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the elevator scene analysis

so here’s my over-analysis on the elevator scene that nobody asked for. i hope you’re ready for Keith being a pining little shit

so Lance decides to check out the pool. of course he would! he grew up on the beach and is the guardian spirit of water. that’s totally something he’d be all over. he loves swimming.

so it’s kinda interesting that Keith of all people would also want to go swimming. he’s the polar opposite of Lance, he’s the fire paladin. water isn’t really his thing tbh? (doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy swimming though, but you get what i mean)

while it could just be coincidental that he decided to go check out the pool at the same time Lance did, i get the feeling Keith found out Lance was going swimming and wanted to join him but pretended that he didn’t know what Lance was doing ‘cause he doesn’t wanna make it obvious that there’s something else he wants to check out

what do you mean “what do you think you’re doing?” Keith??? he’s wearing swim trunks and a towel and is on the same elevator as you how can you not make the obvious conclusion that he’s going swimming???? you’re a terrible liar 

okay look, i know how i get when i have a crush on somebody. i will find literally any excuse to be around them, but will try to downplay it and make it seem like i totally don’t care. i’d recognize that kinda behavior anywhere. and Keith? totally trying to downplay it right now. “i just so happened to want to go swimming at the same time my crush did and stopped him in the elevator before he could go without me but pffsh i totally am NOT trying to find an excuse to be around him. i’ll prove it by making sure he knows we will be on opposite ends of the pool and i’m totally not interested in being around him!”

okay Keith, i think we get the point ;D (the way he says this line sounds so forced like he’s trying not to make things awkward oh my god)

if you go back and watch this scene, Keith looks over at Lance first. probably because he just realized he got stuck in an elevator, with his crush, while wearing bathing suits. the first thing running through his mind right now is probably “hHOL YSsHIT”

Lance looks over at Keith like “are you fucking kidding me right now” 

and Keith is like “shit gotta keep acting like this is the opposite of the best day of my life”

so anyways we cut back to this scene after a brief moment with Pidge and Hunk, and while i bet Keith would come up with any excuse to get close to Lance, i like to think it was Lance’s idea to crawl up the elevator shaft like this. he’s the kind of person who would come up with crazy ideas like this if he was that determined to get to the pool. i have absolutely no doubt Keith was internally screaming the whole time.

he proceeds to bicker with Lance like usual and they shove each other. if you look closely after Keith shoves Lance back though, you’ll notice he keeps leaning against Lance more than before. probably ‘cause he’s secretly enjoying the physical contact


poor Lance, he just wants to go swimming. let the dolphin boy swim

Keith: this is literally one of the best things that has ever happened to me don’t ruin it

Keith spots the vent shaft and they finally get out of there

listen, i don’t know if it was just intentional but it seriously looks like these two aren’t looking in the same direction. Lance is looking up at the vent shaft like “finally, thank god” whereas Keith looks like he’s just staring at nothing in particular, probably thinking to himself “well this was exciting but now we get to go swimming which is gonna be even better. nice”

tl;dr: Keith found out Lance was going swimming so he wanted to as well but pretended like it was just a coincidence, and totally was secretly enjoying the fact that he got trapped in an elevator with his crush. and based on all the pining!Keith evidence we have so far, i don’t see why this can’t be the case.

Get over yourself - Montgomery/Jeff?

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Request:  Hey your writing is very cool🌹, could you write an imagine about going to a pool party with jeff and your ex bf monty is jealous?

Word count: 1093

Thanks for the awesome request! Enjoy xxx

“Just come with me y/n, it will be fun!” Jeff says for the 5th time. There was a pool party at Bryce Walker’s place and you didn’t really feel like going.

“Is it obligatory?” you know Jeff wanted you to just have fun. You’ve been studying hard the couple weeks, he just wanted you to let of some steam.

“Yes!” Jeff shouts while he’s already searching for your bikini and an outfit to were.

“Here wear this, you look good in them.” He says while throwing the clothes at you.

“So I can’t even choose what I’ll wear?” you say pleasantly.

You arrive at the party with Jeff. You were walking to the table with drinks when you hear someone scream your name.

“Hey, y/n! Can you help me out?” It was your best friend Jess. You had been friends with her since the day she entered the doors of Liberty High. She was new and looked a little lost and extreme social you couldn’t help but go talk to the girl. You introduced her to your friends and that’s how she met Justin, they were dating for 6 months now. They both told you how they were crushing on each other so you decided to play matchmaker and that turned out pretty good. You and Jess were pure soulmates, everything you liked she liked too, everything she hated you hated too.

“I can’t unzip my dress and that damn pool looks so refreshing.” She says while you help her out of her dress.

“Thanks y/n, by the way I’m so happy to see you! You finally decided to leave your house?”

“Well Jeff kind of forced me but I’m happy to see you!”

“You better are, why don’t you join me in the pool?”

“I’ll be there in a minute! I think I first need some alcohol before I take of my clothes.” You winked at Jess. You made yourself a pretty strong drink so you felt a little more confident. When you finished it you decided to join Jess. You started taking of your shirt first, you were unzipping your shorts when you heard:

“Damn y/n looking good!” you turned around when you saw Bryce Walker staring at you. You couldn’t help but notice who was standing next to him. It was Montgomery de la Cruz, your ex-boyfriend. The two of you didn’t really end on good terms. One day you wanted to surprise your boyfriend so you bought new fancy lingerie. You wanted to meet him at practice but he wasn’t training with the team. When you searched for him in the locker room he was pinning another girl to the wall, heavily kissing her neck and she unbuttoning his pants. You walked straight up to him, you made him very clear you never wanted to see him again and smacked his face.  After he begged for some second chance but people who treated you like that didn’t deserve second chances.

“Yeah right, Bryce.” You say while rolling your eyes. You get in the pool and start to talk with Jess a little about  how she and Justin were and about how much you still felt disgusted by Montgomery. During the talk you had two more drinks. You started to get a little drunk. Suddenly you saw Jeff coming around the corner. You and Jeff had been good friends since Montgomery cheated on you. He felt really bad for you and wanted to support you  a little even tho you told him you were fine. You weren’t going to spend tears on someone like that.

“Hey jeff!” you shout while swimming to the side of the pool. Jeff set himself in front of you in squat position.

“Well look who’s having fun at the party she didn’t feel like joining.” Just now you saw how handsome Jeff was. His perfect brown hair hiss sky-blue eyes. His beautiful colgate smile. Jeff was wearing a very nice shirt, you could see the sleeves hugging his biceps thight. Just looking at him started to turn you on.

“I think you should join me in the pool.” You say while biting your lip a little, looking Jeff straight in the eyes. Yours and Jeff’s faces were dangerously close to each other.

“Oh should I?” Jeff answers with a seductive grin on his face. Suddenly someone pushes Jeff away from you, it was Montgomery.

“Get the fuck away from her dude!” He shouts while he throws his fist toward Jeff’s face.

“What the hell is your problem?” you scream at Montgomery while pulling yourself out of the pool and others trying to pull Montgomery away from Jeff.

“You’re being a slut.” Montgomery shouts at you.

“Excuse me? You’re calling me a slut? I’m pretty sure I’m very single and I’m free to do whatever I want to do. I don’t owe you anything de la Cruz. You cheated, now get over yourself.”

Montgomery looks at you with  disappointed eyes. “No y/n wait, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that, I didn’t mean it, I-“

“Yeah Mont, just like you didn’t mean to put your penis inside of another vagina? I know what your definition of ‘I didn’t mean’ is.”

You walk towards Jeff pulling him back to his feet.

“I think you need ice on that.” You say while picking his hand and guiding him inside.

Jeff sat down on the kitchen table while you started searching for ice. Once you found it you wrapped it in a towel and put it against Jeff’s head

“I’m so sorry Jeff, I really didn’t know he was going to be so jealous. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.”

“y/n, it’s okay. This isn’t your fault. Like you said the boy needs to get over himself. And by the way I can’t blame him for wanting you back, look at you.”

“But he punched you in the face, and.. wait what did you say?” you say still holding the bag of ice against his head.

“You heard me.” Jeff’s says while putting his hands around your waist and pulling you closer between his legs.

“I think letting a girl like you go is the most dumb thing he had ever done, but I don’t mind.”

Jeff’s cups your chin and brings your face closer to his.

“Do you mind?” he whisper while your lips are almost touching, his lower lip even touched yours while he whispered. You just nod and before you know Jeff’s lips were kissing yours.

“y/n?” he says interrupting .


“You can drop the ice this is a waaay better remedy.”

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! Xxx
Let's be more than friends?
Let's be more than friends?

H-H-H-HERE IT IS…the song I wrote for Michael (or rather, that Michael wrote for Jeremy) in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets!

The lyrics aren’t exact since I sorta messed up at one part but wHATEVER

Also please ignore the horrible quality I recorded this in my basement and with my phone so it’s nOT THE BEST
And yeah it’s all acapella since I can’t play an instrument to save my life there’s some clapping in there to give it a nice beat but thas about it frens

Please keep in mind that I am in no way a professional songwriter or anything remotely like that;; I just did this for fun? And I came up with this randomly I didn’t really plan it or anything lol

Now please excuse me while I go and scream into the void

You know what really boils my blood?  When people hate on Boromir (and A LOT of people do).  It’s easy to see him as arrogant and reckless when he does such gasp-worthy things such as when he spats “Gondor has no king!” at our beloved Aragorn or when he tries to take the ring from poor little Frodo.  But it’s just so sad that that’s all people remember him for.  So, I invite you to take a look at a few things concerning Boromir, the Captain of the White Tower of Gondor…

Boromir was raised in war, probably from a very small boy.  His entire existence has been spent fighting for Gondor… a kingless country that, despite an empty throne, has remained strong through the ages and Boromir is PROUD of that.  HE has taken up his sword to fight.  HE has watched his people die in battle.  HE has led armies into bloody victory.  Gondor is HIS country and he has paid blood for it and he loves it with all his heart.  If one thing can be said of Boromir, it is that he loves his country.

Can we blame him, then, for his bitterness when he meets this guy, this “Ranger from the North,” who is supposedly “his king?”  A lot of people simply see arrogance when Boromir declares hotly that “Gondor has no king… Gondor needs no king.”  But I’d wager that it was justifiable anger he was feeling when he shot those words.  I’d bet what was going on in his head was, “Where have you been, Aragorn? Where were you when Gondor’s people were being slaughtered?  Where were you when I had to watch my men fight and die?  Where were you… when I had to tell Gondor’s women they were widowed? Where were you??”

Now… don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Aragorn but let’s face it- he really was wrong in running from his people for so long… but I’ll stand in his defense another time.

But truly… I can’t imagine the fiery anger Boromir must have felt when he was first made to understand that he was looking into the eyes of Isildur’s heir.  If you ask me, he handled himself rather well.  I wonder how many times he, covered in sweat and blood, scanned the gore of the battlefield and felt a pang of bitterness toward this Aragorn son of Arathorn who was off who knows where doing who knows what.  And now here he sits, big as life in all his lordly fashion and Boromir is being told by Legolas, “You owe him your allegiance.”  Umm… Excuse me?  Owe him?  Hang on, hang  on, hang on, let me get this straight:  I… owe HIM… my allegiance…?  Okay, pardon me while I go scream into my pillow.

Let’s back up a bit…

Let us recall that Boromir was raised by his father, Denethor II,the Steward of Gondor, a deranged schizophrenic who literally worshipped him, all the while relentlessly abusing his little brother, Faramir, the one person Boromir loves more than anyone in all of Middle Earth.  Boromir is looking on helplessly as his country is slowly weakening under the powers of Mordor and, despite his strong leadership, he is beginning to lose hope.  How much longer can they fight without a king?  …without a power strong enough to defend against that of Mordor?  And just when all hope is lost, word has come from Rivendell that the One Ring has been found.  Many believe that it was greed that drove Boromir to Rivendell but have we forgotten that it was his father who commanded him to go and bring The Ring back to Gondor?

Seriously, am I the only one seeing Boromir’s face when he is given this commission?  That’s terror, guys… not greed.  In fact, he initially refuses the task until Faramir volunteers, at which time Boromir reluctantly decides to go… not for himself, but for Faramir and for Gondor.  

And so, it is with this purpose, that he rides to the Council of Elrond, skeptical but willing to obey his father’s wishes for the sake of his people.  On the eve of the Council, he wanders the halls of the elves and comes across the shards of Narsil being displayed opposite a painting of Isildur parting The Ring from Sauron’s hand.  At first, he speaks with awe and reverence as he gingerly touches the blade, accidentally cutting his finger.  But this display only serves as a reminder that Gondor’s line of kings has been broken just as much as has the blade that cut The Ring.  He comments that the blade is “still sharp… but no more than a broken end” and continues his wandering, his awe now replaced with disgust and resentment.

At the Council the following day, Frodo brings forth The Ring and its power is felt by all who are present.  Boromir, in his awe-struck naivety, reaches for The Ring in curiosity but Gandalf puts him in his place.  But Boromir is not to be quieted, for suddenly, he has an idea.  You can literally hear the excitement and hope in his voice as he says, “It is a gift!”  He stands with growing confidence and pleads with elves, dwarves, and men to take this weapon and “let us use it against him!”  Hope is finally within grasp for Gondor!  But no.  Sorry, Boromir.  Not today.  The Ring must be destroyed.  Boromir is disappointed but nonetheless, he chooses to become one of the nine companions making up the Fellowship of the Ring. 

If we’re being completely honest, this is one of the best scenes in the trilogy.  Frodo, a humble and innocent hobbit who deserves none of this noise, steps bravely forward to bear the horrific pain and suffering that is The One Ring.  Aragorn rises and vows “If by my life or death, I can protect you, I will.”  The music builds and the epicness is incredible as Strider kneels and declares “You have my sword,” followed by Legolas’ “…and you have my bow…” and Gimli’s “…and my axe!”  But many dismiss Boromir as he too steps forward.  The disappointment is transparent in his face as he approaches Frodo, accepting that this decision is final.  But Boromir is used to disappointment and he is used to putting his feelings aside for the greater good.  He bravely vows to the Ring Bearer, “If this is indeed the will of the Council, then Gondor will see it done.”

This is a sadly overlooked high moment for Boromir.  He is barely over the shock of learning that the man who has abandoned his country’s throne sits before him- and on top of that, he is expected to honor him as his king- plus, he has just failed in attempting to persuade the Council to allow Gondor to use The Ring to defeat the enemy once and for all.  By any standards, he has failed his mission.  And yet, he chooses to honor the will of the Council and agrees to aid in destroying The Ring.  And note that he did not say, “I will see it done.”  He says, “Gondor will see it done.”  (Have I mentioned yet how much Boromir loves his country?)

So, The Fellowship sets off and Boromir forms a friendship with and develops a love for the hobbits, teaching and instructing them how to fight and defend themselves and he loves every minute of it, perhaps remembering simpler times spent with his little brother… but all the while, the reality of his weakening country gnaws at the back of his mind.  Still, he continues on… but The Ring has a will of its own.  It knows that Boromir desires it, even if it is with good intention, and keep in mind that The Ring wants nothing more than to fall into the hands of men.  Aragorn does not desire its power and so it is to Boromir that The Ring calls.  It could not have been an easy thing to resist day in and day out.  Everyone sees the pain of the halfling with the big blue eyes but Frodo isn’t the only one nobly struggling to resist The Ring’s power.

Everyone forgets Boromir’s role in The Lord of the Rings.  Everyone forgets that it was Boromir who was concerned for the hobbits when they were freezing to death in The Pass of Caradhras.  No one remembers that it was Boromir who grabbed Frodo and held him and carried him to safety as Gandalf fell to his death.  Everyone seems to forget that it was Boromir who comforted Gimli outside Moria and implored Aragorn to give everyone “a moment for pity’s sake!”

No one remembers Boromir’s bravery, his leadership, or his great big heart.  Instead, he is remembered only for a fleeting moment of weakness, when he gives in to The Ring and tries to take it from Frodo by force.  He gets so much hate for this and yet take a look one more time at the images above… this is Boromir.  This is a man who loves unconditionally his country, his family, and the hobbits who have become his friends.  But you’d be surprised how many people I’ve heard call him “the guy who tried to kill Frodo.”  (Which is totally untrue, he never tried to kill him… but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

The Fellowship, minus one, arrives at Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien and when Lady Galadriel speaks to Boromir telepathically, he is broken to tears, for she speaks of his devotion to his father, the fall of Gondor, and the fact that “even now, there is hope left.”  Nothing means more to him and yet he cannot see it.  He shares this with Aragorn, whom he has begun to make peace with in his heart, for his country is more important to him than his pride.  He stares longingly into the distance as the elves of Lórien sing a haunting lament for Gandalf the Grey and utters with great feeling, “It is long since we had any hope.  My father is a noble man, but his rule is failing, and our people lose faith. He looks to me to make things right and I would do it… I would see the glory of Gondor restored.”  Hope is barely detectable in his voice as he asks, “Have you ever seen it, Aragorn?  The White Tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, its banners caught high in the morning breeze… Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?”  Aragorn answers, without feeling, that he has seen The White City long ago.  It is clear that he does not yet share Boromir’s adoration of Gondor. 

Throughout the journey, Boromir tries many times to plead with Aragorn to take The Ring back to Gondor.  "Let us make for the White City!“ he implores, but is shot down every single time (which ends up being a good thing but imagine Boromir’s frustration when all he wants is to aid his people.)  He tries so hard to start seeing the ranger as a king but it’s so agonizing when Aragorn is so against going back to Gondor.  He confronts Aragorn one night by the river and points out how quick he is to trust the elves and yet he has so little faith in his own people.  “Yes, there is weakness, there is frailty,” he admits, “but there is courage also!  And honor to be found in men!  But you will not see that!  You are afraid!  All your life, you have hidden in the shadows, scared of who you are, of what you are…” to which Aragorn gets all up in his face and retorts, “I will not lead The Ring within a hundred leagues of your city!”

Finally, we reach Parth Galen where Boromir meets with Frodo in the forest of Amon Hen.  (Here we go, the part everyone remembers… or do they?)  Take a minute here and think for a second, guys… do you honestly think Boromir went into those woods simply to harm Frodo?  He probably did seek him out under the guise of collecting firewood, but after everything we’ve just looked at, ask yourself if he really did so maliciously.  I do not believe for a second that Boromir followed Frodo intending to do any harm; rather, this whole journey, he has seen and empathized with Frodo’s suffering, which no doubt mirrors his own aching heart.  He tries to council Frodo, suggesting one last time that maybe he can help… after all, Aragorn isn’t listening, so perhaps his hobbit friend will. 

But Frodo is having serious trust issues at the moment, given that Gandalf is gone and he has foreseen what will happen should he fail, and so he turns quickly and defensively away, which surprises Boromir… he loves the hobbits!  He can’t take it anymore.  “I ask only for the strength to defend my people!” he declares angrily, smashing the firewood to the ground.  And there… there is where The Ring takes its hold on Boromir.

He begins approaching Frodo, hand outstretched, suggesting that maybe he could just lend him The Ring.

“No,” Frodo answers quickly, obviously scared but bravely firm.

 “Why do you recoil?” Boromir asks, “I am no thief!”

“You are not yourself!” Frodo warns him.  Having had The Ring for months now, Frodo knows when he is looking at someone who has been taken by it.  Not only that, but he has known Boromir for months now too and he knows when The Ring is affecting his friend.  He’s seen a glimpse of it before, in The Pass of Caradhras.

And the more Boromir advances, the more The Ring feeds off of everything- his bitterness towards Aragorn, his frustration in failing to fulfill his father’s command, his fear that his country will die… and it builds and builds and finally, Boromir just snaps.

Frodo couldn’t have been more right when he said that Boromir was not himself.  It is a common misconception that Boromir wanted The Ring for himself all along but that is not the case.  He wanted The Ring for Gondor and to honor his father but his greatest weakness lay in the fact that he significantly underestimated its power.  He has a moment of weakness and The Ring latches onto this.  Frodo flees and Boromir, in a fit of rage, screams that The Ring will end up in the hands of Sauron and all will be lost.  He trips and falls and his head clears and he realizes what he’s done.  He frantically calls out for Frodo, feeling terrible guilt… and I wonder if he thought of his father in this moment?  I wonder if he saw Denethor in himself as he lashed out at a helpless hobbit, the same way his father would lash out at his brother, Faramir? 

Just a thought.

But there is no time to dwell on this.  The Uruk-Hai attack and Boromir does what he does best, charging in to protect those he loves.  Three thick, splintering arrows plunge into his body one by one, and yet he continues to fight for the hobbits until he is taken at length by the agonizing pain and blood loss.  His last stand was made doing what he’d done all his life- defending his people.   His redemption came with this defense, but it came at the price of his life.  As it would later be spoken in Minas Tirith by a fool of a Took, “The mightiest man may be slain by one arrow, and Boromir was pierced by many.” 

His last ounce of strength spent, he lays dying and Aragorn comes to his side.  Boromir queries desperately about Frodo and begs for forgiveness for his failure but Aragorn assures him that Frodo and The Ring are safe and that he fought bravely and has kept his honor.  Gasping for breath, Boromir makes one last pleading attempt to convince Aragorn to take his rightful place as king.  “The world of men will fall,” he says with great difficulty, “and all will come to darkness, my city to ruin!” …to which the Ranger from the North finally, finally replies… "I do not know what strength is in my blood but I swear to you… I will not let the White City fall, nor our people fail.”

Our people.“

That’s all he wanted to hear.  His breaths are labored and pained but peace passes over his face as he reaches for his sword to voice his last words in salute:   “I would have followed you, my brother… my captain… my king.”

“Be at peace, Son of Gondor.”

Son of Gondor.  Yes, indeed.  Boromir was a patriot if there ever was one.  A true hero.  And it’s both heartbreaking and infuriating that he is so commonly misunderstood.  But at least one person got it… as he watches the body of his countryman disappear into the falls, Aragorn straps on Boromir’s bracers in his honor, knowing full well that it is time to face his responsibilities and reclaim his throne.  Boromir’s country is now his.

And that’s why I want to punch a wall anytime someone hates on Boromir, Captain of the White Tower of Gondor… because he is so much more than a mistake made in the forest of Amon Hen.  Have you ever noticed that when Faramir asks Frodo, “You are a friend of Boromir?” he replies without hesitation, “Yes.  For my part.”  Tolkien paints a beautiful portrait of forgiveness here.  Even Frodo refused to remember Boromir solely for his moment of weakness… so why should anyone else?

Remember Boromir.  Remember the friend who taught Merry and Pippin to use a sword… the big brother who provided a father’s love when it was not given… the warrior who fought for a dying country and a leaderless people.  Remember Boromir, Son of Gondor, for it was, after all, his persistence and courage that ultimately led a ranger to take his place as king.

so apparently cogman in tf5 is supposed to be polite and dignified and drives the old english human dudes’ car, but he has anger issues 

 and all i can see is this

cogman: [listening to classical music while driving] so, sir, how’s your day-

random human: UR BUTLER SUCKS 

cogman: excuse me, one second 

cogman: [rolls down windows to car, there’s inhuman screaming. he’s running over humans with the car CLASSICAL MUSIC IS BLARING  THE SCENT OF A RAGING ALPHA IS UPON US RUN HUMAN RUN AND DONt LOOK BACK YOU FOOL] 

cogman: [clears throat] sorry about that now where were we…?


Pernille Harder makes it 1–0 at 13’ for VfL Wolfsburg against FC Bayern München – her first ever league goal for the club.

Halloween Night (C.H)

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds Of Summer.
Part 1    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4 (Final)

(Y/N’s POV)

I can’t take my eyes off him; his suit hugs his body perfectly, showing his toned figure, his glasses make him look so rough, so threatening..
I shouldn’t feel attracted to him; I know how he is, hell I’ve even tried him. And it didn’t work… An asshole stays an asshole.
“Why don’t you go talk to him?” Halsey asks me.
“I don’t want to talk to him.” I reply, eyeing the girl he is talking to; another Harley Quinn for this Halloween…
“Her name is Alice…” Halsey says, giggling.
“I didn’t ask about her… ” I say, trying to hide the fact that it is actually eating me alive to know if there is something going on between them.
“You didn’t, but if eyes could kill, she would have been dead long ago.”
“Ashley, I am not in the mood…”
“Go talk to him. I don’t know what happened between you 2, but you are clearly not over it.”
“Just leave me alone.” I say, picking up a drink. I down almost half of it while my eyes are still on my Calum and Alice… I mean Calum and Alice.
She is nice looking, with a smoking body, totally his type.

(Calum’s POV)
I see her there, her sparkly Charleston dress, wrapping her body everywhere right. She is talking with Halsey, drinking her drink and ignoring my existance.
I shouldn’t care… I mean, I can have whoever I want in this room, even the girl she is talking to me. But she looks so good tonight and I can’t keep the fact that she was the best sex of my life out of my mind.
I still remember how she felt against me and how her moans sounded so nice.
“Cal, can you come for a second?” Ashton asks as he approaches me. I nod at him and turn to Alice.
“Give me a second.” I say to herand she nods at me before she turns to talk to her friend.

“What is it, mate?”  
“(Y/N) is jealous of you talking to Alice… Just giving you a heads up…”
“How do you know?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.
“Halsey went to check on her, because she was looking right at you and Alice. I think she might be into you.” He replies.
“She is not…” I say. I know for sure; last time we talked, was to just tell to each other that we don’t want to meet ever again.
“How do you know?” He asks; Ashton, just like the rest of the world except me and (Y/N), is copletely ignorant to the fact something went down between us two.
“I just know. And even if she wants me, I don’t want her.” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

(Y/N’s POV)
It’s not usual for me to use the gents’ room, but the line in the ladies’ was never ending.
I rest my elbows on the sink in front of me and try to take deep breaths. My jealousy has hit the ceiling and I am getting closer to the point where I burst and attack her. I don’t know why I don’t want her around him; I shouldn’t care about him. But I fucking do, more and more each passing second I watch them interact.

“You know the ladies go next door.” I hear the familiar accent.
“Have you seen the line in there?” I say, turning to look at him. He has the black sunglasses on, looking so badass, it makes my ovaries explode.
“Looking good, Hood.” I compliment, turning to the mirror to apply my lipstick. I can see through the reflecting surface his growing sidesmirk and his sharp jawline.
“Not looking bad yourself either (Y/N) ”
“I feel touched by your kindness.” I mock him.
“I haven’t touch you yet, babygirl. And you and I both know that you like me better when I am not kind towards you. Don’t you, kitten?”
“That was for just once. And it was a while back.”
“It was six times that night and day. And I am sure that if we ask the management of that cheap motel we fucked our brains out, they’d still remember your screams and my moans and our grunts.”
“It was fun seeing you again. Now if you excuse me…” I say, trying to pass past him and get to the door.
“Not excused. ” He says, grabbing my wrist.
The grip is tight, making me remember when one of his hands was holding my wrists above my head and the other was around my throat while he was slamming into me with all his force.
“Calum…” I whimper.
“You still want me, don’t you? You still remember how good it felt when we were fucking, huh? You still get wet when you are around me, I know that. I can feel it.”
“Calum…” I moan this time.
“I still get a hard-on when I remember that day.”
“Cal, please…”
“Please what?” He asks, his black glasses not covering his eyes anymore.
“Please… just…” I don’t manage to finish my sentence. His hand goes from my wrist to my waist  as the other grabs my chin.
I feel his lips against mine, rough and attacking. The kiss turns into a hungry fight for dominance. His tongue tries to push mine as mine tries to get in his mouth. His hand that was resting on my chin, goes to my neck, chocking me lightly. I feel my wetness spread and my hands automatically go to his neck, scratching on his caramel skin. He moans, biting my bottom lip. I whimper and gasp for air as his grip tightens.
“I wanna fuck you right here and now.” He growls as he releases my throat.
“Not in here.” I gasp. He bites his lip and nods.
“Meet me in the parking in 5 minutes. I’ll take you to the same motel, refresh the memory.” He says, before he crashes our lips one more time.

Timeloop Aftermath

((I decided to create a possible idea of what might happen with the Aftermath of this AU. It’s a brilliant AU, so many possibilities and great writing on your part (I also love your art wow)! So, here it is! I hope you like it!))

After the incident, everything in Jeremy’s life changed, and for the better.

After he told Michael about everything that had happened (using the journal as proof, even if he has to read it to him and persuade it to him enough to make him believe him), he was convinced by Michael to get the Squip out of his brain.

There was a whole shitload of stuff that happened (may possibly write it out), whereas Jeremy had to fight against the Squip'a forces, talk to Rich, and finally get that Mountain Dew Red to end it all, Michael being his main support.

Afterwards, with everything that had happened to them with the party and Squips, Jeremy finally seemed to be accepted by people. Not only did Rich come out as bi and started being good friends with Jeremy and Michael, he got them one step closer to Jake, Chloe, Brook and Jenna. Christine had taken a liking to helping Michael after the accident (Jeremy wasn’t into her anymore since he figured out his feelings for Michael, however he couldn’t help appreciate all the amazing things she did), and so the Drama Crew was formed, their friendship really unexpected and magnificent.

Not to mention that Jeremy and Michael had gotten together quickly. Jeremy visited Michael in the hospital everyday after the accident until he got out. Apparently Michael would have full blindness for up to a year, six-nine months at least, and then he’s have eyesight problems for the rest of his life (so, worse than needing glasses obviously, however he’d have partial blindness at times. However it wouldn’t affect him as greatly, and not as bad forever).

Despite the joking bets about how long they’d last, they lasted.. that’s just it. They lasted. They graduated, went to college together (They were cool in college, let me tell you,) and moved in together shortly afterwards. They went on dates, got a dog named Pac-Man (a stray Michael found on the street, what a furry,) , and eventually had a wedding! It was small but cute, the Crew was there, Jeremy’s dad was there, Michael’s parents were there, and Mr. Reyes was there for some reason. It was all amazing, life couldn’t go better for Michael and Jeremy Heere.

That’s the saying, you can only go up. But when you’re up, where else can you go? Well.. only down, of course.

Jeremy and Michael were in their early 40’s. It had been so long since everything happened, the two never imagined Michael’s sight could be so bad ever again. He had been able to see just fine since he had turned 31, despite still needing glasses. They hadn’t even costed the doctor in a whole year, they were so confident.

Confidence wasn’t enough.

Michael had always been insistent on driving himself places after he had gotten better. To practice driving again after getting better, he went to the grocery store to get stuff for the week for them every week, and he had just kept it up since. It wasn’t a big deal.

It had been September when this whole instance occurred. Jeremy sat at home on this Monday, when he had the work day off for Labor day. He sorted through the papers in his hands that was keeping him busy. It wasn’t business papers, oh no (he couldn’t work for a big business anyways, it reminded him of the Squip. Plus he just hated the thought of working in a cubical), these were adoption papers. Jeremy and Michael had been thinking about this for yesrs, and now they were thing of going through with this. He was reading through the different foster care systems near them, when he heard his phone ring.

Jeremy wasn’t one to let his phone go to voicemail unless he was really, really into something or just couldn’t reach the phone. This wasn’t one of those times. He was quite calm at the moment, normal, feeling alright..

He suddenly didn’t feel alright. With the sound of the stranger over the line telling him about the accident. Telling him that his player two had swivered off the side of the highway into a ditch in a frenzy. He was at the hospital. He was under-

Jeremy had stopped listening. Why? Because he dripped his phone on the way outside. Panic ran through his body as he sped out of the driveway in his car, cutting someone off and not caring for a single second.

He could barely breathe as he raced towards the hospital. He knew where it was from how many times he’s been there for this man and this man alone. This man he loved more than anything in the world. The man he saw die so many times before- but felt it so real this time that he felt like he would die right here and now if he didn’t make it to the hospital.

Adrenalin filled him as he crashed into the ER, frantically waving down anyone at all to tell him where Michael was. He looked insane, so if course, security had stopped him before a nurse had came to him.

“Where’s Michael? Where- I-Im married to him! I-is he ok?”

“Sir, were doing everything we can. Hes in a critical state. You have to calm-”

“I can’t calm down! I have to see him- h-he can’t die! I can’t let him d-die! Please!” Jeremy held back the word ‘again’. He also held back tears.

“Sir, I..”

Just then, a doctor stepped into the area. He talked to the lady at the front counter before making his way over to us. “You’re Jeremy Heere, sir?”

Jeremy nodded quickly. “Y-yes, where’s Michael? Is he ok? H-hes ok, right?”

The doctor had paused.

Jeremy felt a fear rush through him at this silence. “H-hes, t-tell me Michael’s ok! Tell me!” He persisted, his voice escalating.

The doctor spoke calmly, obviously rehearsed and drone-like. “I’m sorry sir. There was nothing else we could do for him. Michael had punctured his lung and bled to death before we could do anything usef..”

Jeremy felt his heart drop as the words sunk in. His thoughts seemed to stop, scream to a halt, not disappear, but a much , much worse feeling. The feeling of his whole life crashing down on him and fleeing him at the same time. His heart stopped, like everything else, for a pause that seemed to last for hours.

Then it all hit him. All of it. His heart came back, feeling an ache that only grew worse with every pump. His mind filled with the words of the doctor, the thoughts of his lovers death, the thoughts of Michael, Michael, Michael is dead.

Jeremy was crying. His cheeks were leaking as he pulled himself away from the other men. He stumbled back, still staring at the doctor. His vision became blurry as he started crying harder than every before, his breath becoming tiny gasps, his feet losing balance when he realised he was outside the hospital, on the grass. He brought his hands to his face, weeping and whaling profusely to himself, alone.

Everything came flooding back. And it all guilted him. He could have gone grocery shopping with him. For him. He could have taken him to the doctors to get checked up, seen that his sight might get worse. Checked that his lover was ok with a phone call, say “I love you, player two” one last time. The worst part was that he couldn’t remember the last words they had exchanged.

His mind was in such a spiraling state that he started thinking of everything bad that he ever did to Michael. He reached his deaths, he reached the looping. He remembered every death. He remembered his pain and how none of that pain was nearly as bad as it is now. Now was the worst day of his life. And there had been many bad days for Jeremy Heere.

He just wanted to see his face one more time. He wanted to see his lover, his player two, his alive husband, his best friend, his partner in crime, the most amazing person in the world-

“Or you’ll what?”

The bathroom. The light. The taste of shitty, terrible liquor threatening his mouth. And right in front of him, almost 30 years younger, was the love of his life. He teared up.





That was really really really fantastic, wow!! I have had thoughts about making the timeline where Michael goes blind the final timeline, sort of like, there’s gotta be some sacrifices, but they don’t necessarily have to be someone dying, ya know? And just imagining all the fun stuff that he and Jeremy go through afterward, hoooo!

All I can think about now is Jeremy pushing Michael (who’s wearing like, shutter shades or a pair of ridiculous sunglasses probably) around in a wheel chair through school and Michael’s like “Move outta the way, bitches, I got an escort to class” and like. Once they recover they get comfortable enough to make blind jokes ppfffp
Although I do like the idea of Michael’s sight coming back eventually. Like the accident at Jake’s house was only temporary and he regains his sight after a couple months or a year or smth.

BUT ANYWAY BACK TO SCREAMING THAT WRECKED ME AAAA!! I just can’t imagine how awful that would be, to live thirty years and then be taken back in time all the way back to the start of the whole thing;; but now Jeremy can try to prevent the whole blind thing, yeah? (Maybe instead Jeremy ends up going blind :0)

STOP KILLING MICHAEL I say as I continue to kill Michael in multiple of my AUs haha–//shot

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! You guys are awesome continuing to shower me with fics and beautiful art and giving me more ideas for this AU I AM TRULY. TRULY BLESSED.)

Say You Love Me // a.i.

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Summary: She feels like they’re on two completely different planets and after a while, she gets tired of Ashton shrugging off any concerns she has about their relationship. They love each other, but the message gets lost in the days. 

Boy: Ashton Irwin

Warnings: swearing, fighting??

A/N: this is an angsty one my friends. please let me know what you think!! I’m getting back into writing with the help of my friend Jenn who motivates me. PLEASE SEND REQUESTS Its always more fun when people ask for them!! I’ll gladly write anything (although i havent written smut yet) and I enjoy it! 

Tears traced translucent black lines down her face. Her eyes were red-rimmed and bright, staring directly into his own while they stood. She was speaking low and firm; her words were deliberate. Ashton wanted to look away from her but he couldn’t. Her gaze commanded him to look at her. He desperately wished he wasn’t in this situation and started to reflect on how he even got there in the first place.

It was a few weeks prior, a Monday night, and they had just finished dinner when she stepped away to take a call.

“You’re engaged? That’s so exciting.” He could hear her voice from the kitchen. Despite her words, she didn’t sound very excited at all. In fact, she sounded tired.

“I really am happy for you Jen. That’s so great. He’s a great guy.” Her words were hollow sounding and when he glanced her way he could see her expression was tired and a little despondent.

“Yeah I’ll talk to you soon. Congrats again!” She called once more into the phone before hanging up and sighing.

She collapsed next to him on the couch and leaned her head on her shoulder. “What’s up darling?” He asked.

“I’m just,” she paused, “I guess I’m just feeling a little troubled.” She chose her words carefully.

“About what?” He prodded with caution.

He turned to face her as she sat up. She turned her body so she could look at him directly. “I guess—“ Her face was scrunched up as she decided how to phrase what she was about to say. “Where—uh, where do you see us going?”

He started to grow nervous. “What do you mean?”

She started picking at her nails, suddenly feeling shy under his gaze. “I mean, where do you think we’ll be in the next six months or year?”

He thought for a moment before shrugging. “I’m not sure. I mean I haven’t really thought about it.”

Her face fell and she nodded, turned away from him and returned to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

In hindsight, he realized how bad that answer was.  

He could hear her bounding around in their shared bedroom. She was crying just loud enough for him to hear as she tossed anything she thought she’d need into some bag. He couldn’t believe how stupid he’d been. How had he been so absent minded?

She approached him about a week ago. Ashton was typing away on his laptop while she sat down next to him.

“Hey baby.” She greeted with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey love. How’s it going?” He answered, setting aside his computer to give her his attention.

“I’m good. I just wanted to see my lovely boyfriend.” She beamed at him.

He chuckled. “What do you want?”

She bit her lip before grinning. “A dog?”

He shook his head before answering. “Very funny.”

“No really. What would you think about adopting a dog together?” She was giddy with excitement.

He sighed slightly. “I don’t know, love, they’re kind of a big responsibility.”

Her smile dropped a little bit it returned as soon as it left. “I know but I think we could do it. We’re responsible adults and we can make it work.”

He shook his head again. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Dogs are kind of a big step. I mean, I don’t think we’re ready.”

She felt her stomach plummet. “Really?”

“Yeah, it’s just people adopt dogs when they’re ready to settle down and stuff and I just don’t think that’s where we’re at.”

“You don’t?” She mumbled.

“You do?”

“We’ve been dating for nearly a year. Excuse me for thinking that we might be ready to settle down.” She shook her head while standing up, exiting the room without another word.

She was walking away. Her figure was moving towards the door of their apartment with a large bag throw over her shoulder that was overflowing with necessities. Ashton was panicking now. He didn’t want her to leave, but he wasn’t doing anything to stop it. Inside he was screaming. ‘Say something!’ He thought. ‘Do something!’ Soon she would be gone and if he didn’t stop her, he knew he’d lose her forever.

Things had been tense since last week. He was reading a book in their bedroom when she wandered in and leaned on the doorframe. He set down the novel when she cleared her throat. There was a long silence where they just stared at each other.

“Are we just wasting time?” She finally asked.

She’d caught him off guard. “What?” He responded a little confused.

“This. Us. Our relationship. Is it actually going somewhere or are we just filling the time? Because I really love you and I like the idea of marrying you someday but if this is just temporary for you then tell me, Ash.”

He was so shocked by her candidness that he couldn’t even think. “I, uh, I mean I just, uh—“

“Do you love me?” She cut him off.

“Why would you ask me that?” He answered immediately.

“Answer the question Ashton. Do you love me?” She repeated.

“Yeah,” He responded.

“Say it.”


“Say it. Out loud. Say you love me.”

He approached with open arms. “You know I do.”

She pushed him away. “No, I want to hear you say that you love me.”


“Because,” her voice was louder now, “I can hardly tell anymore! You don’t think about our future, you don’t want to settle down, I can’t even remember the last time you actually told me.” By the end, her voice was shaking.

“Where is all of this coming from?” He was raising his voice now.

“I don’t want to waste my time with someone who doesn’t love me back. I don’t want to keep falling in love with someone who doesn’t want to put effort into their relationship.” She was crying now. Her tears were big and heavy. Her voice started to turn hoarse and she was soaking her sleeves with the excess water dripping from her chin and cheeks.

“But even though you just keep showing that you really don’t want this, I can’t help but think that maybe you do. I want to feel burning flames and passion flow into my bones when you say my name. I want a life with you. Just tell me you love me and you actually want this and I will wait until forever for you.”

He didn’t move. He didn’t speak. He didn’t do anything. He just stood there and watched her fall apart in front of him. He wanted all of that too. He really did. He didn’t have an excuse for not answering. He knew exactly what to say to make this better. But for whatever reason, he couldn’t speak.

“Do you have anything to say?”

His thoughts screamed at him. ‘Yes! Yes!’ they shouted.

She sighed, defeated and marched past him to their bedroom.

Now they’re here. This could very well be the last time he sees her if he doesn’t act now. She gripped the doorknob in her hand. She turned around, about to say one last thing to him but he spoke up first.

“I love you.”

The room was dead silent for a moment.

“I love you so much.” He starts again. “I love the way you dance in the kitchen to really bad music and I love how motivated you are and I love how you love me.” He took a few large strides towards her and grasped her hand.

“I want to get married and I want to get a dog and have a couple kids and buy a house and give you all of the things you deserve but I can’t because you deserve the world. I honestly can’t believe you even put up with me for so long. You are far too good for me and if you walk out that door right now I will understand but I plan to love you until the end of time because you are so perfect that I could never find anyone quite like you ever again.” He was in tears now.

She was crying too. The bag dropped to the ground and she threw her arms around his neck in a tight hug. He nestled his face into her neck, smelling her hair and relishing in the feeling of her arms. He was home with her. He was home when she was around. Wherever she was, he wanted to be.

She pulled away just enough to look at him. “I love you too.”

Ashton smiled and kissed her gently.

When they pulled away, she looked at him again with a grin. “Can we get a dog now?”

Fighting with an iron fist (Part Three)

Note: Swearing, kidnapping, Bucky being a protective ex-boyfriendish lolf

Words: 1365 (O^O Well frick)

Originally posted by joseph-castellanos

It had been about three almost four weeks since you had broken up with Bucky, you thought you’d be happy, but you wasn’t. Your heart ached every time you two went onto a mission together, or even in a room during a meeting. You made good on your word and moved into a small apartment just a block or two down from the tower in case they needed you quickly. You and Dawnte talked a lot more, and even had coffee together to just chat together. He made the break up easier, because he was really sweet to you and you started to grow fond of his presents. He had a gorgeous smile and if you didn’t know any better you’d probably say you have a slight crush on the man who always knew what to say to you.

His voice was soothing, and his tongue was silver due to the way it made you feel whenever he praised you for no reason. You couldn’t help, but smile at him when he laughed, because it sounded like heaven. Still you couldn’t fully commit and say that you liked him, because there was a spark in your chest that held its place for Bucky. You hated yourself for still having feelings for the two-timer, but you wanted to believe his words of it all being a mistake. You let out a sigh running your fingers through your hair before you started the water in order to take a shower. You had just got home from a mission and you felt grungy as you slowly stripped yourself of your clothes throwing them into the hamper in the bathroom.

You were about to step into the shower before your phone rang as you looked down seeing Dawnte’s number as you picked it up. “Hello?” You asked before feeling the warm water making you sigh gently at the relief coursing through you. “(Y/N)? Hey, I know you just got back from your business trip, but I was wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner.” He said making you bit your lip gently as you leaned against the door. “Yeah, I’d love to.” You said smiling as he chuckles. “Awesome, alright uh.. I’ll pick you up at around eight?” He asked as you nod. “Yeah, that’s fine. See you then.” You said before hanging up as you hold the phone to your chest giggling softly. You set it down turning on music before jumping in to get ready for your date.

Getting out you started to dry your hair when you heard something coming from your kitchen as your eyes widened. You quickly got dressed before heading out with a metal bat ready to swing when you saw a shadow standing by your door. You growled before taking a Babe Ruth swing when metal clashed with metal making your hands tingle. Your eyes widened when you flipped on the light to see Bucky standing there looking down at the small dent on his arm. “WHAT THE HELL BUCKY!!” You screamed as he looked at you finally. “I came to check on you.” He said like it was a normal everyday thing as your eye twitched. “Seriously? Are you frickin’ kidding me right now?” You snapped when he frowned looking at you dress.

“Are you going out?” He asked as you crossed your arms over your chest. “Yes Bucky, I am.” You huffed. “You rudely interrupted me while I was getting ready.” You said looking at him as he shook his head. “You aren’t wearing that.” He said as you scoffed. “Excuse me? Since when were you my father?” You demanded as he looked back into your eyes. “You aren’t going out parading yourself like that.” He said gesturing to your short navy blue laced dress as you growled. “Well, I am going to, because you aren’t my father, nor my boyfriend.” You countered before gasping as he took your hands when he pinned them to the wall with his metal hand. Your body shuddered on its own as he leans down to your level looking at you making you bit your lip.

“I. Said. No.” He said in a dark voice that made you want to kiss him, but you immediately swallowed down that thought. Your tongue was hot and ready to spit fire right at him as you growled angrily. “I don’t care what you said.” You sneered back before his lips found their way onto your neck making you jolt forward. “James.” You whispered his name like a prayer. “You still love me, like I still love you.” He said kissing up to your ear as you looked into his eyes seeing them soften. You were about to say yes, and force his shirt open and let him devour you into nothing when you pushed him back. His hand had loosened as you pushed on his chest when his flesh hand was placed onto your wrist when he kissed it gently.

“I need to get ready for my date.” You said looking to the ground as he grits his teeth. “I won’t stop. I’ll come back.” Bucky said softly before he turned around walking out of the apartment as you looked to the small hole in the wall from his fist. You sighed before closing the door noticing he had picked it when you shut it and locked it. You turned around walking back to your bedroom before opening your closet and picked a less revealing dress. It wasn’t because of Bucky’s words telling you that he didn’t want you to wear it, it’s just suddenly you didn’t feel like wearing the dress. You did your hair up and make up before looking around the apartment when there was a knock at the door as you stood up walking over to it.

You opened it smiling to Dawnte who frowned noticing your demeanor almost immediately as he tilted his head. “Are you alright?” He asked offering his hand as you nod. “Yeah, I’m okay.” You smile softly when he nods. “You look positively beautiful.” He said as you take his hand before he helps you down the steps and into his car. You got in smiling as he started the car before pulling out when you looked out the window sighing. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked softly glancing over to you. “Yeah, I just–I got a lot on my mind.” You said softly picking at your long red dress. “Dawnte… I… I can’t  do this.” You whispered before it felt like you were suffocating as he pulled off of the road immediately.

“Do you want to go home?” He asked softly as you nod when tears formed in your eyes. “I thought I was ready to move on, but he plagues my thoughts.” You spoke aloud when he sighs. “Your ex?” He asked when you looked down to your hands clasped together as tears dripped down onto them. He gently placed a hand over yours when you looked to him as a smile stretched across his face. “Hey, hey it’s okay.” He said as you smiled softly. “I’ll take you home, don’t worry about it okay? It was a long shot in asking you, and it was the best date I’ve had so far.” He chuckles as you giggle softly wiping your eyes so you didn’t smudge your make up. “Thanks Dawnte, you can always make me laugh.” You said softly.

“That’s what I’m best at.” He smiles before running his fingers through your hair to move them from in front of your face when you looked to him. His smile looked off as you swallow when his hand came up caressing your cheek making you shiver from how freezing cold it was. “D-Dawnte?” You questioned softly when his eyes turned red making your own widened in shock. His form shifted to reveal Loki as you gasped before his hand came up covering your mouth so you couldn’t scream. Your vision blurred as he chuckled darkly leaning down to your ear. “Darling, you should never trust a stranger.” He whispered before you blacked out completely from whatever he had put into the air…

Author’s Note: Probably gonna be two more chapters, and smut is gonna happen *Gets holy water* Yeah, I’m good. *Grins*

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Loving insanity pt. 3{{Jerome Valeska x Reader}}

Author Note: yay I finally get to write this!!! I really hope y'all like this story!!!!💜💜 Length: long Requested: request/Collaboration Warnings: none _____________

When you woke up the next morning you were completely tangled up with Jerome. He was sleeping perfectly and you didn’t want to move and wake him. You instead just sighed and laid your head back down on his chest. He started to stir and looked down at you. He smiled and ran his fingers through your hair. You looked up at him.

“Well good morning Sleeping Beauty.”

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. You felt his chest rumble and it made you giggle. You got up and stretched.

“Let’s go get breakfast. No one is home so you can just wear that.”

He nodded and followed you out of the room. The two of you headed to the kitchen where you proceeded to make coffee. You handed him a mug and smiled.

“Well well well… What do we have here?”

You and Jerome both froze. You turned to see Barbara standing there with a smirk on her face and arms crossed.

“Did you two have fun last night?”

You blushed immensely while Jerome choked on his coffee and started coughing.

“That is not what happened!!!!”

“uh-huh sure.”

Barbara winked at the pair then turned to exit.

“Just remember to wash the sheets!”

“Shut it!”

You heard Barbara laugh as she exited. You turned to give him an apologetic look.

“Nice mom you got there.”

“Not my mom, that’s my dad’s girlfriend.”


Jerome insisted that you go back to the Circus with him. He said he would show you the best acts and introduce you to the circus performers. You two walked around for a few hours before a man that looked like a ring leader came up and called Jerome over.

“I’ll be just a minute.”

You nodded and he walked off. You stood there admiring a poster for the Flying Graysons. Your feet seemed to get bored as they started moving. You had gotten lost after a while and had stopped in your tracks. You looked around for someone who could help. You saw a woman with a snake wrapped around her and you presumed she was a performer.

“Excuse me miss, but do you happen to know where I can find a boy name Jerome. I don’t know his last name but I know he lives here.”

“It’s Valeska. Jerome Valeska. And why on earth would a pretty girl like yourself be looking for a pest like him.”

“Excuse me but who do you think you are to talk about him like that?”

“His mother.”

You froze. You knew this was the woman who screamed at him. Her voice was recognizable now.

“and who may you be?”

Jerome had been looking for you for a while now and when he found you…. He didn’t like what he saw. She was with that last person on earth he wanted to see her with. He heard his mom ask the question so he ran up to you and grabbed your arm protectively.

“My girlfriend.”

“Hah! Like you could get a girlfriend.”

You were beyond fed up with this woman. So you intertwined you fingers with Jerome’s.

“Actually he can. Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch to him all the fucking time you would realize that. Now excuse us. We were just passing by.”

Lila looked beyond shocked as you gave her the sweetest smile that you could before walking away with Jerome.

Since that happened you and Jerome wouldn’t unlock your hands. Hours felt like seconds as you realized it was time for you to go. You frowns and he hugged you.

“Cheer up Doll face. I’ll see you again soon.”

He bent down and placed a sweet kiss on your forehead before entering his trailer. ______________

It was 1 am. You were laying in bed thinking about what Jerome said. Did he really mean it when he called you his girlfriend? Or was it all just to get you away from his mom?


You threw yourself back into your bed and covered your face with your hands. You heard a light tapping noise on your window and when you looked over you saw Jerome squatting on the fire escape while waving at you. You quickly got up and ran to the window. You unlocked it and opened it. He slipped inside.

“What the hell are you doing here at 1 in the morning.”

“I had to see you again.”

“And this couldn’t wait till tomorrow.”

He shook his head and you sighed. You led him to the bed and you both sat on it.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And what you said. No one has ever stood up for me before.”

“She was a bitch and I wasn’t going to let it slide.”

“But that’s not the only reason I am here… I know we have only just met but you are different from other people. You care about me unlike other people. What I’m trying to say is that I care about you too. And what I said earlier about you being my girlfriend. I want that to be true too. And I’m not good with words so I want to show you how I feel.”

Before you could reply he smashed his lips onto yours. He was passionate but soft and sweet. Almost as if to treat you like glass. You started to kiss back. Both of your lips moved in sync. Almost like they knew what to do.

The moment ended too soon for you when your dad walked in.

“Y/N, I’m ho-”

You and Jerome just froze. Jim was to tired to get get angry so he put he hands up in the air in defeat and backed out of your room.

“I’m going to go and uh pretend like this didn’t just happen.”

You covered your face in embarrassment as Jerome laughed. Your first kiss with him and of course your dad had to walk in right then.

“So uh ignoring what just happened…. Will you be my girlfriend?”

You smiled and nodded. Tonight had to top your list of favorite night ever. Well besides the whole dad thing but none the less no one could ever possibly be as happy as you were right now.

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Word Count: 1081

Player: Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars)

Warning/s: fighting, mild swearing, gif by @brosillustratedPart  2, Part 3

This is a re-post of my own work!

“What do you want from me, Y/n? You’re not making any sense!”, Tyler shouted across the room, his face scrunched up in anger, his strong arms raised.

“I’m the one who’s not making sense? Your the one that keeps promising stuff and then breaking his promises! You skipped out on me. Again!”, you yelled back.

“I already told you. I was out with Sharpy and I didn’t have time to call you!”, he groaned in annoyance.

“And I already told you: That’s not an excuse! Patrick had time to call his wife but you chose not to call me! Because that would be too much of an effort to put into this relationship, right?”

“That’s not the same thing! They’re married.”

“So I’m not important enough because I am not wearing a ring on my finger? This isn’t about relationship status, Ty. This is about respect.“

“You are important but I don’t have to tell you everything I do!”

“No, you don’t! But that’s what you do when you choose not to go to a dinner with your girlfriend. I waited for you for an hour before I knew you weren’t gonna come!”

“That’s not my problem!”

Tyler just didn’t see it. Time and time again he was disappearing without a trace and without telling you. He made plans with you, then he changed them. Again and again. You were tired of the same old shit. That was definitely not how a relationship was supposed to be. And it wasn’t working either.

“But it’s your fault!”, you snapped.

“I don’t care! I spent an evening with a friend. What’s the deal?”

“The deal is that you don’t care about our relationship! What the hell is your problem? Why can’t you just attend a date like it was planned? Why can’t you just grab your phone that you’re using all of the time, call me and say: Sorry, something got in the way of our plans? Why can’t you act like a grown-up for once?”

“Excuse you? Please tell me that you’re kidding me right now. You’re accusing me of acting like a child, while you’re here whining and bitching because I didn’t have dinner with you. You’re the one that’s immature.”

“Who are you kidding, Tyler?”, you spat, emphasizing every word. 

You were tired of all of this. Tired of the yelling, tired of the fighting. Something had to change.

Silence washed over the two of you as Tyler just stared at you, opening his mouth and closing it again. You tried to calm yourself down, trying not to cry. Screaming and yelling wouldn’t get you far in a discussion with Tyler. You had to try to be reasonable, even if he was frustrating you more with every sentence he said.

“Listen”, you started quieter, “I don’t want you to stop going out with your friends. All I want is that you call me or send me a message if you don’t want to go out anymore. Just this little thing. This little sign of respect to show that you even care about our relationship.”

Tyler glared at you. He was so angry, he didn’t want to calm down. He didn’t want to talk to you anymore. He needed space.

“I should go. The plane is waiting.”, Tyler said, grabbing his duffle bag from the stairs.

“Tyler the plane is leaving in six hours.”, you stated, but he ignored you and started walking towards the door like you didn’t say anything.

“Tyler!”, you said louder. But he kept ignoring you until he was directly in front of the door.

“This is what I am talking about. You don’t even respect me enough to listen!”, you snapped at him, crossing your arms. Tyler opened the door and was on his way out when you sighed.

“If you leave right now, then I swear, I won’t be here anymore when you come back. Then it’s over.”, you pressed out, dangerously quiet. 

You meant business. If you couldn’t talk like adults, you couldn’t have a relationship with that guy. It was making you sick.

Tyler stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head halfway to you as he was trying to figure out if you were saying this for real. His mind was torn. He didn’t want to change the way he was, but he loved you. He was pretty sure you’d stay since you had been angry like that before, but you had never actually talked about leaving him. 

You watched him shake his head a little before he went out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

The road trip had been hard. The Stars had won three out of four games but Tyler thought that they could’ve been better. He got his bag from the plane and made his way home, figuring you’d be eating lunch around the time he arrived. 

Maybe you could take Marshall and Cash for a walk.

But when Tyler drove up his driveway, he noticed Katie’s car and Katie, who was just leaving his house with a key that Tyler didn’t remember giving her. 

“Katie? What are you doing here? Not waiting for Jamie?”, he smiled as he had reached her. 

But something was off. Katie was glaring at him as if she was mad at him.

“I fed the dogs. The sitter is sick and I figured you wouldn’t be home ‘til noon.”, she replied.

“Sitter? Why isn’t Y/N feeding them?”, he asked just weirded out by the thought of some random dog sitter sitting in his garden, playing with his dogs.

“Like she told you. She left.”

“What?”, Tyler asked.

“She’s gone. You’re officially single, Idiot. I shouldn’t have listened to Jamie when he told me to introduce the two of you!”, Katie said, staring at him, eyes narrowed in disappointment. 

You were her best friend and she felt really sorry for you since she knew how much you loved Tyler.

“But why would she leave?”, he asked, not being able to get the fact you had practically broken up with him.

“That’s what you do when relationships don’t work out.”

Paper Hearts Pt. 1

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Part 2

Jungkook X Reader

Genre : Fluff, Angst

Summary : Jeon Jungkook, your best friend, soon becomes something you never thought possible : Distant…. All because the one he cared about most was oblivious towards his feelings.

A/N : Hello! So, I know that I recently posted a Yoongi angst, and I was hoping to post a part two, which I will, but this story just popped into my head… Soooo, I decided to write it. Part two of the Yoongi angst will still be coming out! Enjoy! (Plz excuse any grammer/spelling errors!)


The thing you hated most. The thing teachers assign you continuously without consideration.

College homework

The thing that kept you up at ungodly hours. The thing that overwhelmed you to the point where you could cry. The thing that made your life a living hell. The thing that made you miserable.

Jeon Jungkook

The man that just entered your home with a smile that could cure cancer. The man that brightened your day no matter what occurred. The man that was your closest friend.

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Maybe This Time -- Chapter One “Random”

Tom Hiddleston x Plus Size OFC

No real description yet, It is going to be sweet and fluffy for the most part… but you guys know me… that never lasts haha

Chapter One - Random

It was just a random Thursday night. Why do the best things seem to happen on the most random days and the most random times? If it were a scene in a scene in a movie it would have been a rainy night. A chance meeting in a smoky bar or cafe. A sudden spotlight on the perfect girl in slow motion.

It wasn’t a movie though, so it had far less fanfare. It was a clear and quiet night, it was a hole in the wall cabaret in a neighborhood about halfway to being gentrified, and it was just a woman with a voice.

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Not Enough And Everything (repost)

A/N: Hello wonderful people! So I realized that the original version of this did not make sense… .and I apologize. I don’t think a lot of people read it anyway, but if you did, I’m very sorry. Anyway I fixed it, so hopefully it reads better and makes more sense now. As always I hope you enjoy and that you all have marvelous days! Thank you for reading!
Part One: Downfall

You can’t believe this is happening. Your biggest fear has become a reality. Alex, the person you love most, the one you adore more than anything, he’s been cheating on you for over two months with his co-worker, Kimberly. Apparently they had to stay late for a case and ….one thing led to another for over two months. Oh and how did you find out?

One night after talking to Alex on the phone and having him tell you about this monster of a case he was chosen for and that he’d more than likely be working all night, you decide to take him something to eat and maybe offer some moral support by his side as he worked. Little did you know that when you opened the door to his office, that you would find him and Kimberly getting very hot and heavy on his office couch.

There they were, her straddling his lap on the couch, with his hands on her ass. He stopped as soon as he heard your gasp, and the container of food you dropped hit the floor. Your hand went to your mouth, as you simultaneously tried not to cry and remember how to breathe. They separated immediately, she was pulling down her skirt and trying to button up your blouse, while he was trying to zip up his pants.

“(Y/N), this isn’t what it looks like, I mean-,” he tries to explain scrambling for some sort of excuse. Your breathing is shallow as you try to make sense of scene before you, you look at him in his disheveled state and can’t hold in the anger and hurt in your heart.

“Not what it looks like? What the hell was that then? A vital part of your monster case?!” you exclaim feeling more betrayed by the second. Kimberly chooses this moment to leave as quietly as possible, you turn to her with a glare as she slips out the door. You turn back to Alex, rage and hurt in your eyes.

“This whole thing is a mistake. Babe I -,” he tries again, you shake your head. As he approaches you, you take a step back towards the direction of his desk, and he abruptly stops. He looks slightly panicked you’ve never not wanted to be close to him, but then again he had never betrayed you until now.

“How long has this been going on,” you cut him off. He looks at you with lost wide eyes not knowing where to start or what to say.
“What-,” is his only reply before you repeat yourself louder this time.

“HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?!” Your eyes shutting, fists clenching at your sides, for just a moment trying to contain your tears, before you open them and stare him directly in the eyes.

“Maybe a month or two?” he replies hesitantly. Trying to step towards you once more leading you to stand behind the desk, not wanting him near you. You grip the back of his chair.

“Two months….!”, you whisper shout, your hand going to your chest, all the air leaving your lungs. You close your eyes and sit in his chair, still trying to keep your tears at bay, and control all your emotions at once. Your hands cradle your head as the information swirls around in your head.

“I know this seems bad, but –,” he begins, moving closer to you while you’re distracted, but before he can get too close. As he reaches the side of the desk, your eyes snap open and you cut him off once more too hurt and angry to be patient and listen to his excuses.

“No Alexander, this doesn’t seem bad, it is bad. I can’t believe you would do this to me! We’ve been together for three years! Three years! After everything we’ve been through…” you pause and take a shuddering breath, “am I really that boring to you now..?” your mind starts racing with all your insecurities and the one screaming the loudest in your mind is your greatest fear of not being enough, never being enough for him.

“No, of course not! (Y/N), I love you -,” he tries to soothe your worries, rushing to your side, down on his knees in front of you, but it’s too late they’ve settled in you.

“Do you?”, you question, doubt and heartache filling you up, as you shy away from him. “I knew it, I knew this would happen, I knew my time with you was running out, but I thought you really loved me, I thought that this could work…” you trail off your tears falling now, not able to hold them back any longer.

“It can work, it does!” he cuts off your rambling, and as he reaches for you, you cringe away the pain inside you telling you to runaway from this. You abruptly stand from the chair and back away towards the door looking to your escape from the heartache, betrayal, and doubt that has now filled you completely. Alexander stares at you, eyes beginning to widen with panic.

“No,” you whisper almost to yourself, shaking your head, disagreeing. Alex is still kneeled by the chair looking at you with pain and shame of his own. “This can’t work,” you continue, “you’ve just proven that.” You state, just steps away from the door. “I can’t do this,…” you whisper once more as he jumps from his position, “I won’t do this,” and you reach for the door knob and run to the elevator, hearing him shout your name, begging you not to go, before the doors close. As soon as you reach the lobby you run to the parking lot, trying to make it to your car before he caught you by the arm.

“Wait, (Y/N) please,” he says holding onto your arm, tears of his own filling his eyes.

“No, Alexander,” you say tears rolling down your cheeks. You rip arm out of his grasp, “you don’t get act like you’re the one that’s hurt when you decided to fuck someone else without thinking about what it might do to us.” You unlock your car, hand on the handle of the door as you look at him, “you don’t get to make me feel sorry for you.” You open the door and slide into your car, pulling out of the parking lot, running away from the man you have loved more than anything, the man who just broke your heart, and turned your world upside down.

Alex is left in the parking lot staring after you car as you speed away, feeling the ache in his chest growing as you drive further away. He grips his hair and screams into the empty parking lot, as he realizes what he’s done.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

You decide to head to the Schuylers apartment knowing that at least Maria and Eliza would be there on a Friday night. Peggy and Angie usually worked late. When you knock on the door you are greeted with a laughing Maria, but as soon as she sees you her face falls, which causes Eliza to approach from her seat on the couch. She looks over Marias shoulder and as soon as she sees your tear stained face and red eyes, she pulls you into the apartment and into a hug at once.

You fall into her and cry once more. Maria looks at you both with worried eyes, placing a hand on your back, as body shaking sobs rake through you, and Eliza holds you up. They lead you to the couch, while Eliza comforts you, your head on her shoulder, clutching onto her. Maria gets you a glass of water. She hands you the water and gingerly prompts you take a few sips. Once you’ve calmed a bit. They exchange a glance.

“What happened, hon?” Eliza asks you, her arm still around your shoulders while Maria sits on the coffee table in front of you and takes your left hand.

You take a breath before you reply. “I walked in on Alex and another girl nearly going at it…..”, you go on and explain the whole ordeal to them, trying not to break down again.
Eliza looks at you with sympathy, worry, and sadness for your situation, while Maria looks utterly pissed off.

“How dare he?! After everything you both have been through together! I can’t believe this!”, she says in pure frustration. “He gets jealous if a guy stares at you the wrong way, but he can go sleep with someone else?!”
Eliza grabs Marias hand and looks at her in warning, shaking her head, silently telling her not to do this right now. Maria sighs and looks to you “I’m sorry (Y/N), it’s just you deserve so much better, you didn’t deserve this.” You nod your head and pat her hand in forgiveness, even though she didn’t need to apologize. Both girls hug you on each side trying to give you some comfort from the pain. You eyes become watery as you think of Alex, this time the tears taking you into a deep sleep…….

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Alex POV

What have I done? What the hell is wrong with me? Why? Why did I do this? She’s gone. She ran out, she left with tears and heartbreak in her eyes. Hurt and pain that I caused. He paces back and forth, his hands gripping his hair. He drove home to see if he could catch you, but when he arrived you were no where to be found. He picks up his phone and tries to reach you, even though he knows you probably don’t want to hear from him.

He tries to call you, but it goes to voice mail everytime. He tries texting you, still nothing. You either turned your phone off, or you’re just ignoring him. But what if she got in a car accident because she was so distraught? He thinks, Oh God! Please! Don’t let anything happen to her, she’s my everything…she’s my entire world.

I can’t just give her up. I can get into my car and go look for her, but she’ll probably just avoid me anyway…..there has to be someway to reach her….ELIZA! He realizes that if you went anywhere besides home it would be to the Schuylers. He dials Eliza’s number as the phone rings, praying that he gets an answer.

~ * ~ *~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~

Once you had fallen asleep the girls gently laid you on the couch, covered you with a blanket and tucked a pillow under your head. They moved to one of the bedrooms to talk, so they didn’t wake you.

“I can’t believe Alex did this to (Y/N). She’s the best thing that ever happened to him, and he wants to throw their relationship out the window for a piece of ass?!”, Maria whisper shouted.

“Darling, calm down. I agree that Alex has acted foolishly in regards to (Y/N), but he’s called her about 46 times already. Not to mention us about 20. Shouldn’t we at least let him know she’s safe?”, Eliza tries to reason with her outraged girlfriend, although she’s just as upset with Alexander. She feels it’s the right thing to do.

“No. Let him feel guilty. He deserves it.”, Maria replies with out a moments hesitation, arms folded across her chest. Eliza responds with a simple look that says ‘it’s the right thing to do’. Maria let’s out a sigh, throwing her hands in the air, “Fine, but don’t call him,” raising a finger at her good hearted girlfriend in warning. “Call the boys and tell them to go check on him and make sure he doesn’t do anything else stupid, no details babe, let him tell them what he did. If she had to relive it so does he.” She folds her arms in finality. Eliza nods in agreement and calls John.

“John, it’s Liza. You need to go check on Alex……no he’s not hurt..”, yet, she thinks, “look something happened between him and (Y/N) and I just want to make sure he doesn’t do something reckless, so you boys better go check on him………just ask him to tell you….okay? Alright, talk to you later John.” She hangs up the phone and gives Maria a nod and a sigh, then decides to call Angelica and Peggy, who you weren’t home yet, and fill them in on the situation. Both women were far from pleased and made it home as fast as possible to try and console their friend in her time of need.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

John was worried and confused. What could’ve happened between the two of you? You were one of the happiest couples he knew and more than that, you were best friends before you even started dating. You were the only woman he thought could put up with Alex, and he knew Alex loved you more than anything. So, when Eliza called him and told him to gather the boys and go check on him, John was more than a little worried.

“Eliza didn’t tell you anything?”, Laf said, driving towards your and Alex’s apartment, just as worried as John was.
“All she said was that something happened between Alex and (Y/N), and that we needed to check on him to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.” John sighs from the passenger seat, growing more anxious about the situation with each passing minute.

“I’m sure they just got into an argument and we need to calm the situation on his end,” Hercules says from the backseat. “Regardless, it won’t help if we all get worked up before we even know anything,” He says, always the voice of reason, although he was just as worried as his other friends. He knew the two of you never had an argument you couldn’t resolve yourselves, but there’s a first time for everything right?

As they pull up to the apartment, they all give each other a look and hop out of the car. John is the first one to walk in, followed by Lafayette and Hercules. Immediately they see objects thrown about and see Alex coming from the bedroom mumbling to himself.

“Alex?”, John calls to him, announcing their presence. Alex’s head snaps up his eyes are wild and his hair is a mess, he’s been running his fingers through it and pulling on it. His attire looks just as ragged.

“She left her clothes, her toothbrush, her favorite slippers, the down feather blanket I got hee for christmas. All hee stuff is here, she has to comeback.” He says mostly to himself, continuing his pacing. He stops to look at his ftiends, “Even if it is just to pick up her stuff, she has to comeback, right?”, he asks eyes still wild. “I’ll have a chance to explain myself, she won’t answer my calls or texts, but she has to comeback, she has to….”, he mumbles as he trails off.

All three boys share a concerned look before John asks, “Alex, what happened?”, and none of the boys had ever seen Alex look so devastated as they did in that moment.

They saw tears form in his eyes as he gripped his hair in his hands, fell to his knees, his head in hands, and simply said, “I broke her heart,” he looked up at his friends and confessed, “I’ve been cheating on (Y/N) for two months, and she walked in on me and a coworker, and I’ve hurt the most beautiful thing in my life, the most precious person to me, and for WHAT?!”

Johns brow furrows as he thinks about what coworker, he could be talking about, as it hits him. “Alexander, please tell me you haven’t been sleeping with Kimberly,” he looks at his friend to deny what he just said.

Alex just looks at John in defeat as he hangs his head, “I fucked up, big time, and God knows I don’t deserve her, but I swear, I will get her back and treat her the way she deserves.” He looks up at the ceiling, “I will endeavor to be worthy of her.” He rises to his feet, talking mostly to himself once more, “I will give her the world even if she decides to hate me for the rest of her life.” New determination burns in his eyes as he continues, “I will love her as long as I live, and probably long after.”

The boys stand in shock, not knowing what to say. They were disappointed in their friend, Laf looked down at his friend, “Mon ami, why would you do this?” he asks genuinely confused by Alexander’s actions. Alex looks up at Laf, eyes red.

“I don’t know,” he says looking down, “because she was there, and I could, I don’t know, because I’m a shit, I don’t fucking know,” he stares up at Laf again, “I honestly don’t fucking know, and I’ve messed up the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Lafayette gives a nod and goes to stand next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. John and Hercules share a look and join their friends, and both give Alex a reassuring pat. Alex looks at each of them before silent tears fall down his face, he had to get you back, he had to….

You know, I originally thought that if in my wildest of dreams, Alter actually made Sorey and Mikleo figures, I’d want them in kickass fighting poses, like what they did for Fate T. Harlaown or Black Heart. I thought that would be the best use of their amazing ability to capture the motion in a scene in still vinyl.

But no. They had a better idea instead and came out with this really simple scene of the two of them sitting on the ruined stones of some ancient civilization, Sorey with the Celestial Record in hand, wind gently blowing through their capes, while they give each other the fondest and most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen on one of their figures.

And I am completely blown away by it, because just like how I thought Zestiria would be the game that could never exist, these two figures with that expression of pure love on their faces is something I thought I’d never get. Just the way they captured the motion of the wind with their capes and the feathers on Sorey’s cloak and earrings, the way the capes are just flowing … like shit, that’s the kind of motion I try to capture with words in my fics and pray I succeed with. And seeing them side by side basically looking at each other like that, excuse me while I jump off a cliff and into a massive ocean of feels because damn I can feel the love coming right off of both of them.

Saying this now, when the pictures of the painted prototypes come out, I’m pretty sure my reaction tags will be nothing but wheezing and incoherent screaming because I can’t remember the last time I was this excited over the release of a set of figures.

- Gently dives back into Choukei/OsoKara hell -



The “I love you” on the coffin

John you idiot it’s not the Woman


John and Mycroft just standing there!

Poor Molly. Oh my heart, she’s too good for this.


I just wanna hug her


ohhh shes so done, poor innocent Molly. I think my heart broke, she thinks it’s a game (who’d blame her)


literally Mycroft and John serve no purpose right now

IM IN TEARS “I can’t say it to you because it’s true. It’s always been true” I can’t even see the screen clearly anymore.

“go on you say it first. Like you mean it” YOU GO GIRL



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I just went through the Doctor Who tag (no, bad me, you should do that), and @symphony-in-silver said something about things leading up to a female Doctor, which…

1: would be fucking awesome, I am so there for that.


2: if the Doctor would indeed be a woman for his/her/their next regeneration, we could totally continue the streak of ‘every companion in New Who kisses The Doctor’ with Bill who is totally fine and not a fucking cyberman, nu-uh, what are you even talking about.