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She Sets the City on Fire

Request: A Sebastian smthye imagine with the reader being small and a part of new directions (I’m 4'9"½) and they are secretly dating and he sees some carry the reader during a performance and he gets jealous so he sings she sets the city on fire or closer (in front of new directions) and then he kisses them saying she’s is his girl(?) -Anonymous

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Notes: PRETEND FINN IS NOT WITH RACHEL RN. Hope you like it!

“Babe.. babe.. baaaaabe!”


*record scratch/freeze frame*

“Hi. My name is (y/n) and this is my boyfriend Sebastian. I’m currently trying to study for the big history test coming up and someone is not being very helpful.” 

“Sorry, babe, but I can’t help the fact you’re incredibly gorgeous, you look completely adorable when you’re concentrating and the whole.. situation we have working here isn’t in fact.. working.”

“Yeah. I should probably elaborate. I’m in a club in my school-McKinley High-called Glee. You’ve probably heard of it. We’re called the New Directions and are currently in the middle of a legendary battle with Seb here’s glee club from a neighboring school, the Warblers. Somehow this little idiot convinced me that it would be a good idea for him and I to date.”

“I don’t know, babe. Even if I were the one to convince you, it was pretty easy.”

“Whatever, Warbler. So, now we’re hiding it from our teams because we don’t want any unnecessary drama between the already feuding clubs. Dating in secret definitely has it’s perks, but Sebastian doesn’t exactly like the fact that he can’t ‘flaunt’ me around in public. His words.”

“I just want to be able to show off my best girl like any other sane guy in this world. I don’t really care what your.. friends think of us as long as we can be together. It would be so nice to be able to take you out without having to always be on alert or driving over an hour away.”

“I know, honey, but I don’t think I’m ready to hear what they have to say. Especially Santana and Finn.”

Sebastian scoffs. “Finn? Why would you care what Finn thought? I’m sick of him always hanging around you. It’s time he realizes that you’re mine a-and taken and.. mine.”

“Aww. Is someone getting a little jelly there, baby?’

“No! I just.. want people to know you’re mine.”

“I know, Seb. We’ll tell them soon. I promise.”

“Ok. As long as it’s soon. I’m tired of sneaking. Although, it is kinda hot isn’t it, babe?”

My cheeks turned bright red. “Seb, hush! We don’t talk about that!”

-The next day-

“5! 6! 7! 8! And step! And step! And spin! And drop! And step! And-hey! Guys we have to focus if we want to win at Nationals and beat those wiry Warblers!”

The high and slightly squeaky voice of Rachel Berry rang through the auditorium as she directed the glee club and led everyone through their respective steps.

“Rachel. We’re working really hard and I just think that everyone could use a little break,” Tina tried to reason with the diva, but when does reason ever work with Rachel Berry?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know my passion for this team and club was too much for you. I just want to win. Us! I want us to win.”

Everyone tried to hide either their annoyance or amusement at their female lead. Most failed.

“Ok, Rachel. You win. Let’s run it again.” “Thank you. 5! 6! 7! 8!”

The first notes of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me reverberated across the auditorium and the stage came a live with song and passion. Mr. Schuester gave me the ‘role’ of Taylor with Finn as respective love interest. Go figure.

The glee club did a wonderful job of playing out the events of Taylor’s music video. Too good of a job. At least according to Sebastian who was hiding in the back of the first floor. He watched as his girlfriend was paraded around the stage portrayed as a love struck girl who had the hots for the exact guy he wanted her to stay away from. As (y/n) stole the stage, Finn held up the newly added male vocals. Sebastian could start to feel the anger and jealousy seeping into his veins. He was about to rage. At the end of the performance, Finn and (y/n) strutted up to each other and demonstrated a stage kiss. You know. The thing where the guys brings his hands up to girl’s face and places his THUMBS OVER HER LIPS AND KISSES HIS FINGERS! Sebastian was mad. He stalked out of the auditorium and made his way to the glee room where he knew everyone would be going after the performance. It was time.

The voices and laughter of the members of McKinley High’s glee club were nearing closer and closer. Sebastian recruited the instrumentalists for a very special performance. She Sets the City on Fire by Gavin Degraw began playing as the New Directions came into sight. (Y/n) was at the front of the group with Finn not far behind. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Sebastian standing in the middle of their choir room.


“What’s the devil doing here? In our school? In our practice room?’

“Hello to you too, Santana. I’m here to serenade my girlfriend so if you all could take a seat.”

“GIRLFRIEND?!” Everyone was very confused including yourself, but everyone surprisingly listened and took their seats.

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

Sebastian walked up to the group and pulled (y/n) onto her feet. 

“Somebody told me if I’m not careful
Well, this one’s gonna roll me
I got my hands full and this one’s gonna own me and control me
I’m so mystified
She caught the last train last night, left another note
Saying “see you next time; miss me if you don’t”
You look good in your bed; til we meet again
You went through my head and nobody told me so.”

The New Directions were all very confused. How could their sweet little (y/n) fall for such a cold-hearted jerk?

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire
She sets the city on fire
Burns like a million lighters
I’m going up, I couldn’t get much higher
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

As the song went on, the glee club actually started listening and watching. The whole time Sebastian was staring into (Y/n)’s eyes and twirling her around. He looked like a love struck little boy who had fallen in love with what he thought to be an angel. He looked.. kind.

“New scene, next block
She’ll be jaywalking right across while the cops talk
Make you feel like a boss when your eyes lock
And you can’t stop staring endlessly
She got the whole thing figured out; hits me where it hurts
And I know I might be swinging at a curve
I don’t mind it, though, when the lights are low
She can hit the notes wearing my T-shirt.”

Sebastian ended the song with the chorus and everyone was either deep in thought or their jaws were on the ground. Sebastian then began speaking.

“Hello, New Directions. If your public school brains hadn’t caught on yet, (y/n) and I are dating. We’ve been together for 5 months and I felt it was time everyone knew.”

The choir room then exploded with yells and screams. Everyone was upset at because not only did (y/n) not tell them she was dating, but she was dating Sebastian Smythe-glee club enemy #1 and who Santana called Satan.

“Guys, guys! Calm down! This is exactly why we-I-didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d freak out and basically forbid me from seeing him. It’s just.. I know he hasn’t been on your best sides.. ever, but I really, really like him. As in more then I’ve liked any guy before. He’d kind and caring and apparently overprotective and I love him. I just hope you can support me in this and trust that I know what I’m doing.”

All was quiet among (y/n)’s friends. For about three seconds.

“But (y/n), he’s the enemy!” “He’s caused nothing but trouble for this team!” “Do you not remember all the insults and threats that came from his own mouth?!’

A loud whistle pierced the shouts and hollers of the enraged glee club, effectively silencing all the voices in the room.

“Excuse me. I’m still quite confused as to what’s happening here. Our little ray of sunshine, (y/n), has chosen the devil himself as her lover. That’s complete bull!”

“(Y/n) was trying to say that she cares about all of you just as much as she cares about her own happiness. Actually more! She was scared to tell you because she didn’t want to disappoint any of you, but I’m telling you that there is nothing you have to be disappointed in her about. I love (y/n) with my whole heart. No one has ever made me as happy as she does. She’s loving and passionate and the cutest little alto I have ever met. She completes me and makes be want to be a better person.”

“And he’s gotten better,” you jumped in. “Sebastian has been nothing but swoon worthy throughout our whole relationship. Just a bit annoying sometimes.”

“Hey! I have been a great boyfriend!” “Yes you have, dear, but everyone has their own faults.” “Whatever,” Seb scoffed.

Everyone was watching Sebastian and (y/n) with mild interest and disgust.

“Guys, please. I’m a big girl. I’m not a baby like you all sometimes treat me.”

“We know that, (y/n). We’re just shocked you chose our competitor who has tried to demolish us to date,” poor Finn muttered.

“I think they’re cute.”

Eyes widened and stared at Rachel as the seemingly traitorous words slipped from her mouth.

“What? It’s not because Finn has a puppy crush on (y/n). I know she doesn’t like him like that. Obviously. But haven’t you been listening to what they’re saying. They love each other. Who are we to get in the way of that?”

For once everyone agreed with Rachel’s statement. The last bits of resistance drained from their eyes.

“OK. We’ll support your relationship as long as you know one thing. If you’re doing this to mess with us, hurt our team or just screw up like every guy does and hurt (y/n), you’re are going to suffer. Do you hear me? I will make you want to have never been born, much less have ever met us,” Santana threatened.

“Message received, but my intentions with (Y/n) are completely- ok mostly- innocent. I genuinely love her and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Ever.”

“Fine. Then we give you our blessing. Treat her well.. or you’ll regret it.”

“Ok, Santana. Thanks for you approval,” you tried to calm her.


“Thank you all for your cooperation. I was just ready to let everyone know that this angel is mine. I want her to wear my jacket, go on public normal dates with me and not have to hide anything.”

“I love you, my Warbler.”

“I love you too, my angel.”

“…you were a little pitchy in areas.”


Jared Leto x Reader - Just Friends

AUTHOR’S NOTE; I didn’t know how much fluff you wanted or if you wanted them to be a couple or friends? I also didn’t know if you wanted smut or not so I just added a little bit because it fit into the story that was going on in my head. I didn’t want to add a lot and you be like “umm I didn’t ask for that.” I hope this was to your liking and I hope it’s ok. 


“Bottoms up, Bottoms up, UP! Hey what’s in ya cup. Got a couple bottles! but a couple ain’t enough.” You sang loudly over the stereo while pouring your next glass of alcohol into one of your favorite cups. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t already slightly tipsy, but you hadn’t drank enough to drown out the misery just yet. 

2 years you had been in a relationship with the same man, 2 years you had been faithful to him and 2 years you had sacrificed for him only to have him cheat on you in the end. 

The trivial task of tidying up your apartment was the only barrier you had against your looming emotions of grief, but ever so slowly you began to notice that even cleaning wasn’t going to block out the pain much longer. So you decided to introduce a little anarchy to the mix by adding alcohol which seemed to do the trick just fine, but being tipsy wasn’t enough. You needed more. 

Distant feelings of unease plagued your chest and you could feel the tears stringing at the brim of your eyelids, but you refused to fall apart. Your now ex-boyfriend was not worth the tears or the heart ache, but you couldn’t figure out what you hated worse; the break up or the fact that you felt like your time wasted. For 2 years you were the dutiful girlfriend only to have him cheat on you with someone who wasn’t even half of what you were. Son of a bitch. 

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ex-boyfriend! lee daehwi

double update ohohohohoho *inserts lenny face* (the gif I placed got deleted ㅠㅠ I’ll add it again tmr!!)

note: wanna one might or might not get back together with their ex-lover, it depends entirely on how i felt lol

  • genres: angst, slice of life, heartbreak
  • other notes: bulletpoint scenario
  • number of words: 1.67k

ex-boyfriend! wanna one: 3/?

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  • ok so you and daehwi met like once before you officially met
  • y'all weren’t even from the same city, much less the same school
  • you were from norcal
  • daehwi lived in socal
  • (if y'all are confused, cali is like unofficially divided into two parts northern california and southern california. search an image and you’ll see what i mean)
  • anyways
  • you and your cousins were headed down to la for the summer
  • they invited you to go along with them bc why not there was an extra seat in the car and the seven of you were close
  • during the car ride there you were busy conversing with one of your older female cousins about her high school and asking her about what kind of teachers and classes she chose
  • she literally ranted about her teachers in freshman year for an hour
  • the hour after that was spent telling you about all the classes roel high school had to offer
  • and the teaching styles of most of the teachers
  • she got a call from one of her friends halfway throughout explaining how arena worked
  • you turned around in your seat and opened up the summer reading book your school assigned to all rising eighth graders
  • lmao you wish
  • you read about fourteen pages and then knocked out
  • two hours later
  • the car pulled up at an in n out ayyyeeee california righttttt
  • the seven of you guys spent like a hundred and fifty dollars on burgers, fries, and drinks 
  • you heard the mother and son lined up behind you go like wtf?? when the cashier said your total
  • guess what
  • that was daehwi and his mom
  • the two of them left as soon as they filled their cups with cola
  • you and your cousins in the other hand spent an hour eating and talking about who knows what
  • after that
  • the seven of you crammed back into the car when your cousin driving realized you guys would have to get moving if you wanted to be in la before sunset
  • four hours later
  • y’all arrived in la and checked into your hotel
  • for the rest of the night you guys just relaxed in bed and went out to eat for dinner
  • that was really it
  • the next day
  • your guy’s first stop is koreatown
  • and somehow you get scouted in the bathroom
  • all you were doing was singing a song you heard earlier on the radio
  • and this lady opens the door to the bathroom and hands you a card with jyp ent’s info on it
  • so long story short
  • you become a trainee at jyp bc you had to use the bathroom
  • anyways
  • you joined jyp about a month before daehwi did
  • which meant you never got to graduate alongside your friends
  • honestly that was the reason why you cried the most at the dorms
  • you and four other friends had been together for the past seven years
  • you guys even planned out what high schools you were going to apply for and shared dreams of attending a uc together
  • when daehwi joined the company
  • the two of you kinda bonded over the fact that you were both from cali and missed home
  • after practice (whether it was dance or vocal or whatever was planned for the day)
  • the two of you would compare your life and see how norcal and socal lifestyles were different
  • honestly every time the two of you compared
  • it would always lead to an argument over which part of cali was better
  • “norcal has silicon valley”
  • “‘socal has hollywood and the entertainment industry”
  • wassup fung bros
  • “SOMI WHICH IS BETTER NORCAL OR SOCAL” the two of you would shout at the same time
  • “uhhhh i’m from canada”
  • honestly y’all were so competitive with each other bc of the norcal vs socal thing
  • daehwi hits a high note during vocal practice?
  • you bet your ass your gonna go one octave higher
  • you get praised during dance practice for learning the choreo quickly?
  • daehwi is gonna make sure he learns the next routine faster than you
  • because you were constantly pushing yourselves to do better than one another
  • you guys were like some of the most talented trainees at the time
  • first there was lee daehwi who could sing, dance, compose, and write lyrics
  • and then there was y/n who could sing, dance, act, and speak four different languages
  • honesty in the opinions of other trainees
  • you and daehwi had the biggest chance of debuting
  • like jyp would be stupid to let go of you two
  • like what he did with those 7465347864 other trainees who made it big but you didnt hear anything from me
  • ok onto how you and daehwi started dating
  • it was actually kind of natural
  • you started out as friends
  • and spent so much time together during practice and outside of practice
  • even duing break days you and daehwi would go out and watch a movie together or something
  • maybe eat at a cafe or take a walk in the park together
  • y’all were basically dating without putting a label on it and kissing
  • which brings me to how you and daehwi started dating
  • you were just so stressed one day bc of piling school work and practice
  • you heard every one whisper about you during dance practice
  • like the y/n messed up the choreo :ooo
  • earlier that day at school, you forgot to do science homework because you stayed late at the practice room
  • and the teacher called you out in front of everyone else
  • “y/n i know that you’re a trainee but you need to do good in school if that doesn’t work out for you”
  • when you walked out of the practice room after the session was over
  • everyone avoided talking to you bc
  • uh oh
  • frowning y/n
  • trudging out of the practice room as she sighs
  • let’s not bother her
  • somehow daehwi didn’t get the memo
  • and he ran up to you and was like
  • y/n i’m going to beat you tmr 
  • and like it literally took that one sentence to make you burst out in tears
  • everyone shakes their head at daehwi and scurry out of the hallway
  • so daehwi is left to comfort you in the hallway as you sobbed
  • he hugged you and rubbed your head as you cried your heart out
  • it was different from the y/n he usually saw
  • the y/n that was confident in her skills and almost never screwed up when practicing
  • the y/n in front of him now just looked so vulnerable and it just tugged at his heartstrings
  • “hey it’s going to be okay”
  • “y/n dont cry”
  • “everyone makes mistakes. there’s no need to beat yourself over it”
  • you stopped crying about four minutes later
  • and when you pulled away you saw his navy t-shirt stained with your tears
  • “sorry daehwi”
  • all daehwi did was pull you back into a hug and hold you tight
  • “let’s just stay like this for a while”
  • so that’s how and daehwi became the power couple of jyp
  • like literally nothing about your relationship changed except that you and daehwi now held hands and pecked each other’s cheeks and sometimes lips
  • y’all are fourteen at the time ok let’s keep it pg
  • so how did you and daehwi break up?
  • when sixteen was in the works
  • your being one of the contestants was not confirmed
  • you were literally on edge the whole time
  • and daehwi was like
  • “they’d be crazy not to let you on the show. you’re y/n”
  • and you just nod along bc you want to trust in what daehwi said
  • y’all know what happens
  • you don’t get to compete
  • jyp hit you with the “you’re only fourteen” 
  • which is totally bs in ur opinion bc natty was a year younger than you but she was on the show
  • you knew that you would have to wait at least four years until the next girl group
  • so you left jyp
  • you and daewi didn’t break up yet bc there was still chances for the two of you to see each other
  • but after you transferred over to sm c&c there was not as many opportunities because you had acting lessons all the time
  • so the two of you grew further and further apart
  • at this time daehwi had moved over to brand new music
  • so both your schedules were hectic
  • the two of you broke up unofficially
  • i mean you couldn’t count it as dating when the two of you hadn’t seen or talked to each other in months
  • you debuted as a rookie actor in a drama as the female lead’s best friend and the lover of the second male lead
  • daehwi joined produce 101 with youngmin, donghyun, and woojin
  • you made sure to vote for him every. single. day
  • and he made sure to watch your drama whenever he had time

  • year 2018

  • you and daehwi broken up for almost three years now
  • wanna one was getting more and more popular each day
  • you were doing well with your secondary roles in dramas
  • more news for produce 101 season 3 was coming out now
  • and apparently sm wasn’t sending anyone again
  • that’s what you thought until one of the company directors was like
  • “y/n you’ll be participating”
  • news of rookie actress y/n participating and there’s just so much mixed feelings about you
  • on one hand ppl are like
  • it’s not fair for other trainees. she has an advantage over everyone else because she’s an actress and she has a bunch of fans already
  • and other ppl are like
  • she used to be a idol trainee so i don’t see what the problem is. she only moved to c&c and became an actress because she knew she wasn’t debuting in jyp anytime soon
  • daehwi sees these articles in the dorms
  • and he’s honestly so heartbroken bc you’re going to go through so much shit rn and the show hasn’t even begun filming
  • so daehwi’s made up his mind
  • no matter what
  • he’s going to support you on p101s3 101%
Acting//Kyungsoo Scenario

Title: Acting//Kyungsoo Scenario

Word Count: 3436

Request: (Anon) Hi!! I’ve been wanting to ask this for quite some time. Do you think you can write a scenario where you play as kyungsoos sister on a drama but outside of it you fall in love with each other? Thank you!

A/N: Here you go anon! I’m so sorry this took so long! (and im sorry for the terrible title i suck at them) I just wanted to say the actors names I used in here are completely random, there’s no drama that they’re staring in together! I merely just chose them because I like them! If you guys like this scenario, then please check out my masterlists and feel free to request fake texts or scenarios for any of the 4 groups I write for. Thank you!


The ringing of your phone startles you as you snap out of your daze and rush to pick it up.

“Hello?” you greet nervously.

“Y/N! YOU GOT A PART!” your manger exclaims. You squeal and smile really big, absolutely ecstatic that you were able to score a part in SBS’s upcoming drama. 

“Which part did I get?” You ask, your voice full of excitement.

“You will be playing the role of the male lead’s sister!” She replies. “The role of the sister does have a pretty decent amount of screen time and lines though, i’d even consider her as a main character!” You can’t believe you managed to get such a good role as a relatively rookie actress and are extremely satisfied with the part.

“Awesome! Do you know who the male lead is yet?” You question. 

“You’re not gonna believe me when I tell you.” She replies, and you can practically feel the smile on her face.

“Oh my gosh, who is it?” You ask, once again anxious.

“Do Kyungsoo!” She replies with enthusiasm. You almost drop your phone when you hear the name come out of her mouth.

“Do Kyungsoo?! Like Exo’s Do Kyungsoo?!” You reply, your jaw hanging open in shock.

“Yes! Can you believe it?! You got a good part in a drama with Do Kyungsoo as the lead male! This is insane! Do you realize how many people are going to be watching you act because of him?” She replies.

You feel faint as you consider just how much attention this drama is going to get solely because of him. Although you’re merely playing his sister, tons of people are going to see what you’re capable of when it comes to your acting skills. You seriously hope you don’t get too nervous around Kyungsoo though, since you are in fact a huge fan of Exo. “This can’t be real!” You reply in utter disbelief.

“But it is!” Your manager replies. “And tomorrow you will be meeting with the cast for the script reading of the pilot!” 

“What?! Already?!” You scream, jumping out of your chair. “I’m not mentally prepared for this, oh my gosh. What am I gonna do?” 

“Y/N, you’re an amazing actress, you can do this! Now go relax, you have to be well rested for the script reading tomorrow!” 

“Ok, ok, I will eat some dinner and then head straight to bed! Goodnight!” You reply.

“Goodnight! Congrats again!” You manager says before hanging up. You place your phone down on the table in front of you, and just stare forward, still trying to process what just happened. This whole thing feels like a dream! You got a main part in an SBS drama that has Exo’s Kyungsoo in it! Excited for tomorrow, you quickly eat something and then decide to go straight to bed.


The next morning, you and your manager are in the car on the way to the script reading. The palms of your hands are clammy as you think about what’s about to happen. In no time, you and your manager arrive at the building the script reading is being held in and make your way in side. You’re looking down at the floor as you try and take deep breaths to help you calm down. It’s just a script reading! Your manager leads you into a room with a long table with just a few people sitting at it and a bunch of name tags. Spotting your name, you begin to head over to your seat until you’re stopped by who you recognize to be the producer of the show.

“Y/N, it’s great to see you! We’re so excited to have you playing Yerin!” He says, bowing.

You bow in return before replying, “Thank you so much for giving me the honor of playing this part! I can’t wait to see the script!”

“I think you’ll like it! Your script is right over at your name tag. We’ll begin the script reading once all of the actors and actresses arrive.” He finishes.

“Alright, thank you!” You smile, continuing the walk over to your name tag. You look at the name tags you’re in between and notice that you’ll be sitting next to Kyungsoo, whose character is named Minho and Park Hyungsik, who is playing a character named Jinyoung. Your hear beat increases a bit knowing that you’re going to be in such a close proximity of such famous people. Deciding it’s best not to worry about it, you take a seat and begin to look over the front page of your script.

“Kim Yerin: Y/N L/N

The sister of Minho. Minho and Yerin are extremely close siblings, and she is one of the main obstacles in the way of Minho and Nayeon being together. Minho will not date anyone without Yerin’s approval, so Nayeon spends a decent amount of time towards the end of the drama when her and Minho get together, trying to convince Yerin and Dahyun that she’s the right girl for their brother and son. However, in addition to being the loving sister of Minho, Yerin is the target of Minho’s friend Jinyoung’s affections. Though she doesn’t fall for him at first, the two eventually end up together in the end.” 

You finish reading the description of your character, absolutely shocked at what a significant role you seem to have. You learn that Nayeon, the female lead, will be played by IU and Jinyoung, the character played by Park Hyungsik, is actually your love interest! You’re shocked how you were able to receive a part in a drama that will have such a famous cast! The first of those three people to arrive is actually Kyungsoo. As soon as you see him walk in your palms start to sweat. He’s even better looking in real life than he is on screen! Luckily, you have a little bit of time to mentally prepare yourself while he’s talking to the producer. You know you have to act all calm and collected around him because you don’t want to make a bad first impression. You guys are going to be working together for a while, so you want to make sure he doesn’t think you’re a weirdo. Lost in your thoughts, you don’t notice Kyungsoo starting to make his way over to his seat and towards you.

“Hi, I’m Do Kyungsoo and I will be playing your brother Minho in the drama. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He says to you politely with a bow. You immediately stand up and bow in return. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too! I’m Y/N L/N and I will playing the role of your sister Yerin! But I think you know that already…” You laugh nervously, getting your first real look at his face. You swear you’ve never seen anyone who is this perfect.

“Yes! I just figured since that’s what is says on your name tag.” He laughs, pointing towards it. 

“Oh, right.” You laugh in return, slightly embarrassed and extremely nervous.

“So, I heard from the producer that you’re a relatively new actress!” He states, shocking you that he actually is trying to make conversation.

“Yes, actually! I’d consider this my biggest role so far, and although I’m nervous, I’m very excited to see where this goes!” You reply, more calm then you were a bit ago.

“Well, congratulations and I’m sure you’ll do great. I was extremely nervous my first big role too, so I understand how you feel.”

“Thank you! Also, you’re such an amazing actor and performer though!” You reply, and you almost see a hint of a blush on his face. “I forgot to say it when I greeted you, but I’m a fan of Exo too.” You say shyly.

“You’re very sweet, thank you for all of the compliments.” He smiles at you. You’re too stunned by his smile to respond, but luckily, you don’t have too. Hyungsik approaches the two of you and bows.

“Hi, I’m Park Hyungsik and I will be playing the role of Jinyoung. It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you.” He states. You two bow in return an introduce yourselves. Everyone makes small talk for a while until finally everyone is there and the script reading can start.

The script reading goes well and the producer begins to give out some filming schedules. You find out that the filming starts as soon as tomorrow and you have to be there pretty early in the morning to get styled for recording. This is a scary experience, but you find it extremely exciting looking at how far you’ve come. The cast and crew were all very nice and you just know that you’re going to have a great time working with them.


Your reflection stares back at you as you watch the stylists work on your hair and makeup. The first day of recording is a big deal and you feel very jittery. The stylists finish up and you look at yourself in the mirror. “This is it.” You think to yourself. You walk into the set while looking at your lines. The first scene you would be filming would in fact be with Kyungsoo. The scene will take place in your house and the two of you will basically be introducing your characters through a conversation with each other. While looking over your script, Kyungsoo walks up from behind you and taps you on the shoulder.

“Hey Y/N! Are you ready for this?” He asks, seeing the clear anxiety on your face.

“I think I’m ready! I just really want to know my lines so I don’t mess up.” You reply, still reading over your script.

Kyungsoo pushes your script down making you look up at him. “I’m sure you won’t mess up; however, we can run our lines together if you’d like to practice.” He offers.

“That would be great, thank you so much!” You smile. The two of you go sit down and run the scene together. The both of you pretty much have it down pat and you begin to make small talk. You’re happy the two of you are getting along so well since you feel like that will make your acting all the more believable. You find out that the two of you have very similar interests and even decide to exchange numbers. 

Eventually, the director calls the two of you to set. You and Kyungsoo get in to position and wait for your cue.

“Action!” The director calls.

The two of you run through the scene very smoothly. Although you’ve only known him for a very short time, acting with him seemed to come very naturally.

“That was great guys! I think we could move on to the next scene already!” The director says, making you smile. The first day of your first big role in a drama and you’ve already completed a scene at first take. 

“Wow, first take! That’s awesome!” Kyungsoo says walking over to you.

“Yeah I know! I still can’t believe this is happening!” You reply, sitting down on the floor because why not. 

Kyungsoo sits down next to you and asks, “What?”

“This whole thing! It’s just so unbelievable that I was able to receive such a good role in what is expected to be an incredible drama with a great cast!”

Kyungsoo just smiles, intrigued by how innocent you still are. He finds himself thinking your innocence is adorable. “Well I guess it’s time to believe it now, huh?” He says. “Come on, let’s go get ready for our next scene.”

The rest of the day goes on just as smoothly as the morning. You and Kyungsoo are getting more and more comfortable around each other, and you’ve become rather friendly with Hyungsik and IU as well. You honestly don’t think this day could’ve gone any better.

When you return home, you get a text notification informing you that you’ve been put into a group chat. You look to see that a group chat has been put together by Hyungsik with you, Kyungsoo, and IU in it. The four of you instantly fall into silly conversation and you wonder to yourself how you’ve managed to get so lucky.


It’s weeks into filming now, and you and the rest of the cast are closer than ever. You guys text all the time, and sometimes you guys will even hang out outside of set. Especially you and Kyungsoo. You don’t know what happened, but the two of you just managed to hit it off very well. During the weeks of filming, getting to know Kyungsoo so well has made you start to develop feelings for him. You find yourself spending time throughout the day thinking about his smile, his laugh, his voice, etc. Nobody really knows about your crush except IU though. You felt like you could trust her, since the two of you have gotten pretty close.

Today, you couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous. Today is gonna be your first ever kiss scene. You know you shouldn’t be so scared since it’s just acting, but you really can’t help it. It’ll be your first time ever kissing someone in front of a camera, AND a bunch of people are going to see it! You’re quietly watching the crew set up the set for you and Hyungsik’s kissing scene when Kyungsoo comes over and takes a seat next to you.

“You seem extremely nervous.” He says.

“Is it that obvious?” You ask, quietly.

“Just a little bit, but there’s no reason to be nervous! Hyungsik is our good friend!” He says with a little smile, but it feels to you as if he’s hiding something.

“I know, but it’s my first ever kissing scene! I think i’m aloud to be a little nervous.” You say, slightly laughing.

“Yeah, you’re right. But I know for a fact that you’re going to do great. You always do!” He says encouragingly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pulling you close. You know that he’s just trying to help, but it’s almost as if he’s making it worse. Kyungsoo’s managed to make you even more nervous by wrapping his arm around you, and now your heart is beating a lot faster then normal. The moment between the two of you is interrupted by the director calling you and Hyungsik to set. You get up and begin walking over to the set with Kyungsoo.

“Don’t worry, you got this! If you feel like you’re getting too nervous, just try and look for me. I’ll be standing right here the whole time.” He says. Shocking him, you lean in and give him a hug.

“Thank you Kyungsoo, really. For everything.” You say against his chest. Now it’s his turn for his heart beat to increase. He feels all giddy and happy with you in his arms and doesn’t want to let go.

“Of course Y/N. Now go. You’ve got this!” He says, sadly releasing you. As soon as he let you go and walk over to Hyungsik, he just now realized that he’s really gonna have to watch the girl he likes kiss another man. He knows it’s just acting, and he’s friends with Hyungsik but still. 

“Action!” The director yells. 

Kyungsoo watches the scene unfold and feels his jealousy begin to creep up. He watches you intently and when he sees your eyes look over to him for a second, he forces on a smile.

You’re mind is in chaos and you listen to Hyungsik passionately reciting his lines. Suddenly, he pushes you against the wall, lightly holds your cheek, and leans in to kiss you. You know you should be focusing on acting into the kiss, but all that’s apparent to you is Kyungsoo’s eyes on you. The kiss scene finally ends when the director yells, “Cut! That was really great guys! We can move on!”

You smile, extremely thankful that the scene is now over. Hyungsik gives you a hug saying you did a great job, since he also knew how nervous you were. You thank him and go to speak to Kyungsoo, but notice he’s not where he was during the scene. Confused, you go to look for him and find him in the corner the two of you always sit in when not busy.

“Hey Y/N, you did great.” He says with a small smile, but you instantly notice that something is off about him. You sit down next to him and lean your head on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” You ask concerned. When he doesn’t answer, you look up to see that he seems reluctant to tell you something.

“You can tell me, I promise I won’t tell anyone or judge you for it!” You say giving him a small smile. “But if you really don’t want to, you don’t have to.” 

“I just feel a little…” He starts.

“A little…” You reply, hoping to get him to finish his sentence.

“Jealous.” He finishes quietly.

“Jealous? Of who?” You say, oblivious.

“I’m jealous that Hyungsik got to kiss you.” He confesses, looking down at his knees.

“You… You are?” You say, shocked.

“Yes.” He replies. “I wanted to be the one to kiss you…” 

“You did?” You reply, wincing at the fact that that’s all you could say right now.

“Look Y/N, we’ve gotten really close over the past few weeks, and the closer we’ve gotten, the stronger my feelings for you have gotten. I really like you.” Kyungsoo says, never looking up from his knees.

“Kyungsoo, I have feelings for you too.” You say looking at him.

“You do?” He asks, finally looking up at your face. You smile when you finally see him.

“Yes, I do. I have since we started filming.” You respond.

“Wow.” He states staring forward. “So how would you feel about going on a date tonight then?” He questions, looking into your eyes with a smile.

“I would love to.” 


You smooth your hands down your dress as you look into the mirror one last time. Tonight is the first award show you will be attending since the release of your drama, and you couldn’t be more nervous. Kyungsoo comes up and wraps his arms around your waist, leaning in to kiss your cheek.

“You look stunning babe.” He says, making your face turn bright red.

Kyungsoo asked you to be his girlfriend right after your first date and the two of you have been happily dating ever since. Although, the public is just newly aware of your relationship.

“Thank you love.” You smile, spinning around to give him what was meant to a quick kiss. However, he holds you in place and kisses you with more strength than you had originally intended.

“I’m so nervous for tonight.”

“There’s no need to be nervous. It’s no big deal if you don’t win!” He says, but he leans in and whispers in your ear, “But I know that you’re definitely going to win.”

Your face turns red again as you break out of his hold to grab your bag.

“Ok, let’s go.” You say. Kyungsoo nods and grabs your hand leading you to the door.

The two of your arrive at the award show and cameras start flashing as soon as the two of you walk out. Kyungsoo has told you many times to just ignore the cameras and walk forwards, so that’s exactly what you did. The two of you pose separately once and then together once before heading inside to go sit. The two of you greet the rest of your cast with hugs and begin to watch the show.

Finally, it’s time for the rookie actress award, the one you’re nominated for. The nominees are announced and then the presenter goes to open the envelope. Your heart is beating insanely fast and you wait for them to announce the name.

“And the award goes to… Y/N L/N!” Your whole cast shoots up instantly and starts congratulating you and showering you with hugs. Kyungsoo gives you a quick kiss on the cheek and then you’re walking up to the stage. With your heart still beating insanely fast, you being to make your speech. Once you’re finished, everyone is applauding for you and you make your way back down to your seat. 

You sit down and Kyungsoo leans over and whispers into your ear, “What did I tell you?” You just smile and lean over to give him a kiss, and you know now that you’re the happiest you’ll ever be.

[ENG]170520 - OK 精彩 magazine interview of ZTAO

*scans credit to Lunchbox*

1.      The movie, “Edge of Innocence”, for which you are the lead, will be released on 27th May. What kind of person is “Kang Qiao” , the role you are playing, like?

He’s the sort who would risk it all and do everything for the girl he loves. That’s quite similar to me. The minute we are certain, we’ll continue down the path determinedly.

2.      What’s the biggest challenge to you in taking on this movie?

It’s my first lead role in a movie. In the beginning, it was very hard to get into character when I was filming scenes alone. Because I had not met the other actors and was basing it all on my own imagination.

3.      This movie is an adaptation of a novel by renown suspense writer Shimada Soji. Had you read the novel before this?

I had never read the novel before this. I went straight to the script. But the minute I read the script I was intrigued. (Q: Last year you even met Shimada Soji in person, how’s your impression of him?) He’s a very kind and amiable man. It’s a pity that there’s a language barrier. I don’t speak Japanese. But at that time, he gave me a lot of encouragement.

4.      In this year and the coming one, you will have many more dramas and movies released. You are rapidly gaining more experience in acting and performing. What’s the biggest thing you have gained from it so far?

I increasingly like acting. Previously, perhaps I only liked doing action films. But now I feel that being able to take on different roles is still interesting.

5.      As a representative of an 90s-er idol (i.e. those born in the 90s), what is your opinion of the popular term “fresh meat”?

I don’t like that phrase. I don’t understand why you have to describe someone as a piece of meat. I just want to be a singer, an actor, a good artiste.

6.      So given your years of personal experience on the matter, what do you think is the most important quality/competency that an artist should have?

To be a good artist, the most important thing is for you to actually have what it takes and the talents for it. Of course, you need to work hard, and be confident in yourself. Only then can you truly succeed.

7.      They all say you are very straightforward and blunt. With regards to the negative comments, will you rebut them or leave it be?

I won’t rebut them, I just wrote “Underground King”, haha! Actually, I basically just let those who anti/attack me go ahead and say whatever they wish to. But like before, I’ll express what I wish to say in my songs, and sing it out, using it as inspiration.

8.      You’ve just celebrated your 24th birthday, compared to how you were last year, what changes have there been?

I think I’m more mature this year. There’s a bit more added to the side of “30 year old!Tao”, and there’s also more music, and works in TV/movies that I can bring to everyone. (Q: What’s your birthday wish this year?) I still hope to be able to continue doing C-Pop, bring C-pop to the world, and at the same time, make even more and better dramas/movies.

9.      What type of girl would attract you?

I like those who can carry on a conversation with me, and whom I get along with comfortably. Basically, it would be the kind where you can feel that she’s the one you are looking for, when you are with her. (Q: If you meet you like very much, will you do flash marriage (i.e. get married very quickly after a short courtship)?) Even if she isn’t that pretty, so long as you are sure that she’s the one, I think a flash marriage is possible.

10.   Out of a total of 100, how much would you rate your IQ, EQ and looks?

100 for all. Because I love myself the most, haha!

Ph. by Greg Williams.

‘Taboo’ Star Tom Hardy on Being a “Dick” and Those 'Star Wars’ Rumors

The Oscar nominee and star/EP of FX’s 19th-century period drama admits he’s earned his fierce reputation: “I’ve been a dick. But then, who hasn’t?”   

If you believe everything you read, Tom Hardy is the best actor of his generation and also the most dangerous. Descriptors like “volatile” and “mercurial” trail his name, as do tales of on-set squabbles. But as the Oscar-nominated actor, best known for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant and The Dark Knight Rises, arrives at The Ritz-Carlton on a snowy Manhattan morning to promote his 19th century drama Taboo for FX and the BBC, it’s hard to reconcile that image with the man seated before me. Between puffs of his e-cigarette, a thoughtful and exceedingly self-aware Hardy, 39, who both stars in and executive produces the limited series, spoke candidly about playing “scary blokes,” learning to love the awards circuit and just about anything but those Star Wars rumors.

Profiles of you typically include references to your “dangerous” reputation …

There’s this myth, which is quite asinine, that circulates about me — usually by those who haven’t worked with me. There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about in this game so I’d rather it be that, I guess. But there are other people who I work with consistently who know that’s not the case — who just wouldn’t risk having somebody like that in their midst because there’s too much at stake. Obviously you’re going to rub people the wrong way … and I’ve been a dick. But then, who hasn’t?

Is that reputation helpful when you play dark characters as you do on Taboo?

Of course. And I play a lot of scary blokes, and there are probably a few reasons why. First, villains are much more interesting than hero leads, who are, for the most part, really boring. The thought of going into work day in and day out to play someone who is just mind-numbingly boring fills me with dread, so I don’t bother. Another part of it is when I was younger I remember being frightened a lot — of being small and skinny and vulnerable and feeling that I could have been preyed upon easily. So, everything that I play is what scared me.

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I Am Not The Singer That You Wanted

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @tiny-flower-child-universe. “TBH imagine doing drama club with Gerard. Like reciting Shakespeare, and I’m Hamilton trash so the reader and Gerard sing some of the songs from the musical.”

A/N: I don’t know shit about Hamilton so I hope I didn’t fuck this up lol. It’s also kind of anachronistic because it’s supposed to be set when Gerard was in art school (which I think was the late 90′s/early 00′s?) but they’re singing songs from Hamilton, which came out in 2015….but oh well haha

You’d started studying art at your dream school in New York City last year. So far, it had been great. You were learning so much, and you’d even made a few friends after joining the on-campus drama club. One of those friends was Gerard. You didn’t have any classes today, so you’d driven over the bridge into Jersey to visit him at his house. You wanted to rehearse your lines with him for the club’s upcoming production of Hamlet.

It was no surprise to you that he’d gotten the lead role. He was a phenomenal actor. During practice, he always made such expressive faces while he read his lines, and got so intensely into character. You wanted to practice twice as hard just to get on his level.  You carried the script in your hand excitedly as you knocked on his front door.

“Hey, Y/N,” he greeted as he opened the door. “Nobody else is home, so come on in and make yourself comfortable. I figured we could practice in the basement. That’s where I kinda live.”

“Sounds good to me,” you nodded, following him into the house.

“Congratulations on getting the role of Ophelia, by the way,” he smiled at you as you descended the steps to his cave-like room. “I saw you try out. You were great.”

“Thanks, Gerard,” you smiled back.

“You want a soda or something?” he offered politely, sitting down on his bed and patting the place beside him.

“No, thanks,” you shook your head, sitting down next to him. “I’m really excited about the play, so, honestly, I want to start rehearsing as soon as possible.”

“Alright,” Gerard agreed. “Where do you want to start?”

“Hmm,” you considered, flipping through the script. “How about Act Five, Scene 1? I want to hear you do the famous monologue!”

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Interview at THR : 

‘Taboo’ Star Tom Hardy on Being a “Dick” and Those 'Star Wars’ Rumors

The Oscar nominee and star/EP of FX’s 19th-century period drama admits he’s earned his fierce reputation: “I’ve been a dick. But then, who hasn’t?”

If you believe everything you read, Tom Hardy is the best actor of his generation and also the most dangerous. Descriptors like “volatile” and “mercurial” trail his name, as do tales of on-set squabbles. But as the Oscar-nominated actor, best known for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant and The Dark Knight Rises, arrives at The Ritz-Carlton on a snowy Manhattan morning to promote his 19th century drama Taboo for FX and the BBC, it’s hard to reconcile that image with the man seated before me. Between puffs of his e-cigarette, a thoughtful and exceedingly self-aware Hardy, 39, who both stars in and executive produces the limited series, spoke candidly about playing “scary blokes,” learning to love the awards circuit and just about anything but those Star Wars rumors.

Profiles of you typically include references to your “dangerous” reputation …

There’s this myth, which is quite asinine, that circulates about me — usually by those who haven’t worked with me. There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about in this game so I’d rather it be that, I guess. But there are other people who I work with consistently who know that’s not the case — who just wouldn’t risk having somebody like that in their midst because there’s too much at stake. Obviously you’re going to rub people the wrong way … and I’ve been a dick. But then, who hasn’t?

Is that reputation helpful when you play dark characters as you do on Taboo?

Of course. And I play a lot of scary blokes, and there are probably a few reasons why. First, villains are much more interesting than hero leads, who are, for the most part, really boring. The thought of going into work day in and day out to play someone who is just mind-numbingly boring fills me with dread, so I don’t bother. Another part of it is when I was younger I remember being frightened a lot — of being small and skinny and vulnerable and feeling that I could have been preyed upon easily. So, everything that I play is what scared me.

I’ve heard you say that you’re not “an ambassador” in the way a Matt Damon or your pal Leonardo DiCaprio is. What does that mean?

There’s a certain etiquette that comes with a very well-trained public persona, and I’ll probably get better as I get older but there’s a lack of filter for me in conversation.

Which can be refreshing …

It can be but at the same time it also opens one up to attack. But then you create this persona and you got to f—ing live in it, man — and it’s better to be seen as fierce than it is to be seen as something else sometimes in this job because there’s an element of danger that is required to the work.

You sat out the PR circuit during Oscar season last year when you were a supporting actor nominee for The Revenant. Are you more willing to play the game now?

Where relevant, I guess. But work is king for me, so if anyone comes and says, “Listen, we need you to flounce about in a f—ing dinner jacket,” I’m like, “No, I’ve got a job to do, and I’ll stay all night to do it.” Then we can flounce around court and posture and say how wonderful each other are. But if the work is good and you did your best, that really should be the prize. Interestingly enough though, now that I have been part of a lot of teams that I really care about, I’m really excited to celebrate their success in that world. I guess I just don’t feel like I belong.

When was the last time in this business that you felt like you didn’t belong?

The Oscars. Someone once said to me, “You’re not prepared to f— politely — metaphorically speaking — and that’s what court is.” But I’m over here when you need me. I’m one of the people on the squad who can get shit done. But I’m really happy that my wife and I have a photograph of us at the 88th [Academy Awards]. I’m in a tuxedo, and she’s in this beautiful dress and she looks gorgeous, and it’s like, “Whoa, that’s actually a piece of history,” and I would never have thought of that happening.

You didn’t think you’d be there or you didn’t think you’d enjoy it?

Both. And it was a lot to take in and lots of nerves, and I was extremely grateful to have not had my name called out. When Mark Rylance won, I was like, “Yeah.”

Had you prepared a speech?

No. I didn’t expect to win and was really grateful that I didn’t because it would be really terrifying to have to speak. I’m not ready for that. I get very scared of being exposed. … You’re not a character [on that stage]. And a lot of people have a sophisticated persona but I don’t. I haven’t paid enough attention on that front.

Taboo is your first collaboration with your father, who comes from the world of advertising. What precipitated it?

My dad writes, too. I went to him and I said, “Dad, I have this idea. I’d really like to play this character who does this.” I pitched him the world and the tone and the character, and he was like, “Thanks, son, can you get out of my office? I’m working on a book.” (Laughs.) I was like, “OK, just so you know, that’s something I would really like to do.” And I left it at that. I kicked it around a bit with some other people, and then it died a natural death. Then about eight months later, he came through with a treatment. He’d been quietly chipping away on it, and his treatment was awesome. We pitched it to Steve Knight, who I had done Locke and some Peaky [Blinders] with, and he came onboard.

This was the first time you’ve worn multiple hats on a project. What did you learn about yourself?

It was like university for me because I’d never done a short film or anything like that. I never really finished school properly or got my degree or anything. What was nice was I was allowed to observe from a position of having a relative amount of experience from working with some amazing film directors and talents in my career. But learning to move between departments was different to being employed to participate in somebody else’s infrastructure. I learned that I actually feel very comfortable as part of that infrastructure and that there are parts of me that really do enjoy the benefit of being able to look behind the curtain at what the problem could be, whether it’s financial or logistical, and help find a solution. When you’re working on somebody else’s job, you’re not allowed behind the curtain so you just get fed a lot of bullshit. Which is cool because you don’t need to know necessarily — it’s not your business — but there is a part of me that goes, “But I could help and I really want to help.”

As soon as you wrapped, you went to work on Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. How challenging was it to go back to wearing just one hat?

It was great but that’s because Chris is firing on all cylinders in every aspect. There’s a genuine feeling of security with him. He has his signature on absolutely everything and he is still open to best idea wins, which is a profoundly confident [place to be]. But I used to irritate other directors, I’m sure, before I had the opportunity to do Taboo because I had that drive to be a bit more than just an actor. Not just because I want more meat in a hamburger or I want to be heard; it’s that I really care about problem-solving. I can do the acting relatively easily at this point, so my energy is kind of, “Oh, how can we make it better? I want to help the team.” But the team just wants you to “shut up because the team needs to think.” (Laughs.) It’s like, “But I’m on the team! I want to help you think.” “Just f—ing shut up, OK.” So now I have that place where I can go.

Taboo is being billed as a limited series. Would you like to do more?

Yeah, there is a mythology to it so we can and I love being in production. I definitely want to continue down that road. I have no desire to be an auteur visionary director but I do love being part of the machinery and the infrastructure, as well as the writing and acting.

At this stage of your career, how are you choosing projects?

It’s always been first come, first serve, whatever is interesting, whenever I’ve got time.

Leo was the one who brought you The Revenant, yes?

Yeah, I read that [script] a bit and I was like, “It’s Davy Crockett. I ain’t feeling it.” (Laughs.)

That wasn’t an easy shoot …

Actually, it was a lot easier than Taboo. But I had no control on The Revenant whereas in Taboo I was responsible and accountable for so many different things.

Did you call up Alejandro Inarritu, Revenant’s director, after Taboo and say, “Now I get it”?

No. (Laughs.) I do get a lot of things now, but also I’m aware that there were certain things that I did get at the time — that there were things that I wasn’t privy to because of my position in the team that I could have probably helped with and instead I irritated people. But I was right to pursue going into production of my own. I have a place to go now. So yeah, I do feel sorry for producers now to a degree, but also I’ve created a monster in that now I know as well.

Final question: Rumor has it you’re going to be a Stormtrooper in the next Star Wars movie. True?

I don’t know if I can even say that. Where did you hear that?

The internet.

Ah, the internet is a glorious web of deceit and misinformation, isn’t it? (Laughs.)

So that’s misinformation?

It could be, couldn’t it?

The eight-part 19th century drama, in which Hardy stars as an adventurer, presumed to be long dead, who returns home after years away to find his recently deceased father has bequeathed him an unusual inheritance, premieres Jan. 10 on FX. It airs first on the BBC.

Horoscope for May 3rd, 2016
  • Aries: Your concept of reality could be based more on your emotions than facts. This is one of those days when this could get you into trouble. Whatever comes up, you're likely to feel very passionate about it and tend to lose any rational perspective whatsoever. Integrity, inner strength, and self-confidence will be the glue that holds your mind and heart together.
  • Taurus: This is your day to shine. Just make sure you don't do so at someone else's expense. You're feeling more self-confident than usual, which may be hard for you to believe. Nevertheless, you could be so focused on your agenda that you fail to see subtle signals put out by those around you. Other people cry out for attention, too. Make sure you shine some of your glorious light on them.
  • Gemini: You may feel like you're being left out of the equation. Perhaps you feel like the oddball, the fifth wheel who simply doesn't have a place. Don't worry. Just because you feel that way today doesn't mean it's your destiny. If you don't like your course, change your position. If you don't like the people you're with, move in a different social circle. Don't blame your circumstances on others. Take responsibility.
  • Cancer: Take your creativity to a new level. There are many ways to express yourself creatively, so pick one and follow through. You may have a desire to be on stage, and you want to share your dreams and inner passion with the world. Your strong emotions and dreamy perspective are assets. Don't try to stuff them inside or push them away. Listening to your brain too much could deprive you of the bounty in your heart and imagination.
  • Leo: Your feelings may deceive you, so be careful of getting too wrapped up in your own drama. Perhaps you feel you're getting pushed and pulled in uncomfortable directions. You might tolerate this tension for a while without expressing your feelings about it. This is a dangerous policy because it could give others the impression that it's OK to continue treating you the way they do.
  • Virgo: In some ways, you may feel like a lost soul who isn't quite in touch with your dreams. Although you feel energetic and boisterous, you might also get the sense that your energy is misdirected and you're being led in the wrong direction. The key for you now is to lead yourself. Cut through everyone else's agenda and follow your internal rainbow. The more you take charge, the happier you'll be.
  • Libra: The best way to create harmony among others is to first establish harmony in yourself. Don't expect others to take care of you and attend to all your desires. At the same time, it isn't your responsibility to dote on others. The boundaries may get ambiguous at times, but do your best to maintain a healthy separation. People may pull on your heartstrings to manipulate you into doing what they want. Don't fall for it.
  • Scorpio: You might feel as if your powerful emotions are getting in the way of your dreams. Or perhaps you're finding that you're so wrapped up in a particular vision of the future that you're getting lost in your own brain. You're losing touch with the present simply because you're so focused on a nebulous idea that doesn't even exist yet. Take a step back from your current mindset and reevaluate the situation.
  • Sagittarius: Perhaps you're stuck in a mindset you can't seem to escape. Be careful about taking action based on ideas rooted more in past fantasy than present reality. Your emotions could be playing tricks on you. You could be attached to a dream that has more to do with feeding your ego than fulfilling your destiny. Question your motives. You might find that you're better off redirecting your energy somewhere else.
  • Capricorn: When you talk, you want other people to listen. More than likely, your thoughts will drift toward humanitarian ideas and philosophies. You're eager to share your ideas with others, and you may have a utopian dream that, if everyone just followed, would make the world a much better place. People may make fun of you for having such a perspective, but this definitely doesn't mean that you should stop dreaming.
  • Aquarius: Issues regarding control of a situation are probably going to be your focus. More than likely, you adhere to a solidly planned routine. You have a set way of doing things and you want to stick to it. Other people are moving into the picture, however, and they may want to take a leadership role. People will be adamant and strong willed when it comes to their facts. You should be, too.
  • Pisces: You're apt to speak and act with a great deal of power, but be careful that you don't get swept away by emotion. There's a surrealistic quality to the day. It could lead you to believe a mirage is real. You might get so caught up in the drama of your feelings that your power of reason gets watered down to the point where you lose track of your objectivity altogether.