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The Lost Special: The One Way to Tie Up Every Loose Thread

In the last month this corner of the Sherlock fandom has thrown out a multitude of ideas for a narrative that could potentially resolve every last inconsistency in Sherlock series 4. Not knowing it, this community has debated different readings – all perfectly valid with only minor holes in logic – but have missed how they might all fit together into an intricate puzzle, each reading validating the other.

I have found one way to connect every loose thread.

Topics resolved include:

– EMP Theory vs “TFP as John’s TAB”: why both readings are meant to be exposed to the viewer (but we just found them too early)
– Benedict’s insanely long monologue they mentioned him having in Series 4.
– How another episode would only be comprised of a few new scenes
– Mary’s character development drifting far from her original plotline
– Moffat’s Doctor Who narrative that includes Toby Jones as a Dream Lord and what that means for Amy in “Amy’s Choice” and Sherlock in The Lost Special.
– How POVs intertwine in TFP, and how TPLOSH inspired the way The Lost Special would end.
– The entire bizarre nature of Series 4
– Breaking the 4th Wall
– The focus in The Six Thatchers on “The Duplicate Man”, “Twins”, “Two places at once”, and “Dead AND alive”.
– Three Garridebs
– Benedict claiming “Love conquers all” while Steven Moffat facepalms.

So if you want to know the one way this could all work, check out the rest of this post. But hear me out until the end, suspend your disbelief until you’ve finished, because regardless of whether or not you believe we’re getting The Lost Special, this reading which combines everything we’ve talked about for the last year is definitely arguable and until something else gets proposed, it is the one I’m sticking with til the bitter end.

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anonymous asked:

did you seriously just say we should let pandas go extinct to save other animals or am i misinterpreting because that is a very questionable judgement

ALRIGHT MY FRIEND I have received about six messages in this vein since yesterday, but I worked for thirteen hours today and I have no time for this nonsense. Short answer: YES. 

I’m gonna summarize some salient points on why pandas are awful from a conservation standpoint:

  • Artificial insemination and hand-rearing of cubs are basically standard practice, and still they usually die. At what point is it reasonable to give up because I think we hit it DECADES AGO
  • In 35 years, only 90 cubs have been born in captivity outside of China
  • Wild panda numbers have increased a bare (bear?) 200 individuals in 10 years, despite literal billions of dollars being poured into conservation
  • And yet we’ve managed to literally rebuild populations of black-footed ferrets, oryx, and California condors with exponentially less money
  • Despite all of this, only 10 pandas have been released since the 80s, and all but two died
  • I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that it’s because their habitat is destroyed and fragmentary and barely protected!!!!!! 
  • The only good thing about panda conservation is that protecting their range is also protecting tons of other species. Which would be great, if more of their range was being protected effectively.
  • There is way more money in keeping captive pandas captive than in releasing them!! surprise!!!!!!
  • Zoos pay a lot of money to get pandas on loan because people just LOVE looking at pandas and they can’t afford to house and care for their other animals without people coming to visit! Or do any kind of conservation whatsoever!! Panda-economics! (this is kind of a pro as opposed to a con but its the kind of pro that makes me feel like I need a shower)
  • Pandas are endangered and sort of have a role in spreading bamboo seeds around, so they get billions of dollars. Every shark ever is MORE endangered, and without them the entire ocean ecosystem would collapse, but that’s fine they don’t need money (I’m not bitter) ((I am bitter))

I’m gonna be frank with you. We are in the middle of a mass extinction event, caused by us. Not to be a downer (jk, I’m gonna) but we’re already driving so many species to extinction that we cannot afford to save them all with the money and interest that is in conservation right now. 

Instead, we have to do some kind of awful extinction triage and assess which animals will do the most good to work to conserve - and getting into keystone species, ecosystem engineers, and other truly integral species is a whole other can of worms I’m not gonna touch on - but there are animals that are “more important” in a certain sense than others, in that they can support or affect a much wider range of other species than another

People only care about big, cute, fluffy animals - a common lament heard from conservationists, but it’s so true. There are thousands, if not millions of species that don’t fit this mold that conservation work would benefit eons more than pandas. It’s like fixing a pretty, stained-glass window in a house whose foundations are collapsing and thinking you’re helping. 

Pandas have always been the face of conservation, and they continue to be one of the biggest and most expensive ongoing failures. 

[Sources/ stuff to read to make sense of my incoherent response!]

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Monsta X -Beautiful MV Explained (kinda)

Jooheon is ring leader confirmed.

While everyone else is asleep in their own, individual rooms- Jooheon is walking the hall which connects all of the rooms to each other.

But we’ll get into that later. First we’ve gotta talk about parallelism, because there is SO MUCH of that in this MV. 

To start it off we have Showki who’s rooms are set up to mirror each others. (They sort of link back to Fighter- Shownu was knighted in with swords and Kihyun had to go collect flowers.) 

Wonkyun has got the color scheme thing going on with the gold, but they’re also their rooms were full of personal effects (like money and letters).

Hyunghyuk’s rooms oddly tie into time with Minhyuk’s room having pendulums and Hyungwon’s having sand (like the sands of time).

In this MV, the main objective of each person in a room is to go out of that room and join Jooheon in the hallway - so they have to face something or let go of something.

We’ll start simple with the ones that make the most sense from directly looking.

Minhyuk has to face the passing of time.

(Love the fact the time is 5:14 aka MX’s debut date XD)

Hyungwon has to face himself.

Wonho has to write a letter to whoever wrote the letter he took out of that box.

Changkyun has to let go of all the money surrounding him. (which is why his room had a fire place and he had to burn the money).

Now when it comes to Shownu and Kihyun it’s a bit more complex. I’m not too sure about it but- it seems that Kihyun has to make the sword which Jooheon used in the Fighter MV for Shownu and Shownu has the make the flowers which Kihyun used. 

Jooheon is the one that hands people the things they need to fulfill their task. For some reason we don’t see Shownu get the potion bottle or Changkyun get the match but I guess Jooheon delivered it. 

Because Jooheon hands Kihyun the hammer-

Wonho the ink and pen- (it’s implied cause it’s the same tray)

Minhyuk the watch-

-and Hyungwon the mirror. (again implied cause same tray)

In the end, all of them pass and manage to join Jooheon in the hallway. 

Not sure how this fits the overarching plot but it’s the most cohesive of the 3 MVs. Sorry for the haphazard overview XD I tried getting this out as fast as I could. 


Oh yeah and Hyungwon’s room was full of reflective surfaces (I wasn’t sure where to put this.)


Hey guys!!!

Thought I should clarify. I’m not having sex with these guys for yoga clothes/gifts/money.

The thing is when you’re meeting the guys on tinder they’re looking for regular girls. Not escorts/SBs so you have to play that game too or trick them into thinking you like them and they’ll spend more money on you. I never mention “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby” or anything like that. My guys always tell me “I’m not your sugar daddy” and drop $5k in my bank. No one wants to feel used. For me I make them feel like a boyfriend and I care about them. I buy my bf little gifts and wrap it with a pretty bow. My bf loves Mountain Dew so I go to Target and buy the pure cane sugar one in a glass bottle and I told him this one is better for him then the fructose one. It’s more expensive but I want to make him feel special. I heard him bragging to his brother about it. It was so cute. They want to feel special. Our job is to make them feel like a king. Like they’re the best. And we feel so safe around them. Our job to pump up their ego and their wallets open up.

Don’t have sex with these guys!!! You get the most gifts when you’re not having sex with them. Once you have sex the gifts slow down because they already won you. You gotta make them chase you and win you so they will cherish you. Be unavailable too. Don’t always answer, don’t text then back right away, and go hang out with your family and diss him sometimes.

How I tinder:

Here’s what I found out. You gotta be available to go within the hour. The guys that are impulsive seem to spend the most. The guys that plan future dates flake or ghost. So I go on tinder and try to match the guys that look like they have money. I talk to all the guys I match with because it’s a numbers game. Once I get some traction with a guy I start focusing on the guys that are responding. Then the guys that ask me to dinner or whatever I say “awwww I really wanted to go to the spa today… what about a couples massage instead” or “I really need new makeup (insert what you need)” the real ones will step up and say “ok I’ll come get you and we can go shopping”. Now if the guy says “what do I get out of it” or something relating to sex I unmatch them. I’m not having sex for $500 Sephora shit. Them taking me shopping is getting me to come out. I hate going out to eat because my 30 year old daddy gives me a Platinum Amex to eat whatever and my bf has his credit card on my UberEATS and Postmates. I rather eat Lobster from Boa at home in my PJs with no make up on.

Then you let them blow money on you and you GO HOME! Then they’ll call you again tomorrow because they’re invested in you. You run the same game “awwww I really want to see you but I really need new sunglasses from Chanel”. If they’re real they will offer to buy it for you.

Once you get them to start spending money on you regularly you have conditioned this guy to think he has to spend money if he wants to see you. Dinner does not count! He’s eating too!!!!

Now here’s where you cash in… there’s going to be that moment he falls in love with you. Then he’s going to want to see you all the time and maybe even ask you to be his gf. You say “I really like you but I have to be honest with you. I have a guy that gives me $5000 (insert amount) a month and I can’t really afford to leave him. I can’t have sex with 2 guys because that’s just gross.” If he’s real he will tell you to dump your guy and start an arrangement. NEVER USE THE WORD ARRANGEMENT! Then you rinse and repeat and collect your sugar daddies! And of course you can sleep with multiple guys but you never let him know that. In his eyes, he’s the king, the one and only!

So my Santa Barbara guy told me he’ll give me $5000 a month + shopping to break up with my bf because I wouldn’t have sex with him because “I only have sex with one guy at a time”

I’m not a pro at this. I’m still learning and tweaking shit. So many girls message me asking for advice. I want to help all of you. Your body is sacred. Don’t just give it away. Have sex with guys you like, are attracted to… you’re not a $300 hooker. You’re more than that. You can find love in this sugar world. I’m not into old guys. I date guys younger than me and at best 40 because I want to feel attracted to them.

Let’s do some affirmations together:

We are attracting the sugar daddy of all sugar daddies! He’s going to give us a fat allowance and buy us everything we want! All we have to worry about is “what color” :) We are attracting love and happiness.

I hope we all make it ladies :)

Oh you made some money? Please give a quarter of it to the State—who will build the roads after all?

Oh you want to spend the after-taxes money you have left over? Please give up to 10% more to the State every time you make a purchase; I know we already taxed your earnings, but these roads really need to be built.

Oh so now you want to actually use our roads? Well you better pay a tax on the gasoline you need to navigate them in your car (which we also taxed by the way, for the roads of course).

I am livid.

I wasn’t going to speak about the whole PewDiePie issue, but now that it’s been confirmed that Scare PewDiePie Season 2 is canceled, something that literally HUNDREDS of people worked on, I have to say something. Not just because I’m sad about not getting to watch it, but the reasoning behind it. 

I am so sick of the media targeting Felix because he’s a public figure. I believe partly that it’s because of jealousy. The media can’t stand that Felix is influencing the world, just because he’s a YouTuber, so they strive to find every single freaking detail they can to pinpoint anything that could be used against him (hey, he’s still getting watch time from them so congrats media, you played yourself). 

Do you know just how much work goes into making a television show? They’re not kidding when they say it takes blood, sweat and tears. I went to a production camp one time, and it took two full days to get only a couple of scenes filmed, edited, and ready to release. Not to mention the mutitude of people that were a part of the whole show. But this isn’t about me. Felix, Jack, and the other YouTubers took time out of their lives to, as usual, make the viewers happy that they could be a part of an amazing project. And now that it’s gone, taken, stolen from everyone, both viewer and creator are left with nothing but the feeling that they wasted time and money just to be let down by the one site that actually gave them that entertainment.

And, finally, to Disney and YouTube, I will now and forever stand with PewDiePie. I believe that the world needs to wake up and stop being butthurt over every little thing that may inconvenience them. Yeah, the Fiverr incident was a little too far, We all are entitled to our own opinion, and therefore have the freedom to make whatever jokes we want. Did the joke really hurt anyone? Did it incite some terrorist act, or cause a mass suicide? NO. People were offended for maybe a minute over their time, and then clicked away from the video. Did Disney HAVE to cut ties with Felix, and YouTube cancel Scare PewDiePie? NO. I believe they did it to save face instead of thinking about the work that was put into the show. 

Oh, by the way, Disney, did you forget about this?

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Or this?



Cutting Science Funding Today Costs Us More Overall

“How much money will we save by cutting funding to the EPA? To NASA Earth Science? To the National Institutes for Health? Take all those numbers for all those organizations that the proposed federal budget would slash and add them up. Now, do the math on the other side. What’s the cost of environmental pollution? Of unclean, unsafe water? Of air that puts us at risk of health problems like asthma, lung disease and COPD? Of a loss of Earth monitoring for extreme weather, climate change, sea level rise, droughts, and natural disasters? Of the cessation of medical research, working to fight preventable diseases, and working to cure some of society’s greatest afflictions such as cancer, heart disease, alzheimers and more?”

The President of the United States just released his proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and there are some big losers in the scientific world. The EPA, the NIH, NASA Earth Science and many other organizations that exist for the benefit of America and all of humanity are poised to lose a significant amount of federal funding. This doesn’t simply affect the scientists who lose their jobs. If we take as a given that the projects that these organizations invest in are vital at some level, and that they will need to be accomplished at some point, we’re actually making it far more expensive in the long run. The loss of expertise, the cessation of production and the exodus of the team that would provide scientific continuity are all extremely costly, and will make all of these projects cost us more than they would have overall. We saw this lesson firsthand just a few years ago with James Webb. 

Are we really willing to throw away so much money and time now just to shave a tiny bit off the deficit for the short-term?


            .。.:*・゚ ❅ .。.:* ADOPT AUCTION *・゚ ❅ .。.:*・゚

I have this baby skele in mind for a while now and since I’m in need for money I thought why not trying to sell some designs ? So here we are!

~All of my adopts doesn’t have determined name, gender, age or backstory, it’s all up to you.
~Once you win the auction, you’ll get the full *.sai and *.png files.
~You can change the design SLIGHTLY. But of course you can create more outfits on your own for your new baby.
~Don’t EVER RESELL IT, PLEASE. It would make me really sad.
~You only need to write “SB” in the comment section to start the auction. The next person that will bid will comment the increased price, and so it goes unless someone Auto Buy directly !
~ONLY BID IN THE COMMENTS, DON’T REBLOG. Bidind in a reblog won’t count
~Paypal only

・: ❉ :・゚~~~Status~~~゚・: ❉ :・


Auto Buy:40 USD
Starting Bid:10 USD
Minimum Bid increasment:1 USD
End date:1rst may 

Yes this skele doesn’t have any hands or feet. It’s perfect for lazy artists.MP me if ou got any questions!

The world we know is dwarfed by the worlds we don’t. Why not explore them all? Being out there in the wilderness, you have no idea what’ll happen, really. It could be just you and this gorgeous night sky, or maybe you are surfing and some big ass wave comes at you, and if you don’t ride that sucker, it’ll put you under and have you for lunch, or you might turn a corner on a hike and there’s some beautiful deer and her little fawn– now that has meaning, all of those things, and I need more of that and less of trying to make money so I can pay bills to live in a way I just don’t care about anymore.
—  Erica Ferencik, The River at Night

yo ive… been on the fence about doing this for a long time cause i hate asking for help but here goes:

I have literally two dollars in my bank account and I’ve been out of work since February. I’m significantly disabled (I have ankylosing, bone deformities, pcos, autism, severe anxiety and depression, and psychosis) and shouldn’t really be working anyways. I’m about to lose car insurance because I can’t afford it, I don’t have health insurance and am out of meds, my last couple of bucks is going to gas and my fiancees check is all going to rent, and we still need to find some way to cover other housing related bills. I’m completely broke and out of options. I’m probably gonna end up with a massive fine if I cant get my taxes filed today bc I didn’t know how to do it until now without TurboTax, which also costs money I dont have

if anyone can help my gay trans disabled ass out with even a couple bucks or like literally anything, I would so super appreciate it and love you forever

my PayPal is

if u want I’m pretty good at writing fanfiction and I’m aces at tarot reading and can totally do that in exchange for a few bucks

please signal boost even if u can’t donate I really need some help

Not An Athlete (1/?) *Lance Tucker x Reader*

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Summary: You’re forced by your Athlete parents into taking a summer job, which becomes your full-time job as you balance university. Only the asshole you work for and help, realises how much you do for him. He don’t like that, he don’t like you. Welcome to the world of Athletes, Lance Tucker is your tour guide. (I suck at summaries.)

Warnings: Explicit content, later on. Swearing, body shaming/ degrading language from Tucker. Asshole Tucker (I’m talking straight up rude.)
Note: thank you to @juliagolia87 for proof reading the first draft.

Part Two

One Year Ago:

“Do I have to?” You asked with a small edge of a whine at the end, your parents both looking a little less than pleased with your reaction to the news. “Why can’t we all just admit that I’ll never be good at sports or an athlete, and move on?” You asked.

Your parents are Athlete’s, Olympic athletes to be exact. Whilst that is great, they wanted to continue that amazing legacy with you!

Your mother is a famous gymnast, winning silvers and medals a like. Despite never winning a gold, she’s a national treasure, she won over the hearts of millions in her prime. She still is very well known, often called up to coach young, aspiring gymnasts. She even wrote a book about her life, including baby photo’s of you - embarrassing to say the least. Then there’s your dad, Olympic ice figure skater. Winning bronze in singles but in pairs with his partner? They got many golds and silvers. National icon, he’s a judge for figure skating at the Olympics now after retiring once you were born, leaving with one finale gold.

They met at some party, some swimmer invited a load of athlete’s. Apparently it was love at first sight, they’ve been together since then, becoming a sort of Olympic couple that people know and love. Here’s where things get… bad. They obviously wanted you to carry on their legacy, only no matter what sport you were thrown into… you never picked it up. You are Bambi on ice, you can’t bend that way and you hate swimming, with a passion! That didn’t stop them, you had to endure so much fucking sports as a child. It wasn’t until you were sixteen that they officially stopped.

Now out of school at eighteen, fresh and ready for the world they unload more sports shit on you. You can hardly believe them, you excelled in art and English, also music but they were still force feeding you sports stuff. They wanted you to take a job during the summer, involving working as some athlete’s personal assistant; he’s on his way to winning loads of golds, needs all the help he can get.

“We just want you doing something!” Your father exhaled, “you’ll earn money, it will good on CV’s plus university applications. Who knows, you may enjoy this side of sports!” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, he’s always the voice of reason.

Your mother wrapped an arm around your shoulders, smiling at you. “Sweetie, it’s just for the summer.”

They hooked you in. They knew you needed the money, since only a few weeks ago you had the whole; “I’m eighteen and independent, I don’t want your money!” Now here you are, needing money and they do gracefully offered this opportunity for you. It’s like they knew you were going to have the whole independency speech, they were waiting for it.

You gave a gentle sigh of submission, your father grinning as your mother hugged you. “Just the summer.”

If only it was just for the summer. The few months job turned into… well, now. You had been hooked into working there for a year, whilst studying online at university.


The job was actually easy, it still is. You are nicknamed “water girl” in the golf, basketball and tennis community, in gymnastics it was given a fancier name; personal assistant. Full intents and purposes, you got towels, food and water plus any other requests the athletes need. Pretty darn simple, especially for you.

Cindi, Lance Tuckers, previous assistant had left strict guidelines and time schedules to follow. Saying that if done correctly everyday, he’d never even know you exist. She had been working for the athlete for around two years, he doesn’t know her name or what she even looks like, just knows that a bottle of Figi water is left on a bench at 6:45am to start his day. So, you did exactly how she wrote it. Lance none the wiser to your existence.

He may not know you exist but you know he does, hard not to when you sit on the bleachers of the gym, writing on a laptop (for university) and watching practice on a pommel horse. You know of the infamous Lance “The Fucker” Tucker, he’s won silver and gold alike. He’s talent, handsome and also an asshole. The way he walks around, sleazy and just disgusting but… he’s good at what he does so, no one bats an eyelash- well except those young gymnasts.

“No, Brooke you don’t understand you have to follow these steps exactly how they are,” you insist to your friend, who also tends to a gymnast. “I’ve gone a year without socialising with the guy, he doesn’t know where the water comes from. It just shows up. I need it to remain that way whilst I get my degree!”

Brooke rolls her eyes, “I have my own gymnast to take of,” you puppy eyes her and she cracks. “Fine. I’ll see what I can do, I’ll try and do it exactly how Zeus wants.”

“Thank you, thank you.” You kiss her cheek and she just laughs.

“Just ace the fucking test, okay?” You nodded.

“Do you need me to run over the schedule again?” You asked, she nodded once despite having it written down in her own locker. “Okay, 6:45am, you’ll place a bottle of Figi water on the bench beside the Rings, along with 5hr protein. Then at 9:05am another bottle of water, Avion will be placed at the pommel horse, essential includes a towel also. At 12pm his lunch, it arrives but you have to check for anything he doesn’t like; mayonnaise, pickles and any red meat. Rectify in kitchen, I’ve left chicken in case they put beef- they’re idiots for fucking it up sometimes.” Brooke has raised eyebrows, “a smoothie to go along with it plus, protein shake and bottle of water. Sometimes his coach will make requests, he never does. Whenever the water bottle gets half empty, grab another one. At 4pm bottle water, chapstick and towel.”


“He likes his lips moisturised? I don’t know, it’s requirement I’ve been filling since Cindi,” you shrugged never really delving into Lance Tuckers chapstick situation.

Brooke chuckled, “do you go home with him or something? How does he survive with you?”

“No,” you rolled your eyes, “I get it, he has to focus on routines and training. It’s easier to have someone collect water plus other things for you.” Brooke huffed but nodded.

“You just do a lot for a guy who doesn’t know you exist,” she shrugged, “Rachel, at least knows my name and speaks to me herself.”

Brooke, was fortunate enough to have a nice, sweet girl as her athlete. “Yeah but it’s Tucker, I don’t expect anything less than what I get now which is… nothing.” She nodded in agreement, “plus you were blessed with a newbie, she has years till she develops a god complex.”

Next Day

Lance Tucker P.O.V

Lance walked into the gym at exactly 6:40am, his fingers typing quick texts to a few of his ‘friends’ before he settled the phone on vibrate and placed it in the side pocket of his gym bag. Walking into the men’s lockers, placing his bag in the same locker he had been for years now, obviously the locker number 1.

He walked into the actual gym and headed straight for the rings, as always. His routine never changed when training, unless he really needed to work on something but he never had to do that, he’s been at the peak of his game for months. Lance did some basic stretches, warming himself up before starting, not even thinking twice at the fact he’s here, yet again, before his coach. Not that he ever thought he needed one.

Dismounting from the rings he walked over to the bench, as his coach was walking in with the other male gymnasts. He reached for the Figi water taking long sips, smirking as usual. He blindly reached for the 5hr protein but his hand came up empty, frowning he looked at the bench beside him and saw nothing, odd. He always had water and 5hr protein waiting for him. Not wanting to cause a scene over a 5hr protein… well, he’d love to but he can train without it.

The whole morning had been a mess. Who messes up Avion water with Everest? There’s a big difference for starters, it was like someone was sabotaging his training, his blue narrowed eyes searched the gym for the culprit. He had an inkling it was Darmon, he always was jealous of Lance, he had every right to be considering he was just a bronze winner. He was on edge as he crossed his arms, stood on the sidelines as another gymnast worked on the pommel horse.

“Tucker, get some lunch.” His coach yelled from the mats, he nodded once and zipped up his Team USA track jacket, leaving the gym to the small cafeteria there.

He grabbed the bag with his name labelled on it, the writing looked a little off but he didn’t pay no mind to how the ‘T’ looked uniquely like an ‘F’. Walking and sitting down with two other gymnasts, Blake and Rachel, he set upon answering the neglected messages on his phone. His left hand blindly going into the bag for his sandwich, bringing it up to his mouth and chewing slowly, thoughtfully as he typed a reply.

He frowned at the taste of the sandwich. He placed his phone down, chewing as he removed the top, blue eyes glancing over the contents of his adored lunch. Mayonnaise? And is that… beef?

“You alright there, Tucker?” Rachel, the redhead, new gymnast asked as she dug into her salad. Noting his furrowed eyebrows and face of disgust.

Lance didn’t answer back straight away. His mind drifting back to his earlier thoughts; someone is trying to sabotage me, Lance thought. His eyes glared up, darting across the hall which was now housing the few Team USA training here today.

“I think, someone is trying to sabotage me.” He abides to Rachel, and Blake who hears and barks a laugh, earning a glare. “What’s so funny, Smith?”

It takes a while for the bulkier man with blonde hair to reply, “you’re so obtuse it actually hurts.” Is the only reply he gets, “why would someone want to sabotage you?”

“Why wouldn’t they?” Lance shrugs leaning back against his chair, crossing his arms and pushing the lunch away. “I’m a gold medalist,” that earns an eye roll from Blake, ignored by Tucker. “Probably, wanted to fuck up my training throw me off but they’re messing with the wrong guy,” running a hand through his thick, brown hair.

Rachel giggles to herself, earning a glare and an eyebrow raise from Lance. “For a fantastic gymnast, you really are an idiot.” She states standing up and skipping back off to the gym.

“Have you tried talking to your personal assistant?” Blake asked grabbing Lance’ lunch and biting into it, Lance frowned. “Right, forgot. You only care about yourself and take no notice of people,” Lance rolled his eyes. “They arrange our lunch plus other requirements, talk to yours.”

Lance still frowning but nods, standing up and patting Smith on the shoulder as he leaves to find out exactly who his assistant is. Which was harder than expected, he had to look out for someone he didn’t even knew existed, he was sure as hell that his coach left the water around. Frowning as he worked on the pommel horse, he was good enough that his eyes could quickly dart across the room and not fuck up.

That’s when he noticed her. A normal girl, usually she’s beside Rachel, he only knows that because Rachel insists on actually annoying him. She places a water and towel down near him, does he and Rachel have the same assistant? He dismounts and stalks over to her.

“You! Girl?” He snapped abruptly gaining the attention of her blonde, she raises her eyebrows and nods. “Are you trying to fucking kill me or something?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that,” she crosses her arms nervously.

Lance scoffed. “I can get you fired like that,” he snaps his fingers in her face, “everyday has been great and now suddenly you’re slacking? What the fuck, on your period or something?”

“Uh-no,” she frowns. “I’m not usually working for you, I’m filling in for Y/N, I work over with Rachel. Y/N is the person who takes care of you, I’m not familiar with your schedule.” She watches at the gears turn in Lance’s head.

“Well, where is this Y/N?” He fumed slightly, “I don’t need taking care of, I can do just fine without her. Leave go back to Rachel!” He snapped and turns around, stalking as he grabbed his shades from his shirt and pulled them on.

As if he needed help. He can win golds without a babysitter, he can win golds without a coach too. He doesn’t need some girl placing water on a bench for his day or training, for that matter, to go smoothly.

“I’m going home,” he snapped to his coach who just sighed and nodded. “If Y/N, whatever her fucking stupid name is, shows up; tell her she’s fucking fired.”

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We Built This House (On Memories) // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: slight angst, mostly fluff tho

Words: 1.8k 

Relationship status: together

Warnings: none

Summary: … he’s afraid to….as if it’s someone else’s house. Not his. But it is his house. It just doesn’t feel like it yet. / AKA an obligatory Dan and Phil moving fic

A/N: I wrote this in literally twenty minutes, so it’s v bad, but I felt like it was my duty as a phanfic writer that I do this, so…yeah.

Title comes from “House of Memories” by P!ATD (I know it’s overused for titles, but I just couldn’t help myself)

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I should have been there. When I was a kid, if you told me I win an Oscar, I never believe it. And now I’ve done it and…Bojack, I don’t like anything about me. None of these is me. These boobs aren’t me, this house isn’t me. The only reason I wear this shirt is because some company paid me eight thousand dollar to wear it. And I don’t even need the money. Just like that someone still want me to wear their shirt. What am I suppose to do? I don’t know what to do? Am I doomed? Are you doomed? Are we all doomed?

The Guardian from Afar

Member: Rap Monster // BTS

Main Plot: They have to get the money before their family can suffer.

Short Summary: A leader was supposed the most composed figure in a gang, meanwhile NamJoon had long since lost his cool.

A/N: Took me like forever to write this. Sorry, @kawaii-hedgehog, but I still hope you’ll find this as enjoyable as the previous ones xD

Words: 2.3k

/ SeokJin // YoonGi // HoSeok // NamJoon // JiMin // TaeHyung // JeongGuk /

“NamJoon, wouldn’t it be a great thing to have an invisible red tie of fate with the person you are destined to be with; to know that somewhere in this world, there is someone out there, waiting for you just as you wait for them?” her sleepy voice asked as she was hunched over, supposedly studying.

“In a romantic perspective, sure, but in reality, it would only hurt you more at the end.”  He answered curtly, shutting his book and sending her a fleeting glance. “Why? Thinking about marriage already?” it was a childish jab at her, the kind that they always played upon each-other, only this time there was silence as his reply. “Wait, seriously?” his eyes widened in shock, and his heart swelled with pain. “Aren’t you a little bit too young for that?”

She sighed disdainfully and pushed off her `Psychology on the human behaviour` books to the side. “I have one too many debts nowadays; can’t keep up with them, either. Marriage seems like the only way out of this mess, you know?”

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✦ ————– Oliver & Company Sentence Starters.

’ Where’s the kid? ’
’ Oh, that poor little kid. ’
’ He/she must still be in the car, man! ’
’ You were supposed to keep an eye on him/her, _____! ’
’ Well, it’s hard to watch anything when you’re getting barbecued, man! ’
’ Hey, man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall. ’
’ Girl/boy, we’ve got work to do. ’
’ So when are we gonna eat? ’
’ I hate to break it to ya, but the dynamic duo is now the dynamic uno. ’
’ What I mean is, our partnership is herewith dissolved. ’
’ But, wait! Wait. You’re not being fair! ’
’ Fares are for tourists, kid. ’
’ Consider it a free lesson in street savoir faire from New York’s coolest quadruped. ’
’ I know you’re growing attached to the little fellow, but do try to understand. ’
’ Your parents left me responsible for you. ’
’ They won’t mind. Really. Don’t worry, kitty. I’ll take care of you. ’
’ Rise and shine, ______. Your public awaits. ’
’ You wanna leave? Fine! There’s the door. ’
’ And do you have any idea whose home this is? ’
’ Hey, man, you’re ugly! And you’re uglier than him! ’
’ My days are numbered, and the number is three. ’
’ What kind of work do we do anyway? ’
’ Didn’t you read about us in the Wall Street Journal? ’
’ Three sunrises. Three sunsets. Three days. ’
’ Three? Oh, you mean, just three days? ’
’ Oh, my goodness! Oh, I’m having a bad day! ’
’ Whoa! Chill out, man. I don’t eat cats. It’s too much fur. ’
’ What you talkin’ about, man? That’s a primo wallet, man. ’
’ You insulted my pride, and this means death! ’
’ I have your hearts and you have my pity. ’
’ The crowd’s hustling. The traffic’s roaring. The hot dogs are sizzling. ’
’ I love a story with food in it. ’
’ Now, I lent you some money, and I don’t see it. ’
’ Do you know what happens when I don’t see my money? ’
’ People get hurt. People like you get hurt. ’
’ People get hurt. People like you get hurt. Do I make myself clear? ’
’ Good show. Now all we need is a net and a tennis court. ’
’ Do you think this place is big enough? ’
’ Get away from me, you little bug-eyed creep! ’
’ And what kind of person would steal an innocent little kitty? ’
’ He might be up against a stone wall, at the end of his rope. ’
’ He must have been a poor, desperate man. ’
’ It’s still wrong. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. ’
’ It’s newspaper burritos for breakfast again, man. ’
’ All right! That does it! You yo-yos clear out and I mean now! ’
’ I just wanted some of the hot dogs I helped him get. ’
’ He’s a spy, man! Come on, let’s eat him! ’
’ Is this us losing our sense of humor? ’
’ Don’t you come any closer! I knew this would happen someday. ’
’ Oh, you’ve barking up the wrong tree, sister. It’s not you we’re after. ’
’ It’s not? Well why not? What’s the problem, Spot? ’
’ Not good enough for you? I mean, do you even know who I am? ’
’ Oh, and we’re all very impressed. Right, guys? ’
’ I don’t have time for long goodbyes, but here’s something to remember me by, baby. ’
’ Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make ______ happy? ’
’ It’s sweet and simple, the plan… Let me start over again. ’
’ If you don’t have my money… ’
’ Please, stop! Your money’s coming tonight! ’
’ Well, looks like you’re doing all right for yourself. ’
’ We’ll keep a spot open in the gang for ya. ’
’ Hey, keep it down, guys. The game’s on. ’
’ Isn’t it rather dangerous to use ones entire vocabulary in a single sentence? ’
’ I don’t think you grasp the severity of the situation. ’
’ Oh, no, I grasp it. See? This is how I grasp. ’
’ This city’s got a beat, and you gotta hook into it. ’
’ Well, it’s nice to see that one of you has some manners. ’
’ Hey, no way, man! I’ve been barbecued too many times! ’
’ Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to work we go… ’
’ Well, there were a few smudges on it, okay! ’
’ Why should I worry? Why should I care? ’
’ I may not have a dime, but I’ve got street savoir-faire. ’
’ It’s just be-bopulation, but I’ve got street savoir-faire. ’
’ You can own this town and you can wear the crown! ’
’ But I’m warning you, kid.. ’
’ One minute I’m in central park, then on down the street. ’
’ I drew a perfectly good map. ’
’ I went outside the line with a green crayon, but not much. ’
’ Good luck, _______. I’ll be waiting. ’
’ Hey, get off my back woman. I’m driving. ’
’ And once you get the beat, you can do anything. ’
’ Come on, let’s see this big, bad kitty fight in action! ’
’ Yeah, you’re starting to think big. ’
’ They’re coming with the money I owe you to get their cat back! ’
’ And why would a cat follow a dog? ’
’ Pretty is nice, but still it’s just pretty. ’
’ I want you to keep one thing in mind. Dead men do not buy dog food! ’
’ Everything from the doorknobs down is mine! ’
The Snowball part 18

I’m going to be MIA for a few days guys, I’m going to Sydney for a few days and won’t be taking my laptop so that’s why I’ve done a few quick updates. xx

Link to previous chapters X

Feyre and the rest of the gang were sitting in the living room. Feyre occupied the couch, in between Rhys and Mor, sitting opposite Nesta. Feyre couldn’t believe her sister had found her. Nesta looked as out of place in Rhys’s house as a camel in a blizzard.

Nesta sat in an armchair, glaring at Cassian when he stared at her for too long, with a devilish gleam in his eyes and mouth that seemed to quirk in a challenge.

This was not going to be fun.

Mor had brought Feyre a cup of tea which she desperately needed after the shock of seeing her sister after months of not hearing anything from her.

“So, Nesta is it? It’s nice to meet you.” Rhys said, holding out a hand to an aggravated looking Nesta.

Feyre looked at him in surprise and was grateful he was even attempting to talk to her beast of a sister.

Nesta pointedly ignored Rhys’s hand and looked to Feyre instead.

“Where the hell have you been?” She asked angrily.

Feyre was taken aback to say the least. “Me? You’re the one who never contacted me.” She said trying to defend herself.

“I called you for weeks! You never picked up.” Nesta said icily.

Feyre looked at her blankly until she remembered Tamlin had given her a new phone when they’d moved in together. “I got a new phone… Tamlin said he was going to give you my new number.”

“I don’t care if you got a new phone, you could’ve called us. Elain and I were worried.” Nesta had gone strangely quiet.

Feyre could feel the eyes of everyone flitting back and forth between her and her sister, trying to figure out what kind of relationship they had, and why Nesta had appeared now.

“I just assumed you didn’t want to talk to me.” Feyre said meekly. It was something she had believed all these months. She had been made to just feel like she was in the way back home. She was unneeded. She refused to believe she was unwanted though.

“You think we honestly wouldn’t care when you disappear off the face of the earth with some guy who’s paying us money every couple of weeks? It was like we sold you or something, it was really weird Feyre.”

Feyre felt embarrassed now. Why hadn’t she just tried to call them? She had just assumed that Tamlin had taken care of her family and she wouldn’t need to worry about them now. She was out of the way.

When Feyre didn’t say anything Nesta continued, “Or were you too good for us now that you had a fancy boyfriend? Didn’t need us anymore I guess.”

“I think there has been a misunderstanding here. But don’t you dare think that Feyre never thought about her family, or that she was living in some fairytale these past few months.” Rhys snarled at Nesta.

“Well if she had just talked to us we would actually know what to think.” Nesta snarled back.

“Please, just stop." Feyre interrupted quickly. "I’m sorry I never called Nesta. I thought you’d be better off without me anyway.” Feyre said lamely.

A strange look crossed Nesta’s face, and Feyre almost thought it looked like guilt, before it vanished and was replaced with her usual frown.

“How did you find us Nesta?” Mor asked curiously.

“I googled Tamlin. He came up straight away I mean there’s not many guys around here called that.”

“You went to his house?” Amren asked alarmed.

Nesta nodded and the group looked at each other in shock.

“What?” Nesta asked annoyed. “Was I not supposed to go to her boyfriend’s house?”

“Nesta what happened? Did you see Tamlin? What did he say-” Feyre asked quickly before Rhys’s hand over hers reminded her to slow down.

Nesta’s calculating eyes took special interest in Rhys’s hand on Feyre’s, but continued with her story.

“He wasn’t home. His friend was though. Odd guy. Bright red hair.”

“Lucien.” The group said in unison.

“Okay that was freaky, don’t ever do that again.” Nesta said. “I told him I was Feyre’s sister and I wasn’t leaving until I saw her. He got really weird and told me I had to leave before Tamlin came home. Gave me this address and told me you were here.”

Feyre felt a surge of gratitude for Lucien. But Nesta was avoiding talking about something, Feyre could tell by the way she fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

“Why did you decide to come now?” Feyre asked.

“What, did you want me to wait 10 years before I finally came to see what became of my sister?”

Feyre just looked at her pointedly until Nesta finally sighed. “Okay the money stopped coming, but I promise it’s not just about that!” She said quickly when all eyes turned feral with rage. “I saw you on the news Feyre. You lot too. Involved in a big fight, the news said it was a turf war or something. I thought you were in trouble with gangs or something.”

When the male’s hands failed to unclench from the fist’s they had formed, Nesta eyed them warily and added, “I’m still not convinced you’re not in some kind of gang.”

Feyre laughed at the idea of Rhys being a gang leader. “It’s not a gang. These are my friends.”

“Just friends?” Nesta asked, glancing at Rhys.

Feyre blushed but made no move to correct her, instead she explained first about Hybern’s plan to completely ruin the area and make the Illyrians either homeless, or very, very sick.

After hesitating slightly, Feyre was able to get out her past few months with Tamlin. When she struggled to open up about some parts, a few reassuring thumb strokes on the back of her hand from Rhys helped calm her again. When she tried to explain what had happened at the café and she couldn’t find the words, Rhys’s knee nudged hers gently to encourage her.

Nesta listened to it all with no comment. But she did look at the others with a little less animosity. Except Cassian. She still looked at Cassian like she would like to knock all his teeth out, and Cassian looked at her like he knew and would love nothing less than to see her try.

Feyre paused expectantly at the end for Nesta to say something.

“What a bastard.” Nesta said simply, as if she was commenting on the weather.

“An apology would have been better.” Cassian said.

“Excuse me?” Nesta bristled.

“An apology. To Feyre. She needs one.” Cassian enunciated slowly as if talking to a toddler.

“Cassian, it’s alrigh-” Feyre began uneasily before Nesta’s indignant screech cut her off sharply.

“Apologise for what you overgrown ape?” She snarled.

“You came in here acting like you were better than her. Like she was an ant. Then you accuse her of thinking she’s better than you, when you had no idea what she was going through.” Cassian said through gritted teeth.

“Well you have no idea what I went through just to get to her. So back off and mind your own business you ass!”

Feyre buried her head in her hands while Rhys, Azriel, and Mor looked between the two helplessly as they continued to bicker for several minutes. Amren was covering a small smile with her hand as she watched with interest.

An hour later, Cassian had gone to his work out room to sulk and Nesta claimed his larger armchair for herself, while the others helped Feyre reply to emails sent to her by reporters for websites and newspapers.

Some of the questions sent to her were so intrusive and offensive it started getting to Feyre after a while.

Mor took one look at her and declared work time over. “Let’s go have some fun!” She said to the group.

Rhys rubbed his eyes wearily. It was then that Feyre realised he hadn’t slept last night. “Mor we have enough things to worry about right now.” Rhys said.

“Exactly! We should go out.” She said excitedly.

“I wouldn’t mind a break.” Azriel said, agreeing non-surprisingly with Mor.

Amren groaned. “Ugh not another night out. Someone either ends up missing, in hospital, with a new tattoo, or all three!”

“Rhys can’t drink with his concussion anyway so he can be the Mom for tonight and watch us.” Mor explained.

“This sounds like it’ll be more trouble than it’s worth.” Rhys sighed but he already had a wicked gleam in his eye.

“What if we run into… someone we know.” Feyre asked quietly.

Mor waved off her concern. “Tamlin wouldn’t dare set foot over here, he has his own trashy clubs to go to. I don’t think he’s ever even been to Rita’s.”

“I’m down.” Cassian said, emerging from the hallway suddenly.

“Have you been eavesdropping?” Amren asked amused.

“No. Just went to the kitchen to get a drink.” Cassian said too quickly.

“What do you think Feyre? Nesta?” Rhys turned to them.

“Yes,” Feyre said at the exact same time that Nesta said, “No”.

Feyre turned wide, imploring eyes to her. “Nesta you should come, the neighbourhood is really nice and it would give you a chance to get to know every-”

“No.” Nesta interrupted. “I’m tired, and I’ve come a long way.”

“Wimp.” Cassian muttered challengingly.

“What did you just call me?” Nesta said slowly.

Feyre rolled her eyes at Rhys who had to hide his resulting smile.

“Bet you just can’t hold your alcohol.” Cassian teased.

“Better than you I’d bet. You’re so full of yourself there’s no room for the alcohol.”

“It’s on then. Everyone meet down here in 20 minutes.” Cassian said leaving an open mouthed Nesta glaring a hole into his retreating frame.

“What just happened?” Nesta asked them confused.

“You just accepted a bet to beat Cassian at drinking.” Rhys smiled at her, amused. He reached out to squeeze Nesta’s shoulder reassuringly. “Good luck.”

newworldchild  asked:

So did Hunk become a chef when he got older or did he take a different kind of carer? It would be cute if he decided to become a novelist, or whatever Keith is, like his Daddy Keith.

Ohohohoh Now that you’ve mentioned it! I have decided that Keith later on became a novelist but is still an editor at the same time. 

[The Voltron Family] The husbands were out in the terrace outside their room for a breath of fresh air. Keith was lying on Shiro’s lap, his tummy meeting Shiro’s thighs as he works on his laptop. Shiro was reading a book while drawing circles on Keith’s back.

Shiro: I don’t get how you can juggle both.
Keith: Juggle what? *focused on the screen*
Shiro: Working on your series AND working on other people’s series? *baffled*
Keith: *snorts* Simple. You’re not me.
Shiro: *chuckles* Of course. I’m sorry. Why didn’t I think of that? *rolls eyes*
Keith: *looks back at Shiro* *laughs* I guess you could say being an editor made me a fast writer? I finish my manuscript a bit too early and I have to wait for it to be edited and I can’t just… wait. So I go back to my job. You can’t exactly just expect me to lie around doing nothing at home do you? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *pouts* You work so hard. You need to rest.
Keith: So do you. *smiles* I love reading and writing and I love the fact I get paid to do it. Besides, we need all the money we can get.
Shiro: You know money isn’t really a problem, Keith. *still pouting*
Keith: Well I don’t exactly want to be just a househusband, you know? I have to do… something
Shiro: And you are! You’re a writer now! 
Keith: *rolls eyes fondly* Takashi, please. I enjoy what I do. Leave me alone. *starts to get up*
Shiro: *pushes him down* Nope. You’re not leaving. Stay here.
Keith: *chuckles* I’m just getting some snacks. Relax I’m not divorcing you.
Shiro: *fake relieved sigh* OH THANK GOD FOR THAT.
Keith: *laughs* *gets up* *gives Shiro a peck on the lips* I’ll grab you some extra cashew nuts just because you love them.
Shiro: Awww, you’re so sweet. Thank you.
Keith: Damn right I am. *huffs*

Keith went back to their room and saw Hunk waiting for him.

Keith: Oh, hi baby, what’s up? I’m just gonna grab some snacks. You want?
Hunk: *fidgets* Daddy Keith, can I talk to you?
Keith: *smiles* Sure. Walk with me. *heads to the kitchen downstairs*
Hunk: *walks beside Keith* So, I was, um, thinking if you’re going to get mad if I change course?
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Something wrong with your current one? Not liking the program in your university?
Hunk: Not exactly. Robotics Engineering is pretty cool and all. I guess you could say… I had a change of heart? *looks at Keith hesitantly*
Keith: Really? *opens the fridge* What are you planning on taking?
Hunk: *whispers* Literature. *plays with his fingers*
Keith: *closes the fridge and gapes at Hunk* Literature?
Hunk: *looks up* Y-yeah I was thinking that I really enjoy your stories, Dad. And I think I have a knack with writing and—
Keith: *smiles* *picks up a brownie* You do. *nods* Baby, open up. 
Hunk: *opens mouth and eats the brownie* *munches* Thanks. So I was saying, if it’s fine… if you’re fine with me changing courses.
Keith: *munches* Why wouldn’t I be? *smiles*
Hunk: Well, I’m basically throwing away my future as an engineer—
Keith: *gives Hunk more brownies* *shakes head* You’re not. Don’t think of it that way. You’re basically going for what you want this time. College is more lax in terms of that. That’s why a lot of students shift. Because they don’t exactly know what they want to do especially since they’re fresh out of high school. So yes, this is pretty normal and I am okay with it. Hundred percent okay with it. I’m sure your Daddy Shiro will agree with it too.
Hunk: *beams* REALLY?
Keith: *nods* Of course. Besides, it was my course so. *chuckles* I’m glad one of my kids is following my footsteps. 
Hunk: *hugs his dad* Thank you thank you thank you! I was so nervous! 
Keith: Awww, baby. *kisses Hunk’s forehead* No worries. This is your future. You get to plan it out. Not me or your Daddy Shiro. 
Hunk: *looks up* I’ll work extra hard!
Keith: Good. If you’re doing great, I’ll be your editor.
Hunk: *gapes* ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Keith: Yes. That’s a promise. But don’t think I’ll give you special treatment just because you’re my kid. *snorts* *rolls eyes* Okay, maybe a little special treatment but don’t tell the other authors under me. *smiles fondly* You’ll do great, Hunk. *hugs him tight* Ugh. My baby’s name’s going to be on a book cover. I can already see myself crying.
Hunk: *laughs* Stop being emo, Dad.

Found Dog. Need Advice. Please. This Is Important.

Wednesday was a wild day. So, yesterday morning I was driving to school and saw a dog badly limping on the side of the road. We stopped to see if we could help and chased it down, but couldn’t find out where she came from. There were no tags and she was filthy.

We decided to take her to the vet instead of leaving her there and continuing to school.  I don’t know if she’s a stray or belonged to someone in the area since there was nothing to track down her owner, but if she did belong to someone, I’m worried about how good of an owner they might be for her to be in the condition she was when I found her. There were ants all over her and my hand came away covered in dirt and at least three shades darker after holding her and calming her while my ride brought the car around.

There was no chip, and we learned that she had a injury at least a few months old that never healed correctly and caused major arthritis in her front left paw. She wasn’t dehydrated, but was a few pounds underweight, and it looked like she’d been outside for quite a while.

We know she’s at least ten years old. She also can’t eat dry food because some of her teeth have been worn down to the gum line. I didn’t want to call the pound, because there aren’t any No Kill Shelters in our area, and if they don’t find the owner in three days they either put them down or put them up for adoption, and I know it’s far harder to adopt out older, disabled dogs. She also has minor cataracts, and might have a few hearing issues from what I’ve observed since bringing her home. We don’t know about worms or any parasites. I paid $72 dollars for the checkup and some meds, and couldn’t afford to check for those as well.

I went to Kroger and tried to find some food, and asked a lady who worked there what would be good for a senior dog. I ended up telling her about the information and she bought all of this for us without letting me pay for any of it, which was amazing. It was over $30 worth.

I’m not sure what else to do. The only no kill shelter around is in Nashville, and they won’t accept drop offs from people outside the area due to crowding issues. I can’t afford to get her all the shots she would need, and my family already have gotten quite upset at coming home to find her in our backyard. Although my uncle seemed more upset that I skipped school. They won’t pay because I’m the one who brought her here, and I don’t have a job to keep making money. They think I should have just left her there.

I’ve washed her (or maybe she washed me) with some no tick no flea dog shampoo, but right now she’s having to stay outside because we don’t want her to bring anything in that might affect our cats.

She’s very sweet and mild mannered. Hasn’t barked or shown any aggression whatsoever since we found her. I’ve been trying to think up options all day yesterday. If we can’t get her to the shelter or find out where she came from, I’m going to need to find her a home, but I don’t know anyone who would take her in.

Does anyone have any advice? I don’t even know what to call her…and if she already has a name I don’t know if I should just give her a new one.