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it’s……up……my first year film in CalArts………

Putting “CalArts 20XX” after my work is totally my life dream so now I can die happily.

I kind of hate my film(?) and hope i’ve spent more time on it but I’m happy with the experience this year. Thanks so much for everyone who’ve helped me!


A girl who loves ice skating is cursed to break the ice she skates on, yet she continues doing what she loves and inspires others to do the same. 

My first year film is finally done! This has been a huge learning experience and I can’t wait to make cooler things next year. ✌


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I have never in my life seen a film without a romantic element and been like ‘I mean it was fine, but what it was really lacking was some straight white people making googly eyes at each other’.

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#chrason get caught making out on the stream couch plz

If asked, Chris would defend to his damn grave that it wasn’t his fault. Jason was the one who kissed him first, who tugged him onto the couch, who laid down and pulled him on top. It was completely Jason’s fault, Chris was clearly the victim. Not that he was really complaining, the longer the two men were dating the quicker ‘making out with Jason Parker’ was sliding to the top of his list of favourite things to do (right now it was third, just underneath playing with his parrot and filming).

“This is really- ah- unprofessional.” Chris gasped out as Jason sucked what he was sure would be an impressive hickey on his collarbone. “Completely. But s'not like Matt and Steph gotta know. They’re still out getting food.” Jason panted out and pulled Chris in for another heated kiss. ‘He’s right, we probably got at least another 15 minutes before-’

“What the actual hell?!”

Jason and Chris jumped apart, Chris falling right off the couch and thumping on the floor at Matthew’s outburst. Him and Stephanie were stood in the doorway, gaping in shock at the two men. “….it was Jason’s idea!” Chris yelped, ducking the pillow Jason threw at him. “Thanks, love you too.” He said sourly. Matt gave them both an incredulous look. “I don’t care! Seriously guys? On the live stream couch?” Stephanie seemed to find her voice and nodded in agreement. “How are we supposed to sit there and stream knowing you two got your gross couple cooties all over it? And in front of Peepachu no less!”

Feeling pretty damned chastised, Chris shot a guilty look at poor Peepachu where he sat on the shelf, clearly looking traumatized. “Sorry Peepachu.” He mumbled, Jason echoing the apology a half second later (and sounding slightly less sincere). “Look, we don’t care that you guys are dating. Clearly you two are happy together, and you’re our friends so that’s important to us. But can you not make out during business hours? Like, if I don’t get to make out with Stephanie in here you two sure as hell can’t.” Matthew asked, ducking the head slap Stephanie aimed at him.

“What Matt’s trying to say is same rules for you two that we have; no PDA during business hours. If you wouldn’t do it while meeting each other parents for the first time, don’t do it here. If you gotta ask if it counts, it probably does.” Stephanie explained. Jason and Chris exchanged a look and nodded in agreement. “Fair enough. Sorry about…” Jason said, waving a vague hand to indicate the entire awful and awkward moment. Matt shrugged. “It’s fine, I mean I ate your fries so I think we’re even.” He replied with a smile, making Chris laugh loudly at the incredibly offended look on Jason’s face.

Somehow I don’t think that’ll happen. I could try to summon some coffee for you if you want–I read a book in sixth grade about people who dance to bring rain. Maybe coffee’s allied with like…Zumba.”

“Are you gonna Zumba for me right now? You should. I 100% promise that I totally won’t film it and keep it in my blackmail folder.“ Matilda turned away from the window.

“How about no.” Juniper’s lips had quirked up and she was relaxing back into the seat.

“Feel any better about Wickhaven?”

“Uhh. No. What a stupid name for a school. It’s probably full of a bunch of poindexters who only care about pocket protectors and extra credit.”

“What’s wrong with extra credit? Hey, wait, what if there’s super cute guys there? To sweep you off your feet and take you to kitschy dances? Bake breadsticks with? Zumba with?” Matilda smirked. “A dude who’ll declare you his Mrs. Poindexter the fourth.”

“You are such a dork.”


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