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봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

Mr. Steal your lil’ sis

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So I know like 90% of the fandom is against black paladin Keith and like for the most part, I’m kinda iffy about it myself. But hear me out. Black paladin Keith… whose right-hand man is Lance. Lance acts as an advisor of sorts, whom Keith trusts, no questions asked. If Shiro isn’t going to listen to Lance, Keith will. Keith already knows Lance is capable and takes the mission seriously (even though he seems to take little else seriously. That’s not to say he isn’t serious, just he copes differently). They have already experienced first hand that working together yields success. And already we can see that when it gets down the nitty gritty, they fall into a harmonious efficiency, despite the air of competitiveness between them. Keith is the drive and the passion and Lance, the patience and positivity. Together they make an unstoppable force. A good team, if you will. 

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U


There are 13 songs that made it onto Dean’s mix tape for Cas:

Traveling Riverside Blues (1990)
Ramble On (1969)
Stairway to Heaven (1973)
Night Flight (1975)
The Song Remains the Same (1973)
Gallows Pole (1970)
Immigrant Song (1970)
The Ocean (1973)
Rock and Roll (1971)
The Battle of Evermore (1971)
Kashmir (1971)
When The Levee Breaks (1971)
Carouselambra (1979)

And there are 5 that didn’t:

You Shook Me (1969)
Fool In The Rain (1979)
Thank You (1969)
Achilles Last Stand (1976)
In The Light (1975)