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Longish post, sorry.

So I just kind of wanted you guys to know why I don’t update as often as I’d like to since I’ve had a few people ask about it.

I live in a shitty situation where I’m verbally put down a lot, I’m a single mom with 0 financial support from anyone else and very little physical support when it comes to watching her and taking care of her, and I work. Usually, these things don’t slow me down and I do okay, but I have ((like actually diagnosed, I’m not just saying this)) severe depression and a form of PTSD along with anxiety, which all also cause me to have horrible sleeping patterns ((flip-flopping between not being able to sleep at all to sleeping way too much)), and every so often it all spikes up and becomes super hard to deal with.

Writing is a priority to me, I use it to calm down usually, but right now it’s causing me some distress and I’ve been unable to sit down and do it like I’m used to. I’ll get out of this funk like I usually do, and I know you guys are awesome and supportive and don’t mind me taking my time, but I just wanted to let y’all know why sometimes I fall off the face of the Earth and get weird with being active.

i just ???? idk i get rly upset bc i ,, just !! idk i dont like being made to feel like im ignorant or stupid for enjoying a show ?????? its a tv show like if u rly think everything abt it is that bad idk stop watching it ,,, i jsut???? idk like it rly …makes me feel shitty to try n enjoy something but i see so much negativity surrounding the thing i enjoy and ye s,, everyones entitled to their opinions obviously i just wish ppl would focus on what they like abt smth instead of every single time they’re disappointed by smth happening in a plot yknow ???? and if that many things disappoint you constantly all the time and u rly cant find tht many good things abt wht ur watching just dont watch it !!!! thts just my opinion idk im not tryna be….annoying or anything but its like…..twd episodes get ruined for me before i even watch them bc everyone acts like nobody should enjoy the episode

i was having such a bad day, until i finally came home, strolled on tumblr, and now grins crazily because Kihyun chose Yoongi to be one of the choices for celebrity bromance. ; _ ; been shipping YooKi (an otp name i came up with lmao) ever since Run’s 1st WIN when Kihyun touched the Suga butt. 

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Do you have any favorite pictures of Calista and Harrison? They're my favorite!

kjfldakjfl;dkajf ALL OF THEM but ok for reals yes. below the cut because I have zero chill.

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prompt Neil breaks up with Andrew to protect him

ok time for some anger!!!! i’ve read so many fics that have the exact same prompt so sorry in advance but idk how i’m gonna do this any justice lmao read if you’re down for some pain!!!!

The words felt like a crushing blow to the ribs, a piercing knife to the heart. Andrew supposed it was because it was so abrupt and so late at night that he felt like he was living through a nightmare. Seeing Neil in front of him was the only convincing indication that this was indeed reality, and that yes, he was most definitely awake; Neil never starred in any of his nightmares.

In fact, if he could say anything on the matter, Neil helped him deal with his nightly episodes. Better than anybody who had ever tried. And the things that helped Andrew deal with his past could be counted on one hand.

The shithead, it seemed, never stopped feeling like a distant dream, one he can’t seem to help but reach for.

“It’s over, Andrew. Whatever this… this thing between us is, I’m ending it.”

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clarke draws while she’s on her own because she has nothing else to do, and while at first she draws nature and landscape it eventually becomes the 100 and all the people they’ve lost. finn, wells, anya, maya, fox, sterling, and everyone else. she just draws them one by one. and then she draws the mount weather massacre. she puts all of her time and energy into drawing them, the kids and the adults, all of those who lost their lives, innocent or not. she releases all of her pent up emotion, fear and sorrow, and eventually, one day, she has drawn all the faces from that night that she remembers. so she starts drawing those who survived. she draws raven, jasper, her mom, octavia, monty, kane, wick, and bellamy. she draws them laughing, smiling, and she realizes all the people she left behind. she has so many people there for her and she just left them. she returns eventually, having forgiven herself without even realizing it. she isn’t whole again, but she has started picking up the pieces of herself, one by one, bit by bit. she is clarke griffin, co-leader of first 100 people from space to step foot on the ground in 97 years. she is strong. she has survived bombings and massacre after massacre. and she will survive this. with the help of her people. together.

SNK Readthrough: Volume 16 Part 12

Chapter 65 confirmed something many of us had long suspected, namely, young Kenny Ackerman was hot.  It also confirmed something we couldn’t possibly have known: Levi has his grandfather’s eyes. 

Levi’s mother was Kuchel. She worked in a brothel. He and Mikasa are distant cousins. And while Kenny is undoubtedly a psychopath, he has a bit of a soft spot for his family. 

So yeah, nice details. But it all felt more “ahh” than “OMG!!!” to me.

Perhaps the biggest reveal in this most recent expository dump was that the Asian bloodline is also immune from the King’s mindwhammy, making Mikasa some sort of unholy hybrid of rebellion for the monarchy. 

  • me: Plans on writing fanfiction
  • me: gets distracted with reading other author's fics or blogging on Tumblr or the internet
  • me: 3 hours later...oh well, I guess I'll write tomorrow
  • David Benioff: Well we've pretty much exhausted our supply of gratuitous violence towards women
  • D.B. Weiss: Wait, it turns out women exist in a younger form, called little girls
  • Benioff: Huh this gives me an idea
Fall - Chapter 8

No sooner did she step into work than Effie burst out of her office, teetering on her sky high heels, to give Katniss a hug and air kiss.

“My dear! I had no idea!” Effie exclaimed.

There was the briefest moment of confusion before Katniss realized: of course Effie knew. She kept up with all the celebrity gossip.

“Imagine my surprise when I actually recognized Peeta Mellark’s mystery woman! My own assistant!”

“Right, yeah, um, I really don’t–”

“That poor Cashmere though! I thought they looked so good together.”

“They never actually–”

“You must be careful, Katniss. Stealing another woman’s boyfriend? That’s bad karma and poor manners!”

Katniss sighed and stopped trying to cut in.

Chapter 8 of Fall is now up on AO3 &

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Kaylor Trade of the Century


If you give Kaylor a happy ending in your fic…..

I’ll give Kaylor a happy ending in mine (maybe even both of mine)……

*Law and Order DUH DUH sounds in background*

The cards are on the table. Their fates rest in your hands. I praise and bow down to you.