now and then kiss

Fuck that

Seriously I can’t believe this. 

Mon-el tries to pass for Kara’s significant other when the last thing she said to him was that she deserves better, and that it’s over. They’re broken up.

But then an unconscious Kara was taken to another world and you’re telling me that J’onn, and Alex, and everyone let Kara’s now EX boyfriend take her? 

No, no that doesn’t sit right with me. That’s an unconscious woman who can’t say no to his presence.

He KNOWS she doesn’t want to see him, yet he forces himself along anyways.

And, to top it all off, the plot revolves around how he now has to kiss his EX. EX as in OVER and does so without consent because she can’t give it. He doesn’t know what she’s going through in that fantasy. Not to mention the fact that his love is entirely self serving?

None of that sits right with me. That’s just disgusting. Kara wasn’t even able to consent to any of that, and the fact that they pulled “true love” in to a supposedly feminist show when Kara literally just said she deserves better than being lied to is beyond me.

This is sexist, and outdated, and frankly disturbing to witness. Every time I think it can’t get worse it does.

“This is the perfect day.“

The soft rustle of leaves above them caused Arizona to cast her eyes skyward, and as the breeze lightly fluttered around them, she smiled as a single red leaf came slowly spiralling down, landing on her arm with a feather-light touch.


Callie leaned over, her fingers brushing blonde strands away from the other woman’s face, and she dipped her head, dropping a soft, sweet kiss on waiting lips.

“Now it’s perfect.”

The sparkle in Arizona’s blue eyes was enough to set Callie’s heart racing, and as the smaller woman laughed in delight she reached up to tug Callie down towards her again, this time deepening their kiss for a long moment before letting go. Her long hair was spread across the fleece blanket under them, the picnic basket long forgotten as they simply laid together under the bright October sunshine. It was an unseasonably warm day for Seattle, and with their young daughter away at a birthday party for the afternoon, the two women had decided to take advantage – a decision that both of them were ecstatically happy about right now.

“Do you remember the first time you took me to this park?”

Arizona turned her gaze toward her wife as she voiced the question, and nodding slowly, the other woman replied, her hand coming to rest comfortably along Arizona’s abdomen.

“Of course. It was our fourth date. You were wearing that satiny white top I liked, and your hair was straightened, but starting to curl cause it had rained that morning.”

She snaked her hand along the soft, cotton long-sleeve that adorned the blonde today, slipping underneath it to trail across the smooth, silky skin at her waist.

“I thought you were the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.”

“Sweet talker.”

“I mean it, Arizona,” her fingers tracing lightly across the skin of her wife’s stomach, Callie leaned in and kissed her once again, “You’re still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Arizona’s fingers wound their way into a long, dark ponytail and she sighed happily, tugging at the other woman until her upper body covered her own, deepening their kiss again with the gentle bite of a lower lip. She didn’t care that they were in a public park, that the wind was picking up and leaving goosebumps along her chilled skin – she had never been happier than this very moment, and she wanted nothing more than to memorise the taste and the feel and the love of the woman beside her.

“I love you. I’m so in love with you, Calliope.”

“Say it again.”

Kissing the blonde slowly, Callie murmured the words against soft lips, her own hand slipping into the silky, wind-swept hair on the blanket below. Her heartbeat sped up, a smile threatening to overtake her face, and although she could feel the emotion passing between them she simply wanted to hear it again. She would never tire of hearing it.

“I love you.

She couldn’t help it then – the words overwhelming her in the best possible way – and she pulled back only a fraction as a smile lit up her expression. Dark eyes met the lighter ones below, and she let her hand trace the perfect contour of Arizona’s jaw, stopping only to capture a strand of blonde as it fluttered again in the breeze, twining it lightly around her fingers.

“I love you too. I’m so happy that I found you.”

Brushing their lips together again, Arizona hummed contently, blinking up at the sky as Callie leaned back and away, taking her warmth with her.

“We have to pick up Sofia soon.”

The blonde pushed herself up too, tugging her sweater around her body as she sat up and glanced at her watch. She leaned in to kiss her wife once more, laughing softly as Callie turned her head and her lips made contact with a cheek instead. Completely oblivious to the other woman pulling out her phone, Arizona simply sighed, closing her eyes as she nuzzled close, her heart full and content and wanting to stay in this moment forever. It was only the soft click of the camera that brought her out of her reverie, and she opened her eyes, turning to see the brunette holding the phone out in front of them, a grin etched across her face.

“Callie! Some warning next time!”

“Mm, nope,” capturing the smaller woman’s lips, Callie reached up, plucking a piece of fallen leaf from blonde hair, “candid is so much better.”

She pulled back, swiping her thumb across the small screen to open up the photo album, and her smile grew tenfold as she looked at the perfect moment captured in front of her. She quickly typed out a text, sending the photo to Arizona, and as the blonde’s phone chimed quietly beside them, she looked up with a grin, blue eyes meeting hers. The blonde picked up the device and opened it, and the look that flashed across those eyes was one that Callie would never forget. Arizona smiled slowly, her face lighting up the space between them, and she simply gazed at the small photo – a moment in time that conveyed the most beautiful, irrevocable love between them.

“I have a leaf in my hair.”

Callie laughed then, finding Arizona’s free hand and tangling their fingers together between them.

“I know. It’s perfect.”

Blue eyes gazed at the photo again, and they lingered over the simple message written above. They looked so happy. So in love. Callie was right – it was perfect.

May we always be this happy, my love.

Arizona pulled her hand back, her thumbs quickly moving across the screen as she sent a text back, and she glanced toward the other woman with a smile as she watched her read the reply. She leaned her head on Callie’s shoulder, and a strong, warm arm immediately wrapped around her, pulling her close for one more minute before they really did have to leave. 

We will be.



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For now, there are states worth of space between us–
But I am not worried.

For now, we will have to take other lovers in place of one another–
But I am not worried.

Still now, love is transverse.
Still now, love is transcending.

Soon, I will kiss the silk of the curls that swell at the base of your neck–
I will never have worried.

Soon, we will be making trouble and making love–
I will never have worried.

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that girl on twitter is saying she has a video of elounor kissing now even though yesterday she was screaming about how she obviously wasn't filming louis and eleanor because she was filming james the whole time, so like what is the truth???

attention-seeking trolls, attention-seeking trolls everywhere

ugh ive been so horny since sunday and i havent done jack shiet about it w any boy- and the only guy id want to kiss right now might have a girlfriend and im his side gay… 



More thoughts 'cause I can't stop, won't stop

I’m hoping before the season draws to a close we get a serious bughead relationship discussion, and i think if it’s gonna come it’ll be in either episode 8 or 10 where Juggie’s story is the focus a little more. I have to keep reminding myself that they’ve only been ‘together’ an episode and a half, which in their time is probably less than a week? As a viewer it’s obviously been much longer for us, so it’s understandable to feel a little antsy waiting to see that progression on screen. Thing is though, even if it’s only been like a week for them, Betty can’t keep putting it on the back burner. I totally understand her priority right now is rightfully her family, but she can’t keep happily kissing Jughead and holding hands and phoning him indefinitely without defining their relationship somewhat. From a writing stand point alone it just wouldn’t make sense for them to carry on as they are without addressing the elephant in the room. And i think episode 8 is the right time to do that. Episode 7 was Betty’s small intro into the mess that is Jughead’s home life, I’m hoping it serves as the catalyst that Betty needs to finally fully consider who this boy is (outside of being an old friend and her new support system) and what he means to her. Veronica’s line about Juggie being Betty’s boyfriend and their awkward exchange has me extra hopeful that episode 8 will be the time for a talk and a reconsideration of where these two stand with each other. Again, i think cutting the 'to be continued’ line did the bughead set-up a huge disservice, I don’t blame people for questioning Betty’s level of interest in Jughead at this point in time, especially when it’s so clear he’s already in love with her (though probably doesn’t realise the extent just yet) I’m hoping - if the writers know what they’re doing - episode 8 will see a lot of supportive wifey Betty and a lot of Betty articulating her affections for Jughead. Extra super bonus points if she asks him why he kissed her initially and we get a confession of sorts from Jughead! I want that please yes!

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22) Johnlock. Break me.

things you said after it was over

“Is… is… are you-”

“Sherlock. It’s okay.”

“It’s… is it?”

“Sherlock, look at me.”


“Steady breaths. Good. You okay?”

“You- you could have died.”

“Haven’t. Didn’t.”

“How- how can you just-John-”

“Because, we’ve made it. Sherlock, can’t y- don’t you… we’re here and we’re living and it’s going to be fine. Really. More than fine.”



“You’re here.”


“I’m here.”


“Oh my-”


“For God’s sake, stop just standing there and kiss me.

Doing johnlock (& now hoopkins too <3) prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14; 42; 60x3; 22

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41; 9

The irony of having bad eyesight is that you often have troubles eyeing someone or something and usually ends up being awkward in public. Lol.

Buti na lang mabait si kuya guard (bldg guard) i always ask him to check my uber/grab driver’s plate number for me. Pero lagi ko sila binibigyan food ah, mabait din kaya ako sa kanila. Lagi pa kami na-chikka. Hahaha.

Pero on my way to Makati now to dine with a friend, an old officemate.

Aaaaand thank you @herlovelyspell because of you i was able to booked a ticket on my way home to Davao this Saturday. Babawi talaga ako babe, sa Birthday ko talaga kahit ano gusto mo name it. Hahaha. Kasi magba-Baguio ako ‘non kaya mami-meet ko kayo ni Tey if ever. For now, a huge virtual hug and kiss muna from this annoying friend. Lol

Leebury ficlet

It is I your friendly neighborhood leebury queen with a gift

It was an hour before Story of Tonight went live sam and lee were in their dressing room doing what most really good roommates and friends did… making out.

It had started out PG they were just sitting on the couch in their dressing room watching a tv show on lee’s laptop,cuddling. They had just started dating a month prior but were keeping things on the down low

When the show ended , lee put his laptop down, faced sam and cuddled more into them. Content with taking a quick cat nap before they had to get ready to go live,but sam had a different idea. Sam stroked lee face and placed a light kiss on lee’s lips.when they were about to pull away,lee wrapped his arm around sam and held them still, lee deepened the kiss and things escalated.

Now instead of the quick catnap lee was content on a quickie before the show. He had just removed sam’s shirt and was about to remove his own when the door suddenly opened,

“Hey sam you got any extra eyeliner i … HOLY SHIT!!

Wie gehts.

Well all you people out there can just kiss my ass and die. From now on I don’t give a fuck what almost any of you mutha fuckas have to say, unless i respect you which is highly unlikely, but for those of you who happen to know me and know that i respect you, may piece be with you and dont be in my line of fire. for the rest of you, you all better fucking hide in your houses because im comin for everyone soon, and i WILL be armed to the fuckin teeth and i WILL shoot to kill and i WILL fucking KILL EVERYTHING! No i am not crazy. crazy is just a word. to me it has no meaning. everyone is different. but most of you fuckheads out there in society, going to your everyday fucking jobs and doing your everyday routine shitty things, i say fuck you and die. if you got a problem with my thoughts, come tell me and ill kill you, because………god damnit, DEAD PEOPLE DONT ARGUE!


-Eric Harris (From his website rebdomindex.htm)

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Hey I really need your advice on something! Okay so I love love loooove me some good D but lately I've been thinking about girls as well and how I like kissing girls and stuff but in the future I see myself with a guy not with a girl so I'm not sure how to identify myself? Like am I straight? Am I bi? Am I just a straight girl who likes kissing girls every now and then? I don't know

Heteroflexible is what I used to describe myself as. Just embrace whatever you are! If you like kissing boys, go ahead and kiss boys! And if you like kissing girls too, go for it! Life is short. Do what you want