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“Come on, big guy, you have to come out sooner or later,” Stiles was begging at this point. Was it ironic that the human in this situation was the one begging for attention? Probably. Will Stiles mention that to Derek? No, because he values keeping his face intact.

For all his placation and begging, all he gets is a solid huff from the wolf currently hogging all of his bedding.

He had come home like any other day, dropping his backpack with a much too heavy thud when he had found the wolf sized lump curled on his bed. He had to admit, the first few times this had happened - he cooed and ‘ahh’ed at the werewolf who had taken to finding comfort in the ode de Stilinski. Now? Not so much. 

Sure, Stiles’ heart melted every time he witnessed Derek’s in full shift and tried not to break the magic of how much more tactile the man became when less hindered by his human shape. But this was the third time this week Stiles would be remaking his bed for non-jizz related reasons and that shit took effort. Not even being chased by monsters winded him quite as much as getting a fitted sheet on his mattress did.

“Der, you can’t just hide in my covers forever.”

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12.4.16  ♡  16/100 days of productivity

Spreads for the month of November. Went back to bullet journaling because I missed it so much <3 My relatives from New Jersey came over and I hung out with them the whole weekend so I’m only starting my homework now woops. Also it’s snowing right now and I hate driving in snow ugh.

The Dog Ate My Homework
  • It’s a warm night in Sixth year at Hogwarts and Remus Lupin is sitting, bent over a table in the empty Gryffindor common room trying to finish off some charms homework that is due in the next day.
  • Sirius, who finished the homework earlier in the week (or, more correctly, thought up his excuse for not doing the homework earlier in the week) is sitting next to his boyfriends, desperately attempting to gain his attention.
  • ‘Moooonnnyyyy’ He says, tapping him in the arm with his quill.
  • ‘Moons’ he whines, draping himself over Remus’ shoulders.
  • ‘Moonykins’ he cries, laying across the table on Remus homework.
  • And Remus looks up in frustration, shoving Sirius off the now smudged work.
  • ‘Geroff’ Pads! I promise I will give you attention later, right now I need to finish this so shut up or go away.’
  • And so Sirius slumps down onto his chair beside him and is quiet….for about three seconds.
  • Before he jumps up onto the table and transforms into his animagus, gently padding up and down the table as he whines and wags his tail.
  • Remus tries to hide his smile by biting his lip and staring more aggressively at his work.
  • Padfoot comes over and starts licking his ear slowly irritating Remus into submission as he nips away.
  • ‘Padfoot.. I’m serious.’
  • The dog barks loudly before jumping up and down happily on the sheets of parchment.
  • Remus rolls his eyes as he tries to gather the work from under the stupid dog.
  • ‘Sirius I swear on Merlin’s life…’
  • Padfoot takes the papers between his teeth and growls playfully as he tries to pull the blasted homework away.
  • So Remus pulls it away even harder.
  • Sirius yanks it in response.
  • Remus tugs with all his might.
  • But the big black dog is stronger, and with one sharp heave, he tears the parchment free.
  • But he is so caught up in the fight he doesn’t even realise hes won, so he opens his mouth to get better purchase, and all the homework Remus had worked so hard on is now inside and being chewed up by his boyfriend.
  • Remus mouth falls open as he stares at the salivary wreckage.
  • ‘Pads..’
  • Sirius transforms back to stare at the pile of slobbery mess.
  • ‘Shit Moons… I didn’t mean to..’
  • ‘reparo’ Remus glares over at Sirius as he tries and fails to mend the work.
  • Sirius now sitting cross-legged on the table, looking like a scolded puppy. ‘Rem I’m sorry..’
  • But Remus just sighs in response.
  • The following day and Remus is standing up at the front of the charms classroom.
  • ‘Professor, I’m sorry, I don’t have my homework.’
  • Professor Flitwick just looks up curiously at the usually well-behaved marauder.
  • ‘Excuse me Mr Lupin? No homework? Why?’
  • Remus just blushes.
  • ‘It ugh… well I did it you see.. but then it sort of…’
  • ‘Yes?’
  • ‘Well.. it got ruined.’
  • Flitwick’s eyebrows go up. ‘Ruined? What ruined it?’
  • Remus’ blushes deepens. ‘Um.. well.. it sounds unbelievable.. but..but..’
  • ‘Come on Mr Lupin I don’t have all day.’
  • Remus’ eyes dart nervously around the room. ‘A dog ate it..’ he mumbles.
  • ‘What?’
  • ‘A dog ate it. A dog ate my homework.’ he says, much louder as the whole class giggles.
  • Flitwick shakes his head. ‘Really Mr Lupin. i had at least expected a better excuse.. A dog.. really…’
  • ‘No! No! It’s true professor! It really happened!’
  • ‘Detention Mr Lupin. Maybe try to think of something better next time. You can stop now Mr Black, you’ll be joining him.’

Sirius hadn’t stopped laughing the whole time.

thisissirius  asked:

17 - robron, 4 - roblivion

Okay so Siri asked for this fic ages ago but I just didn’t have any inspiration for it until now. This is for the prompt: Roblivion - things you said over the phone

I kind of took a little bit of a liberty in that it’s actually a text message. It was also supposed to be short but apparently I am incapable of that and it made it to 1200 words. 

Ping. Robert heard the tell-tale sound of an incoming text message as he was stood at the kitchen counter, chopping onions ready for that night’s dinner.

“Aaron, can you check that for me? I’m just in the middle of the chopping the onions,” he called to Aaron who was currently sitting in the living room, watching football.

“What?” Aaron said, clearly not listening as usual.

“My phone.” Robert replied, “I just got a text message, can you check it for me?”

Aaron didn’t bother replying, but Robert could hear him shuffling about in the living room, presumably looking for the phone.

“It’s from Liv.” Aaron was stood in the doorway to the kitchen, phone in hand. “must be a pocket text though, because it’s just an X”

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Drunk - Taehyung BTS SMUT

 “You wanna come tonight?”

“Where are you going?”

“Parties, the usual..”

“Nah.. I guess I’ll stay at home..”

“What? doing your homework.. again?” he asked you with one of his eyebrows raised. Look at him, idiot. He parties all weekend its irritating. you thought.

“Well, I have a lot of work to do.. unlike you!” you said, hitting his shoulder lightly. His face turned a little disappointed. 

“Oh come on… it’ll be fun..” he said with his best assuring smile.

“I don’t want to meet your drunk friends. Plus, i know you’re gonna get drunk and guess what’ll happens next? You’re gonna leave me, sleeping with some random girls, and-” “Jealous?” he said while he stretch his lips into a smirk. “I wasn’t quite done.. and how am i going to go home while you have sex with those sluts?” you clearly see the disappointment on his face, but don’t know why he looks disappointed. 

“Fine.. just do your homework to death! oh and please do mine too! love you~” he said kissing your forehead, but you push him away. “Ugh.. do it yourself!” you said as you go back to your laptop and focusing on what you were doing.

You hear the door opened and closed as he left. you sigh. you just hope that you can spend more time with him instead of him leaving you alone with your tons of work to go to parties and get drunk and sleep with girls. same old stuff. ugh when is he going to change? why can’t he just stay at home, its more convenient. 

after some minute that feels like hours, you get up and walk to your kitchen. you found some snacks and bring it up stairs to your room, where you do your homework. taehyung… ‘why are you even thinking about him when you’re supposed to do your homework?’ your unconscious self snapped you. tf no I’m not. ‘yea you clearly did you idiot!’. sigh. ‘its not like you’re his gf! so you have no right to control him. let him be for God sake! he’s a jerk!’ he’s clearly not a jerk! he’s my best friend! ‘yeah, best. friend.’

whatever. you thought.

It’s been hours and you’re not even done with your first homework. you look at the clock once again. its 1.30 a.m. should I just go to sleep? taehyung will probably get back here at 4. and it’s not like i care.. ‘of course you don’t..’ your unconscious self snapped back at you again in a sarcastic tone. 

by that you were so done and decided to close everything and go to bed. you checked your phone and see miscalls from taehyung. what? you thought. but you ignored it because you thought that its one of his drunk calls and you’re just so done with it because all he talks about when he’s drunk is sex. just before you’re about to lock your phone, a call from taehyung shows up.. should i pick up or not..? your thumb accidentally press the green button. fuck ughh. “Hey. you okay? why are you calling me?” 


tf..? “Taehyung, where are you now?”

“UM.. MY MOM’S HOUSE? OF COURSE IM AT THE FRONT DOOR U IDIOT!” he ended the call right at that second. 

you immediately run for him to the front door and checked the gate, only to find nothing there. ugh.. why did i even go here. he’s probably drunk talking and he's still at his friend’s house. you thought and go back inside. 

“Hey babe..” he says as he kisses you harshly. “Oh my god.. taehyung stop! what are you going?” you try to push him but its useless, he’s too strong for you. but he doesn’t give up just like that. he keeps on holding you by your arms and push you against the wall and kisses you deeply. he bites your lower lip and put his tongue in. you can taste the alcohol in his mouth, and for some reason you like it so much. you let out a moan but tried to control it. you can feel him smirking in-between the kisses. “Feeling wet, yet?” you can’t believe he could make you feel like this. 

he start to move to your neck, sucking it and leave his wet trails. “taehyungah~” without any warning he carries you to the nearest sofa and put you down. you look at him in the eye, he sure is drunk. he takes off your pyjamas and stared at your bare boobs while tracing it slowly and playing with your nipples. “Did you take off your bra because you knew I was coming?” he asked. before you could answer he starts to kiss your neck again and goes down to your boobs. every little touches that he does makes you shiver and leaves you wanting more. he stops right at your hips. “want me to go further, honey?” he asked you, looking at you in the eye but still manages to send vibrates to your skin through his mouth. “y-yes..” “yes what?” he replied as he moves his mouth down to your inner thigh. “mmmm..” he hums on your thigh making you feel the tingling feeling through his vibrations. “eat me out..” “what? i can’t hear you,” he moves his head to face your pussy. “EAT ME OUT TAEHYUNG! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH!” you screamed, making him smirk. “Say no more,” he said while tearing your panties apart. He spreads your legs away from each other and start licking your pussy, sending chills to our whole body. After a little more teasing, he spits out his saliva to your honeypot then eat your whole thing. His tongue flicking your clitoris and moving in and out of your hole. The pleasure was unbearable, so was your moans, but suddenly you remembered that he’s just a friend and that he’s drunk. 

I really shouldn’t take advantage of this.. you thought. But your moans brought you back to reality. but why would I? I’m having fun right now anyway! those thoughts blacked out when he stopped eating you out. the feeling of emptiness fills your heat. He looked at you in the eye, then up to bottom, and back to your eyes. what is he thinking? you thought to yourself. Suddenly his face is in front of yours, “How can no one has ever fuck you?” he whispers. how tf does he know that I’m a virgin? He take off his shirt, looking as hot as possible, not breaking the eye contact with you, but your eyes shift as he reveals his defined abs. damn. is the only work you could think of. He scoffs as he realised what he’s doing to you. “Wanna take this one off?” he asked, aiming to his pants. You can see his big bulge showing underneath those fabrics. You slide down his pants and undergarment in one motion, letting out his erection out. you gasp seeing how big it is. Still in amazed state, you squeeze his dick and start putting it in your mouth, bobbing it up and down while continues to licking and sucking it up and down. “mmm ahhh~ yes (y/n)~” he moans. For some reason, he stopped your movement and flip your position and his. “Ready?” he asked. “For what?” you replied innocently and he scoffs. 

He moves you to the kitchen counter and places you on top of it. the coldness of the marble kitchen counter sends chills from your bottom through the rest of your body. “What do you need? Ice? Vibrator? Dildo?” he asked. you tilt your head a little, confused. “Oh right, you don’t even know what those are,” he said as he laughs his ass off. He take a cube of ice and place it in his mouth. After that he tracks your neck, your chest, stomach, and your thighs with his full of ice mouth. “Fuck!! urrrghh!! Taehyungg!!” you moan. He the spreads your legs out and move his cold mouth up and down right on your clit. “Goddammnittt taehyung!!” you start to go crazy because of what he’s doing to you. just when you feel heat on your lower part, he stops. a groan of disappointment escapes your mouth. “No worries, princess.. i’ll make it up to you,” he said as he winks at you. 

He carries you bridal style to your room upstairs. as you get there, he throws you on your bed and crawls up on to you. Impatiently, you pull him by his shoulder and start kissing him. “Eager much?” he said breaking the kiss. But continues to kiss you deeper after that. Without realising, he starts to push his long erect sex into your dripping wet pussy. He thrust it into you, in and out, sending you so much pleasure and making you moan in-between the kisses. One of his hands holds your hands still so you won’t move, and the other hand he uses to pleasure your clit. He goes faster and deeper each time, your moans gets louder too each time. “Ahhh~ (y/n) i think I’m close..” “Me too~” you said quietly, not able to contain the pleasure that he’s giving. “Aaahhh taehyung~~” “OHH FUCK (y/n)~”

Still panting, he rests on top of you then some seconds later he moves next to you. Heavy breathing from both of you is all that you can hear. Shocked, don’t know what to say or what to do next. where will this friendship go? fuck buddies? boyfriend/girlfriend? strangers? or will it still be the same? you thought. “thank you…” taehyung whispers to you as he put his arms around you. “I wasn’t really drunk.”

Bad Reputation (Part Three) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, ;) back by popular demand! hahaha I am so sorry it took me so long to post this but first, well there were other requests before this one and second, I had THE WORST writers block :’( but I powered through it and hopefully you guys like it :) part three dearies!

you guys are AMAZING xD haha so, I give you part 3! (I still don’t know how many parts this story is going to have yet :P) 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

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Bad Reputation

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 4]  [Part 5[Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8[Part 9] [Part 10 [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14]

“So, how is everything going with your girlfriend?” Fred asked mocking Oliver as him and George walked with him back from the Quidditch pitch. Oliver had made them practice the entire afternoon.

“(Y/N) is not my girlfriend” Oliver said rolling his eyes.

“Actually, we were talking about Alicia, but is nice to know which girl hovers your mind” George said smirking.

“Alicia is not my girlfriend either” Oliver pointed out.

“We know, but she’s been trying to be for about a year now” Fred said laughing. “But anyways, back to the criminal-“

“She is not a criminal!”

“Mate, she turned Malfoy into a ferret” Fred pointed out.

“Don’t get us wrong, that was brilliant” George continued.

“But we’re pretty sure that’s not even legal” they finished together.

“Well, I don’t know. I mean, I’d like to think she’s getting better. I mean, she does her homework now and she doesn’t skip class as much” Oliver started.

“You do know that when she does come to class she falls asleep, right?”


“However, back to our original question” Fred ignored him. “How are you doing with your girlfriend?”

“(Y/N) is not my-“

“Girlfriend, we know” they said at the same time. “But you spend all of your free time with her-“

“That’s because I’m her mentor” Oliver explained them.

“You have dinner with her-“

“That’s because she’s always by herself-“

“You can’t stop thinking about her-“

“That’s because…- that’s not true!” he said feeling nervous all of the sudden. That wasn’t true, was it?

“Sure, it isn’t” both twins said with equal smirks.

“OLIVER!” the three of them turned around to see the older Weasley coming towards them.

“Well, hello Perce” the twins said turning the smirk towards him.

“Shut up! I’ll deal with you and your prank on the Slytherins later, Oliver are you aware of what your little girlfriend is doing?”

“(Y/N) is NOT my-“

“Girlfriend, we know” the twins said with an amused expression on their face. “Noticed how Percy didn’t even say a name, Forge?”

“I did, Gred, yet, Oliver seemed to know exactly who he was talking about” he said amused.

“Shut up!” Oliver said glaring at the twins.

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Shy Studies (Remus Lupin Imagine

Hello! This is my first imagine so I hope you like it ((:

Y/N - Your Name
Y/H/C - Your hair color

Remus Lupin had never been one to have crushes. He has always been too involved with his studies to notice anyone in that way.. until Y/N came along.
Remus could never understand why he had all of a sudden fallen head over heels for her. Maybe it was the way her Y/H/C shined in the sunlight, or the way their nose scrunched up and eyes narrowed as they studied, or maybe it was that her smile lit up whatever room she was in. Or maybe it was all of it.
Of course, Remus had never had an actual conversation with them. Sure they had exchanged a few “Hey"s here and there, but that was about it.
Remus had tried to talk himself out of liking Y/N. Who could ever like him, "furry” problem and all? But every time that he told himself to stop liking her it seemed that he just liked her more.

Remus had gotten basically no sleep last night. He couldn’t stop thinking about Y/N. But he has come to the conclusion that he would stop liking them. Definitely. He couldn’t like her because she was too perfect and he was a monster. But as he stepped into the great hall for breakfast it seemed that his heart had been caught in his throat. There she was. Right in front of him.
“Um, hey. I’m Y/N,” Y/N said timidly.
“I know. I-I mean, hello. I’m Remus,” Remus mumbled, his face burning crimson.
“I know,” Y/N chuckled, “I was wondering if you could help me study with last night’s Potions homework? I heard that you’re the best in class, and I could not for the life of me understand how to make the potion.”
“Of course! I mean yes, sure.”
“Okay great! Would you like to go right now or eat since I totally just bombarded–” said Y/N quickly.
“I’d be fine with right now,” squealed Remus.

As they made small talk on the way to the library, Remus couldn’t help admiring Y/N. She was too beautiful not to.
When they got to the library however, it turns out there had been a “malfunction” (thanks to James and Sirius) causing half the books to be binded together, resulting in the library closing down for the day.
“Ugh, I’m sorry Remus–”
“Oh no, I should be the one apologizing. After all, this is due to my friends "fun” new idea,“ Remus said.
"Tomorrow then?” questioned Y/N.
“Tomorrow,” chuckled Remus turning to head back up to the Common Room. But as Y/N spun around, her bag fell open, revealing a finished homework assignment.
Remus crinkled his eyebrows is confusion,“I thought you said you had had trouble on this assignment?”
Now it was Y/N’s turn to be embarassed, “Umm.. well.. about that..”, they mumbled trying to come up with an excuse. “You know what–” Y/N said with new-found confidence before smashing her lips onto Remus’. Remus was.. shocked to say the least. Before he could react though, Y/N had pulled away.
Judging by the shocked look on Remus’s face, Y/N thought she had made a mistake, “Oh no. I totally read this situation wrong, didn’t I?! I just thought we had someth–”. Y/N was cut off by Remus’s lips crashing onto their’s.
“Nope. You read this situation 100% correct.”

the worst thing about having fun is like… not? afterwards? like i am home now after having four very fun days with my best friend(s) nd now i’m like wow great back to like reality and homework. ugh homework.

Take your Daughter to work day

Peter gave Wade’s life stability. Stability to the point where he was able to pull his life together and raise his daughter the way a father should.

Peter and Wade raised Ellie as best as two assholes who knew nothing about children could, it went surprisingly well considering the circumstances.

With the aid of his newfound family, Peter’s constant insistence and a couple of months of being REALLY REALLY good and SURPRISINGLY HELPFUL, Wade was finally admitted to the Avengers. He was still a crude asshole, but he’s gotten better to the point that people not only tolerate him, they’re actually starting to begrudgingly grow fond of him.

While Deadpool and Black Widow had much differing opinions on the matter of subtlety, they can often be found cleaning daggers together and discussing different means of assassination.

When Wade calls it “ASS-ASS-ination” her punch is mostly to hide the small smile on her face.

Tony is definitely the type of man who enjoys a crude joke every once in a while and Wade can actually be funny sometimes. They’ve banded together once or twice to play pranks on Steve.

Clint and Deadpool have worked together before and work together well now, some may even call them “bros”.

Bruce still avoids Wade for the most part, but he appreciates how the former-mercenary is improving and how he acts around Peter. Its actually pretty cute the way Wade leans his head on Peter’s shoulder when they sit next to each other, or how Peter has to qualms about sitting on Wade’s back whenever the former-merc hogs the couch.

Steve is starting to see Wade’s humanity. He’s glad for him and considers Wade to be annoying, but a worthy comrade.

Wade tries to teach Thor pop culture. They’re currently half-way through the 1980’s.

The Avengers all knew that Wade had a daughter but it was in a distant sort of way.

Wade couldn’t go on a mission because his daughter had a soccer game. Ellie had a dance recital. Ellie is going to girl-scout camp (Tony ordered a massive amount of girl-scout cookies from the girl). Sometimes the merc-turned-hero would remark about something cute Ellie did. When they traveled Wade would always pick up a souvenir for her at a street vendor.

They all sent birthday and Christmas gifts to her of course, and Steve once signed a plastic model of his shield for her when Wade brought it in, but they were a step-removed from her life. It was necessary for her to have a normal childhood. Wade didn’t even carry a picture of her, too much of a security risk.

Among all of them it was probably Black Widow who had the most interaction with the girl. Peter and Wade would always chicken out whenever Ellie was having “girl problems” and one of them would always frantically call Natasha.

In retrospect this probably wasn’t the smartest idea, because most of her advice to the child involved punching, stabbing or subterfuge.

Ellie was sent to the principle’s office more than once because of aunty Natasha’s advice.

So it was a surprise for everyone when the child suddenly showed up at the tower. Apparently it was “take your daughter to work day” at Ellie’s school.

Which meant there was a small curly-haired girl silently coloring in the conference room when Steve called a meeting.

Tony was outside of the door to the conference room, flattening himself against the wall, peeking in suspiciously at the young girl. When Bruce walked down the hall towards the conference room, Tony grabbed his arm and pulled him back before he could walk in.

“Hey hey hey Bruce” Tony pulled the other man to his side and whispered to him.

“What is it Tony?”

“There is a KID in the conference room.”

Bruce peeks in at the child “I know what children look like Tony, what did you think it was an elf?”

“No WHY is there a kid in the conference room.”

Bruce shrugged. Tony stroked his beard in thought.

“Old flames used to bring kids once in a while, claiming I was the dad and demanding child support, but how the hell did she get past security?”

“…Tony I think you’re over-reacting.”

“You’re under-reacting! There is probably a crazed one-night-stand loose in the building! This is way worse than Loki! Loki never demanded child support! this-”

Just then Natasha sauntered past them and into the conference room, despite Tony’s whispered pleas.

“Hey kiddo…” she gently mussed Ellie’s pigtails and sat next to the girl.

“I’m young, not deaf, you two can come out now.” Ellie called out to the doorway without looking up from her sketchbook.

Tony and Bruce sheepishly looked into the conference room.

Just then Steve came in past Tony and Bruce into the conference room.

“Ok team we have a busy day of-”

His sentence was cut off by two skinny little arms wrapping around his waist in an ecstatic hug.

“EEEEE Captain America!!” Ellie squealed “Thank you for signing my limited edition Captain America Shield!! ALL the other kids in the neighborhood were SOOO jealous! I have all of your action figures! I have a Hawkeye figure too! Dad doesn’t have a figure yet so I repainted a Spiderman figure to look like him! Now I need another Spiderman figure… And its so cool to meet you!!”

“Uhhhh….” Steve awkwardly pats Ellie’s shoulders. “…Its nice to meet you too?” Why is there a kid in the conference room?

Natasha smiles condescendingly at Steve. “Awww how cute” she titters at him.

Steve gives her an unmistakable look of “Shut up” over Ellie’s curly head.

Its then that Clint makes his entrance. “Hey guys what’s the-” he spots Ellie hugging Captain America.

“Oh my gosh that’s so cute” he gushes.

“I know right?” Natasha agrees while she takes a picture on her cell phone.

“Friends I heard that there was a meeting called, I have come forth as instructed-” Thor walks into the room and pauses at the sight.

“Good friend,” Thor smiles teasingly at Steve and the preteen wrapped tightly around his midsection “Tis quite the belt thou wearest”

Steve glares at him.

Thor smiles wider.

Deadpool finally makes his appearance, entering the room with two cans of soda “Hey Ellie Tony is out of sierra mist so I got you Sprite and Mountain dew, Sprite is like sierra mist and-” He looks at his daughter hugging Captain America.

“Oh my gosh that is so fucking cute” He also pulls out his cellphone and takes a picture.

“You know her?” Bruce asks.

“YUP!” Deadpool bends down and presents his daughter with his arms, like a model presenting a prize on a game show “THIS IS MY KID!!!”

“Oh thank god there’s no crazy one-night-stand in the tower” Tony whispers to himself.

“HIII!!!” Ellie Shrieks against Steve’s perfectly toned abs.

Deadpool laughs fondly at his daughter. “Honey don’t you think its time to let go of Mr. America?”

“Nope!” Ellie squishes her face against Steve’s stomach “I’ve decided this is where I live now”

Clint is giggling so hard that his face is turning red.

“How you gonna eat baby-girl?” Deadpool puts his hands on his hips in a motherly way and tries his best not to giggle.

A thoughtful look passes over Ellie’s face before a look of seriousness and determination. “There will be sacrifices” she says seriously “And you may have to hand-feed me”

“Phhht yeah ok” Deadpool covers his mouth with a hand. “Come on baby girl”

He pokes Ellie in the ribs on both sides, she squeals and her arms jerk back from Steve’s waist to protect her ticklish ribs. Wade uses her distraction to quickly pick her up and sling her over his shoulder.

“CURSES!” Ellie shakes her fist like a foiled cliche villain “MY ONE WEAKNESS!!”

Wade plops her down in the chair by her abandoned sketchbook and sits next to her.

“Er…Uh…” Steve is still visibly confused. “Right I called a meeting!”

“A meeting to show off thine belt?” Thor interjects.

Steve shoots Thor a dirty look “No Thor. Not to show off my bel- She’s not a belt!”

Ellie gives Thor a high-five.

Thor feels very accomplished at this small gesture.

That’s right, Thor is “hip” with the young ones of Midgard, he is “down with it” as the young people here say.

He can “get jiggy” with his “bad self”.

Whatever in Odin’s name that means….

Steve is starting to get a headache. “look its not too serious now, but it will take at least a couple of us so I’m asking for volunteers to-”

Deadpool pops up from his seat “I’m not so sure I can go!” He points at his daughter “Secretary write down my itinerary!” Ellie takes up her sketchbook and a couple of markers.

“First and fore-most!” Deadpool waives his finger about “Ellie has a piano lesson this afternoon!”

Ellie pouts but continues to scribble on the notepad. “ugh.. piano” she whispers.

“Peter is working on a paper so of course he will need our help!”

Ellie looks up at her father confused “You can’t science…”

“No but I can cook while he sciences!” Wade counters.

“ah.” She nods. That makes way more sense.

“Ellie also needs to do her homework!”

Ellie grumbles.

“Also later I plan on breaking into the zoo with my daughter.”

Ellie perks up “Can we pet penguins again!?”

“sure thing sweet-pea” Wade pats her on the head.


Deadpool whirls back to his daughter “Now read me back my itinerary secretary!”

Ellie looks down at her sketchbook “I didn’t write down the itinerary, I DID draw a picture of Iron man touching Captain America’s butt”

She handed her dad the picture of a scribbly Captain America bending down like pin-up girl, butt perky and prominent while Iron-man touches the butt.

Deadpool looked at the picture for a couple of seconds.


Wade addressed the rest of the avengers “Everyone follow Ellie’s example she knows how its done”

Wade proceeded to use a dagger to pin the drawing to the wall the same way normal people put their kid’s drawing on the fridge with magnets.

“Thats not staying here” Tony tried to insist.

Clint’s head hit the table he was laughing so hard.

“Ah ha!” Thor Exclaimed “This drawing, Steve is ‘getting jiggy’ with his ‘bad self’ is he not?”

“I kind of like it there” Natasha nods approvingly at the drawing “I say we keep it”

Bruce looked thoughtfully at the drawing “I’ll admit the kid has a talent for drawing butts….”

“OH FOR THE LOVE OF-!” Steve started to yell.

Just then something green and slimey thudded against the window, it snarled as it slid down the glass, leaving green goo in its wake.

“I was trying to tell you about the mutant blobs running amok but no!” Steve threw his hands in the air exasperated “You all had to talk about butts!!”

“I see no problem with the topic of butts” Natasha deadpanned.

Clint gave Natasha a high-five

“Just will someone go outside with me to help me deal with this!!???” Steve yelled.

In the end the afternoon was spent killing small blobs of goo that had multiplied quickly and now infested the city.

Ellie grabbed one of Tony’s vintage Baby Ruth baseball bats and helped, smashing little blobs of goo while her dad cheered. When she tried to return the gooey and scratched memorabilia Tony said she could keep it.


She also missed her piano lesson.

Double score!

They went home, cleaned off all of the goo off themselves and made an enormous mess in the kitchen trying to bake a cake for an overworked Peter.

They ended up ordering out.

Peter took a break from his work to eat with his family and they told him about their day filled with butts and goo monsters.

Part 2 - Find Me

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.492


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.


After all the party, hell comes. Hangovers, nights that shouldn’t have happen, school…

Yeah I got those three, God loves me.

During the weekend I tried to focus on cleaning my room and doing my homework, that I never do, Mrs. Dillamond will be pleased with that, but that freaking night was always coming back to my head as much as I wanted to forget it, not that I remember all of it but what I remembered was enough for me to freak out.

That son of a bitch got me drunk so he could fuck me! Now he can say he fucked every girl in our school… ugh just thinking on it gives me the creeps.

I didn’t even went to the party on Saturday so I didn’t have to face him or his friends cause they knew it too.

I just hope that people in school don’t know. But knowing Hemmings he probably is bragging sleeping with every girl in our school, not the younger of course, not because they didn’t want it. Kids, even kids want him. I would give him to them in a blink of an eye if that made that damn night disappear.

When I arrived at school everything seemed normal. No weird, jealousy or angry looks so everything was good. Maybe he was ashamed to tell people he slept with me. He was very drunk too maybe he didn’t know what he was doing.

I made my way to my locker.

“Hey babe.” Rita said as she approached me.

“Hi.” I bluntly said.

“What’s wrong?” She made a face looking at me like she was examining me.

“Why do you ask?” I raised my brow.

“You seem sad, normally you seem always happy.” She explained.

“Something happen.” I whispered.

“What?” She whispered back widening her eyes and coming closer to me.

“Don’t freak out but I slept with Hemmings.” I whispered and her eyes grew wider. “We were too drunk I don’t even remember everything. And he told me-”

“Wait he told you? When?” She asked anxiously.

“When we woke up he told me-” Her eyes were almost coming out and her moth fell open.

“He stayed?” She almost screamed.

“SHHH! He said he fell asleep. He was too drunk.” I explained.

“Y/N he didn’t left!” He whispered.

“It was nothing he just fell a-”

“He didn’t left and he always does, that means something.” She objected. “Who else knows?”

“His group. They were there when we went downstairs.” I looked at her with a regretful expression.

“I don’t know if that bad or good.” She wondered.

“Me nether.” I breathed.

“Oh here he comes.” She whispered.

I turned around to see the little show. They always open a path for them to walk even the guys get out of their way. Everyone is leaning against the lockers and the girls melting when he looks at them and others exhaling like he was the love of their lives. It was so ridicules how someone can drag their selves to his feet. He’s not a fucking God!

As he was coming closer he caught my eyes and I raised my eyebrow at him. Was he expecting me to kiss the floor he stepped?  Well he should wait sitting down cause it may take a while.

I was expecting him to walk right through like he always did I wasn’t expecting him to walk to me.

“Can we talk?” He said in my face. Doesn’t he know what personal space means?

I looked at Rita and she was petrified like she just got shot.

“I guess.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

He turned around and started walking back and I followed him.

So much hate I saw on their eyes now. If they could kill me they would.

He walked out of school and to his car.

“Get in.” He said opening the door.

“We have classes.” I protested.

“Just get the fuck in.” He said annoyed.

“No.” I said stubbornly. Who the hell does he think he is?

He got a hold of my arm and pulled me to his chest. “We have an audience and if you don’t get on that car right now I will kiss you and they will be bugging you the rest of the year.”

I pushed myself away from him and got in the damn car crossing my arms.

We drove in silence until we were at his house.

I was confused. He wanted to talk to me… Why were we at his house?

“You needed to bring me to your house to talk to me?” I asked when we were finally inside.

“You can’t tell anyone we slept together.” So he was ashamed. That hurts a bit. “Did you tell anyone?”

“Rita.” He looked at me angry. “She won’t tell anyone. Your reputation is saved.” I sassed and turned back so I could leave but he pulled me back by my arm.

“Did you tell her I didn’t leave?” He asked with that voice that scared me a little.

“Yes.” He held my jaw tightly in his hand.

“She can’t tell that to anyone.” He threatened.

“She won’t. You’re hurting me.” I struggled to say.

“Shit I’m sorry.” He let go of me and I turned away again to leave. “I didn’t say we were finished.”

“What do you want more?” I asked rolling my eyes.

I turned around and he was closer than I expected. “This.” He whispered before bringing his lips to mine.

“What the hell are you doing?” I said as I pushed him away.

“I know you want me Y/N.” He purred.

“You’re wrong. I don’t. And that night was a mistake!” I stated firmly.

“Really? Cause you seemed to enjoy it. The way you moaned my name and how you begged me for more.” He said coming closer again.

“That’s a lie! I didn’t do that!” I screamed.

“Oh my God, you don’t remember do you? That’s a shame cause I’m sure it was the best might of your life. Let me remind you how it was.” He said reaching out for me, he was so damn cocky.

He pinned me to a wall and kissed me harshly.

“Luke, stop.” I said on his lips.

“Come on Y/N after the night we had I don’t think you can find someone that can satisfy you as much as I did. They won’t do you right, they won’t know how to make you feel as good as I did.” He murmured on my lips and somehow that turned me on.

He moved his lips to my neck and started kissing and nibbling on my sweet spot and running his hands up and down my sides. It’s like he knew my whole body just from that night.

I let out a soft moan and I felt him smirk against my skin.

His hands made their way to the back of my thighs lifting me up and in less than a minute we were in his room and he was lying me down on his bed.

He took my shit off and kissed down my body until the hem of my pants. He undid them as his lips came to mine again. I could feel his bulge, already, against my tummy.

He took his cloth off and brought his lips to mine again. His hips started to move against mine and we both let off soft moans escape our lips.

“Ugh you’re getting me crazy princess.” He breathed against my ear.

“Luke do something.” And as I said this he stood up and took my panties off. It was like he had the wish to satisfy me.

“I would do the foreplay but I’m too hard already.” He said taking of his boxers and not wasting a second to enter me.

“AH!” I let out a yelp at his size.

“Sorry princess. Are you ok?” He looked me in the eyes.

“Yes just wait a seconds.” I closed my eyes trying to make the pain stop.

When I adjusted to him I open them to tell him he could move. His face was red and his eyes shut with knitted browns. He was in pain. He was in pain so my pain would stop.

“You can move.” I whispered.

“Oh God.” He moaned loudly as he started to move.

I expected him to be rough. I don’t think the cares about girls, that’s why I expected rough. But it was completely the opposite he moved carefully in and out of me.

“God princess you always fell so good.” He grunted.

The next minutes were full of moans and pleads until we both came at the same time.

He was lying on top of me until he stood up and started to dress.

“You can go now.” He bluntly said.

“What?” I asked siting up.

He chuckled. “Where you expecting to stay? I thought you knew better than that.”

Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

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Brother - Drabbles

A/N: Oh look. I’m back so quickly. 

Here are short drabbles with Jungkook still as your sassy & sweet younger brother

Video games | Moving out | Dancing | This side of Jungkook

Video games

Jungkook is concentrated on his video game, killing monsters one after another. You’ve been watching for a few minutes, wanting to watch TV but can’t because he’s using it. You find it interesting though and for a moment, have sudden interest on video games.

“Wow, you’re really good at that,” you speak.

Jungkook looks at you with a smug look. “Of course I am.”

“Can I play?”

Jungkook seems hesitant, but shrugs his shoulders in agreement. “Okay.”


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Drew some test comic panels for today to try out some old and new styles. I based them off a conflict/tension prompt to keep them short and simple.

I See You've Been Drinking

Rating: G
Pairing: Hanamaki Takahiro/Matsukawa Issei
Prompt: Day 4 - At Midnight
Summary: Hanamaki Takahiro goes to grab a late-night meal at a fast food joint and a very drunk and very handsome man plops down at the table with him.
A/N: I apologize for any errors - I wrote, edited and posted on my tablet because I left my laptop at home…but I needed to partake in MatsuHana week!

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anonymous asked:

YOU'RE THE CUTEST!!! you're so nice you're so caring I wanna hug u forever!!! <3 oh no schoool, I haven't started yet but when that kind of thing happened to me I'd sleep for like 3 hours and then work bc I found out doing homework/assignments in the middle of the night after some sleep worked well for me. you'll do great just relax and I'm glad you're happy. and you made me smile :') next request.. ashton distracting you from your homework ehehe x L :)

I’m usually best at doing school stuff right in the morning when I wake up, which is bad because I never can do assignments then because I always have lessons :((( 

okay ashton distracting you from homework. well I interpret ashton to be a needy little shit all the time. Like he would alwaayysss need to be holding your hand or sitting next to you and even when he’s in another country he would just call you at ridiculous hours of the night and you’d be like ugh hate you but at the same time love you so much 

and like I have a picture in my head now that he would be back from tour and you’d both have the night together and you were both cross legged on your bed, but you literally had like one small paragraph left to write of an English essay due tomorrow so you would explain to him like if you just leave me for 15 mins, then i can get this done, and then the rest of the night is ours. and he would agree and all that shit and you’d open up your laptop, and open up the file but then you’d look to your left and ashton is still just sitting there staring at you. and you’re like…. dude. so he’s like ‘what,’ and you’re like ‘i just need 15 minutes babe,’ and he’d be like, ‘oh yeah I know, but I’m not leaving, I’ll be quiet,’ and in your head you’re like ah fkn hell ashton but you just go along with it bc you wanna get this thing done. 

so you’d get like heaps into it pretty quickly, your hands would be smashing onto the keyboard and your eyes like blaring into the screen while you typed but then you’d suddenly be reminded of ashtons existence cause he would lie down really fkn close to the computer screen, so his face would just be like right next to it watching you and you’d be thinking like what the fuck ash and he’d just smile stupidly so you’d end up trying to continue working but your eyes would keep flicking over to him with his stupid head directly beside the document 

and then after a while he’d actually like take both of his own hands and softly grab onto one of yours when it was mid way tapping a key and he’d like just bring it over in front of him and start playing with your fingers aimlessly and you’d be like, ‘ashton, i actually need that hand to work with,’ and he’d be all like, ‘oh sorry, baby, didn’t realise,’ and you’d be thinking like are you actually fucked up but you’d just shake your head and continue

but then a minute or so later, he would mindlessly start rubbing his finger up and down your thigh and you would force your brain to ignore it but then he would be tugging on a loose thread on your pants and then he’d be tucking your shirt back into the seem of your shorts properly and flattening it and he would start bloody rolling around on the bed like a child and before you know it, he’s actually like sitting behind you and attempting to give your shoulders a massage and he’s sO CUTE BUT SO DAMN DISTRACTING AND YOU’D JUST HAVE TO TRY AND BE CALM but you’d accidently say it incredibly stern like, ‘ashton, I need you to piss off please.’ 

and his mouth would open to speak but then he’d just like sink down and pout a little bit and you wanted to apologise straight away but you just thought you’d do it later so he would just sort of slump and lay down behind you and fiddle really silently with his fingers and you could finally get the essay finished thank ggggggooooooooddddddd

but then poor ashton omg, so when you shut down the laptop and like put it on the floor you’d turn around and him all mopey and you’d just crawl on top of him and talk all gently, ‘I wasn’t trying to be mean, ash, you’re just super annoying sometimes,’ and you’d lean down and give him a kiss and for a moment when he didn’t react immediately you’d be like oh fuck i’ve actually made him upset but then he’d grab your hips and pull you in towards him and you could hear and feel the vibrates of him giggling in the kiss and ah it’d all be good. 

Happy Birthday to my queen, Sonita!! I’ve known this heifer since I was 11 years old…we walked in to Combermere School first day, 2 red skin girls, born 4 days apart, same height (back then), same fuckin hairstyle! That was all we needed to absolutely HATE each other!!! To make things worse all the “grey and whites” (seniors in grey bottoms, white shirts) thought we were sisters!!!! UGH!!!! She sat in the front I sat to the back! Until we joined cadets a week later and became the illest 2 man army within any platoon! We were good at everything together, but especially at raising hell!!! She was always so smart!! Outstandingly so! I could never understand why she was actually doing homework! Mind boggling to me at the time! 15 years later she’s a doctor and I’m so fucking proud my nigga!!! Even though we love so far apart now, we’ve never been closer! I love you til the death of me!!!! I respect you as a true woman, and I cherish your honesty!!!! #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSONITA @sonitalex by badgalriri

This drabble has been sitting around unfinished in my Evernote archive for like more than a year lol. Have mercy.

AU | In which Caroline babysits past!Klaus


The only time this whole fucked up situation might be a good thing and he hasn’t even lived that century yet.

This is Throwback Thursdays from hell.

“You’re useless then.” Caroline mutters, snatching her World War II homework from his hand.

And he has the gall to smile, all dimply, his now shoulder-length blonde hair catching the sun as he leans his back on the window. 

Ugh. Her life.

When did she have a thing for guys with long hair anyway?


The baby vamp cuts him off promptly with a hand, rips the buds off his ears with the other.

“Keep it down.” She hisses, throwing a look over her shoulder to the old librarian behind the counter giving them the stinky eye.

“Would it please you if I snapped her neck?" 

Really. She didn’t think his accent could be any more English. "No. Just—”

He grins so innocently when he grabs the earphones back from her hand. Even with less centuries, he’s still faster than her and, despite looking like half a Victorian era wet dream, still apparently a dirty old man judging by his lingering stare on her neckline.

That right there is why being thrown out is exactly the very last thing Caroline needs right now especially when the alternative is studying in her dorm room.

No freaking way.

Not when a certain temporally-displaced psychopath appeared on her bed out of thin air two weeks ago.

Not when said psychopath almost tried to kill her and then had the audacity to seduce her afterwards because somehow he’s convinced they share some sort of supernatural connection and has since then attached himself to her, claiming her as his so—

Definitely no beds.

Because seriously not even his own brother can convince him otherwise and now this is happening right now since everyone agreed (she didn’t) that she’s the one he would less likely to kill.

Either way, Elijah’s words are clear: Keep an eye on him. Keep him safe.

Especially now that he’s younger, more vulnerable without his hybrid half. Oh, and they’re all still conveniently tethered to his bloodline so that a thing.

Though if Caroline’s honest with herself, he looks nowhere near dangerous but every bit as a grungy college student sitting there in front of her with his long hair, band shirt and jeans. He fiddles with her iPad, earphone stuck in his ears, as if he’s more invested in her music choices than his evil murdery plans and which is probably true. He got over those plans in no time the minute he discovered the wonders of the future. God knows how much she laughed her ass out the first time Klaus saw a car though it’s not as funny as the first time he wore jeans… which was kinda cute actually. 

Yep. Cute. She said it.

Future/present Klaus can rot in wherever the hell he is right now and never come back. This is all his fault anyway.

 Bowed on her essay, she sneaks a peek at him through the curtain of her hair—

She will later realize she does that a lot more than she cares to admit because this whole situation is just weird and funny and frustrating all at the same time.

—and she finds his face inches from hers. 

She jerks away. “What?”

He’s not even unfazed, his stare unwavering as he catches a lock of her hair in his hand and sniffs.



“It’s called shampoo, you caveman.” She yanks her hair away from his hand and he lets her.

“I like it.”

His damn dimples are nearly winking at her and this. This is the most annoying thing in this whole ordeal.

Because when she looks at him—

She has to remind herself of the second part of the arrangement.
Not a word about the New Orleans. Not a word about the child.

His child.

Now that was a shocker.

You know—

After that happened.

Not that she would tell that to this Klaus and give him more reason to be smug than he has the right.

They’re different, she reminds herself. She knows it’s a foolish thought but she has to, for her sanity.

This one has a different kind of savagery in his smile, a certain arrogance because of his youth. He’s hella lot of charming and flamboyant in a let-me-open-all-the-doors-for-you kind a way. But he’s more guarded. More distrustful than the Klaus she knows, making him a bit unpredictable and harder to read.

Soemhow the similarity lies in what she sees in his eyes. The same… Emptiness.

It’s as if he already lost himself in the way even before he literally got lost in time. Before he became stuck here, because of his own future error, in the very world he carved out of his anger and revenge.

It’s all kinds of fucked up but she feels for him in a way.

To carry and to live in sadness for a thousand years.

It makes her realize the foreverness of forever and how small it makes her feel.

But then when he looks at her—

He looks at her the same. Like there’s nothing wrong at all. Like he’s where he’s supposed to be.

Klaus is still smiling and damn her she can’t control the lifting of her own lips… when suddenly a passing student bumps on her head with his backpack.

The smile drops, the moment gone.

He growls.

“Klaus. Shut up.”

“He hit you.” If looks could kill, they say. But at least chivalry is not dead with this guy.

“So? I’m a vampire. I hardly felt a thing.”

He growls again. She rolls her eyes.

“Seriously. I can’t finish if you keep making noises like that.”

“What noises?”

She throws him an impatient look and he answers with a challenging one. 

“Oh, you know. That one—”

And the jerk kisses her.

Oh God.

She moans in his mouth in protest but it’s over before she can even process the whole thing. He pulls back grinning oh so smugly and, nope, she doesn’t see future/present Klaus there. Not. At. All.

“Who’s making noises now?”

And yet when he flashes out in broad daylight, he leaves her smelling the woods and feeling a familiar kiss on her lips .

Did I tell you guys about the story about my students and how they think its fun and cute to come in after gym and hug me and get all their little gross fifth grade kid sweat all over me? They think its so cute and funny and I mean yeah, it’s cute and funny I guess, but they’re 3rd 4th and 5th graders so ofc they have to take it above and beyond, so the kids that started it decided that sweat wasn’t enough, so when they go do bathroom break after gym they all go in and wet their hair and faces and shirts and come back and attack me with hugs–it was like three little boys at first but now they’ve got literally all the little boys in the class doing it and maybe a third of the girls are in on it too, and all my coworkers are like “ahahaha gabrielle they’re hugging you they just do it because they love you ohoho” and i’m like ok yes but little kid sweat??? this was cute at first but now it’s like “haha okay guys i love ya’ll too but ew gross haha sit down and do your homework dont touch me hahah ew” 

ugh. i love these kids but they’re ridiculous lol.