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“We should get out of here,” I tell him before I can stop myself.

His eyes widen and he quirks an eyebrow at me, “Are you suggesting we leave together?”

“I’m suggesting we should do something instead of sitting here, talking about how much we hate people who are in love,” I tell him in one breath. With the reminder that I will most probably not remember what happens tonight, I put down my empty glass and says, “So, Harry, do you want to do something crazy?”

the fake marriage (or is it really fake) au, read on tumblr

omg the early days of Serena+Bernie on AAU: Bernie just wants to be Serena’s friend and make things easier for her so she’s always trying to help but Serena is so used to being Let Down and undermined by ppl on similar levels of responsibilities+ higher up she takes everything as a personal attack and is Not Having A Bar of It 

so they keep ending up in situations where both of them are right and neither of them are wrong so they get under each other’s skin so effortlessly bc even tho they’ve only known each other a few months and most of that was brief and fleeting encounters and they’ve only really known each other a few weeks tbqh 

bc they are already so important to each other only it’s so so long before either of them realised how much and I am having f e e l i n g s

After the SP, podium for now is as follows:

1. Javier Fernandez (109.05)

2. Shoma Uno (104.86)

3. Patrick Chan (102.13)

Nathan and Yuzuru come bellow (both 98.??). 



I knew I was going to be anxious for the FS but boy I am going to die the day after tomorrow, I am sure now.

EDIT: It’s Boyang Jin (98.64), then Yuzuru(98.39), then Nathan (97.33).