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A little imagination is a good thing

Saw gifs of the season 4 originals promo and had this idea. 

Darkness and suffering.

His only two constant companions for the long stretch of years, the days that had inched by and yet bled together at the same time.

The darkness of his world and his mind, the physical and psychological suffering.

They never left him.

But sometimes they were interrupted.

“Camille,” Klaus gasps, pushing himself off the ground, his chains rattling on the floor and on his mind, “Camille!

I’m here.” Her voice, gentle and soothing reaches his ear and she is sitting behind him, her legs crossed and her hands in her lap. She is human and in good health, happy to listen to him as he wraps himself in self-pity and comfort.

He likes to hallucinate her, to let her voice filter through his mind like soft music, agreeing with him,

She was his only welcome visitor.

But there was another one who often made her presence known.

Seriously?!” A harsh voice cuts through the darkness, “You’re still down here?

Caroline Forbes storms across his prison cell, an invasion of light and life in his hell,

She glares down at him and kicks at his chains, causing them to scrape against the floor and tug on his raw wrists.

This is ridiculous, Klaus, you’re the Original hybrid, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and figure out an escape!

“We’ve been over this!” he snaps at her, his temper being the one part of him left with any real strength, “There is no escape.”

She scoffs and looks over his shoulder, 

This is your fault,” she tells Camille, “If you didn’t coddle him and let him feel sorry for himself, he would have been out of here ages ago.”

She stomps her foot and paces the length of prison, examining the walls carefully and studying the iron hooks which hold his chains to the wall, 

Think,” she says, frowning thoughtfully, “There is always a way.

How many times had she said this to him? How many times had they discussed the length and strength of his chains? The infrequency of Marcel’s visits? How he could possibly break the spell keeping him in this prison?

He supposed it was his own fault. When the boredom had first set in, he’d entertained himself with memories of Caroline, then fantasies where they’d coupled in his very cell in various positions and levels of intimacy.

Except then she’d started turning up in nightclothes, like she wore now and his brain had stopped allowing her to be a distraction and turned her against him as a form of torment.

Now, the only words she ever had for him were condemnatory- demanding that he escape- or scornful- furious that he allowed himself to be held this way.

“How are you, sweetheart?” he asks, trying to distract her as she stretches out to study the area. “Tell me you’re seeing the world, travelling or living your life.”

Her back is still to him but he knows that she’s rolling her eyes and she crosses her arms, as she spins on her heel to face him.

Why aren’t you desiccated?” she demands, frowning in confusion,

It’s been years, why aren’t you motionless on the floor?

He raises his arm to run a hand through his thick, curly hair, 

“Marcel keeps me fed, not enough to gain my strength but enough to keep me conscious.”

But why?” she demands, her eyes lighting up as they did whenever she caught onto an idea,

You’re Klaus Mikaelson! Even chained up, you’re dangerous, so why not desiccate you?

There’s something scratching at the back of his mind, but Klaus fights it, too afraid to touch the idea, 

“Because from time to time, he comes to speak to me,” he answers, 

“And I think he likes to watch me suffer.”

Caroline shakes her head, “No, that can’t be it, because then he could just starve you until you were motionless but still able to talk, you’d be in even more pain. Why is he letting you move?

Klaus doesn’t immediately speak, he drops his eyes to his knees and chained hands, looking from his left to right, 

“He needs me fed.” he notes, raising his face as she crouches down in front of him,

And what happens if you desiccate?” she asks excitedly, 

To the point where you can only just move?

“The magic holding me here might think me dead and thus, release its hold on me,” He muses, a hint of the devil returning to his eyes and his lips as he raises his arms as high as they can go, 

“You might be a figment of my maddened imagination, love,” he tells her,

“But wish me luck anyway.”

He slams his hands down on the ground, breaking his wrists and fingers until he can pull them through the manacles holding him in place, his feet undergoing the same treatment.

With only a thrill of fear, he moves to the very edge of his prison, hesitating until Caroline comes to stand beside him, 

Hurry up.” she snaps and he nods, “Very well.”

He brings his wrist to his mouth and bites down, sinking his fangs into his flesh, tearing down to the elbow so as to increase the blood flow and reopening the wounds when his healing kicked in.

When his vision swims and spots dance before his eyes, he whispers a prayer, steps forward…

And falls to his knees.

Outside his prison cell.

The merest hint of a triumphant laugh brushes his lips as he starts crawling to freedom.

Caroline awoke with a ragged gasp, clenching the bed sheets under her.

She’s paralyzed again, unable to move and though this happened every time she woke up from that particular nightmare, she’s still terrified until she can twitch her toes and then shift her legs.

She recalls the nightmare, the Klaus of her imagination escaping his cell and wonders if- now that he was free- that she would go back to nights of dreamless sleep?

It had originally started out as sexual fantasies that had turned into that freaky imprisonment scenario that her self-help book told her was due to stressors that she was experiencing during the day, which made perfect sense.

One of those stressors being that she didn’t even know where Klaus was.

With a sigh of annoyance, she rolls over and punches the pillow, hoping she can fall back to sleep.

She does and is so tired that she sleeps past her alarm, so it’s nearly midday when she’s woken by the insistent knocking on her door.

If it’s Jehovah’s Witness, she’s going to live-feed today.

Growling and barely remembering to throw on her bathrobe, she stomps down the hall and pulls open the door, “Yes? What do you…oh.”

Klaus is standing on her front step, covered in dirt, dust, blood and most alarmingly, the same outfit he’d worn in every last one of her dreams.

He is swaying on his feet and looks exhausted, but he’s smiling as he sees the pink nightgown she’s wearing, “I always liked it when you wore that one.”

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oh god, decisions.... uuuuh hmmMMMNN, haha uuh.... how about the angst/salt/denial combo? That sounds like some sweet drama I'd be 100 per-cent down for, ha :^D

Sorry for replying late, kind of dozed off, haha oops *dies* *finger guns* Can do, friend! We have similar tastes, it would seem. XD (This is still kinda rough, it may or may not be edited in the final product, but here you go)


Taking a quiet breath, he gave the door a few knocks.


Out of habit, the scientist nervously poked his head inside before actually entering. “M-Mr. Black Hat….?”

The demon was at his desk, nose (or lack of one) stuck in some probably work-related papers as usual. His gaze flicked uncertainly to the door at the sound of Flug’s voice. “…..What can I do for you, doctor?”

Flug’s frown deepened. The more interaction he got out of his boss lately, the more he could tell something was off. Everything about him, his tone, his posture, even just the way he looked at Flug, something was very off. But what?

…..For now, the doctor should focus on the matter at hand… Stepping inside, he slowly pulled the small slip of paper out of his coat pocket. “I-It’s about my p-paycheck, sir-”

“Is it not enough?” The eldritch stood up, voice suddenly struck with something Flug couldn’t quite place. It didn’t feel right to say anxiety. Maybe… like… solicitousness…? “I’m sure we can work something out- I can give you more–”

“Wh-?! No!” Flug piped up, cutting him off. “You already pay me plenty! That’s what I came to see you about!” With a confused frown, he continued, “I-I never put in a request for a raise, sir. T-There must have been some mistake…?”

…. Okay. Not a mistake. That much Flug could tell by the awkward yet somehow still stoic silent stare he was getting.

“….. Sir, this isn’t….” Flug’s frown deepened. “This isn’t about what Ethereal Maw said at that party, is it?”  

“That–! Of course not!” Black Hat sputtered in defense, crossing his arms. “I just- I– Business has been going exceptionally well lately, that’s all! So what if I put a little extra into your earnings!?”

It was a weak defense. There’s been nothing special about the number of sales lately, they’ve been pretty average. Flug knows that, he’s in charge of keeping everything stocked, after all.

The scientist walked over to Black Hat’s desk, placing the paycheck down. His concerned gaze did not once fall from the demon, even as his boss avoided eye contact to frustratedly stare at the paper. “I’m perfectly happy with my normal pay, Black Hat.” He said softly. “If you have the extra funds, sir, then put them towards something else. Lab equipment, building supplies, I don’t know, just…. something else. It wouldn’t look good if you started playing favorites financially among employees.”

Black Hat said nothing. He just stared in frustration at the check laid out in front of him.

Why wouldn’t he just take it? He has to.

How the hell else is Black Hat supposed to make him stay without actually making him stay?

Isn’t money how you do that? Bribery? Playing off of people’s greed? Something? Why won’t he just–!?


The demon snapped out of his thoughts when he had been addressed, flicking his gaze up to Flug again. He was definitely looking worried now.

“Y-You’ve been acting really strangely these past few weeks….” The scientist commented quietly, eyebrows furrowed with concern. “W-What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wron-”

“Stop lying to me.”

There was a sudden forcefulness to Flug’s tone that actually gave Black Hat pause. The scientist’s face fell with some sort of sad annoyance, and he leaned forward just very slightly. “There’s obviously something b-bothering you. What is it?”

Shit, well okay. Starting to feel a little called out, here. The eldritch bared his fangs, probably about to keep insisting that nothing was wrong, but he immediately dropped whatever sentence he was about to hiss as Flug circled around the desk, stepping closer to him.

Not only did he shut up, he stepped back in response. Why did he do that? This is just Flug we’re talking about! Yet for some ungodly reason, he found himself backing up against the wall as the smaller man approached him, maroon curtains pressed against his back as he had nowhere left to back away.

“Black Hat, talk to me.” Flug demanded, crossing his arms as he now stood mere inches away from his boss, staring directly into his eyes with an unrelenting persistence. “Please.

He could produce no words. He only stared blankly at the scientist before him until his fangs were again bared in a frustrated snarl. “You’re… You’re testing my patience, Flug.” He finally managed to growl. Even so, however, there was an unmistakable lack of the usual fire one could hear in his voice when his anger grew.

That didn’t go unnoticed. “…. As you are mine.” Flug said quietly, keeping a level gaze on the demon’s face. “But lucky for us, I’ve got enough for the both of us.” Expression softening, his voice only went lower. “Please, Black Hat. You’re really starting to worry me.”

Fuck. He’s really going to have to talk about this, isn’t he. Fuck.

“Eughhh…” Black Hat’s eyes wandered impatiently around the room as he tried to conjure up some sort of excuse, any excuse–

“Hey B.H., this a bad time?”

Oh praise Satan, Black Hat never thought he would be so relieved to hear Demencia’s voice come through on the intercom. “Demencia! Not a bad time at all!” Before Flug could even react, the demon slipped by him in a puff of Black smoke, reappearing next to his desk and sliding the red skull aside to better access the speaker system beneath. “What is it?”

“Well, there’s this guy here saying he had an appointment scheduled for t'day, and he was in the neighbourhood, so he dropped by early. Should I kick him out and tell ‘im to come back at the proper time, or–”

No!” He exclaimed immediately, but he was quick to adopt a more professional tone. “Ah, I mean… If he’s already here, might as well get it over and done with, no? Tell him I’ll be right down.” Black Hat settled the skull back into its place and immediately headed for the door.

“Black Hat–”

“Sorry, doctor. Duty calls. You understand, I’m sure.” Black Hat cut Flug off before he could even make a protest, stopping only for a moment to flash him a shaky, forced grin. “We’ll talk later, perhaps.”

Just like that, he was gone. Fucking… unbelievable. Flug almost wanted to punch Demencia next time he saw her–

…… Okay….. No problem. Deep breaths. You can talk to him later. Don’t let this get to you.

With a heavy sigh, Flug reluctantly accepted this momentary defeat. For now, back to the lab he went.

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Heeyy can you write a scenario about Kakashi babysitting baby Boruto?? I think it would be really cute

I hope you like it. I picture Kakashi really awkward with someone else’s kids. Like he be the one to hold a kid away from him being like what do I do with it. Essentially he doesn't know how to babysit properly and is too worried about what the kid is doing and it stresses him out. Thank you for the request!

Kakashi babysitting Boruto

Kakashi ran as fast as he could. There was no time to waste. Naruto had called him and said it was an emergency. Kakashi didn’t think twice before rushing over to his former pupil’s house that Naruto shared with his wife, Hinata. They had been living together for some time after they had got married.

Kakashi could still remember how proud he felt at seeing his lonely student finally find someone he could go home to every night. Naruto and Hinata had been married for 3 years and already had a 2-year-old son named Boruto. From what Kakashi observed in brief encounters, Boruto was very rambunctious like his father was.

As Kakashi got to Naruto’s front door, he rapped on the door quickly. Naruto opened the door not a minute later, looking relieved.

“Thank Goodness you’re here!” Naruto cheered as he shoved his wiggling son into Kakashi’s arms as Naruto moved to step outside.

“Uh, wait, Naruto, what’s the emergency?!” Kakashi questioned baffled as he tried to keep Boruto in his arms.

Naruto laughed as he pushed Kakashi towards the interior of his home as he began to pass Kakashi.

“I need you to babysit Boruto for me.  Hinata’s at the hospital and I need to go meet her,” Naruto mentioned swiftly.

“Is everything okay?” Kakashi inquired, concern laced in his voice not only for Hinata, but about watching Boruto by himself.

“Yea, yea! It won’t take long. Trust me. I just need you to watch Boruto for me. All my other sitters are busy,” Naruto explained, rashly.

“Um Naruto… I don’t think…” Kakashi began to object but Naruto already started running away, laughing.

“You’ll do great. YOU LOOKED AFTER TEAM 7 WHEN WE WERE KIDS!” Naruto shouted, running off.

Kakashi sweat dropped as his eyes lowered in disbelief. “Yea, but you guys were a lot older,” Kakashi mumbled in defeat seeing no way out of it.

“Down. Down!” Boruto demanded as he pushed at Kakashi’s chest.

Kakashi sighed as he brought Boruto back inside the house.

“Dowwwwwnnn!!!” Boruto whined, scrunching his face as he continued to push.

Kakashi placed Boruto on the floor in the living room after locking the front door.

“Alright, alright.” Kakashi spoke, smoothly.

Boruto immediately pushed himself off the ground and started to walk clumsily out of the living room.

“Hey, where you going?” Kakashi stated, following after him.

Kakashi watched as Boruto walked through his house, looking at certain things and grabbing certain items. Kakashi on numerous occasions had to tell Boruto no when Boruto touched something he should not play with. Boruto pouted by crossing his arms and turning away from Kakashi at being told no. Boruto was rebellious though and sometimes tested Kakashi’s patience by being disobedient on purpose making Kakashi having to grab Boruto’s little hand and tell him no sternly.

It made Boruto mad as he tried escaping from Kakashi by running away. Kakashi couldn’t believe how stubborn and unruly Naruto’s child was. It reminded Kakashi why he didn’t necessary like children as it was a lot of energy to keep them out of trouble. 

He wasn’t very knowledgeable about kids either. Kakashi didn’t have siblings or any nieces or nephews to compare the experiences to. He had no idea how Naruto and Hinata kept an eye on little Boruto as he liked to get his hands into everything.

While Boruto was running from Kakashi, he tripped over a small ball that was in the hallway. Boruto began to cry since he had bruised his knees and palms on the hard wooden flooring. Kakashi rushed to Boruto realizing the wounds weren’t serious and tried to calm the boy down.

“There, there. Its ok. Look no blood, no pain,” Kakashi smiled, through his mask, talking gently.

Boruto still cried and Kakashi wasn’t sure what to do. Looking down at the round blue ball, an idea struck Kakashi as he swiftly picked up Boruto to bring him back to the living room.

“Hey no more tears. If you stop crying, I promise to show you a magic trick,” Kakashi offered, in a light tone of voice.

Boruto paused in mid sniffle to look up at Kakashi as silent tears still fell down his face.

Kakashi smiled once again, keeping the boy’s attention.

“Alright watch closely…” Kakashi performed hand signs before placing his hand on the floor. “Summoning jutsu.”

Suddenly Pakkun appeared in a cloud of smoke as he looked up at Kakashi.

“What’s up, Ka—“

Pakkun didn’t get to finish before the dog was briskly lifted up into the arms of a joyful Boruto.

“Doggie!!” Boruto cheered, smiling brightly. The tears on his face stopping abruptly as he rubbed his cheek against the dog’s soft fur.

Pakkun’s eyes had widened before glaring daggers over at Kakashi’s.

“Kakashi, get this munchkin to put me down,” Pakkun warned in his gruff voice.

“Hm… I think he’s rather fond of you,” Kakashi spoke, teasing Pakkun as relief that Boruto had stopped crying fell over him.

“I don’t care. Is this what you summoned me here for?!!” Pakkun inquired, annoyed.

“You made Boruto stopped crying, like I hoped,” Kakashi said lightly, closing his eyes, ignoring the annoyance from Pakkun.

Pakkun’s eyes leveled with Kakashi. “I’m not helping you babysit this brat.”

Kakashi’s eyes drew open, serious. “I’ll give you belly rubs if you stay and two dog treats, how’s that sound?” Kakashi questioned, evenly.

“Make it three,” Pakkun haggled.

“Deal,” Kakashi stated.

Pakkun huffed, before wiggling out of Boruto’s arms and dropping to the floor. Boruto immediately went to grab for Pakkun again, but Pakkun dodged him.

“Hey kid, ever seen this before?” Pakkun rolled over on to his belly and back to his feet again.

Boruto laughed as he was fascinated with the talking dog. Pakkun got Boruto to play ball with him as Boruto tried to throw it high up in the air for Pakkun to catch. Boruto became excited every time the dog caught the ball and would start clapping and jumping up and down. Boruto threw the ball so many times, Pakkun was nearly tired out.

Kakashi supervised the exchange from the couch comfortably, happy he wasn’t spending as much energy watching over Boruto as before. Pakkun even let the kid rub his belly as he played wrestle with the kid. Boruto was full of glee as Pakkun licked his face before wiggling out of his arms again.

It brought a small smile to Kakashi’s features as he remembered the way his dad used to play with him as a child. It felt like so long ago now… before Kakashi could dwell on his thoughts, Boruto placed his hand on Kakashi’s knee before hoisting himself up onto the couch.

Kakashi made sure Boruto didn’t fall as Boruto squirmed up next to Kakashi. Boruto leaned against Kakashi’s shoulder and Kakashi glanced down to see Boruto calmly watching the television that was on across the room. Boruto’s breathing had slowed as his eyes shuttered closed.

He must have worn himself out, Kakashi figured. He didn’t dare move, hoping Boruto would fall asleep soon as Kakashi felt Pakkun at his feet. Pakkun was resting too, happy that Boruto was tried of him as he nibbled at the blue ball.

Kakashi was glad to have this moment of peace after all the chaos that he had been through today. It was nice to relax as Kakashi heard the faint sounds of heavy breathing coming from Boruto. 

Kakashi was relieved that Boruto had fallen asleep, no longer counting down the minutes until Naruto came home. He allowed himself to relax as he felt strangely comforted by Boruto sleeping against his arm. The sleeping child so innocently trusting him as his protector.

Maybe it wasn’t so hard to be a parent after all, Kakashi thought as he rested his eyes as well.

Of Ancient Caves and Wonders (Jungkook x Reader)

Originally posted by sugutie

Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: Omg so I just got this cool idea!!! A scenario where you and BTS’s Jungkook find out that you’re both mythological creatures… Please and thank you! (:

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Fluff (?) , fantasy

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: slight language

Word Count: 8063

Authors Note: I’m sorry this took so long, I was down lately and I didn’t want to force out a fic, you all deserve better than that. So hopefully the length makes up for it! This was such a cool ask!! (and secretly something I’ve been wait 131413 years for because I’m a bitch for mythology lol) Also, I’ve been watching a lot of Outlast 2 Let’s Plays on Youtube lately (random, I know) and it’s been persuading me to make this scenario slightly horror based but I tried not to lol, but if it creeps in, just know it isn’t my fault. Well, it kinda is, but let’s ignore that for now ; ))))) Let me know of any errors, and happy reading as always! (Also I probably chose the most cliché and overused creatures but I tried my best ok I’m soRRY)

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Band Rehersal

Pairing: Blake/Weiss (Monochrome/Checkmate)
Words: 5′364
AU: @dashingicecream‘s RWBY!Rock AU
Content Warnings: NSFW
Summary: A few questions leave Blake stressed out when she thinks of how much she’s changed since leaving The White Fang and her old relationship with Adam and Ilia. Thankfully Weiss is able to sense her friend’s upset and offers a far more exciting way to ease that stress rather than smoke a cigarette.


The concert hall erupted with sound from the huge speakers in each corner of the room. It was two days to go until RWBY’s first performance in this venue, and they needed to be in top form. If they had any hope of making it to one of the bigger music festivals of the continent, they’d need to swamp any competition and impress potential judges. Thankfully the first evening was a guaranteed sell out, that would surely be a big enough hint that they were going in the right direction.

Truth be told, the group was growing in popularity as of late. Smaller venues were grasping at any chance to have the newest sound in, and bigger ones didn’t need much convincing either! Everyone was shocked at how fast their fan base had seemed to be growing, but everyone was equally pleased and proud.

Today was just a practice, but it was all about staying on top form. Even just for a rehearsal, they were all playing their very best. Both Ruby and Weiss were sure as they performed to keep moving around the stage, making things just as interesting to watch as they were to hear. According to their managers, an interaction was always adored by the fans, and thankfully the two were good enough friends that they never disappointed in that regard.

Blake continued to take her subtle approach. She was too focused on playing the correct notes, doing her part in delivering the bass. She knew all too well that singers and guitar players usually got the most attention, so remained in the background so as not to upstage that. It was comfortable for her to stay in the back, safer, but that wasn’t all that was on her mind lately.

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Hello, I love your writing. Can you please do #14 with the Uni prompt. Also I submitted a prompt request last week, and I don't know if you wrote it and I missed it, or if you haven't gotten to it yet. I hope that didn't sound rude or that I'm rushing you. I'm sorry if it does.

Hey, friend! Do you remember what your request was? I have a few still waiting in my inbox that I haven’t written yet… If you let me know which one, I can bump it up though and no worries, it’s not rushing me, I definitely need a kick in the pants sometimes anyway! ♥ If I did post it though, you can check here

Extra long one for making you wait for your other request! 

title: Are You Still Watching
pairing: nalu
rating: K+
words: ~2100
summary: Lucy needs a break from her overbearing father. What better way than watching Netflix over someone’s shoulder at the library? (prompt from here)

Her father has Lucy on a leash even halfway across Fiore and it’s a little unsettling to the outside eye to see that he calls her the exact second glasses are supposed to end with a demand worded as a request. He only lets her go to school, really, so he can flaunt the fact that his daughter was getting a business degree to take over for him. Something to brag about to his friends.

It was strange, really, how she went from only worthy of marrying someone and granting him a grandson to the actual heir to his business. She doesn’t quite know which one is better, really, because at least as a baby-making machine she was left to her own interests, as far as though interests didn’t interfere with matchmaking. 

Now, as an adult, she’s stuck under his thumb worse than ever and it’s only the creative writing classes that keeps her going. Maybe it’s not polite to admit she’ll skip out from under his thumb and out of school the moment she can’t take them anymore, but she figures if he can bully her into attending school, she can damn well take a class she actually likes.

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@idahlrillion (your picture with manpulative!Maedhros kissing Maglor on the back inspired me to do this! hope you like it)

@maedhrosrussandol Also based on our many conversations about Rivendell and it’s possible beginnings. I wanted to give context to it.

There had been another argument amongst the remaining two Feanorians, and it shook the foundation of the entire establishment. So loud and disruptive had it been, that their screams managed to wake even the twins. Though late in their youth as they were, both Elrond and Elros had already desensitized themselves to the muffled shouts and occasional thuds on the wall. They no longer feared for their own safety, as Maglor and Maedhros would never hurt them.

But that did not stop them from hurting each other, and that was the terrifying part (the mere idea that brothers would raise a hand against each other baffled the twins).  It had happened, occasionally. They had once witnessed Maglor flinging a full wine bottle at Maedhros’s head, and another time, Maedhros had hurled his entire desk at his younger brother.  

Tonight could very well produce a similar outcome. Therefore, Elrond and Elros had stood by as always, hidden behind the frame of the door, both prepared to intervene if the argument turned physical.

Yet when Maedhros moved towards a tearful Maglor—and Eru, did the twins tense considerably—he placed not a harmful hand on his brother. Rather, it was a kiss to his shoulder. A false gesture of comfort that did little to ease his Maglor’s dismay. A thousand shades colored his face in one second, all raging from agony to pure disgust.

“Listen to me, all will be well,” he cooed silently into his brother’s ear, “Why leave now when we are so close? Would you leave me alone?” Maedhros spoke a succession of frantic lies, neither making more sense than the other. The panic was evident in his voice, and when the other didn’t respond immediately, his hysteria grew into desperation.

“Where will you go, Maglor? What kingdom would open their arms to you? Stay, with me! We will continue father’s work, we will make him—“

Maglor retreated from his brother before he could finish, the revulsion evident in his gaze.  

“You speak like a madman, brother. Your loss has turned you into a beast, a teller of lies no different than the Dark Lord himself!”

He bolted through the threshold as Maedhros made to respond. So quick was his exit that neither Elrond nor Elros had an opportunity to escape.

“Elrond, Elros!” Maglor croaked at the sight of the twins, the anger in his gaze melting into a deep sorrow. How could Maedhros spoke so valiantly of the Oath, yet face the twins every day? How could Maglor himself stay by his brother’s side while sheltering the twins as if they were his own?
They were victims of the damned curse, yet they looked upon the Feanorains with undeserving pity.

It broke Maglor’s heart. He could not bare to set his eyes on the twins anymore, not when his guilt was eating away at him.

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Love For You

Title:  Love For You

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2683

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I loved writing this one. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s Christmassy. I’m sorry I was supposed to post this earlier but there were some slight complications. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome. Merry Christmas everyone. xxx


December 24th, the day before Christmas, it just happens to be one of your favourite days of the year. Everything just seemed better this time of year. Everything tasted better, it was all just so beautiful. Back when you were a kid, your parents made a huge deal out of Christmas for you and your siblings. At the beginning of every December, they would put your tree up and you’d help decorate it. It didn’t stop there though, you went full out. You decorated the entire house including your bedroom. When Christmas Eve came along you could barely shut your eyes, too excited for what Christmas day would bring. It was no doubt the best time of year for you. You could never not love it.

 You and Dean spent the entire afternoon decorating the bunker like they had done last year for you. This was your second Christmas with the boys and you were more excited than ever. With everything that has happened with Dean and the mark of Cain, and Sam with the trials, you’d never seen both of them this happy. Sam was out grabbing groceries for tomorrow’s meal that all of you planned on making.

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Always There ( Peter Maximoff x READER )

Title: Always there
Rating: T for cursing
Word count: 1848 
Warnings: None
Summary: When you have nightmares all night and have a terrible day, Peter shows up to make it better, like he always does.

Today was just not your day. From the first minute you woke up, falling and knocking everything over in your room to having to leave for work and missing the bus with no money for a cab, you just knew today wasn’t going to be good. To make matters worse, after walking for five minutes in the humid, wet air, icy, cold hale fell from the sky, hitting you and everything else like a bowling ball hitting the pins, no doubt leaving bruises. Usually, you would of asked your mom to just drive you, but today you weren’t in a good mood, not wanting to be around anyone really. You were cranky from not getting any sleep the night before. Not to mention, your ongoing nightmares had decided to fuck with you as well. Of course even so, it’s not like you could get away from your silver haired best friend, who has a knack for not taking no as an answer.

Walking into the convenience store you worked at, drenched in ice cold water and ice, you saw none of your co-workers were here today. As most were college students, they were busy studying for finals, and you, already on summer off, decided to take up those many, empty shifts. Grabbing a towel from the janitor closet, you dried yourself off as much as you could. You were still wet and cold, but you didn’t have time to go back home and change. After turning the sign, signalling you were open, and unlocking the door, you sat behind the counter, your head rested on your hands. You were shivering uncontrollably, your hands look like they could vibrate the world alone, making you feel even more like shit.

Closing your eyes, taking in the noise of thunder and hail from outside, you started to doze off; every few seconds you’d bolt up, but right after, your head would go back down. You felt like death himself, just wanting to go home and sleep. Thankfully, nobody has came in yet because you knew for sure you’d snap at anyone for anything right now. Once more, you quickly dozed off into your dreams, but a certain someone was quicker. Next thing you knew, every time you dozed off, a swoosh would fly by you and a finger would poke you in the cheek. At first, you shrugged it off, but after a while, your annoyance level started to rise.

“Fine, Peter, I’m awake!” you yelled, highly annoyed, looking around the store for said boy, “what do you want?” you added, waiting for him to stop, so you can get a glance at him. Expected, Peter stopped right in front of the counter, his silver hair a mess. You looked at him tiredly, waiting for an answer, as he pulled out his headphones and placed them in his pockets.

“Why is your skin so cold, Y/N,” he asked, his eyebrows frowning, as he gave a confused face. He talked rather quickly, making it hard to keep up with what he was saying. But after spending so much time with the knucklehead, you learned how to keep with him which to no surprise, was hard and took a long time to do so. Although, at times, it was still hard to keep up with him.

Running to your side, giving you a slight shock, he touched your arm. “You’re freezing, wow.”

“Well, excuse me for walking in basically hail and becoming an walking popsicle,” your voice was stern and strong, hinting at Peter that you weren’t exactly in the best of moods. He knew that when your voice wasn’t its usual bright and chipper self, something was going on. Sighing while rolling his eyes up, he ran into the back room and came back with a metal chair quicker then he left. He sat it beside you, putting his hands on the back of his head and his feet on the counter.

“So, whats up? Why do you sound like you want to burn the world in flames?” Peter asked, curious, as he chewed on some pink bubble gum that he had stolen from your pocket. Honestly, it made you feel happy that he was with you and was willing to listen, but at the same time, you just wanted to be left alone. But you weren’t just going to tell your best friend, Peter Maximoff to leave; not like he’d listen anyways.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it,” you whispered, looking the opposite direction of the silver haired boy. You could hear him groan because he knew how stubborn you were, but he was even more stubborn that you were. If he wanted something, he’d find a way to get it. If it meant stealing or nagging, then so be it.

“Come on,” he said, smirking, dragging on the sentence, “come on, Y/N, what’s wrong. Come on.” he repeated multiple times, not letting you just pile this all up inside. Yeah, he was a pain in the ass most of the time, but he wasn’t a complete pain in the ass; he actually cared about what you felt. After a few minutes of him not saying anything, but that, and poking you in the sides, your most ticklish spot, you gave in.

“I’ve had a bad night and day so far okay,” you said quickly, glaring at him. You didn’t want to seem annoyed in case you upset him, the last thing you want, but you couldn’t help it. Not having a good night’s sleep after 20 hours of course is going to turn you into a cranky monster.

“Ohhh,” he said, nodding, as he bit his lip. “What’cha do?” He just wasn’t going to let this go. You wanted to go off on him for thinking you did something to cause this; you decided to just ignore it. It made you feel loved, although, you really wanted him to become the “roadrunner” and meep meep out of here like she was the coyote. “I’m having that really bad nightmare that makes me scared to sleep. Then, today for some goddamn reason, I got out of my bed and suddenly everything in my room decided to knock over!” You shouted, groaning to yourself, dropping your shoulders, as you locked eyes with the thick, grey clouds outside.

Peter was one of the few people, maybe even the most, who you were willing to tell about your nightmares. You’ve had the same nightmare ever since you were a little girl. You were in a small room, paralyzed, as darkness, kind of like shadows, engulfed your body, wrapping over it and trying to suffocate you. Maybe it originated from your fear from the dark, but even so, it still made you shake in fear just by thinking of it.

Smiling, he sat up from his position on the chair, and wrapped his hands around you shoulders, pulling you in for an awkward side hug. He leaned his head on yours, sighing again. “It’s going to be okay, I promise. If anything tries to come for you, I’ll be there before they can even lay one finger on you.” When you were in these “type” of moods, he was always patient with you and was nice. It was confusing to you, as every other time, he was the least patient person and would do anything to get an outburst from you. You liked it when he was like this though.

“Thanks,” you said smiling, “couldn’t ask for a better best friend.” Peter laughed at that, rolling his eyes. He stared at you forever, until out of nowhere, he flicked you in the head, clearly breaking the mood.

“You never told me about why you’re as cold as jack frost,” he said, crossing his hands, staring at you. If anyone deserved an award for destroying the mood or the moment, Peter was the one who deserved first place. Although it was annoying at times, you thought it was one of his best qualities. You loved how he could turn a depressing moment where you wanted to crawl in a hole and disappear into a moment full of laughter and smiles.

“Look outside and you’ll get your answer,” you pointed to the clear, glass windows, giving Peter a face that clearly was calling him stupid.

“I knew that, I just wanted to make sure,” he quickly said, standing up beside you. His head was pointed towards you perfectly where you could see every part of it. You loved looking at him, even if it made you sound like a creep.

As you looked at his face, you could see his smile that he was trying to hide, him wanting to be “serious” or as serious as Peter, of all people, could get. You looked at every inch, every centimeter of his face, letting the stress, cranky you go take a nap while you remembered every piece of it.

He was your best friend, but you loved him. Not only like a best friend.

You had denied it multiple times in the past whenever anyone asked. However, the truth was, you really did love him. His sarcastic, sassy moments always made you laugh. His smile, even the smallest, made your heart tingle. His caring, protective self when he wanted to show it made you feel loved and like he cared for you. The list could go on, as to why your heart decided to love him, but it’s not like there were any words in any language to describe how much you felt for him.

“It’s time for me to go, I gotta go catch a movie with some friends,” he said, ruffling your hair, laughing as you tried to punch him; you hated having your hair being touched. In the blink of an eye, he was already gone, which made you kind of sad. You planted your face into the counter once more, your face beat red. “I love that little shit so much,” you whispered. You really did, you couldn’t look at anyone, but him. You’d see somebody so attractive that anyone would fall, yet your eyes only looked on the silver haired, speedy boy named Peter Maximoff.

Not expecting it, yet again, another swoosh came running past you, scaring you almost out of your skin. Beside your hand, you saw a small, square, yellow sticky note that was clearly in Peter’s handwriting.

“I wouldn’t say I love you, but I feel the same way.” -Peter

You practically turned into a tomato, your whole body red. Looking up to the black, push in doors, you saw him, who was still chewing a piece of gum, smirking at you. You hid your face in your hands, highly embarrassed by the situation.

“Wow I never knew you’d-”

“Go see your movie, Peter!” you yelled, which only made him chuckle at your outburst. You were so cute when embarrassed. Taking the hint, he left, but not before placing a quick kiss on your cheek, which made you fall out of your chair, screaming. 

Then you realized something.

He stole a pack of Twinkies.


I wrote this after hearing the Citrus PV and liking Yuzu’s voice. A lot.

“So… do you guys know how to.. uh…” Yuzu’s voice gradually wound down to an embarrassed whisper along with her posture, shrinking down in her seat. Her next words were nigh unintelligible, her face going red in a tell-tale sign that this was going to be somehow related to Mei. “How to talk dirty?”

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Now, Fall off to sleep

Based on the Imagine “ Imagine Thranduil’s reaction to you having fell asleep on his throne wearing his robe” on  ImagineXHobbit

EDIT: 8/18/2016: New imagine posted on IMagineXhobbit that also fits it:  Imagine Thranduil finding you sleeping on his throne.

Now, Fall off to sleep

Character(s):  Thranduil

Words: 3683

Authors Note: What? I write something not Haldir based??? i know, crazy! anyway, i have been sitting on this for a month and finally got around to finishing and posting. Enjoy.

The moon shone through the few skylights, emitting its’ light through the Mirkwood halls. The lanterns that lit the realm had been turned down, leaving the realm dark and calm as it rested. Though night had fallen, the work had not ceased in the lightest. The royal corridors and chambers where alight with movement and energy . None of the royals or guards showed any sign of fatigue as they continued to work.

The queen had finally finished her day, all of her work completed despite it no longer being day. She slumped her shoulders slightly as she walked, her hands moving to rub her stiff neck as she continued her pace. Her body compressed as the fatigue and exhaustion of her long day hit her. Her back hurt, her neck ached, her eyes burned slightly but her long day of meetings and paperwork had finally been completed. Now, all she desired to do was to go to sleep in her lush bed with her husband by her side.

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Brunch (Olicity future fic, Explicit)

(The gif was originally posted by captainyouknowitall and then candykizzes24 tagged me, and then this happened… It’s all the gif’s fault.)

One hour.

That was how long they’d been waiting, and that was too darn long in her book. Even the waiter was starting to give them the eye.

“Freaking brunch isn’t supposed to be this busy,” Felicity murmured, sipping her water. Oliver shot her an amused smile. “You’re too chipper.”

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Fanfic: A Kiss to Begin It

Day one of Sockathan Week; we start it with a kiss…

Title: A Kiss to Begin It

Author: @kita-the-spaz

Rating: Teen

Summary:  Jonathan wasn’t sure what the hell— pun intended— was going on with his personal demon, but Sock had definitely stepped up his annoyance game to a whole new level. While Sock had never really had any appreciation for the concept of personal space, he’d been doing a lot more than simply invading Jonathan’s personal bubble lately.

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The Garden | Naruto

Prompt: Naruto and Hinata choose what plants to grow for their home garden. [ Submitted by dianahinkle ]

Pairing: Naruto and Hinata

Notes: It’s a cute little garden scene what more could you ask for? Gardens are cute right? ;-; 

“These are beautiful, aren’t they?” Naruto knelt down, picking up the flower Hinata had dropped in her surprise. When he stood back up he had his signature goofy smile plastered on his lips. 

The dark haired woman couldn’t help but smile warmly at him, her cheeks flushing as she reached out to take what was being offered back to her. “These would look great in the garden.”

“Yes,” he spoke softly, leaning into her now, his hand reached forward taking a strand of her dark hair within his fingers. It was so soft when he brought it up to his lips, the blue hue of his irises burning into her skin. She was melting. 

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TITLE OF STORY: What’s Yours is Mine
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama, Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: Meet Thomas and William Hiddleston, inseparable identical twin brothers and heirs to the phenomenally successful Hiddleston Corporations. That is, until Thomas was cut off from his family for his drug usage in university, leaving William to run the company alone. But now, their family is in shambles; a sick mum and a wash-out dad has led the fortune to run dry and the company into deep debt. With no other options, William has only one person to turn to for help: the most successful drug lord in England: his own twin, Thomas.
WARNINGS: Drug usage, explicit language, violence, sexual content, mentions of forced prostitution.
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and teacuphiddlesfics, and we’ll be alternating writing the chapters, so make sure you’re following Christine (also at teacuphiddles) if you aren’t already! Also, check out more about the twins here.

“Truth or dare?”

“Perhaps in a different context, when we’re a bit more rested.”

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h o w  w e  d o  u s

but i won’t risk putting this love at stake for a simple explanation to a simple motherfucker, who really don’t know us & really don’t wanna. i mean it when i say i only wanna love ya.”

[a/n]: happy new year, i’m back even tho you probably don’t care. leave constructive criticism, leave requests, leave nice messages idk. if the ending to this seems rushed that’s bc I’m terrible at endings, but I’m working on it. love you guys, and hope you have a great 2016.

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Yakulev for georgieporgiepuddininpie because the Nekoma ova made me miss the Haikyuu kids so much and I love Lev.  Also height differences.

It was a normal, unremarkable day during a completely average practice at Nekoma High when Haiba Lev had a life-altering realization. He’d just missed maybe the tenth receive in a row and Yaku-san was lecturing him to ‘watch his form’ and ‘stop getting distracted’ and ‘try and not to let the ball connect with his face’ when it hit him-

Yaku-san was cute- like really super cute; especially when he scrunched up his nose because he was frustrated with Lev for not listening to him.  Yaku-san was friendly, and, sure, a little stern half the time, but Lev really liked him.

Like, like liked him, that is.

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Shadows & Pheromones: Part Three

The first day of spring brought a shadow into Molly Hooper’s lab at St Bart’s hospital. Or rather, a man who looked an awful lot like a shadow.

Sherlock/Star Trek: Into Darkness crossover, omegaverse style.

Molly was all too aware that helping Khan bring his crew round from stasis sealed her fate. Escaping from him alone had seemed impossible, so when there were over seventy augments she’d be entirely trapped. Yet she had little else to do, and keeping busy kept her attention away from her predicament. Getting maudlin would do her no good at all.

Waking the people in the cryochambers wasn’t as easy as opening the tube up and turning the machinery off. It was a careful dance of stabilising to the optimum temperature, regulating oxygen levels and then reducing the chemicals being pumped into the chamber. When the subjects woke they were groggy and disoriented, with short term memory loss, which could lead to violent outbursts when they realised their confinement. It was why Molly and Khan worked through each of them one by one, his presence there to ensure she was never injured when they lashed out.

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A/N: Hello lovelies! It’s finally fluff week and I couldn’t resist..enjoy!

Title: Star-kissed 

Prompt: Starlight

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T

Summary: She worried that the stars wouldn’t show themselves, but he assured her that they weren’t gone, that she was just searching in the wrong place.
“Luce? What are we doing up here?”

“I told you, just stay patient!”

Natsu Dragneel? Patient? Yeah right.

Natsu frowned as he watched Lucy’s ponytail swing animatedly back and forth behind her head, the scent of her strawberry shampoo dominating his senses. So much so, that he couldn’t smell where they were headed, or maybe that had been her plan all along. 

Thick trees lined the mysterious path that she had dragged him on, blocking out the moonlight that would usually have been their source of light, but for now, the glowing flame that Natsu cradled in his palm would be enough. 

Lucy hadn’t told him anything about where they were headed, and to his dismay, she refused to talk. 

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