now cat jordan

hit 1k last night!

this is hilarious bc when i started this blog like, 2 months ago, i really thought it was just going to be a side blog lmao. so anyways, i thought it would be fun to do a follow forever thing, but ALSO i need more mutuals so if you like this post (which i will tag with relevant stuff) i’ll check out your blog and we can maybe be mutuals :)

you guys are awesome! i love each and every one of you ♥️

starting w/ my tumblr crushes: @suprcorp, @safetosayitsgay, @haughtbutt, @zor-eluthor, @saviorsanvers, @westsidescousin, @lenaluthordefensesquad, @alexzorels, @acciosupercorp

and some other follow forevers: @gayagentdanvers, @lenvluthor, @meggiesawyer, @canaries, @sapphicdanvxrs, @detectivessawyer, @superluthcr, @kara-luthors, @luthoring, and my coffin hoe: @a-wild-clone-clubber