now crawling back to my cave

Guys. What if Hinata can sing.

• Like, really sing- as in every note that comes out of his mouth is a blessing from above that would make a vicious serial killer want to start an orphanage and donate to the homeless.

• What if Hinata can play guitar and even taught himself; think of how he learned to play by practicing and watching others, just like volleyball.

• Hinata being able to mimic chords just by looking at them one time and sight reading music so quickly that he can learn a completely foreign song and memorize it within an hour?

•Hinata isn’t the volleyball idiot that everyone expects, and actually has a hidden talent that no one would assume.

• But what if Hinata had horrible, horrible stage fright and refused to sing in front of everyone- except Natsu because she never judges his voice and sometimes it’s the only thing that will calm her down after a tantrum or when it’s time for bed.

• And it just so happens that the whole team goes out to a restaurant/bar after a particularly good practice before vacation only to find that it’s karaoke night and anyone is invited.

• Hinata just sits there fidgeting because someone just sang a horrible rendition of Sanctuary and he could crush every person in the place if he just wasn’t scared shitless.

• And Suga is constantly giving the “I know you want to,” look because he may or may not have accidentally walked in on Hinata singing a really gorgeous song when he thought the club room was empty and may or may not have gushed his heart out until Hinata made him pinky promise not to tell anyone. (“Really Hinata? I don’t think a pinky prom-” “Please, Suga-Senpai!!”)

• And then the last call for singers before the DJ goes home goes out and Suga literally kicks Hinata from under the table and how the hell did he do that from the other side of the table so Hinata literally bolts up and stands there for a solid thirty seconds, not really sure where his heart landed on the floor because it certainly didn’t come up with him/that or it’s beating so fast he can’t feel it anymore.

• Everyone staring at Hinata like they’re expecting some sort of speech or joke or proclamation of “We’re Going to Win!”

• Then, as if the actual law of gravity has suddenly reversed itself, Hinata raises his hand and asks if he can go on the stage. He’s actually quite proud of himself that he didn’t throw up while he asked.

• The whole team just stares at him blankly, blinking with food half-hanging out of their mouths. Suga looks like he’s bursting with pride, while Tsukishima looks mildly sick. Hinata won’t dare look any of them in the eye.

• What if they start laughing? What if Noya and Tanaka both can’t hold it in and make a scene? God, Kageyama is right next to him, judging him and Chikara looks like he’s about to ask Hinata to take a drink of water to calm down.

(“Um Hinata, you do know you have to be able to sing, right?” “Christ, Hinata! Sit down! Haha!” “Did someone put something in his food?” He can imagine all the comments that are waiting to come out.)

• But all of a sudden, the guy at the DJ booth comes over and ushers him away to pick a song, leaving Hinata without a chance to back out and run away. He’s stranded near the stage with the entire team looking at his back, and no escape route. The guy asks what song and Hinata suddenly sees a guitar behind the booth, one much like his own and just the sight of a similar instrument calms his down a bit.

• He looks back to see Suga give him a thumbs up, everyone still watching him like they’re half confused and half intrigued- maybe a little scared and Hinata takes a breath. Then asks for the guitar and a mic stand.

• He’s shaking while things are being set up, but holy crap this is actually happening ohmygod someone stop him please just send him off and bury him in a ditch because oh god don’t make me do this-

• The first strum of the guitar is wiry and loud and people flinch and so does Hinata because his nerves are getting to him, dammit! The second strum is easier, the third is softer, the fourth movement of his hand is relaxed and comfortable and suddenly his fingers feel warm and light and his head is clear and the lights are so bright he can’t even see anyone more than five feet away.

• And then Hinata opens his mouth and the entire place goes deathly quiet while lyrics to the acoustic version of “I’m a Believer” pour past Hinata’s lips like they were made to be there.

• He starts singing softly, then gets stronger and more emotional, his eyes falling shut as his hands strum the guitar with practiced ease and his voice fills every room with this calming radiance that no one expected from the shaking, stuttering, hyperventilating kid who walked up literally 40 seconds ago.

• And every single member of the Karasuno Volleyball Club is absolutely dumbstruck because who the hell is he and what did he do with Hinata? Even Tsukishima can’t turn away and even takes off his headphones so he can listen better.

• Asahi is wiping a tear from his eye, while Noya and Tanaka don’t hide their watery-eyed pride for they Kouhai. Daichi looks more at peace than anyone has ever seen him and Chikara’s heart may have stopped beating for a minute. Suga is just sitting there like a smug little shit with a glowing sign above him saying “That’s my kid, start bowing.”

•Then there’s Kageyama; not sure whether he should keep looking at Hinata like a fish out of water or keep his eyes down to hold in the blush of embarrassment.

•And all of them are struck completely silent as Hinata continues to sing with this unearthly voice that is an actual gift. People who weren’t even in that section of the restaurant are crowding in the doorway to see who that beautiful voice belongs to- some women writing down their numbers for after the performance and some men as well.


What if Hinata can sing.

And it just turns everybody into better people.

And also a little bit gay.

Things I would like to see in DA4

There are a few things regarding Dorian that I would love to see in the next Dragon Age game. Like …

Dorian being the first to greet you in the game
… and then staying at your side, wether as a companion or an advisor.

Lots and lots of interaction with Maevaris
Just imagine all the wonderful banter between these two!

Dorian chatting with his LI via communication crystal
With Bull or the Inquisitor, depending on your personal canon.

Papa Dorian!!!
Seriously, just imagine him as father. Adopting a qunari or elf or dwarf or human. Having his own little family. Trying to make the things right his own parents did wrong.

And of course: Dorian being fiercely protective of his loved ones
Don’t mess with his tiny family.

All in all I just want Dorian to be happy and loved.

Sigh … now excuse me while I crawl back into my cave, waiting for DA4.


When everyone you love is having nerve wrecking critical moment....running towards time.

Well..almost everyone you love…

worrying over A PIECE PAPER. Yup.  (≖‿≖) *heh. very 15/ 16 years old of you.

(I hope he follows He tian but that is another impossible dream,maybe)

Credit totally belongs: Old Xian and yaoi-blcd


So I recently hit a follower milestone and I had made the decision of starting my very own Tolkien family once the goal was reached and now here we are. 

To join my Tolkien family, rules are as follows:

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I won’t be publishing the asks, because I don’t like spamming peeps and I prefer my blog to be more from the neat side. I will just reblog this post about a billion times just so as many people as possible will see it. I really hope a lot of you will join so I won’t look like a complete jackass. Knock yourselves out, kids!

anyway my dash was so peaceful for so long but now there’s bullshit on it again and i’m just… waiting for anyone to put themselves in someone else’s shoes for like four seconds before being all “lesbians have it so much easier!!!!” or “bi women have it so much easier!!!!” or whatever is the asshole thing of the day. truly have the tiniest bit of goddamn empathy and consider that you might not actually be the world’s foremost expert on other people’s experiences