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Catch Me

Another @batfam-christmas-stocking​ fic. For @haunt-the-stars​ and the prompt “the batkids all have their own triggers”. 

SummaryHe hates these nights. When he’s stretched thin from chasing leads on three cases, when he’s trying to wrap things up as quickly as possible because he’s hyper conscious of what date is approaching, when a severe thunderstorm has driven him off the streets and back to the Manor.

There’s a sound like a gunshot. No, not like, it is. Loud enough to make Dick flinch. He spins around wildly, searching shadows, but he doesn’t understand - there hadn’t been, there isn’t, a shooter. There’s only him and Damian and- and- 

There’s a weight in his hand. One that is sickeningly familiar. He flexes his fingers and there’s a clattering. Metal on concrete.

Gun on rooftop.


For the longest time, it’s that sound. The one that changed his life. The sickening thud of bodies hitting the ground after a fifty-foot fall. Catastrophically loud in the sudden, ringing silence of the tent. It’s the backing track to every nightmare for the first few years, jolting him awake with his heart in his throat and the smell of sawdust in the air.

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Hint of Nerves

RequestCould you do an imagine where Fred asks the reader out on a date and Ginny, Molly and Hermione help her get ready. Also possibly all the Weasley’s knew Fred had a crush on the reader so they kept pressuring him to ask her out or would try to get them alone so he could. Oh and maybe the reader is Ron’s best friend and she so was spending holiday at the Weasley’s.

Word Count: 2324

Author’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you enjoy the post, and I hope I stuck to the request like you wanted me to. I also hope that it doesn’t suck too much :)

When Ron first invited Y/n to the burrow to spend the last part of the summer holiday with his family he didn’t have an ulterior motive, but that was before Ginny confronted him about Fred’s secret feelings for the girl. 

Ginny expressed to Ron how much of a git he was for not noticing it before. George even came to Ron for help, which surprised Ron most of all, about how they could get Fred to gain the courage to ask the y/h girl out on a proper date. 

The three tried to talk to Fred about how he should just ask the girl out. They knew she would say yes, because Ginny was confident in the way Y/n looked at him around Hogwarts. However, Fred always claimed that he couldn’t, but never gave them an explanation as to why. They had to help him. The two just needed that little push in the right direction. They had to set a plan into motion, and they would do nothing else until the two coupled up before the start of the new term. 

Y/n arrived on one particularly warm afternoon by use of floo powder. The green flames engulfed her before in an instant they vanished again and she was stepping out of the cramped fireplace into the living room of one of her favorite places, the Burrow. She looked to her right to find George, Ginny, and Ron in the living room, and she turned her nose up towards the delightful smells already coming from the kitchen to her left. 

“Y/n! You’re finally here.” Ron stood up from his place on the couch and rushed over to the y/h/c haired girl. She placed her bags down before opening her arms to embrace her best friend. Once they broke apart he ruffled her hair a little before smiling, “It’s so great to see you! How was your trip to see your brother in Italy?”

“It was amazing! You should see where he lives at now. Mum and dad were so proud to see him working with the ministry. Mum cried almost the whole time, but enough about my family! It’s yours that I missed!” She left her bags by the fireplace and started to walk towards Ginny who already was up from her spot on the couch. The two laughed as they hugged each other.

“Ginny, I brought you back a small souvenir from Italy!” Y/n jumped up and down excitedly while holding the girls arms.

“Give it to me tonight! We are sharing my room together,” She looked around and saw Fred coming down the stairs with his Skiving Snackbox in hand, “actually Ron and I will take up your things right now! Come on Ron.” Ginny grabbed one of Y/n’s bags and handed  the other to Ron who only stared back with a confused look on his face.

“Oi, Y/n come over here so me and Fred can show you our latest products!” George chimes up once he notices what Ginny is up to. Y/n looks around Ron to see George waving her over from his spot on the love seat in the living room. She began to walk over with a smile and a wave.

“Hey guys! How has your summer been? Have you been inventing more for your snackboxes?” She sat down beside George on the love seat, but looked at Fred while she talked. Fred smiled back at the girl and held up his box up in the air.

“Actually we’ve made some real progress here. I think the nosebleed nougats are nearly perfect.” He blushed when her gaze settled on his dark eyes. Her own y/c/e eyes shimmering in the sunlight coming in from the vast window across from her. She had changed some over the summer; she looked more grown-up now. She smiled towards Fred, that gorgeous smile filling his body up with heat, he missed her so much. He couldn’t tell her that though. Not now. 

“Fred, I’m going upstairs to get our other products to show Y/n. You can finish showing her the other contents that are finished in the snackboxes.” George stated as he rushed out of the room and straight up the stairs. However, he didn’t enter his room. Instead he joined Ginny and Ron on the stairs, who were still holding Y/n’s stuff, trying to listen to the conversation going on below. 

“You’ve missed quite a lot while on your trip to Italy you know? George and I really believe that these babies will kick up some major profit this year.” He leaned toward her and opened the box so she could peer into it. She giggled and hit his arm playfully, causing a blush to illuminate on both of their cheeks.

“Oh Freddie, I believe that I’ll be seeing you in a lot of trouble this year. Let’s see if you can break your detention record.” She laughed and leaned back onto the couch outstretching her hands to feel the soft material on her fingertips. She smiled sweetly at him again, and she wanted the courage to tell him about her crush. She couldn’t though. Not now. 

Instead the two let the silence draw out, due to the tumbling happening within their stomachs. Fred couldn’t stand the silence that was growing between them. They had been friends for a long time too right? His courage was gaining, and George’s encouraging word filled his thoughts. 

“Y/n…. actually….that’s not all you missed-”

“Dinners ready my dears! Oh, Y/n sweetie,” Molly Weasley rushed over to the girl, who stood to receive a warm hug from Mrs. Weasley, “It’s so good to see you dear. Come come you look hungry!” Mrs. Weasley patted her on the cheeks before guiding her into the kitchen. 

Ginny, George, and Ron piratically all ran into the kitchen huffing as they almost ran into Y/n. However, she just laughed at the three and raised her eyebrow at them. She knew something was going on with them, but at that moment just chose to ignore it. 

“Are you guys really that hungry? I know for a fact that Mrs. Weasley feeds you three hearty meals a day.” She giggles as she begins to sit down in a chair on the corner of the table but Ron quickly pulls it out from under her causing the girl to fall on the floor with a thud.

“RONALD WEASLEY!” Mrs. Weasley’s voice rang out throughout the entire house.

“Oh gee Y/n I’m so sorry. I just sit there ya know?” Ron helped her get up before sitting down in the chair himself. Y/n looked dumbfounded as she pulled out the chair beside him.

“Oh thanks Y/n.” Ginny smiled as she sat down in the chair she just pulled out for herself.

“Yeah don’t mention it,” She huffed, “Seriously what is wrong with you guys tonight?” Y/n grumbled as she took the only chair that was left. The one right next to Fred Weasley. Their elbows touched as they sat down, but neither bothered to move them too quickly. They looked at each other with the sweetest smiles on their faces and a hint of pink rising on their cheeks, before turning their attention back to dinner and eating the delicious meal Mrs. Weasley had prepared for the family.

After dinner, Molly asked the children to help clean up dinner. However, Ginny claimed she needed Mrs. Weasley’s help mending her school robes, Ron excused himself from doing any chores, Mr. Weasley said he wanted to finish up some projects in his workshop, and George swore he would be right back ten minutes ago. So, Y/n and Fred were the only two left cleaning up dinner. Fred only stayed because he couldn’t let her clean up everything by herself, and it gave him an excuse to be close to her. 

His confidence from earlier was drained completely from his body, but his goofy smile never faltered as he looked over at the girl casting magic to clean the dishes. When she looked over and smiled back at him he quickly returned back to his work with his heart racing.

From the other room George and Ron peered into the kitchen watching the scene unfold. “This is getting us no where. Fred isn’t even bloody talking to her.” Ron whispered shaking his head in the process.

“Well then, let’s speed this up a little shall we?” George smirked menacingly while he raised his wand and pointed it at the y/h/c haired girl before whispering “Augamenti.”

At this a jet of clear water burst out from the end of George’s wand, and hit Y/n square on the shoulder dousing her arm in water.

“Ah! Fred what the bloody hell!” She screamed before jerking around to face the red-head. “What did you go and do that for?”

“What? I didn’t do anything! Honest!” He dropped what he was doing and turned around to face Y/n noticing her dripping wet shoulder. He tried to plea, but failed miserably due to his laughter almost causing him to double over. “Maybe you just aren’t very good at spells.”

“Oh we shall see about that! Augamenti!” She cried as a jet of water hit Fred right in his face. Y/n began to laugh, “Tell me who isn’t good at spells now?”

Fred’s face and the front of his shirt were now soaking wet, but he couldn’t stop laughing as he grasped his wand pointing it back at the girl. “You messed up now Y/n.” Y/n play screamed as she began to run around the table away from the water that was coming from Fred’s wand. 

“No, come back here Y/n and face me!” Fred laughed as he finally caught up to the girl and grabbed her by the waist while she flailed around laughing.

“Freddie! Put me down now!”

“No, not until you promise to apologize.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry for getting you back.” She stopped flailing expecting him to put her back down on her feet so she could face him properly.

“and, not until you promise to let me take you out on a date.” Fred spat out almost too quickly due to his nerves. He still didn’t set her down on the floor afraid to face her.

Y/n went limp in his arms. Had she heard him correctly? A smile began to creep up on her thin lips as she tried to get out of his grasp. He let her go, and she turned around to face him a huge smile appearing on her features. 

“Of course I’ll go on a date with you idiot!” She hugged him instantaneously before looking at him in the face. 

Fred’s slight pink blush was beginning to return to his cheeks and a big goofy grin was starting to show on his face. He grabbed the girls petite hands in his big ones and raised them to his lips planting a small kiss. “Bloody hell Y/n you don’t know how nervous I was to tell you.”

“And you don’t know how happy I am that you finally asked me.” Y/n leaned up and planted a small kiss to his cheek before George popped into the room hands beginning to clap together slowly.

“Well, it’s about bloody time you two!”

The next day Y/n found herself in Ginny’s room with Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione, who had just arrived that morning, standing around her in a half circle gazing down at her face. They had been helping her get ready all morning.

“Darling, you look absolutely stunning!” Mrs. Weasley held out her hand to help Y/n stand on her feet. Y/n twirled around in her soft yellow sundress and as she did the dress flowed around her knees with her. It was her favorite dress that hugged her body in all the right places. She paired the dress with some high-top cream sneakers that she constantly wore everywhere. 

“You really do look beautiful Y/n. I am so happy that I arrived this morning to help you get ready. It’s been a great pleasure.” Hermione leaned in to wrap her arms around Y/n’s neck.

“No, thank you ladies for helping me get ready. I wouldn’t look this amazing without you.” Y/n looked in the mirror once again and studied the makeup that Ginny had worked on for almost a hour. Pink blush helped highlight her cheeks, which matched the gloss on her lips perfectly. Ginny picked out a little darker tones for her eye shadow to help highlight her y/c/e eyes, and the mascara was coated perfectly over her eyelashes. 

Hermione had straightened Y/n’s hair and then placed it into a half up-do. A little messy bun sat atop her head, with the rest of her hair hanging loosely at the sides. It was the best outfit for a summer date. 

A knock at the door snapped Y/n from the mirror and she shouted “Almost ready!” She walked over to the bed and grabbed her denim jacket and bag before answering the door.

Fred stood on the other side. His hair was gelled up and a little to the side. He wore an almost pale blue shirt that he paired up with some slacks. He looked so handsome, and Y/n thanked Ginny for doing her makeup so it hid the blush appearing on her cheeks. 

“Wow…Y/n….just, you look stunning love.” He reached for her hand and swung it back and forth as he studied her up and down. “I’m so happy that I finally asked you out. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

“Oh, stop it you’re going to make me throw up.” She fake gagged and laughed as she stepped out into the hall and began to walk down the stairs towards the door. “So, where are we going exactly?”

“Now, now Y/n I can’t spoil the surprise.” With that she placed her arms on Fred’s as he disapparated the two out of the Burrow. 

Scavenger Hunt

prompt: “All that blood looks good on you. It brings out your eyes.“

requested: yes

ship: stozier, reddie (platonic)

warnings: blood, richie’s thicc trashmouth 

summary: richie convinces eddie to help him get revenge on stan for not paying enough attention to him, and some crazy shit happens

a/n: they are aged up in this story (18-19 years old) and this is a more modern setting!!

not my gif

“Staaaaaaaan,” Richie groaned, sitting on the couch, wrapped in multiple blankets. Richie found a new movie at the Redbox down the street and wanted his curly headed boyfriend to join him.

“What, Richie?” Stan yelled from upstairs, sighing in annoyance. Stan was currently rummaging through his closet, trying to find an appropriate outfit for the night.

Loud footsteps were heard making their way into Stan’s room. “Come watch a movi- what are you getting dressed for?” Richie asked, cutting himself off mid-sentence.

“I’m going out to dinner with Bill and then we’re going to go watch the new Star Wars movie in a little bit,” Stan said, pulling off his shirt and slipping on another one.

Richie’s face dropped in disappointment. Why hadn’t he been invited to go out with them? “Hmm, well, thanks sooooo much for the invitation. No, really, I’m SO HAPPY my own boyfriend doesn’t want to hang out with me on a Friday night,” Richie exclaimed sarcastically, flopping down onto Stan’s bed.

Stan smirked and fixed the collar of his shirt. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re jealous.” Richie sat up, unamused. “Oh no, of course not. Why would I ever be jealous of Bill Denbrough? With his stupid smile, his stupid soft, brown hair, and his stupid voice of pure angelic goodness.”

Stan howled with laughter as he walked downstairs to grab his keys and put on a coat. Richie followed in suit. “Don’t worry, Richie. You have nothing to worry about….Or do you?” Stan said, touching his chin with his index finger, pretending to think.

“Don’t fucking start that shit, Uris. Can’t you just stay at home and watch this new movie with me? I already made popcorn and everything,” Richie pouted, giving Stan the puppy-dog eyes. It was true, Richie had set up popcorn, candy, and drinks for the two to have a nice movie night.

“Sorry Rich, guess you’ll just have to invite one of the losers over instead,” Stan said, making his way to the door. “WAIT, STAN, DON’T G-“ Richie was cut off by the sound of the door shutting.

“That fucking bitch.”

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Quiet - A Hamburr prompt

My entry for the Hamilton Summer fic exchange, written for @hambrr who asked for A) Hurt/comfort, and B)trans burr. Smut was optional which is good because I don’t write smut. 

“Mister Burr sir!” Hamilton threw a hand up in greeting. “What are you doing tonight?” His smile was wide, eyes practically sparking with mischief. Hamilton was trying to be friendly. All Aaron could see was the grin of a shark.

“I’m going home.” Aaron said, refusing to rise to Hamilton’s bait- in the form of a riased eyebrow. Much had been said of Aaron’s apparent loner tendencies, none of it respectful.

Predictably, Hamilton’s smile turned to a superior smirk. Propping one hand against his hip, Hamilton gestured widely with the other. “You should chill with me! Have some fun for once!”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “I have plenty of fun at home. With my privacy. Thank you for the offer, though.”

It was a textbook response, playing a game of manners even while visibly making it clear he did not appreciate the mockery. Hamilton huffed and muttered out a fine, as he always did, and turned back. It had happened a good half dozen times before.

Only this time, Hamilton’s arm swung wide, accidentally smacking his hand against Aaron’s. Instantly, Aaron’s head flared, something almost painful but not quite.

–God, again-why do I keep tryi-it’s not like he hates me, rig-not asking for a date-but wouldn’t that be nice–

Then, blissful silence again. Aaron’s gaze shot down- Hamilton’s hand was drawn back, something almost sheepish on his face. “My bad,” He shrugged, turning sharply and walking away as if nothing had happened.

Aaron let out a long breath, one he hadn’t even realized he’d been holding. The thoughts had been fast and flooding. They hadn’t been his.

Not thinking, Aaron moved, stepping quickly around the corner out of the backroom and almost bowling over Peggy, just starting their shift. The storefront partition lay ajar, door to the outside world just swinging closed. Hamilton had already left the coffeeshop, ever eager to get on with the next part of his life.

People only ever heard thoughts projected from their soulmate. Sometimes, multiple soulmates- but they were still soulmates. And those had definitely been Hamilton’s thoughts. Aaron paused for a moment, considering the revelation. Then, he packed his bag, walked to the bus stop, and went home, resolving not to think about it.

After all, he’d been unable to speak with his soulmate ever since falling out of that tree when he was nine. They couldn’t possibly want Aaron now, after mourning his apparent death and coming to terms with it- and being a happy, active, sociable person like Hamilton. No, Aaron would do what he was best at.

Aaron would keep his mouth shut.

A week came and went, and Aaron was fine. His eyes kept flicking to Hamilton, no matter what Aaron tried. Thankfully, Hamilton didn’t notice, always busy with customers here, and throwing extra cookies in the oven there. It was fine, it was manageable. Aaron was doing Hamilton a favour, really. Freedom to choose your own partner, and all that.

Another week went by. His gaze still kept finding its way to his energetic coworker. Hamilton had always been interesting to look at, even before he knew-suspected. Only now, Hamilton was staring back. He’d noticed, somehow, though Aaron was careful to be discreet. Aaron couldn’t help it, picturing what it would be like if Hamilton really was his soulmate-of course he was, what else could it be, but Aaron would damn well hide behind the astronomically low probability and self delusions if he wanted to.

It would be terrible, Aaron told himself. It wouldn’t be nice, it wouldn’t feel like he could actually share himself with somebody again.

“Hey, Burr!” Hamilton raised his chin, a familiar challenge, but he wasn’t quite smiling this time. His lips quirked up, but he looked more confused than confident. “Do you want to hang? I have the new Mario.” Hamilton even spoke more quietly, less explosive and more tentative.

Despite that, a refusal was on the tip of Aaron’s tongue. Then, he remembered his staring, his repetitive, circular thoughts. Maybe he could get it out of his system. “You know what, fine, sure.”

Hamilton snorted. “That sounds enthusiastic. You know you don’t have to, I’m not actually trying to pressure you.”

“Oh, no,” Guilt spiked in Aaron’s chest. “I didn’t mean it that way. I just-”, Aaron flailed for an excuse, “I just like Mario.”

Hamilton stared. Heat flooded Aaron’s face. “Really,” Hamilton said slowly. “Mario was what it took?” He let out a sharp huff, finally grinning- warm and amused. “Well, I’m not complaining. Let’s go!”

Hamilton’s apartment was small and cramped, thought Aaron suspected as much, given he worked 40 hours a week on minimum wage. He could probably only barely afford it, too- not that Aaron could relate; for all they worked the same job, Aaron’s inheritance guaranteed a comfortable house without mortgage, if on the practical, small side.

“-Aaron? You good?” Hamilton waved a hand in front of Aaron’s nose. Aaron flinched back, returning to the present. He couldn’t afford to be absent minded.

“Fine, fine! Sorry.” Aaron scratched his neck nervously. Sweat was already gathering on his forehead. He stretched, as subtly as he could.

“I was asking what your favourite Mario was, since you like them so much.”

Aaron froze again, caught in his lie. His binder itched, discomfort that was normally nearly unnoticeable but suddenly unbearable in his nervousness. “Ah, Sunshine,” Aaron blurted. “I liked the overworld.”

Hamilton paused, then grinned. Aaron had somehow passed. “I love Mario Sunshine! Delfina plaza is so colourful, and the way you can just move around is so nice. Like, the jet nozzle of couse, but also that thing where you spray the ground in front of you, then jump on your belly and just cruise…” Hamilton trailed off. “That watermelon level is bullshit, though.”

Aaron only had faint memories of the game. But somehow, he did remember that part. “Yeah, that was the worst.”

“Hah! A negative opinion. I knew I’d get one out of you yet.” Hamilton pumped his fist in victory. It was cute, Aaron pretended not to think. “Now come on, there’s a coop level with our name on it.”

Hamilton flopped on the couch- the only seat in the cramped living area- unless Aaron wanted to sit in the kitchen area of the room. He wasn’t that rude though, and so Aaron sat down, careful to make sure their skin did not touch.

He still didn’t quite know what had happened, but he was certain it was caused by Hamilton’s hand touching Aaron’s own. They’d never so much as shaken hands before, it had to be that. Cautiously, Aaron picked up the controller. If he could just get through this, get the Hamilton out of his system, then he could go back to his life. It was a good plan.

Hamilton started the game up immediately, cheerful music filling the room. Aaron was only passively interested in video games, but it was fun. Hamilton laughed with the successes, groaned at the losses, and made an inordinate amount of conversation inbetween.

It should have been annoying, but the commentary, the asides that were only tangentially related to the game, were actually fun. Aaron found himself responding back, never a lot, and never too loudly, but it was more than he’d spoken in one sitting in a long time.

“Ahh, for someone who likes Mario so much, you’re really bad at this!” Hamilton chuckled as Aaron let Mario fall down another gap. It was infectuous- Aaron couldn’t help but laugh too.

“You can enjoy things you aren’t the best in, you know.” Aaron joked, smirking at Hamilton’s immediate nose wrinkle.

“I feel you,” Hamilton agreed, “But I’m way too competitve for that. I guess that makes us a decent team, though.”

Aaron froze. “Uh, I didn’t mean that in a weird way,” Hamilton sputtered. “Sorry, sometimes I just say things awkwardly. I just meant we work out well like this, uh..”

They did work well together. In video games and in work- it was why they both covered the same shift, it may just be a coffee store but no one else worked so efficiently as a pair. Aaron was being an idiot. Soulmates didn’t mean they had to be together or anything, but it did mean something. He wouldn’t just ‘get over it’.

On the other hand, Hamilton was sure to hate him. It would be much safer to just wait for another time. If another time ever came.

“Hey, Hamilton?” Burr said, putting his controller down on the coffee table.

“You know you can call me Alex, but yea?”

Aaron reached over and grabbed Hamilton’s hand. “Um, wha-” Hamilton startled, and then stopped as if he was hearing something.

-Can you hear this?- Aaron sent out, tentatively.

-um- Aaron heard back. -ohmygodohmygod-is burr my soulmate-what the fuck i thought mysoulmate was dead- you fucking asshole what the fuck what the fuck-

Aaron grabbed his hand back. “I didn’t realize until recently”, he said, instead of explaining.

“Why didn’t you ever talk back? Why are you ignoring me no-” Hamilton cut himself off. “You need to touch hands, don’t you?”

Aaron nodded silently. Hamilton nodded, bouncing his leg in thought. “Of course! I touched your hand a couple weeks ago, and you’ve been werid since. Why do you need touch, though? I know I remembered talking to you when we were younger.”

That, Aaron didn’t have an explanation for. “I fell out of a tree when I was nine, got a bad concussion. We all thought it was a rare side effect, that I’d never be able to telecommunicate again.”

“Oh.” Hamilton said. Then, he swayed. “Ohhhh.” he fell against the couch. “Oh my god, you’re my soulmate.”

“Sorry,” Aaron said, not sure what else he should say. “If it makes you feel better, I felt very bad about likely making you think I was dead.”

Hamilton didn’t speak for a long moment, resting against the couch, leg shifting up and down furiously. “I never thought you were dead,” He said, finally. “I always hoped. Everyone else thought I was being stupid, though.”

“Sorry,” Aaron said again.

Hamilton’s eyes snapped open. “No! Don’t apologize!” He swung upright again, arms flailing. “You know what this means, right?!”

“Uh,” For the first time in a very long while, words failed Aaron.

“It means this!” With one swift motion, Hamilton’s hands darted forward, clasping Aaron’s.

-We can talk like this now! Like I’ve missed for so long! I have to work on not projecting everything like I’ve always done though-

-I suppose so- Aaron replied hesitantly, not sure what to do. This wasn’t the reaction he was expecting.

Hamilton smiled brightly, as if Aaron’s single telecommunicated sentence meant the world to him. -We should practice more!- He projected. -Maybe go out sometime, since I finally found you and all-unless you don’t- I mean- if you want to you don’t have to-dammit im word vomiting- forget i said-thought-anything oh my god-

-yes- Aaron cut off the torrent of thought. -I’d like that. Really.-

Hamilton’s smile was wide. The grin of a soulmate. Aaron smiled back.

Brother’s Best Friend

Originally posted by thekpopquartet

Gif credit as listed

Mark (Got7) x Reader

-by Admin Bee

A/N: Happy (very) belated birthday to Mark, keep smiling like the sun and adding interjections to songs (I love the Never Ever Baking Video okay…)

The pounding bass coming from the garage is practically shaking your bedroom floor. You’d let it slide a few times before- your twin brother, Jackson, and his group needed to practice for their upcoming competition and the music wasn’t half bad, but it had been three hours and you were nowhere near as far into studying as you wanted to be. When you felt the song start over again you pushed your chair back with a huff and started down the stairs towards the garage.

Just as you turned the corner into the kitchen, you nearly ran into someone raiding the fridge. You gave a yelp of surprise, causing the raider to jump back, dropping almost a dozen gatorades onto the floor.

“Mark? What are you doing?”

Mark, Jackson’s best friend and the senior you had a little-not-so-little crush on, looked sheepishly towards the floor before bending to gather the drinks back up into his arms.

“Drink run,” he responded, keeping his head turned towards the floor. You bent down to help him, cradling a few of the bottles into the crook of your elbow, “Jackson’s really pushing it today.”

“I can tell,” you stood after all the bottles were off of the floor. Mark gave you a look of confusion so you continued, “I can feel the music through the floor.”

“Ah, sorry.” He gives you a small smile and you almost drop the drinks again.

“It’s alright,” you follow him towards the door to the garage, “at least the song is good.”

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Nug Catcher

Short one shot piece for a competition being run on deviant art by ages-of-thedas 

Cullen X Trevelyan - SFW- Pure pre romance fluff!

Involves nugs in sweaters, mischief and Cullen - What more do you want? BTW I take no responsibility if this rots your teeth XD


Scribbling away Cullen didn’t notice his office door open a crack, although he did frown when he heard a ‘psst’ sound. Once certain he wasn’t imagining it he looked up to find Inquisitor Trevelyan peeping her head in.

“Cullen,” she breathed. The way she said his name, with such relief and joy made him smile softly. “I need your help.”

Instantly the smile dropped into frown and he returned to his papers. “What have you done now?” he asked wearily, it seemed this wouldn’t be the friendly social call he’d been hoping for.

She exclaimed something of a garbled gasp at the accusation as she slipped in, checking over her shoulder first, which he noted couldn’t be a good sign.

“This is serious Cullen! Will you help me or not?” she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

“Last time I agreed to help you,” he grumbled briefly making her gaze. “Vivienne refused to talk to me for almost a fortnight.”

“And I said I was sorry!” Trevelyan huffed and flung her arms away, then moved to crouch in front of his desk. “Please?” she asked sweetly.

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Brofic: A New Hope

Rating: T
Pairing: JayDami (bros)

Summary: Jason gets caught. Damian shows up to save the day. With his dog. Or something to that effect.


“I’m telling you, you’re making a mistake.” He tried his best to keep the desperation from his voice. “I’m not the guy you’re looking for.”

The security guard – Jason had mentally taken to calling her ‘Big Momma’. He had no idea why. Probably because she fell just short of reminding him of Amanda Waller. He could see why Bruce hired her.

Big Momma snorted and prodded a thick finger against his back. “Y'know what happened the last time I heard those words, boy? The two droids got by and a trooper found himself out of his job.”

The other cuff clicked shut.

“Yeah, but then the droids went on to save trillions of lives and defeat the Dark Side,” Jason pointed out, rolling a shoulder as he adjusted his arms into a more comfortable position. “Do you see the parallels in what I’m trying to accomplish here?”

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Beat of a Sad Drum | Part 2

I had gone far enough in the woods where the house was covered by muddy mountains of snow. Trees hid my presence and the snow that continued to pour from the somber sky obscured any trace of my footsteps. I slid down a lonesome tree trunk and rubbed at my throbbing ankle. My whole body was going numb and I had hoped for relief, but it continued to pulsate incessantly. All of me wanted to get back up and keep moving forward wherever my destination may be. But as I looked back toward the house again, I felt one burden chiseling off of my shoulders knowing there was a low risk of being found. As far as anyone back there is concerned, I’m buried beneath cloudy sheets that smelled like lavender crying my eyes out.

I had to get away from the noise. I couldn’t stand the sound of him pleading, or me; my thoughts, my shaky breathing, my fidgeting, all consolidating into madness right there in that bedroom that is so ancient nowadays. I jumped from the narrow window without a second thought, landing on a shallow pile of snow. The moment I stood back up on my trembling legs, I managed to slip away, the sunglasses that sat in the dashboard of Justin’s car being the only witness.

I had stopped crying at that point, instead feeling a nauseating type of adrenaline that one wishes not to have. Now I’m seated on a tree trunk that is foreign to me trying my hardest not to think about the tragedy that occurred. Focusing on the pain that was encircled in my boot felt better than my bleeding heart. I let my hands fall at my sides and allowed the lonely, frost biting wind nibble at my body heat.

The snow freckled my face, the tree branches cheered, and those colorful, dead leaves rustled in my ear. Only then did I realize my complete solitude in the deadly atmosphere. It was quiet, but melancholy spirits tempted my mercilessly. I whimpered out a cry for help just as the crunchy sound of shoes touching snow alarmed me. My gaze landed on a tall frame that belonged to a man. He didn’t notice me until I noticed him. I immediately recognize the peculiar set of eyes observing my person. He cautiously stepped toward me, face softening with each step.

“Y/N?” He forces out a voice that is far deeper than what I remember. “Wimpy Y/N from way back when?”

I licked my cold, chapped lips and sat up straight, surprised that Conner O'tier was sauntering toward me as if we never stopped talking to one another. But its been eight years since I last saw him, the lanky, awkward kid that goofed around every chance he got.

He put on a cheerful smile, showing two rows of perfect teeth, a huge difference from the gap he use to own.

“Yo, it’s been forever!” He exclaimed, looking me up and down before curiosity struck. “What are you doing out here…with barely any clothes on?”

Just then, I shivered, realizing I left home in nothing but a scarf and a thin jacket that was more fashionable than winter material.

“I…I was just in the neighborhood.”

He chuckled and looked at the sky with his hands out. The snow caught onto the thin, loose strands of his gloves, quickly melting into water that I could not see. “In the neighborhood? When it’s only 20° outside and snowing pretty hard? You’re just sitting out here ‘in the neighborhood’? That sounds a little eccentric, even for you.” He stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets, kicking my boot.

I hissed in agony, drawing my leg back. “You know what, Conner? I was fine sitting out here alone.”

He still crouched down in front of me, eyebrows knitting, lips pursing. “Are you hurt?” He asked, attempting to reach out to touch my foot. I snatched it back and stared into his strange eyes; one orb as warm and rich as coffee on a day like this, the other azure and striking like the ocean. He got closer, engulfing me into his arms.

“What are you even doing?” I flailed my hands, trying to slap him away. The pathetic hits did nothing to stop him. In fact, I don’t think he could feel them as he hoisted me up. “Where are you taking me?”

“Back to my place. I got a first aid kit and, you know, some warmth could do you good since I could feel you shivering in my arms.”

I didn’t argue with him. I did need a first aid kit and a steady fire going. And maybe I needed Conner to distract me because even the snow, so pure and innocent, reminded me of the love I thought I shared with Justin and I can’t bare to see it anymore.

We approached a cozy cottage, surrounded by naked hedges that was too large for the estate. However, sitting in his backyard upon the horizon was one of the largest mountains in the area, which compensated for the awkward home that belonged to the O'tier family.

“Just as I remember,” I whispered.

He side glanced me, gently putting me down beside him to unlock his door. “Oh yeah, that’s right. You came over here a couple times before. We use to watch movies, you, me and Justin. Where is he anyway?” He asked, helping me inside the house, which was pleasantly toasty.

I pretended not to hear his question, or the small tremble in my stomach hearing Justin’s name. I instead studied the many freckles on Conner’s face, then the sound of the cackling fire not too far from where we stood.

“I need to sit down,” I mumbled. He escorted me to the plump, tan couch that’s been in the same spot since I last saw it. I sunk into it, the plush fabric beginning to massage my aching bones, while the fire worked to melt the thin layer of ice laminating me. My back cracked in several areas and I let out a sigh coated in relief. Conner kneeled down again looking up at me every few seconds for reassurance as he took my boot off. I bit my lip trying not to squeal, but soon it was off and my ankle, grotesque and violet, palpitated abnormally.

He whistled at the sight, looking at it from every angle my pain tolerance would allow.

“Is it broken?”

“No, if it was broken, you’d definitely would be screaming,” he said, “It’s bruised, though. You just need to stay off of it for a little while; let the swelling go down.”

He peeled off his heavy coat, displaying muscle mass I figured was hiding beneath those layers. It really has been a long time since I last saw him. I wonder what he’s been up to. What did he like? What friends did he make? Did he mature mentally as much as he did physically? I regret not picking up the phone and giving him a call or two over the years. Although annoying, he was funny and witty; a decent person to talk to in your free time. Justin never liked him so I guess that’s my excuse for losing touch with Conner. But I wish I didn’t, now more than ever since Justin wasn’t as loyal as I thought.

“Ouch,” I yelped. A sharp sensation prickled parts of my ankle. Conner had since got a first aid kit, wrapping gauze around the affected area. “That hurts,” I quavered, although tears that kissed the corners of my eyes wasn’t because Conner was being too rough. I cried because I was thinking about Justin. The thought of him touching Astrid in the heat of passion for what may have been hours made the tremble in my stomach feel more like an earthquake.

I hacked in disgust, allowing Conner to think that I shudder because my ankle groaned in pain. When in reality, I shudder because after their night together, I kissed his lips; I hugged his body; I comforted him in his time of need; I touched the same patch of skin on his neck that she marked with cherry blossom lip gloss. I heave because the same fingers he curved around her thigh, curved between the spaced of my fingers, holding my palm in his, letting his lips fall to the back of my hand in a fraudulent kiss; and I dare say, “Only guys in books do things like that,” in a oblivion that I never thought he’d place me in.

“I’m sorry,” Conner still said anyway, being more cautious than he was before even though there was no need.

“It’s fine,” I say back, wiping my tears and laying back against the couch. “It’s fine.”

After Conner finished, he place my foot on his coffee table for elevation. Then he sat beside me, glancing over at me for what seemed like the hundredth time. “You know, you still didn’t answer my question. You know, about Justin? Usually where you are, he’s right there beside you.”

“Not this time, Conner.”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“I just found out he cheated on my with one of my bestfriends,” I say breathless, “…if you must know.”

“Cheated?…I should’ve known you guys would get together the way he use to follow after you. But cheating, though? Doesn’t seem like something he’d do to you.”

“Well, he did. He admitted it out of his own mouth.” I sucked in a sharp breath and told Conner everything, all the way down to the moment he found me in the woods. He put his muscular arm around my shoulder and pulled me in for a hug. “It hurts like hell,” I whimpered. “How on earth am I suppose to go back to that cursed house and look him in the face?”

“You’re going to go when your mind is most clearest, when you emotions are least reckless. I know you still love him and if Justin is anything like he use to be, he’s absolutely crazy about you. And maybe his infidelity really was a one time mistake. It hurts, trust me I know how you feel, but don’t let this be what stops your intimacy. Drop her, not him. Take your time to heal, he owes you that, but don’t turn away from something that’s the real thing. You may not ever come across that again.”

“But Conner…he doesn’t deserve forgiveness or any more of my affection if he can easily give himself to someone else. Who’s to say he won’t do it again?”

“There’s a possibility that he could…but there’s also the possibility that he won’t. You never know if you call it quits.” He kissed the top of my head and ran his fingers down the course of my hair. “It’s risky because you might get your heart broken all over again just as much as you might not regret giving him another chance. But as long as you guys been sticking together, and despite him hurting you the way that he has, you can’t deny that Justin’s not worth the risk…Just think about it, sweetheart, before you make drastic decisions.”

I snuggled into the crook of his armpit and closed my eyes. I let my mind wander to pointless things instead of contemplating Conner’s words. Forgiving and letting go seemed impossible in this moment, let alone receiving Justin back into my life in a romantic way. I just wanted rest. In spite of the calming atmosphere, my body was ready to give into itself from exhaustion. So, I didn’t think about Conner, or Justin, or Astrid, or Toni, or even what my ankle felt like. I just slept and allowed myself to forget about who I was, why did I exist and the pain that I’ve endured.


Conner was on top of me when I awoke. His head was propped in my lap; one of his long, tan arms sluggishly reaching pass my knee, down to my calf as he slept. I blinked my eyelashes out of my eyesight and focused in on my ankle. The swelling had gone down a tremendous amount just as the sun did outside. The only light illuminating was the prickling of a dead fire in front of us. I couldn’t see the moon, but I knew it was there somewhere making someone’s night.

I shifted under the weight of Conner and his eyes shot open in an instant. He didn’t move, except to caress my calf in his sleepy daze. “Your ankle looks much better,” he whispered in a raspy voice that made my stomach flip. “See, I told you.” He lifted himself off of me, stretching his body, granting me view of his toned arms that made my stomach flip again. I adverted my eyes, then the feeling of admiration dialed down to merely nothing.

“How long had I been asleep?” I asked, focusing on the darkening of the earth. “It was just morning.”

“For hours,” he chuckled. “But it’s only 6pm.”

Mimicking Conner, I stretched my body and found solace in knowing I had since relaxed from earlier. But like a lion prowling in tall grass, an ache in my chest pounced on me and forced me to remember absolutely everything. I sunk back into the couch deflated, swallowing every urge to groan out my deepest sorrows.

“I probably need to get back…face my fears, you know?” I told him, a small, meaningless smile appearing on my face for a quick second. Of course I knew I had to confront Justin some time. It’s just when I face him, I don’t know how I will react. I was the calmest that I could maintain now, but what if I shout at him when I see him? Attack him? Break up with him on the spot?

Conner helped me to his truck and started the short but treacherous journey to the house. It was like approaching school in the middle of morning; daunting and worth a thousands swords to my chest.

The lights were on when we approached but I couldn’t see anyone through the big windows. I looked over at Conner who was preparing to help me again. I placed my hand on his and gripped it. “It’s okay. I got it.”

He arched his sharp eyebrow. “You sure?”

“I’m positive,” I whispered even though I wasn’t ready to speak to Justin.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the passenger door. Glancing back at Conner once again, I leaned over and kissed his soft cheek, earning a smile that reached all the way up to his eyes. “Thanks Conner, I’ll call you.”

“That’s what you said last time.”

“This time I mean it. Your number is still the same, right?” He nodded and I got out, looking at him for encouragement one final time. I limped up the walkway and opened the door that screeched my arrival.

“Babe?” A hoarse and quiet voice spoke not too far away from me. “Baby?” Justin looked around the threshold of the kitchen and his face dropped when he saw me. He, covered in fresh snow and dirt, raced towards me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, burying his face into my neck.

I became sick in his presence. He was redolent of the earth’s scent as he squeezed my body closer and closer into his. His cold face poisoned my skin, lips plummeting into the flesh of my neck. I felt violated instead of comfort, needles instead of the softness I was use to. I pushed him off and leered at him. Conner was right. I still do love him, but he was like lava to me now. Beautiful and smooth, but when touched, it destroys.

His features softened, face a pale red that I’ve never seen before. “I was, I was so worried about you,” he said, voice a timid quiet I’ve never heard before. He stepped closer and I stepped back. I could see him swallow, eyes lingering on the floor. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I wasn’t thinking straight and I did something really, really stupid and I-”

“And I don’t want to hear it, Justin.”

“But, Princess, I-”

“Don’t call me princess. Or baby girl. Or my love. Or nothing sweet. You gave yourself to someone else. And to Astrid? Who was my best friend?” I turned away from him, feeling the words that could end he and I burning my surface of my tongue. I covered my mouth, my throat getting tight, faintly hearing Conner whispering in my ear. I refrained from looking at Justin, retrieving up the stairs.

“Y/N…” He called after me.

“Just leave me alone!” I cried just when Toni appeared at the top of the stairs. I fell into her arms and unleashed the emotions I wanted to unleash on him. She cooed in my ear and stroked my back like my mother would have. She guided us into the room that we slept in earlier and my cries died down when I could feel the fluffy covers that sat atop the bed grabbing me and holding me close to them.

Toni lied beside me, her huge afro disappearing into the mist of the pillows. She reached over and grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers.

“Where’s Astrid, anyway?” I inquired and she rolled her eyes.

“She was so embarrassed, she called an Uber to the nearest train station. She told me to tell you she was truly sorry. She never meant to hurt you,” Toni said in a mocking tone instead of sincerity, which I so desperately needed to hear.

I groaned, rolling onto my back. “Can you give me a minute? I just want to think.”

“Alright,” she said and walked out of the room. I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed and tapped my foot against the hardwood floor. My ankle still hurt and so did everything else. I wish Astrid had the nerve to apologize to my face. I was even more frustrated that I didn’t get the chance to tell her how I really felt about her, but maybe it’s for the best. Honestly, I hoped to never see her again.

A soft creek distracted me from my thoughts. I looked up and saw Justin emerging from the threshold. “Baby,” he sniffled. I turned away from him, grimacing. Then I whimpered, because Justin wasn’t suppose to be someone I grimaced at. “Baby,” he repeated louder.

“You can’t give me five minutes to be alone.”

“You’ve been gone for hours,” he stressed.

“So what? That’s still not enough time to take all of this in.” I tried facing him, but I cringed looking into his large, baby-like eyes. “I can’t even look at you.” Quiet struck before I felt a dip in the bed. I bit my lip thinking that I could conceal all of my collapsing emotions this way, but that didn’t take away the overwhelming sensation that I could physically explode at any second. “I mean,” I forced out, “were you ever going to tell me?”

“I was, I just…I didn’t want to ever see you like this. You’re hurt because of me. You’re crying because of my actions.” He got closer and I shifted uncomfortably. “There was never a right time to tell the love of my life that I cheated on her with her best friend.”

“I would’ve respected you more if you would’ve told me. I never wanted to find out like this. Especially not here,” I said, referring to the lake house, somewhere that commemorates Justin and I’s relationship. “How long have you kept this from me?”

He hesitated. “A little over a month.”

I scoffed, getting off the bed and looking out the window. How could he do something like this to me? I never, not even at the opportunity I had with Conner, thought about cheating on him and breaking his heart. And how could I not read between the lines? Tell the vibes between the both of them whenever they were around each other? I softly hit the window pane, hearing Justin’s footsteps behind me.

“I’m absolutely willing to fix us. I love you with everything that I am. I want to prove to you that a mistake can really be a mistake sometimes.” I could feel his cool breath tickling my ear. “I’m not giving up on us because we go together and you know it.”

I closed my eyes, feeling heat radiating between us. “Do not do this right now, Justin.”

“We go together like salt and pepper, syrup on top of pancakes, like peanut butter and jelly. I will call you every sweet name that there is because you are my baby girl, my love, my sweetheart, my angel, my princess, my queen. When I wake up in the morning, I wake up smiling because I belong to you. When I lay down at night I go to sleep smiling because I belong to you.

“No matter where I am, I carry you with me. You’re the song that I sing and the words that I speak sweetly. You’ll always be that to me even years from now. So, yes, I’ll work extra hard to fix us because I love you to heaven and back. Even though you can’t stand to be around me right now, the love you have for me will never go away and fortunately for me, there’s nothing you can do about that. You’re the light to my darkness and I’m the light to yours. You’re the blush on my cheeks and I’m the blush on yours. You’re the beat in my heart, and I’m the beat in yours. I’ll never, ever, ever give up on you and the true love that we have for one another. I promise…and my promise is yours too.”

Long overdue Part 2 to BEAT OF A SAD DRUM. Phew, in all honesty, I just really didn’t feel like writing it. I’m trying to beat my laziness and be more productive. Thanks for being patient with me, though, my loves. I hope you enjoyed 🌺🌿

The Best Boys Fly (Tim Drake x Reader) Part Two

part two is now up! i hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it! this chapter is dedicated to @feithera, also known as @vermelian because she is an actual sweetheart ✨

Summary: Jamey-Bear, (Y/N), Tim, and Jason have an eventful night with Doctor Heilei.

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Warnings: Takes Place in a Hospital

Tagging: @loudmouthwally @feithera @cas-backwards-tie @geeksareunique @jasonpnerd if you wish to be added to my taglist, just let me know :)


Tim carried James in his arms, holding my hand with his free one as Jason checked us into the hospital. I sat down with Timothy in our usual corner seats, and Jason soon returned, taking James from Timmers, “Hey, little Jaybird. You look better in that shirt than I do.” Jason smiled, kissing Jamey’s cheek before holding him close.

“No!” James laughed, playfully hitting his chest.

Tim squeezed my hand and I looked up at him with a soft smile before resting my head on his shoulder, watching the two Jay’s talk, “He’s one of a kind, isn’t he?”

“He’s a great kid; that he is.” Tim replied, his eyes never leaving the sight of the boys.

“Like this?” James asked, his fingers making guns, “Pew? Pew?”

“No, it’s, ‘Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Click, click, click.’” Jason corrected not distracting any attention besides that if Tim and I, “And then you throw the gun at the bad guy and reload when it bounces back.”

“James (L/N)?” A female voice sounded, breaking me away from my loving gaze at the adorable boys. The three of us stood, James in Jason’s arms, the shirt on James swallowing him whole. It was more of a blanket than a shirt, but James didn’t mind getting tangled every once in a while. I walked over, hand in hand with Tim, greeting Doctor Heilei.

“Follow me.” She smiled, ruffling Jamey’s hair. We all did as told, and found ourselves in a room full of big machines, “Okay, Jamey-James, do you know what we’re doing today?”

“We’re looking at my brain! Isn’t that cool?” James enthused, dreaming of one day becoming a doctor, just like Doctor Heilei.

“Yes, very cool indeed,” Doctor H added, turning to me in all her glory, “We’re just running a scan today to see where we’re at with the tumor, and whether the treatments are helping. We will start chemotherapy next week Saturday, and if that fails, we will talk more about other options.” Ally Heilei got straight to the point, moving to the back with all the computers.

I nodded, sitting closer to Tim for support. He let out a deep breath and smiled down at me, blue eyes sparkling as always, “Everything will be fine.” He whispered, kissing my forehead for slight reassurance.

James laid on the table, playing with the hem of his shirt, “Can we go to the beach?”

I sighed, knowing that would have to be a weekend trip, and it would be a long drive. Before I could say no, Tim spoke for me, “Of course.”

James didn’t smile as I thought he would. He was quiet for a second and all you could hear was the clicking on the computer and soft breathing of all the individuals in the room. “(Y/N)?” He used my real name, not his usual silly nickname. My heart beat threatened to jump out of my chest, and before I could talk, James spoke again, his voice broken and scared, “Am I going to die?

I didn’t know how to reply.

Did I lie?

Did I tell the truth?

Doctor Heilei didn’t hear the boy, but I could loud and clear, stiffening in the now uncomfortable chair I sat in, “Uh, I-uh, I, excuse me.” I fumbled out of the chair, hearing James start to scream and cry, my heart shattering as I burst into tears in the hallway, the sound of his voice never leaving my ears.

“No! No come back!” He screamed, yelling and crying for me, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I take it back, don’t leave!” I sobbed harder, falling to the floor in front of the closed door behind me. Tim stepped out, dropping down beside me to pull me in his arms as Jason inside struggled to keep James calmed.

“Hey.” Tim stated, trying to get me to look at him as he said that word once more, not gaining my attention until he snapped, “Hey!” He demanded, forcing my face to look at him, his jaw set and eyes searching mine with love and care, “I know it hurts, but he’s hurting too. Listen to him.” Tim whispered, holding me against his chest as I did as told, listening to the cries of my baby brother.

“No, I’m sorry!” James wept, his voice cracking and choked up, “I’m sorry, (N/N)! I didn’t mean to get hurt! It’s my fault!”

I broke down even more, unfurling myself in Tim’s arms, ugly cries escaping my body, “He’s just a baby,” I whispered, feeling Timothy’s strong arms wrap around my body protectively, “He’s just a small baby, and I can’t make it better, Tim. He’s hurting so much and I can’t do a goddamn thing about it.”

“Babe, you have a little boy in that room, and he needs you right now. I’m may not be his father, and you may not be his mother, but we have to act like it. He needs us, (Y/N). You can’t run away from that baby boy in there. You believe that, right?”

“Yes, a million times yes.” I couldn’t stop crying, just listening to him blaming himself.

“Then get in there; beautiful tears or not, he needs you.” He wiped my streaming tears away, trying to get me to slow my breathing down.

He stood and helped me up on my feet, walking me back in the room where Doctor Heilei and Jason were struggling to keep James down, “James, James, James sit down.” Jason soothed, getting kicked in the stomach and earning a flailing arm to the face.

“Jamey-Bear?” I whispered, and all hell froze over, and his teary hazel eyes turned to stare at me in shame and sadness, “Let him go, he’s fine.” I nodded to Jason and the doctor, to which they stepped back.

“I’ll give you some space.” Ally Heilei stated, walking to exit, Jason following right after her. His excuse was that sappy stuff makes him angry, so he waltzed right out, happy to chat it up with the doctor who could pass as a model.

“Come here, Jami,” Tim sympathized, scooping up the child and sitting down in the long bench where we both cradled on the boy, “Every once in a while we get a little overwhelmed, and that’s okay. (Y/N) just needed a moment, that’s all.”

“I’m dying, aren’t I?”

“Oh, Jamey.” I ran a hand through his a hair, using the pad of my thumb to swipe away his tears, “I don’t know.”

“It’s not your fault, none of this is your fault.” Tim reassured, straightening out the big red shirt consuming Jamey’s frail body, “This is just some bad guy who wants to take away the good guy. Who always wins?”

“The good guys always win.” Jamey-Bear spoke, stroking Tim’s cheek.

“That’s right, Jamey-Bear.” I turned to look up at Tim, and he was already looking at me with happy eyes, as if he was right where he wanted to be. My gaze flickered down to his lips and I unconsciously leaned forward, my eyes shutting as we were centimeters apart. Tim closed the gap, and for once everything felt okay, despite the fact that we were kissing in a hospital with a kid that isn’t even mine in Tim’s arms. It sounds crazy, but it makes sense, as everything always does.

I suddenly heard James laughing and I pulled away, looking down at the giggling child, “Gross!” He scrambled away, opening the door to which Jason hastily walked in behind Ally.

Jason stared down at us with wide eyes, “I swear, like ten nurses hit on me, and none of them were hot.”

“Hitting on you?” Dr. Heilei added, “They asked you if you needed assistance.”

See? They totally wanted me.” Jason crossed his arms, slouching in his chair, “Anyway, are you good now, Jaybaby?”

“I want to be Robin when I grow up, so I can beat up the bad guys.” James jumped out of Tim’s arms, and I took his place, kissing him softly on the lips, “And you can be Batman!” He pointed at Jason, almost tripping on the shirt as he ran to him.

Jason shook his head profusely, and I smirked, “I don’t think the real Batman would like that very much.”

“If anything, (Y/N) should be your Batman.” Tim looked down at me, smirking as always.

James pondered on the thought before speaking, “No, she’s Wonder Woman because she’s strong and beautiful.”

“Would you like to meet Batman and Wonder Woman, James?” Tim asked, “Maybe even the Boy Wonder himself?”

“Yes!” James squealed, following Ally into the back room, where she would run the scans.

Tim smiled brightly as James left the room, and looked over at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, “I guess I have a phone call to make.”

Hanging out

What happens when you listen to this on repeat? This apparently. It kind of got away from me a little but eeeeeh *shrugs*


“We should probably start heading back soon.”

Peter murmurs, making absolutely no move at all to unfurl from his spot, lounging on the curve of the hammock he webbed up earlier. He had his arms laced together behind his head, one leg hanging off the edge and unconcernedly dangling over the 50 story drop below.

“No we shouldn’t.”

Comes the reply. Peter looks over at his companion who’s lounging on his stomach, over Peter’s knee. He’s idly scrolling through something on his phone, feet in the air, tapping mindlessly to whatever beat he’s hearing from the earbud hidden beneath his helmet, the picture of ease.

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77: Are you jealous? You're an amazong writer

Heya anon. Graghr thank you 🤗  Here’s your request, I hope you’re happy with it!

Prompt 77: Are you jealous?
Pairing: Becca x MC (Alex)

“I wanted to compliment you on your outfit,” Reyna’s eyes travel over Alex’s clothes, “You look very professional!”

“Thank you, I was gonna say the same to you!” Alex replies. 

Reyna smiles at her, pushing her glasses up her nose. It’s the sort of thing James finds cute. And Alex knows this because James told her, albeit by accident. She decides to do some additional recon, because she knows that between being a senior and running the paper, he needs all the help he can get. 

“Okay,” Alex starts, “So far, I only know that you were some kind of journalism hero in high school. I’d love to get to know more about you. What do you do for fun?”

Reyna laughs, leaning in a little closer to hear Alex over the music. “You make it sound more impressive than it was. But…to answer your question,” her eyes narrow in thought. “I like reading. But I guess it would be weird if I didn’t. I knit. And I’m kind of a film buff. I live right next to an art house, so I go there a lot.”

“That’s really cool. I like movies, too!”

“Really? Do you have a favorite?” asks Reyna with the easy and excited smile of someone who slipped into a comfortable, familiar topic in a conversation.

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A Little Fall Of Rain - A Liam Dunbar Imagine |

Shelter me,

                                             comfort me.

Based on 04x12 // Episode Smoke and Mirrors


blood blood blood

Y/n’s P.O.V

Threading your fingers softly through your boyfriend’s hair, you couldn’t help but wonder how you got yourself smitten towards a young werewolf- who laid asleep on your chest. And the second you fluttered your eyes shut, Liam suddenly jolted awake, panting heavily as he observed the room in a panic manner.

“Liam? What’s wrong?” You asked gently, as you grasped his bicep causing him to turns towards you.

He let out a sigh in relief as he wrapped his arms around your waist and tugged your body closer to his, almost desperately, “Nightmare,” He began, burying his face in the crook of your neck, “I’m so sorry if I woke you-”

“There’s no need for you to apologise Liam,” You spoke quietly whilst tangling your fingers through his chocolate coloured locks which reflected against the moons luminescence. “-And besides, I wasn’t asleep.”

Your brows then furrowed as you watched Liam abruptly pull away from you, until he cupped your face in his strong hands before leaning down and capturing your lips with his. And almost immediately you sunk into his arms with the whiff of his woodsy scent lingering in your nose.

“I’m sorry you have to put up with me Y/n, sometimes I wonder why you haven’t left me.” Liam mumbled against your lips the second he drew away.

As you continued to play with the ends of his hair, it only made his blue orbs meet your squarely, “I put up with you because I love you Liam and I honestly don’t want anyone else but you.

A month has passed and everything has changed.

And that included Liam.

A sigh escaped past your lips before you looked up from your locker with your gaze falling upon the person who you constantly thought about these past few weeks. You watched as he slowly shut his locker and almost as if he felt eyes on him, he swiftly turned around with his baby blue orbs meeting yours.

But before you could utter a word, he hiked his bag up on his shoulder and quickly strode off into the crowd of people in the hallway.

And that’s what your month consisted off, Liam Dunbar completely ignoring your presence and you had no idea why.

“Y/n!” Mason called out as he ran towards you, causing your lips to lift into a small smile. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” You began before running your fingers through your hair, “Has Liam told you anything?”

Mason sighed, shaking his head, “Nothing. It seems that he’s ignoring me too, Y/n.”

I’m going to talk to him.”

Your friend looked at you with wide eyes, “What?”

Completely ignoring masons protests, you began to make your way towards the boy’s locker room, knowing that Liam would be there.

Shoving the door open, dozens of surprised eyes fell upon you causing a slight flush to make its way to your cheeks in embarrassment. Muttering an apology, you then roamed around the room full of half-naked boys before a familiar figure in the corner of the locker room caught your attention.

Dunbar,” You called out, causing the locker room to become silent whilst Liam froze at the sound of your voice. His baby blue orbs then glanced up fleetingly, “-We need to talk.”

Followed by a chorus of ‘ooh’s’ and a pat on the back from Scott and Stiles, Liam nodded curtly as he subsequently followed you out of the door and into an empty classroom.

Silence lingered in the air between the both of you, it was almost suffocating and seemed to last forever, until Liam hesitantly spoke, breaking the unsettling awkwardness.

“What did you want to talk about, Y/n?”

You scoffed, “Seriously Liam, that’s the first thing you say to me after ignoring me for weeks- You’re so oblivious to the fact that I’m hurt and I’ve tried everything to talk to you.” Pausing, you flailed your arms about frustratingly as Liam’s blue orbs followed your every move. “-But you’ve done nothing but give me the cold shoulder and I want to know what I did wrong, so please tell me.

“I’m sorry–” Liam started whilst he took a step towards you, but only caused you to stammer backwards onto the wall. “Y/n, I’ve been thinking– for a while now.”

Your brows knitted together in utter confusion, “About what?”


And before you knew it, Liam was suddenly right in front of you, hands cradling your face whilst his hot breath fanned over the apples of your cheeks. Feeling the warmth of body due to the close proximity caused your breathing to become unsteady.

You missed him.

“I need you to stay away from me Y/n,” You froze. “-Just until I know that things a safe around here because I don’t want you to get hurt.” Liam continued, as his met your gaze squarely, “But do you trust me?”

Despite not knowing any details of what Liam wants to keep me safe from, you did trust him- for a while now and you always will.

Your lips lifted into a small smile, “I do.”

And with that, Liam briefly pressed his lips to your forehead, “I’ll see you soon, Y/n.”

“Okay,” You whispered, “But you owe me dinner.”

A bubble of laughter escaped past his lips as he pulled away, “It’s a date.”

“Indeed it is Dunbar. Don’t leave me waiting.”

And before Liam pulled the door open, he turned around offering a grin which caused your heart to skip a beat, “I would never.”

Feeling a slight tug on your shoulder, your eyes immediately shot open as you found yourself laying on hard concrete floor, with both Lydia and Mason staring down at you with worried expressions.

What the hell am I doing on the floor-” You began, grasping Masons hand as he pulled you up. Your brows then furrowed as you recognised where you were, “- in the school basement?”

But before Mason could utter a reply, Lydia pulled both of you back behind a filing cabinet, then holding a finger to her lips. You watched as your friend let out a shuddering breath, “What is that thing?”

“Not human.” Lydia replied, as she walked towards a rack of baseball bats.

“Seriously a baseball bat Lydia?” Mason asked lowly, “Against t-that guy?”

You watched as the strawberry blonde girl who stood in front of you grasped the bat in a bellicose manner, “My friends are in trouble. And so is Liam. They need me and I’m going for it.”

Lydia then began to march her way towards the monstrous creature.

Grabbing a baseball bat, you handed another to your friend who simply nodded, “We’re going for it too, okay Mase?”

Without any hesitation, you both ran past Lydia who halted in her tracks in surprise as she watched the both of you charge towards the berserker. And just as you raised your arm, you suddenly felt a searing pain on your side, burning its way as it dug into your flesh, causing the air to leave your lungs at the sudden contact. Once the berserker finally released you, everything began to slow down with the sound of echoing cries of your name before your vision blurred as tears lined your eyes.

Strong arms then caught you whilst another pressed down against your wound, making it difficult for the blood to gush out. Due to the burning sensation of the sudden pressure, you let out a stifling cry as you tried your best to ignore it.

“Excuse me!” Immediately recognising the voice of the sheriff, he threw a solid object at the berserker and almost instantly you heard both Mason and Lydia gasp, before rapidly hauling you behind the filing cabinet.

And with that, everything went black.

No P.O.V

Where is she?” Liam yelled, as he made his way to the school basement with dust and dirt covering every part of his appearance. And just as he opened his mouth the repeat his question, he halted in his tracks as he stared at the person who laid on the floor- the person who he tried his best to keep safe.

And he failed.

In a swift he was kneeling in front of Y/n, swooping her in his arms as he gazed down at her. And as much as he tried to hold it in, he soon felt his body shake until a stifled sob escped past his lips and all his defences washed away in salty tears.

I-I’m so sorry Y/n.” He spluttered, as he ran his fingers through her hair before letting out a inaudible curse. “It’s all my fault. I should’ve been here t-to protect you, I should be the one dying not you- You don’t deserve to die Y/n-”

Scott laid a hand on his beta’s shoulder, “Liam-”

“I-i can’t leave her Scott.”

He offered Liam a small smile, “I wasn’t going to tell you to leave her Liam,” He started, “-I was just going to say that you don’t deserve to die too- no one deserves to die. Remember that.”

Liam brought Y/n’s head towards his chest, as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close almost as if he never wanted to let go- and he promised himself he wouldn’t. “I owe you a date Y/n,” He said with a quiet, half-hearted chuckle. “If you come back to me, i promise more than just a date-” Liam then glanced down at Y/n, and in an instant he let out a chocked whimper. “Please don’t leave me waiting.”

-I love you Y/n.

you will keep me safe.

And you will keep me close.

And rain will make the flowers grow.



Thank you so much to Anon for requesting! I absolutely love Les Mis, so i was very much excited to write this.

This is a One part imagine, meaning that there will be no part two to this. Ah, to be completely honest, i did cry while writing the ending to this and as much as i wanted to write a part two, i felt that this imagine needed to end this way. And it did take me a while to write this as i wanted to get the ending right. 

Also, I’m so sorry if i’ve been inactive these past few weeks! I had work experience and I’ve been busy with it. But now that I’m on summer break, I’m going to post every week. Does anyone mind if i post during the weekdays too? 


Hope you enjoyed this imagine, and please do request!! 

-Liam Dunbar 

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Hello There - Jeon Wonwoo Imagine (PART 1).

Okay, okay, yes, I’m back from the dead. I am posting part 1 for this right now because it is super long and I am just finishing off part 2 so I’m deciding to just divide it into two parts. Anyways, I am SO SORRY FOR LACK OF UPDATES. I’ve explained why it’s been so long in my teaser for this story but once again, I’m truly sorry and thank you all for being so patient and loving with me. I love you all~!

So, a bunch of people enjoyed my high school AU for S.Coups, so here is a Wonwoo one for y’all!

And, for anyone who reblogs this, can you add which member you’d like for me to do a high school AU for next (because I’m doing one for all 13). I have ideas for Mingyu and Woozi (especially Woozi) but I don’t know if you guys think I should stick to hip hop unit then to do the other units, so I don’t know. AnND LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKE MRS.CHU BECAUSE AS YOU KNOW AFTER READING THIS, WOOZI IS IN A MRS. CHU ONE, SO SHOULD I KEEP HER AS A TEACHER FOR EACH HS AU??

So just let me know which member and if I should use Mrs. Chu for each AU. Or you could also just send me fanmail telling me what to do~ So, onto the story. BTW, WHEN THE END OF A SETENCE HAS A BUNCH OF PERIODS AFTER THAT USUALLY WOULDN’T BE IN THAT CONTEXT, IT MEANS THERE’S SUPPOSED TO BE A LINE/CUT AFTER. TUMBLR ISNT LETTING ME ADD THOSE LINES TODAY. TT.TT

Hello There?

He’s the boy who always attends class late because he sleeps in, and you’re the student sitting nearest to the door. So, what do you get out of that? Probably love.

  “Dude, I need help with the math homework.”

  Wonwoo groaned loudly, raising a fist to his eyes and rubbing at it with a pout tugging out his bottom lip. “Now? Weren’t you listening?”

  “Of course not. There was that hot new student and –“

  “The guy who joined a week ago!?” Wonwoo exclaimed, shuffling into a hasty sitting position dropping his phone and hopping it back to his ear with trembling hands.

  “No! Gosh, his sister. The girl in our math class.”

  “I don’t even remember her,” he admitted, his mouth opening like a cave as yawn dropped from his throat. He fell back into his mattress, his other arm sprawled in the bed. He looked to the clock. 1:30. Seriously?

  “Maybe because you’re always missing first period because you sleep in, hyung,” Mingyu’s deep voice reminded him before he started chuckling. “You’re starting to look like a zombie, man. Just saying.”

  “Because I have stupid friends like you who call me up at 1 in the morning. Just saying.” He yawned loudly once again as his eyelids slowly weighed down, his vision slowly darkening, and eyes fluttering closed.

  “Touché, “Mingyu drawled out in a chopped up and awkward French attempt at an accent. “But bro, please! You know if Mrs. Chu finds out I didn’t do it, she is going to kill me - literally,” Mingyu cried out through the phone.

  “Oh, calm down. She’s not that bad, she wouldn’t actually kill you.”

  “No, but she’ll tell my parents and they’ll kill me. It’ll say on my gravestone ‘Kim Mingyu. Death caused by Mrs. Chu with assistance of parents.’”

  Wonwoo rolled lazily to his side, grasping his backpack and tugging it half-heartedly towards him. After a snore drifting from his mouth momentarily and Mingyu’s loud voice booming out his name, he ripped out his math notebook in frustration and flipped to the newest written pages. “Which questions?”

  “I knew you’d see it my way.” He could just hear the smirk in Mingyu’s voice.

  “I’m hanging up now.”

  “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I’ll shut up, hyung!” His voice went ten octaves higher as he squeaked in panic….

  “Whoops, sorry there!”

  You grimaced as another person toppled over all your stuff, smudging it with the dirt of their shoes that was splattered with mud and wrapped up grass. You gagged as you meekly brushed at the brown pieces away from your essay that was due today and had almost gotten lost with a few other of your things when you tripped over the two feet of different people in your hallway and was now in the corner, hastily trying to organize your papers back together. Your eyebrows drew in concentration as you shoved in your last worksheets for math back into your binder and wiggled onto your knees before pressing your feet to the ground and lifting yourself up.

  The bell suddenly blared and your eyes bulged. You had the scariest teacher in the school, Mrs. Chu, who’d probably kill you if you end up a minute late. Your legs raced you up the large and wide staircase, flailing the side of your body to the door, and continued running until you reached the door that was right about to be shut it your face if you hadn’t screeched out, “Wait!” and practically jammed the door into the person’s nose. You rounded the opened door and saw your fellow classmate, Hoshi, clutching his nose with his eyes sealed shut.

  “Oh gosh, I am so sorry, Hoshi!”

  “Agh,” he sighed, releasing his nose and sauntering to his seat dejectedly. “My nose…”

  You spotted Mrs. Chu watching you intently from her desk and sprinted to your seat and slid into it with a sharp intake of breath, quickly fixing the pieces of papers that were sticking out from the stack before folding your hands obediently and straightening your back and moved your gaze away from the new girl who had joined your class and was stared at by all the boys in your class and to Mrs. Chu who quizzically glanced to the door.

  “Kim Mingyu!” Mrs. Chu called out demandingly.

  Mingyu averted his gaze from the new girl, startled, and adjusted his posture as he gulped. “Yes, miss?”

  “Where is Jeon Wonwoo?”

  “I’m not sure…” Mingyu’s dark eyes wandered around the classroom. “He usually meets me at school but today he didn’t.”

  “Well, he’ll definitely be marked as late.” She blew a strand of hair from her face. “Now, who finished their homework? Better be all of you.”

  From the corner of your eye you saw Mingyu laughing to himself behind his large hand. You took out your math notebook with a deflated look painted across your features. You flipped to the page you had scribbled your homework questions on the night before, biting your lip as you scanned the pages to make sure every one of your answers were perfect, not wanting to take the risk of getting in trouble by Mrs. Chu.

  A small and faint knock came from the door and you looked around in question if you should answer it or not. With your current teacher, you’d never know. Mrs. Chu raised her head from looking down upon students’ work and her eyes suddenly widened as she pointed to the door. “What do you think you’re doing!? You sit nearest to the door, you answer it!”

  You shot right from your seat and scrambled with your feet to the door, hooking your fingers on the knob and tugged it swiftly and was met with Jeon Wonwoo standing very, very, and very close to you. His gaze made you feel as though he had never seen you before and was only now taking the time to let his sharp, black eyes run over every one of your features. Your eyes, nose, lips; his eyes rested on each momentarily. But when your eyes greeted each other, he paused and just stared at them and you wondered, “Was he always this dreamy?”

  The sound of who you assumed to be your teacher cleared her throat and you saw Wonwoo’s cheeks dust off with pink as he slid past you, mumbling with his deep voice, “Sorry.”

  “It’s okay,” you blurted out loudly and you saw Wonwoo duck his head further down and scurry to where Mingyu was sitting, plopping next to him. You embarrassedly cowered into your seat, slumping with your hands folded across your stomach. Why were you getting so shy about such a short encounter? Why were you even thinking about it?

  “Jeon Wonwoo, what made you so late?” Mrs. Chu demanded, slamming her hand on the desk of another one of your classmates, Seungcheol. You turned your head around, using this as an excuse to get another long stare at Wonwoo and his eyes edged away from the teacher and to you and you got caught in his eyes and he blinked away from you and up to Mrs. Chu.

  “Um, uh, I-I’m really sorry, Mrs. Chu. I accidently slept in…”

  The whole class laughed in sync at his reasonable explanation and you smiled adoringly at how worried he looked for being late. He scratched his head awkwardly with a slight chuckle, looking around sheepishly at the laughing class. Mrs. Chu looked him over one more time before holding her head high with a scoff. I’m letting it go this once, Wonwoo.”

  He gave her a small lopsided grin. “Thanks.”

  ”Now take out your homework. I presume you’re finished since you had so much time to sleep in.” she looked over her shoulder to him sternly while trotting back to her desk.

  “Yes, I’m definitely done.” He shot a glare to Mingyu who laughed harder into his palm before letting his own face break with a grin, his nose crinkling cutely as he delicately got out his notebook.

  1 word. Swoon….

  “And then guess what she said?” Mingyu gasped, his eyes enlarging as he used his hands to describe what had happened with him and the new girl when they walked home from school the day before. Sitting by yourself, cheek sagged against the fist you right hand was curled into with your elbow perched on the desk.

  “What, what!?” Hoshi asked eagerly, almost falling out of his chair.

  “She asked ‘Can I call you your name instead of oppa?’” he finished off proudly, leaning back in his chair as Hoshi’s mouth dropped.


  “Yes! Isn’t that hot?”

  “Isn’t it hotter to be called oppa though?” Seungcheol questioned, cocking his head to the side.

  You yawned in boredom, soon figuring out that it was just a typical conversation exchanged by those three. You doodled a little on some blank pages as Mrs. Chu graded paper, for there were still many students to arrive.

  After the classroom seemed reasonably full and crowded like usual, Mrs. Chu began reviewing how to solve some of the equations she had given your class for homework the day before. Another yawn was stretching your mouth opened but it trailed from your lips when you saw Wonwoo looking through the small square of glass planted on the door. He gave you panicked look. He probably was scared to be late again. You turned to Hoshi who was sitting at the back and had glanced up and saw Wonwoo. He raised his hand and asked for Mrs. Chu to help him with a question. She walked to the back seat in the corner where Hoshi sat at and you tip-toed carefully to the door, clutching the knob.

  “Okay? Now try doing number two,” Mrs. Chu finished off, standing back up and you froze in your position as she started turning in your direction.

  “Wait!” Hoshi cried out. “I need help with this too!”

  “Really, Kwon Soonyoung?” Mrs. Chu muttered through her gritted teeth, whirling back to him.

  You turned the knob as smoothly and silently as possible and gripped Wonwoo’s hand, pulling him aggressively inside. He tripped over his own feet and knocked his nose against yours and steadied his hands on your desk to balance himself, face close to yours. Your whole class was watching you both intently as though you were characters in a TV show.

  “Go! Go to your desk!” you hissed, trying to sound angry so he wouldn’t notice your bright red cheeks. He raced to his desk as slyly as possible and you sighed as you glided back into your seat.

  “What’s all this ruckus!?” Mrs. Chu yelled, her scary eyes looking over your class, mouth sewn shut stubbornly. “Hush up and get to work. Oh, and good morning, Wonwoo. Didn’t even notice you.”  

  Wonwoo smugly smiled, his eyes twinkling at Mingyu through the corners….

  “Hey, hyung!” Mingyu’s voice called out.

  Wonwoo tugged out an earphone and turned his head around in curiosity. Mingyu stopped next to him, slapping his own hands down on his knees, bending down and panting, sweat shielding his forehead. “Damn, why you do you have to walk so fast?”

  “I wasn’t even walking that fast,” Wonwoo protested with a chuckle, rubbing his hand on Mingyu’s back before continuing to walk. “I waited at your locker but you weren’t there so I thought we weren’t walking home together.”

  Mingyu smirked, wiping at his head with the back of his head. “Well, I was talking to someone…”

  “Who were –“

  “Hey, hyung,” Mingyu started a little too cheerfully, swinging a lazy arm around Wonwoo’s shoulders, “what do you think of you-know-who?”

  “I don’t know who you-know-who is, though?” Wonwoo inquired, lifting his fisted up hands in confusion. “So, they’re actually you-don’t-know-who.”

  Mingyu sighed in obvious frustration, eyebrows furrowed at Wonwoo. “The person always opening the door for you in class.”

  “Oh.” Wonwoo pursed his lips tightly into a thin line, trying to resist the urge to let a smile burst on his serious face. “What about them?”

  “Do you think that they’re… cute?” Mingyu questioned, scanning his nails in attempt to be nonchalant.

  “Yes, very adorable.”

  “Really?” Mingyu exclaimed, his eyes snapping to Wonwoo as an excited smile bloomed across his face.

  “I was just trying to see your reaction –“

  “So, you don’t find them cute?”

  “N-No, I do!” he spluttered out hopelessly, halting to a stop to turn to his best friend. “I-I mean –“

  Mingyu’s face scrunched up, his nose creasing and his face twisting in an awful expression. Oh no. Wonwoo backed away quickly.

  “Ah-choo!” screeched out Mingyu into his hand, letting out a ruffled out cough before clamping the hand down on Wonwoo’s left shoulder, who cringed at the contact. “Ahem. Anyways, that’s love for you, my friend.”

  “Love!?” Wonwoo gasped, his voice beginning to make inaudible noises in his throat. Love? What did Mingyu think he was up to? “Stop it…”

  “Maybe you can give a thanks to them for always opening the door for you –“

  “It was just twice –“

  “Numbers are just… numbers. I’m sure that’s not it or how it goes…”

  “Fine, I will.”

  “….something to do with ages, I think.”….

  You sat on the window sill of your English classroom, staring out from the window that was opened and had a cool wind swarming by and brushing your face pleasantly, swiping through your hair and every feature of yours. You smiled sweetly, inhaling the fresh air with a heave of your shoulders. Feet dangling just a few inches from the ground, your eyes locked onto the trees sticking from the ground it front of your school, happy green leaves hanging off a swiftly wobbling back and forth as the gentle wind pelted through the crooked branches. A vase was sitting next to you and two books relied on one another at the end of where you sat. You had come to your English class for lunch instead of the cafeteria because a project for the subject had to be completed by you and now you were just waiting out the last ten minutes of lunch peacefully, as your teacher had gone to get a file from Mrs. Chu.

  A timid knock fluttered through the room and you raised your eyes to see Wonwoo approaching you hesitantly. Your eyes widened and you placed your hands on the window still to hop off to meet him, but he hastily raised a hand and shook his head rapidly. “Ah, i-it’s fine. I just came to give you this.”

  You bit back the huge grin begging to explode on your face. He was too sweet with his awkwardness, ruffled hair and crinkling nose. A rosy colour popped suddenly to your cheeks when you looked at his offering hands thrusted out that held a small carton of chocolate milk and a round glass jar mixed with chocolate raisins, jelly beans, star-shaped marshmallows and a whole variety of other treats. Your lips parted in awe before gazing up at him only to find him avoiding your eyes by averting his eyes to the ground, a hand scratching his head in embarrassment.

  You opened your mouth to speak but his deep voice echoed in the room suddenly. “I-I got to say, I’m feeling a little bit bashful doing this, but I, uh… just wanted to thank you for always opening the door for me when I’m late.”

  A giggle slipped past your lips and you covered your mouth. “It was only –“

  “Twice, right!? That’s what I said!” he exclaimed, outstretching his arm as an action to show how earnest he was about his unnecessary gift.

  “But I still appreciate it. I’m a sucker for sweets, so this is a perfect gift. I love it, thank you.”

  “N-No problem….”

  An awkward sense drifted into the room lonelily and you swung your locked legs together in the air, your feet almost touching the ground. Your fingers brushed the lid quietly, wondering if he were the type to think it was disrespectful to start eating the candy jellies in front of him.

  “Are you going to have any..?” his voice broke the flat silence. “I arranged them myself,” he added with a boroad, proud smile as you started twiating the lid open.

  You grinned at him and picked out a star shaped, pink and white candy jelly and popped it in your mouth. You chewed thoughtfully as your lips curled into a smile, for he was watching so intently with wide eyes.

  “I like it,” you mumbled through your chews before swallowing it and picking another one out.

  “I’m glad,” he muttered and the ring suddenly blared and his shoulders jumped in shock. You chuckled and asked, “Do you have English right now?”

  “No, but I’ll see you in Mrs Chu class tomorrow.” He smiled gently at you before turning and running sheepishly out of the door.

  You dropped one more candy jelly to your mouth and stuffed the jar into the side pocket of your back pack, smiling as you slipped off the window still and sprinted from the classroom to your History class. From what, you weren’t sure. The sweetness of the candies or Wonwoo?….

  You tapped your right foot continuously under the desk, chewing on your bottom lips as Mrs. Chu took attendance and addressed the newest student, Jihoon, with saying, “Ugh, that’s my husband’s name….”

  He swallowed and eyed the whole class that was watching before clearing his throat and adjusting his tie. “You could always just call me Woozi.”

  “Woozi?” the class questioned aloud in unison. He nodded and replied it was his stage name and Mingyu and Hoshi glanced at each other in curiosity.

  “Stage name?” Mrs. Chu laughed mockingly.

  “Yeah, for when I perform in front of people or on a stage name.”

  Mrs. Chu finished off her laughing fit with a hand swiping away a fake tear and a sigh falling from her mouth. From the corner of your eye, you saw Jihoon roll his eyes. After scribbling a few equations across the wall, Mrs. Chu turned back around and snapped for everyone to answer them in your notebooks. You sighed and flipped to a new page when you felt a hand repeatedly tapping your shoulder urgently. You turned your head around calmly and saw Mingyu eyeing your jar of candies poking from the side pocket of your backpack. He clamped his teeth together and pointed to the jar before locking his head in a begging motion.

  You jokingly rolled your eyes with and faint smile, watching to see if Mrs. Chu spotted you both. Facing the front with your eyes directed to the blackboard, you slyly lifted the jar and quietly slipped your left arm out to take off the lid and held it as your fingers clasped the lining of the top of the jar tightly. You lifted the jar back to where Mingyu was sitting behind you and you heard him bend down and carefully pick one out. You whirled your head around and saw at least six candy jellies crowded in his curled up palm.

  “They’re addictive,” he mouthed.

  You nodded and smiled. You raised the jar so you could place the lid back on before a loud bang exploded from the other side of the door. You gasped and your whole body flinched from the sudden noise, causing the jar of candies to loose contact of your fingertips. The jar bonked against the ground roughly and candies went flying everywhere in the classroom. Mrs. Chu’s angry eyes pointed right at you and you turned to Mingyu for help only to find him on the ground, rushing to collect candies and yelling, “21 second rule! 21 second rule!!”

  Mrs. Chu stomped to your desk and you stood to your feet and raced to the door and swung it opened and saw a tall figure turn only to find Wonwoo beaming at you. “Oh, hi –“

  Mrs. Chu screeched out your name and you cringed as you slowly turned to her, shoulders stiff with fear. “NO SHARING FOOD IN CLASS! You and Kim Mingyu are staying after school ends to clean the gymnasium, music room the hallway this class is in. Thanks to you, the janitors will scarcely have any work! And that’s only if you do a good job!”

  Mingyu groaned loudly, his cheeks huge like a chipmunk’s, filled with candies. Wonwoo glanced at his jar with a frown and you avoided his gaze as he brushed past you.

  1 word. Shit…..

  Fingers clutched to each other with your legs dangling, your eyes scanned the gymnasium once more before your loud sigh echoed in the large space. You were sitting on the piano – yes, an actual piano; but it was quite small – that was next to the mint and white staircase that was inside the short hallway that led to the actual gymnasium. But it technically still counted as a part of it, for it had special white shoes for girls and boys to wear when they had P.E.

  Mingyu had promised to meet you and you decided at that moment you would now consider it for that boy to be seldom on time. You gazed at the meek plastic bag that had all the candies Mingyu “saved before going bad after the 21 second rule.” It was slightly opened and some of the colourful candies rolled out and you silently picked out a red one and slipped it through your lips.


  Your back faced to the owner of the voice, your froze in your motioned position, eyes wide with shock. That was not Mingyu’s voice. It belonged to… Your gaze landed on the candy and in slow motion, you sucked in a breath of useless confidence and turned to him.

 “Hi, Wonwoo…”

  “How are you?” He slowly started taking steps towards you and you swallowed.

  “I’m fine…” After taking a few moments to consider your next words, you blurted out foolishly, “Hey, I’m not sure if you think this is a big deal but I just wanted to apologize for dropping all the candies and-“

  “No, no, no, no,” he protested immediately, striding to you. “It’s okay. Don’t worry. Mingyu told me it was him who was begging you to give him some. I know it was just a mistake.”

  “Oh.” You smiled as your whole body relaxed. “Thank goodness.”

  He chuckled sweetly, his nose squishing adorably as he shyly stood right in front of you, wrapping his fingers tightly around the strap of his bag and removing it with ease smoothly. “She said the music room first, right?”

  “Yeah,” you responded automatically before shaking your head rapidly. “Wait, Mingyu and I are supposed to do it!”

  “Uh, yeah, well, um, about that…” His eyes worriedly pinched at every inch of the gym before stammering out, “He said something about being sick…”

  “Really?” you questioned suspiciously, a slight grin blooming on your face when you a saw a tint of pink brushing against his cheek.

  “Yes…” he murmured, playing with his fingers.

  “Okay, let’s go,” you said, jumping from the top of the piano and grabbing the bag of candies and trotting up the staircase, and shutting your eyes momentarily while thanking Mingyu for getting “sick.”

  When you reached the large music room with wooden chairs’ surface planted on the top of the desk, and pastel pink and white walls with light coloured and bright turquoise curtains, you heard Wonwoo say, “You forgot the jar in the classroom.”

  You swirled around and saw him cupping the jar and you sighed with your eyes huge and your eyebrows furrowed. ”I looking everywhere for it! Where did you get it?”

  I picked it up when I was walking to my desk so I could give it to you after school instead of Mrs Chu taking it from you.”

  “But how’d you know you’d be seeing me after school if Mingyu had suddenly gotten sick?”

  He cocked his head at the side, staring at you look a small and lost puppy before his lips parted and he just quietly stared at you saying nothing.

  Laughing with your head bowing down in embarrassment, you mumbled for you both to just get to work. After getting your arms and hands filled with supplies to clean, you both strictly decided that Wonwoo would get the left half of the room and you would get the right. You swept furiously at the dusty, cringing when you’d find a piece of slimy gum stuck to the ground. Your face twisted into disgust and you picked out and new and white tissue and picked it and threw it in the garbage. You saw Wonwoo with slight smirk playing at his lips from your obvious discomfort.

  “Are you okay?” he inquired, grasping a wet towel and walking up to the blackboard.

  “Oh, I’m fine,” you assured him before crouching down and gripping a brush as you moved all the dirt into the duster.

  Rolling the sleeves of his white dress shirt to his elbows, he held the towel gently as he walked back and forth across the blackboard, wiping the whole thing clean in straight, firm lines. After finishing half of the blackboard, he head back to the sink to soak it in water again. You watched him walking back, flickering a piece of black hair that was tickling at his eye. Your hands fumbling at how handsome he looked the dirt and garbage fell to the ground, flying onto yours and Wonwoo’s side of the classroom. You slapped a hand to your forehead in mortification and he shook his head at you teasingly before reaching his hand out and asking, “Could you pass me the second broom?”

  You dragged your frozen feet to the supplies and grabbed the second broom. When you were about two meters from him, he insisted that you toss it. You jumped your hand up, loosening your grip on the broom. Though it was coming right next to him, his hand was left empty as the broom toppled to the ground, almost knocking over the guitars. You saw his face flame with red and he quickly bent down to pick it up.

  Once he was up, you both exchanged smiles that meant one thing. It was totally fine embarrassing both of yourselves in front of one another…..

  “Won’t it take a while to clean the gym?”

  “Let’s split up the jobs. One person can mop the floor, one can clean the shelves with the shoes and –“

  “We’ll both clean the lockers for the classes,” Wonwoo completed for you, nodding.

  “Yeah, that sounds good,” you agreed, your eyes roaming around the gym. Your gaze paused and you averted your eyes to Wonwoo. “Wait, who’ll do the shelves with shoes?”

  There were horrifying stories about the shelves crowded with perfect white shoes. That rats lived under and cockroaches travelled freely through the gaps and in the midst of the dirt. The worst rumor was that there was such a disgusting thing in one of the shelves, one of the janitors had gotten bitten by it and admitted to the hospital. Thinking about it again – it sent shivers sprint down your spine.

  Wonwoo swallowed an obvious lump in his throat, his palms glistening with sweat as he rubbed his palms together.

  “Rock, papers and scissors?” you suggested weakly.

  “Rock, papers and scissors,” he declared.

  “Rock, papers, scissors,” you both murmured in sync, both of your fingers thrusted out into the shape of scissors. Sighing, you muttered it again and your rolled up fists stuck out as a rock. Third time, your flat palms met and you groaned and heaved a sigh before mumbling it once more.

  “Rock, papers, scissors!” you whispered earnestly and threw your head back gleeful laughter when his scissors was knocked by your fist formed to a rock. You laughed obnoxiously like a child and pointed at him in laughter as he swung his head back with a pout, practically dragging himself to the shelves. You grabbed the broom vigorously swept at the floor, sneering at all the dirt and dust. You grabbed a pan and dust and didn’t take a break as you sprinted to each spot of the gym, repeating the steps of brooming, gagging, then pushing it into the pan with your brush. Wonwoo still hadn’t began his task and rocking on his heels hesitantly. You giggled loudly as you dumped the mop in the bucket of water and let it soak before jogging across the whole, still indulged in your own laughter as Wonwoo slapped on yellow gloves and poked at the shoes hesitantly. You stopped to a halt and watched him inspect the first shelf.

  “It’s not so bad,” he admitted.

  You shrugged in response, continuing to mope (A/N: hahaha get it? Mope and mop lol I’m so funny hahaha) around at a totally boring reaction from the legendary shelves. You plopped on the bench and nipped at your candy jellies peacefully as you waited for the fresh water the floor was soaked in, to dry. “Need help?” you called out to Wonwoo, who was already cleaning out the fifth space.

  “No, it’s okay. Haven’t found any cockroaches or rats yet if you’re wondering.” He turned to you with a smug smile and you rolled your eyes at his fortune. As you opened your mouth to speak, the pitch of his voice reached the sky as he screamed and shuffled further away from the shelves. You exclaimed in laughter, “What is it!?”

  “A cockroach!” he gasped out, his thin eyes now as huge as baby’s, marked with terror. You squinted and indeed saw, yes, a huge cockroach wandering around the sixth space.

  Another burst of laughter left your lips as you reflected back to his very unmanly scream as he ordered you to get some tissues. You ran to the nearby bathroom and ripped off some toilet papers from one of the stalls and joined him, slapping it into his hand.

  Fingers trembling, he raised the toilet paper as though it were an offering to the cockroach. After two minutes of patiently waiting, he voiced out how his arms ached and you placed the toilet paper into your hands.

  “No it’s fine. I can do it – AH, oh my God!” he began but then screeched in sync with you as the cockroach suddenly ran to the toilet papers unexpectedly. “Go open the window in the hallway, Wonwoo!” you shouted, folding the toilet paper gently as you ran at a semi-fast pace to the hallway in order to not drop the insect. Wonwoo pulled a window opened and you delicately opened the toilet paper and let the cockroach walk across the grass. You and Wonwoo both let a long sigh drift from your lips and you tossed the toilet paper in his direction and he yelled out, fanning it away.

  And then you both decided you’d work on the shelves together…..

  “Last but not least.” Wonwoo nodded down at the hallway. “I can do the sweeping first and you do the mopping?”

  “Sure,” you agreed, perching on top of a window still, gripping you bag that had five remining candies left. Your dentist was so going to kill you. As Wonwoo got to work, you rocked your legs merrily and said, “So, tell me more about yourself.”

  He looked up at you before spots of pink reached his ears and he cleared his throat. “Well, um, the only thing I could think of is I like rapping.”

  You paused your chewing with wide eyes. “Really?”

  ”Yeah, but it’s sort of a secret….” he confessed, avoiding your gaze.

  “Will you show me? Your rapping?” you boldly asked after sucking in a breath.

  ”One day,” he promised, smiling shyly at you. His eyes wandered to the clock and his mouth dropped opened. “Already 6:00? I have to be home by 6:15 to go out for dinner with my family!”

  You jumped off the window still. “Let’s hurry up then!”

  And so then started yours and Wonwoo race and trips up and down the hallways, him sweeping up dust and you running after him with the mop. He accidently dropped the pan filled with dust and you groaned, as he quickly swept it up.

  “Just the mopping left!” you squealed, running down the hallway, dragging the mop down with you as Wonwoo grabbed one of his own, lifting it so quickly some water flicked at you. “Wonwoo!” you screamed, thrusting your broom at him and he laughed so hard he had to hold his stomach. He tightly gripped his mop and sent it off down the hallway as he grabbed the bottom half of your mop and sprinted down the hallway together. The sky was slowly darkening and you were both neatly placing everything back to the janitor’s storage room before he locked your hands together and your feet stomped the ground as you were met with the fresh air outside the school.

  Living near each other, you both ran down the familiar route before stopping as you assured Wonwoo your home was just on the left, whereas his was on the right.

  “I’ll see you tomorrow?” he breathed out, his dark eyes that twinkled from the sunset, boring into yours and you nodded with heavy breaths. You pulled out the last two of your candy jellies, placing the orange one in his palm and dropping the red one in your mouth before grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze, running to your home.

Truth or Dare

A/N: Anon, here is your “flirty Seungri fluff”!  I’m sorry it took so long; sometimes it takes me a while to think up a good plot.  I hope you like it!

You knew there were people who would give their left arm to be in your position right now, but at the moment, freezing in the snow while being shuffled back and forth by people with more important jobs than yours, you would have gladly traded places with any of them.  “Wardrobe assistant” sounded a lot more glamorous than it really was - you didn’t actually interact with celebrities that much, and spent most of your time organizing racks of clothes and taking things to and from the dry cleaners.

Today you were actually on set, but only to act as a human clothing rack of sorts, holding coats, gloves, and scarves until the celebrities in question needed them between takes.

Big Bang was filming a variety show for the first time in several years, and the only day all five of them had free was, of course, the day it decided to snow.  Only part of the show had to be filmed outside,  but it was taking longer than it should have because the cold was messing with some of the camera equipment.

Right now they were all huddled around space heaters, wearing the coats and gloves you’d handed out, waiting for the director to decide if any scenes needed to be re-shot before everyone headed inside for the rest of the day.  TOP was yelling about how cold it was, and seemed to be trying to steal Daesung’s coat to add to the one he was already wearing.  G-Dragon had pulled out his phone to take a picture, Taeyang was typing something  - they were probably both uploading pictures of the squabbling pair to Instagram - and Seungri was…

Where was Seungri?  You squinted through the swirling snowflakes, but could only see four men in the little group.

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withinmeloveresides1  asked:

I'm so nervous to ask since I sent you two messages today already but may I ask for a possible drabble? Peter scenting/marking Stiles and having to restrain him because of much arm flailing and squirming the first while he does it. The thought of "Jesus Christ Stiles -hold still damn it-." makes me laugh. Thank you very much and I hope I'm not annoying you with all these messages today >__>

Messages are always welcome, and I don’t mind drabbling so long as I have time and you don’t expect anything crazy huge:)

This is probably a little angstier than you wanted.

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One Through Thirty

A/N: For @lifeinahole27​, who lights up my life with her friendship and lets me flail about fic at 3 AM. Love you, friend! Happy (belated) Birthday!! Xx

Summary: There’s a tiara nestled snugly on Emma Swan’s head, a sash draped from one shoulder to the opposite hip that reads, “DIRTY THIRTY,” and a list of thirty things she’s supposed to do before the clock strikes midnight. (At the very top of which is one Killian Jones.)

Words: 4,523 | Rating: BF for Birthday Fic | ao3



1. Find a guy whose name starts with the letter ‘K’

Emma scrunches her nose at the tiara Mary Margaret delicately places on her head and expels a heavy sigh when Elsa drapes a bright pink sash that reads ‘DIRTY THIRTY’ in big, bold, black letters over her so it lays diagonally across her chest. Both are obnoxiously glittery and flamboyant, and she is already regretting her decision to allow her friends to take her out for her birthday.

“Is this really necessary?” she complains for the hundredth time.

“Don’t look at me, I don’t make the rules,” Mary Margaret replies.

Elsa’s encouraging smile is accompanied by a pat to her shoulder. “It’ll be fun. Besides, it’s not everyday you turn thirty.”

“Birthday Girl still grumbling?” Ruby asks as she saunters up to the table, smile wide and wolf-like.

Mary Margaret shoots her a look, the kind that says, ‘I can’t believe you talked her into this, she is going to murder you. Slowly.’ But Ruby remains unfazed, setting a gift bag on the table and handing Emma a piece of paper.

“What’s this? What am I supposed to do with this?” she frowns, unfolding the sheet and turning it right side up while Mary Margaret and Elsa continue to fuss with her birthday wear.

Ruby’s smile blooms into a grin when Emma’s gaze abruptly snaps to hers after reading it. “You, my-newly-turned-thirty dear friend, are doing a photo scavenger hunt tonight.”

Her eyes narrow as they return to the list to scan it over again, brow abruptly quirking in annoyance. “Ruby, seriously?”

“What?” she asks, the perfect face of wide-eyed innocence.

“‘#1. Find a guy whose name starts with the letter K?’”

“Yeah, and?”

She gives Ruby an exasperated huff. “‘#2. Find a guy with blue eyes?’”

“‘And a dimpled smile,’” she points out. “Don’t forget that part.”

“These are all really specific.”

“Well, you didn’t think I’d make it easy, did you? Scavenger hunts are supposed to be hard, Emma.” Her smirk is amused, eyes full of mischief. “Especially on your birthday!”

“Yeah, but are they supposed to be specific to one person?” she retorts.

“Hey,” Ruby holds her hands up in an innocent gesture. “You said it, not me. Besides, you two idiots keep making eyes at each other without actually doing anything about it, so consider this a push in the right direction.”

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Recycled Air

Happy Spideynova week! This is probably the longest any of my contributions are going to get because oops I waited until the very last minute to start writing. I decided to kick things off with an au where Spidey never joined SHIELD and kept up the vigilante thing, but also got busy in other ways oops. 

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Beauty and the Beast •Part 1• (AU Newt Scamander x Reader)

“Excuse me,” you said as you pushed your way through the crowded streets of New York. You were on your way to MACUSA headquarters to meet your friend, Tina Goldstein, for a quick lunch. A small groan of frustration escaped your lips as you made your way to the front of the building; Mary Lou Barebone and her family were there for another anti-wizard meeting. You pushed yourself through the group of listeners, your foot catching a case, sending you tumbling down.

“Watch where you’re going,” a deep voice sneered from behind you. You stood up, cheeks red from embarrassment but standing tall as you went to defend yourself.

“Maybe you should take better care of your things,” you challenged, turning around to face the man. Your eyes widened as you were met by a towering figure who adorned a large cloak, the hood pulled over his head. His face was hidden and he looked intimidating as he loomed over you.

You let out a huff when he didn’t reply before heading back up the stairs into the building.

“Y/N!” A familiar voice called out when you made it inside. Your eyes flickered to where the voice came from and you saw Tina. She walked over to you with a bright smile before pulling you into a quick hug. “I thought you weren’t gonna make it!“

“Of course I was gonna make it,” you reassured her with a laugh. You walked beside her out of building before asking the one thing that had been bothering you all morning. “Is Percival still talking about me?”

“He won’t stop saying that you’re the one he’s gonna marry,” Tina said. You both put your heads down as you passed through Mary Lou’s crowd, your heart thudding loudly in your chest. The last thing you wanted was to be outed by a no-maj.

“He knows I don’t love him!” You whined. Tina hummed in agreement, pulling you over to a hot dog stand with an excited gleam in her eyes. “There must be more than this city life, than Percival thinking he can claim me.”

“You need a man that is nothing like you,” Tina stated before ordering your hot dogs. You were handed yours after a moment and took a bite before speaking.

“I refuse to love someone,” you admitted, ketchup smeared across your lips. Tina looked at you quizzically, the mustard from her own hot dog a mess on the side of her mouth.

“What are you talking about?” She inquired through a mouthful of her food. She began to lead you back to the building across the street.

“My Papa was devastated after my Mother died,” you explained quietly. “I don’t ever want to experience that type of pain; the only way to avoid it is to never give someone that power over me.”

“You are rather odd,” Tina commented jokingly. You both ducked your heads as you walked through the crowd again. You noticed that the intimidating man from earlier was gone, and you couldn’t help but want to know where he was off to.

“I’m really sorry that lunch was so short,” Tina apologized as you reentered the building. “Picquery just really wants me to cover this case and-”

“It’s fine,” you promised her with a soft smile. “But I’m coming over for dinner with you and Queenie tomorrow.”

“That sounds perfect!” Tina said as she began to walk away. “I’ll see you soon, Y/N!”

You gave her a wave and walked away as you went over any errands you needed to run while you were out of the house. It registered in your mind that you needed to make a stop at the no-maj bank to make a payment on some parts your Papa had gotten for one of his inventions when he was still around. You loved him dearly, but you couldn’t help but become frustrated by the debt he left you in when he passed away. With a sad sigh, you made it to the bank, grabbing the envelope of money out of your coat as you walked around.

You went to turn a corner before your body slammed into another person’s. You let out a surprised yelp as you fell to the floor, your hands flailing as you tried to catch yourself.

“I-I swear I didn’t mean to, Y/N!” The person you ran into sputtered out as they pulled you off of the ground. You were met with the face of Jacob Kowalski, your favorite baker.

“Mr. Kowalski!” You greeted him with a bright smile. He gave you one in return before flushing a deep red.

“I’m really sorry for knocking you over,” he mumbled nervously.

“It’s alright,” you told him honestly. “But I think you lost something out of your pocket.”

“Not my egg!” Jacob gasped out as you pointed to a fairly large egg that lay on the ground. It wiggled slightly and appeared to be hatching. He hurriedly bent down and snatched it from the floor before looking up. He noticed the large man he had run into earlier and he was quick to act. “Hey! Mr. English Guy! I think your egg is hatching!”

You glanced over to the man Jacob had yelled out to, your mind instantly recognizing the cloaked figure as the man from the anti-wizard meeting. Before you knew it, he pulled out a crooked wand and pulled you and Jacob to him. You blinked and then you were hidden from the public on a small staircase, the man now holding the egg as it hatched in his hand.

“W-What… What was that?” Jacob questioned shakily. You were too stunned to explain that the strange man was a wizard. That the only reason you knew was because you were also a wizard.

“You’re not scared like he is,” the man pointed out as he quietly observed your reaction to the situation. Jacob was having a difficult time catching his breath whereas you remained quiet and calm.

“I’m like you,” you whispered, pulling out your own wand. The man nodded before grasping onto Jacob’s shoulder.

“He has to come with me,” the man replied. “I’m afraid he has seen too much and needs to be taken care of. Perhaps a spot with my other bests would suit him; I have been looking for a new addition to my collection.”

“I’m fine with just going home!” Jacob interjected worriedly. The last thing he wanted was to be held against his will.

“Y-You can’t!” You protested.

“And why not?” The man questioned. “I need a new addition and you Americans are strongly against muggles knowing about wizards.”

“I’ll obliviate him!”

“That does not sound good!” Jacob cried out. He loosened his tie and tried to fan himself as he became increasingly worried about the situation he was stuck in. All he wanted to do was pay off part of the loan he had for his bakery, and there he was about to become an attraction for some man’s exhibit.

“There’s no point in that,” the man argued. “That would mean I wouldn’t have a new addition for my beasts.”

“I-I’ll take his place!”

“What? Y/N, you can’t! I won’t let you!”

“What’s done is done,” the man snarled as he grabbed onto your wrist and tugged you into his side. Your eyes filled with hot tears as you thought about never seeing the outside world again. You knew you were going to be locked away somewhere distant, but you couldn’t let Jacob suffer. “Obliviate him.”

And so you did as told. The tears streamed down your face as you made Jacob forget about his new discovery. Forget about you being taken by this beastly man. You just hoped your friends would notice your disappearance and find you before it was too late.

A/N: Sorry it’s so short! The next chapter will definitely be more interesting and have more Newt x Reader interactions. Plus, you will be introduced to the Gaston and Lefou of the story! Thanks for reading!

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