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The video

With permission from Andy @softhie​, I’m posting the video of the convo between her and the person who falsely accused me of grooming her on an anonymous blog on friday 11/17/2017. Since this person named me as the co-writer of fic with her and it’s no secret as to who I’ve co-written with in the past, I will name her blogs here:


For context, as soon as the accusation of grooming was out, Andy came forward with screenshots of the conversation because she knew first hand this person was lying.

This conversation happened on june 7th 2017. (see the date at the top of the convo). In the video, this person admits I had no knowledge about her age from day one until the day we parted ways in january.

The conversation happened 4 months after our falling out because I made this post (the day I found out she was 17).  

I’m posting the video because Andy has been accused of faking these screenshots. my accusor, herself denied that the screenshots are real and reblogged an ask disputing the veracity of the convo and saying it happened in 2014 before tumblr messaging, implying Andy was lying. 

(yes she’s talking about herself in the third person and goes by harper now since her accusatory post was “anonymous”), she has now deleted all these blogs.

 I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Since she’s been caught in a lie, AGAIN. That begs the question, if she lied about the convo being real, if she lied about her age, what else has she been lying about?

I hope everyone of her supporters sees this. I hope everyone who still tags me in their hate sees this. I hope that every person who reblogged that horrible post sees this. Most of all I hope that person realizes how damaging her actions have been.

Since I’m a better person than she is, I won’t name her current blog, because I firmly believe she doesn’t need hate, she needs therapy.

hello my lovely people, so we have been a little bit in active on here when it comes to events and such and by we I mean me cause I’m trash lol but now I’m determined to get this network back on track! So we’re back with a brand new event and I will do my best to keep them coming weekly for all you wonderful folks.
This weeks event is Gryffindor Girls!!
Event info:

- runs from the 20th to the 27th of November
- this is open to everyone not just net members
- to take part just reblog this post and follow the blog, then you can create any original content you like based around the theme, this can be edits, gifs, fics, anything you like!
- when posting be sure to caption it:
@hogwartsgirlgang event: (event name)
and use the tag #hogwartsgirlgang so that we can see it

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful stuff that you guys create!
Caitlin xx


Hello! Today I’m finally launching the WeeklyPolAndKak 100 follower special! That number is a bit higher by now, but I really want to thank everyone who’s followed and sent in asks and interacted with my guys here!

For the event, Jotaro will be joining Polnareff and Kakyoin in interactions and answering questions and such for a while! Feel free to interact with him alone as well. He’s a bit less grumpy than usual. ;)



WE HAVE REACHED A MILESTONE!!!! Thanks so much everyone for following us! I’ve been meaning to give you guys an update of where I am and what I’m doing right now so I thought I’d do it here as well as give myself and you guys a bit of fun in celebration of our follower count.

As of last week, I have finished my first year of university which gives me a few months of free time to write (though I still have my job haha). This means that I can go on with the requests we have as well as the ones I am currently working on which are as follows:

1. Fake dating with Sherlock
2. Sherlock being married with a male!reader
3. Muslim!reader and Sherlock
4. Marvel crossover au
5. shot!reader having to stop Sherlock and John from destroying themselves

In addition to these, I have a self-indulgent Aussie!reader multi part fic that I am planning to begin releasing around Christmas or a bit earlier as well as another multi part fic about John’s sister!reader and Sherlock which may actually tie in with the shot!reader fic. Who knows where it’ll go haha.

And finally, in celebration of our follower milestone, I am going to answer all and any requests about your headcanons, prompts, ideas etc for the next however many days, prolly about 5-7 days. Sorta like the Big Bang Theory/Sherlock crossover ask we had a while back. Send in your asks about Sherlock AUs, crossovers and whatever else you might like us to give our thoughts on and myself and any of our writers if they feel up to the challenge as well, will answer them with our own headcanons, drabbles and thoughts. 

Once again, thanks so much for following us guys!!!! It means so much to us!! Thanks lovelies!

- Maddy

VSFS 2017

Hi, everyone.

I’m sure most of you know that the VSFS 2017 is happening tomorrow - or today, if you’re following Shanghai’s time zone, it’s around 8:30 am there now.

The backstage pictures will start coming in a few hours, but I’ll probably be asleep by then, since here where I live is 10:30 pm already. I’ll update the blog with those pictures as soon as I wake up. I’ll also post/reblog the HQ pictures of the show as soon as I spot them.

The number of posts tomorrow and for the next few days is going to increase a lot. I’ll tag every post with “VSFS 2017” in case someone doesn’t wish to deal with the pictures spam.

I’m so excited for the show this year!! I hope you guys are too!!

See you tomorrow ;)

“Guilt Tripping”

I was gonna keep my mouth shut on this but nope. By now, I hope everyone read both accounts of what happened, and if not I suggest you do. That being said, I am so fucking disappointed in this fandom. It’s clear that the accuser lied, and I see y’all trying to backtrack on the disgusting posts you made. 

You all believed an anonymous account (which had no point being anonymous because everyone fucking knew who she was) and then proceeded to go on a witch hunt on the blogs. Those were serious allegations, and if true they had to be dealt with seriously. Not on tumblr, with the POLICE. We have no business dealing with something that emotionally charged, because, as usual, we can’t do shit. Don’t even get me started on how you all believed with 100% certainty an account that had so many plot holes to begin with.

Now with the disgusting posts I had to read. Like I said, these were serious allegations. What this fandom seemed to forget is that you could be mutuals with people who are actual CSA survivors. I am one of them. The fact that I had to read posts that were reblogged on my dash MULTIPLE TIMES such as “if you don’t believe the victim you’re just as bad as the pedo”. YOU HAD ACTUAL ABUSE VICTIMS READ THAT SHIT. Those who wanted to take a pause and actually see how true the allegations were were told THIS. I had to pull out my abuse card so people wouldn’t be mad I wasn’t reblogging that shit. So yeah, I have every fucking right to be mad at this fandom. And just saying, based on who I reached out to, a lot of the people who wanted to get more info before believing the story were abuse victims themselves. Think about that. 

Reblog and tag:

the person you had the time of your life with today.. cause today was a special day where it was just you and them and it really meant something to you.

I’ll go first.. @thetragicescape

Now it’s your turn everyone. Let them know that you are thinking about them in a special way that’s just for them. If you can’t tag them, write their initials and just know that even though they don’t see it, the world does, and that’s kinda sweet even though you don’t get credit.


I was told by several friends and tumblr users that my Fisher the Voidfish cosplay from The Adventure Zone was being shared uncredited via pintrest and tumblr, so I hurried to put out my big compilation post faster than I usually do. I would very much appreciate it if everyone could reblog this version of the post, instead of any other post floating around that doesn’t correctly credit the costume back to me!! As an artist and a fan, it was incredibly hurtful that this happened. Although the original reposter has apologized profusely for this and properly credited me afterwards, it’s incredibly difficult to undo the damage that results from the reposting of any uncredited image in a large fandom. 

All photos in this post are taken by either myself, scribblesafterdark, or by cowbuttcrunchies!! My darling Magnus is the other half of cowbuttcrunchies. I would also like to take this time to shoutout to my friend automb, who provided endless support with this costume and helped me with cutting and trimming all the tentacles on Fisher’s dress. They also made Junior for me under my guidance, while I was going nutso over the rest of the costume. 

Thank you again to everyone who commented and tagged me on the other post, and I hope that everyone reblogs this version instead!!! As usual, more information about my work process will be under the cut, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, read on! 💙 

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A Note on Reblogging (Your Own Fic/Art/Stuff/Etc.)

Look, here’s the deal with tumblr: it moves fast. A lot of people follow enough blogs that scrolling through one’s entire dash is impossible. I remember the days when I could wake up in the morning and scroll back to the last post I saw before bed. Sweet, summer child.

Here’s the other deal with tumblr: I see so much anxiety about reblogging one’s own stuff, be it art; analysis; fanfiction; hell, personal posts and replies. I have (and continue to feel deeply) that anxiety. Every time, my inner critic and I go through the same song and dance.

Critic: You look like you’re begging for notes/replies/reblogs. People will think you’re needy/full of yourself/have to be the center of attention. You already have a few notes, why do you need more? Other people have it worst than you. Ugh, you’re just clogging the dashes of your followers. If they wanted to read it, they’d have read it already.

Me: *ball of anxiety* You’re right. Wait, no you’re not. Wait, maybe you are. Wait, no—

I’d say it’s 50/50, even now, that I’ll reblog myself. 

And you know what? Fuck that. 

  • Not everyone can get through their dash in a sitting.
  • Timezones are a thing.
  • Work hours are a thing, also affected by timezones.
  • Life away from tumblr is a thing (what??? I know).

There are so many reasons a person might not see your fic/art/stuff the first time. Reblog it the next day. Reblog it a week from now. Hell, set up a schedule or a queue and have it reblog itself three months from now. Go back through old fics and reblog the ones you really liked; I guarantee you have followers who are new enough to have never seen it or who would like to reread it.

Be proud of the work you do.

Oh yeah, I felt that resistance from here.

Say it again. Out loud. Write it on a post-it note and stick it where you’ll see it.

Be proud of the work you do.

You wrote/made it for a reason. And yeah, part of that reason was probably to share it with other fans. Otherwise, why post at all? I know. Man, I get it. I’m cringing even writing that. The fucked-up “don’t show off” mentality runs deep, right?

Fuck that, too.

If you have followers who unfollow you because you’re reposting your stuff (and this is hard to prove, remember; maybe they quit tumblr, maybe their interests diverged from yours, whatever), who cares? Let them go. For everyone who leaves you, many will stay. And many will be happy to see that thing they missed because of work, life, sleeping. Especially if you follow a few points of tumblr/dash etiquette:

  • Use cuts/read mores for anything longer than a few hundred words (I tend to cut at about 400-500 words, though if something’s under about 700 I might leave it).
  • Reblog at reasonable intervals (day/evening, next day reblog, etc. Hourly might be a bit much ;D).
  • Use tags so people can filter appropriately.

Be proud of the work you do.

(Write it down. Yes, you. <3)

To those in the path of Irma

Hotlines (please message me to correct any errors)

  • Disaster Distress Hotline : 1-800-985-5996
  • Florida Emergency Information Hotline: 1-800-343-3557
  • Florida Transportation Hotline (for those who are unable to evacuate during mandatory evacuation) : 1-800-955-5504

•Packing for evacuation

  • roll up your clothes when you pack, this makes the clothes compact and allows you to be able to pack more things into your bag
  • be sure to prepare emergency supplies and basic necessities – water, food (preferably dry canned/ready-to-eat foods like nuts or biscuits), first aid kid, torches with supply of batteries. And for the ladies, bring about 1-2 packs of pads/tampons to last you. You never know when the supplies will run out
  • have with you a battery-opperated radio to keep you informed on the situation


  • evacuate immediately when authorities tell you to do so
  • i’m not really sure if this is needed but Morse Code wld be very useful, especially SOS

•if there is any other things to be added on, please do message me


the swift life, reputation secret sessions in london, better than red, speak now of pop, taylor swearing and drinking wine, song that’ll make everyone cry, scott swift’s favourite song, taylor reblogging posts about reputation, taylor apparently lurking fans for over a year (some not even getting many likes and still invited to the session), all in the span of one fucking day I-


today the sun calls me ☀️


“Really? The first occultation in a thousand years?”

You know what? I wish you could all see me now.
I wish you could see how much better I am.
I wish you could see how much you weighed me down.
My life is improving, and something tells me you’re stuck in the same spot you kept yourselves in.

While you hide away and retreat into the corners of the internet, I’m finally succeeding at life and I’m finally moving on!
So fuck you for the way you treated me. Fuck you for making me the villain.

I’m the hero of my story, and I’m gonna make it a good one.