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my cat has thumbs….

Sock does have a trainer!
His name is Alex, and he’s the professor’s assistant!
Sock is too young to go out adventuring with Alex, so in the mean time he lives at home with Professor Lansky!

im sorry this was supposed to be a serious moment and I usually love my favourites going full psycho but I burst out in laughter when I saw this

Familiar Strings 2/2

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Being taller then the two Koopas at the back of the crowd, Tulio didn’t have a problem finding a spot to be able to see who’s playing the music in the middle of the small circle of people.

It was another Koopa. Sitting on the ground, their red shell against the fountain’s wall, and they were playing an instrument. But they weren’t singing anything.

The smooth strumming sound of the instrument’s strings was oddly familiar. Even its shape felt like it has been part of Tulio’s life before. ..But why?

“….Guitarra..“ He thought. That word came to his mind all too easy. He doesn’t recall ever seeing one before, yet, he felt a strong urge to hold it.

The Koopa guitarist got to the end of their song. The small crowd clapped and gave compliments as they dropped a few coins into the Koopa’s open guitar case, then walking away after thanking them.

Everyone from the crowd left except Tulio.

The Koopa began to gather the coins from the case, moving them into their coin bag. They suddenly saw a big hand in front of them, open, with 90 coins resting on the palm. It took them a bit by surprise. They are usually used to being given no more than 20 coins. The Koopa looked up to see who was offering this many and for what. Their eyes met with Tulio’s, feeling slightly intimidated by the big Squeek, even though he was kneeling to their level.

“U-um.. What’s this for, sir?“ the Koopa asked. They then remembered seeing Tulio in the crowd and noticing how he looked more interested in their guitar more than anything. “Ah! Hold on. I know what this is for now. Sorry, but it’s not for sale.” They shook their head, politely pushing Tulio’s hand away.

“This isn’t to buy it. Just take it.“ Tulio replies, gently using his robot claw to grab one of the Koopa’s arm that they were using to push away his hand, placing the coins on theirs.
The Koopa looks at the coins and then back at Tulio, noticing again that he was eyeing the guitar. They stand up and pick up the guitar. “Do you.. Want to try it out?” they offered.

Without saying anything, Tulio holds the guitar as gently and cautiously as he can, he sits down and positions it correctly, then like if it were second nature, he plays a soothing tune.
The world around him goes silent, thoughts washing away from his mind, his heart taking over and playing what he feels.

Tulio ends the final strum with a deep sigh, opening his eyes and looking at the guitar on his lap.

“Wow.. You’re really good..“ The Koopa stood in awe. “How long have you been playing?“

“….I.. don’t really know…” Tulio looks at his hands. “This is the first time I’ve played something like this.. Yet, I knew exactly what to do..“ he thinks to himself.

The Koopa looks back at the coins. With what they have earned today, it’s enough to get themself a new guitar. “Do you.. own a guitar of your own? You can keep that one if you want. You have lots of potential.” their eyes looking back at Tulio, who upon hearing this, slightly raises his ears and looked at the Koopa with his eyes showing a faint shine in them.

A slight smile forms on his face as he carefully holds the guitar closer and stands up. “Thank you.”

The Koopa guitarist nods as they close their guitar case and gives Tulio a thumbs up with a big smile. “Make sure to take good care of my baby from now on, okay big guy?”
Tulio responds with a single nod.

And they both walk away the opposite direction, Tulio playing a soft tune in his path.

Marinette is curious about the whole purr thing while Chat is more confused and embarrased than he wants to admit

Totally based on that trailer 


I’m not sure what this is but here it is anyway

After the crushing, grey of the last few weeks with all the shit that’s been going on, this is has been the most heady, freaking-near-hallucinogenic breath of pure oxygen life could have given me. I look like a total third wheel because I’m shorter, but look at us!!  Three friends matching in velvet and red lip. <3  
I have never felt so valued and so content than after a whole invite-only evening with your hugs, confessions & conversation.  I love you, I love you, I love you @taylorswift <3 A decade was so worth the wait.

For the cynics who always laughed when I called Taylor a long-distance friend to me… Well, shame on you now. I got an invited to Taylor’s house for my Friday The 13th, what did you do?  


Cities & Moods: Tübingen, Germany 

Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal:  Nun, armes Herz, vergiß der Qual!
Even the deepest, most distant valley is in flower. Now, poor heart, forget your torment. (Ludwig Uhland, Frühlingsglaube) 

inspired by the wonderful moodboards by lovely @expatesque:) 


i want you so much (but i hate your guts)

Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

AU in which Louis gets accepted to play for the Manchester University Alpha-Beta Football Team. The only problem: Louis is actually an Omega. He is determined to make it big in the football world, though, and he can’t do that bound to an Omega team. With the help of a faked doctor’s certificate and some pretty strong suppressants he is ready to fight for his dream.

That Harry Styles (Alpha, second year and youngest football captain of the A-B team in ages) doesn’t seem to like him complicates matters, though.

This is still a Work in Progress!

COMPLETE (12.11.2017)