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Angle of View

 A Superman!Sterek AU featuring Derek Hale as Superman and Stiles Stilinski as Lois Lane’s cameraman. 8k

A big Thank You!! to Leda (@andavs​) for the inspiration and the beta and the title.

Derek meets Lois Lane long before he decides to start working at the Daily Planet. He meets her first while saving her from a burning building (she tries to get too close while reporting) and then during a hostage situation (according to reports, she had run into the bank to get the best story) and then finally, agreed to a one-on-one interview with her as Superman. Because it turns out the previous two encounters had won her over to his side and she was doing her best to sway the whole city to support him and as she had told him the moment the hostage situation was handled, “Give me the exclusive and I can make sure they love you.”

And “being loved” wasn’t the point of being Superman but he had learned from the mistakes of other Superheroes who had gone before him and there was no denying that having the cooperation of the police and firemen would be useful.

So he’d agreed. They’d met on the roof of the Daily Planet, alone, and she’d done her part in putting out a good story that outlined what he was trying to do (be a good person and keep Metropolis safe) and why the city should trust him.

She is still too curious about his past, about who he was before he showed up at Metropolis, but she is a good writer and a bit fanatical about keeping her sources to herself so Derek decides he likes her.

He likes her enough that his next move is to get hired as a new reporter at the Daily Planet. Because what better way to keep a finger on the pulse of Metropolis than working for its number one newspaper?

(Well, probably being a policeman would be better but he would have a partner there and his disappearances would be noted and, generally, it would be a lot harder to explain away his many, many odd quirks.)

As a reporter, no one thinks it’s odd if he leaves in the middle of the day to “follow a lead.” No one cares at what rate he finishes his projects, as long as he turns it in before his deadline. Most importantly, when chaos strikes, no one notices if he doesn’t come back to the office and instead “works from home.”

Which is vital. Because Derek’s main disguise to keep people from realizing that he is Superman is his beard. Sure, the glasses and hunching help, but the beard is what he thinks really does it. He uses his super speed to shave in thirty seconds before flying out and it grows back fast, but he still needs about 8 hours before it is back at stubble level.

So, reporter at the Daily Planet it is. He can make sure Lois doesn’t get too close to figuring everything out and use their alert system to make sure nothing too big goes down while he’s working and actually use his English Literature degree to a certain extent.

His first day there he gets introduced to everyone - the editors, the other reporters (including Lois Lane which is a bizarre experience and he is ready to flee if she notices him. Luckily she seems too busy to even look at him too carefully), a few of the marketing guys, and… Stiles Stilinski.

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Somewhere in between

Death is not always the end of the journey. For some, it’s just the beginning. Simbar Ghost!AU

Okay, so I wanted to do something special for October, the Halloween month, but I’m crap at terror and suspense… so here, have some angst! This will be a multichapter so I hope to be posting a new chapter each week. 

Also, this is my first time writing Simbar, so I hope it’s not terrible.

Credits to Bianca @from-red-string for helping out so much with the fic and being the most supportive ray of sunshine. Freddie would be proud.

(and I know it’s not October yet, but whatever)

Chapter 1 - It’s like the sun came out

Ámbar Smith had always been popular. She’d always been the one to lead, to preside over everyone else. At school and the rink she had been the queen, unrivaled and envied, the one everyone wanted to be or be with, the one everyone talked about.

This hasn’t changed one bit; her name is still the one on everyone’s lips, just for a different reason. They no longer talk about her beauty or her talent, they talk about her body being lowered six feet underground.

Her funeral is filled to the brim with people she has never spoken a word to (she doesn’t count the times she told some of them to get out of her way or step back). There are people from the Blake, skaters and admirers from the Jam and Roller, business people and socialites, even some of her old classmates from Uni at École de Management de la Sorbonne. This might be the most attended event about herself ever, not counting her graduation or competitions, because those weren’t about only her, sadly.

The funeral is very formal, the only person speaking is Rey, her godmother’s assistant, and only to direct the agenda. Otherwise, no one else says a word that isn’t murmured, there’s no speech about her achievements or the impact she had in anyone’s life, nothing. Just Rey’s monotone voice. She guesses it is not because no one wanted to give a speech, she’s sure both Delfi and Jazmín would have been honored if given the task, but Sharon Benson clearly planned it all and she isn’t very sentimental. In fact, she hasn’t shed a single tear.

Delfi and Jazmin are completely on the other side of the spectrum: they hold each other while they sob, Delfi gently rubbing her friend’s back in support as Jazmín leans against her. They both look emotionally wrecked, but Ámbar is proud to see that it doesn’t stop them from holding their heads high and looking their best.

The only person she can’t see among the crowd is Matteo, her boyfriend… or former boyfriend, she thinks; being dead is weird. She had been arguing with him on the phone when she crashed her Maserati into a tree and fractured her cranium. She remembers being alive and in pain for a while when the paramedics came and then, nothing. She had felt light, like a floating feather. No more pain, no more suffering, just a weird sense of calm.

The Italian probably feels guilty, but now at least, she can recognize it had been her fault. She had been the one to call him while driving and to initiate their fight. Mateo had told her the day before that he thought they should take a break, but she was having none of it and called him to tell him to go screw himself and rethink before he did something he might regret. Now he’s probably blaming himself for her death and hitting every bar he can find, the poor thing. She would feel sorry for him if she wasn’t busy enough feeling completely livid at the universe.

It feels like the worst cosmic prank ever pulled, having to watch her own funeral from the sidelines. She tried running away, but she couldn’t go past the cemetery’s gate as if there was a force pulling her back to where her body now rests, not letting her part from it.

She tried screaming and calling someone’s attention, but no one seems to see or hear her, and when she tried to touch her godmother’s shoulder, her hand went straight through the woman’s body.

So she died and became a ghost. That’s just great.

The funeral ends and most of the people leave as soon as they can. Only Delfi, Jazmin and Gastón stay, looking down at the spot where her body is buried with tearful eyes and grim expressions. Even her godmother left in a hurry, leaving her friends alone with her dead self.  Jazmín breaks down in sobs, for the first time ever not seeming to care about dirt on her dress as she kneels on the ground. Delfi lowers herself and hugs her close, Gastón rubbing their shoulders absently, his expression vacant.

He is the first to leave, after checking his phone and cursing under his breath (she knows it has to do with Matteo, judging by his worried face), not before giving each of the girls a hug and a kiss on the forehead and nodding solemnly in direction of her grave. She can help but nod back, even though he can’t see her.

Jazmín and Delfi leave after a while, still crying and holding onto each other for dear life. She would love to go to them and join their embrace, but she just watches them go, and hopes for them to be okay eventually.

It is not until their figures disappear completely from view that it hits her: she’s dead. She’s dead and there’s nothing she can do about it.

She thinks it is completely unfair, she deserved a long and fulfilling life. Sure, she’s no angel, she’s actually kind of ruthless, but there are worse people and they are still freaking alive!

She turns to kick the headstone of some random dead person, when she hears someone calling out, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Ámbar looks around surprised and finds a guy standing a few feet from her, sitting on someone’s grave as if he hasn’t got a care in the world.

He notices her staring and smiles warmly at her. “Yeah, I can see you, and I wouldn’t kick solid stone if I were you. We might not be able to touch humans or animals, but rock can still hurt us. Also, Freddie over there was a cool dude, he had the most incredible stories about his time as a cop, you would have loved to hear them, they’re really funny.”

She keeps staring at him, confused, for a few seconds before realizing what is just happening and screaming. “Hell, you’re a ghost!”

He looks at her funny, before mock whispering, “So are you.”

“I already know that, thank you very much.” She injects all of her anger in that sentence. He puts his hands up in surrender.

“Cool. A lot of people don’t realize it at first and when they do, they get really freaked out.”

“A lot of people?” She questions, her eyebrows raised, “So there are more ghosts?”

“As far as I’ve gathered, everyone’s spirit comes back for a while after they die. Most ghosts disappear after their funerals, though, so maybe it’s not that long for you.”

She can’t hide her curiosity anymore. “What about you?”

He keeps on smiling, though it looks sad this time. “I died about six months ago, it feels longer, though.”

“And why haven’t you-” she makes quotation marks with her fingers- “ ‘disappeared’ yet?”

He takes off the beanie she just realized he had on and plays with it for a moment before looking at her again. “My theory is that I haven’t made peace with death yet. All the ghosts I’ve met eventually accepted that they were dead and had nothing else to do on Earth, but apparently, I’m not there yet.”

She can’t believe she’s just questioning a complete stranger, but whatever. “And what is it that’s holding you back? Is it your family? Your mom?” She ventures.

“Nah, they are sad, but I know they’ll be okay.” He folds his beanie and puts it in his pocket. “It’s a friend. She has been a wreck ever since I died, I can’t go without making sure she’ll be happy. I can’t leave her not knowing if she’ll ever truly smile again.” He looks so determined when he talks about her, she can’t help but feel a little jealous. Of course she has great friends, but she doesn’t think any of them would rather be a ghost than moving on just to make sure she was doing okay in life.

“Sounds like you care a lot about her.”

“I do. She’s one of the people I love the most in this world and I could never move on without making sure she does too, she would do the same for me.” He says it with such certainty that she feels a little uncomfortable.

She doesn’t know what to say after that, so she stays silent, watching the sunset. He leaves his place in the headstone to stand closer. “What about you? Do you think you will make peace with death soon, or will I be having you around for a while?” He looks like a lonely child when he says it, and she can’t help but feel the tiniest bit sorry for him.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be in this limbo for a while.” Ámbar is not ready to accept the fact that she died just yet, she’s too angry.

His warm smile returns and he holds out his hand. “Well, Ambar Smith, then we should get to know each other. I’m Simón Álvarez, a pleasure to meet you.”

She gives him the side eye. “How do you know my name?”

“I was here for a while during your funeral. I left after a few minutes, I didn’t want to intrude.”

She sighs. If she’s going to stay a ghost for as long as she still wishes she were alive, she’s gonna be here for a long time, and he doesn’t show any signs of being ready to go either, so she rolls her eyes and takes his hand.

She didn’t know if they would be able to make actual contact with each other, but they are, and he feels hot to the touch. He’s like the sun personified, everything about him seems warm and bright, and she is a little overwhelmed by his presence. She was once known as an ice queen, and everyone knows what happens to ice when it’s too long under the sun: it melts.

She lets go of his hand quickly, but the heat doesn’t go away; it intensifies, because he is beaming at her, and his smile sets her ablaze. Maybe it is because, for the first time since she died, she can be seen, heard and touched, but she feels relief. And the sun may be setting, but it feels as if it only just came out.

Ice Cream and Fire Control

(Not my Gif)

Part Two


I grumbled as I stood in line waiting for food. I looked down at my watch impatiently. The heat starting to get to me I waved my hand in front of my face, trying to find a way to relieve it.

“Come on.” I mumbled under my breath. A snicker at my side made me glance over.
“What?” I bit out. Peter raised his hands in defence.
“I didn’t realise that you got grouchy when you’re hungry.” Peter teased.
“I’m not grouchy. I’m just hungry.” I retaliated.
“Pretty sure you’re grouchy.” Ned voiced from beside Peter.
“You two realise I could eat all the stuff I’ve ordered. You two won’t even get your fingers near it.” I threatened them. While Ned looked horrified, Peter simply laughed.
“She’s scary.” Ned whispered to Peter. I shook my head gently in amusement. As our order was called I exclaimed excitedly. Peter rushed forward and collected it, lifting the heavy tray with ease before finding a table in the fast food restaurant. Midway through stuffing my face eagerly with fries, Peter discreetly tapped my drink. I nodded in understanding and quickly pulled out the box of tablets from my bag and pressed a tablet through the foil before swallowing it with a long sip of cola. I mouthed a ‘thank you’ before continuing eating. He had no idea what the medication was, he knew I needed to take it and he reminded me to take it when I forgot. He never pushed me to explain what or why I was taking it. I was beyond thankful.

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“…You weren’t too bad to work with. Though I prefer to do things on my own.”

//The original post is from ask-rai and located here. He sent it to my inbox but I wanted to include the original question asked so that way my reply would make more sense, so I SS’d the original post. Talon and Rai are best buddies just by the way

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Hello. So I'm a fan of ELO and would like to know more about them, like who the members are (besides Jeff Lynne, of course) and you seem it know your stuff about them. 😉 thanks, and I wish you the best.

u have come to the right place my child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i have no idea what ur prior knowledge is so this is gonna be a lengthy ass introductory course (sorry if this is not what u r looking for but i hope it will be helpful)

hokay first we are gonna look at the main members who were there for the Popular Times (this specific lineup lasted from 75-79 but some of the members were there earlier/later too)

  • bev bevan
  • his name is literally beverley its great
  • drummer
  • Large and Sturdy
  • has the face of a disney princess but a v deep & scary voice
  • member the whole time until 1986
  • one of the founding members from pre-elo band the move
  • hes a big jackass who likes breaking down doors
  • started elo part 2 after 86 bc he just couldnt fuckin let go. it isnt as bad as u would expect
  • richard tandy
  • aka babyboy
  • keyboard child (but he played bass in the beginning)
  • was there from p early on
  • hes smol & hes tired & hes jeffreys right hand man
  • watches too much tv
  • literally adorable & super serious
  • after elo he teamed up with massive dork dave morgan (we will get to him later bc im going that deep) & they had the tandy morgan band it was great
  • mik kaminski
  • ho my god hes so cute
  • violin guy
  • blue violin bc hes stylish
  • does a super aggressive violin dance
  • hes so shy & everyone loves him bc hes wondrous
  • his side band was violinski which was surprisingly weird but they have some catchy songs. also features mike de albuquerque (more on him later)
  • also he was in elo part 2 & post-elo part 2 band called the orchestra & a band called orkestra with kelly (see below)
  • kelly groucutt
  • literal ray of sunshine
  • bass player for the majority of the time
  • when they first met him they thought he was gonna be tall bc he looked big on stage but hes supre smol he was just wearing big boots
  • likes to climb on people????????
  • was in elo part 2 & the orchestra & orkestra (he n mik just follow each other everywhere tbh)
  • also he had a solo album in like 1980-ish i think?? its p good
  • hes dead now :(
  • hugh mcdowell
  • a cello man
  • fucking bananas honestly
  • he fuckin runs around & throws his goddamn cello all over the place
  • a fuckening troublemaker 
  • the life of the party
  • the youngest
  • he was in wizzard for a little while too but then he came back to elo
  • melvyn gale
  • cello fellow & resident pretty boy
  • literally joined the band by accident holy shit i love him
  • unlike hugh he just kinda sits there like a brick
  • he was so freaked out when he first saw hughs antics & realized he was supposed to move around
  • kinda tried to do weird shit like hugh but its just awkward pls stop
  • after elo he did this group with his homie frank wilson called wilson gale & co, they had like one album its p good i think hugh played on it too

hokay so thats that lineup but theres some other p important people from the baby days & the 80s so im gonna talk about a few of them 

  • roy wood
  • like jeff & bev, was one of the fuckers who started the band from the move
  • he left tho like right when they were getting started & they were like ????????? tf 
  • played a whole bunch of shit
  • had wizzard after elo, stole hugh briefly, also stole the cool ass french horn player bill hunt to play keyboards in wizzard 
  • literally so weird but hes adorable hes a shy lil ray of sunshine
  • wilf gibson
  • this fucking guy
  • violin dude before mik
  • wore capes a lot
  • contrapposto at all times
  • he wanted more dollars than they wanted to give him so they kicked his ass out
  • hes dead now unfortunately
  • also before him there was a violin player named steve woolam but he committed suicide its really sad oh my god everyone forgot about him he doesnt even have a wikipedia page my poor baby pls dont forget about steve woolam he deserves recognition 
  • mike de albuquerque
  • bass guy before kelly
  • a little bit ridiculous
  • v fancy & large
  • has like one outfit
  • was in violinski like i said 3 hours ago
  • solo work is funky af its good
  • mike edwards
  • one of many cello people in the early days
  • we arent gonna talk about all of them dont worry
  • others are andy craig & colin walker they arent that cool (also they made wilf play cello once he was so offended) (and they needed more cellists in the beginning than they had so they had to make roadies pretend to play cello it was a shitshow)
  • this guy is always dressed for like a fuckin wedding
  • did cool shit like played w an orange or had an exploding cello (it only worked like half the time tho)
  • he died in a horrible accident
  • also he was like 5 feet tall hes so tiny
  • dave morgan (seen here with richard who is in front)
  • he & richard were in a bunch of bands together before elo & one after elo
  • he played guitar & shit in elo in the 80s but outside of elo hes an amazing singer & a great songwriter
  • he sings cool jesus music now with his wife mandy shes adorable theyre adorable
  • literally such a huge dork i love him
  • louis clark
  • was important already in the 70s but wasnt an official member until like the 80s
  • conductor & shit, helped w string arrangement & shit
  • also played keyboards in the 80s
  • he was in elo part 2 and the orchestra 
  • deserves love god dammit

and thats all the most important members theres probably a couple other background people i missed but i aint gonna talk about em rn anyway sorry this is so long & i hope its sufficient !!! it was all off the top of my head i hope i didnt skip anything & sorry if this wasnt what u were looking for

So, I got caught up on s5 of TW and actually am quite enjoying it! 

Spoilers Ahead for Season 5, Episode 1 and 2.

Primarily, I feel like everyone is really, really IN CHARACTER. I realize that this is canon and obviously they are sort of in character by definition but, you know what i mean. For example:

  • Suspicious Stiles. I have always been a HUGE proponent of suspicious, overly organized, obsessive Stiles. A Stiles who keeps maps of where everyone should be and lists of people he doesn’t trust and does whatever necessary to back up his claims and get proof.
  • Trusting Scott. I mean, Scott believing the best of everyone is just wonderful. But the fact that he also doesn’t really get mad at Stiles for being suspicious. Like he thinks Stiles is wrong and encourages him to stop but so far we haven’t had an angry “god you are just WRONG” mean moment Scott. I hope the show continues like this. I don’t want Scott to choose Theo OVER Stiles at any point. 
  • Insecure Scott. I think I just really identify with this- but Scott not telling anyone he wants to go to UC Davis because he’s afraid he’s not good enough… I do the same thing with important goals! So i think that’s awesome.
  • Badass Scott. Scott owning that werewolf dude in Ep1 is like… just ugh. Flashback to Scott owning that assassin chic from last season. I hope villains never stop underestimating Scott McCall because seeing them just get pwned like effing n00bs is my jam. like… umad bro?
  • Paintaking Scott. Obviously there are not enough words in the universe to tell you exactly how I felt about this scene. 
  • Parent Scott and Stiles. The Scott/Stiles/Liam relationship is just really well done I think. Like I just got gooey feelings of joy whenever the three were on the screen together. But both of them giving him advice in seperate scenes ALSO made me squee aloud. Like you two are such good co-parents. And now its not even because ive written fic of that. It is canon. open a werewolf orphange, you two.
  • Lil Baby Liam. So Liam has never been my favorite character but I think he MIGHT BE this season. Just Liam following orders and being a teenager (oh one earbud. the youth) but also like… Stiles needs me to check out Theo with him. Okay! Stiles needs me to turn the ignition of his car? Okay! Stiles needs me to get out of this hole? Okay! Oh, the girl is bullying me but i deserve it but also I DON’T DESERVE THIS, head-on-locker Liam is too cute.
  • Oh No the parents are Fighting Liam. So the car scene mentioned about with Perfect Scott and Losing His Temper Stiles? It was HONESTLY MADE EVEN MORE PERFECT by The cuts to Uncomfortable Liam. Like… I swear, that is honestly what kids look like when their parents fight. Just: please stop, oh my god, this is so awkward, oh god, please work, Jeep, please work, pls, pls pls….
  • Protective Puppy Liam. I just LOVED when Theo found Stiles and Liam and Liam stood protectively in front of Stiles. LIKE AH. Stiles being the pack’s most valuable human and Liam will NOT let anything happen to his Alpha’s Second. Or his Alpha’s Co-Alpha. And then Liam shifting to save Mason.
  • Liam and Mason. Mason who has researched all summer. Liam who is afriad to tell him. Liam who encourages Mason to check out the soccer players as a supportive bro. Pimp out that soccer team, Liam. Pimp it on out. And, of course, Mason who goes and checks out soccer players and then works out nonstop and texts nonstop waiting for his friend. Like I am here for this friendship. 
  • Blunt Wonderful Malia. A Malia who talks openly about how hot Theo is and then offers to torture him? Yes. This is the Malia I know and love. A Malia who challenges Stiles but still loves him but also seems much more secure in herself, even if her parents are CRAZY people. She knows that. She also knows she is still a badass. LET ME JUST LIFT THIS TREE FOR YOU KIND CITIZENS. 
  • Gonna go get what she wants Lydia. Yup, Lydia is on the Marrish train. I am on the Marrish train. Lydia is driving that train you better be all aboard. I also like that her flirting seems much more geniune and sweet than it did in previous seasons. Mature Lydia is my jam. 
  • Benevolent Goddess Lydia. A girl is having trouble? Lydia will take care of her. Lydia will see to it that a cop is watching the house all night. CARING LYDIA IS SO WONDErFUL She’s that totally popular girl at school who seems too cool for you, but is not. I bet Lydia is just the nicest if you are brave enough to talk to her. But If you’re not brave enough and you’re having trouble, she will come fix it. Oh and dear god, if you are mean at this school, she will destroy you. Bullies watch out. Lydia Martin runs this school and she does not like your kind.
  • The Lydia and Kira Dream Team. Give me all the silent communication between the two smartest girls in class. Give me even more of the Kira slinging one arm over Lydia as they walk away. I am very happy with this. VERY HAPPY. 
  • Wearing a Belt that Turns into  A Sword Kira. Not sure about the logistics of that belt but I loved it. Kira is actually just WONDERFULLY funny this season. IMMA GO WALK- wait. no it’s raining. Nevermind. OOPS, I just got too excited and blew up a lamp. Let’s continue making out anyway. Kira is a wonderful ray of sunshine and I love her and Scott togehter very much.
  • The Yukimura Family. Especially Ken. Adorable dorky father who is just too nice to everyone. I declare cinnamon roll. Re: Driving Scene with Malia. Badass Ghost Story Telling Noshiko is also a plus. Didn’t really follow the story or why she felt the urge to share but I appreciated that she did. You tell those cryptic myths, ma’am.
  • Ready to Mingle Sheriff Stilinski. The wedding ring is off, secret conferences about protecting Parrish are ON and I see a Melissa/Sheriff takeoff in the near future.
  • Supportive Sheriff Stilinski. He doesn’t really believe his son but… wait his son is a genius. Alright. HAVE SOME COP ADVICE AS YOU STALK THIS OTHER TEENAGER, SON. ENJOY POLICE WORK. (meanwhile, let me keep my lil parrish bb safe from the world…)
  • Slightly Scatter Brained Melissa McCall. i swear this is EXACTLY how i picture her. Is there food in the fridge? Nope. Does she have cash? rarely. Is she really aware of where her son is? Not always. Is she still the best mom in the entire unvierse? HELL YES. Give me all the realistic single, working Moms, please. ALL OF THEM. That reminds me…
  • Note-Leaving Scott McCall. Incredibly Powerful True Alpha Werewolf that Runs his Own Pack and protects Beacon Hills against Alpha Packs, Hunters, Assassins, and Giantic people wearing skulls on their head who ALSO LEAVES HIS MOTHER A NOTE TELLING HER WHERE HE IS AND WHEN HE’LL BE HOME. Like honestly. Just drown me in the fluff already.
  • Evil Theo. Okay, I really love that Theo is evil. I love it because Stiles is right and he’s so wonderfully slimey and i LOVED the last scene of episode 2. A bad guy who (at least rn) seems to be fully aware of his evilness and who has kidnapped people into playing his parents? Yes. This is a bad guy I can get behind. Smart, age-appropriate, a very good liar. My slytherin self respects the hell out of him. USE THAT DEAD SISTER ANGLE, THEO. REALIZE THAT STILES IS THE IMPORTANT ONE YOU HAVE TO WIN OVER AND TRY TO MANIPULATE HIM TOO. Like, honestly, this season is looking to be a head-to-head between Stiles and Theo and I think it’s going to be glorious. Two Slytherins going head to head is always awesome. So much trickery! So much backstabbing! YES!

Okay, I should stop there. But basically, I am VERY pleasantly surprised by this season. Obviously, it’s not perfect and I reserve the right to change my mind but so far… good stuff, TW. 

I shall now tag this OUTRAGEOUSLY so that every possible combination of blacklisted works comes up and people are not spoiled if they have not watched it…