now all we need is some money

hello, i’m erin.

i’m really poor, my family is financially unstable all the time because my parents have walking/moving disabilities and it’s hard for them to find proper jobs since they can barely move. lately we’ve been having major financial problems.

they both used to work until the thing i was afraid of happened; my diabetic mom’s health condition started getting worse and worse. she couldn’t handle the pressure and the bullying at work so she had to quit her job. however, her health is the main priority in this entire thing so i don’t blame her at all.

as for now, my father is the only source of income. his monthly salary is $150 and as you can see that’s far from enough to maintain three people. i’ve tried to get a job myself but no one wanted to hire me because i’m a minor.

for the past few months my mom’s illness has been progressing, we even got her a wheelchair since she couldn’t walk at all. she needs a damn expensive diabetic healthcare course right now. my father works day and night just to gain some money. also, i contributed with my savings even though it wasn’t much. 

yesterday, she got into a diabetic coma. it’s a life-threatening diabetes complication that can lead to death if it’s left untreated. in the case of my mother, it is fatal. the treatment that can help is extremely expensive and i have no idea what me and my dad are supposed to do in this situation.

our efforts are not enough for my mom’s medical assurance. the amount of money we have by now can provide only around half a month (if not less) of medicines. my dad is working all the time he doesn’t even sleep at this point, it’s a miracle if he gets at least 2 hours of sleep a day. but unfortunately it’s never enough.

i feel pathetic and useless, the tears are streaming down my face as i’m typing this and the fact that i can’t help in any way is killing me. it’s an obvious fact that she is going to die if we don’t pay for the medical assurance. please help, i really don’t want to lose my mother she means the world to me.

only money can help us in this harsh situation so if you can donate i’ll be forever thankful. 

if you can, do it through paypal. my paypal email is:

any amount will be highly appreciated, i’m not asking for much, really. also reblog this please, it does matter and i hope i’ll find people who can help. i’ve seen people on here do wonderful things to help people in need just like me. i truly believe that you have the power to save my mother. i will try to post this on gofund me as well so hopefully more people will get to know about my terrible situation. i know i already posted about my mother’s condition around 1 year ago on my another account and i’m really sorry for sharing my situation again, but back then it wasn’t even half as bad as it is now. i need your help now more than ever so please be understanding. i truly hope that you kind people can help us. it’s totally okay if you don’t donate though, just keep my mom in your prayers please, it means a lot. 

i’m desperate please help, i’m begging you, i don’t want to lose my mother.

thank you so much.

You’re His Ex Girlfriend and You See His New Girlfriend Wearing Your T-Shirt

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If there’s one thing Y/n can’t stand, it’s pity. Which is unfortunate for her, considering that’s all she’s been receiving ever since Harry had broken up with her.

Between her family, her friends, and long-known acquaintances, the pity was never ending. The looks people gave her whenever she occupied a room made her sick to her stomach. Nobody looked at her the way they used to as if their perception of her has been altered from a beautiful, humble woman to a broken heart on legs.

Talking to people didn’t help much, either, considering their irrational fear that one harsh tone could wreck what’s left of her. To those, her identity and name have seemed to be forgotten, only to be replaced by “the girl left with a broken heart, who’s heart has failed to mend.”

It’s all a myth, really—a myth that hasn’t been confirmed or denied within the past four months. Y/n provided no reassurance for anybody, nor did she show any improvement since their break up. But she did try her best. Her attempts to answer the question, “how have you been, you know, since the breakup and all?” with an “I’ve been okay” filled with lies didn’t go unnoticed, however, proved to be unsuccessful.

And the pity only got worse when Harry got a new girlfriend.

It was plastered everywhere, the rumors that Harry’s new girlfriend stayed at his hotel in Los Angeles and traveled with him back to London. They disclosed that her name was Jessica, who works as a travel blogger.

She was beautiful, too. More beautiful than she wanted her to be, as selfish as it was. She was the perfect image for him, especially at the height of his career.

Y/n’s heart hit rock bottom that day. Every unblemished part of it became a ruin, a shattered piece of what was once so full and whole.

Y/n hadn’t expected it, not this fast, at least. When Harry initiated the breakup, he told her that it wasn’t the end of their relationship. He had promised her that with the right amount of distance, all the problems they’ve had in their relationship would be fixed entirely.

She believed him, too. That with maybe some time apart, their bitterness towards each other would decease, and all that would remain would be the overwhelming needs for one another.

She should have never been so gullible. After they broke up, they never spoke to each other again. All their ties had been cut, leaving them both hanging in completely separate lives. Y/n never got over him. How could she? They were soulmates, they were each other’s everything. No matter what came at them, they always found a way back to one another.

But Harry’s fame started skyrocketing, leaving Y/n on the ground with no way to reach him anymore. She should have known he’d find someone else—someone more worthy of his time. She just didn’t want to believe it and didn’t want to believe that it had happened so soon.

“How are you feeling?” Gabby asks, reaching over the wooden table so that her fingers can rest on top of Y/n’s hand; a small gesture that Gabby has been giving Y/n nearly every day for the past four months.

Y/n wishes she found it as comfortable as it intended to be, however she can’t help feeling worse whenever Gabby did so. The gesture undoubtedly derives from the pity Gabby has had toward her ever since the breakup. Everything was because of pity.

She looks down at her cold, untouched hot chocolate as she swirls the straw along the brim, resisting to roll her eyes as it’s the only question everybody has seemed to ask her recently.

“The usual,” she shrugs, “nothing’s really changed.”

Gabby gives her a half smile before returning to her tea. The cafe is only occupied by the both of them, considering it’s 7 in the morning on a Sunday. But after everything that’s happened, Y/n’s sleep schedule has been slacking and Gabby wanted nothing more than to be there for Y/n whenever she had the chance.

“Are you sure you don’t want any food?” Gabby asks. “It’s on me if you want anything.”

Y/n shrugs again, a faint yawn falling from her mouth as she shakes her head.

“No, I’m okay. I think I’ll make some waffles when I get home. But I’ll need to stop at the grocery store before I leave. Ran out of milk and flour the other day.”

“We could stop by now if you’d like. I’m getting quite full, anyways.”

“Yeah, sure” Y/n nods, “sounds fine.”

The entrance doors chime when Y/n and Gabby enter the grocery store, barely any people filling the aisles at such hours. Neither of them speak much before they go their separate ways, grabbing all the necessary ingredients Y/n needs for when she gets home.

When she finds flour on one of the bottom shelves, Y/n bends down to grab the cheapest one she could find. In all honesty, she didn’t have a lot of money to spend since she took some time off of work for “mental health reasons,” and she wanted nothing more than to go back home and spend the rest of her day in bed.

When she stands back up from her squatting position, her body rams into somebody else’s, making everything they both were carrying fall onto the floor.

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry!” Y/n gasps, scrambling to pick up the ingredients that have fallen from the girl’s arms.

When Y/n stands back up to return her fallen items, it was as if every nightmare Y/n has ever had was standing right in front of her.

She’d recognize her face anywhere. It haunted her everywhere she went; mocking her and destroying every last bit of her wellbeing. Her face is unforgettable, having been ingrained into her head for so long now. She’s exactly how she is in her pictures, except she’s so much more beautiful in person.

It’s when Y/n’s eyes drift down to the shirt she’s wearing that takes the breath right from her lungs.

The word Lover printed inside of a red heart, the end of it hidden by the pocket right on her chest. It looked so unfamiliar on her—so unfamiliar that tears started piling in her eyes and her lips began to quiver.

That shirt was theirs. That shirt belonged to Y/n and Harry.


It was a nickname Y/n always gave Harry. She would have normally settled for “babe” or “baby” like she did with her previous boyfriends, but “lover” came so naturally to her. It exemplified just how unique and rare their relationship was, too.

Harry had never been called that before, but there was something about it that felt so right. The first time she called him that, he blushed like no other. His cheeks and heart felt so warm, and Y/n wouldn’t let him hear the end of it. But no matter how much she joked about how much he blushed that night, it only made her call him that more.

And the more she said it, the more she realized that there was no other name to describe him.

She gave him the shirt for their first anniversary. She was insecure about it, considering it was the only gift she purchased him that year and wasn’t nearly as expensive as all the gifts Harry had given her. But after all the flowers she received had died months later, after all the chocolate he bought her had been eaten in two nights, after all the in-home spa treatments had been used by the both of them progressively throughout the months, and after all the sex they shared died down by the next morning, the only gift that remained so dearly to their hearts was that goddamn shirt.

The shirt became sentimental to their relationship and was almost used as a keepsake between the two of them. The mornings after making love, Y/n found herself slipping it on before rolling out of bed to make breakfast. Harry fell in love with her tendency to do so and always made sure she knew just how much he loved her for it.

This is my favorite look on you, he’d always say, where the shirt hung loosely from her frame and her skin scattered with the marks from his tongue.

Harry wore the shirt as a tradition, most commonly on their anniversaries or on any specific date that held such significance to their relationship. And every time Y/n saw him wearing it, she found it irresistible to kiss the heart designed right upon his chest.

My lover, she’d say, looks so perfect on you.

She never imagined anybody else in it. Even after they had broken up, she never thought the shirt would be passed down to later relationships Harry had with other women. When she moved out, he kept insisting that she should be the one to take it.

He looked down at the shirt all crinkled in his hands, the last compromise they had to make before Y/n officially moved out of their home. Her suitcases were packed neatly by the front door, the darkened sky from the storm waiting to approach making the house feel colder than it already had turned.

Y/n’s body was slumped against the doorframe, arms crossed and eyes red with inevitable tears as they were forced to face the harsh reality of what was to come.

After three years of a relationship neither of them expected to end, Harry had insisted that they take a break from each other. With his career coming to its peak and Y/n spending most of her time in the office, their relationship was going through a rough patch that lasted far too long.

“You paid for this, you know,” Harry whispered, obstructing the silence that seemed to make the air around them thicker and harder to breathe, “this is yours, always has been.”

Y/n shook her head, a few loose tears falling from her face as she did so. In all honesty, she didn’t want to be reminded of it after this. It’s held so much meaning between the two of them throughout a majority of their years being together that she couldn’t stomach the thought of looking at it in her selection of wardrobe. Not when Harry won’t be by her side, not when Harry won’t be apart of her life anymore.

She placed her hand on top of his softly, stroking the knuckles of his clenched fingers with her thumb.

“It was ours. But when it comes down to it, I bought it for you. It was a gift, you should keep it.”

Harry clenched his fingers harsher against the fabric, his quivered lips attempting a small smile as he lifted it to his chest. His thumb traced the heart above the pocket, watching as one of his tears soak into the material.

“It looks better on you anyways.” Y/n tried to laugh through the silent cries, but neither of them had the heart to make light of the situation they were facing.

Harry’s eyes narrowed down at her while a small sigh fell from his lips.

“You know I’d never wear this again, right? Not until we find our way back to each other.”

Y/n’s shaken hands wiped the tears from her cheeks, her lips pursed together to ensure her broken sobs wouldn’t surface until she was alone in her car.

“Yeah, until we find our way back.”

She stood on her toes to reach his cheek, where she tentatively placed a kiss on the flushed skin.

“You’ll always be my lover.”

But looking back at it now, she wouldn’t be standing in the middle of a grocery store, crying pathetically in front of a complete stranger if she had just taken the damn thing.

How could he do this to me?

“Babe, are these eggs alr—“

Harry’s words get caught in his throat when he sees Y/n standing in front of Jessica with tears streaming down her face and cries shaking her body.

At first, his instinct is to reach his hand out to her. But as his eyes follow her tearful gaze to Jessica’s shirt, which is far too large for her frame, but still being worn on her body, the realization hits him that it’s probably the last thing she would want.

He flutters his eyes shut as an unbearable feeling starts to rise in his stomach. This is the most unfortunate time to see Y/n again, and he can’t imagine how much hatred flowing through Y/n’s system as he stands there, cowardly silenced.

Not a word comes out of his mouth. Not even a pathetic stutter of her name, or even a lift of his lips to greet her in the most minimal of ways.

The only thought swirling through Y/n’s mind is how could you not say anything to me? After everything you did, after what I’m witnessing now, how is there not one word to say?

He watches as pain settles in her eyes as she looks at him. It’s as if she’s begging for an explanation, or even an apology he doesn’t really mean. She’s just looking for something, and knowing that she’s not getting anything is taking all the remaining life out of her.  

But he has so much to say. There are so many apologies, so many thoughts all scrambling in his head that everything becomes incoherent. He wants to tell her how sorry he is, and how hard it is to live with himself after all that he’s done to her. He wants to tell her that he never gave her that fucking shirt, that Jessica found it in one of his drawers and put it on while he was still sleeping from the night before. He wants to tell her that it isn’t what it looks like, that it isn’t what everybody thinks this is. But his throat tightens and his tongue suddenly becomes numb, completely preventing him from saying all the things he wishes to say.

“Y/n, is everything alr—”

Gabby halts when she discovers Y/n’s crying body being watched by the very two people that broke her heart. She’s breaking, so evidently breaking and neither one of them are doing anything about it.

“I w—want to go home.” Y/n’s voice cracks, face twisting as Harry still doesn’t find anything to say to her. “Let’s just go home.”

If Gabby hadn’t witnessed her best friend go through so much pain within the last four months, she would have been able to contain all the rage she’s held toward Harry. But something inside of her snaps when she sees the shirt Jessica’s wearing.

“No!” Gabby spits.

Before anybody sees it happening, Gabby slams her fists against Harry’s chest. Jessica begins to scream while Y/n jumps in an attempt to remove Gabby’s wild arms away from him.

Harry doesn’t do anything to defend himself, though, as he allows her to keep swinging her arms at him. All he can think about it how much he deserves it—how much he deserves all of what’s coming at him.

“You’re such a fucking jerk, Harry!” Gabby roars. “You ruined her! Who the fuck do you think you are?!“

“Gab, stop.” Y/n mumbles, finally able to capture her arms.

Gabby squirms as she tries to escape Y/n’s harsh hold on her, but against Y/n’s anger mixed with all her overwhelming emotions, there is no match.

Y/n starts to push Gabby toward the doors, and it takes every bit of strength left in her to not turn around to look at him one last time. 

“You’re her biggest mistake! I hope you know that!”

anonymous asked:

did you seriously just say we should let pandas go extinct to save other animals or am i misinterpreting because that is a very questionable judgement

ALRIGHT MY FRIEND I have received about six messages in this vein since yesterday, but I worked for thirteen hours today and I have no time for this nonsense. Short answer: YES. 

I’m gonna summarize some salient points on why pandas are awful from a conservation standpoint:

  • Artificial insemination and hand-rearing of cubs are basically standard practice, and still they usually die. At what point is it reasonable to give up because I think we hit it DECADES AGO
  • In 35 years, only 90 cubs have been born in captivity outside of China
  • Wild panda numbers have increased a bare (bear?) 200 individuals in 10 years, despite literal billions of dollars being poured into conservation
  • And yet we’ve managed to literally rebuild populations of black-footed ferrets, oryx, and California condors with exponentially less money
  • Despite all of this, only 10 pandas have been released since the 80s, and all but two died
  • I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that it’s because their habitat is destroyed and fragmentary and barely protected!!!!!! 
  • The only good thing about panda conservation is that protecting their range is also protecting tons of other species. Which would be great, if more of their range was being protected effectively.
  • There is way more money in keeping captive pandas captive than in releasing them!! surprise!!!!!!
  • Zoos pay a lot of money to get pandas on loan because people just LOVE looking at pandas and they can’t afford to house and care for their other animals without people coming to visit! Or do any kind of conservation whatsoever!! Panda-economics! (this is kind of a pro as opposed to a con but its the kind of pro that makes me feel like I need a shower)
  • Pandas are endangered and sort of have a role in spreading bamboo seeds around, so they get billions of dollars. Every shark ever is MORE endangered, and without them the entire ocean ecosystem would collapse, but that’s fine they don’t need money (I’m not bitter) ((I am bitter))

I’m gonna be frank with you. We are in the middle of a mass extinction event, caused by us. Not to be a downer (jk, I’m gonna) but we’re already driving so many species to extinction that we cannot afford to save them all with the money and interest that is in conservation right now. 

Instead, we have to do some kind of awful extinction triage and assess which animals will do the most good to work to conserve - and getting into keystone species, ecosystem engineers, and other truly integral species is a whole other can of worms I’m not gonna touch on - but there are animals that are “more important” in a certain sense than others, in that they can support or affect a much wider range of other species than another

People only care about big, cute, fluffy animals - a common lament heard from conservationists, but it’s so true. There are thousands, if not millions of species that don’t fit this mold that conservation work would benefit eons more than pandas. It’s like fixing a pretty, stained-glass window in a house whose foundations are collapsing and thinking you’re helping. 

Pandas have always been the face of conservation, and they continue to be one of the biggest and most expensive ongoing failures. 

[Sources/ stuff to read to make sense of my incoherent response!]

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The Lost Special: The One Way to Tie Up Every Loose Thread

In the last month this corner of the Sherlock fandom has thrown out a multitude of ideas for a narrative that could potentially resolve every last inconsistency in Sherlock series 4. Not knowing it, this community has debated different readings – all perfectly valid with only minor holes in logic – but have missed how they might all fit together into an intricate puzzle, each reading validating the other.

I have found one way to connect every loose thread.

Topics resolved include:

– EMP Theory vs “TFP as John’s TAB”: why both readings are meant to be exposed to the viewer (but we just found them too early)
– Benedict’s insanely long monologue they mentioned him having in Series 4.
– How another episode would only be comprised of a few new scenes
– Mary’s character development drifting far from her original plotline
– Moffat’s Doctor Who narrative that includes Toby Jones as a Dream Lord and what that means for Amy in “Amy’s Choice” and Sherlock in The Lost Special.
– How POVs intertwine in TFP, and how TPLOSH inspired the way The Lost Special would end.
– The entire bizarre nature of Series 4
– Breaking the 4th Wall
– The focus in The Six Thatchers on “The Duplicate Man”, “Twins”, “Two places at once”, and “Dead AND alive”.
– Three Garridebs
– Benedict claiming “Love conquers all” while Steven Moffat facepalms.

So if you want to know the one way this could all work, check out the rest of this post. But hear me out until the end, suspend your disbelief until you’ve finished, because regardless of whether or not you believe we’re getting The Lost Special, this reading which combines everything we’ve talked about for the last year is definitely arguable and until something else gets proposed, it is the one I’m sticking with til the bitter end.

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Monsta X -Beautiful MV Explained (kinda)

Jooheon is ring leader confirmed.

While everyone else is asleep in their own, individual rooms- Jooheon is walking the hall which connects all of the rooms to each other.

But we’ll get into that later. First we’ve gotta talk about parallelism, because there is SO MUCH of that in this MV. 

To start it off we have Showki who’s rooms are set up to mirror each others. (They sort of link back to Fighter- Shownu was knighted in with swords and Kihyun had to go collect flowers.) 

Wonkyun has got the color scheme thing going on with the gold, but they’re also their rooms were full of personal effects (like money and letters).

Hyunghyuk’s rooms oddly tie into time with Minhyuk’s room having pendulums and Hyungwon’s having sand (like the sands of time).

In this MV, the main objective of each person in a room is to go out of that room and join Jooheon in the hallway - so they have to face something or let go of something.

We’ll start simple with the ones that make the most sense from directly looking.

Minhyuk has to face the passing of time.

(Love the fact the time is 5:14 aka MX’s debut date XD)

Hyungwon has to face himself.

Wonho has to write a letter to whoever wrote the letter he took out of that box.

Changkyun has to let go of all the money surrounding him. (which is why his room had a fire place and he had to burn the money).

Now when it comes to Shownu and Kihyun it’s a bit more complex. I’m not too sure about it but- it seems that Kihyun has to make the sword which Jooheon used in the Fighter MV for Shownu and Shownu has the make the flowers which Kihyun used. 

Jooheon is the one that hands people the things they need to fulfill their task. For some reason we don’t see Shownu get the potion bottle or Changkyun get the match but I guess Jooheon delivered it. 

Because Jooheon hands Kihyun the hammer-

Wonho the ink and pen- (it’s implied cause it’s the same tray)

Minhyuk the watch-

-and Hyungwon the mirror. (again implied cause same tray)

In the end, all of them pass and manage to join Jooheon in the hallway. 

Not sure how this fits the overarching plot but it’s the most cohesive of the 3 MVs. Sorry for the haphazard overview XD I tried getting this out as fast as I could. 


Oh yeah and Hyungwon’s room was full of reflective surfaces (I wasn’t sure where to put this.)

hey guys, something really, really shitty happened out of nowhere. my mom was brutally assaulted last night by a completely worthless excuse of a man that she used to call a friend. she just got back from the hospital and has a huge black eye, broken nose and messed up chin.(id prefer not to post pictures out of respect for her privacy but i guess if you really want proof you can message me privately) it’ll take weeks to heal up and it really sucks because she was trying to get a new job and now she doesn’t feel confident enough to even leave the house. 

I’m also trying to get a job but in the meantime i would greatly appreciate some commissions, or if you have just a few dollars id happily accept donations to i just want to be as helpful as i can while she recovers and i know money cant “fix” things but it really helps to at least be able to like…get food when we’re hungry and do laundry when we need to and stuff. you know how it is. thanks for reading

Being stubborn and unreasonable is a good way to make your business fail with me...

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

So I own a few residential properties, I used to maintain them myself but I have a small business that needs my constant attention so I hired a property management company to maintain the properties. Property management companies handle everything, fix anything broken, screen the tenants before moving in, evict them if they don’t pay rent etc, while I just collect my rent money minus their little reasonable fee they take every month. When I chose this company, who I’ll call SPM for shitty property management company, they seemed to be a very good company. Local, been established for awhile, nice people, etc. I needed help marketing my properties and getting good tenants moved in, so I chose them.

While most of my properties we’re vacant at the time, I did have a few occupied, and 1 tenant living in my higher-end condo property and he was my favorite tenant, who we’ll call FT. I screened him and approved him myself before I hired SPM. He was a very good tenant and he rented from me for 3 years which is a long time and a great thing for landlords. Paid rent on time, made repairs himself without deducting rent, didn’t smoke etc. I ended up getting to know him because he wanted to buy the condo and he was a great tenant, so we became very good friends.

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Oh you made some money? Please give a quarter of it to the State—who will build the roads after all?

Oh you want to spend the after-taxes money you have left over? Please give up to 10% more to the State every time you make a purchase; I know we already taxed your earnings, but these roads really need to be built.

Oh so now you want to actually use our roads? Well you better pay a tax on the gasoline you need to navigate them in your car (which we also taxed by the way, for the roads of course).

So there is this girl here, and she is known in the muslim community as a black sheep bcs of the bad things she does. Everything thats haram, she is all in to it and doesnt hide it.

Anyway my mom warned me many times not to talk nor walk with her bcs she is afraid that people will see this and associate me with her (thats how moroccans are).

So today i was on my way to the mosque, i saw her after such a long time. And we talked about everything. At one point i started talking about the mosque and we started to talk about religion. She talked about it with so much passion but at the same time she said that she was such a terrible muslim, and she is even ashamed to visit the mosque even tho she wants it. I reminded her of the Rahma of Allah, and the fact that He is able to forgive His servants as long as they repent no matter how many times you make that same mistake over and over again.

She became emotional, suddenly she took some money out of her bag and gave it to me saying “give this to the mosque as sadaqah”.

We decided to chill some day when we both have the time for it.

All im thinking of right now is; why we as a community are so harsh towards those who need our love and support the most? As if they’re monsters? It makes me so mad.

And it made me realize that as long as you know what tawheed is and you believe in it… we should always keep on doing dawah to those who gave up on prayer, ramadan, and so many other things. As long as they are alive we have the chance to change their situation.

I am livid.

I wasn’t going to speak about the whole PewDiePie issue, but now that it’s been confirmed that Scare PewDiePie Season 2 is canceled, something that literally HUNDREDS of people worked on, I have to say something. Not just because I’m sad about not getting to watch it, but the reasoning behind it. 

I am so sick of the media targeting Felix because he’s a public figure. I believe partly that it’s because of jealousy. The media can’t stand that Felix is influencing the world, just because he’s a YouTuber, so they strive to find every single freaking detail they can to pinpoint anything that could be used against him (hey, he’s still getting watch time from them so congrats media, you played yourself). 

Do you know just how much work goes into making a television show? They’re not kidding when they say it takes blood, sweat and tears. I went to a production camp one time, and it took two full days to get only a couple of scenes filmed, edited, and ready to release. Not to mention the mutitude of people that were a part of the whole show. But this isn’t about me. Felix, Jack, and the other YouTubers took time out of their lives to, as usual, make the viewers happy that they could be a part of an amazing project. And now that it’s gone, taken, stolen from everyone, both viewer and creator are left with nothing but the feeling that they wasted time and money just to be let down by the one site that actually gave them that entertainment.

And, finally, to Disney and YouTube, I will now and forever stand with PewDiePie. I believe that the world needs to wake up and stop being butthurt over every little thing that may inconvenience them. Yeah, the Fiverr incident was a little too far, We all are entitled to our own opinion, and therefore have the freedom to make whatever jokes we want. Did the joke really hurt anyone? Did it incite some terrorist act, or cause a mass suicide? NO. People were offended for maybe a minute over their time, and then clicked away from the video. Did Disney HAVE to cut ties with Felix, and YouTube cancel Scare PewDiePie? NO. I believe they did it to save face instead of thinking about the work that was put into the show. 

Oh, by the way, Disney, did you forget about this?

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Or this?






I can draw any picture or paint any theme on shoes(Any size of shoe of course) , literally anything is cool here!
Transaction through Square or PayPal (you choose)
I wil ship anywhere in the United States.

Message/ Inbox me if you have any questions at all, maybe we can hash out some ideas!


More questions I need answers to after the finale

Companion piece to this post (X)

  • Who the fuck was Cliff Blossom doing business with in Montreal? (hint: Hiram Lodge cos we know he has business up in Montreal too or that’s what FP said to Hermione in ep 8)
  • Why the fuck did Cliff Blossom kill Jason? (yeah yeah I know – bcos Jason wanted to expose his business, but I need more than just a narrative that emerged!)
  • Why the fuck did he kill himself? (consumed by guilt and shame – yeah, yeah – tell me something I can believe)
  • Who the fuck is the local component of Blossom’s business? (And it’s not the Serpents, I believe you FP)
  • Who the fuck wrote “Go to Hell, Serpent Slut” on Betty’s locker? Where the fuck did they get pig’s blood? And a voodoo Betty doll?
  • Why the fuck is Mayor McCoy branding Archie as hero? Up until the point he saved Cheryl, Archie hardly did anything - it was all Betty.
  • Who the fuck are attacking the Serpents? Does that mean Juggie will be harmed too? (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
  • How much is Cheryl’s spider brooch worth? Does that mean Juggie is rich now? Or will Cheryl ask for it back since she’s not dead?  
  • Where the fuck is Nana Rose? Did Cheryl get her out before Thornhill burned? 
  • Where the fuck are the Blossoms going to live now? At their closest relatives’ - the Coopers? (*incoherent sounds*) 
  • Why the fuck couldn’t Social Services find a foster home for Juggie in Riverdale so he could keep going to Riverdale High? (I know, cos there wouldn’t be drama – but really, why?)
  • Why the fuck is Juggie’s mom over-extended? (Whatever that means – Sure, him being at Southside beats him going to Toledo, but shouldn’t she be assuming responsibility for him?)
  • Does a DUI really disqualify Fred from being a foster parent to Juggie?
  • Why the fuck does Ronnie keep wearing her pearls if she’s so disapproving of her daddy dearest?
  • Why the fuck is Hermione being a shady bitch when she had a mini nervous breakdown just in the last episode when Hiram’s bag was found with Mustang?
  • How the fuck can Penelope be so cold and unfeeling? (Sidenote: I hate her)
  • Does Alice know where her son is? What the fuck does quiet adoption mean? Was it anonymous? She went to the sisters when she was four months pregnant? Did no one know? Wouldn’t she have started to show?
  • How the fuck did Alice and FP both go to Riverdale High when they were from Southside? Did the school district thing not exist back then?
  • Does Jug not have his cellphone anymore? Why is he always calling people from phone booths?
  • Do those Serpents all know Juggie from before? (Sidenote: He didn’t know Joaquin and Joaquin seemed to be FPs most trusted sidekick)
  • Why the fuck did they not call 911 when Cheryl was drowning and decide to just ineffectively scream into space?
  • Did Hermione say something to Cheryl after Ronnie left? Is that why she decided to burn Thornhill?
  • How much is FP still not telling? (I don’t buy that Jason came to peddle drugs for him, I still think he asked his help to expose his dad, Jason planned on getting kidnapped and they were planning to get a confession on tape, but things went horribly wrong and FP is languishing in jail because he feels morally responsible for what happened to Jason)
  • Why the fuck did no one think to stay with Cheryl after she fell in the river? (They should’ve taken her to the hospital and left her there. Archie went there for his hand, didn’t he?)
  • What the fuck did Fred mean when he said Hermione was at a crossroads too? Like she had to choose whether to be good or evil??
  • Where the fuck were these Serpents when Juggie was alone and homeless? Plus they trashed the only place he called home and earned a living at with FP as their ringleader?
  • Just how pregnant is Polly?
  • How the fuck is Hermione mixing alcohol with Valium? (Sounds really dangerous)
  • What the fuck was the “something serious” Fred was gonna say to Archie at Pop’s at breakfast? (It sure as hell wasn’t about staying away all night, cos he seemed pretty chill with that)
  • Why the fuck did Fred get up from his booth to face the gunman?
  • How the fuck did Fred manage to get shot when we saw a moment ago that the gun was pointed at Archie?
  • What about those fucking guns? Grundy’s, Alice’s and now the gunman’s? Are they the same? Are they different?
  • Who the fuck sent the gunman?
  • Where the fuck did all that money come from, that was strewn on the floor next to Fred as he lay bleeding?
Qualified - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can you do an imagine where Jeff graduates from high school and another one about his graduation party afterwards?”      

A/N: I wasn’t sure if you wanted reader involvement or not so i just kinda went for it? Also as I’ve mentioned on previous writings I am English and we don’t do High School Graduation over here so apologies if it’s incorrect.

The day you’d been waiting for for four years had finally arrived. Graduation. You were over the moon to finally be leaving school and never having to see half these people again. For the first time, you could properly stretch your wings and do anything you wanted. Standing in line waiting for your name to be called was nerve-wracking.

“Jeffrey Atkins.” Called Principal Bolan. The boy you’d been crushing on for almost the entire time you’d been at Liberty High. The boy who barely knew you. One of the only people from high school you’d miss. Sure, it would be sad, but maybe it would also help you eventually get over him. He smiled that stunning smile and took his diploma. Damn. You thought as he looked around the room he caught your eye, but you were probably just hopeful. You’d have to savour that smile in your brain.

The names were called and called until;

“Y/N L/N.” You walked up to the stage and shook Principal Bolan’s hand. You saw your parents waving enthusiastically and smiled. They were as happy as you about graduation, seeing you grow and develop as a person made them feel amazing.


After the ceremony, you went to find your parents.

“Well done sweetie! We’re so proud of you.” They ran up to hug you and hand you a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Thank you guys, these are beautiful.” You inhaled the scent.

“It’s all over now, kid.” Your Dad shook your shoulder.

“I know, it’s weird.” You drifted off into your thoughts about the past four years, and what was to come. A tap on your shoulder interrupted your daydreaming.

“Y/N? Hey there.” Jeffrey Atkins. Even better close up.

“Oh, Jeff! Hi.” You tried to play it cool.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. L/N. I’m Jeff.” He shook your parents hands.

“Hi Jeff. Look, Y/N, I just remembered that we need to put some more money on the parking ticket, we’ll be back in about 10 minutes, you okay?” Your Mum was such a bad liar.

“Okay,” you laughed “I’ll see you in a bit.”

“So, anyway, I’m kinda having a last minute Graduation party… you in?” Jeff fiddled with the tassel on his hat.

“Woah, you’re inviting the whole year?” You couldn’t think why else you’d be invited.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He chuckled, soaking up your face.

“Okay, sure. Is there a dress code?”

“Just look as cute as you always do.” He smirked. You blushed. “Text me and I’ll give you the details.” He handed you a piece of paper with a number on it.

You just got Jeff Atkins’ number. Jeff Atkins just called you cute.

“Cool, thanks, I will.” again, you tried to play it cool, but you ended up grinning just a bit too hard. With a wave, Jeff left.


Obviously, you’d been to parties before, but you’d never been to a Jeff Atkins party. Honestly, you were incredibly nervous. As heart-fluttering as Jeff’s comment about the dress code had been, it hadn’t made your decision any clearer. So, you picked out something Hannah had complimented you on at school the other day, and went on your merry way.

It was exactly how you’d expected it. Kids-turned-adults holding their drink of choice, dancing, laughing, and generally being drunk. You’d managed to navigate yourself outside to the garden, where there was a large banner hanging reading; “HAPPY GRADUATION LIBERTY HIGH 20–”.

There were some beers and ciders over by a table where some people were playing beer pong, so you went and got yourself a drink.

“Y/N! Hey! You came!” There he was again. That boy who set your heart in motion.

“You sound surprised.” You sipped at your drink to hide your nerves.

“Well, I am, I mean, I just wasn’t really expecting you to come…” He scratched at the back of his neck, you could sense his discomfort.

“You didn’t want me to come.” You realised.

“No! No, that’s not it.” He shook his head violently.

“It’s fine, I’ve had a few pity invites in my time, I can leave.” You focused your eyes on the floor.

“Jesus, Y/N no, please don’t.” He reached out to grab your arm. “L-look, come play beer pong with me?” His hand squeezed your forearm slightly. “Please.”

“Jeff, feeling sorry for me is worse.”

He chuckled. “Where that idea came from I’ve no idea, and I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N, but pity is not one.”

“Fine.” You sighed, even if he was lying, it’s not like you’d see him again.

The beer pong table was mostly filled with guys, but Jeff stuck by you.

“Alright, team switch up!” Stated Montgomery. “Atkins, over here.”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to try and beat me this time.” He smirked, before switching sides.

A few rounds passed, and then it was your turn. Versus Jeff.

“Give me your best shot L/N.”

You bounced the ping pong ball off the table, landing it in one of the cups. Your team cheered and you beamed as you watched Jeff down the contents of the cup.

“Nice play. Can you handle this though?” He teased, holding up the ping pong ball. You were beginning to feel a buzz from the alcohol.

“Try me, Atkins.” You snickered as he threw the ball, and missed. “Impressive.” You mocked.

“Fine. I give up!” He threw his arms up in faux frustration and left the table. Except, upon passing you, he grabbed your arm and pulled you with him.

“Where are we going?” You laughed nervously.

“It’s a secret. Don’t worry, I won’t take you to a hidden location and murder you.” He flashed you his winning smile, which you couldn’t help but feel eased by.

“This is…your room?” You purveyed your surroundings upon reaching the place, which was in the separate summer house type building at the end of the garden. Pictures of Jeff and his friends or family were pinned to a cork board, and there was various baseball paraphernalia. You sat on his bed, hand hovering over his duvet.

“Ding ding.” You could feel the nervous energy spurting off of him.

“So… why am I here?” You pulled at the bed slightly.

“Well, no one’s really allowed in here, so you’re special.” He shrugged, looking at his feet.

“But why?”

“Okay, so, because it’s graduation I thought - fuck it.”

Your eyes told him to continue.

“S-so, because I’ll likely never see you again, I have nothing to worry about when I admit that I’ve liked you for the past four years.” He stammered, playing with the hem of his shirt in much the same fashion as he had with his hat tassel earlier in the day.

“You’re…playing a prank on me right?”

He sat down beside you.

“Do these eyes look serious to you?” His stunning green eyes bore into you.

“I’m not sure?” You stuttered, nervous and excited.

His words from earlier rung in your head; ‘I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N.’ What did he mean? Was this it?

He leaned in ever so slowly, giving you the opportunity to move away if you wanted, but you didn’t. When his lips hit yours it was a long dormant volcano which erupted and set your whole body on fire.

“Am I being serious now?” He whispered into your lips after breaking away.

“Try again, I need to double check.”

After another few minutes of making out with the boy you’d wished for for so long, which felt like a dream, you stopped again for breath.

“Qualified to make judgement now?”

“Qualified in school and in Jeff Atkins’ lips. Check.” You bit your lip.

“Clay told me that word would come in useful.” He flipped a strand of your hair through his fingers.

“But fuck Jeff, really? I think that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had and you waited four years until we’d never see each other again to give it to me?” You hit him.

“Ow! Don’t put this on me, you could’ve made a move.” He hit you back.

“You pushed Clay to Hannah for so long, and you couldn’t even push yourself. Disgraceful.”


“You’re going to have to make up for lost time, Jeffrey.” You leaned in, and met the lips that made the smile you loved so much, once more.

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (16)


Part 16 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15  Part 17

Word Count: 3,700 (ish)

Yixing’s P.O.V

He locked himself in his room and made himself comfortable in the corner of his bed, the sound of rain attacking the window and the occasional roar of thunder and flash of lightening inviting itself into his room to accompany him. Yixing had created a list; a list that he was keeping secret from the rest of the house; a list that enabled him to tick off every time somebody in the house did something weird and out of character in the hopes that it would bring him closer to finding out whom the said ‘traitor’ or ‘traitors’ were.  Today he found himself adding another tick beside Junmyeon’s name. In fact he had added a tick next to Junmyeon’s name every day since they found out they were being infiltrated by the opposition and although he had noticed this inconsistency prior to their knowledge, it was only now that he decided it was crucial in his private investigation, since he decided he couldn’t trust anyone enough to tell them. The reason why he kept ticking next to their leaders name required a one word explanation only.


Junmyeon had been making the household eat it every day since they had all moved back in together, his reasons being that it was healthy. Fair enough lately everyone had been feeling lethargic and weak here and there; but to constantly have them eat day after day because ‘it was good for strength’ was extensive and out of character to say the least because for all the years Yixing had known Junmyeon he knew one thing. Junmyeon hated broccoli.

“45 ticks.” Yixing sighed. “Ah…Junmyeon, what are you up to?” He looked further down the list at the candidates with the second highest amount of ticks. Chanyeol and Baekhyun, whom were both joint at 23, followed by Jongdae with 15. Chanyeol had just been outright weird lately and now that he had his break down, only the high heavens knew where he had run off to. Luhan maybe? Baekhyun on the other hand was noticeably less happy than usual, Yixing couldn’t shake the change in the depletion of his moods and it made him highly uncomfortable. Yet Jongdae was who made him feel most on edge. He had been extremely quiet and secretive these days, almost dark. He would frequently sit in corners of rooms and stare at everyone as though he were calculating and his gaze upon Y/N was especially intense. Yixing didn’t like that. Not at all.
“Y/N.” He breathed out slowly; closing his eyes. How could she be pregnant? Sadness descended upon him whenever he thought about it; whenever he thought in detail the steps that she and Minseok took in order to make that baby. Why Minseok, he’d never understand and although he knew it was time to move on, it didn’t make it any easier when he was living with the woman and in the blink of an eye there’d be a mini Minseok running around the house. When it could’ve been a ‘mini him’. He jumped up; his thoughts rudely interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Yixing, are you in there?” The voice called.

“Y/N?” His eyes widened. Jumping up he rushed over to the door and unlocked it; letting her in motioning for her to sit on the bed.

“What’s this?” She picked up Yixing’s checklist and scanned her eyes down the list, squinting as she did so.

“Oh that…it’s nothing. Just a log of decent conversations I’ve had with people.”  He chuckled nervously reaching his hand out to her. But she didn’t question his explanation she handed the checklist over to him and scooted further back on the bed to make herself more comfortable. He dropped down beside her in silence and for a while it was awkward. He remembered the days when it was never awkward and when he could easily melt into conversation with her. He cleared his throat uneasily.
“Uhh, was there something you needed or…?”

“No nothing in particular. I kind of just wanted to know who you thought it was. The mole in our midst?” She looked up him expectantly with the eyes he’d allowed himself to get too used to and too comfortable with.

“Honestly Y/N, I don’t know. But whoever it is I promise I won’t let them hurt you. Either of you.” He placed his hand over her stomach as though it were second nature and rubbed it slowly. The bump was pretty much invisible but the fact that something was growing inside of her continued to amaze him, human life amazed him. So why was it so quick for him to take life away?
She shifted under his touch uncomfortable, maybe it was becoming too intimate for her.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean –”

“No don’t worry. It came from a good place.” She interrupted lifting herself from the bed. “I should go now anyway.” She hurried out of the room shutting the door behind her. He sighed at himself; why was he always pushing her away? He knew there was no romantic potential left anymore but he wanted to at least keep the friendship, yet he continued to make every moment awkward.

 Y/N’s P.O.V.

You rushed into the living room, the moment you encountered was way too touchy for you to handle. You understood Yixing kept trying to make efforts, but he kept screwing up. Minseok hadn’t even touched your stomach yet, so it certainly wasn’t his job to. Last night’s images kept popping up in your mind. How you had shouted at Senior being the most prominent memory and it made you laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” You raised an eyebrow turning to look behind you; standing at the door frame was Junmyeon with his hands on his hips.

“Oh. Just…nothing serious. Hey sit down I need to talk to you.” You beckoned him into the room with your finger. He took a seat beside you his face blank. “Last night you said you suspected Baekhyun, why is that?” Junmyeon sighed, sitting back further in his seat he began to speak.

“Well you see lately he’s been acting…strange. He hides himself away a lot; he’s on the computer a lot more than usual. You know Baek is our Ace hacker right? He’s the best of the best in this house; he can get his hand on mostly everything. And he’s not really had much to say about this whole situation? It’s odd to me. Besides he’s been going out a lot lately and I’m not sure why that is but I intend to find out. Besides his mood is all off. I mean he’s still happy enough but not to the usual ‘Baekhyun extent’. Think about it, but stay quiet. I don’t want rumours spreading not until I’m sure I can confirm who it is.” He frowned at you standing up from the sofa. “Understand?” You nodded pretending to zip your lips.

“I understand.”


“This isn’t looking good for Genesis. There’s way too much product Junmyeon we can’t shut down this operation at all.” Kyungsoo frowned passing some sheets across the marble table. You were all sat in the board, everyone apart from Chanyeol who still hadn’t returned. Junmyeon grabbed the papers over, his face clouded by an expression of anger and fright.

“Fuck…” Junmyeon whispered looking at the figures on the sheets. “What do we do now? What do I tell Senior?”

“There is nothing we can do now. I mean we can try and beg the showcasing company to close down the case but you need to remember the amount of money going down the drain for that company too, they’re highly unlikely to postpone or cancel it.”

“Right well we’ll have to try.” Junmyeon stood up from his seat pushing the papers back to Kyungsoo. “Baekhyun I need you with me. Who else is coming?” He asked staring around the room waiting for people to speak up.

“I’ll go.” You raised your hand. The room went silent for a while, everyone turned to stare at you. Minseok was looking at you as though you were mad. “What?” You shrugged your shoulders.

“Are you crazy?” Sehun hissed from beside you. “You’re pregnant.” His statement earned a disapproving grunt from both Minseok and Jongin, which had not gone unnoticed.

“So what if I’m pregnant. Besides if they’ll be swayed by anyone it will be a woman.” You rolled your eyes standing up with Junmyeon. Junmyeon was silent for a moment considering your argument. You noticed Minseok looking at him in the most toxic way, but he ignored it.

“In that case; Yuna babe, will you come too?” Junmyeon asked his wife who was sitting beside Jongdae. She nodded slowly, but stood up as well.

“Will they shoot at us?” She asked, her voice shaking; clearly still scarred by what had happened to her a couple of days before.

“It won’t happen babe, it shouldn’t be violent. But I’m here to protect you.” She nodded again but was smiling this time, the comfort of her husband reassuring her nothing bad would happen to her. You looked over to Minseok who still hadn’t stood up yet. You felt betrayed.

“Alright fine I’ll come too.” Sehun sighed standing up. He walked over to the cases of weapons stacked up on the side, pulling 2 guns, a grenade and 2 tazers. “Just in case.” He turned back towards you, handing you and Yuna a tazer each and sharing the rest of the weapons between the other men.
“Let’s go then.”

Baekhyun had given Junmyeon the address of the place in which you needed to go and it took you around an hour to reach. You felt slightly sick on the car journey there but did well to keep it in.

“So what’s the plan?” You asked a little bit scared that you had volunteered to help out now. You looked at Junmyeon waiting for him to speak up.

“Well. I suggest you and Yuna speak to the head and ask to postpone or cancel the Genesis showcasing, we’ll be on standby just in case but –”

“I mean could we not all just go in together, strength in numbers right?” You cut Junmyeon off, fear actually beginning to sink in. Maybe you and Yuna going alone was in hindsight not the best idea you had. Junmyeon sighed.

“Well I guess we could all go in together.” He nodded slowly, opening the car door. “Let’s go.”
You felt more confident now that it was going to be a team effort. As you entered the building, Yuna walked up to the desk requesting to see the head of showcasing departments.

“It’s urgent.” She added.

“I’m sorry Madame, but if you haven’t got a reservation I can’t send you up.” The woman behind the counter looked over Yuna’s shoulder at the rest of you. She was small and neat, bright red lipstick  painted onto her lips precisely. Junmyeon walked forward so that he was standing next to Yuna.

“Mr.Kim. Genesis.”

The lady behind the desk raised her brows, her mouth forming an ‘o’ shape.

“Give me one second please sir.” She began typing things on her keyboard and made a phone call. “Yes sir. Genesis representatives are here to see you. Yes, urgent. Okay thank you.” She turned her attention back to Junmyeon. “You can make your way up in 5 minutes, it’s the 5th floor.” She smiled.

“Thank you.”

Five minutes later and you were making your way into a board room much like the one in the Genesis HQ. Your life constantly felt like a TV drama. You were made to sit down across a scrawny looking man who looked no older than Minseok. His facial hair was unkempt and his clothes not ironed. Hardly fitting for the company image. Another woman with dyed blonde hair walked in with cups of tea and coffee on a tray lowering it on the table in front of you. She bowed and walked off.

“I’ll be back in a moment.” The man in front of you stood, leaving you all in the huge room alone. You reached for a cup of coffee when Sehun swatted your hand away.

“No.” He hissed, you frowned at him rubbing where he hit you. “You don’t know what they’ve put in there and… you’re pregnant.”
You rolled your eyes.

“You don’t need to keep reminding me that I’m pregnant Sehun, that’s what missing periods are for thanks!” You hissed back.
You looked around the room confused.
“Hey guys, where did Baekhyun go?” You shifted your attention to Junmyeon and opened your eyes wide, but before anyone could answer the scrawny looking man from before reappeared.

“Good Afternoon. How can I help you?” He looked at the watch on his wrist and looked back up you and then Yuna. He licked his lips subconsciously which made your stomach twist.
Junmyeon cleared his throat and placed his palms flat on the table.

“Actually we’re here to ask a favour Mr…?”

“Mr. Fen.” The scrawny man said looking towards Junmyeon.

“Right. Mr. Fen. Actually we’re here from Genesis. Really we have a…situation on our hands shall we say, and so we’re here to asked you to cancel or at least postpone the showcasing event.”

“Definitely can’t cancel, but I can try postponing it for you. How long do you need?” Mr. Fen asked his eyes darting back and forth between Junmyeon and Yuna’s cleavage.

“By a month maybe?” Junmyeon but his lip anxiously, the produce was big and you would need an ample amount of time sorting through it. Mr. Fen scoffed his eyes widening in shock.

“Month!? I thought you meant a couple of hours. There’s no way I can do that for you. Listen I don’t pull the strings around this place either, the boss is out and I’m second in charge.”

“Well when will the boss man be back?” Sehun hissed, growing tired and impatient at your failed attempts. You placed a hand on his thigh, a habit that you had grown unconsciously used to as it was something you always did to calm Minseok down. You felt Sehun’s leg jolt under your touch, banging into the table. One of the cups of tea spilling over.

Yuna, Junmyeon and Mr. Fen turned to frown at Sehun.

“Sorry.” He mumbled. “Nervous tick.” He shot you a side glance and you quickly averted your gaze down at the table.

“Anyway.” Mr. Fen continued. “He’s not back until next week and your showcasing is the day after tomorrow I believe. I’m sorry but there is really nothing that I can do to help this situation right now.” He looked over at the hot beverages on the table and raised an amused brow. “So nobody wants one. My secretary worked very hard making these for you.”

“No.” Sehun smiled smugly “We made sure we were well refreshed when we came. Thanks.” He stood up from his seat abruptly. “Well if you can’t help us there’s no point being here.”
Mr. Fen rolled his eyes at Sehun.

“Listen Buddy I don’t know why you’re being snappy with me. Talk to your colleagues. Only yesterday we had a call from Genesis telling us to not move the showcasing no matter what. Ordered by a bloke named Luhan I think it was.”
Junmyeon’s eyes widened.

“Luhan you say?”

“Yes. I don’t know if it was actually the person that called but it was definitely under his say so. But I’m sorry there’s nothing more we can do for you.” Junmyeon nodded his head slowly and rose from his seat.

“Well thank you for your time.”

You went straight to your room when you got home trying to avoid questions. You felt sullen, there was nothing that anyone could do about the showcasing. Genesis was going to suffer but you didn’t know how badly. All you could think about was how badly Junmyeon would be treated by Senior for all of this. You lay still and quiet listening to only the sound of your breathing when you heard the door open. You looked up to see Minseok walk in; he dropped down on the bed beside you.

“Hey, I know you’re upset I didn’t come too. I’m so sorry for that, I should’ve come I’m supposed to be keeping you safe, I just…” He paused breathing out. “This baby has been on my mind Y/N.” You turned to face him. You blinked waiting for him to continue. “I’m just so scared. I don’t know what to do. How can I be a father, how can I take care of a kid when I can’t even take care of you. I’m not good enough for you we both know it. You would have been better off with Jongin.” He shut his eyes and breathed out again.

“Don’t say that Minseok, don’t be silly I chose you for a reason.” You scowled shifting over properly to get a better view of him. “You can do it if you put your mind to it.”
He shook his head.

“What if I can’t though? What if I’m a lousy father? I lose everyone closest to me what if I lose you and the baby?”

“That’s not going to happen Minseok! Don’t think about it like that. Think about all the things that could happen, the great family we could turn out to be. It would be perfect would it not? Besides you don’t lose everyone you love. The guys are still here aren’t they? And Sehun. Me. We’re all still here.”
He nodded pulling you closer to his body and hovered his lips over yours.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” He lowered his lips onto yours and kissed you passionately. You realised how much you had missed his sweet touch over the past couple of days and melted completely. He pulled away slowly sighing quietly. “I’m feeling really tired Y/N, I need to sleep.” You looked over at the clock in your room.

“Minseok it’s still midday, you only got up a few hours ago.”

“I know.” His eyes began fluttering closed slowly. “But lately I’ve just been tired. I need sleep babe.” He yawned closing his eyes completely. You smiled at him softly, he looked so peaceful when he slept and it made your heart melt. You quietly got up from the bed and walked out of the room, bouncing down the stairs you buckled and fell on the last step.

“Fuck sake would you be careful!” You felt an arm lift you up and carry you back up the stairs.
It was Sehun.
He took you into his room and placed you down on his bed. “What the fuck is wrong with you?! Bouncing down the stairs! Don’t you know that you’re pregnant?”

You rolled your eyes this was about the last time you were prepared to hear Sehun remind you that you were pregnant again.

“I know I’m pregnant Sehun! Would you stop saying that. Goodness me! Why do you care so much anyway.” You frowned at him, he was frowning back and then you blinked. “Oh. You care. Sehun? You…you care?”

“Of course I frickin’ care it’s my best friends kid.” He rolled his eyes crossing his hands over his chest. “…Besides I get to be an uncle this way right?…I guess I’d have to learn to look after my niece… or nephew. I owe Minseok that much…” He cleared his throat, avoiding your gaze. You smiled up at him, Sehun actually cared. No wonder he kept talking about it, it was because he was concerned. “Stop smiling at me.” He grumbled, taking a seat next to you on the bed. “…Are- are you okay though?…” He tried to be as cold as possible but you could sense the concern in his voice.

“Yeah I’m fine Sehun. Thanks.” You smiled at him.
Suddenly he placed a hand over your stomach and began rubbing it gently. You felt a bit uncomfortable but since you didn’t know when next Sehun would be this nice to you, you let him continue.
“I’m coping.” You carried on “But it’s hard I feel a bit lost and I have no support…emotionally. It’s really really hard.” You felt a tear spring free from your eye. “Oh God. I’m sorry I don’t even know why I’m telling you this.”
You noticed Sehun was staring at you intensely. He reached his hand out and wiped the tear from your eye. You gasped, it startled you to say the least.

“Minseok wouldn’t want you to cry. You need to stop. Now.” His tone was cold but he was trying his best although he wasn’t really comforting you at all, but you supposed this was his new ‘look after Minseok’s wife’ approach. But your face was still upset, a pout on your lips.

And then suddenly he kissed you.

Sehun leaned forward and placed his lips on top of yours. You were in such shock. He was so close, his face was against yours and his lips were moving against your own. You pushed him backwards and slapped him hard against the face, leaving a red mark behind.

“Sehun what the heck are you doing!” You shouted, shifting off of the bed in a hurry and walking towards the door.

“Ouch. What the fuck.” He caressed his cheek, where you had slapped him hard; he stared up at you blankly as though he didn’t know what he had just done. Like nothing even happened.

“What the fuck!” You spat, rushing out of his room and back down the stairs making sure not to trip down again. This time you bumped into Junmyeon when you got to the bottom.

“Wow what’s the rush.” He raised a brow. But you didn’t answer; instead you both turned your heads towards the front door that was opening slowly.
Baekhyun walked in looking at the both of you standing at the bottom of the steps.

Junmyeon frowned

“Oi Byun Baekhyun, where did you go?”

Not An Athlete (1/?) *Lance Tucker x Reader*

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Summary: You’re forced by your Athlete parents into taking a summer job, which becomes your full-time job as you balance university. Only the asshole you work for and help, realises how much you do for him. He don’t like that, he don’t like you. Welcome to the world of Athletes, Lance Tucker is your tour guide. (I suck at summaries.)

Warnings: Explicit content, later on. Swearing, body shaming/ degrading language from Tucker. Asshole Tucker (I’m talking straight up rude.)
Note: thank you to @juliagolia87 for proof reading the first draft.

Part Two

One Year Ago:

“Do I have to?” You asked with a small edge of a whine at the end, your parents both looking a little less than pleased with your reaction to the news. “Why can’t we all just admit that I’ll never be good at sports or an athlete, and move on?” You asked.

Your parents are Athlete’s, Olympic athletes to be exact. Whilst that is great, they wanted to continue that amazing legacy with you!

Your mother is a famous gymnast, winning silvers and medals a like. Despite never winning a gold, she’s a national treasure, she won over the hearts of millions in her prime. She still is very well known, often called up to coach young, aspiring gymnasts. She even wrote a book about her life, including baby photo’s of you - embarrassing to say the least. Then there’s your dad, Olympic ice figure skater. Winning bronze in singles but in pairs with his partner? They got many golds and silvers. National icon, he’s a judge for figure skating at the Olympics now after retiring once you were born, leaving with one finale gold.

They met at some party, some swimmer invited a load of athlete’s. Apparently it was love at first sight, they’ve been together since then, becoming a sort of Olympic couple that people know and love. Here’s where things get… bad. They obviously wanted you to carry on their legacy, only no matter what sport you were thrown into… you never picked it up. You are Bambi on ice, you can’t bend that way and you hate swimming, with a passion! That didn’t stop them, you had to endure so much fucking sports as a child. It wasn’t until you were sixteen that they officially stopped.

Now out of school at eighteen, fresh and ready for the world they unload more sports shit on you. You can hardly believe them, you excelled in art and English, also music but they were still force feeding you sports stuff. They wanted you to take a job during the summer, involving working as some athlete’s personal assistant; he’s on his way to winning loads of golds, needs all the help he can get.

“We just want you doing something!” Your father exhaled, “you’ll earn money, it will good on CV’s plus university applications. Who knows, you may enjoy this side of sports!” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, he’s always the voice of reason.

Your mother wrapped an arm around your shoulders, smiling at you. “Sweetie, it’s just for the summer.”

They hooked you in. They knew you needed the money, since only a few weeks ago you had the whole; “I’m eighteen and independent, I don’t want your money!” Now here you are, needing money and they do gracefully offered this opportunity for you. It’s like they knew you were going to have the whole independency speech, they were waiting for it.

You gave a gentle sigh of submission, your father grinning as your mother hugged you. “Just the summer.”

If only it was just for the summer. The few months job turned into… well, now. You had been hooked into working there for a year, whilst studying online at university.


The job was actually easy, it still is. You are nicknamed “water girl” in the golf, basketball and tennis community, in gymnastics it was given a fancier name; personal assistant. Full intents and purposes, you got towels, food and water plus any other requests the athletes need. Pretty darn simple, especially for you.

Cindi, Lance Tuckers, previous assistant had left strict guidelines and time schedules to follow. Saying that if done correctly everyday, he’d never even know you exist. She had been working for the athlete for around two years, he doesn’t know her name or what she even looks like, just knows that a bottle of Figi water is left on a bench at 6:45am to start his day. So, you did exactly how she wrote it. Lance none the wiser to your existence.

He may not know you exist but you know he does, hard not to when you sit on the bleachers of the gym, writing on a laptop (for university) and watching practice on a pommel horse. You know of the infamous Lance “The Fucker” Tucker, he’s won silver and gold alike. He’s talent, handsome and also an asshole. The way he walks around, sleazy and just disgusting but… he’s good at what he does so, no one bats an eyelash- well except those young gymnasts.

“No, Brooke you don’t understand you have to follow these steps exactly how they are,” you insist to your friend, who also tends to a gymnast. “I’ve gone a year without socialising with the guy, he doesn’t know where the water comes from. It just shows up. I need it to remain that way whilst I get my degree!”

Brooke rolls her eyes, “I have my own gymnast to take of,” you puppy eyes her and she cracks. “Fine. I’ll see what I can do, I’ll try and do it exactly how Zeus wants.”

“Thank you, thank you.” You kiss her cheek and she just laughs.

“Just ace the fucking test, okay?” You nodded.

“Do you need me to run over the schedule again?” You asked, she nodded once despite having it written down in her own locker. “Okay, 6:45am, you’ll place a bottle of Figi water on the bench beside the Rings, along with 5hr protein. Then at 9:05am another bottle of water, Avion will be placed at the pommel horse, essential includes a towel also. At 12pm his lunch, it arrives but you have to check for anything he doesn’t like; mayonnaise, pickles and any red meat. Rectify in kitchen, I’ve left chicken in case they put beef- they’re idiots for fucking it up sometimes.” Brooke has raised eyebrows, “a smoothie to go along with it plus, protein shake and bottle of water. Sometimes his coach will make requests, he never does. Whenever the water bottle gets half empty, grab another one. At 4pm bottle water, chapstick and towel.”


“He likes his lips moisturised? I don’t know, it’s requirement I’ve been filling since Cindi,” you shrugged never really delving into Lance Tuckers chapstick situation.

Brooke chuckled, “do you go home with him or something? How does he survive with you?”

“No,” you rolled your eyes, “I get it, he has to focus on routines and training. It’s easier to have someone collect water plus other things for you.” Brooke huffed but nodded.

“You just do a lot for a guy who doesn’t know you exist,” she shrugged, “Rachel, at least knows my name and speaks to me herself.”

Brooke, was fortunate enough to have a nice, sweet girl as her athlete. “Yeah but it’s Tucker, I don’t expect anything less than what I get now which is… nothing.” She nodded in agreement, “plus you were blessed with a newbie, she has years till she develops a god complex.”

Next Day

Lance Tucker P.O.V

Lance walked into the gym at exactly 6:40am, his fingers typing quick texts to a few of his ‘friends’ before he settled the phone on vibrate and placed it in the side pocket of his gym bag. Walking into the men’s lockers, placing his bag in the same locker he had been for years now, obviously the locker number 1.

He walked into the actual gym and headed straight for the rings, as always. His routine never changed when training, unless he really needed to work on something but he never had to do that, he’s been at the peak of his game for months. Lance did some basic stretches, warming himself up before starting, not even thinking twice at the fact he’s here, yet again, before his coach. Not that he ever thought he needed one.

Dismounting from the rings he walked over to the bench, as his coach was walking in with the other male gymnasts. He reached for the Figi water taking long sips, smirking as usual. He blindly reached for the 5hr protein but his hand came up empty, frowning he looked at the bench beside him and saw nothing, odd. He always had water and 5hr protein waiting for him. Not wanting to cause a scene over a 5hr protein… well, he’d love to but he can train without it.

The whole morning had been a mess. Who messes up Avion water with Everest? There’s a big difference for starters, it was like someone was sabotaging his training, his blue narrowed eyes searched the gym for the culprit. He had an inkling it was Darmon, he always was jealous of Lance, he had every right to be considering he was just a bronze winner. He was on edge as he crossed his arms, stood on the sidelines as another gymnast worked on the pommel horse.

“Tucker, get some lunch.” His coach yelled from the mats, he nodded once and zipped up his Team USA track jacket, leaving the gym to the small cafeteria there.

He grabbed the bag with his name labelled on it, the writing looked a little off but he didn’t pay no mind to how the ‘T’ looked uniquely like an ‘F’. Walking and sitting down with two other gymnasts, Blake and Rachel, he set upon answering the neglected messages on his phone. His left hand blindly going into the bag for his sandwich, bringing it up to his mouth and chewing slowly, thoughtfully as he typed a reply.

He frowned at the taste of the sandwich. He placed his phone down, chewing as he removed the top, blue eyes glancing over the contents of his adored lunch. Mayonnaise? And is that… beef?

“You alright there, Tucker?” Rachel, the redhead, new gymnast asked as she dug into her salad. Noting his furrowed eyebrows and face of disgust.

Lance didn’t answer back straight away. His mind drifting back to his earlier thoughts; someone is trying to sabotage me, Lance thought. His eyes glared up, darting across the hall which was now housing the few Team USA training here today.

“I think, someone is trying to sabotage me.” He abides to Rachel, and Blake who hears and barks a laugh, earning a glare. “What’s so funny, Smith?”

It takes a while for the bulkier man with blonde hair to reply, “you’re so obtuse it actually hurts.” Is the only reply he gets, “why would someone want to sabotage you?”

“Why wouldn’t they?” Lance shrugs leaning back against his chair, crossing his arms and pushing the lunch away. “I’m a gold medalist,” that earns an eye roll from Blake, ignored by Tucker. “Probably, wanted to fuck up my training throw me off but they’re messing with the wrong guy,” running a hand through his thick, brown hair.

Rachel giggles to herself, earning a glare and an eyebrow raise from Lance. “For a fantastic gymnast, you really are an idiot.” She states standing up and skipping back off to the gym.

“Have you tried talking to your personal assistant?” Blake asked grabbing Lance’ lunch and biting into it, Lance frowned. “Right, forgot. You only care about yourself and take no notice of people,” Lance rolled his eyes. “They arrange our lunch plus other requirements, talk to yours.”

Lance still frowning but nods, standing up and patting Smith on the shoulder as he leaves to find out exactly who his assistant is. Which was harder than expected, he had to look out for someone he didn’t even knew existed, he was sure as hell that his coach left the water around. Frowning as he worked on the pommel horse, he was good enough that his eyes could quickly dart across the room and not fuck up.

That’s when he noticed her. A normal girl, usually she’s beside Rachel, he only knows that because Rachel insists on actually annoying him. She places a water and towel down near him, does he and Rachel have the same assistant? He dismounts and stalks over to her.

“You! Girl?” He snapped abruptly gaining the attention of her blonde, she raises her eyebrows and nods. “Are you trying to fucking kill me or something?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that,” she crosses her arms nervously.

Lance scoffed. “I can get you fired like that,” he snaps his fingers in her face, “everyday has been great and now suddenly you’re slacking? What the fuck, on your period or something?”

“Uh-no,” she frowns. “I’m not usually working for you, I’m filling in for Y/N, I work over with Rachel. Y/N is the person who takes care of you, I’m not familiar with your schedule.” She watches at the gears turn in Lance’s head.

“Well, where is this Y/N?” He fumed slightly, “I don’t need taking care of, I can do just fine without her. Leave go back to Rachel!” He snapped and turns around, stalking as he grabbed his shades from his shirt and pulled them on.

As if he needed help. He can win golds without a babysitter, he can win golds without a coach too. He doesn’t need some girl placing water on a bench for his day or training, for that matter, to go smoothly.

“I’m going home,” he snapped to his coach who just sighed and nodded. “If Y/N, whatever her fucking stupid name is, shows up; tell her she’s fucking fired.”

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I should have been there. When I was a kid, if you told me I win an Oscar, I never believe it. And now I’ve done it and…Bojack, I don’t like anything about me. None of these is me. These boobs aren’t me, this house isn’t me. The only reason I wear this shirt is because some company paid me eight thousand dollar to wear it. And I don’t even need the money. Just like that someone still want me to wear their shirt. What am I suppose to do? I don’t know what to do? Am I doomed? Are you doomed? Are we all doomed?


Cutting Science Funding Today Costs Us More Overall

“How much money will we save by cutting funding to the EPA? To NASA Earth Science? To the National Institutes for Health? Take all those numbers for all those organizations that the proposed federal budget would slash and add them up. Now, do the math on the other side. What’s the cost of environmental pollution? Of unclean, unsafe water? Of air that puts us at risk of health problems like asthma, lung disease and COPD? Of a loss of Earth monitoring for extreme weather, climate change, sea level rise, droughts, and natural disasters? Of the cessation of medical research, working to fight preventable diseases, and working to cure some of society’s greatest afflictions such as cancer, heart disease, alzheimers and more?”

The President of the United States just released his proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and there are some big losers in the scientific world. The EPA, the NIH, NASA Earth Science and many other organizations that exist for the benefit of America and all of humanity are poised to lose a significant amount of federal funding. This doesn’t simply affect the scientists who lose their jobs. If we take as a given that the projects that these organizations invest in are vital at some level, and that they will need to be accomplished at some point, we’re actually making it far more expensive in the long run. The loss of expertise, the cessation of production and the exodus of the team that would provide scientific continuity are all extremely costly, and will make all of these projects cost us more than they would have overall. We saw this lesson firsthand just a few years ago with James Webb. 

Are we really willing to throw away so much money and time now just to shave a tiny bit off the deficit for the short-term?

The world we know is dwarfed by the worlds we don’t. Why not explore them all? Being out there in the wilderness, you have no idea what’ll happen, really. It could be just you and this gorgeous night sky, or maybe you are surfing and some big ass wave comes at you, and if you don’t ride that sucker, it’ll put you under and have you for lunch, or you might turn a corner on a hike and there’s some beautiful deer and her little fawn– now that has meaning, all of those things, and I need more of that and less of trying to make money so I can pay bills to live in a way I just don’t care about anymore.
—  Erica Ferencik, The River at Night

            .。.:*・゚ ❅ .。.:* ADOPT AUCTION *・゚ ❅ .。.:*・゚

I have this baby skele in mind for a while now and since I’m in need for money I thought why not trying to sell some designs ? So here we are!

~All of my adopts doesn’t have determined name, gender, age or backstory, it’s all up to you.
~Once you win the auction, you’ll get the full *.sai and *.png files.
~You can change the design SLIGHTLY. But of course you can create more outfits on your own for your new baby.
~Don’t EVER RESELL IT, PLEASE. It would make me really sad.
~You only need to write “SB” in the comment section to start the auction. The next person that will bid will comment the increased price, and so it goes unless someone Auto Buy directly !
~ONLY BID IN THE COMMENTS, DON’T REBLOG. Bidind in a reblog won’t count
~Paypal only

・: ❉ :・゚~~~Status~~~゚・: ❉ :・


Auto Buy:40 USD
Starting Bid:10 USD
Minimum Bid increasment:1 USD
End date:1rst may 

Yes this skele doesn’t have any hands or feet. It’s perfect for lazy artists.MP me if ou got any questions!