now for some serious business art


Some more pokekids stuff! This time with their family/parents! Sorry I don’t have as many sketches as I usually do for these, but I’ve just been super busy with other things. But, for now, how about some character info!:

Melba- Single mom of Lin and Bev. She’s as serious as she is snooty, and she’s the boss both at work and home. Smart and snappy, she looks out for her kids and makes sure they stay out of trouble and are always fashionable. Her and Lin can butt heads sometimes, but they can never stay mad at each other for too long. Although Bev is adopted, Lin isn’t too sure if he was or not. He assumes so, but Melba won’t really talk about it.

Aunt Olisa, Octavia, Olive, and Opal- Rowans guardians who’ve basically all adopted him as their kid. They’re all very talkative, and especially like to gossip, but they love to hear about Rowan’s day. Rowan is pretty much their pride and joy, and whether they mean to or not they can baby him at times. They all also work as assistants to Melba in the fashion industry (which is how Lin and Rowan met).

Wiman- Poppy’s father and the local marine biologist. He often lives out of his ship which is either out at sea or at dock, but the townsfolk are very fond of him and are always interested to hear his stories (both scientific and  “embellished”). Although he may seem like a tough guys at first, he’s pretty much a nervous wreck and especially worries over Poppy. He’s easing up though, as he’s getting more used to Poppy spending days hanging out with Rowan and Lin when he’s out at sea (but he’s not done freaking out over when she swims all the way out back to his ship at the end of the day. “The ocean’s a dangerous place!”).

And that’s all! So, I know I’ve said this before, but I might go silent for a little bit while I work on my comic and possible another animatic project (I’m still thinking about it, we’ll see). For now, I hope you guys enjoy!

hello guys!! some of you may have wondered why im so inactive here or where i went haha i was really busy lately because of some stuff in my private life
nothing serious tho just pretty time consuming thats all
im sorry i havent answered any of your asks :(

nevertheless im gonna try to change that now (more or less :( )
and yeah i have watched the newest gravity falls episode and it was cute and mind blowing

im not sure when i will post my next art post tho sorry and thanks to all the people who are still following me! :D

also some other big news!! : my best friend in real life finally decided to put her AMAZING art online and made a tumblr blog! please go check her out its worth it :)

thank you for reading!