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Necromancing in the Moonlight

Fandom: Frozen - Paranormal Detectives AU
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Kristanna
A/N: Hoooomygosh, I posted those headcanons and was SUPER surprised to find that folks were still interested in this. So! I pulled out a draft that I started like…months ago and forced myself to finish it up. :)

PREVIOUSLY ON THE PARANORMAL DETECTIVES AU: Petty criminals, bodyswapping, and incorrect incantations, oh my.

Kristoff doesn’t like secrets.

He can keep them just fine. For instance, since securing employment at Arens & Arens Investigations, he hasn’t told a single living (or non-living, for that matter) soul that one of his bosses is a zombie. (Well. Okay. He eventually had to tell his mother, but that doesn’t count. Or, it shouldn’t. Moms get a free pass on that sort of thing.)

But that doesn’t mean he likes secrets.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Set after the finale. Snow and Charming notice that Emma starting to touch Killian often and they have reason to suspect that they are together. And maybe they see them kissing?

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