now go play with your bff


A: “- I’m in deep trouble, thanks to your old bff…”
Y: “- What!? I thought things were going great!?”
A: “- That’s just the thing. He’s too great. I thought this was just gonna be a weekend fling and now I’m… *sigh* geerbs!”
Y: “- What?”
A: “- He’s cute and funny. I love talking to him,  he’s a devil in bed…”
Janek: “- Ho ho, we all now that! It sounded like a wolf pack convention even with earplugs!”
A: “- WHAT THE WOOHOOCK; JANEK! This is a PRIVATE conversation! Don’t you have a dance class to go to?!”
Janek: “- Take it easy… I’m on my way. Remember to put the rent in the can.
Bye my ladies….. OOoooooooowhooo!”
A: *sigh* Just ignore him… can’t wait to get out of this dump”

Admit it

Requested by: @m-a-t-91
Pairings: Roman Reigns x Reader
Warnings: kinda fluffy
Summary: Reader is playing hard to get

You were at a live event in Las Vegas, Nevada and just had a match against Charlotte, you won.You were walking backstage threw the curtain when your best friend (y/bff/n) ran up to hug you.

Eww… your all sweaty”

She let go and backed away from you just a little bit.

“But I guess that’s what happens when YOU PUT ON SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW! I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you bestie”

You walked down the stairs and and started to head to your locker room when (y/bff/n) stood in front of you, stopping you dead in your tracks.

“What are you do-”

You were cut off by her questions.

“Who is that tall, dark, sexy man over there and why is he staring at you…huh?”

You looked over your best friend’s shoulder to find Roman staring at you…again. You always find him looking at you or finding a reason to come and talk to you. You had to admit he was pretty sexy and you loved to flirt with him, but you never let it become anything more.

“That’s Jo or Roman Reigns, whatever you want to call him.”

You started to walk right past him, when he stopped you.

“That was a great match (y/n).”

You felt your cheeks get hot and a smile began to creep up onto your face.

“Oh and by the way your ass looked amazing in your new ring gear.”

He looked behind you and licked his lips a little bit.You couldn’t help but blush.You laughed playfully pushed him against the wall.He laughed and help his hands up defensively in the air.

“I mean you put it out there so I’m just showing my appreciation.”


You went to walk away when he grabbed your hand, pulling you into him. He wrapped his muscular arms just right above your waist.He smelled fantastic and his eyes were hypnotizing.You could have sworn you saw a sparkle in his smile.

“So when are you going to let me take you out?”

You just smiled and looked away from him.You managed to free your self from his grasp and started to walk away, making sure to put on a show as you walked away.

“Bye Jo…”
“Bye baby girl.”

Your best friend came running up to you, all excited and hooking your arms together.

“Oh my gosh you like him!”
“What…no I don’t.”

You started to blush again and your voice started to get higher once your said that.

“Don’t play dumb with me I saw the way you were looking at each other.Not to mention the little show you were trying to put on for him…ya don’t think I didn’t notice.”

“Okay, okay, okay… maybe I like him just a little bit.”

She started to jump up and down like a middle school girl when she got her first ‘boyfriend’.It was kinda funny.


You put your hands over your her mouth and drug her into your locker room.

“shhh…people might hear you.”

She started to say something else when there was a knock on the door. She started to raise her eye brows at you, you couldn’t help but burst out laughing. You opened the door to find Renee standing there.

“Renee come in, come in”

She walked in and greeted your friend, then turned her attention back onto you.

“So you know that me and Dean live here and since we never have company, were having a party at our place and your coming.”

“I don’t know Renee.”
“Im not taking no for an answer.”

She kissed me on the cheek and ran out the door shouting “dress sexy!” on the way out.

“So I guess were going to a party.”

You and (y/bff/n) went back to the hotel room and got ready for the party. You curled your hair, did a light smokey eye, and paired it with a matte red lip. You put on a black, mesh, low cut, skin tight dress that hugged your curves and showed off your figure in the best way possible. Your best friend got ready and you were on your way to the party.

You knocked on the door and Dean answered it. You gave him a hug and he lead you into the back yard. There was a bar, outdoor fire place and fairy lights everywhere. You knew the bar was all Dean but the fairy lights had to be Renee. Either way it was beautiful. Dean had made you all drinks and you all were talking and dancing when Renee went to answer the door.

Roman came walking into the back yard. His hair was pulled back into a bun and he was in a fitted black tee and some jeans. You had to say he was looking mighty fine.He walked up to Dean and gave him a hug.He got a drink and was socializing with everyone. Normally you would capture his attention immediately, maybe he just hadn’t noticed you yet. So you would make him notice you.

You made your way over to where they were and purposely brushed up against Roman.When you did Roman choked on his drink a little bit.

“You okay Jo?”
“Ya, (y/n) you look incredible.”

His eyes were roaming, looking up and down your body. How the dress fit and how little dress there really was.He might have looked at certain spots a little to long, but you’d be lying of you said you didn’t love it.

“Do you wanna dance?”
“Maybe later…I’m enjoying my drink.”

You smirk and walked back to the girls and left him there with all the guys. Roman’s eyes were on you the entire time, practically undressing you. He really was a good man. He’s been chasing you since you came up to the main roster three years ago and still hasn’t given up.He would carry your bags for you and open doors, even send roses up to your room.He was the perfect gentlemen with a very flirtatious sense of humor and you loved that about him.

You found yourself continuously looking back at him, see what he was doing.

“Don’t you think you’ve been playing cat and mouse way to long.”

Sasha snapped you out of your trance.

“Ya we all know that you like each other.”

The other girls started to join in. (y/bff/n) took your drink out of your hand and told you to go talk to him.You could do this right? You know that your feelings are mutual, he just doesn’t and it was time that he did.

You walk over to the Couch were roman was sitting, sipping on his beer.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer to dance now. ”

You reached your hand out twords him.You must have completely took him by surprise, because it took him a good 15 seconds to take your hand.He got up and lead you to The makeshift dance floor. The song Body on Me by Rita Ora and Chris Brown came on, probably not by coincidence. He wrapped his hands around your waist, while your arms snaked around his neck.

“So the Samoan badass can dance.”

He chuckled at your comment and just continued to dance.Rocking you back and fourth, even spinning you once or twice.

“So what made you ask me to dance anyway?”

You sighed and played it off.

“I just figured why not.”

He shook his head and leaned in. Your faces were only inches apart and your could feel the heat radiating off of his body.

“I know you don’t except me to believe that.”

You just looked at him like he was stupid, not really knowing how to respond.You started to try to look away from him again, but this time he wouldn’t let you. He grasped your chin in between his thumb and index finger, bringing your eyes to meet his. He ran his thumb across your bottom lip ,sending shivers down your spine. You kept looking his lips and then back to his eyes.Then next thing you knew you felt his soft lips on your, pulling you into a passionate kiss.

Once you finally pulled out of the kiss, you just stood there flustered and speechless.He laughed just a little bit at your reaction.

“Now there’s no way that I would have got that reaction…if you didn’t feel something for me to.”

You sighed, realizing that now you had to tell him how you felt now.

“Okay, I really really like you Jo, like a-lot. I just don’t know how to expr-”

You were cut off by his lips back onto yours. You heard all of your friends cheering and whistling in the back ground. You pulled away and both look at all them laughing. You had your hands on Roman’s chest and you buried your face in them.Roman leaned down and kissed the top of your head and then he whispered something in your ear.

“Lets go back to my hotel room…”

Phonecert - Kim Jaehwan

Title: Phonecert

Member: Kim Jaehwan ft. Hwang Minhyun

Genre: Fluff

Song reference: Phonecert by 10cm

Summary: Phone calls with Jaehwan.

Words: 1323

  • You and Jaehwan met when you were still a freshman at Uni.
  • He was strolling around the campus when he saw you sitting on the edge of the rooftop.
  • You and Jaehwan had some classes together, that’s why you’re quite acquainted with Jaehwan.
  • “Oh! Y/N?” You looked back and saw Jaehwan coming closer to you.
  • “Umm, yes? Do you need anything from me?” You asked. You’re that kind of person who doesn’t socialize much and always try to stay away from meeting other people.

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Andre Burakovsky - Oh Baby!

Originally posted by welbecks

“You’re not going to the game,” Andre frowned.

“Why not?” you protested.

“It’s a week before the due date! What if someone bumps into you and you fall or the game is too stressful for you or-” he babbled on.

With a laugh, you gently tugged his arm so he looked at you. You laid a hand on his cheek and pulled him in for a deep kiss, which was pretty awkward considering you were heavily pregnant.

“If it’s going to worry you that much, I won’t go,” you chuckled, burying your face into the crook of his neck.

Like the air rushing out of a balloon, his shoulders sagged in relief as he rested one hand on your back and the other on your huge stomach.

“I’m only worried because I love you and this baby more than life itself.”

“More than hockey?” you hummed, absentmindedly playing with his short hair.

“More than hockey,” he affirmed, “Now, take a nap and when you wake up, I’ll be at the game. Y/BFF/N is coming over to watch the game with you,” he pressed a kiss to your forehead before adding another one to your lips.

“Go kill it out there,” you grinned, “Isn’t that right, Baby? Daddy will crush those Maple Leafs. I mean, duh, they’re the Maple Leafs.”

Andre leaned against the bedroom doorframe and watched you talk to your unborn child, a smile perched on his lips.

“I love you very much, Baby and so does your Daddy. He’s the best Daddy in the entire world and he will always love and protect you. We’ve waited a long time for you and even though it’s only a week, we want you to be out already. But, I want you to be safe a perfectly healthy. Can you do that for me?”

You stretched out along the couch and with the NHL network playing softly in the background, fell asleep.

“Hey, how’s it going? Hi, love your work. Nice to see you. Is the fridge stocked?” Y/BFF/N’s voice floated from the kitchen, pulling you out of your sleep.

“Nice to see you too,” you grunted, “Yes, the fridge is stocked. I have one hockey player living here full time with two others appearing at random, of course it’s stocked.”

You took a deep breath and rolled yourself over enough so you could grab the remote, turning the volume up. It was a struggle to move around with your huge stomach.

The game was into the second period and Toronto was up, two to one. You weren’t dismayed, however, because you knew your boys were the best. Y/BFF/N joined you on the couch, eating some jell-o.

“Latts is going to kill you for eating his food,” you snorted as she shoveled more in her mouth.

“I’m sorry, is his name on it?” she smirked.

“Yeah, it’s written on each cup. In sharpie.”

“I know,” she gave you a wicked grin, “Now, how is my godchild doing?”

“One more week and then they’re here,” your groaned, burying your face in your hands.

“Still don’t know the gender?”

“Nope. We agreed to be surprised.”

Your attention was drawn back to the screen where Nicky and Ovi did well….what Nicky and Ovi do and scored. You and your BFF cheered and hugged as the score tied. Your smile faltered, however, as you felt a sharp pain ripple along your spine and stomach. You ignored it, dismissing it as Braxton-Hicks and decided on just breathing through it until they went away.

They didn’t. They got worse.

“Y/N? Y/N, are you okay?” your BFF asked.

You gripped the back of the couch and stood, a pained expression painted across your features. Then, it happened.

It felt like you peed yourself and when you both looked down, it confirmed your suspicions.

“Y/N, did your water just break?”

“I’m going to assume so, yeah. The hospital bag is in the nursery, can you go get it?” you were scarily calm in the present situation.

“Oh my god. Ok, yeah. Oh my god. I need to call Andre,” she shrieked, dashing into the nursery.

“Can you stop yelling? I’m the one in labor,” you whined as she helped you walk out, turning to lock the door. Another contraction hit and you focused on breathing in and breathing out while blocking out her hyper ramblings over the phone. She called the hospital to let them know they were coming and she called the trainers of the Capitals who said they would get Andre.

“How ya feeling?” she asked as she pulled the car into the hospital parking lot.

“Like there is a watermelon coming out of my body,” you hissed.

All you could focus on was the pain as she ushered you in and you were put into a room. Nurses bustled around you, poking and prodding. You grabbed Y/BFF/N’s hand and pulled her closer.

“Is he coming?” you whimpered out as another contraction hit.

“Yeah, he’s coming, don’t worry,” she nodded.

“Alright, Miss Y/L/N, you are seven centimeters dilated and have progressed quickly. If we give you an epidural now, it probably wouldn’t help much with how fast you’re progressing,” the nurse looked apologetic.

The pain was so bad, it felt like you were getting ripped in two. The silver lining was the fact that you were progressing faster than most women, so it should be time to push soon.

“What did I miss? Did it happen?” Andre burst through the door, eyes wild and hair messy. His suit was thrown on haphazardly and it was obvious he didn’t take a shower before changing.

“Nothing has happened yet. Just…a lot of pain,” your friend said, “I’ll go get some coffee and stuff and hang out in the waiting room.”

Andre came to your side, grabbing your hand tightly. He bent down, whispering sweet words in your ear as you nodded, the pain slipping away along with the room until it was just him and you, looking into each other’s eyes.

“I love you and you’ve got this,” he grinned.

“Let’s go have a baby,” you joked.

One hour and three pushes later, the two of you looked at the sleeping baby boy in your arms.

“Welcome to the world, Kristian Andrew Burakovsky,” you smiled, “I’m your mommy and that’s your daddy and we love you very, very much.”

Mirror mirror on the wall, what does this reflect on them all??

Mixed feelings all around, almost as many as people/bloggers here. Funny how we all react differently to the same stimulus/incitement or in this case what feels like bait/taunt.
I see disappointment, frustration, anger, lost of respect, sadness, confusion, exhaustion… I see fans giving up on everything Outlander, others trying to explain this new act, some blaming S&C, some giving them an escape… and the crazy thing is I relate to them all and it all.
Stating that from the very beginning none of us knew what the whole truth was, a thousand different scenarios and theories could be made up with all what we were seeing/reading/hearing and what we were being given (note the difference between them both please).
Now, my problem here resides in the fact that such a mess has been made of things that no matter which one of those scenarios turns out to be the real one it won’t come out completely clean from shit and nonsense. It’s all tainted one way or another. I’ll explain myself.
Bear (no pun intended) with me, let’s assume narrative #1 is the real deal and Sam was single, fell for Skipper and they have been together for a year (is it?) now plus Cait had been with that T guy all along. There are some questions to which the answers are NOT PRETTY:
- is that really MM&S’ relationship’s true timing, so close to her having another boyfriend? (stinks, I’m never one to break up another couple)
- why has Skipper/Sam/someone close to them been leaking info and pics about their “private” lives from the very beginning? (stinks even more)
- why let your misogynist bully blue-checked of a “friend” make statements about your love life that you aren’t able/willing to make yourself? what is more, why in the middle of that twitter war and harassment you choose to acknowledge and like and interact with shipper tweets (as easy as it would’ve been to ignore them in the ocean of tweets and mentions you get every freaking minute) (beyond shitty)
- why would you forget/avoid to mention your boyfriend of 3 years in the 2 minute speech you have to give on what was your most important award and achievement to date? (sorry honey, you already know I love you, no need to declare it publicly as other hundreds of celebrities have done and still do each time they win something - again pure bullshit)
- why if you dislike shippers and agree with the big bully that we are all crazy, you go like his tweet then go hurry and unlike it? If those are your true feelings OWN IT woman, you can’t have your cake and eat it too (yep we are disgusting but I’m wearing my Unusual Lady T-shirt as I type this, may help clean my hands of this shit)
- why the rainbow mockery?!?! Yes it now feels like that.
- why if your co-star is your BFF he has been dating a girl for a year and you fail to simply acknowledge her in SM till today? The normal thing would have been to give a follow back the moment she follows you (didn’t happen), or later on when she likes stuff you post (hi there Cait, it’s me!), or later when your BFF retweets her…but no, it wasn’t official enough till today (maybe she’s pregnant and they are in the countdown…you know what’s down? A pile of shit, yeah).
So yes, you get the gist of it, many more bullshit I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Let’s go now with story #2 and that version in which this whole thing has been and still is fuckery to hide the real relationship between Sam&Cait. Okay, they are forced to hide it because of work/industry reasons or/and they want their privacy. Poor them, having to play along and go places they don’t want to go and post and tweet pics they don’t want to, being active part of a farce that results in many of their fans being insulted and bullied, leaving them defenseless and at most saying they ignore (all the while knowing they are in the right). Many people here claim as long as S&C didn’t get directly involved then they couldn’t get blamed by what other people (Shitner, MM, etc) implied so when the “coming out” came it would be clean. Well, after today’s shitshow now this is not possible anymore either. Cait had already wished him a happy birthday, today’s tweet was nonsense.
- why today’s picture with 5 people on a kitchen doing nothing, just posing for the camera no cake no birthday celebration to show whatsoever? And on Cait’s feed and by her own hand. Again notice she HAD ALREADY tweeted him happy birthday.
- why follow the girl back today? Again it would’ve made the narrative more believable if it had happened at the very beginning.

Now we also have the gay scenario #3, in which Sam is in the closet, Cait his BFF willing to cooperate at the beginning but not so much after a while (IFH) enter goldilocks. Well this would be very sad but would make sense from many points of view (why no jealousy from any SO would ever be involved when facing very inappropriate behaviour between costars). Still many games and fuckery being played by al involved and fans paying for them.

Now add a hundred more scenarios apart from those mentioned above and in-between (Sam and Cait did date at the beginning but it was too much, Cait wanted out and he was heartbroken from bimbo to bimbo, they have always been just friends albeit very touchy feely ones)

I guess what I’m trying to say is in the end it doesn’t matter what truth comes out (if/when it does) if in the process there has been all this nasty business of constant fuckery. I don’t like that so I’m reacting the only way I can and that I feel counts: in numbers. As a fan and merely a number, today I’ve unfollowed both S&C in twitter and instagram. I don’t mean to go away cause I still look forward season 3 but I’m gonna be a lurker, no likes no sharing in their stuff anymore.

Of course this is just my POV, coming from my own experiences (funny became a celeb cynical because of Jennifer Aniston, epic let down and since a few weeks ago people here started comparing her and skinny-legs, yes Justin, to Sam and Cait. Fuck my life). Feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions if you feel like it and thanks for listening/reading.

Put a girl in my ask!
  • Reimu: You have 24 hours when you, and only you, gain the ability to instantly beat up anyone with no repercussions. What do you do?
  • Marisa: What are the greatest odds that you've defied?
  • Sakuya: You are now a serial killer. What is your modus operandi, and what cool nickname do you have?
  • Sanae: Sacred bovines! It's a miracle! Now tell me what happened.
  • Youmu: Fill in the blank: "The ____ that cannot be ____ by this ____, forged by ____, are close to ____!"
  • Patchouli: Spout a uselessly esoteric fact about a subject you're knowledgeable in.
  • Cirno: What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
  • Remilia: What's something simple that you can't do?
  • Flan: Who do you least want to disappoint?
  • Yuyuko: How would you like to die?
  • Yukari: What's your favourite storyline in the Touhou series?
  • Suika: What is something that you've never lied about?
  • Alice: What strengths do you usually hide?
  • Kaguya: Who are your rivals?
  • Mokou: What is the greatest ordeal that you've recovered from?
  • Komachi: What's the last thing that you've procrastinated on?
  • Eiki: Name something that you believe is absolutely wrong.
  • Yuuka: What's your favourite flower, and why?
  • Aya: If you had access to the best surveillance supplies in the world, who would you stalk?
  • Kanako: What's the best decision that you've ever made?
  • Suwako: How have you matured in the past five years?
  • Nitori: If you were a super-high-tech robot, what upgrades would you have?
  • Parsee: Who are you jealous of?
  • Satori: What do people hate you for?
  • Rin: What's the most that you've done for a friend?
  • Utsuho: How would you like to achieve global domination?
  • Koishi: What's one thing that you would like to change about yourself?
  • Byakuren: Name your real life Pokemon team.
  • Nue: What is something that you're afraid of?
  • Mamizou: Which fictional character do you want to look like?
  • Miko: What's your favourite historical anecdote?
  • Futo: If you were made into a guinea pig (for science!), what superpowers would you want to get out of it?
  • Seiga: Who would you bring back from the dead?
  • Kokoro: What's your default facial expression?
  • Seija: What would you be like if your personality traits (but not your skills!) were inverted?
  • Shinmyoumaru: Poof! You're now palm sized! Where are you going to live?
  • Raiko: What instruments do you play?
  • Renko: Name a useless talent that you have.
  • Maribel: Describe your ideal bff/partner/sidekick/accomplice/cellmate!
but consider this

another stormtrooper defects and he/she and Finn becoming bffs 4 lyfe because they get each others first order inside jokes (STORMTROOPERS HAVE A SECRET SUBCULTURE FIGHT ME) and they are confused about the same weird cultural things they don’t understand- like unlimited access to food and being allowed to sleep whenever you want. And Finn and New-BFF sometimes retreat to old behaviors and call each other by their old # designations especially when training together bc they dont understand how these people maintain focus with no standardizing order (freedom is great and first order is evil and awful but OLD HABITS DIE HARD AND SOMETIMES SOMETHING FAMILIAR IS NICE FIGHT ME IN THE PIT). obviously theyre both happy to be free but its still nice to know someone who gets you so they are bffs traitors 4 lyfe

AND ALSO CONSIDER Jealous Poe jealous that His Finn has a new best friend and is Terrible at hiding said Jealousy and everyone knows he is a pining brooding mess who will never have the balls to make a move!! But New-BFF is observant and Hardcore Commited to Finns happiness bc Finn is his/her TRAITOR BFF 4 LYFE so New-BFF casually drops the bomb on Poe that hey Finn is in love with you and plays all dumb as if he/she didnt know youre not supposed to reveal these things

and then new-bff has to go make other friends bc Finn is busy making out with Poe all the time now

Mystic Messenger in a Nutshell

YOOSUNG: Rika? Not Rika? Okay. *Sobs*
ZEN: I’m so freaking beautiful that I take my own breath away.
JUMIN: I want to lock you up and drink all of your essence.
SEVEN: I should go bury myself. Don’t you dare come near me! *Sniffs* Actually, I need your love…
JAEHEE: Gimme a high five, BFF!
V: I can’t explain in detail right now. *V has left the chat room*
SAERAN: Just fucking die, Luciel.
RIKA: Surprise, bitches! I’m not dead.


MC: *Stares at the phone’s screen in disbelief* Just what the fuck did I get myself into? *Plays each route all over again anyways*

Trajan and his BFF.

Trajan pov’s on

Trajan: Please can you stop dancing?

Cristy: Jesus, since when my bff became an idiot?

Trajan: I’m not na idiot… I’m just not into dancing today.

Cristy: Like you weren’t in the last week. C'mon Tray, you know you can tell anything to me.

Trajan: Stop calling me “Tray”… And I don’t want to talk now.

Cisty: Then I’m just gonna dance.

She continue dancing like an idiot. It have sometimes that i would dance with her just to se her beautiful smile, but today it’s not going in the way i spected. Cristy sat down in my side and looked at me, she said nothing, just stand ther.

Cristy: You fight with your father again, isn’t it?

Trajan: I hate when you right.

Cristy: What this time.

Trajan: He don’t want me to keep being your friend.

Cristy: It’s because I said that he really cute when he is upset? Or because I did the prank of paint in him?

Trajan: No, my uncle do that all time with him. I think is because he think you’re too nice for everybody.

Cristy: My parentes said “don’t do for other what you don’t want that someone do to you”. I just do what they told me.

Trajan: I Know… But he just can’t understand!

Cristy: Hey calm down, anyone is going to take us apart. You’re my bff of the WHOLE unergound, we are unbreakable!

Trajan: Maybe you’re right.

Cristy: I’m Always right! Now let’s dance, and if you don’t come I’ll punch your face!

I smiled and she grab my arm. Cristy went to the record player, and put a CD, the muisc started to play, she come at me dancing really bad (even if she dance well), I could not resist and had to go with her. Cristy was so happy that i go along, she smiled and we danced together. She is the only one that can make me happy when I’m sad or angry about something.

We are friends been so long. I met her at the waterfall (which is where she lives), she was looking at the water, and I just think “damn, she is so beautiful”, then she look up to me, she smiled and asked my name. A girl I’ve never seen before is being nice to me, and we’re in the underground … I think I forgot what it was like to have someone being nice to me.

Cristy is unique, I think I can speak like that of her. I’ve never seen a monster like her, she has green eyes, her skin is pink, has two purple wings and two small horns roses on her head. It is also always with a black dress that goes to her thighs, with a black coat and black boots.

She closely resembles a human, except for the pink skin and the sclera of her eye is black. I think it’s also why my father did not like her much, at first I even thought she was kind of annoying, but now … I really like her, and appreciate the time we spend together … Who am I kidding? I love her … I love her very much.

Not All the Same (Calum)

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to party. This was one of those nights. Her best friend begged and pleaded with her to go to this party in the Hollywood Hills. It was for some up and coming band she knew nothing about and didn’t care to know anything about.

She was very uninterested in the whole celebrity scene. Her father was a pretty well known music producer so she was familiar with the type of ego some of the people that run in that kind of crowd tend to have.

She liked to avoid these types of people at all costs, but since she was a good friend she finally agreed to go after hours of her best friend repeatedly proclaiming her love for one of the band members to her.

She stood outside by the pool watching the lights change colors as she twisted a solo cup filled with beer in her hands. Her best friend was off chatting up every remotely famous person she could find at the party while searching for this guy she was apparently so into.

She was left alone but she was effortlessly beautiful so it didn’t take long before there was a guy in her face trying to hit on her. She did her best to be polite but sometimes it was hard to not laugh in guys faces when they were trying so hard to sell her on how great they are.

As the night went on the partygoers became more and more intoxicated as did she. Despite the alcohol in her veins she still wasn’t in the mood to socialize. By now the third guy of the night was hitting on her relentlessly. This one was the worst yet. He was a pig and he was not going away.

“So you really have no idea who I am? I find that hard to believe.” he asked her with slurred words in a cocky tone.

“No not at all, I’ve never seen or heard of you at all before.” she lied, she knew exactly who he was but had no intention of giving him that satisfaction.

“I’m a DJ slash music producer, you gotta know some of my jams.” he insisted in his same cocky tone then proceeded to raddle of a list of songs he had worked on.

He continued talking and bragging to her for a bit longer before things took a turn for the worse. He became increasingly handsy, which made her uncomfortable and she was also becoming pretty agitated.

He stroked her arm, “you know how sexy you look in that dress? I want to know how sexy you look out of that dress.”

She was so creeped out. She leaned away from him and looked around for her bff frantically to show some kind of sign of distress in hopes they could get out of there, but she was nowhere in sight.

Next thing she knew a rather tall muscular guy with tan skin and a few tattoos bumped into their conversation. He looked at her and nodded sweetly smiling with the corner of his mouth.

“Hey! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you all night” he said to her. She was confused at first as to what he was doing but she caught on quickly. At this point she was desperate for any kind of escape route.

“Hi, sorry” she smiled at the brown eyed boy, “I’ve been out here talking to..” she looked to the DJ “I’m sorry I’ve forgotten your name again.. met a lot of people tonight.”

The DJ looked like he was confused and pissed off at the same time. Before he could get a word in the kind stranger spoke. “Hello there mate, Calum Hood” he stuck out his hand “I don’t think we’ve met.”

She didn’t know why but for some reason the name sounded oddly familiar. She looked at him examining his face but there was nothing familiar about him, she’d never seen the boy before.

After the uncomfortable introduction between Calum and the DJ he looked at her, “I’m sorry to interrupt, I just need to steal my girlfriend for a bit” he looked back to the DJ flashing him a smile.

“Well it was nice meeting you” she lied to the DJ as she forced a smile.

Calum lightly grabbed her hand and led her away. Once they were out of earshot she looked up to him. “Thank you,” she whispered appreciatively.

“No problem” he smiled “You looked pretty uncomfortable, I couldn’t watch anymore… So who do you know here?” he asked.

“No one” she giggled awkwardly “Could you tell?… I came here with my best friend but she’s off trying to find some guy in the band that lives here.”

“Oh” he laughed “Which one?” They continued walking up the yard to the porch where there were less people around.

“I honestly have no idea. She loves musicians so this is a regular thing for us. She gets invited to a party for some artist and stalks whoever her latest love interest is while I stand around getting hit on by pretentious douche bags.”

“That guy was kind of a douche, huh,” he laughed, "So you know nothing about the guys that live here? You just came? That’s pretty badass,” he told her with a cheeky smile.

"Yea, I guess,” she laughed a little "I just, I don’t know, I don’t really care to. I’ve known a lot of musicians, I don’t really want to talk about it but my dad works in the industry. The majority of the ones I’ve met have been the same. They’re egomaniacs who think they immediately have the rights into your pants because they can play a guitar.”

“Damn that’s a little harsh, they can’t all be that bad”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, I gave up on talking to that type of guy a long time ago.”

He looked out into the yard at the crowd of people enjoying themselves. “Do you maybe want to grab another beer?” he asked her.

She agreed. He was the nicest, most normal person she had talked to all night. Not to mention he was very easy on the eyes so she might as well hang with him for a bit, plus she didn’t want to run the risk of getting stuck talking to another prick.

He handed her a cold beer and leaned against the kitchen counter. “So the guys that live here are in the band called five seconds of summer. They aren’t really even famous so they’re still kinda chill in my opinion.”

“According to my friend they’re pretty huge.. but still that’s refreshing to hear.. Hopefully they don’t all turn into Justin Beiber assholes.. LA will do that.” she laughed, “So, how do you know them?”

“uh.. well.. uh,” he stuttered looking around awkwardly “They’re good friends of mine, you see, I’m from Sydney and so are they.. we kind of ya know grew up together”

She didn’t know why he suddenly got weird but kept up the conversation feeling a bit awkward as well, “Oh that’s really cool.. I’m sorry I should have assumed you knew them, I mean you are at their party.. I’m so dumb…please forget my whole musicians suck speech.” she basically had word vomit.

He playfully put a hand on her shoulder, “Relax its fine I promise I wont tell them!” he laughed “plus usually if one of them does any asshole diva type shit the other three are there to kick him of his horse which is good.”

“That’s pretty awesome,” she smiled “So how long are you in LA for?”

“I’ll be around for a while.. Are you from around here?” he asked then looked to his feet briefly “maybe we could hang out some time.”

She was surprised he was asking to see her again but she was also kind of excited. “Yea! Totally… I mean that could be cool.. It’s not every day I meet a normal guy around here that’s not trying to get famous.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled a bit and exhaled hesitantly, “lemme see your phone I’ll text myself from it.”

She handed him her phone and while he was typing she heard a high-pitched voice squeal her name. It was her obviously intoxicated best friend.

“Oh. My. God. Y/N, there you are!” She stopped dead in her tracks.

“Hey Y/BFF/N” She looked at her friend and then back to Calum who was now looking up from her phone.

“Sooo are you going to introduce me?” her best friend asked elbowing her in the ribs. What the fuck was up with that?

“Calum this is Y/BFF/N, my best friend” he handed her back her phone. “Y/BFF/N this is..” Before she could say his name her best friend answered for her.

“Calum Hood. I know exactly who he is. I mean we are standing in his house.”

She looked to Calum a bit confused “Your house?”

Before he could answer her, her best friend continued talking. “He plays the bass in the band I’ve been telling you all about.. you know five seconds of summer.”

She was speechless. This was his house? He was a musician.. in the band that lived here, in this house, that they had been talking about. She looked up into his eyes and they both stared at each other without a word.

Her best friend continued talking for them, “Calum is the guy I was telling you about before, Y/N, he’s an INCREDIBLE musician.”

He still hadn’t looked away from her waiting for a reaction. It was all making sense to her now, why she recognized his name.. this was the guy her best friend was into.. he was the reason they were at the party in the first place.

“I bet he is” she smiled weakly and he looked down to his feet. “I’m going to go..” she looked around the room of strangers “…outside guys should chat.. text me when your ready to leave Y/BFF/N” She told them.

“Hey wait” calum attempted to get her to stay but knew it was probably useless.

She got out to the patio and took a seat on one of the lounges. She looked down at her phone and saw the text he had typed out. It read ‘let me show you we’re not all the same’.

She sat there for a while just looking up at the stars listening to the party guests sing along to a bon jovi song. Her phone vibrated so she assumed her best friend was ready to leave.. or would be staying with Calum so she could leave.

She was wrong, the text was from her best friend but it read 'I think you should give him a chance, I think he really likes you’ with a bunch of heart and kissy face emojis.

She locked the screen and tossed it back in her bag. Then she heard a low voice come up from behind her. “Hey is this seat taken?” he asked.

She turned around to see Calum standing there with a questioning look on his face. She slid down the lounge making room for him to sit next to her.

He took the seat and shifted his body so he was facing her. “Look, I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you straight out, that was messed up.. I just got nervous when you said you weren’t into musicians… I didn’t want you to stop talking to me” he looked down nervously at his hands.

She finally looked up to meet his gaze. He looked sincere. “Its okay,” she almost whispered. He reached out to grab her hand.

“Can we start over?” he asked. She smiled and nodded her head.

“Hi, my names Calum,” he laughed a bit, “I play bass in a band and we  live in this house. You make me really nervous because you’re very beautiful.”

She giggled a bit at his bluntness, “You make me nervous too rock star” she smiled and slid closer to him nudging his shoulder.

“So did I miss anything?” he asked.

“Well, I think you were about to ask me out.” she wiggled her eye brows making him laugh.

“You’re right I was… Let me take you to the beach tomorrow?”

“Definately” she smiled and leaned in to give him a peck on the cheek.   





👄Red lips and Rosy cheeks👄
Hi Taylor! My name is Emily. You probably don’t know me yet, but I hope that changes one day.😊 Here I am, laying in my bed at 2:03 a.m., attempting to be noticed by you. If you could just know one thing about me, I’d want you to know that you and your music get me through both joyful and painful times, and I’m SO THANKFUL for that. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you. Not to mention, you have allowed me to befriend 2 of my internet best friends ,Lauren & Sally, (red-lips-and-curious-minds & ballerinaswift) that I never would’ve come across or discovered if I hadn’t created a Taylor Swift fan account inspired by you. Maybe I’ll even get to meet them someday too! I’ll try not to make this too much longer, but I just want you to know the incredible impact you’ve made on my life. On 10.17.15 (1989 Tour Dallas/Arlington) Maddie, Sydney, (my bffs) and I will be dancing the night away at your concert. It will be my very first time ever seeing you live. I CANNOT WAIT ASDFGHJKL. I love you to the moon and back, Swiftie Emily😽❤️

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hahaha but seriously i see swen people defending her but you seem different. she makes me give up on swan queen

I think she’s a talented actress and she’s a super cutie! I feel really awful for her that they took her big arc and gave it to someone else. I would like her to be recognized for her talents a bit more often and I wish her much luck in her future career. She gave me Emma and I’ll always be grateful for that.

I think she’s very focused on positive vibes and she doesn’t always grasp that she, the rich and famous white straight (ostensibly) actress, has many more reasons to be positive than marginalized people who feel rejected by her, by the show and the people involved with it. I think that there’s a lot of willful ignorance and stubbornness and defensiveness at work (and I think she downplays the E/R relationship and tells herself it’s about not giving us false hope because that’s easier than recognizing the actual effect that doing that has on us). I think that perhaps if she were a bit kinder or more empathetic, she might see that she’s hurt a lot of young queer fans who would move the world for her. 

I also think that stanning in general is kind of a messy business because it often involves putting someone up on a pedestal and then defending them at all costs, including when they’ve hurt you or other people around you. And it’s super unhealthy and really the term “problematic fave” is my favorite because it kind of covers all bases lmao. Let them be great actors and nice people and human, fallible without it defining them. Let yourself back away when it’s healthier to do so, and come back when you’re ready. 

I don’t think that her actions offscreen have any bearing on Swan Queen! She has said before and I absolutely believe that she would play it if it were written. And an actor’s opinion on a ship should never have any bearing on you shipping it– they are playing whatever their canon role is and you are the one creating a better world in your mind. Jen’s opinion on Swan Queen can’t make it go away, nor can anyone else’s. It’s ours and it’ll always be ours now. :)

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Ok but consider: Keith and lance both get sick, and end up turning it into a competition of who can care for the other better. They both get worse until the others force them to stop. (this is lit how it plays out between my bff and me)

this is so funny but also very pure and good

keith (literally cannot stand up properly, nauseous, has The Worst fever in the universe): lance you FUCK. lay down. im getting you chicken noodle soup. and get under that blanket right now. stop making finger guns. im serious. 

lance (voice practically nonexistent, coughing up a lung every other minute): how about YOU lay down you stupid idiot you can’t even stay upright. let me check your temperature. also we are in space where are you going to get chicken noodle soup. omg bb ur burning up 

keith, weakly shoving lance under the blankets: no youre the stupid idiot just let me take care of you wwhat the fuck stop pulling me into the bed i have to get you SOUP–

lance: YOU HAVE TO LAY DOWN KEITH PLEASE!! KEITH I AM BEGING YOU you cant even STAND UP god u are so dumb. when will u learn

hunk, appearing suddenly: if you dont both go to sleep right now i swear to god

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But the strange thing with tweets from Liam's friends is that they aren't match at all...

How is it that they don’t match?! Omfg.

Anyway more things just came to my mind - first of all, I think the friends were needed here bc if they hadn’t been involved, how else would we have found out about Liam’s dude bro-y visit to Zayn?

Liam himself couldn’t possibly tweet ”bro I just saw you for like 20 minutes but now I am leaving to go play FIFA with my bffs, I won’t be seeing you tomorrow lol cause that’s a very personal day and we are just dude bros, oh and I also don’t have your number, yo. Goodnight I am going to get smashed later, have a great time with your lovely fiancee Perrie aha x”

I mean, that would have been a catastrophe! So THAT’S why a bunch of friends accompanied Liam to his super short visit to his dude bro Zayn - TO LET US KNOW ABOUT IT!

Now lets note that their FIFA tournament doesn’t have to be taking place in Liam’s flat. They could all be at Zayn’s (Ziam’s), and even if we do get pics they could be from earlier tonight (aka before the visit). AND if they leave to go clubbing, that doesn’t mean Liam has to stay for ages, he can club for an hour or so and then go back to Zayn, and they can pay a fan as usual to tell us how smashed he got and how he flirted with girls and how long he stayed at the club, or if he goes with Sophia, how he couldn’t let go of her and how in love they are yada yada.

And about tomorrow - again they could have staged Zerrie pics popping up, pics that were taken a few days before. And if Liam appears with Sophia at the mall or at a concert or whatever again, lets all remember the day has 24 hours and it doesn’t mean he won’t be spending the rest with Zayn.

Oh as I am writing this, I just saw in this awesome post that they DID post a pic from Liam’s flat AFTER they ”left Zayn’s” (around 10pm) and… there’s a sunset lol. And then we got a taxi pic which I think is legit (as in, from right now), and shows us them going clubbing.

WHAT I LOVE THE MOST about this whole thing, is how up to date we are about Liam’s whereabouts tonight! His friends have tweeted everything short of the number of times he went to the loo, jfc. If THIS doesn’t seem fishy to people, idk what would. Like, when was the last time we got such a detailed itinerary? I don’t remember anything like this, sorry if I’m wrong.

Anon 2: People are saying that seeing Liam’s tweet to Zayn confirmed how Ziam aren’t together and aren’t dating and just what? It was a weird ass tweet because if he saw Zayn why did he have to tweet him? I’m so confused by this now.

To be honest anon, this is just another indication that this was the whole intention of tonight’s events. They WANTED us to think that, and they succeeded with a lot of ppl. Congrats! :P

Anon 3: Liam tweeted Zayn happy birthday but he said he doesn’t have Zayn’s number in this phone and I’m like babe you should have memorized your bf’s number but apparently Liam and his friends were over at Zayn’s for a party but just left and Liam tweeted and like he could have gotten Zayn’s number when he saw him so like what is up with that? Why did he have to tweet it if he saw him?

Because we needed to know that they are dude bros who do dude bro-y things and see each other for like an hour and then one of them leaves with the rest of his dude bros to play FIFA and then go clubbing and the other eats the amazing baked whatevers his amazing whatever fiancee made. That’s why he tweeted him, let us all have a nice day :P :)

Anon 4: Another thing I realized was that Liam probably knows that Zayn barely goes on twitter, that Modest controls it more than him, so what is the use of tweeting him and hoping he’ll see it? This all just looks so fishy and that automatically makes me think of modest.

M-hmm. I am officially putting this whole thing in the long list of attempted manipulations by Modest.