now even if i fail this class at least i've joined the group

i love thinking about a modern-ish college au for Dragon Age like ugh

  • Varric’s Tale of the Champion is essentially friend-fiction that he self-published to share amongst his friend group, except now it’s gained a widespread popularity amongst the student body. Everyone either loves it, hates it, or wants to be in the next installment.

  • Anders takes Pounce with him to all his classes, typically inside of his hoodies or on his lap during lectures. His roomie, Justice, makes sure to tote around a copy of the doctors note that basically states Pounce is a legitimate service animal for Anders.

  • Isabela and Zevran are thick as thieves, literally. They like to see just how much shit on campus they can steal or what locks they can pick without getting caught. Also always the organizers of Friday’s trivia night/pub crawls

  • Sera pranks people indiscriminately though the worst ones are enacted against those ponces who brag about how their parents pay for everything and are way too high and mighty in their ‘rich tit’ status. No one is even sure what classes she’s enrolled in. Also the Friends of Red Jenny is definitely a thing and you can’t even join them, yet you distantly know at least 3 people you suspect of being part of the group

  • Elves are adverse to wearing shoes around campus, but they say it’s a religious thing so the faculty aren’t keen to force them to do anything. Basically Merrill, Velanna, and Solas just walk around barefoot for the hell of it

  • Speaking of Solas, everyone is positive he’s narcoleptic. He’s more often strewn across some couch in the library or commons than he is in his own dorm, at every hour imaginable. He says something about lucid dreaming or astral projecting and how it’s more enjoyable in ~new locations~

  • Dorian? Always in the library. Always. And he makes a mess of it too, loathing the system and also the outdated research material. If he wasn’t so attached to his own copies of books, he’s stock the place himself. Definitely the type that would mourn the loss of the Library of Alexandria in this day and age

  • Wynne is the guidance counselor that everyone adores, the surrogate mother that takes good care of everyone who visits. She never fails to check in on her regulars and make sure they’re stable and getting enough sleep/food.

  • Iron Bull is definitely that guy that makes a show of taking an entire handful of condoms from the student lounges when it’s at its busiest. Still lost his eye from defending Krem against gross frat dudes who meant to make an example of him

  • No one is sure if Cole is even enrolled at the school, despite the fact that he’s always there?? And he has this uncanny ability to show up at all the right times. You’re hungover? Somehow he’s got water for you and some aspirin. You’re failing you’re classes? He knows exactly what to say to help motivate you and get you back on track. And then he’s gone.

  • Sebastian is like the president of the abstinence club and also extremely religious, therefore always at odds with Morrigan, who is an outspoken atheist. Everyone’s a little scared of Morrigan anyway, thinking she’s going to hex them or obliterate them with her sarcasm and wit.

  • Alistair bringing his new mabari puppy to school, precious little Barkspawn, because he can’t keep it at home and everyone takes it upon themselves to protect Barkspawn from getting taken away by the RAs. He becomes so lovable and popular when he grows up that he’s some kind of honourary school mascot and basically belongs to everyone

  • Josephine being the student body president with Leliana, always organizing things and Leliana knowing everything about everyone. Basically they’re flawless and the school loves them (and maybe is a little afraid)

  • Blackwall insisting he’s part of the Grey Wardens fraternity, except he never went through the initiation for whatever reason (he won’t talk about it), so he’s not truly a member, but everyone thinks he is. Hell, even the Grey Wardens think he is?? so he’s always lying out his ass about the house traditions that he totally ‘gets’

  • Aveline is part of the campus police, naturally, and damn she cracks down hard sometimes. And yet it’s amazing what people like Hawke and Varric and the rest of that crew can get away with