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Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 7

A/N: A little violence warning.


The first thing that registered in his mind as he regained consciousness was a horrible headache. As a trained agent, Saeyoung instinctively feels his environment before opening his eyes.  The headache was annoying, but what really bothered him is that the left side of his head feels sticky and matted.

Suppressing a groan, he wills himself awake, but not opening his eyes.  He starts to move his fingertips and wiggle his toes—thank goodness they still work—and he certainly anticipated that his hands were tied, so the resistance he felt when he tried to move his right arm confirmed his assumption.  In all his experience in getting captured, he was half-expecting that he is placed in a dark, rat-infested room in some abandoned building with peeling paint and smelled of dead rats and mold…

…but why does the room smell like carpet shampoo?

With eyes still closed, he knows the room is dark.  It should be safe to open his eyes a little.

He almost regretted opening his eyes because once he did, a new kind of pain shot up to his head. The room was indeed dark, but the sole light source was right in front of him and the light just made his headache worse.  He then realizes that he was without his glasses; the familiar weight on the bridge of his nose was completely absent.  However, he was somehow pleased to know that he was alone.

As his eyesight settled, he certainly did not expect to see that he is being kept in a room that’s quite…lavish.  The floor lamp across him was made of intricately woven metal and glass.  “Too bad it’s too far from reach,” he thought.  The walls were lined with wood trims and decorative moulding, each panel varnished with a mahogany tint.  However, save for the lamp, the room was empty with no windows; and looking around he realized that he was tied onto one of the two support beams in the room.

Saeyoung was unsure on how many hours has passed since they took him.  He could vaguely remember waking up in a moving vehicle, his hands tied behind him.  “Where the hell am I?” he thought; and judging from the general weakness he feels and his parched throat, he may have been drugged and did not have a single drop of water for the last twenty-four hours or more.

“They took my jacket…damn,” he thought, and he audibly groaned when he realizes that they took his cross necklace, too.  He had implanted GPS tracking on his jacket and necklace, and he finds himself smiling a bit at the thought of considering having the goddamn GPS tracking implanted on himself.

“Gah, they took everything,” he groaned in his thoughts, and then he suddenly remembered…

Oh God please I hope they didn’t take that, too…

He sighs in relief as his thumb finds the familiar metal on his left ring finger.  Running his thumb along the small hoop, he finds himself ridden with worry for his wife.  He leans his head on the support beam, and looked up at the decorative mouldings on the ceiling.

“MC…” he whispers, his heart sinking even further as he remembers pushing you off the ledge into the river.  The pain in your eyes was too much for him to bear; and the way you kept calling for his name as the river swept you away from danger was tugging at his heartstrings so much.  He closes his eyes and imagines the way you looked into his eyes that night…how your lips were pouting slightly, and how your fingers made him shiver as you traced them along his jaw…

It was supposed to be a perfect night.

It turned out to be the perfect nightmare.

“Shit…I can’t be like this,” he reprimanded himself.  He immediately tried to recall that moment; while trying to figure out the knots on the rope that binds his hands. Running the scene again and again in his head, he gets more and more confused. “Why didn’t they shoot me?” He contemplated, trying to loosen the ropes behind him.  He recalls where the bullets actually landed, and all of them seem to be deliberately aimed at you.  

“Why?” He continues to ask, trying to rack his brain for answers. “What the hell do they want from her?”

Looking away from the river, Saeyoung turns to find four armed men, their guns cocked and ready to fire.  He stands his ground, hoping to distract them from the unusual splashing in the river.  He can, at the very least, protect you from this.

“Where’s the girl?” one of them asks.

“Why bother with the girl?” Saeyoung replied. “She has nothing to do with this.”

“Oh she has everything to do with this,” an unfamiliar voice came from the dark alley behind the gunmen.  As much as Saeyoung tried to see, all he could make out was a long coat, a wool scarf draped on the man’s neck to rest on either side of his chest, and smoke coming from a lit cigar.  He sounded old—probably in his sixties?—and his voice was cold and laced with viciousness.

“Bring him alive.”

Muffled voices pulled him from his reverie. Saeyoung immediately focuses his attention to try to understand what they were saying.  Cursing under his breath, he managed to untangle one knot, but what kind of sadistic motherloving son of a bitch would tie knots this way?!  

Before he could get another knot undone, he hears a click on the door as the latch gets dislodged from its barrel.  He stopped moving and watched the door open, and his captor stepped in.  It was the same man he met at the docks, with the long coat and scarf, but when the floor lamp finally illuminated the man’s features, he felt his heart sink.

“Ah, it appears that you know who I am,” the man smirked, looming over him.  Saeyoung bit the insides of his lip, his mind running wild, trying to find some connection—any possible connection to you.  He was absolutely sure you were not affiliated with shady characters…he was absolutely sure to the point of obsessing in finding more and more about you—there is just no way he could have missed you being connected somehow to a leader of an organized crime syndicate.

Seeing the confusion in Saeyoung’s eyes, the man let out a chuckle.  “Cat got your tongue, boy?  Although I am very curious,” The man crouches in front of him, flips out a small knife and runs the dull side of the cold blade along Saeyoung’s jaw, “just how the hell did you recognize me?

Shit.  Saeyoung cursed in his head, trying to find some sort of excuse while holding his breath, noting the glint of the knife in his peripheral vision. Realizing that there is no point in hiding now, he closed his eyes to keep the man from getting any more ideas from his facial expressions alone.

The man flips the knife shut and laughs.  “Interesting. You are very interesting, boy.” He then proceeds to dig into his pockets, and dangled his cross necklace and his GPS device—both broken beyond repair—in front of his face.  “These are not toys for little boys like you, son—I’m going to know soon enough who you really are.  But I am more interested in that…pretty lass of yours.  Where’s the lady?”

Saeyoung felt anger well inside his chest.  He felt angry at how the man’s thoughts of you sounded when the words rolled out of his tongue.  However, he kept an unfazed façade, like how they were trained.  In his mind, he needs to find out why this man is looking for you; so he needs to play along with this little charade.  He needs to find a way to protect you, and take you far away from the reaches of this madman–

Before he could even formulate a plan in his head, the man had planted his boot on his stomach, leaving Saeyoung coughing and gasping for air.  

“I asked you a question,” the man said, his voice laced with vicious impatience.

“Go to hell.”

The man’s boot met his face this time, causing a cut on his lip.  He could taste the blood in his mouth, which he spat out, and clenched his teeth as the searing pain almost made him cry out.  The man then grabs a fistful of his hair and yanks his head upward, and Saeyoung could tell from the look in his face that the man is pretty happy with his handiwork.

“You’re pretty resilient,” the man said, “but don’t worry; I have more—interesting—ways of making you talk.”

All of a sudden, Canon in D was playing in the room.  The man straightened and reached into his pocket, and with a tap the music stopped and he placed the smartphone next to his ear.  “What?  I’m busy.”

Saeyoung cannot make out the words that were being spoken by the caller, but soon his captor just looked into his eyes and smiled with such wickedness that it sent chills down Saeyoung’s spine. With a sinking heart, he is absolutely certain that his worst fears have been realized.

The man then turned away from him and walked to the door, laughing.

“Blindfold and gag him”, he ordered his men.  “We’re going on a trip.”


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