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The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

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Genre : Fluff, romance,comedy,implicit language,sexual innuendos
Pairing:Jungkook x reader
Length: 29K words
Summary : This is a series based on all of your first times with jungkook, from your childhood till adulthood



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2 days ago, Lusty&Nancy Bar, L.A, 00:42 AM

The scent of alcohol and smoke was heavy as Jungkook was drinking his last shot of martini before collapsing on her lap. She chuckled as she ran her soft fingers through his raven hair. Those majestic looking lips, that gorgeous nose and long lashes, could drive any girl insane at his sight, but only one girl could drive the latter over the edge. He untied his tie as he dropped it on the cold ground before making himself at home, sleeping on her lap. Jungkook was never completely drunk, but had this tendency to collapse at random moments and wake up randomly just to take off his clothes. He sniffled a few times before grabbing onto the soft hand that was caressing his ears.

“I missed you….” he murmured half coherently “…Y/N”

The girl’s face fell into a scowl as she heard your name coming out of his beautiful lips, one more time. Every time, it would be the same story. He would hit her up, they would talk for a few hours and he would end up drunk, sleeping on her lap. Who was she? His business partner Park Sooyoung. Tall, brunette, pretty and a bright future ahead of her. She made heads turn by her presence only. Being a year older than Jungkook, she often talked informally to him even if he was her superior. She never had any feelings towards the boy, but she couldn’t help but feel irritated every time he mentioned your unknown name before casually sleeping on her lap.

“Y/N… I really wonder who she is, for turning him into a mess” she sighed

“Sooyoung-ssi” Jungkook’s eyes suddenly sprung open “Do you think she still remembers me?” he unbuttons the first buttons of his dress shirt “Sometimes, I keep on wondering… if she actually cares about me?”

“Jungkook, I would like to give you an answer but—“

“It’s Mr. Jeon for you” he pointed at her before erupting in a fit of giggles “We’re still workmates remember?”

“Right… only workmates” she clenched her fist

“Mr. Jeon sounds like a sexier title as well. Right? How about Director Jeon?” he ran a hand through his hair before crouching his shoulders “That’s supposed to be my future title…” he grabbed her hand in his “Do you think I can do this?”

“I think the question should be: Do you want to do this?” she replied in a heartbroken tone

“You are right…” he laid his head back on her lap “What do I even want?” he laid the back of his hand on his forehead “I just want to go back home” he felt a tear slipping from his eyes

“Should I bring you back home?” Sooyoung smiled at him

The word home had a different meaning in Sooyoung’s suggestive context


Today, Dorms at Seoul University, 12:32 PM

You were sipping on your lemon tea as it was the start of a new semester in your area. You and your friends were about to have a blast for the last remaining weeks of summer before tackling another stressful term. It might’ve been your second year at Seoul University, but you never felt more than welcomed whenever stopping by campus. You’d usually go back home during the summers and get back to the dorms during the school year, but this year it was quite different, as you had to get back to the dorm earlier. Something about a change of roommates was occurring in your department. The dean’s daughter made a fuss about wanting to change rooms so they had to rearrange the rooms. Knowing that you were the only scholarship student in the residence building, they chose to make you move out to make more space for the new tenant.

“That little brat, I swear to god, she’s so spoiled and idiot” Jimin groaned as he watched you pack your belongings

“Don’t say that, Jimin” you nudged his arm “I mean, she does have a right to do this. She’s still the dean’s, one and only daughter.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that her IQ is lower than Hoseok’s grades. I despise people of her type the most”

“Why do you hate on her so much?”

“Because she ruined your summer! You had to get on a 3 hours train ride to pick up your stuff Y/N. Why can’t you realize that she’s an annoying brat? She purposely made you move your ass from your vacation break to come in town.”

“She probably didn’t mean it that way! I actually decided to drop by in advance, so stop it” you patted his arm

“Still doesn’t change the fact that you need to leave your room” Jimin rubbed his temples “Damn you, stupid Park Chaeyoung”

“I always thought she had something for you though…” you raised a brow at him “Like a tiny crush?” you winked

“W-What?! Whoah, that’s the best joke I’ve heard in a century” Jimin flushed a slight tint of red “Girls like her are what I want to avoid the most.” He scoffed “In the last two years I’ve lived on campus, I never saw a girl as whiny and as spoiled as her. Do you realize that her majesty has a personal slave that holds her goddamn haute couture Gucci bag? Even Taehyung who owns the whole Gucci collection doesn’t do that kind of shit”

“But still, she asked nicely” you replied “It’s her last year before leaving for Ireland. That’s the least I can do to help her, as a student”

“That’s the problem with you Y/N” Jimin pointed at you “You’re way too f*cking nice to be real.”

“Come on, it’s just a room” you rolled your eyes

“You’re moving to the science department dorms! Do you realize how creepy most of these guys are?”

“I always thought they were brilliant though “you grabbed your clothes “Namjoon Sunbae is such a cutie. He was the best T.A I ever had in my years here”

“Namjoon is an exception, I’m talking about the weird guys who are in the engineering department. They always become weird as f*ck around finals.” Jimin sighed “They apparently become crazy because of their work load. Take Yuta for example! He didn’t even last a semester in there! He gave up halfway and changed programs” He sighed “These poor beings.”

“Oh, are you talking about those weird rumors of them being perverts? The boys who are taking engineering at Seoul U, are cute though, well that’s what I always thought” you commented “They’re not crazy”

“Okay yes, they seem all normal, but that’s because you’re a girl. They won’t show you their real nature” Jimin pressed his back on the wall

“What about you? Mr. Psychology. Stop digging too far inside my brain with your manipulative talks” you stared at him

“What are you talking about?”

“Why are you so concerned about me, talking to the boys in engineering?” you raised a suspicious brow “Is it Jungkook who told you to look out for me, again?”

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our little family pt.3 | park jimin

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Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever.

Parts: 1 2 3

Reader’s POV


Looking up from your phone, your lips tilted up into a warm smile as you saw a familiar face enter the room, as she slightly skipped, swinging her lunchbox in one hand.

“Jieun-ah!!” you cheered as you made your way to her, pinching her cheeks softly as you cooed, “How’s my little girl been?”

Giving you a big smile, one that reached all the way up to her round eyes, she gave you a thumbs up and grinned, “I’m great! Daddy and I even got another dog for Charlie so that he wouldn’t be alone anymore.”

Laughing slightly, you remarked, “Well isn’t that sweet of you to do!! By the way, where’s your Daddy, did he not drop you off–?”

“Her Daddy is right here.” a voice said teasingly as you looked up, scoffing a little as Jimin winked at you playfully. Your eyes quickly wandered to the cut on his lip, which to your surprise had seemed to be healing, making you sigh in relief.

Getting up, you patted Jieun’s back and motioned her to go and put away her stuff in her cubby before walking up to Jimin. Motioning to his face, you said softly, “You’re looking better. How did you manage to explain this to Jieun?”

Jimin chuckled as his eyes fell on his little girl who was humming along to a random tune as she walked around the classroom, mindlessly.

“I told her that when she was asleep, her dad went on a mission to save a princess from an evil man, and then got hurt in the fight.” he said as his eyes flickered back to you, making you flush lightly at his words that made your heart flutter.

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How do you feel about the headcannon that eventually Winry takes on a few apprentices and kind of takes them under her wing to teach them to help people or opens something like a engineering school so students can learn how to build automail?


And she lets her students tinker endlessly with Ed’s leg because “What? Not like I’m going to let them practice on my actual customers’ legs! Do you know how much of a risk that would be to the Rockbell reputation?!”

Meanwhile her students go home in an absolute daze. Like one 16 year old girl with an interest in automail engineering walks in the door and her mom looks over from the couch just “Hey Lily, how was your session with your teacher?”

And Lily pauses. And nods. Pauses again. “Good. She let me practice securing the shin plate on her husband’s leg.”

Mom, reading the tension, gets worried. “…And, how’d that go?”

“Oh. Wonderful. Good. I did it. His name is Edward.”

Mom thinks about this, lets out a little laugh. “Hang on, isn’t your teacher Mrs. Elric?”


“So his name’s Edward Elric! What a funny coincidence. I wonder if he ever gets mistaken for the Fullmetal Alchemist. Not a very common name so I’m guessing.”

“Oh. No. No mistake. It’s Edward Elric. Ms. Winry is married to Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. That’s his leg. That gave him his name. It’s metal. I screwed a shin plate onto the leg of the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric while he and Ms. Winry talked about making garlic bread.” Lily looks down at her hands, which are shaking now. “Mom I met the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric and I could hAVE DESTROYED HIS LEG OH MY GOD OH PLEASE TELL ME I DID IT RIGHT.”

(In response to this, Winry still uses Ed as her teaching dummy, but just tries her damnedest to not name drop around the students. Ed hates it, because seeing the dawning realization on the faces of “I learned about you in history class you literally saved my life when I was a little kid” teens is the most fun thing about his teaching dummy job.)

The cheeky little list

Summary: When you try to liven it up in the bedroom, things get a little out of hand.
Characters: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, so many sexy innuendos and all kinds of implied situations.

A/N: The internet could use a giggle today, so here’s my submission for @bookybuns fic fest. Thanks again for letting me join! The prompt for this one was ‘Accidental Prostitution’, and hands down this is the silliest thing I have ever written, so, anyway. Also, poor Steve…


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Lingering Effects: Arrow 6x01 Review (Fallout)

Hello friends!!! Missed you guys! Man it has been a long writing break for me. I hope I remember how to do this!

Another hellatus survived! Another season premiere! Six seasons - wow. We’ve put in a chunk of time with this show. What I admire about Arrow is they really pay attention to what worked and what didn’t in the previous season and try incorporate those lessons into the next. Arrow has five years of lessons informing their sixth season premiere and the episode reflected it.  

There is a seamless fluidity and confidence to “Fallout.” Arrow knows what it does best and what it doesn’t. The captain of the Arrowverse, the original DC TV show, “the veteran” is owning their experience. The cast feels incredibly well integrated, it’s fast paced, funny and emotional. Most importantly it answers the long awaited “cliffhanger” while still leaving some unanswered questions and launching new mysteries.

The term “Fallout” is an interesting choice for the episode title. It stuck with me as I watched because of the open endedness to the term. The definition of fallout is:

1 a :the often radioactive particles stirred up by or resulting from a nuclear explosion and descending through the atmosphere; also :other polluting particles (such as volcanic ash) descending likewise

b :descent (as of fallout) through the atmosphere

2 :a secondary and often lingering effect, result, or set of consequences

There is no conclusion or end to what happened on Lian Yu and what Adrian Chase did.  The characters are still falling through the consequences. Some are grappling more than others with the, but the lingering effects are shifting them all in new directions. For some, these new directions are wonderful. For others, it is like a radioactive particle slowly descending all around them… like a cancer taking hold.

Let’s dig in…

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Hi, know of any good bed-sharing fics?? :-)

Thanks to you anon, it has come to my attention that we don’t have a bed sharing tag! Remedying that now. - Anastasia

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Bed Sharing by DarkAliceLilith

(1/1 I 746 I Explicit I Aiden/Jackson)

Thanks to Danny and Ethan, Jackson and Aiden are forced to share a bed.

We Have Potential by dragon_temeraire

(1/1 I 2,196 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek has finally been invited to the annual North American Werewolf Convention. The only problem? They’re expecting him to bring a significant other. He doesn’t actually have one, but everyone volunteers Stiles for the job.

It Was All An Accident by entanglednow

(1/1 I 3,680 I Mature I Sterek)

He’s sure that some complicated law of physics is in danger of being broken here. Something about two things being incapable of occupying the same space at the same time.

the sloth to my tree by decideophobia

(1/1 I 4,661 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek doesn’t admit that everything about Stiles doesn’t just makes him weak in the knees, but melts all of his bones, and makes his heart lurch, and his head spin; doesn’t admit that Stiles makes him feel a lot of things he was sure he’d not feel again for a long, long time.

Scent Marking For Dummies by Hatteress (goddammitstacey)

(1/1 I 8,824 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles is almost used to being chased around the school by werewolves at this point. Having to share a bed with Derek freaking Hale, on the other hand, is just needlessly complicating his life.

Find Me Sitting Fireside by kaistrex (weishen)

(1/1 I 13,282 I Teen I Sterek)

With the news that an Alpha wants Beacon Hills for their own, Derek and Stiles are forced to attend a couples retreat at a ski resort to learn their enemy’s identity. However, the threat is the least of Derek’s problems when he’s expected to fake a relationship, share a bed and suffer through candlelit dinners with the man he’s secretly been in love with for the past four years.

Wolves In The House (Won’t Let Me Out) by otter

(2/2 I 14,542 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles gets eaten by a mind-controlling lake, Derek is fluffier than usual, and everything turns out pornier than expected.

You look like my next mistake by Vendelin

(1/1 I 15,194 I Teen I Sterek)

“So, are you dating someone new? Someone who doesn’t mind that you’re frigid?” Kate cocks her head to the side, smiling as though she just asked him about where he bought his shoes.

His entire body sighs in defeat as his shoulders grow square. Just as he opens his mouth, someone comes up to stand beside him, snaking an arm around his shoulders. When he glances to his side, expecting to see Isaac, his brain seems to malfunction. Because it isn’t Isaac. It’s Stiles Stilinski, the lacrosse talent of the year, a senior who Derek has seen multiple times from far away, but never ever talked to.

In which Derek is a nerd jock, and Stiles is a frat guy, and Derek falls for him even though he knows he shouldn’t.

Mail Order Stiles by Green

(1/1 I 17,489 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”

“You don’t even wear a hat.“

“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”

(Stiles doesn’t eat a hat, but that’s just because he’s too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband’s ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)

Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found) by alocalband

(1/1 I 25,025 I Explicit I Sterek)

A year after the nogitsune is defeated, Derek is living a quiet life in the mountains above a small town in Colorado.

Then Stiles shows up.

Dude, There’s A Wolf On My Bed by DeathsLights

(2/2 I 30,059 I Explicit I Sterek)

There’s a wolf on his bed….chewing on his pillow.

Stiles stared at the wolf. The wolf stared back, its jaws clamped around the pillow. The wolf is large, black and has fangs that he’s sure would tear him apart….shit.

To Each Their Own by SylvieW

(10/10 I 32,668 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles agrees to become the owner of a werewolf with some very special needs. Derek has been abused for so long he’s nearly feral. Stiles has to find a way to gain his trust before Derek’s heat, or he could be put down.

Sometimes a piece of sun by queerly_it_is

(2/2 I 39,603 I Explicit I Sciles)

It doesn’t matter how Scott asks, Stiles always says he’s fine.

Scott’s not sure who’s supposed to believe it, or if Stiles just says it because it’s what he thinks he’s supposed to say. They do this now. They break and bleed and fall to bits, but so long as they say they’re okay then none of it’s really happening. It’s a nice idea. Just stick your fingers in your ears and hum really loud.

The problem is that it’s not working, and Scott’s terrible at pretending it is.

I’ll Dissolve When The Rain Pours In, When The Nightmares Take Me by clotpolesonly

(1/1 I 38,766 I Teen I Stackson)

When Stiles finally managed to contort himself the right way without causing injury, he stared at the words on his inner thigh. And then he stared some more, long enough for the water to grow cold around him, wondering if this was part of the dream. Finally he decided that it had to be real only because his subconscious was not creative enough to come up with this.

There, in freckle-brown letters stark against pale skin, was the name Jackson Whittemore.

(Once in a) Blue Moon by clarkoholic, skywardsmiles

(14/14 I 60.051 I Explicit I Sterek)

  • Stiles and Derek are getting along, but they’re not a family, and they’re sure as hell not mates. Christ, they’re basically just two stupid guys who happened to get pregnant because of a full moon and sheer dumb luck. 

Strut on a Line, its Discord and Rhyme by xiaq

(21/21 I 61,818 I Teen I Sterek)

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.


Pairing: Peter parker x reader 


word count: 2953

Hope you guys enjoy!


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3 months. You had been in a lovely relationship with your boyfriend for about 3 months, and everything seemed kinda perfect. Maybe to perfect to be true. Your boyfriend Mark had always treated you nicely, however the past weeks he had been cold and distant with you.

Despite all the things you had tried he seemed to be lost in his own world. He kept canceling dates and ignoring your calls, you could tell he was growing more distant with each passing day, however you had one last idea that might bring your boyfriend’s attention back to you.

You were supposed to meet your best friend Peter at his place. You wanted to talk about it with him. He would help you out right? After all, he was a man, he had to know what was going on with Mark.

Peter and you had been best friends since you could remember. His apartment was just above yours, and since you both attended the same school it wasn’t long after you called each other best friend.

People always used to insist that you and Peter were the perfect couple, and for a little while during your freshman year you actually believed it, however he never tried to make a move on you.

You remembered all that time you wished he would see you as something more than a friend with some nostalgia. When everybody started mentioning what a good couple you would both make, Peter had immediately shut those people down. After a while you just realised that maybe you were better being just friends. A little part of you would always wonder what being Peter’s girlfriend would feel like, but right now you had a lovely boyfriend, even if he hadn’t really been present lately.

You got into his apartment without even knocking, knowing Aunt May wasn’t even around, you loved her, but it was definitely better this way; you didn’t want to have this conversation with an audience.

You went straight to Peter’s room, sitting in his bed right across him. He gave you a quick glance and a smile before returning to his homework.

“Hey Y/n! Where have you been? I didn’t see you at school today”

"Yeah well, I skipped it, I needed time to think about something”.

This time the boy left his duties aside, giving you his complete attention.

“Is everything okay at home?”

God you loved this boy! He always cared for you and made sure you were okay.

“Yeah  Yeah of course! But is something else- something with- you know, Mark” you finally said as you looked at the boy. You didn’t want to annoy him with your girl talk, but you didn’t knew who else to turn to.

“Do you want to talk about it?” The boy didn’t love the idea of you and Mark, however he didn’t opposed to it. If it made you happy he was happy as well.

“ It’s just that- he has been really distant with me lately, canceling dates and I’m pretty sure he is lying to me! Can you believe it? But anyways- I think I may have a solution, but-well I don’t know for sure”

“Well dummy, you can always tell me! I can tell you if it’s a bad idea”

A blush spread through your cheeks, making your whole face heat up . You could not believe you were about to tell this to your best friend and former crush.

“Well I’ve been thinking that- well- I think- I think I might do it with him”

You couldn’t even look Peter in the eye after what you had just said. Why did you think it was a good idea?

“Do what?”

“You know-the thing!”

She felt the embarrassment filling her up once again. If she couldn’t even say the word sex how was she planning on actually doing it?

“I will have sex with Mark”

For a couple of second everything was completely quiet as you waited for his reaction.

Finally Peter got out of his trance and his eyes grew considerably while a scarlet color adorned his whole face. He could not believe what you just had told him.

“What?! Are you crazy?! Why would you even do that?!”

The boy seemed confused and hurt. He had said those words with a voice tone that would have made you believe Peter was jealous, however you knew better than that. Peter was probably just trying to protect you.

“Peter is not a big deal! Were both 18!”

“So? Being 18 doesn’t mean you have to go and get rid of your v card immediately!”

“Peter I honestly don’t know why are you so upset! I didn’t threw a big fuss over how you lost it to Liz Allen last year!”

Both teenagers had started yelling at this point. They couldn’t believe the other was being so stubborn about the topic.

“But I did it because I wanted to! Not just to get the attention of a douche boy back!”

“What exactly are you trying to tell me Peter?”

“You shouldn’t feel the need to have sex with Mark in order to win him back! If he loved you he wouldn’t lie or ignore you!”

“Of course he loves me! We just need this to make our relationship stronger”

He doesn’t love you! He doesn’t love you half as much as I do, the boy thought to himself. “ When you give him what he wants he will dump you Y/n!”

“How dare you? Mark would never!”

You started pacing around the room before looking once again at Peter.

“You know what- forget it, I don’t know why I came here, I guess I was counting on my best friend, but now I know you don’t care”

Just as you were heading towards the door Peter grabbed your wrist, stopping you from leaving and pulled you close to his chest hugging you. This was a situation you had found yourself many times in, immediately hiding you face in the crock of his neck. He hold you as he started whispering.

“Of course I care dummy! And because I care I’m trying to warn you, I don’t want you to get hurt, or do something you don’t feel prepared for”

This had left you speechless. You had asked yourself this question many times. Were you ready? For many people sex was just an ordinary activity, however you didn’t want to waste what you felt was your one chance to have the perfect first time. Will Mark be gentle on you? Or would he just want to do it fast and rough? You didn’t knew if you were prepared for that yet.

You hadn’t even noticed but at some point you had started to cry, damping Peter’s t-shirt and hugged him stronger. Peter was rubbing his hand in your back, holding you, when he put his hand on your face, holding your chin so he could see you in the eye.

“I don’t ever wanna see you crying for some boy okay?”

With his other hand he cleaned away the tears from your cheeks. As he did so you realised how close you two were. From this position you could count the lashes in Peter’s eyes, those brown eyes you had found yourself getting lost in, those same eyes which were now staring at you. Peter seemed to realise the distance between you two as well as he looked at your lips and once again at your eyes. You could feel you two getting even closer and a part of you wanted to stop while the other wanted to continue even further. Your lips were about to brush together, but you could tell Peter was still waiting for your approval.

You couldn’t do this! The rational part of you pulled away right before you could kiss the boy. Oh God! We’re you actually going to kiss Peter Parker? As you glanced at the boy you could see the confusion in his eyes.

“What happened? Did I do something wrong?”

“Peter- I just- I don’t- Peter you know I have a boyfriend! God, I came to talk to you about him!”

“He doesn’t deserve you Y/n! He never will!”

“Let me make those choices”

With this final decision you stormed out the room, more than ready to make yours and Mark’s relationship work.

Peter was left alone, watching as you leaved his room and probably his life as well. Not only was he losing you but now he knew what you planned on giving to Mark.

He felt devastated, angry at that stupid  asshole  who couldn’t appreciate what he had right in front of his eyes, but mostly heartbroken, because even with all of that you had chosen him over Peter.    He felt his eyes itching, with tears beginning to form in his eyes. He felt his blood boiling under his skin and started gripping his hands into fists, refusing to let the tears roll down.

Before he realised he was punching his bed and pillows, trying to get all his frustration out. He needed some spidey action to get you and everything out of his minds. The boy quickly changed into his suit and leaved the apartment, anxious to punch somebody in the face.

However the boy was in no luck. Today of all days seemed to be the quietest and calmest of the whole year. He hadn’t witnessed any robberies or attacks and all his energy was starting to build up inside him.

He decided to swing from budding to building trying to get some of the energy out, and without even realizing he suddenly found himself right outside Mark’s house. He hadn’t even noticed he had made his way there, but now that he was he couldn’t bring himself to go back to his own place.

He couldn’t go face Mark like he wanted to, after all he was still wearing the suit, but just as he was preparing to go back, he saw from the coroner of his eye as Mark entered the building with a girl in his arms. Peter realised he was too late. You were already in Mark’s home and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

He knew it was none of his business, but still he climbed the wall up to the window in Mark’s room. Even from the outside he could listen to the couple’s voices as they laughed together.

Peter was just a coward. He had been so afraid of ruining your friendship with his feelings for you  that he had settled with just being friends. But he wanted so much more. He wanted to take your hand and kiss you. He wanted to hold you close all day and all night. He wanted to call you mine and do all the things you were probably about to let Mark do to you.

The boy had been so lost in his own thoughts he had barely noticed that the silence that surrounded him was now filled with other sounds he rather not hear.

Even from the outside he could hear the gasps and moans that filled the room.He could not bear to listen anymore as you asked Mark to touch you more and go further.

Just as he was giving up on spying he heard a name that was clearly not yours.

“Stacy, you treat me so good”

Unless Peter was going crazy that was definitely not your name. More moaning from Mark was heard, and even though he wanted to leave so desperately he also needed to know what was happening.

“Y/n would never be this good”

Shit. Shit. Shit. Mark had a girl up in his room doing things that were definitely not friendly. That jerk was cheating on you! Peter had to tell you as soon as possible! He could not let that idiot hurt you that way!

Whether you loved Peter or not he still had to warn you. He decided going to his place to change clothes and finding you was the best option. The boy swung from the buildings as quickly as he could, arriving to his  place at a record time.

He got changed into some jeans and t-shirt, taking his keys and making his way to the apartment’s door. He got to hurry if he wanted to reach you in time to stop you. He opened the door ready to leave, however the boy was surprised when you were already in the entry, about to knock on the door.

Both teenagers stared at each other with surprise in their faces. Peter did not expect you to be here, he thought you were probably on your way to Mark’s. The boy took a long look at Y/n, you looked apparently the same, however he could see how puffy and red your eyes were.

You realised Peter had noticed how you’ve been crying before. You probably looked like hell.  You lowered your gaze trying to hide your face a little and straighten your hair.

“What are y-”

“You were right”

Peter had tried to talk but you interrupted him.

“About what?”

“Mark he- he was- he was with-”

You tried to explain. Explain how you had gone to Mark’s hoping to surprise him only to find him snogging some other girls face. he didn’t even look remotely sorry. You wanted to tell Peter how you had broken up and how sorry you were about you attitude to him.

But all those words were caught up in your throat. Your voice was trembling and you couldn’t form any sentences. You were to afraid that Peter will kick you out and never forgive you. As you looked into those brown eyes you found yourself unable to talk at all, and your eyes picking and filling with tears as you realised Peter had only tried to protect you.

Words were not needed between the both of you. Peter stepped closer to you, holding you near his chest and letting you cry, the same way he had done those hours ago. He didn’t need to tell you anything and neither did you.

Once again you found yourself between those arms.  Everything felt so in place, so perfect. Not even once you had felt that way between Mark’s arms. He guided you towards his couch, still holding you close.

“I’m so sorry Peter I- thank you, you know for everything”

“ Shhhh- don’t worry about it, I’ll always be here for you”

You pulled apart once again. You knew he wouldn’t approach you anymore, as he was just rejected a couple hours ago, but still something pulled you towards him, grabbing his face between your hands. You stroke his cheek as your thumb move to his mouth. Peter’s eyes grew at the sight of you watching his own lips.

“If this is you trying to apologize you don’t have-”

You cut Peter off by finally brushing your lips to his joining in a small kiss. You pulled apart only to move closer to him in his couch, kissing him once again.

“This is me apologizing, for not telling you, how I’ve really feel about you for all this years”.

Peter finally gave in grabbing your waist and pushing your body towards the armrest, with him above you.His hand stopped cupping your face and moved towards you legs, pushing them slightly open to place himself between them.

You felt yourself breathing a little heavier. You wanted to pull apart to catch your breath, however you needed to be close to Peter more. You continued kissing him and biting into his lips, trying to deepen more the kiss. Peter couldn’t stop the moaning that came out from his mouth as you moved your hand under his shirt, stroking his stomach with your cold hands. He could feel your smirk under your kissing, so he pulled apart. Instead he chose to bite and suck on your neck, leaving small love bites.

“You know how mad it made me? Knowing he would be touching and doing all the things I want to do to you?”

His words distracted your hands from their touching, while Peter hold the above your head.

“I don’t want him to touch you, or kiss you- Hell, I don’t even want him to look at you”

You could not stop the little whimpers from coming out. Listening to Peter talk to you that way made you feel all warm inside.

He continued to kiss on your collarbone, sliding his hand towards your waist once again. This time you placed your hands on his back, pulling him closer. He brought his face close to you, this time looking straight into your eyes.

“I love you more than anything”

“I love you too, Peter”

And you really meant it. After all this years your feeling for him had only grew stronger. Now you knew that all those kisses with Mark didn’t really meant anything, because he wasn’t Peter.

“You’ll never have to do that with me. I’ll always wait for you darling”

With this final words Peter brought your head to his chest and reclined both of you on the couch, cuddling you. He gave you a forehead kiss and while you stared in his big brown eyes you realised that was the place you felt the safest at. Beside the boy you had and will always love, Peter.

coming back around

Summary: Four months later, and it starts with a phone call and a slightly more-than-absurd request. 
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Post Breakup AU 
Word Count: 4,738


“You want me to do what?”

Taehyung visibly winces at your tone of voice, while not over accusatory or threatening or aggressive, is just enough to make him realize the ridiculous notion of his previous request. It had been slightly absurd even before he had decided to brave towards a phone call, but now that the words are out there, it’s even more absurd. He tries to picture you now: your eyebrows knitted together and your lips jutting out into that adorable pout that he use to trace out with his finger before pulling you in for a kiss, nips and bites and anything to make your pout turn into the smile that he loved so much.

He swallows thickly as soon as he hears you humming on the other side of the phone, enough to drag him out of his trance, enough to make the statement burn itself into the back of his head: the statement that you weren’t his girlfriend anymore and he couldn’t just kiss you because he wanted to.

“Taehyung, are you still there?”

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take me there (g.d.)

~I saw Gray post this on his snapchat (graysondolan) and got inspired to write a cute lil blurb. This is the first thing I’ve written about Grayson, so I’m pretty excited. It’s just off the top of my head. I hope you enjoy!! :)

As always, please forgive any mistakes you might see.

**(No warnings. Just a lil fluff is all. xx)**

I’m actually gonna kill him,” you mumbled to yourself as you swatted another mosquito invading your personal space. All you wanted was to locate your best friend and get to the bottom of his weird behavior without being attacked by insects every thirty seconds. 

He’d been acting so strange the past couple days and neither you, nor his twin brother could pinpoint exactly why. He seemed too far lodged in his head; alone with his cyclone of thoughts. Grayson was never one to wear his heart on his sleeve per say, but he never did develop the toxic habit of shutting you or Ethan out when he wasn’t feeling one hundred percent himself. You desperately wanted to help your best friend, which is why you immediately jumped in the car to find him when you saw the recent addition to his Snapchat story captioned, “Thinkin spot”. You knew exactly where it was, having been there yourself many times. 

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Vultures || Jihoon || Oneshot

Originally posted by soohuis

Word Count: 2418

Genre: witch!au, angst

Summary: Jihoon had always been proud of his power. He never resented it no matter what. It wasn’t until he met you that Jihoon felt he really was cursed.

Minghao // Mingyu // Wonwoo // Seungcheol //

One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die. However, the saddest, most awful truth you will ever come to find - is they are not always with whom we spend our lives.

— Beau Taplin

Since you were a child, you knew a witch. He was bright, rarely smiled, handsome, yet cold. He took care of you well though and protected you from the things he could and comforted you about the things he couldn’t. He was a good friend–one that you wouldn’t mind keeping for a lifetime. And this friend had a power, special to him as other witches had. It was the power to see death.

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anonymous asked:

How would BTS react to you calling them papi 👀


Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Here,” you pull Jungkook by the hand through the crowded and poorly lit hallway upstairs. He’s much taller and stronger than you but lets you pull him by the hand through the whole house. Finally after checking two bedrooms, you open the bathroom door and lean against the opposite wall, hands behind your back all tipsy and flirty batting your eyes at him. Jungkook stands at the door frame like a dummy until you walk over to him and lock the bathroom door he’s leaning against. You wrap your hands around his neck and pull him down to lick at his mouth. He kisses you back, opening his mouth to let your lips suck on his tongue while his hands find their way to your ass. He twirls you around so you’re pressed against the wall and he slides his thick thigh between yours. His lips massaging yours, you grind against his thigh and whine at the feeling while letting your hands roam all over Jungkooks firm chest. Your hands find their way under his shirt and you drag your nails over his abdomen. Just as your fingers are about to find the hem of his underwear you’re interrupted by the whole door shaking.


Someone slams their fists against the door, interrupting your hot and heavy make out session against the very same door. Jungkook licks his lips and just chuckles, looking down at you. He almost shrugs as if saying you should give up the room and let the guy in - you were not up for that. You finally had Jungkook for yourself this night.

“OCCUPIED!” you yelled to the guy on the other side of the door and smirk at the black haired pretty boy in front of you. He looks a bit insecure but you pull him in to kiss his swollen lips again.

“COME ON!” the guy moans on the other side, slamming his last fist against the door.

“Are you sure, smooch, sure that this, smooch, is a good, smooch, idea?” he stammers in between kisses. You do this thing with your tongue that just reminds him to shut the fuck up because why is he trying to talk you out of fucking in the bathroom at Namjoons house party?

“I am so fucking sure,” You lick at his ear as you whisper “papi,”. Jungkook pants a fuck under his breath and his hands find their way to your hair.

“You know what happened last time you called me that,” Jungkook warns you.

“Is that a threat?” you say innocently and look up at him with big eyes. “cause I remembering it going like, you fucked the shit out of me because you love it when I call you papi.”

Jungkooks grip on you waist tightens and he both chuckles and grows hard at the memory.

“You know I just want you to fuck me, papi.” you whispers in his ear and he puts his hand around your throat softly, making you look into his eyes. They’re filled with hunger.

”Turn around,” he orders.


Originally posted by missyalliott

Namjoons slender fingers are gripping your hips, harshly snapping his in perfect rhythm and creating a sound of you skin slamming against each other as well as sparks of pleasure through your legs with every thrust. Your ass up in the air and face resting on the mattress, creating a perfect arch and giving Namjoon a view he’ll save in his mind for later lonely nights. Watching your ass bounce as he pounds you makes him wanna grab it, slap it, kiss it and adore it.

“Do you know how fucking hot you are?” he pants, gritting his teeth and slows down his thrusts. You try to roll your hips back at him which just results in him gripping your hips to stop you and he slides out. “Don’t be too eager now baby girl,” he chuckles when you whine at the empty feeling right when you were getting close to coming. You roll your hips on his wet hard dick and he hisses, considering giving you what you want so badly.

He loved being a tease way too fucking much.

“Please,” you gasp and turn your head to meet his gaze. “Papi…” you purr and looking in his eyes you can tell that word gets to him.

“Call me that again.” Namjoon bites his lip.

“Fuck me again.” you bite back.

You smirk fades, your face getting morphed into pleasure as he slams into you without warning.

“Papi, just like that,” you encourage him and actually feel his dick twitching inside you. He starts slamming into you mercilessly, making you a moaning mess until your legs shake and you both climax.


Originally posted by borntobemochi97

You and Yoongi would be up in his car doing some slow tongue kissing. It all started like fifteen minutes ago when you both were outside taking a walk to find a place to eat dinner. It was so cold but you didn’t want to say anything, - Yoongi noticed himself in the way you were shaking.

“Hey, do you want to go sit in the car instead?” he asked with a cute smile on his face.

“Is it that obvious?” you chuckle and he nods, throwing his arm around you to start walking to the fairly empty parking lot.

Now you’re here after you wanted to sit in his lap to warm up. Winter in Seoul did get really cold and the best way to stay warm is human contact. Anyhow you ended up with Yoongis tongue down your throat and your hips rolling down on his crotch. He moaned into your mouth when your warm crotch pressed down on his and you smile against his mouth.

“You know,” you say between kisses, “I think this would count as public sex aka very illegal,” you smirk and grind on him.

“Shut up you’re just making it hotter,” Yoongi mutters against your skin as he moves down your neck to kiss your skin. Without even noticing you lean your head back to give him easier access to bite your neck. “Seems you think that sounds hot too since you’re grinding on me even harder now,” he pants and trails his fingers around the hem of your shirt as he plants light pecks on your skin. When you shy away he laughs. He’s breathing heavy and you actually feel him hard against your thigh. You grab the hair at the back of his neck and roll your hips down on his hardening dick and the look you give him tells it all.

“Only if you ask me nicely,” he mumbles and caresses your cheek, his fingers ending up softly gripping your chin.

“Please,” your hand grabs his hand that’s resting on your cheek, guiding his fingers into your mouth for you to suck on them. “Please papi,” you moan around his fingers and Yoongi growls. You smile because you know now you crossed his line.


Originally posted by beatriceindre

“One more,” you whine with your hands on Hoseoks cheeks. He chuckles before he leans in for one last peck before he has to go. You really don’t want him to go, actually you were feeling especially horny today. Hoseok probably noticed from the way you were all over him since he came home to pick up a few things before he had to go to dance practice with Jungkook and Jimin twenty minutes ago. Right before he’s about to leave you insist in giving him a last hug. You grab his butt softly and he smirks against the crook of your neck while he hugs you.

“It’s such a shame you have to go,” you sigh and let your nails scratch down his back, making him break out in shivers.

“I know,” he mumbles, not yet noticing what you’re trying to do.

You break the hug to look at his handsome face, his lips pretty and pink and his hair freshly showered with no product in it. He looked so sexy today you felt your pussy throbbing from just seeing him in that white t-shirt, hugging his chest and shoulders so perfectly. Your eyes roam hungrily all over him and you bite your lip. Hoseok gulps under your gaze, not daring to ask what’s going through your head right now.

“I was just thinking about something you and I could do,” you answer his thoughts. “,but since you have to leave I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.” you say slowly, looking into his eyes and he stutters - knowing exactly what you’re talking about. He knew you meant you were gonna be home, all alone with yourself and your own lust ending up touching yourself and that imagine makes Hoseok break out in cold sweat.

“Unless you want to stay?” you whisper and lick the shell of his ear.

“You know I can’t-” he says, his voice breaking mid-sentence.

“Please stay,” you kiss his neck. Hoseok moans.

“Don’t do this to me-” his stomach fluttered as you kissed his neck.

“I’ll treat you good papi,” you curl your fingers around the collar of his shirt and his eyes roll back in pleasure when you softly call for him like that.

“Fuck it,” he throws his bag on the ground. “Jimin and Jungkook can fucking wait,” he attacks your mouth with his lips and immediately pulls the hem of your shirt for you to take it off. You do and now your chest is exposed to Hoseok who’s now desperate to touch you everywhere.

“You know what happens when you call me-” he chokes on his own words as your hand goes down to press on his dick. Your hand massages the outlines of his dick through his sweat pants.

“Papi?” you finish his sentence and he moans. Fuck.


Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

Taehyung planted wet kisses all over you exposed chest, sucking a licking on your flushed skin. It was hot in the room and his shirt was off, exposing his tan and smooth chest. Some slow jam r&b was playing softly in the background and you lips meet again and Taehyung thinks you taste of vanilla ice cream. the ice cream package was melting away on the table in front of you and so where you under his touch. He hovered over you, his tongue exploring your mouth like he’d never been there and his big hands grabbing your thighs. You have your legs gently hooked around his waist as your hands hold firmly around his neck, occasionally slipping down his chest to feel his naked skin under your touch. He breaks out in shivers as you moan into his mouth. 

You had been making out like this for about 20 minutes and things were going down. He had taken off his shirt and you your pants. Taehyungs hands slip down the curve off your ass and grabs your thighs. 

“Do you have a condom?” you pant into his mouth and he freezes. 

“No,” he hesitates as he pulls away from the deep kiss. 

You pout in a wondering frown and think whats about to happen next. Did you just suck on your boyfriends tongue for 30 minutes until you were throbbing for this? 

You bring down his lips to yours again and bite at his bottom lip. He groans into your mouth, letting himself fall into the lust again. He let’s you feel him up again and rub his skin and kiss his lips until you use your legs to push him down on you, against your pussy. He feels the pleasure tingle down the pit of his belly. 

“What are you-” he tries to protest but you shut him up with kisses, whispering shh and grinding up on his crotch again. “We can’t-” he pants.

“But I need it,” you whisper and your hand trails down his stomach, slipping inside the hem of his boxers. “Papi,” you moan into his ear as your hands wrap around his leaking dick. It twitches at your words.

Taehyung growls softly into your ear. 

“You know exactly what buttons to press to push me over the edge,” he grits through his teeth, so turned on he thinks he might explode. He had been in this situation before and you always won. Instead of putting up a fight he gave in as soon as you started with your Spanish nickname for him. He really loved it so, oh so much. It made his cock twitch to hear you moan, whisper or yell it. 


Originally posted by melanielovesgaysempai

His breath is the only thing you can focus on right now, it’s the only thing that shows you where Seokjin is right now. You writhe as much as you can in the bed, trying to come in contact with anything, frustrated by now. Being tied up and blindfolded was arguably the worst thing you’ve agreed to in bed with this man. Your legs and hips were the only part free of your body. You arms were tied to each part of the headboard with your eyes covered. You feel the mattress dip from his weight at your feet. His breath tickles your legs and travels upwards. Up above the stomach to your exposed breasts. Suddenly you feel his wet mouth around your nipple and whine. You had no physical contact or warmth anywhere on your body except for his tongue swirling around your nipple. It was torture and exquisite at the same time.

His wet kisses moved down your stomach and his breath finally hovered over your aching pussy. By now you were throbbing for him to touch you after teasing and massaging and finally denying physical contact. His warm, big hands grab the insides of your thigh and you lean into the contact.

“Spread you legs,” he orders and you follow his motion.

The following minute is just about building anticipation, you even catch yourself holding your breath. Finally his wet, warm tongue slides over your clit and your body breaks out in shivers and you release a soft moan. He licks up and down again, making you gasp and moan again. His mouth closes on your clit to suck on it and your eyes roll back in pleasure. You knew your sounds was what got him going the most. He licks and sucks until your toes curl and you moan his name softly. His wet mouth felt so good on you but you wanted more, you wanted him to fill you up and fuck the shit out of you. You needed it. You knew he needed it too, he must be throbbing in his pants right now, you thought.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” you say, completely out of breath from being teased to the most. Seokjin was quiet, you knew he loved dominating you like this but you wasn’t easily fooled - you still knew his soft spots.

Cogeme duro,” You moan and bite your lip. You knew what Spanish did to Seokjin. “Por favor, papi” you whine and you immediately feel his hands gripping your hips. He goes to rip off your blindfold and looks at you, so turned on but still soft in his expression.

“You think you’re so smart huh?” he pants.

“Make me come papi,” you whine, noticing how calling him that word made him choke. You had found a new soft spot.


Originally posted by kpop-undertaker

It was 23:35 and everyone was asleep. Jimins family was visiting yours out on the summer camping house since your families were good friends. There were like 20 people in the house, everyone deep asleep, you hoped, as you tiptoed your way to Jimins room. He jumps slightly as he gets a knock on the door. When it’s you sneaking in, only wearing a tank top and panties he just smiles big.

“Here to tease me like that huh?” he grins because he also notices you’re not wearing a bra underneath the tank top. You walk over to his bed where he’s sitting on the edge and get comfortable next time him.

“Shut up,” you bite back and grab his neck to kiss him. He’s overwhelmed at first because you were so straight forward with why you were here but quickly he catches on and kisses you back. Your hands roam his shoulders all over as you deepen the kiss with Jimin. His lips so sweet and red and just kissable. Slowly you get on to your knees in front of him but he closes his legs and tries to grab your arms to pull you up.

“What are you doing! Anyone can come in, there’s no lock on this door!” he hisses.

“Aw,” you sigh, completely ignoring his protests and grabbing his thick thighs to pull them apart. Before he can convince you not to, his dick is outside of his pants with your fingers around it. Jimin looks down at you, leaning on his hands on the mattress and looking delicious and speechless as ever. You stick your tongue out, squeezing his dick to bring it to your warm mouth. Right when your tongue barely touches his twitching cock, you change your mind and he whines.

“You’re right, too risky.” you sigh and he knows what you’re doing. Ultimately, you’re right and he knew for your best you shouldn’t start sucking his dick right here with both of your uncles and mothers and what-not in this very house.

You climb up to sit on the bed, a little butt-hurt that Jimin didn’t actually put up a fight. Damn he was a good guy. Too good.

“You know, if I wanted you to fuck me I could make you. Simple.” you sighed arrogantly inspecting your nails and trying to seem unbothered. Jimin pinches your side.

“Oh yeah?” He says and meets your cocky look. “And how exactly would you do that.” he scoffs.

You turn to him and grab his wrists, pinning them behind him and lay him on the bed.

“I just have to pin you like this, climb on top of you ,” you say as your actions follow. “-then you’d feel my hot core through the thin fabric of our underwear and I’d just have to roll my hips lightly,” The friction is so delicious.

Jimin chokes out a moan.

“-I’ll just follow by taking your hand in mine and guiding it to my bare breast.” you bite your lip as you do that exactly. Jimins hand rests on your left breast and you pinch your own nipple and whine, all while looking right into his eyes. You know Jimin is so fucking turned on right now, you can tell from the look in his eye, his hard dick pressing against your thigh and the way his grip tightens to massage your boob. He grunts at the sight of you needy like this, almost forgetting that right on the other side of this paper thin wall is Mr and Mrs Park, sleeping.

Finally you lean down, your boobs pressed against his chest to whisper in his ear.

“Papi, you know you want to.”

“Fuck,” Jimin gasps, already feeling like he’s gonna come in his pants if you’re gonna grind on him and dirty talk to him like this.

“Por favor papi,” you moan into his ear. Jimin feels his body giving in, he tried convincing you this wasn’t a good idea but right at this moment with this delicious friction of you grinding on him, he can’t seem to remember any good reason not to fuck you right now. He finally looks into your eyes with a grin.

“Alright, ass in the air sweet heart.” 

AIGHT YALL i make my reactions so long im gonna cut them to yall gotta pick three members! next time you submit! remember!

Camping Trips - Stiles Stilinski

word count: 1862
warnings: swearing
a/n: you’re scott’s werewolf twin sister and stiles’ gf :)
requested by anon!

“Did we have to leave so early?” You whined, dragging your feet as you wrapped your blanket tighter around yourself.  Your brother rolled his eyes, claiming the backseat of the jeep and laying across it.

“If we wanna get a good spot in the woods, yes” Scott told you, fluffing his pillow on the car seat.  You headed to the passengers side of the vehicle.  Only to find the door already being held open for you by your amazing boyfriend, Stiles.

“Mm thanks” You said, sleepily kissing his cheek before climbing in.

“Who says chivalry’s dead” Stiles said with a wink.  You were too tired to respond, so he just tucked  your blanket around you and found a way to  buckle you in without making you uncomfortable.  “Get some sleep” He reached across and pecked your cheek

He closed the door and quickly walked around the other side.  He got in and turned the key a few times before the engine started.

“Hey wait” Scott said, lifting his head just enough so Stiles could could see him in the rear view mirror.  “You can’t go yet, you didn’t tuck me in and kiss me” He said with a whine and a snicker.

“Fuck off” You muttered, curling up in the seat for better sleep.  “All the stuff’s in the back right?”

“Yep” Stiles answered.  “Scott and I piled all the bags and stuff in last night when you passed out on the recliner” Scott chuckled from the back.

“How much fun can she be camping if she sleeps through everything?”

“Fuck off Scott” You gritted.  A small growl left your lips.  Stiles reached his hand over the console as he rubbed your arm gently.

“Okay okay you two, both of you go to sleep and behave or I’m turning Roscoe around!”

“Stiles, babe, we’re not even out of your neighborhood yet” You said, making both you and Scott laugh.

“For God’s sake just sleep” Stiles groaned.

An hour later, you were eating a pack of Twizzlers while Scott belted out the lyrics to Cool for the Summer.

You looked over to Stiles.  

“I’m your favorite twin, right?” You asked, gesturing to the backseat where your brother was being a dumb ass.  Stiles rolled his eyes.

“What!? She’s your favorite? You were my friend first!” Scott exclaimed.

“Hey hey hey!” Stiles yelled, ready to slam on the horn.  “It changes… here and there” Stiles said, pursing his lips and bopping his head back and forth as he pulled up to a stop light.

“Oh please!” Scott waved his hand dramatically.  “What can she do for you that I can’t do better?” 

You and Stiles turned to look at Scott, silently staring.

“Well, I can think of a few things” Stiles stated.  “But hey if you wanted to test it out man-”

“No, no, just stop” Scott sighed, laying back down along the backseat row.  “I’m going back to sleep.  Don’t wake me till we’re there”

And with that, Scott put in his earbuds, cranked up his music, and closed his eyes.  You looked over at Stiles for a moment, then curled back up in your seat, enjoying the silence that followed.

Another hour passed of you and Stiles making small talks and mini naps.  As well as you insisting on driving so Stiles could rest, but he’d never let another person drive his baby.

“Scott! Scotty hey wake up buddy!” Stiles said as he began the route through the woods.  The alpha jumped up mid snore.

“Wha-what? Are we here?” Stiles chuckled and shook his head.

“Not yet really, but I thought you’d like to help pick out the spot” Stiles said.  Scott turned and looked out the window.

“That clearing right there, with the trees”

“With the trees?” You snorted.  “Scotty, we’re in the woods” 

Leave me alone I’m helping” Scott mumbled.  Stiles pulled over in the spot and parked.  You smiled at him, and got out of the car without a word, already going around the back to open up the trunk.  You grabbed both of the bags containing the tents, as well as as many blankets as you could stack up in your arms.  You were thankful that the boys had seemed to pack all of them.

“Oh hey” You heard Stiles say, and turned to where his voice was.  Not that you could see over the pile of fabrics.  He took a few, enough that you could see.

“Haha, thanks Stiles” You said, and earned a kiss in response.

“Welcome” He said, already heading over to the small clearing, and laing down a bunch of them.  You followed after, and could hear Scott carrying things behind you.

“Hey, uh, guys?” Scott called.

“Yeah buddy?” Stiles replied as you began laying down blankets with Stiles.

“Where’s the other tent?” Scott asked.  You cocked your head to the side.

“What do you mean?” Scott chuckled, setting his things down and settling his hands on his hips.  “Well, one two three..” He pointed at each of you, then looked at the two cases of tents in your arms.  “One… Two” He finished.

“Oh, well y/n and I were just gonna share one” Stiles shrugged, taking one of the tents from you to set it up.  “I mean, we’re past the asking for your blessing to sleep with your sister, right?”

“It’s just… I don’t know I thought we’d all be separate tonight” Scott said with a shrug.

“Oh me too” You said, and walked over to Stiles, who was on his hands and knees setting up the tent.  “But Stiles got too scared” You said in yur best baby voice, pinching his cheeks.

“Ha.  Ha” He monotoned, and you giggled.  Scott went back to setting up the other tent.  Which he finished before Stiles could even understand what the instructions were saying.

“Do we need firewood or something?” Scott asked.

“Oh yeah! That’d be great” Stiles grinned, and Scott high fived him on his way to scavenge in the woods for such.  As soon as he had left, you wandered over to Stiles, and helped him set up the tent.

“Something’s wrong with Scott” You told him, and he stopped trying to set it up.

“What do you mean?”

“I feel like he’s… lonely” You said softly.  Stiles watched you intently as you propped up the tent, locking the pegs in place.

“You think e’s lonely? He just spent two hours in the car with us-”

“Stiles” You said softly as you finished the tent.  “Think of it this way” You walked over and stood in front of him.  “He had, what you and I have now” You gestured between you.  “He had all of the sparks and laughs and random late night ‘let’s stay awake for no reason and talk about the random things’ he had everything in his hands, and then she died” Stiles sighed, already seeing where you were going with this.  “He got it again, took him forever to let it happen but it did” You murmured.  “And she had to leave too” Stiles breathed out heavily, looking at the ground.

“I see” He sighed.  You smiled sadly and took both of his hands.

“He lost this,” You squeezed his hands, staring into his eyes, then placed a quick but soft kiss on his lips.  “Twice, Stiles” You said quietly.  “And I know he’s my brother, and we argue, and fuck, he can be a real stick in my ass, especially with those morals” You and Stiles both laughed quietly.  “But… but maybe tonight we really all stick together?”

“I can agree to that” He said, releasing your hands to pull you in for a hug.  “But now what about that rendez vous?” You chuckled, and tilted your head back to look up at him.  You almost had to do it all the way.

“Well maybe” You murmured lowly.  “If you do this solid for me..” You leaned up, planting a small kiss on his cheek before brushing your lips against his ear.  “Then when we get back to Beacon Hills… I’ll do that thing you like…” You didn’t see Stiles’ brows raise dramatically, but you figured he had some kind of contorted expression right now.  “In a certain Leia costume I ordered a bit back”

“Holy shit you didn’t-” Stiles let go of you to look you in the eye again.

“Thought it’d be a good birthday present” You said with a wink.  Stiles grinned, his hands cupping your face.  “God I love you” He said, pulling your lips against his quickly and passionately.

“Okay guys I- WOAHLY SHIT!” You sprung off of Stiles, spinning around to see your brother with a heap of wood in his arms.  “Jesus, I’m gone for a few minutes and you’re all over each other!” You laughed and shook your head, then walked over to Scott.

“Come on you big dummy, just give me some of that to carry” You took a big stack out of his arms and put it in the ring.

It was late, but you weren’t sure what time it was.  It had been a while since you’d checked your phone.  You were too busy being cuddled into Stiles’ side, playing catch using marshmallows with Scott, except with your mouths instead of your hands.  It was quiet, no one really talked, but that was okay.  You were enjoying the quiet and warmth.

After a while, Scott stood up, and headed for his tent.

“Hey- hey Scott?” You called, and he turned back.

“Yeah?” You bit your lips for a second.  “You okay?”

“Yeah it’s just uh… do you want to stay in our tent tonight? Like a sleepover that we used to?” 

Scott looked between you and Stiles for a moment, then smiled slowly.

“I’d really like that” He said, and Stiles shot up from next to you.

“Sleepover!?” He yelled ecstatically, rushing into the tent to set up all the blankets and sleeping bags.  Scott chuckled, and wandered over to you as you put out the fire.

“Thank you” He said.  You looked at him with a smile.

“No prob, we haven’t had a sleepover since the ninth grade-”

“I mean for earlier” Scott said, and again your head shot up, but faster, bearing an expression of surprise.

“Oh I… I didn’t know you heard that” You said quietly.  Scott chuckled and held his arms out.

“Come ‘mere” He said, and you hugged him tightly.  “And by the way, you’re a wider stick in the ass” 

“Way to ruin the moment” You muttered, pulling out of the embrace.  “But still.  You’re my brother.  And I’m obligated to love you” He laughed.

“Oh yeah, and I’m the moment ruiner” Scott laughed at you.  You smiled softly.

“I know you miss them but you won’t talk about it” You said in a quiet voice.  He gave you a sad smile.

“I don’t have to worry about it.  I have you guys” He assured.  “And you two wackos are all I need”

You hugged him again before you both went into the tent.

And the night ended with a lovely argument over who got to cuddle with Stiles.

no sweet note here but… scott never did really mourn for kira. not that she died but like ??? she just dropped off the show completely.  did he even know they used her sword to get theo back? wouldn’t that arise some kind of feeling of remorse in him? idk it’s 2:15 AM and i’m starving so maybe i’m delusional

xoxo ~ jordie

A Flower’s Path

GIF Credit to: @ygo-gx

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3

Pairing: Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) X Reader

Genre: angst, coming-of-age, slight!romance

Word Count: 2,584

Request: Hi! For the Hwarang scenarios, what about one where you are a great enough fighter that you are asked to be the ONLY female hwarang (but against your will). Once inside, Ban Ryu is constantly complaining about how you shouldn’t be there and how it’s a disgrace for a woman to be in the Hwarang house. The two of you keep bashing heads bc even though you didn’t want to be there, you weren’t going to take that from him. Once the princess gets there she gets jealous that most of the hwarang gets close with the female hwarang and tries to get rid of her. - @starbooks13

Your hands’ grip slowly tightened on the big wooden stick. Standing ground and focusing on your opponent, you lowered the stick enough so that it pointed at your enemy. New beads of sweat formed on your face. Inhale. Exhale. You smirked, full of confidence. Ready.

You let out a yell, striking a blow on the left shoulder, right shoulder, stomach, and then the shoulders again. Your rival refused to move, only dust flying out of him.You dashed around, dodging for any incoming attacks and taking chances of your own to get hits. Loud rhythmic sounds could be heard from your stick coming in contact with the surface again and again. The amount of energy you used up showed when you found yourself starting to breathe heavily. “Miss (Y/N).” A familiar soft female voice of your personal servant caught your attention. You immediately stopped beating the dummy and brought the stick down to your side.

Turning around to face her, you noticed once again that the woman could not have been but more than a few years older than you. There was still some youth in her face, but she mostly look tired, probably from working for so long. You remembered her being there by your side since you were a little girl. “Yes, Soonja. What is the matter?” you asked.

“Your father insists you stop practicing your martial arts for today and dine with him for dinner now,” the servant answered, bowing her head low. “He also wishes to discuss some important things with you.”

“What does he wish to discuss with me?” You slid your stick back into your weapon rack that also included your spear, sword and knives.

“I am not sure, Miss (Y/N). He just wants me to let you know that it is an important conversation, so he is hoping that you won’t skip dinner to practice.”

You smiled. “Thank you, Soonja. Please allow me to clean up as best as I can before we go see Father.”

When you stepped into the dining room, you found the round table filled with lots of food. It was sort of funny because meals usually meant just you and your father eating. “Good evening, Father. How did the meeting with the officials go today?” You took a seat across from the old man. His gray hair tied into a bun. Though his demeanor looked quite rough at first, your father also seemed quite gentle at times.

He was a True Bone. Quite high in the bone rank system, he was of royal blood and worked as an official for the Royal Family. Since you were his daughter, you were of royal blood as well. “Some of the other officials were beginning to feel doubtful about the Hwarangs and their impact on changing Silla for the better,” your father expressed as you picked up a sweet and sour mushroom from a dish and ate quietly. “A few of the officials are worried about their sons who are part Hwarang as of now. They fear that instead of helping to protect the future king, that the young men will become dogs to the queen.”

“Her Majesty has been on the throne for so long,” you agreed, giving a nod. “She still has some control of them. I have a friend whose brother is a Hwarang. She says that they’re having trouble getting along as some are for the queen and some are against. The males are so focused on their ranks among each other that they hardly train their martial arts and performing arts skills. So much for elites…”

“How do you feel about the formation of the Hwarangs, (Y/N)?” your father asked, placing down his silverware. You did the same, putting down your spoon. You tried to read your father’s eyes to see if he genuinely wanted an answer, and when he continued waiting on you, you sighed.

“I wouldn’t want to be a part of a group like that.”

“Why not? Your fighting skills are impressive. Even though I disapproved of you doing martial arts at first, I’ve come to see that you’re talented in that area. You would’ve made a great Wonhwa.”

“Father,” you frowned. “both leaders of Wonhwa died.”

You started to feel the topic of the conversation dissipate and began lifting up your spoon again to eat when realization hit you. The utensil was placed on the table once more. “Wait… Father, does this have something to do with an important discussion you wanted to have with me?”

“Her Majesty and I have come to an agreement that Hwarang could use someone like you.”

You froze. A heavy weight set on your shoulders, and your stomach started to twist, ruining your appetite. “You don’t even like the queen…”

“But I respect the Royal Family. I also want the best for Silla. The king has not shown his face in years. We are not sure of what he can or can’t do as a ruler of the kingdom. I support our king, and I feel that it would be an honor for you to serve and protect him, (Y/N). Do you understand me?”

“I do, Father, but I don’t want to do this. Hwarang? My fighting skill is just a hobby. It’s also used to protect myself and the people around me, but nothing more than that. I don’t want to risk my life.”

“(Y/N),” your father said in a stern voice, and you knew he was serious about that decision.

“Besides, Hwarang already had their admission ceremony. They’re most likely not accepting anymore members. Hwarang is a group of young elite males. I’m a lady… Please don’t make me join.”

“Keeping your skills as a hobby only is pathetic. You can put those skills to greater use. As for Hwarang being only for males, you will be an exception. Her Majesty adores strong young women, and the chief instructor has also allowed you to stay in Hwarang House with your own small room.”

“You’re not listening to me, Father. I don’t want-”

“Almost all of the officials have a son who excel in sword fighting or literature. Meanwhile, I’ve raised a daughter all my life. I have heard people badmouthed me and you and how you’re only good to be married off to…”

You tried to speak up almost interrupted him, but knowing that arguing with your father would not help with your decision, you remained silent. At this point, you knew there was no way you could win.

“I know that you don’t mind being talked about to like that,” he continued, “but I do not approve of a True Bone’s royal blood being spoken about that way. My daughter is special, and if she doesn’t want to be seen that way, then she’s just going to have to continue living with it because she will be escorted to the Hwarang House tomorrow morning to stand next to the other elites.”

Tomorrow morning?! Already?! Feeling unfairness, your eyes began to burn with incoming tears, but you held them back. “Yes, Father. My apologies for trying to talk back.” You bowed your head down, and your father picked up his silverware and resumed his meal as if nothing happened.

Like your father said, when you headed out the next morning, you found a tall, handsome male dressed in Hwarang uniform waiting for you on a horse. Another horse without a rider was right beside him. “Miss (Y/N),” the male greeted. “My name is Ji Dwi, and I have been assigned to escort you to the Hwarang House.”

You hurried to climb on the other horse and then looked over to Ji Dwi. He cracked a smile which confused you. “My apologies, Miss (Y/N),” he said, an amused look in his eyes, “you just don’t look all that excited.”

You grinned the most sarcastic smile you could muster. “Better?” Then, you showed an honest laugh. “I’m sure you didn’t imagine a female Hwarang, either, huh? Please just call me (Y/N).”

The two of you whipped the reigns lightly so that your horses could make their way back to Hwarang House. “I think it’ll be interesting to have you,” Ji Dwi replied. “I didn’t imagine there would ever be a lady who was spectacular in fighting. It’s as impossible as the king living in the Hwarang House, disguised as a Hwarang.” He glanced over at you again and shared a playful smile.

It was not long until you reached the home of the Hwarangs and found the chief instructor as well as his assistant instructor waiting on you. Being a gentleman, Ji Dwi helped you off of your horse. “Thank you,” you told him before walking over to the chief instructor.

The chief instructor hummed, observing you. “Why, you must be (Y/N). I am Chief Instructor Wi Hwa. It is our pleasure to have you. Hopefully, you were able to get acquainted with my nephew on your way here.” When he gave you a short bow, you returned a deeper one.

“Ah, Ji Dwi is your nephew? I didn’t know that. I was wondering which family he belonged to as I’ve never met him before.”

“He lived overseas,” the old man affirmed. He then nodded his head over at his nephew, and Ji Dwi headed back into the Hwarang House. The chief instructor then held out his hand in the direction of the building. “I will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have, (Y/N).”

You paid attention to the view of your new residence as you listened to the chief instructor guide you through the area. You didn’t spot any other elites around, probably because they were having lessons or something. Beautiful flowers were grown in all of the green grasses, pleasing your eyes. The walls were painted of a rich, bright red and some gold. You soon found out ways to important places such as your own room, the bathhouse (you were assigned a different time from the other Hwarangs, of course), the dining room and the area where the young warriors practiced their fighting skills. It was nice, but you still felt quite uneasy about being here.

“Do you think it is strange,” you said, staring ahead at scenery, “that even though I know how to fight, I don’t want to be a fighter at all?”

Chief Instructor Wi Hwa glanced over at you and then forward, sharing the same view as you. “Your father told me, and I can understand why you’re like that. You probably feel like a pawn in Her Majesty’s hand. Please think of this as another path you have to take in life.” He began to move, and you followed right next to him. “Here, I can guarantee your growth, just like these flowers. Though you seem to agree that women should not be seen fighting, I disagree. Embrace that part of you - your natural combat skills like the earthy soil, your soft, yet intense beauty like the waves of water, and your bright character like the sunlight - and you will be strong enough to stand on your own. Maybe, you’ll even start to discover more of yourself here, among the other Hwarangs.”

Before you knew it, you found yourself inside of the household and in front of the doors. You heard chatters inside, and for some reason, your heart started to pick up more beats per minute. Chief Instructor Wi Hwa opened up the doors, and when eyes turned to him and then you, the room became silent.

The boys bowed, and the chief instructor nodded. You walked behind the old man when he started toward the center of room, walking up the steps to higher platform. You dared not to make eye contact with anyone. Only when the man next to you cleared his throat did you glance up. Handsome men in the same elegant uniforms stared at you, a few in a way different from others. Some were in confusion as if they could not believe you were there, and a few in awe, having heard rumors of your arrival but still could not take your presence in. You recognized a few faces.

“There is someone I would like to introduce you all to…” the chief instructor began.

You spotted Ji Dwi who you met in the morning. He smiled which calmed your heart down a bit. Then, there was Soo Ho. You only ran into him a few times when your father met with his, and the two brought up how both of their children excelled in sword fighting. Also, you’ve seen him when he was dating a few of your friends. He gave you a charming smile, as expected of someone who’s been around a lot of women.

You easily found Yeo Wool. His feminine features caught your eye. You heard about his family from your father, and even found Yeo Wool once at Okta. It was embarrassing for you to admit it, but you quite envied his beauty. He had an amused smile on his face. Right next to him was Han Sung. You knew he didn’t like to fight, so you wondered why he decided to join Hwarang. Maybe it had something to do with him being the last True Bone of his family. There was a twinkle in his eyes, and his mouth was slightly ajar. You couldn’t help but smile at his cute reaction.

“(Y/N) will be joining as the only female Hwarang. It is an executive decision made by the queen and myself. (Y/N) is amazing fighter. Even better than most of you,” Chief Instructor Wi Hwa said, muttering the last part to himself. “We believe that she will be a great addition to Hwarang. As I expect you all to treat each other with respect, getting rid of Silla’s bone rank system in the Hwarang House, I want you all to do the same to Jung Young Sik’s daughter. Understood?”

“Yes!” the boys replied in unison.

“Good.” The chief instructor turned to you. “Please head to the physician’s room. Miss Ah Ro has sewn you a uniform that is similar to theirs. After you’re dressed appropriately, you will return to this room and continue the rest of the day with these boys.”

You turned around and began to head down the stairs when a clear, loud voice spoke up. “Wait.” The short hairs on your arms raised from the chill.

Chief Instructor Wi Hwa responded. “Yes. Ban Ryu.”

Your body rotated to where Ban Ryu stood. You have never spoken to him, only heard about him sometimes from your father. Soo Ho might have mentioned once to stay away from Ban Ryu. You were very aware of their rivalry. His face was striking, but at the same time quite intimidating. You had a bad feeling about his next words.

“I don’t believe that she should be here. She doesn’t belong in the Hwarang House. It is a disgrace.”

I don’t know about disgrace… You frowned.

“You said it yourself Chief Instructor, Wi Hwa, that you wanted to form Hwarang with the capital’s greatest male elites. She is a woman. If she is the daughter of an official, then she should be taking on duties of a woman, preparing for marriage. Furthermore, if you accept her, it will be unfair as we already had the ceremony. What if the officials whose son didn’t make it get upset?” Ban Ryu glanced in your direction, a dirty look. “It’ll be all her fault.”

The Patriot’s Boy - Chris Evans

Request:  hello, can you write a Chris Evans x reader where they’re at the super bowl and reader is a huge Falcons fan and at the end when the patriots made the comeback, reader is upset while Chris is all happy but Chris kisses the reader and she doesn’t kiss back at first but eventually she can’t resist and she accepts the results. Sorry for this very detailed request but after seeing Chris’ reaction and me being a Falcons fan, I really want to see a imagine like this. 

people: Chris Evans!Super Bowl x Reader (Falcons Fan) 


“Are you fucking kidding me!” I screamed out into the raging crowd as I saw the score become tied. 

“Fuck!” I growled, sipping on my beer while my boyfriend went ape-shit on me and was jumping up and down like he’d just heard that he could fuck Tom Brady right here, right now. 

I am 90% he’d take that offer too, to be honest. 

“Aw, is little YN upset that her Fal-can't’s are falling behind the Pat’s?” I glared up at Rivalry Renner and gave him that finger while I reached over and stole a mozzarella stick off of Scott’s plate. Viciously eating it as if it was the whole Patriot’s team. 

“Shut up, Renner. They just caught up, it’s not like they fucking won or something!” He laughed and shoved my shoulder gently in return, easing me up a little from my very unattractive quality: sports rage. Luckily, my boyfriend and I shared this quality but somehow he still managed to keep looking attractive. That bastard. 

I felt a hand stroke my hair as I sat back in my seat, getting back into the zone as I texted my friend back in our hometown, Atlanta I was telling her about the injustice that was happening out on the field, I needed a fellow Falconer to help ease my stress. 

“Hey grouchy girl, why the long face?” I felt relaxed when I saw Chris sit down next to me, putting an arm over my shoulder to pull me in for a quick squeeze. 

“I’m just… detoxing from the savageness out on the field. How the fuck can they have Tom Brady even out there?! He’s such a-” I felt Chris’s lips on mine suddenly, with air still left in my mouth. He held the sides of my face in a firm grip, I could feel my eyes drift closed before he released me in shock. I opened my eyes to a nose pressed against my cheek and a hot breath in my ear, “I don’t let my girl say shit about Tom Brady.” 

Pulling back, I smirked, standing up. “Well, I don’t let my boyfriend get some when he tells me what to say.” Dusting myself off I walked away to the bathrooms, only to find a line farther than half the football field. 

But a girl’s gotta sacrifice her time though when she needs the bathroom. 

By the time I got back, it was nearing the end and Chris looked a bit worried, texting ferociously on his phone, right before he looked up at me in a worried glance, “Where’ve you been! I’ve been texting you-” 

“There’s no reception in the bathroom area, dummy. Besides where’d you think I was going? Back to the car to sulk? Nah, because-” I felt hands touch my shoulders and their grips tighten as suddenly it was like a kick in the balls if I had any, my Falcon’s had lost. 

“Oh! Fuck! Fuck yeah, yeah! Woah! Yeah! That’s right, baby! That’s what I’m fucking talking about!” Chris screamed, jumping up and down and bouncing off of mine and Scott’s shoulders as the confetti hit the field and Patriot fans screamed. 

Chris tugged me into his arms and spun me around, tilting me down into a cheesy kiss that I tensed up at. I was fuckin’ pissed. No one shit’s on my Falcon’s and gets away with it. 

But, Chris was really giving me a kiss here, and this wasn’t just a peck, this was one full blown passionate kiss. With one hand holding me in a tilt and the other gently placed right under my ear, caressing my cheek with his warm thumb. Pulling me closer he put all he could into this kiss, every emotion he felt in this exact moment was taken by Chris, and somehow he managed to put it all within his lips as he held me with no space left between us anymore. 

I swear, in that moment the stadium was silent. No screams were heard, just the hot breaths between us. That’s all I heard in my ears. Slowly the wind he’d knocked right out of me returned, and soon I was back. Alive and in this tragic, yet unforgettable moment. 

As he pulled away slowly, tugging on my bottom lip just slightly before letting it fall back into place, swollen from the quick movements between my lips and his. Pulling each other’s lips back and forth like it was a war that we had no intentions of ending. 

He brought me back up and held me close to his chest as we swayed back and forth. His body was almost vibrating off energy from his Patriot’s winning. 

I felt his breath tickle my ear as he whispered into it with a smirk that I was gonna slap off his face any second. “I didn’t want you to be upset again. I can’t tell you what to do, I’m sorry. But in all fairness, I was caught up in the game and my guys beating yours.” Pulling back to get a look at that dumb ass grin plastered on those perfect lips of his, I couldn’t help the smile that found it’s way onto my own lips. 

“You are such a fuckin’ dork, you know that right? You literally have a Patriotic Erection right now.” Chris belted out a laugh, clutch his left peck for a moment before holding me to his chest again, breathing deeply as he let the moment sink in for him. 

“You may have no taste in football teams, baby. But you do have a lip on ya, and I fuckin’ love it. Come here, babe.” Chris crashed his lips into mine and held onto my waist, bunching up the sides of my Jersey. 

“You may be full on hard for Tommy right now, but I love you too. Even if you’re a mother fucker for beating me.” I saw his beautiful smile again and his heartbeat that leaped out of his chest from the crowd’s roars and rumbles. 

God, I loved my Patriot Man. 

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anonymous asked:

I always wanted to read a fanfic where Lucy realises she is in love with her best friend and she kinda feels left out when the other FT couples are spending time together while Natsu is busy doing something that Lucy doesn't know of. Lucy wants to vent it out to someone and a timely arrival of a letter from Anna makes Lucy want to go talk to Anna and seek some love advice, only for Natsu to come barging in demanding why Lucy left without informing him

I hope you like this!  Thank you for the request!

Lucy was frustrated and she hated that she was frustrated over something as trivial as her friends being in relationships and she was the only one who was not.  She hated that she was feeling such envy of her friends, she should be happy for them, she was happy for them, but it was hard to not be disappointed when she watched her friends all get together with each other and she was left on the outskirts of the foreign world of dating.

Not only was she incredibly frustrated with herself and her lovey-dovey friends, she was even more uncomfortable due to her innermost thoughts and feelings.  Those thoughts and feelings were all screaming at her in unison; they were tired of her putting them off and they demanded to be heard!  So, Lucy had to begrudgingly admit with, albeit horror, that she was, in fact, in love with none other than her best friend, Natsu Dragneel.

And because of that, there Lucy sat, in self pity and resentment, as she watched Levy’s growing belly, due to the twins she was carrying, Gray, finally allowing Juvia to cling to him without a grimace, and Erza, frequently leaving to go spend time with Jellal, and him coming to visit Fairy Tail from time to time.

Even some people she thought would never get together actually did as the years piled on.  Evergreen and Elfman, Laxus and Mira, Cana and Bacchus, yeah, the one guy who can outdrink her, Lisanna and Bickslow, seemingly the strangest of them all to Lucy.  It was just one giant love fest in the guild hall of Fairy Tail and Lucy was sitting on the sidelines, scowling down into her glass of water.

Lucy sighed, gulped down the rest of her drink, and scanned the room.  All was the same, enough romance in the enormous guild to suffocate her, and her, alone at the bar.  She thought about settling down with some cats, but even cats had a better love life than her considering Happy and Carla were spending a suspicious amount of time together.

She did another once over the hall, not finding what she knew she was looking for.  Natsu was off doing who knows what.  He seemed to be spending a lot of time out, not necessarily on jobs since he, Lucy, and Happy went on jobs together usually, but he was just always gone.  Lucy had once asked Happy where he was all the time and the blue cat just shrugged and gave her a grunt of the unknown.  Too busy with Carla to notice, Lucy was sure.

Lucy groaned and folded her arms on the bar top and resting her head on them.  Usually, by now, Mira would be over to ask if she was okay or ask if she wanted any food or drink, but today she was out with Laxus.  If Mira wasn’t at the guild, usually Kinana took over, but Kinana was visiting her boyfriend, Erik, so the bar, incredulously, was closed.  Lucy wasn’t much of a drinker, but she could have used a hard drink months ago.

“This is shitty…”  Lucy mumbled to herself.  She couldn’t even go on a job.  Lucy dragged herself from the bar and headed for the exit, not bothering to bid goodbye to anyone because her guild mates were absorbed in their own romantic worlds.  “Oh, bye Lucy!  It was so nice to see you, Lucy!  I’m so glad I got to talk to you, Lucy!  Do you want to sit with us, Lucy?”  Lucy muttered under her breath as she walked out the guild doors, mimicking her guild mates and then immediately feeling guilting about it.

“It’s not their fault…  I’m happy they’re happy, really,”  Lucy told herself sternly as she walked the cobblestone path back to her apartment.  She was a little frustrated with Natsu because she would have loved to go on a job, but he was nowhere to be found, and her rent was due in a few weeks.  “This just sucks.  Of course I had to end up having feelings for that dummy.  Stupid Natsu…”  Lucy grumbled, walking along the canal’s edge, and ignoring the warnings from the men in the boat.  She finally reached her apartment, checking her mail before going inside, and was elated to find out that Anna had sent her a letter.

“Hey!”  Lucy commented to Plue who was by her feet, “Anna wants to get together this week!  This is great!”  Lucy’s attitude flipped completely, she wasn’t one to sulk anyways.  She was always happy to go meet with her only living family, and she was so grateful to have Anna in her life.  Lucy busied herself writing a letter back to her, letting her know that she would be positively delighted to go for lunch with her.

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sassy-molassy  asked:

Reddie prompt: "You only want me when you can't have me". Some angsty shit with a fluffy end. It doesn't matter who these words will belong to, Eddie or Richie, I will be glad anyway if you'll write it.

okay sick done. i hope you like this, it feels like it’s shit but i also kind of love it? idk here u go darling xxx

ao3 link:

warnings: kissing, swearing, mentions of sex i guess?? they’re sixteen yo

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Wanna-One Jihoon Childhood Friend AU!

For Anon, who requested a scenario between Jihoon and a “bad girl”. Later I will be doing a Jihoon Boyfriend AU, so this is separate from that. Enjoy! (You + Park Jihoon)

Warning: Some mild cursing.

  • Still in high school, Jihoon was the class cutie
  • Everyone loved him and his unique personality/fashion sense
  • Was a smol cuddle bean that the guys and girls just adored
  • People would give him whatever he wanted because he was so adorable, but he didn’t take advantage of others
  • His best friends were equally cute (think: jinyoung n daehwi)
  • Lots of skinship and colorful fashion
  • But lets get to your relationship
  • You were his childhood best friend, next-door-neighbors
  • Went to school together hand-in-hand, always had playdates and sleepovers
  • Your parents always thought you two would get married HA
  • (caused lots “EW NO WAY”s from both of you in elementary school… which eventually turned to blushes later in middle school)
  • Anyway, you two were still neighbors, but not exactly best friends anymore
  • Somewhere along the way during the end of middle school you and him had grown apart
  • After your parents’ divorce, you took your pain out on yourself, and became intertwined with rebellious behavior like partying, underage drinking and smoking (although you actually couldn’t tolerate the smell of smoke)
  • You drifted apart from Jihoon as a result, opting for a different group of people to surround yourself with
  • Needless to say, while both of you were still in the same class, you hadn’t talked in years
  • Jihoon had actually liked you for a long time, ever since he was a young kid
  • But as you naturally grew apart, he felt as if he was losing you, who you used to be
  • He knew you very well, he was well aware that you had changed in order to protect yourself from getting hurt, as you had in the past
  • He knew you were trying to hide your emotions from the world and from yourself
  • He felt that he was somehow in the wrong as well, for not comforting you enough when you were in troubled times
  • He thought the real you was still somewhere deep inside you, but the years of guilt had piled up, leaving him unable to talk to you for all this time
  • Anyway…
  • At the school you both went to, while Jihoon had become super popular with everyone, it’s not hard to guess that the exact opposite had happened to you
  • You were frequently the subject of gossip (the bad kind), with people discussing their own theories of why you were… the way you are
  • Abusive childhood to prostitution, you’ve heard it all
  • And frankly, you didn’t care, or at least that’s what you told yourself
  • At school, throughout the day you would use class time as naptime, and frequently got in trouble for using your phone in class
  • Broke the dress code, wearing ripped clothing and hats
  • Shocked some of your teachers who had known you before the divorce
  • Anyway today you got ready for your nap when lectures started
  • But today’s class was different
  • You usually slept the entire day every day, but for once you weren’t able to
  • A loud cry of pain had awoken you, the sound sharply carrying from the front of the classroom to your seat in the very back
  • It was high pitched, but not a girl’s scream
  • Out of reflex that was established for years, you eyes darted up to the classroom, as your mind raced against your will
  • Jihoon? What happened to Jihoon?
  • You stood up quickly, knocking your chair back, your body reacting faster than you could think about your actions
  • You caught sight of the people you hung out with – you could barely call them “friends” – pushing Jihoon to the ground, and taunting him on the floor
  • Jihoon’s face was hard, no sign of weakness or tears, as he stared at his attackers, angering them even more
  • “You think you’re fucking better than us??? Just because you have some pretty face?? Why you shooting us shitty looks with that cute little face of yours??”
  • You quickly sprinted to Jihoon, pushing your “friends” away
  • “What the fuck are you guys doing right now.” You asked, darkly
  • “(Y/N), I think the question here is what are you doing right now. This-” one of your friends responded, kicking Jihoon, “absolute Brat, has the balls to look us in the eye and tell us to talk more quietly. Well, now hopefully he has learned his lesson”, leg lashing out to kick Jihoon again…
  • Before you blocked his leg with your own, not allowing it to reach Jihoon another time
  • “Seriously, you guys are offended by the dumbest shit,” you said, pushing your acquaintances away, purposefully making yourself the target
  • You began to fight with them, maneuvering yourself, and consequently them, out of the classroom
  • It was no big deal to you; you fought with them all the time
  • And it wasn’t as if you needed them, anyway
  • You returned to the classroom hours later, the school day almost over, bruises and fingernail scratches covering your arms and face
  • On your desk, you found a small note stuck to the book you had been using as a pillow
  • There was a singular word on the note: “Thanks.”
  • You reddened as you realized that this was Jihoon’s handwriting
  • Were you… embarrassed?
  • The boy you hadn’t talked to in years
  • You were dismayed: did you seem soft all of a sudden?
  • This isn’t what you wanted, but then your reaction wasn’t exactly what you had expected from yourself
  • You were trying not to think about it and ignore that what you did never happened, but this note just made everything more complicated
  • I would have done the same for anyone else, you told yourself. I don’t give a shit about him anymore, we have been broken off for years now
  • You started to crumple the note, but realized your hand wouldn’t listen to your directions
  • You ended up just sticking the note in the book, shaking your head, and laying back down on your book
  • You could barely sleep
  • As soon as the bell rang, you jumped up and ran out of the classroom, not wanting a confrontation with Jihoon or your your friends or literally anyone else
  • This was the first time in years you had felt so attacked and unsure of what was going on
  • You raced home on your bike, quickly running up to your room and locking yourself inside for the rest of the afternoon and night
  • For once, you didn’t touch a single bottle of alcohol after school
  • All the thoughts you had been having for years had just started consuming you, insanely stressing you out, leaving you unable to sleep
  • Sometime in the late night, your thoughts were momentarily stopped by the rhythmic flicking of light
  • Memories flooded your mind, recognizing that the lights were coming from the house next to yours
  • Jihoon.
  • The signal you both used to use before you had phones or a way of communicating late at night
  • Flick-pause. Flick Flick-pause. Flick-pause.
  • You gravitated towards your window
  • Ah, Jihoon. Seriously.
  • He wasn’t the type to linger on these things like you
  • He had been waiting all this time for a sign from you
  • A sign that you still cared, because he certainly did.
  • You stood near your window, a couple of tears starting to fall down your face
  • You had no idea why you were even crying, you just were
  • Jihoon opened his window that faced your room… you both had insisted moving to the rooms in your respective houses that would allow for the easiest nighttime communication
  • You kept telling yourself this isn’t what you wanted, you couldn’t become close to people again or you would just get hurt
  • You were telling yourself that your hands opening the window on your end were moving against your will
  • But inside, you missed letting yourself be happy. You missed your relationship with your parents. You missed your friends.
  • You missed Jihoon.
  • A lot.
  • Before you knew it, your window was open, and you finally saw Jihoon, unable to look him in the eye, tears continuing to fall down your face
  • And then you heard his voice, talking to you, the first time in what felt like forever
  • “(Y/N), why are you already crying, we haven’t said anything yet!” He giggled out
  • His laugh, oh god how you missed that laugh
  • You finally managed to meet his smiling eyes, causing you to break down completely
  • “Jihoonnnnn-ahhhh,” you choked out through your sobs
  • You looked up again, and he was gone
  • You panicked, unable to think clearly, falling to the floor
  • Where was Jihoon?? Did you imagine this whole thing?? Was this a dream??
  • Before you knew it, you felt warm and reliable arms encircling you, a hand pulling you to a shoulder
  • "Shh, (Y/N), it’s okay. It’s all okay now,” he whispered, stroking your hair
  • “I ran over as fast as I could,” he paused, letting out a laugh that you felt
  • “You still keep your house key under the mat? Dummy,” he continued, squeezing your cheek, just like old times
  • Just like old times. You let that sink in
  • You clutched onto Jihoon, afraid this was a dream, afraid he would go
  • For this whole time you had denied to yourself how much you missed him, how much you had struggled on your own, closing yourself off from the world
  • But he was back
  • Jihoon felt your tight grasp, and of course he knew what you needed to hear
  • "I’m not going anywhere, and you better not either.”
  • You nodded into his neck, tears collecting on his skin and shirt
  • I’m not going anywhere, either, Jihoon. Ever.

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This was stupid

This whole thing, it was so stupid, and it made Annabeth feel stupid, and she wasn’t stupid, she was smart, gods damn it, so why couldn’t she do this? She should have been able to do this.

She only realised she was crying when a tear splashed on to the page of her textbook, blurring the black letters printed on the white page. That tear falling felt like conceding defeat, and soon enough she was crying in earnest, sobbing hard enough that the words became even less intelligible than they’d already been.

She put her head down on the book and let herself cry, feeling terribly stupid and sorry and frustrated. Her whole face felt hot, flushed with anger and annoyance - at this essay, at herself, at the fact that she was a daughter of the goddess of wisdom and she couldn’t seem to write a simple fucking essay.

When the door to her room opened she instinctively straightened, grabbing her dagger and spinning in her seat to face the intruder. When she saw who it was she immediately collapsed back onto the desk, face first, letting her dagger fall to the floor. 

She heard Percy shut the door behind himself. There were a few soft footsteps, and then a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder and a quiet question. “Annabeth, hey, what’s up?”

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Hogwarts! Minghao

anon requested: “Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Hogwarts AU for minghao/The8 like you did for Joshua and Wonwoo?? Thanks and I love your blog!”

  •  third year slytherin
  • closest with the other third years in his friend group, Seokmin and Mingyu
  • also really close with Gryffindor’s Jun
  • he didn’t really know anyone when he first came to Hogwarts
  • really quiet a lot of the time too
  • half-blood
  • tried out for the slytherin quidditch team and became one of the beaters along with Jihoon
  • and that’s how he came to meet the rest of that friend group
  • also hit Jun with a bludger
  • and stopped Jun from getting the snitch
  • which had never happened before in Jun’s entire time as a seeker
  • Minghao went to go apologize to Jun in the infirmary because he hadn’t meant to hurt anyone was just too good at being a beater
  • “What?!?! Don’t be sorry, I’ve never failed before, this makes it all the more fun!” Jun said, surprising Minghao
  • and their friendship started from there
  • never insult one of them
  • not unless you want to make thirteen new enemies
  • Minghao gets decent scores on stuff but is pretty laid back
  • isn’t really seen studying
  • rather, he trains really hard everyday with the quidditch team
  • “Grades don’t promise a good life, you have to do what you love”
  • walks around the grounds with his friends a lot
  • and talks or sits by the lake
  • also hangs out a lot in the room of requirement
  • though no one knows why
  • ask Jun or someone Minghao’s close to and they say
  • “Minghao does his own thing sometimes so we don’t bother him, it’s tough dealing with all of us all the time.”
  • also spends the most time on the quidditch field compared to the others
  • practicing or doing flying tricks with Jun
  • or just flying around the grounds on the weekend with other teammates
  • also likes spending time in the astronomy tower, stargazing with his friends or by himself
  • was rumored to have hidden a dragon in the forbidden forest as his pet
  • but no could ever get any proof he had a dragon
  • although someone did swear Minghao came into potions one day with his robes a bit burnt
  • best class is Defense against the Dark Arts
  • tbh he’s too good
  • never gets below a perfect score on papers and the professor loves him
  • which sort of bothered you
  • “I swear he doesn’t do any work in the class but the professor just lets him do whatever!” you rant to a friend
  • ever since you and Minghao met, you guys had a frenemy sort of deal
  • he had accidentally ran into you in the halls causing you to drop your books
  • and when he bent down to pick them up for you, you accidentally smacked him in the face with your robes
  • suffice to say, your dynamic with Xu Minghao had always been a bit complicated from there
  • “Hey!!! I’m sorry I made you drop your stuff, no need to smack me!” he yelled rubbing his nose
  • “I didn’t smack you and why are you running in the first place, are you lost?” you said flustered
  • this question was met with some awkward and tense silence
  • everyone knows the two of you argue over everything
  • if you both start bickering
  • “y/n and Minghao are back at it again, PLEASE STOP.”
  • and when you found out he was in the same house as you-
  • “Wait this means I’m in your classes…”
  • “I’m just as upset as you are”
  • “No way, I’m clearly more upset.”
  • “You are not, I’m suffering.”
  • “You’re lucky to be graced by my presence.”
  • “Please sweetheart, don’t make me laugh.”
  • it was almost funny how you two argued about everything
  • “No you’re supposed to add the root after you stir!” you tell Minghao in potions
  • “Well if you had read the directions faster, we wouldn’t be stuck here!” he stuck his tongue out at you
  • “Hey you two, stop fighting, you’d think you guys were a married couple or something.” your friend laughed at the two of you
  • “Shut it.” Minghao rolled his eyes
  • “Hey! Don’t talk to my friend that way!”
  • Minghao knew how to push your buttons, and you weren’t really sure why
  • “Ok but think of it this way, he legit never does stuff in Defense against the Dark Arts!”
  • “This is like the fifth time you’ve brought him up in a minute, ar you obsessing over Minghao or something? Make up your mind…” she shakes her head sarcastically
  • “I’m not obsessing over him!”
  • “RIght.” she suppresses a giggle
  • “You sure you don’t like him then?” she snickered
  • “WHat the ACtUal heCK!” you turn around facing her
  • “You’re always bickering with him over tiny stuff, and he’s always trying to annoy you on purpose as if trying to start conversations and stuff.” she said hiding a smile
  • “Are you ok? You didn’t get hexed or something did you?” you ask her
  • which makes her throw her hw at you
  • “No need for violence but what you said doesn’t make any sense.” you say handing her back the projectile that was her hw
  • “You’re always talking about him too. Now that I think about it you two are alike in a lot of ways.” she shrugs
  • “What how?!?!”
  • “Well, you’re both the best in our class for defense against the dark arts, you’re both stubborn and you’re both annoying…”
  • it was your turn to throw your hw at her
  • “Look, I’m just saying, if you like Minghao, tell him” she laughs before turning to finish her paper
  • “I don’t like him!” you say blushing unknowingly, "He doesn’t do anything in that class! Just sits around with his friends.“
  • "Explain his perfect paper scores then?”
  • “He has to be cheating, I don’t know how, but I’ll prove it.”
  • “Explain your blushing then?”
  • you stopped to stick your tongue out at her and to hide your reddening face
  • no you didn’t like Minghao, right?
  • he was just some annoying classmate of yours…
  • the more you thought about what your friend said though
  • the more you reflected on yourself
  • the way Minghao always seemed to walk up to you in potions
  • “Lovely day I would have been having, if only you, my favorite person IN THE WHOLE WORLD, were a bit happier to see me.” he’d joke
  • “Go annoy someone else” you said without looking up
  • “But I like annoying you, because your reactions are hilarious.” he’d laugh
  • or the way your eyes would naturally wonder over to his face in defense against the dark arts
  • where he’d notice you staring
  • and stick out his tongue at you or make a silly face
  • and he’d laugh seeing you roll your eyes and look away
  • but you always stared at him a bit after
  • when he wasn’t looking at you
  • and noticed how a small dimple formed on his cheek when he pressed his lips together for a smile
  • what the heck are you actually a stalker stop you don’t like Minghao… RIGHT?????!?!?!
  • but as you thought about it more
  • he never failed to make your life at school interesting
  • the way he bounded up behind you going into defense against the dark arts to tap you on the right shoulder before ducking to your left side and pretending he never did it
  • or the way you two would race each other to see who could finish hw first in the common rooms
  • or how you’d draw a mustache on his face with wingardium leviosa and your quill if he ever fell asleep
  • you had to admit your feelings for him were more than just some annoying classmate
  • but what could you do about them?
  • your relationship with him had always been just frenemies
  • once you both were trying to figure out the stupefy spell
  • and you looked over at him determined to beat him to the punch when learning it
  • and he just gave you a sly smile
  • before cracking up in laughter when you accidentally broke a desk with your wrongly done spell
  • when he threw it perfectly at the practice dummy
  • and walked over like
  • “Do you need something y/n?”
  • and you just huffed and threw the spell perfectly on the next turn before turning around to look at him pointedly
  • which he just returned with an eyebrow raised
  • “Your aiming could have been better.” he comments before turning away
  • you didn't want to like Minghao, or did you want to like him? he had always been your number one competition, the person always keeping you on your toes
  • but he also made you laugh when you weren’t feeling the best
  • and his occasional messing up was endearing 
  • and also made you want to help him when he needed it
  • “THIS IS TOO COMPLICATED I HATE EMOTIONS!!!!” you groan in the empty hallway before the room of requirement
  • you needed to get something out of the room but Minghao had popped into your thoughts again
  • speaking of Minghao popping out of nowhere
  • “Yelling in the hallways waking up the ghosts again, y/n?”
  • you nearly scream as Minghao walks up behind you
  • “Give me some heads up when you show your face, I almost became a ghost.” you said clutching your heart
  • “Yea well, I’m not really up for our usual teasing today, y/n, sorry.”
  • you look up to see Minghao sighing
  • “Why? Not up for my usual roasting of you?” you joke trying to lighten the suddenly serious mood
  • “I don’t know, I’m just tired I guess.” he paced three times pass the door and you watched a door appear
  • “Should I leav-” you start before he turns to look at you and grabs your arm pulling you into the room
  • alone
  • the room was lined with mirrors and you look closer,
  • practice dummies?
  • you watched as Minghao threw a spell at one without even seeming to try
  • and hit it perfectly
  • “I come here to practice every night, but it’s too quiet, and you were here being loud as usual so…” he trailed off
  • you stared at him as he threw another spell
  • “Anyway, I hope you don’t mind, you can just sit there and talk about how annoying I am if you want, but I just didn’t want to be by myself…” he finished blushing
  • “What?” you said trying to shake your thoughts
  • “I practice every night which is how I can pull off that stuff in class. I kind of just wanted to show off to you because you’re smart, but I guess my plan backfired, since I don’t think you like me very much”
  • you looked up feeling warmth in your cheeks
  • Minghao wasn’t looking at you, he was staring dead ahead at the next practice dummy
  • “Jun told me I’m clueless on these things, but I don’t know what to do. How do you tell the person you like that you like them?” he said giving a cute little frown
  • you were surprised at his words, “I guess the guy’s human after all.” you thought to yourself
  • but you also felt your heart fall
  • so Minghao liked someone already
  • it shouldn’t have affected you, but you felt your heart ache a bit
  • “You should just tell her” you said sighing
  • even if you liked Minghao and he liked someone else, you didn’t like seeing him not as his usual joking and vibrant self
  • “You think so?” he said looking at you
  • “Yea…”
  • “y/n?”
  • “Yea Minghao?”
  • “Ummm, I- I kinda like you." 
  • and before you even got a chance to process his words
  • he pulled you into his arms
  • hugging you to his chest
  • "I never really knew how to tell you, and it seemed like you hated me. But you always talked to me even when other people wouldn’t because they think I’m too quiet or something. And you were always just there, despite me teasing you all the time. I don’t know when, but, I really like you y/n.”
  • he let go of you
  • you, frozen in your spot
  • “You can continue hating me now, I just had to tell you before I went crazy.” he started to turn away
  • you grabbed onto his arm and he turned back to face you
  • “Uh, I kind of like you too….”
  • Minghao’s smile was the brightest you had ever seen it
  • “What’s that? Our loud y/n speaking in a whisper?” he giggled, “Could you say it again, I didn’t quite hear you.”
  • “Don’t push your luck Xu Minghao, I said I like you too.” you crinkled your nose
  • “So do you want to kind of go out with me?” he said smiling brightly again
  • “Only if you kind of want to date me…” you said returning his smile
  • “That’s what I just asked.”
  • “Well I’m awkward so what’d you expect?”
  • everyone freaking SHOOK when you walk into class together not arguing
  • “Is the world ending tomorrow?” your friend said looking at you then over at Minghao
  • the both of you just staring at each other and hiding a smile
  • Mingyu stalking over to you
  • “Did you finally break Minghao y/n?”
  • “Hm..?” you said
  • until Minghao literally shatters the earth everyone is standing on by putting an arm around you and saying “No, we’re dating.”
  • and everyone ??!!!??!?!?
  • and everyone is so surprised
  • except for Jun
  • “I called it.”
  • “No you didn’t.”
  • “REGARDLESS, I told you to tell her.”
  • and the two of you are just the cutest most comfortable softest thing there
  • racing each other to your next class
  • games of tag as you pass each other in the hallway
  • “Tag you’re it”
  • “I tagged you you’re it!”
  • him stealing your books and other supplies to carry around for you
  • teasing each other with cute pet nicknames
  • and teasing each other in different ways
  • “Why can’t I hold your hand?” Minghao whined playfully
  • “You have to be fast enough first.” you smirk and raise your hand up to wave in his face
  • but in a blink your smirk disappears as Minghao grabs your hand, you too slow to react
  • “Gotcha.”
  • “I hate you.”
  • “Aw come one, you loooooove meeee.”
  • “No I don’t.”
  • and he’d grab your other hand too until you’re trapped facing him
  • “What’s that?” he said titling his head cutely at you
  • “Fine,” you say giving in, “I tolerate you mildly.”
  • “that’s not it.” he said before leaning down to kiss you on the cheek
  • “Try it again.” he said laughing
  • “Fine, I like you. Are you happy now?” you say giggling
  • “Mhmm. I’m very happy.”

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