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The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple

A/N: So my dear good friend @spntrista tells me in great detail about a dream she had about Jensen last night. It has inspired this. Let’s all remember that this is FICTION and I do not in ANYWAY condone cheating on your spouse or partner. This is simply a work of fiction, please regard it as such. I mean no disrespect to Jensen or his family. Thank you.  

Word Count: 4185

Warnings: implied smut and cheating

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My name is Y/N. I am a nanny. I’m nothing fancy. I am a simple girl. I like simple things. I like white wine and game nights. I like tea and quiet mornings.  The people I work for, on the other hand, are anything but simple.

I was sitting alone in my apartment, enjoying the quiet when my phone rang. It was an local number but I did not know who it was and considered letting it go to voicemail, but curiosity got the better of me and I answered, after all, my bills were paid and the election was over, how bad could it be?

“Hello?” I chirped as I paused Netflix.

Y/N? My name is Genevieve Padalecki. You don’t know me, but I got your info and references from Stephen Amell. I am in need of a nanny, temporarily.” She spoke rather rapidly.

Genevieve Padalecki was calling me. I was slightly shellshocked as I looked up at my television, paused on Jared Padalecki, since my binge of choice today had been ‘Supernatural.’

“Hi Genevieve. How long are you looking for?” I questioned.

“Please, call me Gen. Well, here is the thing, Y/N. We are all at the Cowboys game right now. Can you come down to the stadium and meet us? I can leave you a ticket. But since we always have so many people milling around the house, I would like to meet you in a group environment first. I know it sounds weird.” Gen chuckled.

“Yes, I can do that. I can be there within the hour.” I replied, turning off the television and placing my cup in the sink.

“Oh, thank you so much. I will leave a ticket for you at willcall. Text me when you get here. Bye!” Gen ended the call and I went to make myself presentable for meeting my new potential employers. I got ready, left my apartment and arrived at the stadium in less than thirty minutes. Traffic is easy once the game as already started.

I texted Gen as I walked to the will call booth, mentally preparing myself to meet two people I had watched for years. I wanted to be my professional self, but my fangirl was really pushy sometimes.. Once I had my ticket in hand, I waited for her to meet me at the main entrance. My nerves started to get the better of me but before I could text her back and tell her I wasn’t available, I heard her call my name.

“Y/N! You made it so quickly! I am Gen Padalecki. It is so nice to meet you. Stephen had wonderful things to say about you and how good you were with his daughter. I am so sorry to spring this on you but our nanny just quit because she got married and her husband is being relocated.” Gen explained.

We carried on pleasant conversation until we reached the suite level and literally bumped into Danneel Ackles coming out of the restroom. Holy Shit! If Danneel is here, that means Jensen is here. Jensen Freaking Ackles. My mouth immediately went dry.

“Danni, this is Y/N. The nanny that Stephen recommended.” Gen stated.

“Nice to meet you Danneel.” I extended my hand, hoping it wasn’t clammy with as nervous as I was now. I was plenty nervous before but now, knowing the Ackles were here with the Padalecki’s, I was terrified.  I was fighting so hard to keep my composure. God, she really was beautiful, but she looked a little stressed.

We walked into the suite and Gen introduced me to Jared, who in lieu of a handshake, embraced me tightly.

“I already like you. Come on, sit down, let me get you a beer. You do drink beer, right?’ He joked.

“Yes, Jared, I drink beer. I would love one, thank you.” I laughed. He was just like I imagined he would be; an excited, overgrown puppy.

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Honestly I know I’m hella late on the Scanlan return but there’s so much to talk about here like this guy gets some hyper important info about the weird god sphere and decides the best decision is to make a 3 week trip with #1 man to go see his old best friends/family who he hasn’t seen since their horrible fallout over a year ago. Boi rents out an entire pub just for the drama and also bc GOD knows what could happen bc this is vox machina and he wants as few outside variables as possible and he sends his man out to find them and then suddenly they’re all downstairs and our boy adjusts the hat of disguise and starts sauntering down for a dramatic entrance as a stranger to his old friends and he hears Vex call his name but not his fake one his REAL NAME and GOD imagine how shaken up that would’ve made him

So he does his best with the spiel but bc this is Vox fuckin Machina they don’t let up on the Scanlan thing so he just desperately starts making shit up like OH THE LITTLE ONE HE WAS TAKEN CARE OF AND I ASSUMED HIS TITLE oh shit they’re mad now they think I killed him UH I MEAN HE WAS MY MENTOR HE PASSED ON THE MEAT MAN TITLE UH BUT ALSO HE’S IN JAIL TOTALLY IN JAIL NOT DEAD shit now they’re gonna break into a jail aren’t they ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED HOW ATTRACTIVE HE WAS OKAY TIME TO QUIT WHILE I’M AHEAD BYE

And while still reeling abt that meeting going horribly and worried that he’d been outed to a group who may very well just stab him on sight he tries to leave only to have Vex come running at him for a hug and god no wonder he couldn’t get a fuckin modify memory spell off he musta been so fuckin frazzled at that point

Photographs (you’re taking now)

Summary: Snapshots taken from her life, her child’s, his life and his child’s. From happiness to grief, the path that took two broken pieces to form one bigger, kind-of-whole picture.

Genre: Mostly fluff, but there’s some angst and a mild smut. There’s also mentions of death.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Word count: 5525

Notes: This is a “my mom is single and so is your dad so why don’t we make them date” AU! So yes, in this story Jimin’s the reader’s child and Tae is Hobi’s son.

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i know for sure now that i will never meet my favorite groups now (not like i had a chance before though-). being seen by them seems so embarrassing to me, i would feel bad for them having to see me, it would be like "sorry you don't need to look at my acne and face bye." its so bad i cant even look at photos of them staring into the camera for long. lmao help my soul it hurts (also sorry if you cant understand what is written i just hate feeling bad about myself)

You do know that they have acne too right? Some of them ugly on the low, too, ma. They’re clogging their pores with makeup and sweat but you’re too busy hating yourself over some dude or chick that can one-two step, hardly rap or carry a note that you literally know nothing about. I love you too much to sympathize with you. I’m calling your ass out because that’s not healthy. What you’re doing and saying here isn’t healthy. YOU DONT KNOW THEM. They could be problematic disgusting people on the low, but you’re sitting in your corner of the internet, staring at a poorly airbrushed and over lightened photo of them, glorifying the dirt and grime and sweat on their patchy B.B. Creamed Faces, instead of standing in front of a mirror and romanticizing and loving yourself and that needs to change.

This idol shit? This fandom shit? It’s not that deep. It’s never that deep. It should never be that important. Don’t ever let idols warp your sense of self worth. They aren’t shit either. Not a single on of them is shit. They sleep, eat, and piss like the rest of us. Remember that.

- Admin Dayna

Imagine Woozi Finding Out You’re Pregnant

For anon who requested this.


Y/N: Jihoon, I’m having a baby. You’re gonna be a daddy!

Jihoon: I’m sorry miss but I think you’ve got the wrong person.

Y/N: Quit playing. I know you’re-

Jihoon:-Min, Min Yoongi. Pleasure to meet you. Now if you excuse me I have to get going. My group, BTS, not Seventeen, has a concert soon and I have to go. Bye!

Y/N: I know it’s you, Jihoon!

Jihoon:*sweats nervously* Uh…..bultaoreune?

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@Zendaya: Zendaya: My squad>>>> all other squads in history. Thanks for showing me around ur town😘😘😘 #day2 #londayas

@OVONavyy: We are giving Zendaya a tour of London right now like I am literally walking around with her. Literally she didn’t get in a car! She took us with her!!! I am in awe of Zendaya! So down to earth. When we first met her. She hugged every single one of us and was saying “hi nice to meet you what’s your name” and when we said bye she did a group hug and then she hugged everyone individually again. Literally everyone was letting her speak to people on face time, phone, snapchat and recording videos saying hi to people. @Zendaya Thank you so much. You have a beautiful humble soul. Don’t ever change. God bless.

Seriously though, like you know how there are so many youtubers that are in one big group and they’re all friends? Well imagine being Troye and going to Playlist Live with your dad, on the other side of the world, meeting all your idols for the first time, and not really fitting into one group, and then you become best friends with Tyler Oakley. I think deep down that’s the reason I ship troyler. Tyler befriended a new youtuber and made him feel included in the great youtube community. This is just something that popped into my head and now I’m having feels overload ok bye.