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So when's the next update

I’m Working As Hard As I Can. I had a bunch of relatives over the past few days and it’s just been Hell Time with my self esteem and self worth and Dealing With Derogatory Comments From Loved Ones © 

So I fled into my suffering cave and just been catatonic there. But now I’m slowly crawling out and going back to my regular schedule. I reckon it’ll take maybe 3-4 more days or less. 

Up soon:

Dallas hanging up posters of missing persons. “I slur a plea for you to come home. But I know it’s too late, And I should have given you a reason to stay
Given you a reason to stay, Given you a reason to stay”

Things I would like to see in DA4

There are a few things regarding Dorian that I would love to see in the next Dragon Age game. Like …

Dorian being the first to greet you in the game
… and then staying at your side, wether as a companion or an advisor.

Lots and lots of interaction with Maevaris
Just imagine all the wonderful banter between these two!

Dorian chatting with his LI via communication crystal
With Bull or the Inquisitor, depending on your personal canon.

Papa Dorian!!!
Seriously, just imagine him as father. Adopting a qunari or elf or dwarf or human. Having his own little family. Trying to make the things right his own parents did wrong.

And of course: Dorian being fiercely protective of his loved ones
Don’t mess with his tiny family.

All in all I just want Dorian to be happy and loved.

Sigh … now excuse me while I crawl back into my cave, waiting for DA4.



Hi. A lot of people were unsure I was still open for these because I did not make further update posts. I AM! It is just that… I got a few people pushing me to make a damn chart and whom did not want a commission until I did. It took me a long time to make (something about seeing a summary of my art on a graph and the pressure really disturbs me..heh) but I finally did because I really need $$. Paypal has fucked me over again and I owe them 300$. I also found out my mother threw away something I used to treat my severe gender dysphoria that I paid with my own money (150$ worth) because she thought it was for my own good. I have not left the house because of it. If you are wondering about my court case, it got pushed to December 2017 due to the overwhelming number of similar cases and arrests. My friend had 2 cases, one was dropped and her second one is the same date as mine. There is a chance our cases will be dropped but not sure. I will update if there is a change. (If you need info, you can ask me private, I just hate talking about it openly on my blog) I feel really guilty taking donations (the ones I received have been put to the side) Anyways here’s more info of commissions! Press READ MORE BELOW ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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Like Real People Do

Inspired by the melody of “Like Real People Do” by Hozier. 


The weight of Simon’s sleeping head on my shoulder was something I would have killed for at Watford.

Honestly, I could track the years by what my response to this would have been. 

If it had been second year, I would have shoved him off and pinched him. Maybe taken his moment of vulnerability to spit in his ear or something. Twelve year olds are weird.

I felt him sigh against my neck, turning more on the couch to cuddle against me. Bunce had taken a vacation to see her moronic brother Primal, so I’d taken up residence in their flat.

I already had, to be completely honest, but now we didn’t have Bunce griping at us to stop snogging in front of her.

Simon had suggested we watch the last Lethal Weapon movie at 2pm on a Tuesday and had immediately passed out, his snores brushing against my neck and his arm snaked behind me to grip my waist. It was uncomfortable, but I’d sooner crawl back into a numpty cave than move.

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I’m just gonna leave this here and then go crawl into a dark cave and never come out again okay bye 🙈

How you haunt me still
as I walk out the door to the night
You felt bright
Now the darkness is settling in around me

How you blew my mind
with the things that you did
And the times you kept quiet
I could see in your eyes what you wanted to say

And the things I’d do tonight
Just to have you by my side

I’d do anything, anythin

We’d take two steps back and one step forth
We would conquer the dancefloor
And your dress would look so nice
- were you with me tonight

And I still see that day
with the pain in my heart from when you walked away
How you left me astray
With a broken promise

But here I’m standing now
with a ghost from the past on my arm
and I try not to cry from the harm
of not knowing if you will be back

But the things I’d do tonight
Just to have you by my side

I’d do anything, anything

We’d take two steps back and one step forth
We would conquer the dancefloor
And your dress would look so nice
- were you with me tonight

I would hold you tight – the girl I adore
as we conquered the dancefloor
And a smile would fill your eyes
- were you with me tonight

Oh, you haunt me still

I’m having some kind of crisis with drawing recently. Trying so hard to stick to one style of drawing but I just can’t QAQ
Anyway, here is a small portait of some girl. Got inspired my Sui Ishida works (these random geometric figures and stuff… yea! OwO).
For now I’ll just crawl back into my ‘art block cave’ and keep trying to find that ‘special’ style of mine.

~ Have a nice day everyone!

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Bellamy x reader imagine where he says really harsh and hurtful things to her because he misinterprets something that she did and tells her to leave camp and she doesn’t say anything but accepts it and she leaves and he finds out that she did what she did to protect him because she loves him and then he looks for her and he find that she’s hurt. Sorry it’s so long 😁 but you’re writing is amazing and you have a way with words that I could never muster

I’ve done this a little differently than most of my imagines, here I’m going back on forth from PoV’s. I think it works with this particular prompt.

Characters: Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake.
Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Warnings: Bad language.


“You stole from us, your fucking friends.” Bellamy hisses in your face, his anger building up to the point where he could barely contain it. Hot pink cheeks where speckled with rain drops from the impending shower, a vein prominent at the side of his forehead. Both indications that Bellamy was nearing rage.

“I’m sorry.” You reply simply, wringing your hands as he stares you down with gritted teeth. Keeping your eyes firmly on the ground you try not to allow them to fill with tears. It was heartbreaking knowing that Bellamy was disappointed in you.

“You should be sorry. I don’t know why I ever thought you could be more than a dirty thief.” He sneers, hitting you where he knew it would hurt. It was a low blow, stealing having been why you were put in the Skybox in the first place, and Bellamy knew that calling you a thief would sting.

All you do is sniffle in reply, nodding in agreement to what he had said. Bellamy pauses, waiting for you to defend yourself, but it doesn’t come. Sighing, he turns to the guards at the entrance and waves at them to open the gates to which they promptly comply. With frightened eyes you look over toward the open gate and then back to Bellamy, who now has his arms folded across his shoulders in a guarded stance.

“You’re banished.” He announces, his tone quiet and dejected but also stern. Clearly he was hurting, and you’d done that to him.

Nodding once again you walk toward the exit, Jasper handing you your bag back as you go. No one says a word, all too full with shock to speak.

Tears along with rain spill down your face as you walk around the forest looking for shelter, eventually finding a cave and setting up camp for the night. You build yourself a fire and decide to go out hunting because you’d be getting hungry soon.

“What the fuck do you mean it was you.” Bellamy growls, sounding more dangerous and furious than O had ever heard before.

“I’m sorry, Bellamy.” Octavia tries, Bellamy looks away in disgust. “But I didn’t know you’d throw her out of camp! I needed the medicine box, I need the pain pills for my detox… She was just coving for me, I didn’t know she’d be banished for it.” She continues, her voice pleading. But Bellamy doesn’t want to hear it. He’s banished you for something his sister has done. You were trying to protect him from finding out the truth and he’d fucking sent you to be captured or killed.

“We’ll talk about this later.” Bellamy gruffs as the walks out of O’s tent, out into the heart of the camp.

With a booming voice he calls out “Re-con mission.” and a group gathers around him, waiting to hear what was going on. “Y/n’s innocent. We need to go out and find her, bring her back here. And we need to do it before nightfall. I need volunteers to come with me.”

Catching rabbits was a lot harder than Bellamy had made it look, but after an hour or so you’d caught one. As you were making your way back to camp with your dinner, however, you accidentally set off one of the grounder traps and almost got your head cut off. Instead when you saw the blade coming toward you, you stumbled back and fell backwards down a small slump. Rolling to the bottom you immediately grab your ankle, sharp pains running through the muscles.

You’d twisted it. Great.

“Two west, two east. Two north, I’ll go south.”

“I’ll go with you, Bellamy.” Clarke offers worriedly.

“I want to be on my own right now.” He replies blatantly, too fouced on the task at hand to be nice to the princess.

The team dispatch and Bellamy begins to make his way south. It didn’t take long to find a trail of human footprints leading away from camp.


Standing was not an option, as you had realised from several painful attempts. Which meant that you could only shuffle and crawl your way back to your cold, lonely cave. First the boy you love banishes you and now you’ve got a twisted (or possibly broken, considering the pain you were in) ankle.

“Why me, God?”

“Because you’re stupid enough to admit to a crime you didn’t commit.” A voice replies, causing your eyes to snap up, seeing a wet and miserable look Bellamy Blake standing above you.

“I was protecting Octavia.”

“No, you were protecting me from being forced to banish O. You put my feelings before your own.”

“Well… Yeah.” You mumble, realising that Bellamy must be able to see the amount of love you had for him in your actions and wondering if he reciprocated them.

Bellamy carefully steps down the slump and comes to your side, looking at you for a couple of seconds before putting his attention on your ankle. He inspects it with gentle hands while you watch him, just thankful that he’d come looking for you.

“Fractured, I think. Clarke will be able to tell.”

“I’m allowed to come back?” You ask in joy.

“Don’t be stupid.” Bellamy grunts, leaning down to scoop you up in his arms. You cling onto him, afraid he’ll drop you. “Relax, I’ve got you.” He promises softly, holding you close to him as he begins to walk. You wrap your arms around his neck. “How could you let me bark at you like that, nevermind let me banish you from camp?” He asks.

“I would have been banished if I didn’t take the fall. And I didn’t want that for you.” You answer him honestly. Bellamy stops in his tracks, shuts his eyes tight and groans.

“I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

Immediately your eyebrows shoot up at his wording and you say “Boyfriend?” with a sly grin on your face. At the Bellamy opens his eyes and looks at you for a second, unashamed.

“Yeah. That okay with you?” He questions, trying to sound manly as he does but his heart races in his chest as the words pour out.

“I’ll deal with it.” You reply with a grin, causing Bellamy to nod firmly. The both of you are secretly elated but trying to play it cool. This day had been coming for a long time.

“Good. Let’s get going to the Deopship, I’ve gotta kick my sister’s ass to the Ark and back.”

@fivetimesaranger​​ || from [✐]

Tommy smirked slightly as he watched Zack  and simply rolled his eyes at the sass. “I know you rarely attend classes however, i don’t think you really want to sit through my detentions Mr.Taylor. Last students wound up falling into a cave. and attcked by dinosaurs. “  The last was said under his breath.

      Zack held back a laugh. If the teacher had any idea what kind of place he and four other kids had been spending their afternoons these past few months, he might’ve seen the humor in the irony as well. The Ranger gestured with the packet of papers in his hands. ❝ Might wanna work on your threats, dude; falling into a cave ain’t that scary. Now, falling into a cave crawling with scorpions and homing an alien space craft was a different story entirely.

The Dragon Lover And Saviour

It was a foolish plan, going back to Erebor, trying to get rid of Smaug. As a lover of all things who flew, you were in pain when you realized that Thorin and the others wanted to the mighty dragon. You and Thorin had disagreed from the start, with you being an elf, and from Mirkwood nonetheless. It was only because of Mithrandir and Bilbo, that agreed to join, that and Thranduil may have sent you to Gandalf to have you spy on Thorin.

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Alrighty, I'm that shy and socially awkward person back at it again with some (random) questions for Fates: 1) WHEN WILL WYNONNA SHOW UP? 2) THIS SLOW BURN IS KILLING ME. WHY YOU DO THIS US? Okay, serious questions now: 1) What's your writing process? What kind of research (if any) did you do to prepare for this fic? 2) Will we get more Nicole backstory? She's such a tortured soul. 3) What inspired you to write this fic? (Okay, crawling back into my cave now.)

hahah okay. For the random questions:

1) Wynonna is, unfortunately, a ways away, but we’re getting closer. She is post-Resistance camp material. I feel like the wait for Wynonna is just as bad as the slowburn lmao

2) I guess just to explain myself with the slowburn: Where the two of them started off in this fic is completely different from where they started off in the show. They’re on opposite sides of sorts (thanks to Bobo’s manipulation) and then, after Nicole finds out about Waverly’s vision from Simon, it sets them back a few steps. 

Even if Nicole has forgiven Waverly for what happened, that doesn’t mean she’d feel comfortable acknowledging having feelings for her just yet. Meanwhile, Waverly is in a different boat completely, having feelings for Nicole but not knowing what they are after a lifetime of people keeping their distance and not really being able to connect with anyone. She’ll figure it out though lol

Basically, as often as I joke about the slowburn killing me,I did it because I wanted it to take into account the circumstances behind their meeting in this fic :) 

More serious questions:

1) My writing process is a Mess. There are days where I can write pages upon pages of stuff and feel super proud of myself. Then there are times when I can only manage to work through maybe half a page at a time because I’ve been stuck on a stumbling block. Not to mention the days where I kinda just……… do something else (ask @iamthegaysmurf about my napping problem lmao). I tend to write chronologically because I don’t like skipping around, but if I’m really stuck in a spot, I’ll leave a placeholder and move on… and hopefully remember I left the placeholder there before posting.

As for research, I ask AJ a lot of stuff (That exploding magnesium bit was all because of her) and also try to look up stuff on my own (that usually just ends up with me asking AJ about it lmao). I researched different types of wound treatment and their dangers (such as cauterization and the risk of infection), different types of plants used for wound treatment, how to build/start fires, how to keep warm in the winter. Basically a lot of survivalist videos and articles lmao I also researched how to make pendants and stuff, even if a lot of what I found didn’t end up in that section with Mattie. Other stuff to research would be fighting styles, since we’re getting closer to sections that will revolve around that. 

2) We will get more Nicole backstory! It comes in bits and pieces, I know, but there’s more of it that will come, especially once we get into the resistance sections and see more of her around people she knows. She’s been through some stuff, so I think that’s part of the reason why she only gives out little bits of her past at a time. 

3) Haha um…. My inspiration for this fic was a random dream I had, and not even the whole dream, but a snippet of it. And it wasn’t even about wayhaught! lmao 

Guys. What if Hinata can sing.

• Like, really sing- as in every note that comes out of his mouth is a blessing from above that would make a vicious serial killer want to start an orphanage and donate to the homeless.

• What if Hinata can play guitar and even taught himself; think of how he learned to play by practicing and watching others, just like volleyball.

• Hinata being able to mimic chords just by looking at them one time and sight reading music so quickly that he can learn a completely foreign song and memorize it within an hour?

•Hinata isn’t the volleyball idiot that everyone expects, and actually has a hidden talent that no one would assume.

• But what if Hinata had horrible, horrible stage fright and refused to sing in front of everyone- except Natsu because she never judges his voice and sometimes it’s the only thing that will calm her down after a tantrum or when it’s time for bed.

• And it just so happens that the whole team goes out to a restaurant/bar after a particularly good practice before vacation only to find that it’s karaoke night and anyone is invited.

• Hinata just sits there fidgeting because someone just sang a horrible rendition of Sanctuary and he could crush every person in the place if he just wasn’t scared shitless.

• And Suga is constantly giving the “I know you want to,” look because he may or may not have accidentally walked in on Hinata singing a really gorgeous song when he thought the club room was empty and may or may not have gushed his heart out until Hinata made him pinky promise not to tell anyone. (“Really Hinata? I don’t think a pinky prom-” “Please, Suga-Senpai!!”)

• And then the last call for singers before the DJ goes home goes out and Suga literally kicks Hinata from under the table and how the hell did he do that from the other side of the table so Hinata literally bolts up and stands there for a solid thirty seconds, not really sure where his heart landed on the floor because it certainly didn’t come up with him/that or it’s beating so fast he can’t feel it anymore.

• Everyone staring at Hinata like they’re expecting some sort of speech or joke or proclamation of “We’re Going to Win!”

• Then, as if the actual law of gravity has suddenly reversed itself, Hinata raises his hand and asks if he can go on the stage. He’s actually quite proud of himself that he didn’t throw up while he asked.

• The whole team just stares at him blankly, blinking with food half-hanging out of their mouths. Suga looks like he’s bursting with pride, while Tsukishima looks mildly sick. Hinata won’t dare look any of them in the eye.

• What if they start laughing? What if Noya and Tanaka both can’t hold it in and make a scene? God, Kageyama is right next to him, judging him and Chikara looks like he’s about to ask Hinata to take a drink of water to calm down.

(“Um Hinata, you do know you have to be able to sing, right?” “Christ, Hinata! Sit down! Haha!” “Did someone put something in his food?” He can imagine all the comments that are waiting to come out.)

• But all of a sudden, the guy at the DJ booth comes over and ushers him away to pick a song, leaving Hinata without a chance to back out and run away. He’s stranded near the stage with the entire team looking at his back, and no escape route. The guy asks what song and Hinata suddenly sees a guitar behind the booth, one much like his own and just the sight of a similar instrument calms his down a bit.

• He looks back to see Suga give him a thumbs up, everyone still watching him like they’re half confused and half intrigued- maybe a little scared and Hinata takes a breath. Then asks for the guitar and a mic stand.

• He’s shaking while things are being set up, but holy crap this is actually happening ohmygod someone stop him please just send him off and bury him in a ditch because oh god don’t make me do this-

• The first strum of the guitar is wiry and loud and people flinch and so does Hinata because his nerves are getting to him, dammit! The second strum is easier, the third is softer, the fourth movement of his hand is relaxed and comfortable and suddenly his fingers feel warm and light and his head is clear and the lights are so bright he can’t even see anyone more than five feet away.

• And then Hinata opens his mouth and the entire place goes deathly quiet while lyrics to the acoustic version of “I’m a Believer” pour past Hinata’s lips like they were made to be there.

• He starts singing softly, then gets stronger and more emotional, his eyes falling shut as his hands strum the guitar with practiced ease and his voice fills every room with this calming radiance that no one expected from the shaking, stuttering, hyperventilating kid who walked up literally 40 seconds ago.

• And every single member of the Karasuno Volleyball Club is absolutely dumbstruck because who the hell is he and what did he do with Hinata? Even Tsukishima can’t turn away and even takes off his headphones so he can listen better.

• Asahi is wiping a tear from his eye, while Noya and Tanaka don’t hide their watery-eyed pride for they Kouhai. Daichi looks more at peace than anyone has ever seen him and Chikara’s heart may have stopped beating for a minute. Suga is just sitting there like a smug little shit with a glowing sign above him saying “That’s my kid, start bowing.”

•Then there’s Kageyama; not sure whether he should keep looking at Hinata like a fish out of water or keep his eyes down to hold in the blush of embarrassment.

•And all of them are struck completely silent as Hinata continues to sing with this unearthly voice that is an actual gift. People who weren’t even in that section of the restaurant are crowding in the doorway to see who that beautiful voice belongs to- some women writing down their numbers for after the performance and some men as well.


What if Hinata can sing.

And it just turns everybody into better people.

And also a little bit gay.

Saving Smaug

anonymous || imagine

It was a foolish plan, going back to Erebor, trying to get rid of Smaug. As a lover of all things who flew, you were in pain when you realized that Thorin and the others wanted to the mighty dragon. You and Thorin had disagreed from the start, with you being an elf, and from Mirkwood nonetheless. It was only because of Mithrandir and Bilbo, that agreed to join, that and Thranduil may have sent you to Gandalf to have you spy on Thorin.

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I need something to be good. I need something to feel right. I’m not depressed, I’m not- my heart is not broken, I’m not grieving. She’s not dead, she’s out there. She’s living out her dreams and I know, I know she’s happy and that makes me feel proud for her. But there is this other feeling that doesn’t completely feel fair. Or right, or good. She goes on, day in and day out, happy without me. Every morning I wake up and there’s this pit, there’s this feeling here that maybe my dreams are over, maybe maybe I had my dreams and they’re over now.
And I’m going to be this single guy- no wife, no kids, no family. She was my family. And now she’s someplace else, and I let her go. It’s good that I did, I mean it’s better- for her. But for me…so I need something to be good. I need a reason to get up in the morning so I don’t crawl back into the cave I was in before I met her. You know she saved me, you were there you remember how I was. I was dark, that war made me dark And that darkness it’s still in me. And she just lit it up. So i just thought to beat back that darkness I would do something good.
—  Owen Hunt, Grey’s Anatomy
He finds out that you’re ticklish - 5SOS

A/N:Hey guys I am so sorry that it is taking me so long to get through all of these prompts. I just have a lot of work at the moment and I’ve also been sick. But here is the next one.

This prompt while really fun was also so hard to think of multiple scenarios for, but here it is and I hope you like it, please let me know!


“Y/N” Michael called out, childishly drawing out your name, as he arrived home from the studio, “I’m in here Mikey” you called back absentmindedly keeping your focus aimed on the TV that was playing a movie in front of you. “Y/N” Michael said once more, this time much closer, his  voice coming from right behind you, “yes?” you replied questioningly, looking up over the top of the couch towards him. “Coming over” Michael announced, not giving you nearly enough warning before he launched himself over the edge of the couch, landing half behind you and half on top of you. “Arggg MIKE!” you complained, trying to shuffle out from under him. “Hey come back” he protested reaching out for you, “I wanted to cuddle.” He had barely gotten the words out when his fingers brushed over the exposed skin of your side, where your shirt had ridden up, and you squealed, pulling your side away. Michael stopped and looked at you with wide eyes, “what was that?” he asked with a mischievous grin. “Nothing” you said, trying to quickly move away from him before he realised, but it was already too late as Michael was already reaching out to pull you back into his chest and holding you there. “You’re ticklish aren’t you” he asked with a chuckle, the rush of his breath of your skin already making you squirm. “No!” you tried a little too quickly. You felt Michael’s hands move slowly making you tense before he started to tickle at your sides, a laugh bursting from your lips only moments later. “Mikey stop” you screeched, already squirming wildly under Michael where he had moved you to trap you on the couch underneath him. “No way, this is hilarious” Michael said continuing his assault. Your laughter continued along with his fingers now under your shirt until you were gasping for breath and he finally stopped, collapsing down beside you, now laughing almost as much as you. “I’m so glad I found out you’re ticklish” Michael said looking across at you with a wicked grin. You groaned covering your face with your hands, “oh god, you are going to be so mean about this” you told him, though a smile still played at your own lips.  


Luke wasn’t even awake, but you had been laying there with eyes wide open for at least half an hour, just waiting for your tired and sure to be slightly hung over boyfriend to wake up. It was only a few minutes later that you heard some soft mumbling from his side of the bed before he rolled towards you, flinging an arm across your torso. You groaned at the weight of it but a moment later you were trying to hold back your giggles. Luke had subconsciously started to move his fingers trying to grip onto possibly you or the sheets but the slow movements were tickling your side and you were squirming trying to get away but found you were trapped by the weight of his arm. You held it in for a while until you couldn’t help it anymore and you let out a loud giggle pulling away from his touch and slamming your body into his chest. Luke woke with a shock, looking up at you with wide glassy blue eyes, “What’s happ…ning” he mumbled in tired confusion. “Sorry babe” you said, trying to hide your smile, “it’s just your hand, was tickling me in your sleep.” Luke looked at you for a moment, as though his brain was taking the time to process what you had said, “you mean like…” Luke started, a smirk pulling up the corner of his lip as his hand moved back to your side and started to tickle you once again. You screeched, immediately trying to wiggle away, but now that Luke was awake he was quick to pin you underneath him his hands moving mercilessly along your sides. A few minutes of you screaming and laughing later, Luke stopped all of a sudden collapsing back down on the bed beside you, “as much as I love hearing you laugh, my head is killing me” Luke said with a pout in your direction. “Good” you said quickly, jumping out of bed now that you were free. “Wait no I want to cuddle” Luke said, looking at you pleadingly. You stared him down for a moment before caving, “no tickles” you told him sternly, “no tickles” he agreed with a nod and you were quick to crawl back into bed beside him.


“Baby come to bed” Calum whined to you from where he was sprawled across the covers of your shared bed. “Cal I’ll be there in a minute, I’m just cleaning my face” you said with a laugh at how impatient he was being. It was quiet for a few moments and you thought that he had finally decided to leave you in peace to finish getting ready for bed, but of course that was not that case. “Come to bed” Calum’s voice shocked you, from where he spoke right next to your ear. “Geez Calum, are you trying to give me a heart attack” you joked, swatting him away. Calum laughed but didn’t move away at all. He only moved closer and rested his head on your shoulder as he watched you in the mirror, “come to bed” he whined again, but this time his fingers reached up and started to tangle their way into your shirt straps. You were happy enough to ignore him and let him do as he pleased until his soft fingers trailed down your arm, pulling the strap with them and the gentle touch made you squirm, letting out a small giggle, “Cal stop,” you tried, moving slightly away. “No way, this just got so much more fun,”Calum said with an obvious smile in his tone. Before you could further object Calum had started to run his fingers down your arms in a much more deliberate pattern, somehow managing  to catch all of your most ticklish spots. “Cal!” you tried again, trying to contain your giggles through your already gasping breath while attempting to move away. But Calum had other plans and was quick to move the two of you so you were trapped between his body and the counter his hands expertly tickling your sensitive skin. It wasn’t until you were gasping for breath and half collapsed onto his body that Calum stopped, his own laughter making him struggle for breath. “Cal you’re horrible” you said, though a smile still played at your lips. “No I’m not” he told you matter of factly “now come to bed” he said with a wide grin. “Fine but you have to carry me” you agreed, Calum was happy to comply and you soon found yourself in bed curled into his warm chest, both of you still breathing raggedly.    


“Arrgggg” you groaned loudly as you slumped down into the side of the lounge, your feet stretching out and finding their place on Ashton’s lap. “Long day?” Ash asked with a grin and a small chuckle. “The worst” you agreed, throwing your head back and closing your eyes, “possibly the busiest day at work ever, and I didn’t even get to have lunch and I’m just exhausted”’ you whined, pushing yourself further down into the cushions. Your eyes shot open when you felt Ashton’s hands on the souls of your feet, your foot twitching up and almost hitting him in the jaw, “Woah” Ash exclaimed, pulling back just in time to escape your foot. “What are you doing” you squealed pulling your feet quickly back towards you. “Well I was going to give you a foot massage” Ashton said slowly “but apparently that’s not a good idea.” “No it’s not” you said quickly. “Wait,” Ashton said looking at you with a smirk, “your ticklish” he stated, reaching out and easily reaching with his long arms to tickle at the bottom of your foot. “Ash!!! No!” you yelled trying to pull your feet under you but not succeeding when he just grabbed your ankle and pulled it towards him. Ashton ran his fingers slowly back and forth across the bottom of your foot, you thrashing around on the couch while he easily managed to dodge your other flailing limbs. By this time Ashton’s laugh had joined your own, though partly drowned out by your loud ad uncontrollable laughter. It wasn’t until you shuffled too close to the edge and tumbled ungracefully from the lounge that Ashton stopped, still holding your foot in his lap leaving you in an awkward and tangled position. “Opps” he said, quickly dropping down beside you and pushing your messy hair back from your eyes, “you ok?” he asked, “no you harrumphed,  “Sorry” he said with half a pout, not quite managing to hide the smile still on his lips. “I want a proper massage now” you demanded, quickly continuing before he could speak, “shoulders only and NO tickling.” “Ashton laughed, “alright lovely lady” he said with a grin, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before moving the both of you so you were settled between his legs and he could reach your shoulders.

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