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i keep thinking about how adorable it must have been when cabeswater gave gansey back

like blue and ronan lunging for him at the exact same time and just holding him, one on either side, tangled and uncomfortable and tight, and blue is kissing the bits of him that she can reach and ronan is shaking and swearing into his shoulder and gansey is holding them back with his eyes squeezed shut, an arm around each, as tightly as he can

it takes a second longer for it to register with adam that it worked, that gansey is alive and he’s right, he’s real, and when it finally hits him he sinks to his knees and the tears that didn’t come before come now in a rush of relief. he drops his head into his hands and he lets himself cry, lets the pure happiness of this moment wash out all the fear and the grief and the guilt that had been coiled around his heart since that first horrible nightmare in the dreaming tree

i didn’t kill him; i saved him. i brought him back. i saved him. alive, alive, alive.

orphan girl is still beside him, still holds tightly to adam’s arm but she is smiling now, leaning her head against his shoulder and smiling like she’ll burst, and she only lets him go when gansey calls for him: “adam, get in on this!”

henry is nothing short of jubilant, he’s whooping and cheering and punching the air, because he knew they could do this, because he had real friends now and they were extraordinary, because for once everything is going the way it’s supposed to

and eventually (with no small amount of effort), gansey reaches for him, too, and they’re an obnoxious tangle of limbs and heartbeats and love, love, love

the signs as haiku from trials of apollo
  • Aries: Don’t paint over gods / If you’re redecorating / That’s, like, common sense
  • Taurus: Aquaman driving / Couldn’t possibly be worse / Oh, wait, now it is
  • Gemini: Listen to the trees / The trees know what is up, yo / They know all the things
  • Cancer: Bowling balls of death / Rolling toward my enemies / I’ll trade you problems
  • Leo: Want to hit Leo? / That is understandable / Hunk Muffin earned it
  • Virgo: The Beast is calling / Tell him I’m not here. Let’s hide / Where? In garbage. Natch
  • Libra: Used to be goddy / Now uptown feeling shoddy / Bah, haiku don’t rhyme
  • Scorpio: Hoodlums punch my face / I would smite them if I could / Mortality blows
  • Sagittarius: Practice makes perfect / Ha, ha, ha, I don’t think so / Ignore my sobbing
  • Capricorn: I apologize / For pretty much everything / Wow, I’m a good guy
  • Aquarius: Seven-layer dip / Chocolate chip cookies in blue / I love this woman
  • Pisces: Tag with plague spirits / You’re it, and you’re infectious / Have fun with that, LOL

a͏̸̨L͜͏L̷͜ ̵̧̛͟t͘͠҉H̢̛e̵ ̀͠͝G̡̀̀͟͠i͏͞k͡͞͡A̴̧͡͡B̨̛͜͞i͏̨̧͠ş̶

Well, my main ones - I’ve got a bunch of others for the anime characters, some bosses, more minor characters, etc… 

Back in the days I wanted to introduce each one separately… needless to say, I never managed to go even halfway. So I made this instead ! Inaccurate heightchart warning though, I’m bad at group pictures orz

Annnd the Robobot spoilers under the cut !

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Erwin’s Guilt Complex

The discussion about this has turned downright stupid. Everyone is crying about poor Erwin this and poor Erwin that. Okay, I get it. Y’all like Erwin. Me too! Which is why I’ve given him lots of thought. Because a complex character like Erwin Smith cannot be boiled down to ‘he feels guilty’ & ‘that’s sad! what a tragic figure.’

Erwin has every right to feel guilty for asking people to sacrifice themselves for humanity when all along he’s only wanted to know the secret of the world. If you want to dig even further down, it’s starting to seem like he doesn’t even want to know this to save humanity! HE JUST WANTS TO KNOW BECAUSE HE WANTS CLOSURE. FOR HIMSELF. (This is because of his father. He needs to know if his father was just a whack conspiracy theorist put down to avoid civilian panic, or if he was really onto something for real all along and silenced because of that–because Erwin opened his big innocent mouth and told all his friends. But because he feels guilty about opening his mouth, we know that this is 100% something he’s in for for himself.)

Erwin’s admirable trait isn’t that he feels guilty: it’s that he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s very self-aware.

What people should be asking is this: does Erwin really feel guilt for what he’s done?

The answer is yes, but the next question is: what does this guilt mean?

And the answer to that is: nothing.

The reality is as follows: the guilt has always been overshadowed by his longing for the answer he’s sought most of his life. Because of this, he will sacrifice all his friends and subordinates for his own selfish goal. And he’s aware that this is what he is doing. He’s aware of the people he’s hurt–that have died for him. People he liked and trusted (Mike, Nanaba, Gelgar). Yet his caring is not enough to overthrow his obsession.

Because obsession is what it is! He’s literally at a point in his life where he needs to know the truth of the world before he dies and he doesn’t care about anything or anyone else–not enough, anyway.

Erwin has been consumed by his end goal. THAT is what’s sad. Not his guilt.

His guilt is nothing in the face of his obsession with wanting to learn the truth about the world–in seeing his father’s theory proved true (or not, but we know he thinks it’s true).

I won’t deny that he’s sacrificed a lot for this…but some of what was sacrificed? Was not his to sacrifice.

And we can argue day and night about how those who join the SC are adults and can make their own choice, but were tricked into it (to an extent). They believed in his speech. Hell, he admits that sometimes he was able to believe in it, too–in his own constructed myth of what the Survey Corps meant under his command. He admits that he took a position of power and used it for his own selfish gains–just because they are not monetary gains doesn’t mean any less. He fooled even those he considered his friends (I mean come the fuck on he tricked LEVI into believing it! Levi! Who watched his friends die in front of him!!!!) and encouraged people to lay down their lives not for humanity’s sake as they believed, but for Erwin Smith’s sake. So he could reach his goals.

That’s scary.

This is not an attempt to discredit Erwin. The Survey Corps was beating their head against a wall (pun intended I guess) for too long. They needed Erwin’s long-range scouting formation because ultimately it did save lives. They needed his fresh ways of doing things.

And it’s not as if he was in this mindset all the years of his command, either; for a very long time he had nothing to go on. His first hint of something was Eren. After that point is most of what we (the readers) see of Erwin, and so really only in the last handful of months has he truly been acting with selfish intentions in mind. Before this, his goal aligned pretty much with everyone else’s in the Survey Corps: fight for humanity (because in doing so I may learn the secret of our world that my father died for)!

But after Eren’s abilities are shown, Erwin’s obsession manifests itself–and quickly. It’s hard to hate him for it, even though it’s terrible of him to be so absorbed in his own fucking world at this point that he doesn’t even involve his ONLY living friends (Hange, Levi–hell, even Nile). The reason for this is probably because we know why he gets obsessive. We know about his past–about his father, about that pre-existing guilt and the desire that his father not have died for naught.

And like I said: no one can deny that he did the Survey Corps a world of good. When his arm was ripped off, he was ready and willing to die, telling a soldier that he was ‘replaceable.’ Erwin doesn’t take pleasure from the deaths of his subordinates. So it’s not as if he is 100% selfishly obsessive.

But right now in Chapter 76, that’s exactly what he is. Go look at it again. He’s standing there: this mission might fail BUT at least I’ll probably have time to see MY GOAL accomplished. Okay. I get it. Wow. No thanks. Come on, man. Really?

PSA - Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Spoilers

I know making this post wont change anything about this.

I know I won’t stop the people who will STILL post things about 2.8 when it releases this week (in japan) but hear me out–

All I want is for people to tag their spoilers! Use the appropriate tags when it comes to this upcoming installment to the franchise. Yes some people are still gonna do it but hey at least tag it. It’s not gonna come out for the west until the 24th of this month. Not next week, the week after THAT. People who don’t want to get spoiled have to survive TWO weeks. TWO!

I’m not saying to not post about the game (but that’s an alternative), im asking to be aware of others that didn’t get the japanese copy and are waiting for the english release. So please be careful on what you post on the internet!

As of myself, when I get the game, IF i ever post spoilers, i will tag it as “kh 2.8 spoilers” or whatever spoiler tag there is because really, i don’t want people to get ruined either because of me!

TL;DR - Please tag your spoilers.


Wow a really shit closet Ford cosplay ft terrible photoshop at 4:30am cool beans nami nice job

bonus picture: me seeing a bright yellow moth

not pictured is me losing my shit cause im easily freaked out when im tired and moths are weird

i forgot to mention this earlier but one of the first things ruby says after garnet splits is something along the lines of “we’re always the bigger gem!” and WOW that was exactly the kind of introspective garnet line i’ve been wanting for a while now? how many times has garnet had to ignore her own feelings in order to support pearl and amethyst? how long has she had to brush off things that genuinely hurt her for the sake of the team?

Can y'all stop acting like Denise was killed BECAUSE she was a lesbian. This is a fictional television show based on a comic, which it don’t even be following.

Oh wow, Abraham was supposed to die, boo hoo. Certain details stray away from the comics often on this show. For example, Denise wasn’t a lesbian in the comics. They made her a lesbian, and she happened to get killed off. She dies regardless, and deaths have been occurring out of order. They change stuff all the time. This has been shown throughout six seasons now. Her death had nothing to do with her sexuality. Stop construing this into something it’s not.

Episode 31 after-thoughts

Soooo…. How’s everyone’s heart doing? 

I think that it’s the first time that I’m so stressed after an episode. I’m utterly broken, right now. Things started fine, until Rosa tells us that Lys lost his memory. I mean…. People have been speculating about that after episode 30, but at the time, I just found that it was hilarious. How ironic would that be, right? Right? Wrong. 

I don’t really know how to feel about this, to be honest. I wouldn’t go to the point of saying I’m disappointed but I’m just really confused how the writers are going to pull this off, and how Lys is going to slowly gain back his memories. Up until now, the sudden amnesia just served to shatter our poor hearts. 

Like, first of all: Lys doesn’t remember us. He doesn’t remember us. Is this a joke? I - well my candy but same thing - considered him one of our closest friends and he just forgets. And I’m following Castiel’s road, I can’t imagine how it must be for Lys addicts. That’s just plain cruel.

Second of all: Nina using it to pretend she’s his girlfriend is - again - very cruel coming from her. I was expecting her to blame herself for what happened but obviously she’s getting the best of it. Also, how could anyone believe her? She’s a frigging kid?? And he looks at least 17?? What’s wrong with people? But we did get to have information on her family background which was nice. I do feel bad for her, but that doesn’t forgive everything. Her mother should really get a hold of her. But if Lys did know what happened to her family, it would be easy to understand why he was always so kind to her.

Third of all - and I did feel like Lys’ arc was the perfect time to make it official - it is now cannon that Lys had feelings for Rosalya! It was very awkward, omg. Again: it must have been worst to Lys addicts. And that illustration, oh my god. That was also a cruel move.

Moreover, after talking to Lys’ mother, she says it’s certain that Lys’ father isn’t going to make it. So I’m expecting an even darker episode 32.

Finally, maybe I am wrong for thinking this, but every arc that preceded ended with the character development of its protagonist. It was subtle in Castiel’s, very obvious in Nath’s. And maybe that’ll be my one big problem with Lys’ plot: I can’t really see how an amnesia can lead to a character development. A close family member dying, however, well maybe? It can make him a more mysterious, discrete guy, but develop as a person, I’m not sure. I’m just waiting to see.

I’ve never seen so many people in the mcl tag asking for spoilers, wow. I hope this is as complete as possible. But in resume it was: heartbreaking, short and very frustrating. Good job, Beemov, you manage to hurt us another time. 

Also, seriously, this is the last point this was very long, I’m so sorry, I would die for a walk through of Lys’ path right now, if anyone’s thinking of doing one, please tell me!