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Dreaming in Silver and Gold

CHAPTER 20, Klaus/Liz, Rated: E

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Demon au requested by @his-beloved-mrs-mikaelson thanks for getting my butt back in gear and giving me awesome prompts. <3

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To all the people tweeting stuff like “No offense I like you but Nina is ruining Camsten” at Jasmin Brown: 

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prongsandnoble-deactivated20151  asked:

Modern AU imagine the marauders group chats. James making horrible puns every 5 seconds, Sirius coming up with the worst pick up lines with lots of kissy emoticons, Peters using memes from like 2012, Lily coming up with better puns and sassy comebacks, Remus turned off his phone hours ago because these nerds never frickin stop

[02:17am] James Potter: what if every time you fall asleep youre auditioning for death and when you wake up you didn’t get the part (x)

[02:17am] Sirius Black: Shut the fuck up.

[02:17am] James Potter: im just asking dont get ur knickers in a twist

[02:18am] Sirius Black: I will literally come into your room with a hammer and smash your phone to pieces.

[02:18am] Lily Evans: but i thought you guys shared beds?? #ruineddreams

[02:18am] James Potter: noT MY PHONE U CAN’T TOUCH MY BBY APPLE<33

[02:18am] Sirius Black: You been dreaming about Potter and I sharing a bed, Evans? 

[02:18am] Lily Evans: duh it’s the only thing that gets me going 

[02:18am] Lily Evans: thinking of you two all cuddled up

[02:18am] Lily Evans: a hand sneaking between a thigh

[02:18am] Lily Evans: snores turning into moans

[02:19am] Peter Pettigrew: I feel like its my duty to inform u Evans that they will reenact this for u if u give them any more detail

[02:19am] Peter Pettigrew: stop now and save us all

[02:19am] James Potter: i am mortally offended by the fact that i dont get u goin anymore evans like u could of said smth 

[02:19am] Lily Evans: but peter their performance of romeo and juliet was so good don’t you want to see more??

[02:20am] Sirius Black: You should come over now Evans, I’ll give you something real to dream about.

[02:20am] James Potter: P SURE THATS MY JOB

[02:20am] James Potter: U KNOW

[02:21am] James Potter: AS HER BOYFRIEND!!

[02:22am] Lily Evans: i’ll be there in five ;)

[02:22am] Remus Lupin: lily and james aren’t you guys sharing a bed ? 

[02:22am] Lily Evans: sadly, yes

[02:23am] James Potter: hEY

[02:23am] Peter Pettigrew: there are noises coming from sirius’ room evans did you actually go over there??

[02:24am] James Potter: no she did nOT SHE’S RIGHT HERE NEXT TO ME

[02:24am] Remus Lupin: I can also hear noises coming from sirius’ room

[02:25am] James Potter: she’s literally right next to me rn!!

[02:25am] James Potter: i cant hear any noises???

[02:25am] Remus Lupin: The noises are getting louder

[02:25am] James Potter: wat r u guys talking about???

[02:25am] Peter Pettigrew: definitely sounds like evans

[02:25am] James Potter: ?????

[02:25am] James Potter: she IS RIGHT HERE OMG

[02:25am] James Potter: i hate all of you

[02:26am] Lily Evans: he looks like he’s about to cry omfg i can’t believe i’m dating this nerd

[02:26am] Sirius Black: Believe me Evans, none of us can either.

[02:27am] Remus Lupin: now everyone shut the fuck up 

[03:52am] James Potter:  what if the sound of the instruments u r playing is them crying because ur hurting them (x)

[03:52am] Sirius Black: Evans, will you please punch your boyfriend? Repeatedly? And then grind his stupid iPhone to a pulp? Ta.

[03:53am] James Potter: u guys r mean

Inferior Te? More like a catastrophe waiting to happen

As a Fi-dom, you will never be able to win an argument with me. The closest you’ll get is an “okay, this has gone on for long enough, I don’t feel like continuing this since you obviously won’t see this from my perspective” or something along those lines. But, how does my Te act?

Well, first of all; I’m bossy. Not the regular, ‘hey, everyone listen to me so we can work together’, no. I’ll say, ‘now, everyone shut the fuck up; I know how to do this.’ I’ll point at people, tell them what to do and how, organize everything in detail and focus on getting it done (some Se-aux comes into the picture too).
Does this make me popular between my classmates/colleagues? Not at all. But when my Fi-Te is in action, I couldn’t care less. 

Some people would argue and say that it doesn’t sound like inferior Te, that I must have it as my auxiliary or tertiary function. Of course, I’d agree; but that isn’t the case.

My Te is probably very well defined because I was raised by two Te-users, (ENTJ and ISTJ). Seeing it being used so much around me, it’s caused me to develop it further than my other functions. I think early childhood and being exposed to different functions is an important part in how you use them yourself. (Now, I’m probably not the healthiest ISFP-example, so don’t worry if it’s different from yours)

But how do I know it’s inferior? Well, first; my Se takes over where my Te ends. I can organize items for hours (my desktop was sorted in alphabetical order), but when something changes (an item is added, removed etc) I immediately give up. I let it all fall into a mess once again. Only an inferior Te would have a bedroom as messy as mine (and no, I barely even have my own 'system’ to find anything in it. It’s a complete mess (something that drives my Te-dom and Te-aux parents crazy.))

I’m also not very good at taking in information. If something doesn’t make sense to me, I won’t be able to proceed a single step until I’ve figured it out. I can memorize everything, I can do everything 'textbook style’, but if it hasn’t really 'clicked’, I’ll get half of the answers wrong. I have no idea why, but that’s the way it is (I’m barely getting through science lessons, it drains me to try to understand something that my brain refuses to take in).

Worst/best thing about being a dominant Fi and inferior Te? It’s all or nothing. Either I’m the boss, or I don’t do anything to help the project at all. Either my room is cleaned in a flawless manner, or my rug will be invisible under all my clothes. Either I find something interesting, or it’s plain boring. Either I love you, or I hate you.

If I like being a Fi-dom? Not really. If it has it’s perks? Hell yeah. If I’ll try to love my functions for what they are? You fucking bet I will.

Thanks for reading, nerd.

  • everyone: i like origins more than da2 because da2 is on such a smaller scale!! you spend the whole time in one city and it's so insignificant compared to saving all of ferelden from the blight!!
  • me: nah tho