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Mofftiss, TFP, TRF, TJLC and sherlock fandom mashup.
  • Mofftiss: "Well, here we are at last. It's you and me Sherlock Fandom, and our problem, the final problem: keep plotting. It's so boring! Plotting. Overarching story lines. Making sense out of things. All my life I've just been filling one plothole with the other and you were amazing with your theories, fixing everything we did, picking up on our little 'clues'. In the end it was easy. Now I got to go back to writing ordinary shows, with ordinary fandoms, and it turns out you're ordinary. Just like all of them. Oh well.
  • Sherlock Fandom: "But... TJLC..."
  • Mofftiss: "Did you almost start to wonder if it was real? Did I nearly get you?"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "The tea, code?"
  • Mofftiss: "Nobody seems to get the joke, but you do."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Off course. Tea is gay, coffee is hetro."
  • Mofftiss: "Just trying to have some fun." [Sherlock Fandom throws glass of water in Mofftiss' face] "Oh good! You got that too!"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Of course we did, water represents emotion, just as food represents intimacy and the phone represents the heart. And let's not forget the 'random numbers' in the show, or the constant mirroring."
  • Mofftiss: "Very good."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Yes, but now that it's up here I can use this key to decipher what is to come! I can predict series to come!"
  • Mofftiss: "No, no, no, no, no. This is too easy. It's too easy. There is no key, DOOFUS! Those metaphors are meaningless, there is no endgame. Did you really think there would be a point to all of this?"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Than how did you...?"
  • Mofftiss: "How did I write such a compelling story? Daylight robbery! All it takes is some willing participants."
  • Arwel: [waves]
  • Sue: [waves]
  • Amanda: [waves enthusiastically]
  • Ben: [waves hesitantly, like he's unsure what to do]
  • Martin: [Stands there with folded arms and a grumpy look on his face]
  • Mofftiss: "I knew you would fall for it. That's your weakness. You always want everything to be clever. Now, shall we finish the game? One final act. Glad you choose Tumblr, nice way to do it."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Do it? Do what?" [thinks] "Yes, of course, theorize. Finish your story for you."
  • [Runs off to come up with compelling theories about extra episodes, extended dream sequences, morphine induced dreams etc.]

Hey @taylorswift @taylornation , my name is Daynie, and I’ve been a fan since I was 5 years old! I’m 13 now (AND DONT KNOW HOW MY FRIENDS COULD BE SO MEAN) okay sorry, anyways, I’m 13 now, and just want you to know how much you’ve changed my life, ever since I was five years old I looked up to you, you were always my role model, I listened to your songs everyday, when I was bored, I would look up pictures of you and scroll through them for hours (that sounded weird lol), every story that I told somehow made its way back to talking about you, I begged to see you in concert for years, and when my wish finally came true, I cried harder than ever, but they were tears of pure joy, that was one of the only times I’ve ever cried tears of joy, I was honestly the happiest person in that audience because I was seeing my best friend of 8 years, my role model, and my hero for the first time ever. Throughout that whole concert I had to keep reminding myself that it was real, that you were actually in front of me and that I was seeing you in real life. That was my first concert, and I can honestly say, the best day of my life, thank you so much for everything Taylor, you mean the world to me and I could never thank you enough, I love you so much,
❤️ your friend Daynie

Replacement of John Watson (Sherlock x reader)

SORRY FOR BEING AWAY SO LONG AND STARTING MY COME BACK WITH A FANFIC THAT WASN’T REQUESTED (just started watching Sherlock a week ago and really wanted to start writing about it, I take requests) BUT I’LL BE WORKING WITH THOSE SOON ENOUGH TOO.

So to put it simple: you move in since Sherlock has become unsocial, bored etc and you are aware of filling John’s place in Sherlock’s life as a work partner and roommate (and possible guardian/babysitter) 

The flat in Baker Street 221B had been silent for the past four months. For four months had Sherlock Holmes now lived alone in the apartment Mrs. Hudson rented and it had come too far. Sherlock had started forgetting to pay his rent on time and Mrs. Hudson had become worried of Sherlock’s well-being. Of course, going behind Sherlock’s back, Mrs. Hudson had contacted John and told him her worries.

”Darling, he has barely left the house for weeks. He is unsocial and it doesn’t do any good to him.” Mrs. Hudson’s voice was high pitched and she stuttered at times which gave it away how serious she was.
”This is Sherlock we’re talking about, Mrs. Hudson.” John reminded. ”He’s always unsocial.” He added with a chuckle. Mrs. Hudson did not understand the humor of the situation and made it loud and clear for John. ”If a grown up man doesn’t do his groceries, barely eats and shoots walls is normal to you then enlighten me. I am begging to understand what goes in his mind.” Mrs. Hudson sounded like an unhappy mom that was scolding her child. John was about to add that everything she had said about Sherlock was pretty normal, from him anyways but he knew better and changed the subject slightly.
”What do you suggest we do?” John sighed.
”Can’t you move back in?” Mrs. Hudson pleaded.
”Well, was worth to try.” Mrs. Hudson huffed. ”But can’t you at least come by more often? He really needs company.” To this John sighed again. ”You know I have work and Mary.” John turned around in the living room he was now in. Mary wasn’t home at the moment and it was good. If she would hear him talking like this to Mrs. Hudson about Sherlock, she’d kick John right over to Sherlock’s to entertain him. He still felt like being the guardian of the man even if he now lived away and had a girlfriend that was going to be his wife soon. Mycroft kept calling and texting him, asking what his little brother was doing, which John answered by suggesting to call Mrs. Hudson rather than him since he barely went to Baker Street once a week.
”But I will come visit as soon as I can.” He admitted more of the knowledge of people pressuring him if he didn’t than for his own needs. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see Sherlock, well it kinda was since he had just crawled back from under the grave, but he wouldn’t leave his best friend in trouble if he was in such.
”Good, and when you do tell him he hasn’t paid this month’s rent.” Mrs. Hudson snapped and ended the call.

This is where you walk in. After that call it had started to bother John that why wasn’t Sherlock looking after himself, and he wasn’t paying the bills? John talked to Mrs. Hudson after that couple of times and suggested her to take someone in to live with Sherlock. Of course Mrs. Hudson laughed at that. Who would want to move in with Sherlock Holmes? John fortunately had an answer to that.

You had known Sherlock for longer than John, though not that well, but when you met John Watson you started to really get to know Sherlock Holmes. You were a friend of Lestrade and had visited the crime scenes couple of times. He had asked your help at times before calling Sherlock, trying his luck with you so he didn’t need to get the witty man in the trench coat to out smart everyone around him. You were quite the clever one and of use at times, but you weren’t as good as Sherlock Holmes, unfortunately for Lestrade. You had met Sherlock at times but he wasn’t much of a talker, well yes he kinda was but he usually explicated how the body ended up the way it was or questioned how the people around could be so boringly dumb.
When John came to picture he started to open the group up a bit and somehow brought everyone closer to each other. He also gave you the courage to tell your own suspicions on the crime scene and at times surprising even the great consulting detective himself.
Growing close to Sherlock, John, Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson you had also visited Baker Street and the apartment of John’s and Sherlock’s. When Sherlock ’died’ you were devastated and sad along side with John, but when Sherlock came back it took you almost as long as John to forgive him.

John called you and suggested if you would move in with Sherlock, and of course he had informed Mycroft of this idea as well who started pressuring you about the moving, you had finally agreed to it. You felt like filling John’s shoes at becoming Sherlock’s guardian. It was going to be stressful, annoying and dangerous. Crime and all that.
Sherlock didn’t seem to have an opinion on you moving in with him, he was either okay with it or didn’t care.

Your new life on Baker Street 221B started slowly but surely. There were some tiny surprises such as finding body parts around the house, finding the fridge repeatedly empty and having to do almost all the groceries on your own, though Sherlock barely took any of what you brought in. Also having to company Sherlock while he worked, which he did almost all the time. When you went out he would tag along, without asking your permission. You didn’t mind though, it had all been in good measures, for now, but that was about to change.

You were currently getting ready for work, pulling your jacket on while taking the last sip of your tea. You gazed at the window, checking the weather and looked around making sure you won’t forget anything.
Sherlock was sitting in his chair, facing you and reading a news paper. He had his robe on, his hair messy but eyes fixed and concentrating. Always ready.
You pulled your right sleeve on and turned to Sherlock. ”I’ll be leaving now.” You inform. ”I’ll be back about six hours from now.” You said with long pause between ’about’ and ’six’ while you did the math while starring at a nearby clock. ”Yeah.” You nodded to yourself.
”No.” Sherlock said and switched the page on the paper.
You gazed at the clock counting quietly but out loud the numbers. You hesitated while counting but then surely stating that it was indeed six hours. ”Six. Six hours. I will see you after six hours.” You stated and tried to sound confident, which actually made you sound like John.
”No.” Sherlock stretched the word with a tiny smile and eyes in slits.
”What no? Are you indicating that I can’t count?” You gave Sherlock a puzzled and annoyed look, signaling you started to get fed up by his games and just wanted him to say what was wrong.
”You won’t be taking that long.” He said, folded the paper on a table beside his chair and got up in a flash. You waited for him to continue as you weren’t following what he was saying.
He did a little circle, took a paper file from the table behind his chair and handed it to you. His clear eyes were fixed on you and they gave away how concentrated he was even if it only was 8am which was way too early for you to be as sharp as he was. Well, it seemed he was sharp at any time he was awake.
”What’s this?” You asked and read the title and before Sherlock got the first word out you answered to your own question. ”The case of the missing body, oh yeah…” You still found this case to be one of the most frustrating. It had bothered you for months now and just seeing the title made you ponder it all over again. This was going to be on your mind for the rest of the day for sure, thanks again, Sherlock.
You went over the pages and saw some new clues attached to the case file. It took you completely into it’s pages, your eyes scanning through the inked words and lips moving while reading without sound. In the middle of a sentence you lifted your head back up to meet Sherlock’s eyes, who had been observing your study and then followed  your gaze when leaving the papers. ”And what is this about?” You questioned almost coldly. Sherlock only starred at you, his expression blank, lips parted but after a second his eyes narrowed as if you had done something odd. Then he turned around and went over to his table once again.
”I got new lead to the case and need to open the case again. We need to see the eyewitness in the next two hours-” You took a step forward. Fast you intervened to his plans and deadpanned ”I’m not coming with you.” Just looking at you made it clear you were declining on helping him today, but he wasn’t having any of it. He never gave you a choice.
”Of course you will.” He turned to face you, his brows knit and looked at you as if it was obvious. ”I need your assistance.”
You decided to not bother and argue with Sherlock, forgetting all he said for now and went with your original plan. Get to work. ”Well, I have to get to work now, and I don’t want to be late.” You said, but it sounded more like you were talking to yourself than to Sherlock.
”Yes we do, but there is no hurry yet. As I said we have one to two hours to get to-” You cut Sherlock off once again. ”No, Sherlock! I am not coming with you. I need to get to work. Some of us needs to get some money to pay for this flat and since you” you rudely point your finger at his way, god you reminded of John so much, ”refuse to take money from all the cases I am left alone with a real job!”
Sherlock looked at you with disbelief. His expression disappointed but not cold.
”I have to pay for everything around here, and just so you know I on the other hand need to eat and it’s not the only thing I’m needing for living.” You felt a bit ashamed by now of your own outburst, but you needed to let it out. You knew you possibly didn’t need to apologize later on, since Sherlock most likely knew your patient was just waring thin right now and it was going to be all okay soon enough.
”Are you done whining?” Sherlock asked with a pressuring look, like you were a child having a tantrum. You gave sigh and nodded. ”Good.” He said and turned his head to his table, taking his wallet and phone. ”Take this,” he threw his debit card to you. ”go buy something nice and after that head straight back to home. We need to leave in an hour.” He muttered while checking the clock. ”And even if I don’t take money from my work it doesn’t mean I don’t receive it. You should see how many ’donations’ I have on my bank account.” He made it sound like it was revolting. How people wanted to show they appreciated his work and help.
He turned to look at you. A disappointed look took a place on his face while he eyed you from head to toes. Then glaring at you and saying ”Chop chop! I need you back in the next thirty minutes!” And with that you left. You muttered on your way how you hated this. Doing exactly as Sherlock said.

You were out for about twenty minutes and then headed back to the flat. Your hands held two plastic bags and made it hard to get through the door but you made it. You stumbled up the stairs and let your eyes leave the floor to see Sherlock. In a suit. Why on earth would he be wearing a suit? And again you were greeted with a disappointed look.
”When I told you to go get yourself something nice I didn’t mean groceries.” He said, took the bags from you, placed them on the table and yelled Mrs. Hudson to take care of the groceries (which she replayed with her famous ’not your housekeeper’) and looked at the clock. ”We will be late.” He sighed and fixed his eyes on you. ”Can’t help it. We need to get you something better to wear.”
”Why?” You asked, starting to get pissed once again.
”We need to look formal.” He simply stated. ”And I take it you don’t have anything formal to wear on your own?” He looked to be amused of the situation.
”No I don’t.” You admitted your defeat. How come he had to always be ahead of you? With his perfect curly hair and perfect cheekbones? Those studying eyes and- wait, you didn’t have time for fantasizing about him!
”Good that I can help.” Sherlock gave you a smile that felt as mocking to you.
”Good.” You said back. As you followed Sherlock to the door you asked ”My clothes aren’t that bad though, are they?”
Sherlock opened the door and let you slip through before following right after you to the side of the street.
”No of course not. You look lovely, but even I can’t go to a ball wearing a trench coat.” He stated and gave you a suspicious look.
”Oh, but I’m sure you would.” You chuckled and stood beside him waiting for a taxi. You saw from the corner of your eyes that Sherlock rolled his eyes and mutter something you couldn’t make out.
A taxi stopped right in front of you two and Sherlock opened the door for you. ”So what will we be doing today?” You asked. Sherlock get right beside you and said ”First we need to infiltrate-”
”Infiltrate? But didn’t you say we were going to see an eyewitness?”
”Oh, well I’m suspecting this so called ’eyewitness’ doesn’t want to meet us, so he most likely has something to do with the body.” Great. So you had to track down a villain in a dress? How fancy.
”A most likely body. We still don’t know if anyone died. It could be just an assault.” With that Sherlock turned his face towards you.
”Didn’t you see the blood?” He almost hissed. You didn’t mind his aggressiveness at all.
”Yes I did, but it was dried blood. And as we inspected the blood was mixed. There had to be two or three people in that place at that time. We couldn’t tell who had lost blood more than the other. But that does fit the picture. If there were two to even three people present that means this guys most certainly has something to with it, if we’re only talking about his actions.”
”Yes, but why doesn’t he want to keep himself in the shadows? If he doesn’t want to get caught then why is he having a public ball?”
”I don’t know, but you’ll figure it out, I’m sure of it.” you smiled.
The car had headed to the town and was getting closer to your stop. You knew where Sherlock was taking you to get you a dress. Even if he didn’t find women that interesting as all the other men in the world you knew he liked it when you wore (f/c). Every time you had (f/c) shirt, dress or jacket he would compliment on how nice you looked. In good measures of course.
”Also we will most likely have to dance and hold each other really close.” Sherlock said and turned to you with a smile. You smiled back and said with sarcasm ”Oh how will I ever survive from that.”

me: i love drama!! my life is so boring!!!! i miss drama!!!!!
drama: [happens]
me: NO!!!!! i hate drama :( i just want things to go back to the way they were!!!! this is so annoying!!!!
things: [go back to the way they were]
me: i love drama!! my life is so

(i’m doing the rest of the lyrics eat my ass) (sorry btw lmao im bored^^)

Fake: I am damaged, far too damaged,

But you’re not beyond repair.
Stick around here,
Make things better
‘Cause you beat me fair and square


Fake:  Please stand back now

Kohe: *moves back*

Fake: ‘Little further.

Kohe: oh,,*moves back again*

Fake: Don’t know what this thing (chinchin) will do.
Hope you’ll miss me.
Wish you’d kiss me
Then you’d know I worship you.


Fake: I’ll trade my life for yours.

Kohe:  Oh my God—

Fake:  And once I disappear,

Kohe:  Wait, hold on—

Fake:  Clean up the mess down here.

Kohe:  Not this way!

Fake:..Our love is God…Our love is god..Our love is God..Our love..*bleeding out* is God.

Kohe: *turns away*

Kohe:  Say hi to God.

right now, in my life, I am waiting:

  • for some of my auctions to sell so i can have some money to help pay property taxes
  • (if i have money left over after that i will totes buy some forge world ultramarines transports)
  • to hear back for some jobs i applied for
  • for my flgs to get a ‘familiar pack’ I ordered like a month ago so i can get a goddamn tiny cat  for my farseer with gyrinx in a jetbike/sidecar respectively project
  • for glue to dry on the magnets i’m using to make the jetbike look like it’s sorta flyin’ above the custom base
  • for my coffee to cool down enough to drink
  • for the roboute guilliman i got from @boilingcopper to get here so i can build/paint him
  • for the farseer i primed to dry enough to paint (and then i can paint the jetbike, and then i can stick her on it)
  • for mass effect: andromeda to download
  • for me:a to then officially release so i can play the goddam thing
  • for my dumb friends to actually respond to an rpg thread on our personal forum re: what to do next in our exalted game
  • on too goddamn many things, tbqh

I was bored last night and a thought came to my mind when I was thinking about Undertale/WOY AU!

Wander and Sylvia are both monsters in the Underground! In one big fight, Wander gets killed and turns to dust! Sylvia is very heartbroken and wants to bring him back! After she takes the dust to Dr. Alphys, she agrees to help and uses “Determination”! In result, he comes back to life, but is now forever changed!

Idk, this thought just came to my head and I wanted to draw it out! xDDD

I think the world conspires against me, I finally decide to come back to LA and visit my friends and then I get sick. Apparently I’ve got some stomach bug cause that flight was hellish and honestly the worst flight of my entire life, even worse than travelling hangover. Now I’m stuck all alone in my old house and can’t even go visit my friends cause I almost faint at LAX and my doctor won’t let me leave the house… Does any one know any good shows to watch or is bored enough to come visit me? I’d say with a big box of pizza but apparently I can’t tolerate food to well for the time being. I hate everything.


BonKai AU [2/?] : Kai have been brought back to life by Bonnie after she learned that the war with Lily and her minions was not over after the party, so she decided to “use” Kai to end it. Who will do a better job than a bloodthirsty psycho witchpire who want to see ALL his coven, including heretics, dead ? But before she explain this to him, she have to keep a eye on him in case he disappear.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) Hello! I have a gorgeous long haired cat named Tigger, and he's been my best friend for 8 going on 9 years now. For the past 4 years, he has consistently pulled out bits of fur on one certain spot on his back. The spot on his back is hot to the touch. Other than that, he is perfectly healthy. We have taken him to the vet, thought he was better, gotten him shaved (so his fur could grow back nicely), changed his diet to the ideal kitty diet, made sure there is no stress in his life;

(2/2) there isn’t anything that his vet or myself can figure out. Is he bored? Is he sick? He’s never been in perfect health, but never anything serious (his father is a persian if that helps, they seem to have health problems more often). I’m so sorry to ask you this on your blog when you’re trying to get -away- from work, but I appreciate is so so much. I can’t afford going to different vets right now. Have a great evening!             

There’s not a whole lot I can tell you without examining the cat, or knowing what bloodwork/imaging has been done.

Cats can pull out fur or overgroom one particular patch of fur for many reasons. Pain, discomfort, itch, anxiety/stress and altered sensation are the most common. 

I don’t know if you cat has had any blood tests, or radiographs taken (spinal issues may cause altered sensation), or whether you’ve attempted any treatment trials.

Sometimes pain is difficult to spot in cats, especially with chronic, low grade pain, and the most effective way to identify it is to treat it and watch for a behavior change. Anti-itch medication or even anti-anxiety medication is sometimes used in this way.

A biopsy is also an option to tell you if there is a pathological process going on in the skin.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you whether he’s bored or whether he’s sick over the internet, only that you may still have options to try to help him.

i really want to film like. a day in the life bc a few people have asked me whether that be to see how my mental state goes or cloud. obvs i’d actually go out even tho i don’t every day but like i’m not ashamed of my mental illness but i’d feel boring being like. ok now i’ve just got back i’m gonna lay in bed watching youtube vids for hours and dissociate. like that’s part of my mental state but i’d still feel fuckin weird putting it on youtube. but maybe

Hello, lovely people of Tumblr!

Sorry for dropping of the face of the world there for a bit. I’ve had quite a crazy month and a half - for a start, my laptop broke (and then I sent for a new one and that also broke, so I had to wait for yet another laptop, such is the story of my life), also my best friend came to visit in early March so a lot of my time went to planning our time together. And all sorts of far more boring stuff that I won’t make you listen to.

But I’m back now and I have A LOT of catching up to do (@ladynorbert I’m going to make your notes explode with all the likes and reblogging I do). Also, if any of you are getting sick of the Dragon Age spam, go ahead and blacklist that now or avoid me like the plague for a little while, because this is just the beginning, friends.

I love you all and hope you are well!

- AB

24 hours.

I’ve been awake for the past 24 hours… why?


I’ve got hooked on Netflix before and only ever stayed up till like 4am.. however, im back playing minecraft (Just for fun) and it’s taken over my life! 

Im addicted to building huge farms, collection all the diamonds and yet im still not bored! 

Aaaand that’s because im not playing on my own! :D

I found a buddy who never played minecraft before so I decided to teach them & now they’re totally addicted so we’re no life’in the shet out of it.


Current mental state after 24 hours no sleep: Stable.

Current eyeball state after 24 hours no sleep: THEY’RE BURNING! 

Goal for this Weekend (and beyond that really):

Self Care

I don’t know exactly what that is going to look like for me once I figure out what works for my life. But my hope is to include yoga daily (5 minutes of 90 minutes-doesn’t matter). There are several other things too, but I won’t bore you with that stuff now.

Bottom line is I’m still trying to get myself re-balanced that means taking care of myself first. I miss writing, but it’s just felt so forced lately.  I’ll come back to it, just not quite yet. I do have some obligations on the writing blog (challenges others have going on) and I’ll communicate with those people. 

But, please here on the personal and writing, I hope you understand that I’m not abandoning you! I just have a lot of “stuff” right now-not bad really, just a lot of what you could call self-discovery that’s taken the front seat.

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Okay so I moved and I have new teachers and idk I just miss B alot. I added him on facebook though, and he accepted my request so I’m good. Ugh. I Guess my life is better now cause i moved away from that shithole, but i just miss B so fucking much it hurts. I’m trying to function but I just think about him all the time and ughhhhh. Idk what to do honestly. I came back to this blog cause it was kinda boring without tumblr.

A New World

They left;

Every rich man flew away

For the promise of a new world;

Better than ours,

Now they’ve sucked her dry.

The irony was not lost

On those of us who bore the cost.

We are left

To salvage the remains,

And find out what greed really gains.

But we build not upon the backs

Of the unfortunately poor,

They will not hold our ladders anymore,

But be hauled up the rungs

By the many of our hands.

We found a way to a bright place.

The rich are now all lost in space,

For in their stupid haste,

They forgot to look

And missed.