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Imagine Drunk Crying Over Steve’s Hair at Tina’s Party

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: You get sheet faced at Tina’s Halloween party, where you end up crying about how beautiful Steve’s hair is.

Warning: Underage drinking. Drunken shenanigans.

You stood there, atop the coffee table in the middle of Tina’s living room, spinning around with your trusty red solo cup in hand, only pausing to stamp your feet against the table along to the tune of the drums. You weren’t even sure what song was playing, but you liked it, and you liked dancing atop the table, and you like the drink in your hand. You tipped the cup up, downing two more gulps of the red liquid you had grabbed from the spiked punch bowl. You let out a “Whoop!” which was met by a chorus of “Yeah!”’s, courtesy of the high school boys watching you dance around in your skin tight Daphne Blake costume. Your best friend, Nona, had come as Velma, but you had since lost her the hands of Faye Collins and the promise of something good to smoke in the back room. With Nona gone, you were left to your own devices, and you were not a good decision maker. Nona was 95% of your impulse control, after all.  Which is how you found yourself atop this table, spinning around once more, your red solo cup falling to the floor, as it was now empty and severed you no purpose. That is also how you found yourself tripping over your kitten heels, and promptly falling off of the wooden coffee table.

A surprised “Oh!” had hardly left your lips before you felt warm arms engulf you, and you found yourself looking up at your savior.

“Oh my god, Steveeee,” you drug out the boy’s name as you looked up at his face. If you were sober, you may have noticed the melancholy that had settled over his usual content facial features, you may have even asked if he was alright. But you weren’t, and a dopy smile made its way onto your face instead.

“Steve!” you said again, as if truly registering who he was this time. You reached both of your hands up to Steve’s face and patted the poor baby’s cheeks, a fit of giggles over taking you. Steve blinked down a few times at you, drunkenly laying in his arms. His left arm was placed under your thighs, his right arm on your upper back, fulling supporting your body weight as your feet dangled a few inches above the floor. You head had lolled to the sighed as you drunkenly laughed at something that was only amusing to you.

Steve would be lying to himself if he didn’t find a small amount of pleasure in your sudden appearance, even if you were drunk. The way you E/C eyes lit up when you had realized it was him, the large smile had had over taken your features and caused your eyes to scrunch up to the point where they were almost closed. Even the way you said his name, as if you were truly happy to see him, and it lifted up the spirit that Nancy Wheeler had just crushed with one single word.


“Y/N,” Steve said your name causing your neck to snap up quickly. Again with those damn shining eyes, looking at him as if he was the world. Steve’s heart beat quickened as he looked down at you.

“Yea, Stevie?” you asked, your voice excited. And you were, you had a crush on Steve for months now. A crush that had never went anywhere, seeing as how he was completely enamored with Nancy.

“Where’s Nona?” Steve asked, his gaze sweeping over the living room crowed by the students of Hawking’s High. Nona had proved harder to find that someone dressed in an florescent orange outfit should have.

“Dunno,” you said, your voice aloof. “I tired looking for her, but…” your voice trailed off as you looked up at Steve. Why did Steve want to find Nona? Nona didn’t even like Steve. Nona liked Nancy. Nona thought Nance was pretty, very pretty.

“Pretty,” you mumbled. Your hands, which you had let fall around Steve’s neck during your giggle fit, moved up again and you ran them up and down his face quickly. Steve blinked a few times and jerked his head back, trying to get anyway from your flailing hands, amused laugher left his lips and it was like music to your ears. You beamed up at Steve again, letting your hands rest on his face. “Real pretty.”

Steve’s heart jumped in his chest as you stared up at him with that intense gaze, a stare Nancy had never looked up at him with, he wasn’t sure about what it meant. But he did know that he liked it. He liked it very much. But you were drunk, and drunk people did stupid things.

“Come on Y/N, let’s go find Nona so she can take you home,” Steve said as he tried to put you back on your feet. Steve began to dip you down and your head started to swim.

“No!” you cried shrilly, jumping up and wrapping your arms back around his neck tightly and curling your body up against his. You were fully on his chest now, his hand under your knees instead of your thighs and you were looking up at him with big, bambi eyes. “No, I’m having fun, I don’t want to go home!” You whined, “Why are you trying to get rid of me Steve?”

Steve shook his head as he looked down at you, helplessly drunk in his arms. “I’m not trying to get rid of you Y/N, I’m trying to make sure you get home safe.” Steve attempted to explain, slightly amused.

“Y-Yes you are!” you accused, a pout forming on your face, “That’s mean!” Steve’s smile faltered.

Your eyes traveled back you to Steve’s face, memorizing every detail. You loved his warm brown eyes, the few beauty marks that adorned his face and… Your E/C had started to water as you looked up at him, and Steve began to panic.

“Oh shit, don’t cry, I’m sorry,” the words flew out of Steve’s mouth at a rapid pace. By this time tears were rolling down your face and Steve felt like complete and utter crap. A few minutes ago the girl he loved just told him she had never felt anything for him, now you were crying in his arms because he was a giant asshole. No wonder Nancy didn’t love him.

“You,” you hiccupped, “Your,” your voice was interrupted by the sobs leaving your body.

“I know, I’m an asshole, I’m so sorry Y/N I didn’t mean-” Steve was completely crushed by how upset he had made you.

“Your hair is so beautiful,” you wailed, shocking the hell out of the Steve.

Steve had to pick his jaw up off the floor before he turned his confused gaze to you. All at once, every bad emotion he had been feeling before was replaced with confusion and curiosity. “What?”

“It soooo fabulous,” you cried as your hands made their way to his hair, where you ran your fingers through it, sending a pleasant shutter down Steve’s spine. “Steve why is it so pretty?”

“So pretty?” Steve was so confused as he looked down into you beautiful, teary, E/C eyes, gazing at him.

“Magnificent!” you said, eyes full of wonder as you continued to play with his brown locks. They were soft between your finger tips and you let out a content sigh as your head fell against Steve’s chest, your eyes fluttering shut as you continued to play with the boy’s hair.

A hearty laugh left Steve’s chest, shaking the both of you, causing you to blink your heavy lids up at Steve.

“Was’ so funny?” you asked, sleepily. All of a sudden the night’s events had caught up with you, and Steve’s arms were the most comfortable place you had ever been, and you found yourself sinking into them.

“Nothing,” Steve muttered, still chuckling, “You’re just adorable,” Steve said as he shifted you in his arms.

“Adorable?” you mumbled.

Steve hummed as an answered, and you looked up at him with bleary eyes, “So are you, Nancy is so lucky,” you yawned out. “I wish I was Nancy so you would love me too.”

Steve’s heart stopped in his chest.

“You love me?”

You offered no answer to his question, as you were already sleeping in his arms, a goofy smile still lingering of your lips, one of your hands tangled in his hair, the other limply laying over his shoulder. Steve shook his head and smiled softly, holding you a bit tighter.

“Come on Y/N, let’s get you home,” Steve whispered and began making his way through the crowd with you securely in his arms.

what if;

i can’t sleep, so. here’s a thing.

  • What if the boy who enters the Crystal isn’t the man who comes out? 
  • What if all along, Bahamut was waiting for a Lucian King strong enough in blood to carry the soul of an Astral? 
  • What if the man we see returned isn’t Noctis, but the Astral of War himself, Bahamut? 
  • What if Noctis was trapped inside the Crystal in a calculated move to continue his line should this last King fail in some way? 
  • Only, his body did not fail. 
  • His body served its purpose, died in order to send the Astral soul the afterlife to destroy Ardyn. 
  • What if, centuries (maybe millennia) down the line, Noctis himself is released from the Stone at last? 
  • What if he wakes within Angelgard, to an Eos changed and drowning in light? 
  • To a civilization living without fear of the dark? 
  • Which is good, that’s what he set out to do; but he’s alone. He remembers everything, but he’s alone.
  • Not sure what to do, what’s going on, nothing; Noctis leaves the island prison, only to find that a shrine was built up around it, and Galdin has expanded into a small boardwalk village with a long walkway that extends all the way to the shrine. 
  • He makes it all the way to what used to be the Mother of Pearl, finds a bustling hub of this village instead and manages to hitch a ride back to Insomnia. 
  • When he gets there, the Wall is gone, torn down to honor the sacrifice of the last Lucian King—to honor Noctis, and what he supposedly died for—and Insomnia, the jewel in the Crown of Lucis, has spread beyond the old Wall’s borders. 
  • With open ports, forests and farmland meeting seashores and sand dunes, the city is more alive and well than he ever remembered. 
  • The Citadel, rebuilt and shining in steel and marble, open to the public as a museum; a monument to the ancient rulers who walked her halls. 
  • Poor Noct, he’s overwhelmed and overcome, and this silly boy, faints on the floor of the old throne room among a gaggle of tourists; collapses in the place he should have died however long ago it was.
  • But there’s a silver lining to all of this, because there’s gotta be. 
  • After his collapse, Noctis dreams; of the ways the world changed after his supposed sacrifice: 
    • Of the Astrals who returned to their slumber and were never seen in the mortal planes again.
    • Of Tenebrae—in the spirit of her Oracle’s vision—became a world leader and brought the world back to its feet
    • Of a Lucis left floundering without the guiding hand of a Lucis Caelum on the throne—was slow to rebuild and yet shared all her greatest achievements over time once Insomnia was remade anew. 
  • A history of his world, all crammed into a long and lingering dream; only for him to wake in a hospital, to scare the hell out of a nurse, and to meet a special doctor with a particularly healing touch. 
  • Because something woke up magic in the world again, something called him from the Crystal’s inner universe and dragged him from Bahamut’s spell. 
  • Because there’s something to legends of transcendent souls, of their strength through time and across realms.
  • Because every time Noctis touches someone, he’ll get a flashback of their past life if they had one, since he himself has become a transcendental soul, much like the weapons of his ancestors. 
  • But Noctis has become the soul itself, freed of the Stone and embodied by the King who would sacrifice himself for all. 
  • And one day, when he touches this silly doctor, this curious man who was driven to protect him, it’s not this new face looking at him; it’s Nyx, and familiar eyes of pale blue and a strange, familiar smile tugging on unsure lips. 
  • It’s Nyx who looks at him and sees him for who he is and who he was, and says, “I remember you. I remember I was yours.”
  • And gods, how Noct is freed by that one sentence alone.
  • (Who knew that the one little safe haven in this brave new world would be in the reborn self of the man who was once his only light in the dark?)

1000yrds, 30min

Yup, I said yards, not words.

I’m not an athletic person, can’t run, or bike, I HATE group classes… But, I can swim. So I got in the pool a few months ago, decided I would go once a week. I set a goal that by the end of the year I wanted to do 1000 yards (10 football fields, eek!) in one workout.

Guess what! It’s still November and I DID IT!!! And I came in right at half-an-hour!

The other people in the pool might have looked at me oddly when I clapped for myself…


i’m challenging you guys to pair me up with someone in bts, there is not right or wrong answer as i dont have a bias.

so as i pair you guys up why don’t you read some facts about me and see if you can do it for me

- personality type: ENFP

- zodiac : Libra

- i have tanned skin and long wavy brown hair. My eyes are hazel but usually just look yellow and i have quite bold eyebrows.

- likes: writing, reading, singing, animals, long walks in parks, the beach, watching sunsets, crowded cafes, studio ghibli films, listening to music

- dislikes: mistreating others, peer-pressure, exams

- personality: usually i am bubbly and outgoing however my mood can dip into being very quiet and i tend to lash out if someone tells me i don’t seem happy, as i fake being happy so i dont cause anyone any concern.

I am very confident and am physically quite strong, i love sports ( swimming, tennis anything.. ) I am so loyal it can ruin other friendships and stick to my beliefs firmly, not caring about getting into conflict. I would say i’m compassionate and love young kids as i have two younger siblings.

I’m so mad right now, there is a trial here in Spain of 5 men who raped a 18 years old girl, and they may not go to jail because as she was in shock she just stood there while the five did all those horrible stuff to her, and she didn’t actively say “no”. She was nearly unconcious. And you know what is even more outrageous? They did the same thing to other girl 2 months before, they even filmed some parts in both cases and made fun of both of them.

After that, their defense hired some private detectives to FOLLOW THE WOMEN THEY RAPED to prove they have normal lifes now so the impact must not be that big. What is wrong with this world? Why do people still criminalize women for these things, and for trying to keep living after these things happen to them? I feel so helpless, and god know how they must feel.

And let alone all the women who are afraid to tell their cases because they are afraid of being judged or to not be believed. How can a judge accept that the defense of the rapers of a women hire private detectives to harass them! Haven’t they had enough already? These things make me lose the little respect I have for the justice and the law in regards to this kind of cases.

Look, I know that we’re all disappointed, angry, heartbroken, etc. that Onew won’t be performing at the Shilla concert. However, please try to understand that if Onew were to perform while this case is still going on, it would look incredibly bad on his part. Please do not be under the misconception that he is not performing because the staff/fans/company/concert organizers don’t want him there. Think of it this way: If Onew waits for the case to be settled, it shows that he is taking this case seriously; however, if Onew were to perform with the case still open at the concert and have fun on stage, this would not communicate that he is taking the case seriously. 

I know we’ve waited for months now. I know we’re anxious for the case to close. I know we want nothing more than to see Onew. But, all we can do right now is remain positive and cheer loudly for Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Remember, the members are most likely heartbroken, too. In order to remain unified and strong as SHINee World, we absolutely NEED to keep our hopes up, for our sake and SHINee’s sake as well. 

What I wish for everyone to understand is that while it may not be ideal for Onew to not be at the concert, it’s better if he isn’t there. The case is still open, so if he were to be on stage while it is ongoing, the public may think that Onew is not taking the case seriously, and that he is unprofessional and unsympathetic in regards to the case. So, in short, DON’T BLAME THE CONCERT ORGANIZERS FOR ONEW NOT BEING THERE. I’ve seen a lot of blame towards them in regards of this issue, and that is not fair to them.

Please hold on, dear Shawol family. We’re in this together. We’ll stick with SHINee through the rough times. We can do this. Remember: This won’t last forever.

As time goes on it becomes even more clear how important Louis was to the success of One Direction. We’ve heard how he was considered their leader,the one who pressed for what they wanted,the one who tackled the awkward phone calls and meetings.

After reading that article about Liam’s struggles with his mental health it explains why Louis stepped up his interactions with Liam
on stage. He distracted him with water fights and silly string and it looked like they were genuinely having fun. I feel bad now for thinking it was a bit over the top.

When Niall said that they would have lost the plot without Louis,he really means it. I don’t know where I’m going with this but just when I think I can’t admire Louis Tomlinson any more something else comes to light to prove me wrong.

gif making adventures

So trying to make some gifs of Kazuma from the second movie and he’s just too adorable?? And dorky?? I love it.

(Look at this pouty face. It’s my new reaction image.)

Now, a compilation of cute frames.

(Just letting you know, you can still request graphics or gifs of Kuwabara from me. Just saying.)

Sunlight Beams

Promise, no more spam today! This be the last one. I thought I had more builds, but this is the only one left worth anything. 

This home was originally used in a long dead legacy that never took off. It’s decidedly feminine in decor because it was designed for a decidedly feminine female…. you’ve been warned! No point in letting a cute build go to waste right? So you get to use it now! Hooray!

It’s a 2 level home with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It’s based off the single streamlet house in Willow Creek. Comes in two versions (Feminine-ish Furnished at 52.3k) and (Unfurnished at 19.5k) 

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anonymous asked:

surely if the baby was staying long term they would have given more time and depth to developing rob as a dad. Also if rob and aaron are raising seb after rebecca dies surely we would see a bit of thawing from aaron but he doesn't seem to be or even bother to call seb by his name lmao

One would think but right now the plot involving Seb is like going at warp speed and has very little depth. Like it took an entire month to get Cain in place to step up for Isaac, they did an entire flashback episode, and they’ve done so much work with him and Faith. It just is mindboggling what they are doing here. 

themightysushi  asked:

AYYY YOU CHANGED YOUR PROFILE PIC TO KEEF :D (still not getting over from season 4 feels especially grAVEYARD SCENE)

Eyyyyy yeah I have changed it to the amazingful Keef of doom! :D I’m going to be in Season 4 feels months from now especially the graveyard scene too, so I needed a Voltron icon, not to mention I hadn’t changed icons since the first season of RTTE. 

Still love this icon but it feels sort of fun to have a recent change!

[12] “Just what do you think you’re doing, Zink!?”

My 2nd Twitch redemption by the awesome @1ightsen

… CHIEF!!?? HELL YES! Accept dat thing, Nost!

This Lizard Cop was hella fun to draw! Thanks again Light for allowing me to draw one of your characters again :D Gunna need to draw the rest of the cops soon :D

I feel like I am getting a lot more confidence in drawing characters now :) It’s been a while since I last drawn but seems like I still have something xD

If you folks haven’t watched the series already, go and check it out here over on Lightsen’s Channel

Software - Bamboo Paper on iPad

Stylus - Moko Capacitive Active Stylus

Time Taken - ~1hr 30mins

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do you know any fic with a jealous Touka or a jealous Kaneki? idk i feel like reading a fic like that right now lol

Well, I know the mods at toukaisbetterthanyou have Original Sin that has jealous Reaper. I have Fun (that has jealous Touka) and Erased (jealous Kaneki/heavy on Nishitou). I know we’ve done headcanons about this, but I don’t have the energy to go digging for them lol. And tbh Anon, I’ve been so focused on my own writing that I barely get the chance to read from other authors. I hope to change that soon.

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Zoe x reader, 40 & 42! X

#40 “The kids, they ambushed me”

#42 “Stop being so cute”
You sat in an uncomfortable plastic chair, picking at a piece of birthday cake. It was your cousins 8th birthday and she decided to have it at some kiddy knock off version of Chucky Cheese.
The only good thing that was going for you, was that you were able to invite your girlfriend Zoe to the event. But sadly, you had lost her in the crowd of children while she was searching for the game that would get the most tickets because she’s set on getting you one of those stuff bears that cost 500 tickets, which you gladly giggled over.
You sighed again, thinking of the fun you were having when you arrived but were now sat by yourself, picking and poking at a chocolate cake slice
You were about to give up and reach for your phone to call her, when you heard a crowd of children giggling coming towards you, but what really caught your attention, was your girlfriend rushing towards you behind the group
“The kids, they ambushed me” Zoe said, panting, resting her hand on your shoulder “Who knew a bunch of 2nd graders could be so cruel” she shuddered making you chuckle softly
“Stop being so cute” you said, pressing a quick kiss to her cheek, making her blush furiously “Why did the kids ambush you anyway?” She shook her head, looking around the room “These kids are serious about winning tickets Y/N, real serious”
You laughed and connected your hand with hers “How about I come play some games with you? I’ll protect you from all the scary kids yeah?” You raised your eyebrow, as she nodded
“I know you’ll always protect me, even from the evil children”

Kids, learn from my mistake. Don’t go back to work too quickly after you’ve been ill. I did, and now I feel horrible. Take an extra day, if possible, to make sure you’re ok before you return to work.

I have a great boss who kept telling me to go home whenever I felt like I needed to, all day, and at 3pm was like “Why haven’t you left yet?!” so I went home.

And now I’m gonna go to bed at 8pm. Yay, being sick is fun!

fact about me: I get nosebleeds all the damn time. like right now, I’m just sitting here at work and my nose is like “let’s start seeping blood. that’ll be fun.” ugh. like… I think I’ve had a nosebleed every day this week? and I have no psychic powers so really, what is going on

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I am engaged to the love of my life and he is so sweet and amazing. We're in a ldr in a way atm bc of circumstances, and I have grown to love and adore his voice. my day is not complete until we speak on the phone and i hear him laugh. He's currently away on a trip overseas and he rarely has the oppurtunity to call, so we just text, and honestly i just really really miss him. He's been gone for a day now and i can barely take it, there's 13 more days to go. I just want to be with him.

I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time! Try to hold on to how good it’ll be to hear his voice at the end of it, and how much fun he’s probably having on his trip. If you need to, talk to him about how much you miss him, and possibly find a way for you to hear his voice whenever you need to (possibly get him to leave you a voicemail saying he loves you, that way you can listen to it if things are getting tough). Your relationship is strong enough to survive this, and you can do it! 💖

hearing Liam say how much the stress actually got to him pains me so much. I mean, we knew it and we knew they were overworked and they really deserved a break. what pains me is that most likely this is what they remember from their time as a band? being overworked, being tired, frustrated? never. enough. always on the go?
earlier this year I was working on a big project with two coworkers. we got along really well and I’m glad I can call them my friends now but when we think back the first thing that pops into our mind is that we worked 12 to 15 hours a day, six or seven days a week. we did have fun doing it, it was a great project and it turned out great. there are many memories from these two months: “haha, do you remember when the two of you were literally lying on the office floor in the middle of the day, feet propped up on a chair ?” (because our legs apparently hurt from sitting too much) - “do you remember when X teared up because we were out of coffee?” - “do you remember how shocked Y was when they noticed it was Thursday.“ (because when every day is the same the days feel like one massive blur) HAHA, yeah, look how much fun we had.
in hindsight we did laugh a lot doing it, and I know a few people were actually jealous of what we had and how close we got over doing it. I remember being sad when it was over. However, I also remember how much weight I took in these two months, how many painkillers I took because of the headache from the lack of sleep and the constant sitting, how stressed and moody I was outside of work, how much I fought with my girlfriend and how worried my parents were.
if our boss came to us now and asked whether we could do a similar project again we wouldn’t be happy about it. we would do it because we don’t want to lose our jobs, reluctantly though. (one of my coworker would maybe even leave the company instead because it nearly ruined their relationship.)
what I want to say is that even though One Direction did have fun doing this together and even though they love being around each other, THIS [the stress, the pressure] might be what lasts. I did it for two months but they did it for what??? FIVE YEARS! and it pains me so much and I feel bad and guilty because something that brought me so much joy actually made them so unhappy and affected their health. (I know it’s not our fault, it’s the management and their contract but still.)
I would love to see them back together, ooohhh believe me !! I can’t put into words how happy I would be. NOT if their health is the price though.