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What Was Left Behind

April 17th

School was cancelled today! Dunno what for, mom woke me up just to tell me not to bother getting up. Thanks, mom (not!). I’m pretty glad since school’s so far away I usually have to be up and ready to go when it’s still dark.  Price you pay for some fancy private school. Gonna spend the day playing Mario Kart. Mom said she was meeting dad. I wasn’t really listening but it’s weird, I’m sure dad had work today. Maybe they’re meeting for lunch or something? Sucks that she didn’t invite me then. Leftover mac'n'cheese it is then.


April 18th

School’s still closed. Guessing there’s probably some major repairs or something, never heard anything about a strike. Pretty weird. Though it could be the boiler. It’s always the boiler with stuff like this.

Hang on, can hear hammering downstairs.

Um… Dad’s boarding up all the windows? Didn’t ask him why, he didn’t seem to be in a good mood. There’s a crapton of shopping bags in the kitchen too, been there since yesterday. Dunno why Mom hasn’t unpacked them yet. Guess a bad storm’s coming.

Must be why school’s closed.

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The wind was softly blowing through your hair as you set outside and listened to the noises surrounding you. It would have been a beautiful day if you didn’t feel so god damn awful.

“What’s wrong with you?” Paul jumps up behind you, throwing his feet over the little wooden bench to sit beside you. He nudges you in the side with a worried expression plastered over his face.

“Nothing.” You mumble as you keep staring out into the distance.

“You look sad.”

You sigh, turning your head to the side to look at him, “He left me.”

“But you’re…”

“Pregnant? Yes believe me I’ve noticed.”

You didn’t know why but somehow Paul became fiercely protective of you. Maybe he always was and you just hadn’t noticed, being to wrapped up in your own head with your own problems. You had problems now too, like everyone else does but Paul still took care of you. You weren’t his concern but he made you his top priority even though you had no clue what you did to deserve that.

“Paul?” You ask him one day as the two of you sit together for breakfast, the others already gone.


“Why are you so nice to me all the time?”

He clears his throat and scratches his head, looking a bit awkward while you stare at him, “I like you, always have.”

“Oh…” You furrow your brows and think back but somehow you couldn’t remember Paul ever trying to get close to you, “Really?”

“Yes, though I’m probably not the best when it comes to getting my feelings across since you never noticed.”

“Well you’re not that bad at it.” You say with a smile that lights up his face for a moment as he looks at you.

“Hey…” He starts while playing around nervously with his glass, “Do you think I could take care of the baby once in a while when it’s here…if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind.” You get up and walk over to him, hugging him as tight as you can before you let go.

Not A Date

A/N fake dating au for jilyvalentinesweek

James and Lily go on a “fake” date.

“Letme get this straight… you finallyagreed to go on a date with James because it’s ‘fake.’”

“Yes, Marlene.”

“You’re bonkers.” Lily chucked her hairbrush across the room at her.

“You have terrible aim,” Mary observed as the brush hit the wall, a foot away from Lily’s target. Lily grumbled and turned back to the mirror to finish getting ready for the fake date. James had asked her for a favor and if it meant going on a fake date with him, she was happy to oblige. Of course, James’s reason as to why he needed a fake date tonight seemed a little strange to her but she wasn’t going to question it. She was doing something nice for a friend, dammit.

“You do realize that it’s Valentine’s Day,” Marlene said. “There’s no way this is a fake date.”

“James asked me to be his fake date for the night and I’m going to help him out Marlene,” Lily sighed. She grabbed her purse and headed toward the door of their flat.

“We won’t wait up!” Mary shouted. Lily rolled her eyes. This was not a date.

“This is totally a date!” Remus shouted as he skipped around the room.

“Remus you look ridiculous,” Sirius said.

“I don’t care Sirius! Do you know what this means!? They’re finally going on a date!”

“It’s not a date,” James grumbled as he adjusted his tie.

“Oh yeah? How so?”

“Mum is expecting me to bring a date to the annual Valentine’s party she throws and I couldn’t find someone so I convinced Evans to be my fake date…”

“Why didn’t you just ask her to be your real date?” Sirius asked.

That was a question James was even asking himself. He had planned on asking her for real from the start, but as soon as he saw her he lost his nerve and made up some story about his mom “expecting” him to bring someone. Why hadn’t he just asked her out right? Was it was because he was afraid she’d say no? Or was it because he was afraid of what it’d mean if she actually, finally, said yes?

“She would’ve said no,” he said quietly.

“That’s bullshit,” Peter said; Remus and Sirius nodded in agreement.

“Well, I didn’t want it to be a real date anyway.”

“Also bullshit,” said Sirius.

“Just shut up,” James said. He grabbed his things and stormed out the door. This was not a date.

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Summary: Ronan marvels at waking up next to Adam.

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Written for Pynch Week 2016 :
Day 2: Sun kissed skin // Prom night // Morning after

When Ronan opened his eyes, his first thought was of light. His body felt soft and deliciously languid, the tiredness there a content sort he wouldn’t mind experiencing over and over again. He blinked once, twice, and then turned his head to stare at the boy sleeping next to him. In the half-light sneaking through the window, Adam’s freckled shoulder and part of his back were illuminated while the rest of him was thrown in delicate shadows. His hair caught some of the light and morphed into a crown, his face soft with sleep and a contentedness that wouldn’t have found its way to Adam Parrish’s face even less than a year ago.

Ronan stared at Adam, as he often did, and thought of miracles of nature, of art and old Gods. 

Adam’s hand was curled around Ronan’s left bicep, his arm stretched across Ronan’s chest, and his head tucked against Ronan’s shoulder. The warm weight of Adam’s body pressing Ronan down made his heart ache with pleasure. They were both naked under the sheets and the fact only served to remind Ronan of the night before; of bodies moving together, the heat of sweat slick skin, and the sound of names whispered out like prayers.

Adam had been sleeping in Ronan’s bed for a month now, but things never progressed further than sleep and a few make-out sessions. Sometimes they’d have hushed conversations in the middle of the night, other times there would be searching lips and roaming hands that never went too far, and on nights where neither of them could fall asleep they’d exchange secrets like kids trading cards on the playground.

Ronan cherished every moment Adam chose to spend with him, every word and thought that Adam shared or analyzed while Ronan listened. They were both creatures of actions, and words –especially for Ronan- were sometimes hard to come by, but they were both learning the good and unlearning the bad together. Ronan took none of it for granted. 

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I’m 11 and you’re 12 when I first set eyes on you. I’ve never heard you speak but you’re beautiful and you have kind eyes.
My heartbeat is racing when we’re introduced and I fake confidence while you do the same.

I’m 12 and that false confidence is fading fast and you know me better than everyone. You’re louder than you were before and I find out you’re funny.
I meet your family.

You’re 14 and I learn what depression is.
I begin to know its form as it appears behind your smile and scrawls its name across your wrists.
I’m holding you when you tell me and you hand me the blade with shaking hands.
You ask me to save you from yourself.

I’m 14 and so confused it hurts.
Because you’re kind and funny and I’ve always known this,
But now everyone else does too.

You’re 15 and it’s been date after date and leaving me behind. More and more we drift but I’m clinging to this. Because whatever we are together is what I want forever.

I’m 15 and we slow dance in my kitchen.
Laughter fills the empty house.
Spinning in slow and clumsy circles,
We’re happy.
Scars have faded slowly and though the feeling has not gone it will fade too.

You’re 16 and I’m 15 and I’ve never felt like this before.
I’m falling in love,
And so are you.
Just not with me.

I’m 17 and graduation is so scary. This fall I will head one way while your path fades off into the other direction.
I don’t remember who I am before you,
And I’m not sure I want to find out.

You’re 18 and you tell me you’ll never stop missing me.

-K.M. “A Short History of Us”

You’re Such a Child

Description: Phil is new in the building and has moved right next to Dan. One night, Phil knocks on Dan’s door and asks to his washer, as his had not come in yet and he was too lazy to go to the laundromat. Dan ends up finding out that Phil may not be prepared to live by himself yet. 

Word count: 2.6k

Warnings: strong language/alcohol mentions


Dan was lounging on his sofa, scrolling through countless TV channels. Everything was boring. From people who keep anything and everything that ever enters their house in a drawer, to people fighting over the last Versace purse. Nothing seemed appealing to him. Dan wished that something interesting would happen in his life for a change. Just as the thought came to mind, he heard a knock on his door.

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Is... this really a punishment for us?

I mean, I’m pretty used to living with my own crap but like, now everyone else does too and I’m pretty sure most people haven’t have week long Halo achievement marathons in the Summer with their best buds. Also, is it just me or has it been feeling a whole lot like Summer in here?