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First drawn on iPad, then at the halfway of the colouring process I moved to work on the computer. I’m a sucker for mermaid!aus, so of course I needed one for McLennon. I only used watercolour brushes + a crayon brush, and topped it with a watercolour texture in the background. Read more for the 2300 word story that I wrote to accompany this!

Paulos, the youngest son of King Triton, is forbidden from going on land. Ever since the kingdom of Atlantis lost its queen, Mary, to a mysterious disease, King Triton has strictly refused from letting anyone ashore. There is nothing else that Paulos wants, though, his curiosity too strong.

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Today we hit 200K! I want to thank you for all the support and awesome messages you guys keep sending me! FTA brand started from here and grew outside tumblr on all social media today with an active audience of over 500k followers and keeps growing. Thanks also to everyone from the  “Cars Initiative Team”  the biggest automotive network on here with over 5m combined.

This makes FTA the biggest active automotive blog on tumblr right now. 

Hey so facts are nice, aren’t they?

Dan has, as of 8/12/16, roughly 6,003 million subscribers. That makes him the 182th most subscribed YT channel.

Phil has, as of 8/12/1, roughly 3,694 million subscribers. That makes him the 377th most subscribed YT channel.

There are over 2440 YT channels with over a million subscribers.

Youtube has more than a billion users. 300 hours of video are uploaded to it each minute. 

There are millions of people trying to make it, billions of people imagining what it’d be like to try, thousands upon thousands of people struggling to hold on to the interest they once held.

Dan gains around 19k subscribers a week, Phil gains about 16k a week. Both of their channels continue to grow, and the numbers are neither huge nor disappointing, they fall somewhere in the middle and suggest steady growth over a long period of time.

Dan’s biggest subscriber spike dates back years, they’ve actually been gaining subs in similar speed for a very long time now.

Now, when I say they’re not impressive, there are channels with similar view & sub count as theirs that gain several times more per week. ThatcherJoe gains around 60k per week, as does Caspar Lee.

When I say they’re also not disappointing, you can look at Tyler Oakley, who has over 8 million subscribers but has actually been losing about 5k subscribers a week.

What should also be noted is that sub count is hardly everything. Marcus Butler has 4,5 million subscribers, for instance, but his videos are hitting somewhere around 300 - 600k. Charlie McDonnel has 2,3 million subscribers and despite once making videos that would hit several millions of views each, he’s now getting around 200k per video.

You don’t make a dime on subscribers who don’t watch your videos. You get paid per click or watchtime, depending on whether you’re a YT Red subscriber or not.

There isn’t typically an AmazingPhil video that doesn’t hit 1,5 million views in about a few weeks, and there typically isn’t a danisnotonfire video that doesn’t get to 2 million views in the same period of time.

That has been a trend for years.

Both Dan and Phil do really, really well on YT. Individually and as a duo. And the fact that they’re years in and have still managed to keep people interested is a far better indicator of that than a subscriber milestone.

And yeah, sure, you might want Phil to have 6kk, too. Hell, you might want him to have 10kk subscribers. That’s fine. But success cannot be actually measured in deserving, it’s a weird mixture of chance and daring and hard work and sheer stupid luck.

But what I want you to step back from and reconsider is feeling in any way sorry for Phil. Because he’s in the Top 400 on a site of billions, he’s not lost inspiration or determination in 10 years, people still want to watch his videos, he’s currently touring the world, and he probably makes more money than some small developing states.

And trying to convince yourself otherwise just cause the dude he works & lives with, whose success he shares, has higher numbers - why? I can’t help but feel like that reduces Phil to someone to measure Dan’s success by & vice versa.

So yeah. I do want tell you to subscribe to Phil if you wanna, cause he’s awesome, and same goes for Dan.

But mostly? I just kind of wish we stopped embarrassing Phil. Cause he does pretty damn fine for himself, if you ask me.

I think Tyler deleted his tweets because of Blurryface, but we have to remember Blurryface is not only a way of promoting the album, he’s not only a twitter account, he’s a character. He’s Tyler’s insecurities. I think he deleted all those tweets because he felt like he needed a new beginning, maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that they’re getting more popular, and now he reached 200k followers on twitter. Maybe he doesn’t want all these people finding those tweets (even if most of them were inspiring and beautiful) because that’s an old version of him. 

“Our minds change on what we think is good” perhaps he doesn’t feel like those tweets were good anymore, we don’t know why he deleted them but we know Tyler would never want to do something that would make the clique sad. He did it for a reason, we have to be with Tyler and show him our support and love. You are allowed to be sad about it but remember those words still mean something even if they were deleted, and there’ll be more to come. 

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What's it like to be popular or have many followers?

I’ve found that to different people it means different things. Like popularity can be a really positive thing, cuz you can share something close to you with a lot of people, but at the same time it also means you can get exposed to a lot of negativity. 
Like the biggest thing I can say is that if you weren’t happy before popularity you’re not going to be happy because of it, I’ve seen a lot of youtubers who desperately want more popularity because they feel like it’ll cure their self esteem issues and then once they get it they’re even worse off.

That aside, I personally have felt really excited about the second channel because I’m reminded how much of a blessing it is to have a small community. I cried at 1, 000 subscribers, I got really excited at 10k, and I was elated at 25k, and now that I’m almost at 200k I can hardly even believe it, so I’m not saying that I dont love the main channel but theres also a weird charm to having a small group of people who watch your videos cuz you get to connect with people on a personal level yknow? And to me that’s my favorite thing is getting to talk to all of you, and meet new people. 


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Do you have any Dramione fic recs? (I've read isolation and the fallout and need moar and see you ship them haha :D )

OH BOY DID YOU COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON. Isolation is one of my favorite fics.

Marietta Edgecombe has been waiting for years to get her revenge on Hermione Granger. Narcissa Malfoy soon presents the perfect opportunity and Marietta is going to grab it with both hands

One of my favorites, it’s a oneshot, exceeding 6k words. It’s very cute!

Becoming attached had never been part of the plan. Neither was falling in love. One night out on the town, Hermione comes face to face with Draco Malfoy–Memory Charmed and living as a Muggle–and an opportunity too good to pass up. What starts as revenge quickly grows into something more, and as Hermione delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the man who can’t remember who he is - the man everyone thought was dead - she might discover more than she can handle.

I prefer the longer series, and this is one of them. It’s rated MA so you have to make a (free) account to read it, but its completely worth it, there are a lot of good fics on that site. 

Sick of how Hermione always thinks she knows everything, Draco proposes a bet. The winner will get to order around their most hated enemy for a month. Everything is at stake, but winning has its price.

You also need an account to read this one. This one… Annoys me a lot. There’s too much love triangle stuff that really pissed me off, but despite that It’s a pretty good fic (doubt I’ll read it again though)

Draco Malfoy turns himself in after a very successful career as a Death Eater, then enlists Harry and Hermione to help him in a scheme to bring down the Dark Lord. DHr. A story of forgiveness.

Another long one, just over 200k. Now this one. THIS ONE. I really enjoy it. I love Draco redemption fics and this is exactly it. No Ron bashing, a lot of mystery. One of my favorite fics.

Bellatrix’s torture of Hermione uncovers a long-kept secret. The young witch learns her true origins in a story that shows the beginning and end of the Wizarding wars as Hermione learns about her biological father and the blood magic he dabbled in that will control her future (Slight AU OotP—DH) Dramione - Pureblood!Hermione - Rated M for language, violence, and sexual scenes.

I know a lot of people don’t like Pureblood!Hermione, but this is a fic that handles it well. It combines my two favorite things, Regulus Black and Dramione. Although it does have slight incest (as Draco and Hermione are cousins) But if you can get past that, It’s an amazing fic. It’s my favorite of all time.

Draco Malfoy has been given an assignment. An assignment to make amends with the people he’s hurt the most in life.

Another cute oneshot

I thought the list would be longer.. Sorry. haha. I read a lot of Dramione, but it seems like a good portion of it is forgettable. You can find a lot of Dramione fanfiction here. I hope you enjoy these fics! (Tell me what you think about them?)

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Is capitalism against durable, well-made goods?

I hear things like this a lot. The most common one is “Pharmaceutical companies won’t cure cancer because it eliminates their customers” or something like that. This exemplifies complete irrational economic thought. It ignores that in market economies, individual firms seek to maximize their profit by either providing the same goods at a lower price or producing superior goods.

Examples of this are abundant in the economy. In the 60′s and 70′s most cars ended their life around 100k miles, but now cars regularly reach over 200k. We had tube TV’s, now we have flat screens. We had  no cure for polio, now we have a cure for polio.

A person who comes up with a new and innovative good or service better than others will see massive individual gain while also benefiting society as a whole.

200k letter giveaway !!

I’m currently only a few thousand followers from hitting 200k and im gonna cry a lot and just thinking about it makes me cry bc HOLY MOLEY a lot of ppl

u guys have made my life so much better im not even kidding the kind messages and just support and advice that i get from u guys is so overwhelming sometimes and i cant thank u all enough

but so that i can give back a lil i’ve decided that when i do hit 200k im going to send out a bunch of letters and cute things to go with the letters to loads of u guys there’ll be a letter in each and stickers and drawings and maybe even like cd mixtapes im not sure yet !!!!

i want to send out loads and loads of these, so from now until i hit 200k u can reblog this post as many times as u want and when i hit 200k i’ll use a random generator to pick ppl from the notes :DDD

pls note that if u reblog this and you’re chosen you must be willing to give me your home address/po box so that i can send the letter to you !!!

the whole process will b filmed and put onto my youtube channel weeee

but yea good luck !!! ily all

- Emma / florels x

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ETHAN THE CHANNEL IS 200 TIMES BIGGER NOW THAN WHEN I FIRST SUBSCRIBED WHAT THE HECKY HECK Remember back when we used to say you're easily worth 100k minimum and you doubted us?? WELL YOU WERE WRONG YOU'RE AT 200K NOW HAHAHAHAAH

AHHH. It’s so cool to see how there are still people around that started from the beginning. Thank you so much for sticking with this community :’)


In the comments of this, let me know: what size was the channel when you subscribed?