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@official-marinette​ You are right. Miraculous Hell is a beautiful place.

And I am not alone. I have all of you with me.

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We are all in this hell together——

Ridiculous Ladybug Theories #154

Season 3 is released before season 2.  There is no context. There is no ‘last time on Miraculous’. 

Just the intro. Juleka and Rose are the main characters. 

There is no season 2 of Miraculous **to be said in the same tone as “There is no war in ba sing se”*

There are so much conflicting emotions i am having right now...


Sadness because WHY NO SAERAN

wow its been a while since ive posted… i can explain

I never went to a Linkin Park concert. I don’t own all of their albums. There are songs they made that I don’t like. Some might say I wasn’t really a fan. It’s true, I wasn’t a fan per say. Sometimes I didn’t listen to their songs for months. I didn’t even think about them. But somehow they were always there in me.

At 12, as I was becoming aware of what dying and living meant, of what was the meaning of “legacy” was, of the person I wanted to be, Leave Out All The Rest played on repeat in my head 

At 13, when I started to realize I had been and still was a victim of verbal and emotional abuse from my father, it was Numb who helped me get through it

At 15, when my first wave of depression hit, my heart cried but also rested on Shadow of the Day on my way to and back from highschool

At 16, I became aware of both the terrible and beautiful things humankind could do willingly; thank you What I’ve Done and Hands Held High for keeping me steady against this madness

At 17, when depression hit me real hard, when all I wanted was for everything to end and I was ready to take my own life, Iridescent told me to let it go 

At 19, One More Light was there to help me accept that caring as much as I did was a strength and not a weakness and that gentleness and kindness were very much needed in the era we live in

Throughout my teenage years and at most defining points of my identity, Linkin Park was there. Chester Bennington’s voice was there to tell me that it was okay, that I wasn’t alone or that I should move my ass.

I truly feel loss today.