now everyone thinks i'm crazy

how does one not get stressed

Last minute costume idea: Dress completely in black, mess up your hair a little and whenever someone asks what you’re ‘supposed to be’, say ‘A modern Hamlet’ and then proceed by turning around and talking to the invisible ghost of your dead father for the rest of the night.

Headcanon that Sam actually plays the cello and that’s why she has such excellent upper body strength and listens to Bach’s cello suite no. 1 while taking a friggin 3 hour bath (Because her muscles are really sore from practicing).

I need to go to bed

I’ll tell you about my character/headmate/whatever collective tomorrow

They’ve just been there so long and took on lives of their own without me noticing and I don’t know what to call them anymore

Plague’s his own thing he was almost-literally vomited into my internal world with for no reason we can think of