may be time to look for a place of our own.”

Barry furrowed his brow at her over his sunglasses. He’d adapted to the Atlantis island style unexpectedly quickly, although true to his clotheshorse ways, his brightly patterned shirts were perfectly matched with his beach shorts and those were coordinated beautifully with his flip-flops. “My parents are happy to have us for as long as we like, you know.”

“Of course they are, but their house here isn’t the biggest, and it’s just getting kind of cramped. And while we’re on the subject, I think we should find jobs. What about applying to the Atlantis PD?”

He looked away.

“You don’t think we should,” she said.

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RIP HR Giger

Today it was announced that Swiss surrealist HR Giger, who designed the monster and sets for Alien, has died at the age of 74. Back in 2009, VICE paid him a visit in his house in Zurich and talked to him about his life, inspiration, and work. You can read the interview below.

HR Giger, regardless of how many museum or galleries he fills with volumes of his other work, will almost certainly go down in history as that strange Swiss guy behind the Alienmovie. During the 1970s, Giger produced a book called Necronomicon, which established him as the foremost fantastical artist at the time. Salvador Dali was so impressed by his work that he invited him over to Spain for a visit and stole Giger’s girlfriend in the process.

In the 1980s, Giger got involved in the movies and got an Oscar for his work on Alien, but after a couple of awful cinematic collaborations in the 1990s he pretty much disappeared to everyone except the goths and metalheads raiding his back catalogue for tattoos.

He’s 69 now. Loathed by feminists and obscenity sticklers, Giger, the one-time king of darkness and the person Ridley Scott confessed to being petrified of meeting, is now no more scary than a grumpy old neighbor. He wears Crocs. He potters around the garden, mumbles to the cat, drops himself in front of the tube for the afternoon, and cracks open a bottle whenever he feels like it. His wife Carmen lives next door. Giger punched a hole through the wall to join the buildings. Giger’s side is painted black from floor to ceiling; Carmen’s, one assumes, ain’t so bad.

He divides his time between a castle in the Alps and his house in Zurich where he has a little train track running round the garden and right through the kitchen. When he sketches, he still likes to draw strange alien figures with hefty packages pinning fragile looking ladies to the floor, but his days of nightmarish visions and brutal hallucinations are over. He goes to bed at 5 AM and wakes at noon. The night before the interview, Giger had overdone it at the dinner table.

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How was your fondue last night? 
Heavy. Oh so heavy. After, I always say, “Oh my God, why have I done that?” But it’s so good.

What are you doing with yourself these days?
You know I haven’t painted since the 90s? I’m quiet now. I like watching television. I like theWire, and the Sopranos is so good.

Yesterday we met your good friend Walter Wegmüller, who helped Timothy Leary when he was on the run. He spoke about the “freaky times” back in Switzerland in the 1970s. What were they like? 
Ah, the freaky times. When Timothy Leary was in Switzerland, he was hoping to get asylum so he could stay here and not go back to prison in America. I was collecting signatures for him. My father was a pharmacist, you know? “What are you doing with this guy?” he asked me. It was funny. Timothy Leary was a very nice man. I didn’t meet him back then in Switzerland, but I met him later in Los Angeles when he wrote two articles for my books. They were very good and he was a very fine person.

Did you exchange ideas?
Oh not much. What could I say? He was a very intelligent man with a lot of knowledge and I’m, well, I’m just an artist.

Did you ever take LSD with him?
Ah, you know you can’t talk about that on record. LSD is still forbidden, so it’s not good to talk about those things.

You’ve said before that much of the inspiration for your art comes from dreams, and more specifically nightmares?
Everyone always wants to know about my dreams. The inspiration is mostly from literature actually. I have read so many things that have inspired me. Beckett was very much an inspiration for me. His theater, especially. I made paintings as a homage to Samuel Beckett [Homage to S. Beckett I,II,III]. They were some of the very few colored paintings I’ve done.


Sherlock's "other brother" theory

Alright here’s my thoughts. I believe Moriarty is the brother and here’s why:

1.) he’s smart, brilliant in fact. He knows exactly how Sherlock and Mycroft tick. We saw this when they were playing their little “game”. He knew their pressure points and could read them, something only few people can actually do.

2.) We know basically nothing about his past. My theory is that when all the little Holmes boys where young, there was something “wrong” with Moriarty. But it’s something more than just abnormal observation skills. No, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes find out he is certifiably insane. So what do they do? They do what they have to do, send him to an asylum. Unable to confront Sherlock and Mycroft about their brothers fate, they tell him he passed away. Or maybe they tell them the truth I don’t know. Either way, they both know it will be extremely unlikely that they will ever see him again, so the subject is dropped.

3.) Now if we go back and watch The Reichenbach Fall many of the things Moriarty says becomes suspicious. “We’re just alike you and I” “You’re me” etc.

And that concludes my theory so far. Feel free to add on, it’s a work in progress.

Elise walked through the front door and paused, looking around to take it all in. Eliza had been in control for the last couple of days, she was exhausted, and that meant it was Elise’s turn. She was glad it was too, she didn’t hate Eliza, but she didn’t think she could watch her kill anymore people, the last 36 hours had almost put Elise over the edge. None the less, she was here now, Blackthorne Asylum. A safe place for people like her. A place where she didn’t have to be a freak… That was almost refreshing, she thought with a smile as she heard the merriment going on out back. She could unpack later, right now she wanted to see what was going on. She dropped her bag in her room and quickly walked to the gardens, following the sound. When she saw everything that was there she couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. This place was going to be lovely, she could already tell.